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When he hears from Holster through the group chat that Bitty had been in a car accident, Jack checks his schedule (in hindsight, he would’ve gone regardless of practice times) and floors it all the way from Providence to Samwell. Jack tries to not internally freak out and run every red light he comes across, but all he could think of throughout the drive is the words “side swiped by a semi” and “Bitty in car.” There had definitely been more info, but Jack barely reads the rest before hopping into his car.

When he gets to the Haus, furiously knocking on the front door and shocking the living daylights out of Chowder, who’d answered, he finds Bitty at the kitchen table, his left arm in a sling brace and a cut on his upper cheek under two small pieces of butterfly tape. He looks tired, and slightly worse for wear, but he is still the most brilliant and best thing Jack’s ever seen.

“I’m fine,” Bitty is saying to Holster, who’s hovering over him with a bowl. “I really appreciate you taking care of me, but I know you have a quiz tomorrow, Holster. And I don’t think chicken soup is going to heal my wrist.”

“As your captain, I order you to let me feed you this chicken soup,” Holster says. Ransom is nodding from his place at the counter, helping himself to leftover pie. “Plus, the chicken soup is supposed to heal your soul. It helps, okay? Tween magazines don’t lie.”

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Please, stop.

“Hey! How are you going? I just have a quick question regarding [insert pets name here].”

“Long time no speak. My dog hasn’t eaten in 6 days and has had vomiting and diarrhoea for 5 of those days. What should I do?”

“Hey, just a quick one but I really want to let my cat have kittens just once so she can experience motherhood, is 8 months too young to let her mate?”,

Please, stop. 

Please, if you have a friend you rarely chat to, a friend of a friend of a friend or an extremely distant acquaintance who is a vet/student/nurse/tech etc, it is really not okay to ask for free advice. It is actually disrespectful.  

Most of us (including myself) are obliging and willing to help because that is the nature of our profession. Though I tell you, if you haven’t bothered to say hey prior to Mitten’s getting into a cat fight at 2am or if you haven’t cared to check in and see how life is going before Charlie started coughing 2 days ago, it is not okay to ask for that free advice.

You usually message us in the middle of a busy day or you message late at night when we are settling in, trying to unwind from a 15 hour hectic day of sick animals and devastated/angry clients. A Facebook message or text pops up from someone we haven’t spoken to in 5-10 years. I get it, you are desperate. Most want to know if they should take their pet to a vet or not. My honest answer is, if you are desperate enough to ask someone you rarely know or haven’t spoken to in a while if you should seek medical attention for your pet, then you more than likely need to. If you are unsure, it is best to call an emergency clinic and ask for advice.

Be mindful. Veterinary medicine already consumes our lives. It bombards us in all aspects of life. I will reply and help as much as I can without physically seeing your animal, but keep in mind that I am most likely replying to you when I am shoveling food into my mouth in the 2 minutes I have spare to eat during a shift or I am in the middle of spending some rare, free time with my loved ones. I will always advise to seek veterinary attention because if you are that concerned to message me, best bet is that your pet requires it.

All we ask is to please be mindful. 

@harrypotternetwork Creation Event: Peeves the Poltergeist 

“Which way did they go, Peeves?“ Filch was saying. “Quick, tell me.”
“Say ‘please.’”
“Don’t mess with me, Peeves, now where did they go?”
“Shan’t say nothing if you don’t say please,” said Peeves in his annoying singsong voice.
“All right- PLEASE.”
“NOTHING! Ha haaa! Told you I wouldn’t say nothing if you didn’t say please! Ha ha! Haaaaaa!" 

♡ Game of Thrones Preferences #1: How the two of you meet [Male Version] ♡

   // please let me know if there’s anyone else you’d like to see in this series \ // female version if coming soon \ 

                                ♡ How the two of you meet ♡

Jon Snow: The two of you first met at Winterfell, when your family was invited to come to come to a Northern Feast by Lord Eddard Stark, the Warden of the North. While you waited for the feast to begin, your younger siblings had all run off to play with the younger Stark children, leaving you alone and lost. You were trying to figure out what to do, and trying not to seem awkward in front of all the lords and ladies that had arrived and were chatting to one another, when you noticed Lord Stark’s bastard son, Jon Snow, alone, too. The two of you began talking and found many common interests, and he was very surprised how well you could handle a weapon, especially a bow and arrow. Once the feast finally came around, instead of with your family and the rest of the nobility, you sat with Jon and Theon, much to your father’s dismay. You all became close, especially with Jon.

