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Hiii can I please request a tim x reader where the reader is supposed to give this really important presentation for WE but Tim is just sitting in the back making funny faces and attempting to distract the reader??? If not that's okay! I just love everything you write!! Thank you and have a great day!!! 💜💜

hi I’m sorry I died a little bit but here I am lovies!!! I couldn’t find inspo as some stuff happened but I’m back and butter than ever

(note: I have no idea what WE anono so I guessed I hope its okay)

title: hustle

theme: university, nerves, tim being a precious child

warnings: just war flashbacks to college

Tim remembered the first time he saw you; third day of economics, you rushed in, almost late, and flung yourself next to him, startling the boy from scrolling through his phone. From the moment he glanced up he was smitten; didn’t matter that you were obviously hungover from whatever plans you had last night, you just existed, and that was enough.

You caught the cute guy next to you starting at your disheveled appearance and felt your face redden, trying and failing to smooth some hairs down on your head and quickly readjusting your shirt. You sent a cautious, shy smile his way, and he seemed to get the picture, quickly turning away and placing his head on his hand. Tummy fluttering, you turned for your notebook.

Digging through your bag, you looked for a pencil to start taking notes, only to have your stomach drop when you realized that you forgot to pack one. Nervously, you tapped the boy on the shoulder, and took you hand back quickly when he startled, staring at you with those unnerving eyes. You forgot how to speak for a few minutes until the professor began to lecture, reminding you you really needed those notes.

“I’m…look, sorry to bother you,” you whispered, cautious that the professor wouldn’t overhear you. “Do you have an extra pencil?”

He blinked at you, before quickly reaching for his bag, fumbling with the zipper before he took out a spare pencil, handing it to you with averted eyes. Sighing in relief, you took it gently and began to scribble notes, attempting to catch up.

Your neglect at having a utensil left some of your notes incomplete, and when the professor dismissed the class, you turned to your classmate, observing him hastily packing to leave. You noticed how the light caught the lines of his jaw quite nicey, and the sun shone against his dark hair.

Ah, fuck.

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Unimaginable Light

HakYona Week Day 1- First
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona
Ship: HakYona
Rating: G+, T
Notes: I’m determined to get through HakYona week but don’t expect anything on time lmao

Yona rolls the bottle of sake between her hands nervously, just listening to the sound of the ceramic grating against the wood of the little table in their room. 

She knows Hak will be back soon- the sun has been down for long enough that he should be returning from washing up after training any minute now.
She has everything laid out perfectly- from the meal she prepared herself to the incredibly fine drink she can’t help but fidget with and to the small, ornate wooden box that sits tucked away under the table next to her. Everything is perfect. She has no reason to be nervous in the slightest. And yet-

Hak had given her a look when she had asked him to eat supper in their room as opposed to the dining hall where the two typically feasted with the Dragons and Yun. Despite the odd request, though, her husband didn’t question it, and for that Yona would be eternally grateful- she didn’t think she had it in her to be able to come up with a convincing lie.

Gods, there was no reason for her to be this nervous! Hak would be excited! After all, haven’t they been talking about this for years? Haven’t they been trying for years? Isn’t this-

The door creaks open and Yona practically leaps out of her seat, nearly spilling the sake that she manages to grasp firmly at the last second, having been too distracted by her worried thoughts to remember it was in her hands. Across the room Hak stares at his wife as he shuts the door behind him, eyebrow quirked in question.

“Ah, Hak! Welcome back!” Yona greets as she gives the man a far too formal bow, only adding to Hak’s confusion. She gestures to the table, still standing beside it, “p-please, sit down.”

He does as she requests, albeit a bit reluctantly, shrugging off his surcoat before taking the place Yona’s laid out for him. He watches Yona carefully as she then returns to her place across from him, reaching out to pour the liquor into his cup. “What are you doing?” He questions, eyes narrowing as he looks from her hand to her face, taking in the way she bites her lip in concentration.

