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Where is my sana bakkoush season?

I’m so salty about this season treatment of sana. No other season has had so many characters arcs in the background -like for example that evak vs balloon squad fight - it has nothing to do with sana!! They could have covered that last season if they hadn’t rushed it so much!! But instead we keep getting this 30 minutes eps focused on this subplots and lose ends from other seasons!! they keep giving us updates on evak and magnus and vilde and william ¿¿¿¿why??! Can we please get the focus back on sana? Please??

Tuesday ➼ Josh Dun

Description: Based on true story. (The names were replaced)

A/N: Not requested, I just really needed to write about it. I’ve been bottling it all up for four years and it’s probably going to eat me alive. You know what’s funny, though? Is that his real name (the guy in the story) is actually Joshua, and he’s half Japanese. (I’m sorry in advance for the many references btw vv)

Y/N=Your Name, L/N=(Your) Last Name, POV=Point Of View


It was a crisp winter day. The day that she decided to go out and face the world. She wrapped herself with a warm sweater and headed out to their garage and took her bike out. She hopped on the seat and began pedaling, beginning her journey.

She aimlessly rode through the streets, having no particular destination. She just wanted to get out of that house. She hated to be there.

She hated how her parents pretend that everything’s alright even though it’s not. She hated how they looked down at her because she’s younger. She hated how they think that she doesn’t understand what’s going on, because she does.

She knows that they aren’t okay. She knows that the only reason they’re still together is because of her, not because they still love each other.

She pulled up on the side of the street, where some benches were placed. She hopped out of the bike seat and rest her bike on the ground. She sat down on the bench and propped her elbow on the bench’s arm rest and rest her head against the palm of her hand.

She took in her surroundings and enjoyed the view. It wasn’t the best, but for her any view is perfect as long as it wasn’t her house.

Her eyes landed on a particular boy. One with bright yellow hair, mocha eyes, and blue-sky hands.

Joshua Dun.

She immediately began shaking and she felt her breathing become heavy and her heartbeat go faster.

She wonders if he still remembers her. A part of her says that it has been three years and that she’s basically unrecognizable because her style wasn’t the same anymore. (What’s funny is that every time that she changes her hairstyle, she always wonders the same thing, will he remember her or not?) But another part of her wanted him to remember her. Because maybe, just maybe, things would go back to the way it used to.

He was talking to another boy, one that she had never seen before.

One thing that she noticed is that Joshua never hanged out with his old friends anymore. She would know. Because his old friends used to be her friends, too.

When she met Joshua, her life felt complete. They instantly clicked. They both have the same likes and dislikes and his personality was really fitting with hers.

He introduced her to his group of friends who, coincidentally, lives at the houses right next to hers.

His group of friends mostly consisted of guys: Brendon, Tyler, and Dallon. The only girl, though, is Tyler’s sister, Madison.

She remembered how she always does her homework really fast just so her mom would let her go outside and played with them. How everyday she would always hangout in their lounge, waiting for Joshua to call her name for them to play.

She was nine when they started to hangout and on her 11th birthday, she invited all of them to her house to celebrate. She also invited a couple of cousins and a couple of “friends” from school (she was certain that they just wanted to come because there were lots of food).

And a couple of days subsequent to the party, it was Tuesday. Joshua told her that he had to move to another house because their old house was being renovated.

He didn’t move that far. Just at the other side of the village, that’s why she wasn’t that bothered. Besides, he promised that he would come by her house and still hang out with her.

He promised.

She snapped out of her trance and immediately jumped up from her seat. She hopped on her bike and sped through the streets to go back to her house.

And when she passed him she swore she saw him glance at her for a second.

‘Maybe I’m just over exaggerating,’ she thought when she got to her room.

‘Maybe it wasn’t as perfect as I thought it was.’

Her mind was filled with maybes and it was driving her insane.

She sighed and sat down on her bed.

She then remembered that particular time when the guys were playing and she and Madison just watched. She remembered looking at her and telling her something which made her cry.

She doesn’t remember what she said exactly but it was definitely not something mean. Maybe it’s just how she said it or how she looked while saying it.

She remembered how everyone got angry at her and Tyler giving her a dirty look even though she told them that she didn’t do anything, because really, she wouldn’t hurt a soul intentionally. Despite all her protests, nobody believed her.

She also remembers the time when she was at Joshua’s house. They were talking about nothing in particular when she saw a girl on her bike eyeing Josh.

Joshua saw the she wasn’t paying attention and followed her gaze.

“Her name is Debby. We used to hang out together,” he told her.

Used to? What happened?” She asked.

“She told me that she liked me, but I don’t like her back,” he replied.

“And then you never hanged out with her?” She asked.

“Yep,” he said.

She remembered how she was such a nervous wreck that day. She was so afraid that he would find out that she liked him and never hang out with her, too.

She also remembered the times when Joshua warned her about people. First, he warned her about Dallon, and told her not to talk to him. She obeyed even though everything he warned her about Dallon was unlikely true.

The next time he warned her about someone, it was Tyler and Brendon. He told her that they betrayed him and to ignore them also.

She also remembered the time when Brendon was talking and he began rambling. So, to snap him out of it, she decided to playfully slap him a couple times.

He cried after she did that and told his mom about it. He told his mom that she slapped him really hard even though she swore that she slapped him softly.

His mom, being the strict parent that she is, told Brendon to never hangout with her again.

And he did just that.

A couple of months later, though. She and Brendon began to hangout again. They decided to call Joshua to play with them but his father told them that he wasn’t home. A couple of minutes after they left, though. They saw Joshua leave the house with his bike.

She also remembered the times when she would try so badly to speak her opinion, but she would never have the chance. Because really, they never really cared about her.

She remembered how every time she would pass by any of them, they would pretend that she was a complete stranger.

Except Dallon, though.

Dallon tried to talk to her again, but she shut her door on him because Joshua told her to ignore him. She really regret doing so.

She sighed once again.

“It wasn’t really as perfect as I thought it was,” she mumbled to herself.

And at that moment, she questioned herself. What was the point?

Maybe there was a reason that Josh never talked to her again. Maybe he found out that she liked him. Or maybe she was the one that pushed him away.

She’ll never know for sure.

All she knows that Joshua never came by her house, and the last thing he ever said to her is that he had something important to tell her, that something is a thing she’ll never know,

Because that Tuesday was the last time they ever talked.

Today in YoI-things-I-am-thinking-about-instead-of-work: Katsuki Yuuri slamming his face into a wall and completely sincerely saying it was the most fun he’s ever had in a competition. 


It’s still mind blowing that they actually won. This a huge achievement and another step towards people becoming more aware of kpop and supporting it. The ARMY is amazing and the whole hashtag for the BBMAS was full of BTS! This is absolutely crazy and BTS is getting the recognition they deserve

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