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Robb Stark: You met Robb in Winterfell, when your father, Tywin Lannister set up a betrothal between you, his youngest daughter, and Robb Stark, heir to Winterfell. You were extremely nervous on the way their, and only managed to travel a couple of days in that stuffy carriage with your sister and her children before travelling on horseback the rest of the way, beside your brother, the Kingslayer. Everybody expected to see you follow your sister out of the carriage, and were surprised when they saw several knights rush over and help you off your horse, making sure your gown wasn’t stained in the mud as you jumped off. You made your way towards the Stark family, and curtsied before greeting the Lord and Lady of Winterfell. As you looked to Lord Stark’s right, you finally met eyes with your betrothed, Robb Stark. You didn’t expect him to look so handsome, or to be so tall, and you most definitely didn’t expect him to have such exquisite blue eyes. Despite your nerves, you curtsied once more, and spoke, “My Lord, you must be Robb Stark, it’s an honour to meet you, I hear we are to be betrothed”. You smiled, and he replied “Yes, My Lady. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, I cannot wait to wed such a beauty. Shall I show you around Winterfell while our families prepare for the feast?” He asked, smiling softly. You blushed as he kissed the back of your hand, sending chills up and down your arms. Then and there, your doubts washed away, and you both became ever more close since the day you met.

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Jaime Lannister: You were the youngest Tyrell daughter of Mace Tyrell, and travelled to King’s Landing with your grandmother, father, your older sister Margaery who was to be wed to King Joffrey, and your older brother Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers. You weren’t very excited about having to go to King’s Landing, it was dirty and full of danger, however you couldn’t help but feel happy for how excited your sister was to become Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. When you were in the Throne Room, standing by your sister’s side as she spoke of her love for Joffrey and pleaded to marry him, your eyes began to drift, taking a look at the people surrounding the King. Your eyes caught a member of the Kingsguard, and you instantly knew it was Jaime Lannister by his golden hair and gold-flecked green eyes. His eyes suddenly met yours, but you didn’t look away. You’d heard many cruel stories and tales of the Kingslayer, yet he didn’t look like the typical evil monster from the songs. He was young and fair, handsome and standing proud. You smiled, before setting your gaze on the King again. You swore you saw him smile out of the corner of your eye, and vowed to talk to him later.

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Khal Drogo: You were the only child, and daughter of the Khal Kovarro, your father, the leader of your khalasar. Among the khalasar, you were known for your beauty and kindness to the people, but also your skills at riding and using a weapon, having been trained by your father so you knew how to protect yourself. One day, you had been bathing in a hot tub full of herbs and oils, provided by your maids, when you heard the sound of heavy hoofs of horses galloping on land. They were soon followed up by the sounds of calls, yells, screams, and soon enough the whole camp was alive with the sound of battle. You shrunk in fear, not knowing what to do, since your handmaidens had run out to see what the commotion was, and they were now, probably either dead or captured. You stared at the flap of your tent as it opened, eyes wide with fear, as three men entered, most definitely not from your father’s khalasar. They had menacing looks about them, and held bloody weapons at their side. But the way their eyes scoured your nude body, vulnerable and unprotected, you knew you weren’t going to have a quick and painless death. “Please! Don’t!”, you tried to scream, to keep them away, but you knew it was helpless, the Dothraki were known for their brutality, and how they raped and pillaged across Dothraki sea. Their hands grabbed you, bruising your soft skin, and pulled you up roughly, but as you were thrown down on your stomach, a loud, rough voice shouted “Leave the girl alone”. The three men paused and turned around for a moment, before leaving you alone, confused why their khal had ordered them to stop. “You will not touch her, she will come with me. Now, leave”, he ordered, before walking to you. You feared he meant to use you as the other men meant to, but instead he handed you a cloth to cover yourself with. “I will not hurt you, but you must come with me”. You didn’t believe him, but you had no other choice, you knew that. His khalasar had slain yours, and your father was dead. If you didn’t obey, he would kill you, too. During the weeks he had taken you, you found yourself oddly growing ever more comfortable, and truly came to no harm, instead always remaining by his side. The two of you became close, and you soon came to trust him with all your heart.

