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request: “Hi. Could I ask for 14, 15 & 16 with Draco x reader. Also I love your writing. It’s so amazing and well done. Thank you xoxo” — by anon

a/n: thank you 💓 hope you like this as much i liked writing it hehe

14. “Who in the right mind would trust me?”
15. “This is the part where I tell you to mind your damn business.”
16. “Wow. True love sucks.”

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    Late night sneaking out has been your thing ever since your second year at Hogwarts. You didn’t particularly know why you loved doing it, you just knew that the thrill of running around the castle with Filch and Mrs Norris hot on your trail gave you such a rush. That’s why whenever it was the last day of the week, you would take it as a job to go out of your common room at midnight to go to the Astronomy tower or maybe even the Black Lake if you were feeling up to it.

    Though it was no question that ever since Umbridge became Headmistress of Hogwarts, it weren’t only two people (or cat, for Mrs Norris’ case) that were your concerns, it also happened to be the Inquisitorial Squad who also roamed around the corridors even when everybody was fast asleep, making your habit hard to do.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” the usual drawling voice called from beside you just as you stepped outside your house’s common room, Draco Malfoy leaning casually on the wall. “Sneaking out again, Y/L/N?” he smirked.

     You gladly returned the gesture.

    “Malfoy, what a surprise. Shouldn’t you be sleeping right now?” you asked innocently, unfazed by the fact that he was a Prefect and a member of the Inquisitorial Squad.

    He chuckled. “I should be asking you the same thing.”

   "Well, I’m sad for you because you ain’t getting an answer.“ you winked.

    Draco straightened his posture and walked towards you, pulling you towards him so that you stood closer to his body. "I miss you, you know.”
    You rolled your eyes at him, your boyfriend for over a year now, while he grinned. “It’s that pink toad’s fault we can’t see each other properly — and let me remind you that you’re working with her now.”

    He kissed your forehead. “I’m only doing that to get on her good side, of course.” he gently let go of you in case his colleagues would see, since you and Draco weren’t even supposed to be within arm’s reach because of the dumb rule Umbridge gave Hogwarts. “Which brings me to my previous question, are you sneaking out again?”

    Draco, of course, knew about your late night adventures that at some point, he even joined you despite not being really keen on breaking some rules. He knew that if his father somehow found out that he wasn’t doing well in school, Lucius would be disappointed and probably pressure him even more.

    But when he was with you, he didn’t care. He was happy and you were the exact reason behind it.

    “Maybe.” you shrugged. “Not going to stop me, are you?”

    “Frankly, I am.”

    You raised your eyebrows at him. “I see that you’re finally learning to betray me, Draco.”

    He chuckled. “Don’t be dramatic, I’m doing it for your own good. I know what Umbridge does to those students who get caught and if you get caught, I wouldn’t be able to stop her.”

    “But I won’t get caught.” you insisted. “Besides, don’t you trust me?” you took a step closer and held both of his hands.

    Draco cocked an eyebrow. “Are you seriously asking me that question?”

    You broke off into a grin, aware that Draco was well educated on how you were so mischievous and daring. “Yeah, you’re right, I wouldn’t trust me either. Who in the right mind would trust me?

    “No one.” he played along and the both of you quietly chuckle. “Okay, can you now please go back to bed?”

    “Draco, I’m going to the Astronomy Tower.”

    “You’re not. This is the part where you go back your common room and sleep.”

    “No, this is the part where I tell you to mind your damn business.” you bluntly replied.

    He sighed. “You do realize that you are included in my business and that I have the right to command you to go back now both as a Prefect and a boyfriend, right?”

    You snorted. “Hate to break it to you but you’re not my mum so —”

    “Y/N, please.” he cut you off. “I’m really trying hard here.”

    “Fine, if you don’t want me to sneak off alone, come with me instead.”

    Draco looked at you as if you were joking, apparently realizing soon after that you weren’t because of your determined expression.

    “You’re serious?” asked Draco.

    You looked around you as if to catch anyone looking, “Yes, Malfoy. Let’s runaway together.”

    He still had a hard time processing your proposal in his head. “Y/N, I love you but —”

    “Wow. True love sucks.” you didn’t let him finish his statement. “That’s literally all I’m going to say if you say you love me but you can’t risk getting caught.”

    “Y/N …”

    You sighed, dropping his hands and wrapping your arms around his torso instead. “Come on, love. Just this one night. I promise you won’t regret it tomorrow.”

    Draco thought about it for a few more seconds, in the same time enjoying your embrace. Finally, with a grit of his teeth, he slowly nodded which brought a big smile to your face.

    “Yes!” you kissed his cheek. “Now, come on, before someone else catches on. We’ve been on that spot for ages …”

    And as you drag him along, he couldn’t help but think that you were really his perfect match. You balanced him out, let him do something that was completely out of his comfort zone. He didn’t actually want to admit it to others but he was also starting to change his views and perspective in certain topics because of you. You kept him sane and for that, he didn’t know how to be thankful enough.

Business and Pleasure - Part 1

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son. 

Word Count: 645

A/N: This first chapter is a bit shorter than the rest will be. It’s mostly just setting the stage for the rest of the story. As always, feedback is appreciated! 

“Please, Barnes, we need this. You know how successful we were the last time we worked together,” your father pleaded.

Mr. Barnes sighed, running a hand through his silver hair, shaking his head as he sat behind his desk, pouring two glasses of whiskey and passing one to your father. His office was at the top of the most prominent building in New York. The views spanned across the entire city, which was particularly beautiful at this time of day. The sun was just setting, the lights from each building helping to illuminate the skyline. “This is quite different from last time, Charlie. You’re asking for a lot, you know. Your business is going under. We both know that. You’re telling me you’ll go bankrupt in a year, but you want me to take over the business?”

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22 Sterek pretty please And thank you, you wonderful person you

Thank you for the prompt, nonnie! This ended up being two miserable people at a wedding reception, but I figured that was close enough. This is a ‘no Hale fire, everyone is human’ AU. I hope you like it! (On AO3)

“Cheer up, son!” his dad says as he dances past with Natalie, who still looks resplendent despite changing out of her wedding dress. “This is a party!”

Stiles hadn’t even wanted to accept Lydia’s invitation, but his dad had talked him into going, mostly by saying “you always meet interesting people at weddings.” Stiles has met no interesting people, and has instead been enduring Jackson taunting him for not bringing a date.

Thankfully, he gets bored and leaves fairly soon, returning to his usual spot at Lydia’s side. Stiles knows he’d be in big trouble if he punched Jackson out at the reception.

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request: hey can u write something with badboy shawn

You opened your locker, and stuffed the textbook you were holding into it, and pulled out another one. You felt someone press a kiss to your shoulder, and you smiled when you saw your boyfriend leaning next to your locker, typing something on his phone. “Goodmorning, Shawn.” You smiled, closing your locker.