“I’m pouring your drink?” She responds as she finishes, sitting back on her knees and pointedly not making eye contact with her husband. “Is that- not okay?”

“It’s okay, I guess.” He murmurs, raising the cup to his lips, “it’s just… not something you usually do.” He downs the drink in one go and immediately Yona is there again to refill it. “Are you trying to get me drunk or something?” He asks, his tone joking, “you know, you don’t have to go through all this trouble if you want to have sex- a simple ‘Hak, I want you' would be more than enough for me.”

Yona’s face burns red at his remark, still embarrassed by how casual he is about their lovemaking even after all these years. “Th- that’s not-!”

She goes to pull away but Hak catches her wrist in his hand, keeping her from retreating. “Then what?” He asks seriously, voice low enough that it sends shivers down Yona’s spine. “You’ve been sick on and off for days and you’ve been nervous and jumpy since this morning. And now this? What’s going on?” Much to Yona’s surprise Hak lets go of her wrist and suddenly rises from his seat, walking over to sit next to his tiny wife. “Yona,” he asks, and she can feel the concern radiating off his body as he moves his hand to caress her cheek, “whatever’s going on- whatever the doctor said… please, you can tell me.”

A gentle, calming sigh escapes her lips as she leans into Hak’s hand, her own finding the box she has stashed away under the table. “I have something for you,” she tells him softly, reluctantly pulling away from his touch to hold out the box to him with trembling hands.

He takes it from her warily; fingers ghosting over the intricately carved, richly stained patterns that adorn it. He recognizes instantly that it’s very old- certainly something that has been passed down through quite a few generations, judging by the gold work of the latch. It’s beautiful, truly, and something that holds a unique air of royalty to it, just as much as Yona herself does and Hak can’t help but wonder what’s so important- yet so small- that it could call for such an important box.

“Please just open it,” Yona tells him, and he can her the impatience in her voice. So with his thumbs he nudges the latch until it gives a gentle click and carefully urges the top open as to not damage the antique. 

Inside sits a golden headpiece, situated precisely on a silken cushion dyed in a purple that pales in comparison only to Yona’s eyes.

The first thing Hak notes is how tiny it is- barely even the size of his hand. Its dainty golden leaflets are accented with fine stones in floral patterns and around the sides dance four wispy, delicate dragons; frozen in time to hold the beautiful crown on its owner’s head.

Distantly, Hak thinks he knows this crown. Perhaps it was one Yona wore many, many years ago back when they were first meeting. It’s not something she would have worn long into their friendship, in any case- it’s far too small to be meant for anyone more than a few year old.

But… why is this the thing that’s sent his wife into a tizzy all day? Why has she gone through so much ceremony to present to him something that isn’t even for him? What could she possibly be trying to say by showing him a child’s… crown…

It takes a moment for him to process it, but when he does Yona can see it on his face. His otherwise uninterested eyes widen to about the size of their dinner plates and his set jaw goes slack with the realization of her intent. His gaze shoots from the crown to her face to her stomach and then back to her face, where she gives him a shy, almost sheepish smile.

“Hak,” Yona says softly as her hands slide down to caress her still flat abdomen, “I’m pregnant. We’re going to have a baby.”

A heavy pause hangs in the air as Hak just… looks at Yona, letting her words ring in his ears. Pregnant pregnant pregnant he hears, over and over again, a baby. We’re going to have a baby. We’re going- a baby.

Slowly, he sets the near forgotten box on the table and suddenly Yona can’t read his clouded eyes. His silence concerns her and, briefly, a pang of worry rattles through her chest. “H-Hak-”

But everything- every doubt, every fear, every nervous feeling that had been eating away at her all day- is washed away the moment her husband’s hands reach out to cup her face oh so sweetly, letting her relax into his touch.