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Petyr Baelish: The two of you first met when you and your sister, Sansa and father, Eddard Stark were attending the Hand’s Tourney, at King’s Landing, which was arranged as a celebration, to honour your father on becoming the new Hand of the King, to Robert Baratheon. You gasped as Loras Tyrell struck the Mountain, Gregor Clegane off his horse, too engrossed to notice a figure walking towards you. “Gregor Clegane always picked mares that had more spirit than sense”. You jumped, frightened by the voice, and turned to see a fairly short, well dressed man, with short, dark brown hair looking down at you, smirking. You most certainly had never seen this man, yet he seemed to greet you as if you were an old friend.  “I’m sorry, do I-”,

“(Y/N”) dear, this is Lord Baelish. He’s a-”,

“An old friend of the family”. He interrupted Septa Mordane, introducing himself. He intrigued you, and his mocking smirk and playful look about his eyes made you want to know what he seemed so gleeful about.

“I’ve known your mother a long, long time”. He said, sitting down beside you. The rest of the tourney, you were distracted and didn’t even look at the duels, instead engrossed in conversation with the Master of Coin. By the end of the night, you couldn’t wait for the melee duels of tomorrow, eager to see Lord Baelish again.

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Tormund Giantsbane: You first met Tormund Giantsbane when you, the eldest daughter of Lady Mormont, swore to fight alongside Jon Snow and his army against Ramsay Bolton, to take back Winterfell. Tormund was instantly drawn to you by the way you spoke, and how well you could fight, which most women couldn’t. He also loved you small you were compared to him, and how quickly you would get embarrassed when he teased you. One day, as you were sparring with a fellow soldier, Tormund walked up behind the two of you, watching you kick the boy into a pile of snow. “You’re a lucky man”, Tormund announced, smirking, once the boy finally lifted his head. Your eyes shot up at the wildling, and you failed to suppress a blush that had now spread across your cheeks. The wildling had often flirted with you, but no matter how many times it happened, you could never stop yourself from blushing. He chuckled and got closer to you, “How about I show you how a real man fights, hmm?” He offered, before placing his hand on the small of your back, making you blush even more and stuttering and quickly walking off. He laughed as you walked off, and followed you into the hall, determined to make you blush even more.

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Sandor Clegane: You two of you first met when you were rushing around the Red Keep, trying to look for your sister, Sansa. As you were walking around the halls, eyes drifting about wildly, you didn’t notice the large figure in front of you until you bumped into the broad shoulders of the Hound, Sandor Clegane. “Watch where yer going, girl”, he spat angrily, attempting to scare you. Unlike most people of King’s Landing, you weren’t afraid of the Hound, nor his scars. He was taken aback as you looked him straight in the eyes, a smile on your face, as if his rough words hadn’t fazed you. “I’m terribly sorry ser, I wasn’t watching where I was going as I was looking for my sister, have you seen her?”, you asked politely. His eyes flickered for a moment, surprised by the fact that you didn’t even flinch as you looked at him, still smiling. He hesitated for a moment, before mumbling, “In the garden, with the King”. You smiled widely, before rushing past him with a last “Thank you, ser!”. He watched you until you rounded the corner, before mumbling, “I’m no ser”, wishing you hadn’t run off.

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Jorah Mormont: You first met Ser Jorah Mormont when you were travelling alongside your older sister, Daenerys Targaryen. Your brother Viserys made you go with her, in hopes of meeting a possible suitor at Daenerys’ and Khal Drogo’s wedding. On the day of the wedding, you sat by your brother Viserys, your silver blonde hair flowing in long curls along your back, and you were clad in a slightly sheer, lilac gown that ran to your ankles, matching your lilac eyes. You tried not to pay much attention to the crowd, still intimidated by the brutality of the Dothraki, when an older, quite handsome man sat beside you and your brother, wearing leather armor and a green cape that flowed behind him, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword. “My King, My Lady, it is an honour to meet you both, I am Ser Jorah Mormont”, his smooth voice announced, as he bowed to your brother, and then rose to kiss the back of your hand. You blushed slightly, and smiled at the man, too embarrassed by his action to speak. Over a couple of weeks, the two of you grew close as he rode by your side in the khalasar, both bonding over your love of books and reading. The two of you especially became close as he taught you how to speak Dothraki, and the both of you fell more and more in love over time. Jorah made a vow to himself that he would protect you, and wouldn’t let Viserys marry you off.

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                                  Gifs aren’t mine - credit to owners :) 

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Just saw King Arthur and the theater was practically EMPTY???!!? Wtf!??!!?!!! This movie was so good you guys, and it’s being torn apart by critics because the lore doesn’t 100% match? *screams frustrations into void* Guy Ritchie took a legend that has been told over and over again for what feels like forever (and let’s be real, it’s been retold so much cause it’s a damn good legend) and put his own unique twist on it.