“Morning.” He smiled. He took your hand, and you two walked down the hallway. A few of the underclassmen averted their eyes, having heard the rumors that circulated about your boyfriend, but you knew none of them were true. “Did your mom like her birthday present?” You asked, looking at the brown-haired teenager.

“Yeah, she did. Thank you for helping me pick it out.” Shawn nodded, nodding his head to one of his friends.

You stopped at the class you had first period, and Shawn pecked your lips before going to talk to his friends.

You were walking down the hall to the cafeteria, when you heard someone’s footfalls speeding up till they got to you. “Hey, baby.” A voice said. A voice who wasn’t your boyfriend.

You quirked an eyebrow and looked at the man who was talking to you. “Hi, Jared.” You smiled, praying Shawn would appear in front of you. Jared and Shawn didn’t get along very well, to put it nicely.

“Where’s the boyfriend? Too busy smoking to walk you to lunch?” He asked.

You stared ahead, waving to one of your friends. “Jared, please go away.” You slapped his hand when he tried to wrap it around your shoulders. “Jared.”

“C’mon, babe, just-”

“Don’t call her babe. She’s not your babe.” Shawn said, coming up between you two.

Jared rolled his eyes, but he did turn around and stop walking towards the cafeteria. “Did he do anything?” Shawn asked, taking your hand.

“No, just talk.” You set your bag on the booth before sliding in, and unzipped your lunchbox. Shawn sat next to you, and scrolled down his phone until some of his friends sat down.

“Babe, look at this.” Shawn said, and you looked down at his phone, which showed a livestream of some kittens.

You laughed lightly, and sighed. “I can’t believe you’re one of the toughest kids at school.”

“Shut up.” Shawn laughed, kissing you.

You pulled your jeans up your legs, and buttoned them. You had been invited to a party, and it was nearing the time Shawn was supposed to pick you up. You finished braiding your hair as your doorbell rang, and you grabbed your phone. Shawn was waiting at the door, talking to your little brother, when you got downstairs. “I promise I’ll come over this weekend, and we can practice together, alright?” Shawn smiled, fist-bumping your ten-year-old brother.

“You’re so cute.” You said, climbing into his Jeep.

“You’re cuter.” Shawn said, starting the drive to the party.

There, you already saw so many cars there. Shawn locked the Jeep and stuffed his keys into his pocket, and gripped your hand tightly. You two entered the house, and immediately smelled alcohol. “Um, I’m gonna go grab something to drink.” Shawn said, kissing your forehead before departing from your side.

Not even a minute later, Jared was next to you. “Knew you’d be here.” He said, already drunk.

“Jared, please leave.” You said, but he didn’t leave. You tried to walk away, but he had a grip on your wrist that was so tight it hurt. “Jared, you’re hurting me.” You whimpered, trying to pry your wrist free.

“Don’t pretend, you like getting hurt.” He growled, and you felt yourself getting lightheaded from panicking.

“Hey!” Shawn yelled, ripping Jared away from you. He got a few punches in before a few of the other guys there stopped the fight, and Shawn nearly ripped the door off of its hinges when he went outside. You followed him, wincing when you moved your wrist.

“Babe?” You questioned, seeing Shawn on the curb.

Shawn looked at you, and his eyes showed anger, but when he saw your bruising wrist, they changed into worry. “Does it hurt?” He asked. “We should leave. Get it checked out.”

You said nothing, but climbed into his car, and arrived at his house not too later. Thankfully everyone was out at dinner, so when Shawn turned the light on and you saw his black eye, you didn’t need to censor yourself. “Fuck, Shawn, are you ok?”

“It’s happened before, it’ll happen again.” He said, grabbing some frozen peas from the freezer, and giving them to you.

After you both had changed, you two settled on his bed, with you between Shawn’s legs, your back against his chest, and started watching some TV show. He kissed your shoulder, making sure your wrist was ok before falling asleep.

a/n: did u like it


Characters: AJ Styles x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, cheating, adultery, influence of alcohol, age gap. If you don’t like this sort of thing don’t read.

Summary: The recent events in AJ’s life have been causing a great amount of stress and he feels like he has nobody to turn to. He also finds something inappropriate that the babysitter left behind and fed up with everything, has to have a little talk with her.

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Wanna Try Me?

Request: Can I request numbers 2 and 9 with EXO’s Baekhyun please? :)

2) “Okay…so like…there’s only a 30% chance that we’ll die.”

9) “I have a question that can make or break this relationship.”

Member: EXO’s Baekhyun x Y/N x (ft. Chanyeol)

Type: Fluff

“Are you going to keep staring or are you actually going to talk?” Chanyeol muttered, stirring lazily at the contents of his coffee cup. 

“Stare,” Baekhyun nodded confidently, readjusting his chin on his palm. “Definitely stare.” 

“I’ve never known you to be the one to watch from afar,” Chanyeol sighed. He leaned back in the small, cafe booth and sent a fleeting look over his shoulder. “You act like you’ve seen the most beautiful person on the planet.”

“Because I have,” Baekhyun cooed, tilting his head like a lovesick teenager. “Don’t you agree?”

“Eh, they’re alright,” Chanyeol grumbled. “Can we go now?”

“Absolutely not,” Baekhyun chuckled, his coffee long since gone cold. “I told you if you didn’t want to spend time with me, you didn’t have to come.”

“By spend time, I thought you meant…you know, do normal things,” Chanyeol mumbled. “Like eat food and…then go get ice cream…and then maybe go pick up some take out?”

“Those are literally all just eating,” Baekhyun sighed. 

“Well, you’ve never complained before!” Chanyeol gasped. “Not until you started coming to this cafe almost every morning you have off. Now you’re suddenly interested in poetry and flowers and…I DON”T EVEN KNOW YOU ANYMORE.”

“Aigoo,” Baekhyun chuckled, rolling his eyes. “You’re so dramatic.”

“Dramatically alone and sad,” Chanyeol pouted. “Now can’t you just please go to the counter and say something? It would save us both a lot of time.” 

“I’ve tried,” Baekhyun sighed dreamily. “But I’ve been shot down every time.”

“You’ve…you’ve been what?” Chanyeol choked. “You’ve been daydreaming away over someone who won’t even see you?”

“Oh, I’ve been seen,” Baekhyun nodded confidently. “Just not acknowledged.”

“Aish,” Chanyeol groaned. “Come on, I’m taking you back to the dorm. Maybe Jongdae can talk some sense into you.” 

“One sec,” Baekhyun whispered, springing from the booth. 

“You’re only going to get your heart broken again!” Chanyeol called after him. “Heart in pieces! Dead on the floor!” 

Baekhyun ignored his member as he strode confidently toward the cafe counter, his eyes never leaving your body. He waited patiently in line, the picture of calm as he took small steps toward the cash register. 

“What can I-” you began, lifting your eyes from the small digital clock before you. You were supposed to get off fifteen minutes ago, but your relief still hand’t arrived. You raised your face, locking your eyes with the patron on the opposite side of the counter. “Oh, it’s you again.”