“Yona,” he breaths, blue eyes locked with her’s so that she might see the way they swim with joy, “Yona.” Her name, again, like a prayer, as if he’s unable to process anything else. Though this time there’s the slightest hitch in his voice and before Yona realizes it he’s gathered her up into his arms and is very softly crying into her shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he says through quiet sobs, as Yona’s arms reach around to hold him against her, “I’m just- so happy.”

Yona gives a hushed laugh but Hak knows her far too well and can hear her happy tears coming as she cards her fingers through his hair.

It takes some time for him to calm himself- for both of them, really, to compose themselves enough to look each other in the eye again. It’s Hak that pulls away first, just far enough to kiss Yona’s tears away to the sound of her light giggles. When her face is more or less dry he wipes his own on his sleeve and then presses his mouth to her’s.

“A baby,” he says between kisses, “we’re” kiss “going” kiss “to” kiss “have” kiss “a” kiss “baby”.

She smiles against her husband’s playful mouth, heart swollen over with joy. “We” kiss “are.”

“I love you,” he tells her, pausing his kisses to catch her eye. His hands slide from her hips around to her abdomen, caressing her still taught stomach carefully. “This is-”

“A dream come true,” Yona finishes, her own hands moving to cover her husband’s. “It really is.” She squeezes his hands lightly, pressing her forehead to his “I love you, too.”

ok. ok . ok. it really bothers me that in the second to last scene of 479 (the real last ep imo) as in the last scene we see with sakura, which is her interacting with sasuke, her whole attitude feels so subdued/shy/anxious, shes interrupted by sasuke, turned down by him, then poked in the forehead [[which as other ppl have gone into plenty depth is not a positive gesture]]

and i know it feels silly to harp on, but with one of sakura’s longest running motifs being her forehead – which then became the visual site of her HUGE badge of accomplishment – i feel like its. kind of important to note how her hair completely covers up both of these things?

in a way that feels like we’re going kind of. backwards ???

also, in the last panel & shot we see of sakura, her seal isn’t even visible at all??

if we’re counting the shitty filler ending, this is the “real” last shot. :( 

@ kishimoto & SP if you hate your protagonists so much give the rights to someone else, anyone else, please, 

Never again

So after getting inspired by @papas-gay-ghoul I decided I will give it a go and colourize Tobbe’s latest photo. Never again. It was three hours of agony, stress and hair pulling… but for the first time its not that bad, is it? 

Seriously I am half bald cause i pulled me hair out

!!IMPORTANT NOTE!! If you want to share it please credit me, I worked hard on this damned thing. If you want to share it on Instagram: @square.hammered 

Drown (Taehyung/Yoongi) (3/?)

Prompt: Songfic #22

Genre: Angst

Words: 2221

Author: Admin Tomi

Summary: Somewhere in Seoul, a bed rocked in a violent pace against a wall, but a single loud grunt sounded.

Tags: Crude Language, Mature Situations, Non-explicit smut, Light Non-Con,Your triggers are important to me, so proceed with caution.

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Note: Just a note! I am the original author of this fic, and I do run Beginagain at AO3 so please don’t send plagiarism warnings. I promise its me! I do cross-post at times @insidemymindofmine as well, but writings there will be completely different or small snippets of writing. I’m just cross-posting for everyone here as well. Also, to the anons who sent in these requests, thank you for giving me inspiration to write this.

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Umm... I think when IPS translate TG, they leave out all the suffixes. Could you do a quick post to talk about that? I think it's important to know how everyone calls each other to see whether they're close or not.

First things first, TwistedHelScans are translating Tokyo Ghoul:re now too; they do use suffixes (gonna give it a try, though the fonts they use are no good for my dyslexia). Note that my japanese is not the best (it’s not even close), so if you find any mistakes or you want to add something please message me.

