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When he hears from Holster through the group chat that Bitty had been in a car accident, Jack checks his schedule (in hindsight, he would’ve gone regardless of practice times) and floors it all the way from Providence to Samwell. Jack tries to not internally freak out and run every red light he comes across, but all he could think of throughout the drive is the words “side swiped by a semi” and “Bitty in car.” There had definitely been more info, but Jack barely reads the rest before hopping into his car.

When he gets to the Haus, furiously knocking on the front door and shocking the living daylights out of Chowder, who’d answered, he finds Bitty at the kitchen table, his left arm in a sling brace and a cut on his upper cheek under two small pieces of butterfly tape. He looks tired, and slightly worse for wear, but he is still the most brilliant and best thing Jack’s ever seen.

“I’m fine,” Bitty is saying to Holster, who’s hovering over him with a bowl. “I really appreciate you taking care of me, but I know you have a quiz tomorrow, Holster. And I don’t think chicken soup is going to heal my wrist.”

“As your captain, I order you to let me feed you this chicken soup,” Holster says. Ransom is nodding from his place at the counter, helping himself to leftover pie. “Plus, the chicken soup is supposed to heal your soul. It helps, okay? Tween magazines don’t lie.”

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just a quick little animatic!!

i know other people got around to drawing a few mchams before i got this out there; here’s to hoping nobody did this bit as an actual animatic until now, though?? sorry in advance hahhh

cheers & i hope y’all enjoy!!

Let me go

 Request- where the reader and Newt are already together and the reader tries to commit suicide by means of some of the more dangerous creatures in the suitcase that newt won’t let her near?

Edited by @winter-patrick

WARNING- suicide attempt and self-hatred 

“Newt? What’s in the little tent, over near the mooncalves?” 

You ask curiously as you begin walking towards the tent, when you feel Newt’s hand on your shoulder. 

“Creatures, far too dangerous for you to go near.” 

You give him a puzzled look. 

“I thought these creatures weren’t dangerous.” He ponders for a moment, 

“Not to me, but to strangers… It’s best you don’t go near. Please.” You give him a quick peck on the lips. 

“Okay, I won’t .” 

That was a month ago. Many things have changed. The two of you traveled to New York. The things you saw, the things you did. It changed you. You became much more introverted, only speaking to Newt and sometimes Queenie. The Goldstein sisters were quite lovely, they let you and Newt stay in their apartment. 

Tina and Newt created a wonderful bond. You were happy that Newt had found someone else that admired his creatures like you and him did. You assumed he had gotten bored of showing just one person. Tina was a lovely woman, you had worried a little that she fancied Newt the way you do, but she put your worries to rest, telling you she had an eye on someone else. Newt grew worried, seeing you so quite bothered him. He approached you many times but you always shook him off. 

Eventually, he stopped asking, not wanting to upset you further. He began ignoring you, or at least that’s what you thought. Spending more time in his case or with Tina, this only fueled your isolation. Depression was something you developed long ago, but it grew stronger after watching Credence die. You never told Newt your problems, as he has problems of his own. Horrible thoughts began clouding your mind, memories of the second Salem boy, of past mistakes, future problems. Sadness washes over you once again. 

“Y/n, dear, are you okay?” You look up and see Queenie’s worried face.

“I’m fine, Queenie, please don’t read my mind.” She seems very unconvinced but changes the topic, 

“Dinners ready.” 

“Thank you but I’m really not hungry. I’m quite tired, I think I’m going to go to bed.” 

“Okay, sweetie. Want me to tell Newt?” 

“No, he doesn’t care, I’ll talk to him tomorrow.” You walk to you and Newt’s shared bedroom. 

His case lays on the bed, and you hear him talking at the dinner table, laughing, excitement in his voice. He doesn’t need you, he’s probably forgotten you exist. Tears slide down your face, you don’t realize it until you feel one hit your hand. Climbing into his case, you go to visit the mooncalves. They always make you happy. You grab the bucket of pellets, ready to feed them, but they have already been fed. 

Newt didn’t need you here. No one did. You were a burden to Newt and Tina and Queenie. Your stomach growls, begging for food. You ignore it, if you went up there you would just bother them. You hear a low growl, it’s a beast you didn’t recognize. It came from the tent. 

The tent Newt told you to not go near. But curiosity got the best of you. You remember Newt telling you that they could kill. They weren’t tamed yet, he hadn’t had the chance. Maybe… just maybe, they would. 

You stood in front of the tent. Debating, would Newt even miss you? Would he care? Would he find someone else to love? You stepped into the tent. You were met with Quintaped, you had only heard legends, you had no idea it existed. Though you heard it had a taste for human flesh. 