The handsome boy nodded confidently, a cocky smirk on his face that drove you crazy. He was almost painful to look at because he was so good looking, but you would push that thought to the side. He had been showing up to the cafe you worked at almost everyday for the past week, with staggered visits before then. With every trip, he grew progressively more bold in his attempts to garner your attention, but you remained steadfast. 

Pretty boys like him were nothing but trouble. And you had had your heart broken enough times to know that you should keep him at arm’s length. 

“Don’t sound so excited,” he grinned, tilting his head. His smile was constantly present on his lips as he spoke, his eyes dancing across your face. 

“What can I get you?” you sighed, looking down so you wouldn’t have to look at him. 

He’ll only hurt you, you thought. Everyone leaves in the end, so why waste your time? 

“A date,” he nodded confidently. 

“It’s July 23rd,” you answered just as confidently. “Next in line please.”

“No, I would like to take you, on a date,” he repeated, never growing tired with your ability to play hard to get. 

“Sorry, I’m busy,” you hummed. “Next in line!” 

“I didn’t even tell you what day,” he sighed, a small chink appearing in his playful armor. You felt a butterfly or two flutter along your stomach. You found joy knowing that you could get to him. “Are you familiar with North Seoul Tower? I hear it’s a lovely place for couples-”

“To die. It’s the second tallest building in Seoul and with a swift wind-” you began. 

“Okay, so like…there’s only a 30% chance we’ll die,” he chuckled. “But I’ll protect you, so it’s not a big deal.”

“Still busy,” you muttered. “Now please, next-”

“If you ask for the next customer, I’m going to honestly have a heart attack right in this very spot and you’ll be responsible for killing a customer,” he sighed, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. “Y/N, please.”

You lifted your brows, watching the line grow behind the steadfast man. The woman behind him looked especially peeved as she crossed her arms and began tapping her foot, the international symbol for impatience. 

But this kid had all the patience in the world. 

“Look, I get off soon,” you whispered, trying to solve the situation as you saw your manager begin to loom behind you. “Wait around and we can talk. No promises.”

With a simple sentence the young man’s entire face lit up. His eyes had found the same amazement they once had when he first approached you. He gave a quick nod to you before he spun on his heel and sauntered back toward the booth he was originally sitting in. You heaved a sigh before running the back of your hand over your forehead. 

Maybe you could escape out of the back door and he would never notice. 

“It’s been like twenty minutes,” Chanyeol grumbled. “Where the hell are they?”

“I told you you could go back to the dorm,” Baekhyun sighed as he scrolled lazily through his phone. “I’ve been given a chance, and I don’t plan on wasting it.” 

“You’re too much,” Chanyeol chuckled, shaking his head. “I would have given up ages ago.” 

“No, you wouldn’t have,” Baekhyun grinned. “Not if you wanted it enough.”

“Alright, fine,” Chanyeol whined. “But I sure as hell would have picked a restaurant with more comfortable booths. My ass went numb a half hour ago.” 

“Maybe if you weren’t so lanky and you’re blood didn’t have to flow to so many inches of your body then you wouldn’t- hey Y/N,” Baekhyun gasped, looking up. 

You stood awkwardly beside the table he had been camped at all morning, your own iced coffee in hand. You wiped a stray stain from your arm onto your dirty apron and shifted your weight. You chewed on your lip absently, waiting for one of them to scoot over and allow you to sit. Your feet were killing you after standing for nine hours straight.  

You glanced curiously toward the taller boy seated across from the one you were so familiar with. He was just as handsome, but in a different, more innocent way. Where you felt that the boy who had been near stalking you for a month had a hidden sultry side, this one looked as pure as they came. 

“Ah, sorry,” the familiar stranger said quickly, a blush finding his cheeks as he stood. “Please, sit!” 

“No, I’ll let you two talk,” the innocent looking one said as he slid out of the booth. You were surprised by his height as he immediately towered over you and offered a small wave. “Nice to meet you…” He squinted at your name tag and looked up again. “Y/N.” 

“Yep,” you said shortly, plopping down in the spot he once sat. Your admirer immediately sat back down as well, waving off his friend as he began to exit the cafe. 

“Alright, I don’t have much time…what’s your name?” you asked, fiddling anxiously with the straw in your cup. 

“Baekhyun,” he nodded with a small smile. He remained confident as he spoke. 

“Okay Baek,” you nodded. “I don’t have a lot of time, so please, enlighten me, what do you want?” 

“Is ‘you’ too forward of a response?” he grinned, batting his eyelashes. 

You didn’t even know men were capable of batting their eyelashes. 

“So, I’m going to get up from the table now,” you nodded, beginning to gather your things. “Nice to meet you Nicktoon.”

“Baekhyun,” he smiled warmly, touching your hand lightly before you had a chance to slide it from the table. You respected his tolerance level. “Y/N, I’ve come to this cafe on every possible day I could, just to see you. I haven’t been able to keep you out of my thoughts when you aren’t in front of my eyes.” 

“You don’t know me,” you sighed, pulling your hand from beneath his soft fingertips. Even his hands were gorgeous. 

“But I want to,” he nodded. 

“You sound like you’re in a drama,” you grumbled, looking toward the window. The tall, puppy of a boy, pouted on a nearby bench. He scrolled through his phone, glancing up every now and again toward the cafe doors. 

“I’ve had some experience,” he chuckled with a wink. 

Whatever that meant. 

You rolled your eyes, readjusting your gaze back to him. You were afraid if you looked at him for too long, you may fall in love. Which was a dangerous thing to do at first sight. 

Or so you had heard. 

“Look,” you groaned. “I really don’t have time to date right now.”

“Good, me either,” he smiled. “We should probably just start this relationship now then.” 

You pursed your lips. You had to admit, he had spunk. 

“You’re impossible,” you grumbled, circling your temples with your fingertips. It had been much too long of a day to deal with his enthusiasm. 

“Let’s be honest here,” Baekhyun nodded. “I have a question that could make or break this relationship.”

“Thank goodness,” you muttered. Maybe you could get the “break” answer. 

Even if maybe…just a little part of you…wanted to “make” the best of the situation. 

“Where do you see yourself tomorrow?” he hummed, looking at you curiously. 

“In a mirror,” you deadpanned. “See you around.”

You began to gather your things again, but this time Baekhyun’s found your hand with a new sense of urgency. “Wrong answer, but I can overlook that. Please, when can I see you again?” 

“Are you ever going to take ‘no’ for an answer?” you whispered, your eyes meeting his for the first time. You felt a strange feeling begin to rise from your stomach and into your throat. It felt like someone had tied your tongue into a knot. 

“Have I so far?” he grinned. “You may not want to admit it…but I’m pretty adorable. And if I keep showing up here…every morning…for the rest of our young adult lives, you’ll grow fond of me. So why don’t you make this easier on the both of us and just let me take you out.” 

You closed your eyes, weighing your options. “You’ll really come every morning for the rest of our young adult lives?” 

You opened your lids again to find the man beaming at you. 

“Wanna try me?” 