First, some useful information:

  • Ranks:
    • Special Class - Tokutou 
    • Associate Special Class - Juntokutou 
    • First Class - Jotou
    • Rank 1 - Ittou
    • Rank 2 - Nitou
    • Rank 3 - Santou
    • Squad Leader - Hanchou
  • Honorifics:
    • San - it is a polite and respectful way to address people of the same social station as oneself.
    • Sama - it expresses great respect (higher than san).
    • Sensei - used to address to teachers, doctors, politicians and that kind of thing.
    • Senpai - is used to address or refer to senior colleagues, upperclassmen or mentors.
    • Kun - used with male names (usually) to denote familiarity or endearment or when addressing someone younger.
    • Chan - pretty much the equivalent of kun for girls (then again, it’s not exclusive; it’s used a lot with little kids).
  • Pronouns:
    • Watashi - used by both women and men (although more women use it); it’s the more frequently used.
    • Atashi - used only by women (especially young ones); it is considered to be cute.
    • Boku - used only by men; projects a humble and gentle personality. It is used in close relationships and it’s a lot softer than ore.
    • Ore - once again, only men use it; this one is more masculine and projects a rough personality. It’s only used with people who are close to oneself.


  • Sasaki Haise/Kaneki Ken - refers to himself as “Boku”:
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Mutsuki-kun, Mucchan
    • Shirazu Ginshi: Shirazu-kun, Shirazu
    • Urie Kuki: Urie-kun, Urie
    • Yonebayashi Saiko: Saiko-chan
    • Mado Akira: Akira-san
    • Arima Kishou: Arima-san
    • Hirako Take: Hirako-san, Hirako Jotou
    • Itou Kuramoto: Itou Ittou, Kuramoto-san
    • Kuroiwa Takeomi: Kuroiwa-kun
    • Suzuya Juuzou: Juuzou-kun
  • Yonebayashi Saiko - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Maman
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Mucchan
    • Shirazu Ginshi: Shiragin
    • Itou Kuramoto: Kuramoto
  • Shirazu Ginshi - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Sassan
    • Urie Kuki: Uribo, Hanchou, Urie-Kun, Urikou
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Tooru
    • Yonebayashi Saiko: Saiko
    • Mado Akira: Akira-san
    • Suzuya Juuzou: Suzuya-san
  • Urie Kuki - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Sasaki Ittou, Sasaki
    • Shirazu Ginshi: Shirazu Santou, Shirazu
    • Yonebayashi Saiko: Yonebayashi, Saiko
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Mutsuki
    • Arima Kishou: Arima Tokutou
    • Suzuya Juuzou: Suzuya
    • Kuroiwa Takeomi: Kuroiwa
  • Mutsuki Tooru - refers to himself as “Ore” and “Watashi” (inner):
    • Sasaki Haise: Sensei
    • Shirazu Ginshi: Shirazu-kun
    • Urie Kuki: Urie Hanchou, Urie-kun
    • Yonebayashi Saiko: Saiko-chan
    • Suzuya Juuzou: Suzuya Juntokutou, Suzuya-san
  • Suzuya Juuzou - refers to himself as “Boku”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Haise, Sasaki Ittou
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Mutsuki-kun
    • Abara Hanbee: Hanbee
  • Abara Hanbee - refers to himself as “Watashi”
    • Sasaki Haise: Sasaki Ittou
    • Suzuya Juuzou: Suzuya-senpai
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Mutsuki Santou
  • Mado Akira - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Sasaki, Haise
    • Hirako Take: Hirako Joutou
    • Arima Kishou: Arima Tokutou
  • Itou Kuramoto - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Haise
    • Mado Akira: Akira-chan
    • Shimoguchi Nobu: Shimoguchi-san
    • Hogi Ayumu: Hogi-chan
    • Hirako Take: Take-san
    • Hachikawa Chuu: Hachikawa-san
    • Kuroiwa Takeomi: Take-chan, Bujin, Takeomi
  • Hirako Take - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Mado Akira: Akira
    • Itou Kuramoto: Kuramoto
    • Kuroiwa Takeomi: Takeomi
  • Arima Kishou - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Haise
    • Hirako Take: Take
    • Urie Kuki: Urie 
  • Washuu Yoshitoki - refers to himself as “Watashi”:
    • Urie Kuki: Urie Nitou
    • Arima Kishou: Kishou 
  • Doctor Shiba
    • Sasaki Haise: Sasaki-kun
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Gantai-kun, Mutsuki-kun
    • Urie Kuki: Hancho-san, Urie Hancho
    • Shirazu Ginshi: Shirazu-kun
    • Yonebayashi Saiko: Yonebayashi-san, Yonebayashi Saiko Santou 