It looked deadly enough, quick and painless death was all you wanted. It was in a bubble, a simple spell could break it. You grasp your wand, still debating. Upstairs, Queenie dropped a plate with a horrified look. Unknowing to you, she heard every thought. 

You pull out your wand mumble a spell and the Quintaped is free. It sets its eyes on you, ready to kill. You stand calm, ready for it to kill. It got to about one foot away until a shout of 

“Petrificus Totalus!” The spell flies past you and hits the Quintaped. You turn and see Newt running towards you. 


“I KNOW, NEWT, THAT WAS THE POINT!” He looks at you with a pained expression. 

He grabs your arm and drags you to the shed. 

“Newt. Let me go.“ He doesn’t respond, he continues tidying things up. 

“Newt, why couldn’t you just let me die!” He stops at the comment. He turns around with an angry expression. 

“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? YOU WERE GOING TO LEAVE ME! Don’t I mean anything to you?” His anger turned to sadness, tears welling up around his eyes. 

“Newt… You don’t need me. I’m useless to you. You should find someone who you deserve, because it isn’t me.” 

“Y/n, I’m so in love with you, why didn’t you tell me you felt this way? I had to learn from Queenie that you felt like this. Why can’t you see how much you mean to me? I would never be able to live without you, please talk to me,” 

He hugs you so tightly. His tears fall on your jacket. You crumple in his arms, tears returning. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you murmur over and over again, burying your face in his chest. He strokes your back and lets you cry. 

“I love you so much, y/n, please dont ever forget that.”

I relate to this on a personal level tbh. I want to let you know that if anyone here needs to talk im all ears


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Pizza Nights

ye, um idk how i got here, but this happened and it kinda of just spiraled into a gay ass fluffy mess :D

Summary: Pizza guy mistakes Lena for Kara. Kara is an oblivious little sunshine puppy that gives Lena too many heart palpitations. :)

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i had to take a break from commissions bECAUSE MY FAVE BBY GOT A NEW FORM  ❄ ❤ ❄

I Missed You

Originally posted by fawnave

Summary: Valentine’s day is not very fun when there are couples all around you reminding you that your boyfriend is across the world. 

A/N: F/f means favorite flower. Also, Valentine’s grams are something my school likes to do, that  is  where I got the idea for this. 

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 1,084 

The door to the classroom slowly opens and everyone turns their head to see who it was. Without saying a word two girls enter with pink papers, roses and teddy bears in their hands. The teacher pauses the lesson for the girls.

“Sorry to intrude but we are here to deliver the Valentine’s grams.” One said with a smile. All heads turn to the teacher waiting a response. The teacher sighs and puts down the whiteboard marker.

“Go ahead. But please be quick.” The girl nods and both head to the front of the room.

Valentine’s grams are a cute little message on bright pink paper, they also give a nice red rose and a white teddy bear that holds a heart saying I love you. Girls swoon over the small gesture and fall even more in love with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Rin’s heart is a flutter. Haruka opens his eyes wide “Rin…!” He’s shaken, his eyes waver. As if trying to shake off that sight, Haruka closes his eyes and goes to put on his goggles. The pain in his heart doesn’t go away but Haruka thinks ”Forget it for now…” and pulls down his goggles. [x]

Dating Hugh Apiston would include

Anon asked:  Can you do a “dating hugh would include” please!♡♡

Quick note: I’m mainly going off of book!Hugh because of age so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted

- You two walking through the garden and him telling you about plants because he’s precious

- Him introducing you to all his bees and you two having conversations about them

- I feel like the way you’d hold hands would be unconventional? Like you’d kinda interlock pinkies:

- I feel like when you’d cuddle it’d be a lot of spooning

- Of course you’re little spoon

- I feel like he’d really love running his fingers through your hair

- I feel like you two would sometimes just lean up against a tree and just take in everything. Like sometimes not even talk just kinda sit there with your head resting on his shoulder and taking in the endless world around you two

- I feel like you two would be really shy about PDA but that’s what’d make it literally the most adorable thing ever

- I feel like you’d go in for the first kiss cause he’d be too nervous 

- He’d literally hug you 25/8 

- If you were to fall and or get hurt he’d literally lose his mind like omg

- He’d name one of his bees after you

- He’d probably carry around some little thing of yours in his pocket like a small ribbon or pin of yours because he ‘always likes having a piece of you with him’

- I feel like his favorite part of you is your eyes 

-. He’s really tall so you probably have to stand on your tip toes to kiss him if you’re short as which is !!! so cute !!

- Hugh is !!! so cute !!

- He thinks you’re !! so cute !!

- Protect him !!! 

A quick gb thing~

I don’t know why I ever paused drawing star trek guys ds9 is the love of my life