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Every Part of You 

Chapter 1

Her dark tangled hair was plastered to her face, sticking in strings to her damp skin as her barefeet smacked loudly against the wet pavement. The night was cold, frigid across her heavily exposed flesh as the rain seemingly pelted down harder the further she walked out of town. She almost couldn’t tell if the wetness streaming down her cheeks was the rain itself or the tears that she hadn’t stopped crying all night. Puffs of her warm breath billowed out past her lips and her arms were crossed tight over her chest as she struggled to keep her old worn handbag slung over her shoulder. The strap was ripped, the seams barely hanging on but it was the only one she owned and she carried it with her everywhere, never letting it out of her sight.

She could hear police sirens going off in the distance behind her, the sound making her eyes go wide with fear and her body tense between its constant shivers. Lifting her fingers, she went to wipe away at the few tears that were slipping down her cheek and a small hiss pushed from her tired lungs as her fingertips came in contact with a deep cut that laid across the apple of her cheek. She glanced down, her one eye overly swollen and struggling to focus on the tinge of red that covered the pads of her fingers before she burst out another low cry and desperately tried to unstick the hair from her slippery wet forehead.

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Claim (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Hey guys! So I’ve been on a Bucky itch for a few days and thanks to @emilyevanston​ doing a nifty little Cards Against Humanity writing challenge, I got to quell that itch. Thanks for that! Anywho, I hope you all enjoy it because I had fun writing it!

Summary: When Bucky Barnes sees a child (a la Clint Barton) lick a popsicle, the long journey of claiming objects with his saliva begins. Soon, you find that it might not be such a bad thing. (PROMPT: Licking your things to claim them as your own.)

Warnings: None (unless you count slobber). (Let me know if you need anything else tagged. I want you to be comfortable when you read my work.)

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If you were Jumin's wife...
  • you’d be rich lol
  • you wouldn’t have to work at all, unless you sincerely wanted to
  • you’d spend most of your time at home since you’d have everything you wanted there
  • you’d have any manicure/hairdresser/whatever you wish (coming to your place obviously)
  • you’d also go on proms and expensive trips, along with your husband
  • he’d never go on a business trip without you
  • you’d always travel using his private airplanes since he wouldn’t want you to be surrounded by the crowd (unless you liked it)
  • he’d always try to keep you away from his issues so that you don’t feel burdened with all of this business stuff
  • you’d be often invited for interviews though
  • you’d at some point become very close to Jaehee, kind of as her protector please protect her from this corporate shark
  • Jaehee would always tell you if something goes wrong at the company so you’d know even if Jumin hid it from you
  • she’d also take care of your children if needed she’d prefer children than the cat come on
  • Elizabeth 3rd would love you
  • at some point she’d get attached to you more than to Jumin and it’d make him all flustered that she prefers to stay by your side than follow him
  • she’d always follow you, as long as it’s around the house
  • your children would love to play with her please tell them not to pull on her tail
  • Saeyoung would sometimes come to take care of the children if you two wanted to go out he just wanted to see Elly but shh
  • uncle Seven would be the cool uncle
  • uncle V would be the do-you-have-some-chocolate uncle
  • aunt Jaehee would be the-robot-woman aunt that’s what daddy said so that must be the truth
  • *deEP BREATH*
  • one day your children would ask you if you’re their sister since they sometimes hear you calling Jumin “daddy”
  • that would be the day when you two decided to make the soundproof walls in your bedroom
  • there would be a lot of other things that’d turn him on
  • and you’d know every single one of those
  • he’d know all your weaknesses as well
  • there would be a special room filled with his expensive… toys
  • 50 Shades of Han
  • you’d be loved
  • he’d be loved
  • your children would be loved
  • you’d be the happiest family ever
I Can See a Smile (Jim Kirk x Reader)

Summary: This is a request (my first! woo!) from @webhoard . Jim is a drama queen and very cute when stroppy. 

Request:  Hmm…how about fluffy Jim getting ‘mad’ at S/O for something trite like eating the last of the ice cream or something like that, and S/O has to placate him and cheer him up? Lol, I just really wanna Jim acting like a lovable man-child.

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: None (100% FLUFF)

a/n: ok so stroppy drama queen Jim is my new favourite thing. Also, the ‘i can see a smile’ line is something my brother used to say to me when i was off school being ill to try and cheer me up.

“Hey, y/n! Which drawer did you put the last of the ice cream in?” you heard Jim yell from the kitchen.

You could hear the drawers of the freezer being opened and closed repeatedly, alongside rummaging sounds as he dug his way through the contents. He was looking for the tub of salted caramel ice cream which you both loved and had been devouring for the past week since you had got back to earth.

“uuuurrrrmmmm… have you checked the bottom drawer?” you shouted back, pretending not to know its true location - empty and in the recycling.

You smiled to yourself and to the last spoonful of the delicious dessert in your bowl. You planned on hiding and destroying the evidence before Jim realised what had happened. But as you placed the last spoonful in your mouth - savouring every second - Jim appeared in the doorway.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Can you write a jealous blackhat?? Like, his wife meets his counterpart, Whitehat, and WH makes her swoon and blush and BH gets jealous and overprotective of her? And she teases him about. Please and thank you!! You can ignore this if its complicated.


Black Hat xWife! Reader (Also White Hat appears…)

A/N: Kay so this isn’t my normal semi-in universe Reader insert as it includes White Hat from the AU, but it was super fun! Black Hat is pretty OOC sometimes, but once again, AU and its a reader insert so…gotta suspend your disbelief a little bit. ((I am saying this more for myself…I have to say this a lot. I am so critical of how I write the crew sometimes X)&))


Black Hat looked at himself in the mirror with an evil grin, then he looked to you. Oh how he enjoyed having you for his own. The marriage was a good idea, more than good if he were to be honest. Together, you two would take over the world a hundred times over. He could hardly contain himself.

So he didn’t.

Black Hat came up from behind you and began kissing your neck, running his sharp teeth along your tender skin. You chuckled and half attempted to escape his affection, blushing. The soft grazing of his teeth tickled. Black Hat pulled you closer, amused at your struggles.

“Don’t try to run, my dear.” He hummed, finally releasing you. You rolled your eyes and readjusted your necklace. The necklace Black Hat stole for you when you agreed to marry him. You didn’t truly have much of a say in the matter, but even if you did, you still would have said yes.

Tonight, Black Hat was taking you with him to a party in the center of Hatsville. He enjoyed showing you off whenever the opportunity presented itself.

You didn’t know who would be at this party, so as the two of you arrived you stayed close to your husband. Flug and Demencia accompanied you as well, but 5.0.5 stayed home on Black Hat’s command. The last thing he needed was his reputation tarnished further by that goody-goody bear. No one argued with him.

The party nearly stopped when the members of Black Hat Inc walked in. You were notorious criminals, but you weren’t the only ones there. Other criminals from surrounding cities mingled in with the crowd. Black Hat and Demencia smirked, but you and Flug were rendered a bit uncomfortable by the attention.

