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miraculous au? young figure skating prodigy viktor nikiforov has always been homeschooled by his coach, until he manages to convince him to let him go to a normal college… and somehow ends up a superhero

It may look the exact same, but actually i ripped off, redrafted and recut the waistband because… just because, which was hours and hours of work. It’s the same but better.

          CONCEPT.    it’s december 15th 2017.   midnight.  i’m at the cinema,  in my p.rincess l.eia cosplay.  with popcorn,  coke,  a hot dog and ice cream with my box of tissues on the side.   the l.ast j.edi starts.  the whole opening crawl,   we see luke speak for the first time in fucking years.  we see luke and leia being reunited.  we see rey and finn and poe and they are all okay.   and then suddenly.  like s.tar w.ars heard my prayers.  ANAKIN S.KYWALKER’S FORCE GHOST  appears next to luke.  telling his son how proud he is.  and leia can see him and it’s a very emotional scene.  and he said he’ll try speaking to kylo about the path he is going done.  and there i am,   in my cinema seat,  with tears racing down my cheeks.  because that’s my son on the screen.  with his children.  being anakin s.kywalker and not vader.   how pure and perfect.


(The trigger warning at the beginning refers to sexual assault being mentioned. There are also a few things in that segment that sound a little off before explanation. He also does give examples of other people making shitty jokes as a ‘what not to do’ so keep that in mind)

I know this thumbnail looks bad but Mattew actually like, holds Felix accountable for saying things. And like, Matt is another big name comedy channel, there is no was felix won’t at least hear about it. He also expresses views that are radically different than what the thumbnail would suggest. 

If you want info before you watch, Mattew talks about how Felix’s ‘jokes’ were badly constructed, lacking parts that made it clear the ‘jokes’ were satire. He then talks about How this is like, a really bad joke to make.  It’s also a good piece of advice for new comedians.

This video is by no means perfect, but It’s literally the only one I’ve seen made by a main-stream youtuber that holds Felix accountable.

So yeah, possible Matt Patt redemption ark? (If anyone finds glaring problems with this video please tell me!)

lmao yall i attempted to make a connections page but then i got mid-way lazy, and im convinced that i’ll never be able to fix one up with the speed im going at. lmao i dont even remember the last time i wrote one but anywAy, i’m gonna do this the lazy way.

below are just some plots i have in mind atm?? if anyone’s interested pls hmu!! i’ll probably update this from time to time!!

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Taemin Han AU: The Squad

!!! DO NOT REPOST THIS ON FACEBOOK OR ANYWHERE ELSE. These are only AUs and I don’t really feel like it should be circulated because most people get confused and just complain a lot without understanding. Please leave them here on tumblr or IG !!!

‼️‼️‼️ PLEASE READ: This is a different AU from the previous RFA Family posts. All RFA kids in this AU are different kids from the previous RFA family posts I made (except for Taemin Han; because here, MC marries Jumin) . The previous kids are all MC’s kids in different routes so they can’t exist together ✨ Also, Yoonri is a girl.

These doodles were all from my Instagram – people were requesting more of the RFA kids in Taemin’s au so I doodled one page but then it got out of hand because everyone wanted more so I ended up doing three pages today >v< ♥ Most of the ideas (and names) from this AU came from suggestions and I really appreciate every input ♥ It was so fun chatting with everyone in IG today ^o^ 

Some AU stuff under the cut!

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Lance McClain as Allura’s Ambassador

Okay but I totally headcanon Lance as the team’s surprise ambassador.  Like Coran knows he’s getting old so he starts giving Lance tips.  He recognises Lance’s skill with people and (all subtle like) starts training him to turn smooth his cockiness and flirtation skills and Lance is shockingly responsive and a very quick learner and, as one of many siblings, is a brilliant negotiator.  

And one day, Coran totally fakes an illness on an ambassador mission and is like “Oh no, Allura, I simply cannot make it” and Allura’s like “Well, I’ll just take…Shiro?”  And Shiro, who’s totally in on Coran’s plan just goes “Nope.  Here’s our sharpshooter for you.”  And Keith is totally shocked but Pidge just nods proudly and Hunk slaps Lance on the back and Lance is momentarily shy but he goes and he ACES it.  

He stumbles a bit but soon he and Allura are working as the GREATEST diplomatic team and he’s smoothing over 10,000 year old grudges and debating firmly and passionately but never rudely and Allura takes the time to place her hand on his shoulder and tell Lance that she is extremely proud of him and grateful that she has someone else to depend on and Lance nods and smiles.  And Keith looks at Lance differently afterwards and Shiro asks will sometimes defer to Lance if they’re in a delicate situation that requires negotiation and Lance haS FUCKING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT????


Once I’ve read @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon‘s amazing Victuuri Soulmate AU compilation I just had to draw something from it! So here it is!(finally)
More under the cut <3

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So all these ACOWAR theories and fics - where Rhys swoops into the Spring Court and is like, “Hello, Feyre darling, my High Lady of the Night Court,” and Feyre saunters over to him and just leaves Tamlin in the dust - are great and all, but do you know what I want? For Rhys not to show up for whatever reason. For him to just tell her - through the bond, a magic piece of paper, whatever - it’s time, wreck havoc, please come back home as soon as you can. I want Feyre on her own - no Mor, no Az, no Cassian, no Amren, and no Rhys - up against Tamlin on his own. I want Feyre to have a nearly villain-esque monologue where she explains everything that’s happened, all the information she’s stolen from his mind and passed on to the Night Court, all the ways she’s sabotaged for the Spring Court etc. I want Tamlin to first be confused, then in denial, then hurt, then angry and nearly … mocking? “If you’re Lady of the Night Court, where’s your army? Where are the people ready to break in and rescue you? Where’s your High Lord?” And Feyre just smiles all evilly and goes, “I’m High Lady of the Night Court. I don’t need rescuing.”

After which she proceeds to royally kick his ass.