please go get some vitamin d

Hey you! You made it to Friday! I’m so proud of you!!!
If this week has been hard on you, pretty please take some time to decompress tonight when you get home. Ways to do that include:
-Taking a long bath/shower and listening to music, meditating, watching netflix while you do
-Playing a game you enjoy
-Watching a show you like with family or friends
-Watching a show by yourself
-Reading a book
-Listening to an audiobook
-Yoga if that’s your thing
-Going for a nice walk to get some vitamin D
-Pamper yourself with a face mask, special lotion, skin care products etc.
-Catch up with friends online
-Catch up with friends offline
-Get into bed with clean sheets and just wiggle around like the gleeful slug that I love you for being

So proud of you guys!!