Pretty soon Flug and Demencia were gone, the former having chased after the latter to make sure she didn’t destroy or kill anything too important. You stayed near Black Hat as he mingled with the other villains at the party, talking about business and the success of Black Hat’s products against the heroes in their cities.

You were quiet enjoying yourself, even joking along with everyone else. At one point you saw one of your friends with whom you used to rob banks and museums, now the fiancé of a villain in New York. You two took a moment to catch up, before being swept away once again by the party.

Things were going well and Black Hat also felt pleased with how the party was going. That is until…

“Black Hat?!” Came an all too enthusiastic and kind voice through the crowd. You felt your husband tense up next to you. He turned around slowly.

“White Hat…” Black Hat scowled. You turned and almost chuckled at what you saw.

The man before you looked very much like your husband, but with a much more…heroic looking color pallet. His hat, coat, pants, and tie were all a bright white, just like his teeth which shined as he smiled at the two of you. Where your husband would wear red of varying shades, this man did the same with blue. His vest was gray, but much lighter than anything Black Hat would ever wear.

“It’s so good to see you!” White Hat smiled, hugging your husband, who simply clenched up. You were surprised at how foreword this man was, no one ever approached Black Hat that way.

“I’m sure it is.” Black Hat responded, dusting himself off after such a disgusting display of affection.

“And who is this lovely creature?” White Hat asked turning his gaze to you. You blushed slightly at the compliment. Black Hat noticed.

“I am y/n.” You smiled, “I’m this grump’s wife.”

“Ah…what a beautiful name for a beautiful person.” White Hat said, taking your hand and placing a kiss there. Your blush grew darker. Black Hat rolled his eyes.

“Thank you Se-”

“White Hat! Forgive me for not introducing myself.” The tall man smiled at you.

“It is no trouble.” You replied. Looking to your more than annoyed husband.

“However, I am curious as to how you know my husband.” You smiled, watching Black Hat’s reaction, “Please tell me more.”

“Oh! Well sure!” And with that White Hat began telling you of adventures and confrontations from years before, taking every opportunity to recall some embarrassing story that made you blush and Black Hat even more flustered. He wrapped a hand possessively around your waist as his counterpart talked.

“And well a few years later, I saw this gentleman a-”

“Alright, I’ve had enough!” Black Hat exclaimed, grabbing your hand, “Come y/n, we have business to attend to before we leave. Where are Flug and Demencia?”

A crashing sound in the distance answered that question before you could. You sort of chuckled as Black Hat pulled you away from his suave counterpart, who offered his goodbyes to your turned backs.

The ride home was rather amusing with Demencia drunk, Flug trying to steady her and your husband keeping one protective arm around you at all times. Following the meeting with White Hat, he hadn’t let go of you for a moment and this pattern continued all the way to the manor.

He pushed you into your room and kissed you roughly, one might even say passionately.

“Someone’s jealous.” You mused when he finally released you.

“I am not!” Black Hat replied, “I just could stand having something so beautiful a-”

“White Hat got under your skin.” You teased, cutting off his sentence.

“Ha! Like I would ever feel threatened by that idiot!”

Black Hat turned and sat on your bed. You chuckled softly and sat next to him.

“Hmm…Too bad.” You said leaning your head on his shoulder, “I thought it was kind of…cute. Sexy even.”

For a moment Black Hat froze, then he looked down at you with malicious, lustful eyes. He kissed you once again, in the most loving way possible…

Requested by @peacebuglove The reader is an engineer and finds herself in the medbay to fix things regularly. The reader and Leonard find themselves in some kind of a love-hate relationship.

Warnings: Swearing and some sass…

Word Count: 1,083

A/N: I don’t think I did a good job with this. I don’t even know if they have coffee machines in starships but oh well, the CMO has one.


The medbay was one of the most calm places in the starship Enterprise. But when you walked into it today, it sure didn’t seem like it. Doctors and nurses were running around and personnel was being led to biobeds. You raised an eyebrow at Nurse Chapel’s direction in which she returned with a desperate shake of her head.

You sent your friend a supporting smile and turned on your heels to find the CMO’s office.

Leonard McCoy was one hell of a guy, in your opinion. Pessimistic, grumpy, aggresive and a little bit bitchy. You laughed at your own thoughts. “The guy just needs a hug.” you told yourself before letting yourself into the office.

You didn’t expect to find a blue pile of fatigue lying on the desk though so you couldn’t hold in the giggle that went out of your lips. The doctor immediately tried to -keyword: tried- regain his posture but your giggles turned into laughter when you saw a paper stuck to his cheek and his hair all ruffled up.

“You look like shit!” you exclaimed and tried to calm yourself down.

Leonard glared at you as he pried the paper away from his face and stood up. “How chivalrous of you [Y/N].”

You wiped a tear from the corner of your eye and smirked. “Well that’s a sight I can get used to. What’s the occasion? The medbay is packed.”

You giggled once again when the doctor deadpanned at you. “The yearly physicals were scheduled for today. Don’t tell me you forgot.”

You pulled your PADD out to see there was indeed a reminder that your physical was due today. You let out a “Oops.” and shrugged at him. When his expression didn’t change, you decided to remind him why you were in the medbay in the first place.

Lifting your toolbox up you said “So what did you want me to fix this time, Bones?”

The doctor mumbled “Oh, right.” and gestured to his right. It was your turn to deadpan.

“Bones… You did not just call in the head engineer’s second hand to fix your coffee machine…”

There was a moment of silence. You gave him your best “Are you fucking stupid?” look as your hands went to your hips and you huffed.

“[Y/N] you know I do not, I repeat, I do not trust anyone else with my coffee machine…” he paused for a moment to examine your posture. “And I believe I definitely don’t need your sass at the moment, darlin’.”

You smirked at the comment and waved your index finger around. “Oh, Doctor McCoy, if you can’t handle my sass than maybe you shou-”

“Just fix the damn thing, [Y/N].”

You rolled your eyes at his grumpiness and said “Aye, sir.” before you approached the “damn thing” and got to work.

After a while of working quietly and listening to Leonard’s angry tapping on his PADD, you decided to strike up a conversation.

“I swear you break these things on purpose. Maybe I should move into the medbay since I am spending the most of my time here.”


The first time you got to work in the medbay it was your second week aboard the Enterprise. “Bones needs someone to fix a malfunctioning biobed, lassie.” you remembered Scotty say. “Can ya go check that for me.”

“I believe you are… Bones?” you asked the handsome man in front of you, still curious about how he managed to get a nickname like that.

You heard him let out an annoyed sigh before he said “Leonard McCoy. I believe you are [Y/N]. Follow me.” You rolled your eyes at his attitude and followed him into an examination room, only the see Jim in there. You saw his eyes light up instantly upon seeing you.

You once again rolled your eyes and moved to the biobed that Leonard pointed.

“Well, hello [Y/N].”

“Hello, Captain.”

“I told you to call me Jim, didn’t I?”

You sighed loudly, not really in the mood to tolerate his attempts at wooing you. Jim sensed your annoyance and chuckled.