Personally, I was not going into this movie expecting a word for word reenactment of Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur or even T.H. White’s The Once and Future King. The trailer made it very clear that KA: LotS was going to have a different take on the story. And it was gooooood. Omg! This film was like if Lord of the Rings met Kingsman.

Here are some of my favorite things about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.
• The war elephants were just as fantastic and terrifying as I wanted them to be and more!

• The AWE-INDUCING AF Lady of the Lake *heart-eyes*

• The absolutely mesmerizing Sirens (like holy fuck I couldn’t look away they were SO COOL)


• Arthur growing up protecting/respecting women, not because he feels he’s a ~strong man~ who saves ~weak damsels~ and expects a reward for his actions but because he is genuinely sickened by men who disrespect women. Because he was raised by women and *gasp* sees them as *GASP!* people?? Revolutionary.


• How the sword got stuck in the stone!!!! So cool, what a concept, I love it!

• The ANIMALS and the Mage working with nature and all the imagery and the SNAKES!!!

• I legit cried when the Round Table was revealed like holy shit yeessssss.

• Excalibur is a literal powerhouse and we finally get see what it can do!

• The acting was top notch! (Jude Law gave me chills as King Vortigern)

• The soundtrack fed my SOUL hell yes!!!! So good.

• The fight choreography, with an *appropriate* use of slow-mo, gave me life!

• The story telling!!! Like, yes Guy Ritchie’s way of telling the story of King Arthur is amazing but I’m talking about the particular way the *characters* told stories *in the movie* like w.h.o.a. So awesome!!

• The cinematography! I couldn’t go two seconds without coming across a shot that I NEED as my TV and Computer background.

• The special effects. Have I talked about the animals and the MAGE AND THE LADY OF THE LAKE AND THE SIRENS AND EXCALIBUR AND THE COLORS AAAAHHHHHHHH

• The story line. Honestly, screw the critics for giving this film a bad review just because it didn’t stick the legend. IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO! They took the Legend of King Arthur and built off it to tell their own story and it was sooo gooodd!!

• The camera work!!! Omg the camera work!!! Hot damn.

I will say that I was disappointed in how the film fell into the trope of hurting and killing women as a means to motivate the male lead. That wasn’t cool. It has literally everything else going for it, but they tripped up here. This motivation device is used too often in all forms of media, and honestly I’m sick of it.

But! That was the only flaw I could find after one viewing, and the rest of the movie was phenomenal.
Please go see this movie!

Okay real quick! There’s something else about this movie that I LOVED SO MUCH but I’m not sure if it is considered a spoiler. It’s a bit more specific than the bullet points so to be safe, I’ve put it under the cut here. 

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Mistake - William Nylander

a drunk william nylander is a horny william nylander 

inspiration: “are you trying to turn me on?“ 

lowercase intended 

word count: 1606

warnings: nudity, steaminess

a/n: so this wasn’t requested buuuut i wrote it anyway  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hope you all enjoy!!

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you rubbed your hands together, your breath turning to mist in the cold toronto air. while the weather was chilly, you were boiling hot with rage. all you wanted was a nice night for yourself. you’d ran a bath, popped in a bath bomb, put on your favorite chill playlist, and poured yourself a glass of wine. you were right in the middle of putting your sheet face mask into place when your phone rang loudly, rudely interrupting ed sheeran as he sang about love and heartbreak.

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900 posts! Go Jamie!!!🎉🎉🎉

(Also the first pic is Jamie’s first post of this wife in like June 24th 2013. Now his most recent one today, in September 13th 2017 with the character Monkey from the play Journey to the West! It’s an amazing play and was yet another collaboration between Damon and Jamie! So go listen to the soundtrack album called Monkey Bee and check out to videos about the play! I know this sounds like I’m a sponsor something but I’m honestly not. I’m just trying to get the play out there. Since there’s a lot of new fans and they haven’t heard it! Sorry about the rambling tho!!!;^;;;)

Forever | 25: The End

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 3.7k

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Language - all the floof!!

Notes: POVS switch during this part, which are indicated in bold // flashback is indicated by date; PD means present day; italics indicate personal thoughts // all songs mentioned are by Ed Sheeran: Perfect and Kiss Me

A/N: THE END HAS ARRIVED!! Y’all, I cried when I wrote this, so I hope you all enjoy the end of this wonderful ride we’ve shared together (and please, let me know how much you like it!)

Forever | 24

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Travelin’ Soldier Part 6

Summary: Reader is currently deployed in the army to an undisclosed combat area. She has been deployed for nearly two years. Anxiously awaiting her return is her husband and brother as they film for Supernatural. Letter comes informing the family that she may not be heard from for awhile and soon devastating news comes. In italic bold in the story is lyrics.