“I’ll leave you alone after you answer a question for me, beautiful. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“No. But it sure did hurt when I crawled out of hell.”

There was a moment of silence before you heard Leonard burst into laughter and you couldn’t help but giggle at the pretty sound you have heard. Jim, even though he was frozen for a moment, joined in Leonard’s laughter and smacked himself on the forehead.

“Darlin’ I think we’re going to get along just fine.” you heard Leonard say and he slapped Jim on the back, shooing him away from the medbay.

That was the last time Jim Kirk flirted with you.


“And what’s that supposed to mean?” you could literally feel Leonard rolling his eyes behind you.

“Oh you know what I mean.”

You heard him get up from his desk and the next thing you know he is behind you. “No, really. I don’t know, please enlighten me.”

You feel your face heat up a little so you busy yourself with packing up your toolbox.

“Looks like I’m done with your damn thing Bones.” you said and made your way out of the office, Leonard following behind.

“I’ll check in with my physical once I am done helping Scotty.” you said and turned to your friend, taking in his appearance. His eyes looked tired and his usually neat hair was still messy.

You giggled and reached up to tidy his hair back to its place. When you were done, Leonard grabbed your hands and pulled them to his chest, making you blush.

“Well that’s a sight I can get used to.” he said and smiled.

“Well why don’t you just kiss her already?”

Leonard’s face turned into his usual annoyed one when he heard a certain captain’s voice.

“I see you decided to come in for your physical without me dragging you here.”

You saw Jim’s face drain out of its color as he stuttered “W-well that’s not the reason I’m-”

Before he finished his sentence he had already started to run away, making Leonard’s face harden.


The CMO’s voice startled everyone and you heard some people laugh when Leonard started to chase the captain.

You stood there for a while, thinking “What the hell did just happen?” before you too, set into a fit of giggles.

Dream House

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 500

Warning: Angst

A/N: Dabble based on Till Then by the Mills Brothers ‘cause they are freaking awesome.

Originally posted by hostagesandsnacks

Till then, my darling, please wait for me
Till then, no matter when it may be

Bucky held you tighter against him, rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the song that blasted through the radio on the kitchen counter. It was his last night in Brooklyn. Sergeant James Barnes of the one-o-seventh had to leave first thing in the morning.

You were not ready to let him go, afraid of what might happen if you did. He clasped you to his chest, rubbing his chin against your hair as you buried your face in his uniform. You could feel the soft vibrations of his chest as he hummed the song.

One day I know I’ll be home again
Please wait till then

You listened to the beating of his heart and tried to remember it. The idea that his heart might stop beating terrified you. It made your knees weak, you cried in muffled sobs against his uniform, staining the olive jacket with your tears.

His right hand cradled the back of your head, his fingers caressing your hair. He whispered sweet nothings and promises he hoped he could keep. You tightened the grip around his waist, his words wrenched open a hole in your heart. The life he was imagining was more likely going to remain a fantasy.

Our dreams will live though we are apart
Our love will always stay in our hearts

He folded you into his arms, his feet and hips stopped moving a while ago. He closed his eyes shut, and breathed in your familiar scent. It enveloped him like a warm, protecting blanket. You swallowed hard, realising he needed to convince himself that everything would be fine, that he would come back and make all his dreams come true.

So you played along, you both needed this fictional life. You described the house you wanted to buy, the garden, the children, the lazy Sundays and busy Mondays. Eyes closed, you both imagined it and smiled at the life you were living in your head. Your daydream threatened to swallow you whole.

Till then, when of the world will be free
Please wait for me

The sun slowly rose. He showered your face with quick kisses, before your lips met for one final passionate kiss. You refused to let him go, you simply couldn’t. You ran your fingers through his hair, the military hat fell to the ground. His fingers caressed your face, trying to remember every contour, every expression.

You did the same. He was so handsome, so tragically broken and his blue eyes sparkled with wetness. He was fighting for what was right, for a better world. You took a deep breath, gathering your strength before you let him go.

“I’ll see you every night,” He smiled weakly and cupped your face in his large calloused hands. “In our house.” He kissed your temple, lingering a bit before he pulled away and left.

anonymous asked:

3. “I'm not jealous.“ pls! I love your writing! ♥

A/N: 💕 Thanks anon! :) Hope you like this one~ 

“You’re jealous,” you state in a challenging tone, lips curled up into a smirk as you stare directly at the man next to you whose face is currently flushing a colour nearly as red as his hair.

A scowl forms on his face as he turns away so his back is facing you.

“No, I’m not jealous.”


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What’s in France

Request: Hello! I have a request, how about reader is in love with newt, but she thinks newt loves leta(when they were in hogwarts)(and newt had been distant) which is why she lost contact with him after he got expelled. Angst!! They meet years later and turns out newt realised he loved reader when he lost her. Pls a happy ending! Im sorry if its too detailed, I’m just really excited about this one. Love u!

Word Count: 2,665

Pairing: Newt x reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt twists in his bed, kicking the sheets from his chest and running a hand over his face. The moonlight streaks illuminate the small clock hanging crooked on the room’s wall. 2:53. Groaning, he flips onto his stomach, coming face to face with a picture of you breaking into a shy smile.

The familiar tears prick his eyes as he watches it happen over and over, falling back asleep and into a restless dream of you smiling.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come? It’ll be fun. Come on, we can go to The Three Broomsticks and split a glass of butterbeer like we used to.”

“I have too much studying to do.”

You groan and fall onto the couch next to your friend. “Newt, we haven’t had time to hang out in ages.” You deepen your voice to sound like his. “It’s always ‘I’m studying’ or ‘I have to write notes.’ Why don’t you take one break to go with me?”

Newt tears his eyes from the book in front of him, smile forming on his lips. “I’m busy. I need to pass this next potions exam. We’ll go next month, I promise.”

“Newt.” You whine, drawing out his name until he raises his eyebrows at you in false annoyance.

“Fine. You win.”

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When’s The Wedding? / Conor Maynard

Request:  Can you do a conor imagine where he goes to the readers annual family dinner and they’re being really cute in private and their family tease them?

“Conor, babe, are you almost ready?” You asked, looking at your reflection on your full-length mirror.

“What shirt?” He asked, walking back into your shared bedroom.

You looked at the two shirts on his hands and pointed at the white one. He put it on quickly and you helped with the buttons, kissing his lips softly once you were finished.

“You really don’t have to go, you can go out with the boys.” You smiled.

“I missed it last year, they’re going to think I’m a bad boyfriend if I don’t go to this one.”

“They wouldn’t.”

“You look gorgeous, by the way.” He said as you were applying perfume to yourself.

You smiled at him through the mirror. “So do you. Do you have everything ready? Remember we’re staying at my parent’s for two days.”

“Yep, I know. Everything’s in the car, don’t worry.” He said, as you both started walking towards your front door. “Do you want me to drive?”

You nodded. “Please.”

Three hours later, you were entering your hometown, memories flooding your mind as you drove through the streets you had walked along thousands of times, for years. You didn’t get to go back as much as you wanted because you and Conor seemed to always be too busy, but once a year, you left a few days free of any activity for one special thing: the annual dinner. You never missed one and you weren’t planning on doing it any time soon, either.

It was something you had done your whole life, and even though some people may find it a bit tedious to sit at a table with your whole family, you absolutely loved it. You were always close to your family, even though it was a big one, you were all close and loved each other. There just was something about that night that always felt special, maybe it was your grandparents seeing all their sons, daughters and grandchildren all together or being able to see how everyone is building their lives year by year.

Two years ago, you decided to invite your boyfriend, Conor, to one and loved seeing him getting on so well with your family, it was like he became a part of it that night. Last year though, unluckily he couldn’t go because he was in America but to your surprise, everybody asked why he hadn’t come and the thought of your family caring so much for him warmed your heart. You were glad they loved him so much, because even from the start of your relationship, you knew you were going to fall for him, hard. And you did. You both did.

“Babe, we’re here.” Conor said as he parked the car, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Are you okay?” He asked, turning to you a bit.

“Yes.” You smiled. “Let’s go, I wanna see everyone already.” You said excitedly, making him chuckle.

“Well go on, I’m gonna get our things.” He kissed your cheek.

You got out of the car, running towards your parent’s house front door, knocking on it loudly out of pure excitement. Your mum was quick to open it and engulfing you in a tight hug and when she let go, you were quickly wrapped in your dad’s arms.

“How are you?” You asked them, letting go of your dad.

“We’re good, and you? Where’s Conor?” Your mum asked, her face radiating happiness.

“I’m here!” He answered, going to hug your mum and shaking hands with your dad.

“We’re good, too.” You smiled, as Conor placed his hand on your back.

“Well, come on. Everybody’s in the back.” Your dad said, and you nodded.

“We’re just gonna get our stuff to my room, first.”

Grabbing one of the bags Conor left on the floor by his feet, you started walking up the stairs, him following close behind. Once in your room you left the things on the bed and turned to look at him, a smile on your face as you caught him looking at himself in your old mirror. You walked to him and hugged him from behind, going on your tip toes to let your head rest on his shoulder so you could watch him through the mirror.

“Are you sure I look fine?” He asked. “Like, it’s stupid that I’m a bit worried because I already know them but, I don’t know.”

“You worry because you care, it’s okay.” You kissed his shoulder before standing in front of him. “You look fantastic, babe. Really, really handsome.” You pecked his lips.

Lacing your fingers with his you walked to the back yard, where your whole family cheered to say hi when they saw you two, and after greeting everyone and catching up a little bit with your cousins, you and Conor sat down at a little table with some of your uncles and aunts.

You smiled, watching Conor talk with your uncle about god knows what, seeing how he would listen carefully to what he was saying before answering with a smile or laughing, and even though he was almost turned all the way towards your uncle, his hand was on your thigh, his thumb drawing invisible shapes on it every now and then.

“That, right in your eyes, is a look of pure love, dear.” Your aunt said, leaning in to say it to your ear.

“Sometimes I just look at him and just think about how much I love him, is that weird?” You asked, making her laugh as she shook her head lightly.

“Not at all, sweetie. Happens to me all the time.” She smiled. “It’s like on a daily basis you don’t think of how much you love him and then when you realize is like, wow, I love this guy way more than I thought.”

“Exactly.” You laughed.

“Everyone, dinner’s ready!” Your mum yelled, taking some plates to the dinner table in the middle of the garden.

It took you all a few minutes to settle down, you were quite a few people and sitting almost seven children down for more than five seconds was quite the challenge, but somehow you managed to do it, and started eating.

“Do you want some of this, Rosie?” You heard Conor say, and you looked at him, only to find that your four year old niece was sitting comfortably in his lap.

“Yes, please.” She nodded.

“Rosie, come here, let Conor eat.” Your brother said.

“Oh, no. It’s okay, she isn’t bothering at all.” He answered quickly, making you smile.

“So Y/N, Conor, when’s the wedding?” Your other brother asked.

“What wedding?” You asked, confused.

“Yours, of course.” He answered and you blushed.

“Oh, I can just imagine my little girl walking down the aisle in a white dress, you’d look so beautiful. You’d make a gorgeous bride, honey?” Your mum said dreamily.

“Mum, please!” You said, not daring to look at Conor. “It’s too soon.”

“I proposed to your grandma after less than a year together, sweetheart. It’s love, it’s never too soon.” Your grandpa said, smiling. “Besides, I want to be there on your wedding day, and dance with you.”

You smiled and looked at Conor, who was smiling. He looked at you and you mouthed ‘sorry’ to him but he just shook his head and squeezed your hand a bit, letting you know it was okay.

“Yeah man, you just gotta pop the question.” Your brother said, looking at Conor.

You were sure you were as red as a tomato, how could you not be? You never really talked about the future with Conor, only once, and even though you were sure that you wanted to be with him for as long as you could, you didn’t know what he thought, so when he answered your brother you were surprised, his words making you melt inside completely.

“I will do it,” He smiled “I’m just having a hard time picking the ring.” He finished.

Hours later, you were both changing onto your pajamas, ready to go to bed. And even though you were tired, your mind was racing, his words playing over and over in your head. You brushed your teeth and got into bed, your head finding its usual place on Conor’s bare chest.

“Is it true?” You asked. “That you’re trying to pick a ring?” He hummed.

“I wouldn’t lie to your family.” He smiled. “I know I’m not supposed to tell you, but the words just flew out of my mouth.”

“Do you really want to spend the rest of my life with me?” You asked in awe.

“Can’t see myself with anyone else.” He kissed the top of your head. “Do you?”

“Of course.” You smiled. “Wait, this isn’t you proposing, right?” He laughed.

“No, I want it to be more special and something we won’t forget. I’m not gonna tell you when I plan on doing it.” You nodded. “So, we’re gonna get married, have an amazing honeymoon, have amazing sex,” You laughed “ have kids in a few years and grow old together, doesn’t sound bad, huh?”

“Not at all.” You kissed him. “Specially not the sex part.”

“Hmm, I know you would like that part, baby.” He smiled.


genre: fluff

star of the show: NCT’s Taeyong

word count: 3,311 words

author’s note: the other half to @chipsandwaffles‘ zoo fic. if it’s me, you know it’s gonna be taeyong

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

opening line: “Keep an eye on my sister, Taeyong, or else you’re never going on a second date with her ever again.”

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One Night Stand (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 1918

Warnings: Light smut, cursing

Request: can i get a lafxreader where they’re soulmate and have a one-night stand but don’t realize it until later? maybe she sees him again or something?

A/N: might be slightly cringy, tried my best with the prompt!

He pushed you against the wall, his breath hot on your neck. You moaned softly. Your hands frantically explored his body, trying to find an opening. You felt hair underneath your fingers, and pulled at the tie that kept his hair together. His teeth grazed your skin. You shivered, throwing your head back in ecstasy. He chuckled, his eyes moving back to yours.