Characters: husband!Jensen x reader, Jared x Reader (twins), Dr. Maria Halstead (OC), Dr. Will Harold (OC), Dr. Jason Xavier, Nurse Kelly and Sasha
Words: 2078

Disclaimer: I do not own the title of the song Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks at all even with the minor change of lyrics to fit the story. I simply thought it could be a little fighting. Not hate towards Danneel either, as this is simply fiction and not real. I do not own any songs, images or gifs in this either.

Warnings: Possible swearing, memory of torture, angst, FLUFF, hospital, mention of death and injuries.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging a few at the end. Send an ask to be tagged, or request something.

A/N: The long awaited part 6! Guys there’s a lot of fluff! I was going to not do what I did to end it but JENSEN IS IN THE SAME BUILDING AS Y/N!

Also thanks for the lovely comments that made tear up and laugh so hard! I’ll try and do this again but below are the lovely fans that said something about part 5! Follow them!
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*Two weeks later*

Your eyes fluttered open to see the bright lights in the white room. You were in more pain than you ever remembered. The cuts were painful and you knew your body was littered in a rainbow of bruises. You saw a nurse with mocha skin humming as she fixed flowers in a vase before she returned to see you panicking. You had noticed the tube going into your throat that was now gagging you.

“Sh, calm down.” The nurses soothed, “I’ll call for the doctor and we can removed this.”

“H-hmph!” You choked.

“I’m Katherine.” The gorgeous nurse smiled as she pushed some hair off your forehead, “We’ve been waiting for you to wake up.”

The next half hour was tense and fast paced as you gulped water down still feeling the tube being removed. Everything hurt and you couldn’t remember the last few seconds in that building.

“Mrs. Ac-“

“Private Y/N Ackles.” You whispered closing your eyes tight, “Actually can you just call me Y/N…I do…I can’t.”

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First quick request doodle!:D

4 to go!

Please keep it to one character. They are just simple doodles.:) (and i found out my sketchbook paper make my new black marker bleed….)

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Summary: You are a freshman in college who moved into your NYC apartment with your best friend. Yet, what unexpectedly came with the apartment were the two rowdy boys next door who were from London, where one would steal your heart, despite how much you hated him.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, attempted robbery

Word Count: 1,300

A/N: Everyone is 18+ years old; Tom is mean, but he’ll get nice; there’s time jumps (breaks symbolize that)

“Finally!” you said, adding the final touch to your bedroom. You plopped down onto the new sheets and shut your eyes, unable to believe that you finally escaped the small town in Michigan where you were born and raised for the past 18 years. You daydreamed of the possibilities New York City had to offer you and couldn’t imagine going on this journey without your best friend who moved into the bedroom next to yours.

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Mini Loaves- Artemi Panarin

Originally posted by artemiaddict

Ok I’m gonna start off by saying I say somethings in here as neither a true Preds nor Hawks fan so please don’t be upset by it! I didn’t see the game so don’t be upset by that either! Ok now that that is done… Bread man! I cannot go a day without thinking about Soup and a Sandwich. I hope there are more tbh! XD Ok so enjoy!

Warning: Kane mentioned

Anon Request: Hey please can you do an Artemi Panarin one where the reader is pregnant and she gets a few of the other WAGS to sit behind the bench at a game with posters that say “world’s greatest dad with #72” and “the baker has a buns in the oven ” or “bread baked in 2015 and mini loaves coming in 2017” (implying that they’re having twins) and stuff like that to tell bread that he’s going to be a dad


              This was the best idea you’ve ever had.

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I Missed You

Originally posted by fawnave

Summary: Valentine’s day is not very fun when there are couples all around you reminding you that your boyfriend is across the world. 

A/N: F/f means favorite flower. Also, Valentine’s grams are something my school likes to do, that  is  where I got the idea for this. 

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 1,084 

The door to the classroom slowly opens and everyone turns their head to see who it was. Without saying a word two girls enter with pink papers, roses and teddy bears in their hands. The teacher pauses the lesson for the girls.

“Sorry to intrude but we are here to deliver the Valentine’s grams.” One said with a smile. All heads turn to the teacher waiting a response. The teacher sighs and puts down the whiteboard marker.

“Go ahead. But please be quick.” The girl nods and both head to the front of the room.

Valentine’s grams are a cute little message on bright pink paper, they also give a nice red rose and a white teddy bear that holds a heart saying I love you. Girls swoon over the small gesture and fall even more in love with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

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