It was dark in the room, and you couldn’t see much. His eyes were dark, full of want. His fingers found your bra, and tore through the fabric. You giggled, wrapping your arms around his waist. His mouth explored yours as he guided you through the rooms. You fell back onto the couch, his body right on top of yours. He traced his tongue on your lips, trailing down…

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BTS Scenario: Controlled Chaos.

Request:  A scenario where the Maknae line volunteered to babysit Jins babies while he goes to a photoshoot and Seokjins twins turns out to be a prankster. While Jin is busy they cant call him so Taehyung decided to call you and asks you how to tame your little twins please? ^u^

Genre: Fluff / Friendship

This was supposed to be easy, to take care of the twins wasn’t going to require even an eyelash batting, they were little angels dressed in pink and white dresses by the time Seokjin opened up the door and invited them in, giggling behind braids and ribbons and of course they were going to help out their hyung. Taehyung had tagged along with Jimin and half dragged Jungkook there, he’d said he was going to help as well but started having second thoughts about it.

This was going to be oh so easy, so why was Taehyung practically sweating cold while trying to get Jimin out of the little seat he was stuck in. Jimin had fallen and the seat’s hold broke resulting in him stuck in the base.

– You’re crushing me! – Jimin complained while Taehyung pressed one foot on the edge to pull him. He looked stupid being all bossy with a princess costume hanging all crumpled from his neck and the little plastic tiara with glitter attached to his head only by Eunji’s willpower.

–Well why the hell you fell exactly there? – Taehyung opened his eyes wide and looked around, none of the twins were near enough to hear him swearing, that was good, but also, that was the bad part of this, they weren’t there and none of them were supposed to lose sight of them, Seokjin was going to chop them in pieces if something happened to the twins.

–This is your fault! I told you to go after Eunji first–

Taehyung groaned if only to not hear Jimin complaining anymore and could finally take Jimin out from the little chair trap while he fell on his bum, at that same time Jungkook screamed.

Jimin opened his eyes wide and ran towards the sound of Jungkook’s voice, Taehyung got on his feet as well, the array of silly necklaces around his neck that were the proof of the craziest tea party he’d ever had to take part in his life were almost choking him and he made a mental note to take them off after he got the twins together and calm again.

–Wait! – Jungkook screamed when they appeared at the kitchen threshold, he wasn’t looking any better than the other two, walking ridiculously around with his black hair adorned with a variety of hair pins and ribbons of all colors, at some point Taehyung and Jimin had thought of taking a photo of him for future blackmailing purposes.

Jungkook was supposed to fetch the juice after the twins forced them to drink half a carton as if it was tea. Jin had told them to take care of his princesses while he finished his photoshoot and the twins were definitely princesses, princesses who believed in the fine and effective art of dictatorship.

–Where’s Soojin?! – Jimin squeaked next to Taehyung and they both observed the trail of foot prints covered in the smashed strawberry pie on the floor.

Jungkook’s eyes were rounder than they’d ever seen them before. –I left her for only one minute I swear, she was here, and then she was not! –

–What! Jungkook she’s three, you weren’t supposed to take your eyes away from her until we caught her sister –

Jungkook suddenly seemed to realize something and Taehyung stopped talking. – Oh my god, oh my fucking god hyungs….–

He had his hands pressing against his hair and Taehyung got scared right then, usually Jungkook was good at keeping his cool.

–What now? – he almost didn’t want to ask, Jimin was busy shoving together all the crushed pie and probably making a bigger disaster out of it.

–The knife….–

–What knife? – Taehyung cringed, doubting Jimin’s voice could ever get higher than that. Jimin stood frozen glaring holes at Jungkook and Taehyung was honestly feeling one step away form a nervous breakdown.

–Are you trying to tell me that Soojin got a knife Jungkook? – Taehyung talked calmer than he felt, and then Jimin started to hyperventilate while looking everywhere around the kitchen, Jungkook was growing pale and the next second Taehyung was running away from the kitchen with the stupid necklaces dangling from his neck. –Soojin! –

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Family Life

Member(s): Simon D x Reader
Type: Fluff
Words: 562
Plot: Your little family may be stressful, but it’s perfect.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Haneul was your first and only child, and with that came him being spoiled rotten. You and Kiseok could never find the heart to punish him, and you admit that you baby him more than necessary. That was probably the reason he was so clingy. It didn’t matter which parent was there, as long as one of you was in eyesight, he’d cling on to you like a koala bear.

You were the first to wake up that morning. The little four year old latching himself onto you as you picked him up from his crib. You sat him in a pile of toys he had on the floor of his bedroom, figuring he could play while you carried out your morning routine. 

Making your way into the bathroom and settling on the toilet, you were quite shocked to see your son standing in the doorway. You sighed at him, “Privacy, please.” You begged.

“Oh, right.” Haneul said as it dawned on him. He stepped into the bathroom, his little hands pushing the door shut behind him. “Now we have privacy, mommy.” He smiled.

You sighed yet again, annoyance dimming as you looked at your son. Footie pajamas, messed up bed hair, eyes still swollen from sleep. He was too cute to get angry at. Haneul, being his little chatter box self, sat himself onto your lap, and started telling you about the dream he had last night. You didn’t even have the energy to move him. 

Only a few seconds later, Kiseok stumbled his way into the bathroom, looking identical to his son. Except, instead of footie pajamas, Kiseok was just bare. He gave you an odd look, one you reciprocated with his outfit choice.

“Appa! I can see your wee wee!” Haneul screamed, horrified. Kiseok was quick to grab the nearest towel and wrap it around his waist. Once that was done, Haneul made his way off your lap, holding his arms up so his father would hold him. An act that was done the moment it happened.

“Why don’t you go play in your room so Eomma and Appa can take a shower?” Kiseok asked his son. Haneul wrapped his arms around Kiseok’s neck tightly.
“I shower too.” He mumbled.

“But we have to take a special shower!” Kiseok persuaded the boy. Haneul shook his head. “Please?” Kiseok asked yet again.

Haneul shuffled his way out if his father’s arms, going back to you, who’d finally gotten to finish your business in peace. Haneul’s little hand grabbed yours, pulling you along behind him. You latched onto Kiseok’s as well, dragging him behind.

“Mommy promised I could help make muffins.” Haneul stated.

Kiseok’s eyes widened, “But there’s still dough on the ceiling from last time!” He exclaimed.

“Mommy said it’s okay, Appa.” Haneul sassed back.

“I never said a thing.“you stated, holding your arms up in defense.Kiseok looked at Haneul, who now had eyes wider than the earth and a grin bigger than the sun.

"Oh. So he lied then?” He played. “You know what happens to liars? They get tickled to death!” He yelled, chasing after Haneul who had darted off into the kitchen. Theor loud giggling echoing throughout the entire house.

You smiled and rolled your eyes at your boys. They were weird, and they could be loud, but you would never, ever change it for the world.

-Admin H