  • Kirishima Touka - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Nishio Nishiki: Kuso ̄  Nishiki
    • Yomo Renji: Niisan, Yomo-san
    • Uta: Uta-san
  • Yomo Renji - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Uta: Uta
  • Nishio Nishiki - refers to himself as “Ore” and “Watashi”:
    • Kaneki Ken: Kaneki
    • Kirishima Touka: Touka


  • Fueguchi Hinami - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Kirishima Ayato: Ayato-kun
    • Saeki Karao: Torso-san 
    • Takizawa Seidou: Takizawa
    • Kaneki Ken - Onii-chan
  • Kirishima Ayato - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Fueguchi Hinami: Hinami
    • Saeki Karao: Saeki 
    • Eto: Eto
    • Naki: Naki
  • Eto - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Kirishima Ayato: Ayato-kun
    • Tatara: Tatara-san
    • Naki: Naki-san
    • Miza: Miza-san
  • Saeki Karao
    • Kirishima Ayato: Ayato-kun
    • Fueguchi Hinami: Hinami-san
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Tooru 
  • Takizawa Seidou - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Eto: Eto
    • Fueguchi Hinami: Chan Hina


  • Hoito Roma - refers to herself by her own name:
    • Nico: Nico-neesan
    • Sasaki Haise: Haise, Haise-kun
    • Kaneki Ken: Kaneki-sama 
  • Nico - refers to himself as “Watashi” and “Atashi”:
    • Hoito Roma: Roma
  • Uta - refers to himself as “Boku”:
    • Hirako Take: Hirako-san
    • Arima Kishou: Arima-san
    • Hoito Roma: Roma 
    • Kaneki Ken: Kaneki-kun


  • Tsukiyama Shuu - refers to himself as “Boku”:
    • Kanae von Rosewald: Kanae
    • Chie Hori: Hori 
  • Tsukiyama Mirumo
    • Tsukiyama Shuu: Shuu-kun
    • Matsumae: Matsumae-kun
  • Kanae Von Rosewald
    • Tsukiyama Shuu: Shuu-sama 
  • Matsumae
    • Tsukiyama Shuu: Shuu-sama
    • Tsukiyama Mirumo: Mirumo-sama
  • Hori Chie - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Kanae von Rosewald: Kanae-kun
    • Tsukiyama Shuu: Tsukiyama-kun 

Once again, if I missed anyone or I messed up, feel free to send me a message. Also, gonna keep the AskBox open until tomorrow, mainly because the amount of questions I received about this chapter is not enough for a decent post; if I don’t get more questions I might end up posting my observations and theories for no reason (seriously though, it feels kinda lonely).

I’ve seen people recommending Shimanami Tasogare because of its LGBT themes and I’m glad, it’s a great manga, but I wish more people would also mention while recommending the manga that the author, Yuhki Katamani (also author of Shounen Note), is openly x gender

I feel it’s an important to not leave out since it plays a significant role in their work, and it’s important to give recognition to non binary authors. It’s not common to have a manga dealing with LGBT themes written by someone LGBT themselves, even less by a non binary person, so please don’t forget that.

Staff Comments from The Last: Kobayashi (full)

Director Tsuneo Kobayashi’s commentary on The Last from the program guide. I finally finished the full translation. Thanks again to rieriebee for providing scans.

At our first meeting with Kishimoto-sensei, it was requested that we make Naruto the main character of the movie as opposed to having a guest character for this work. From there, we thought about what Naruto was lacking, and came up with “romantic feelings.” It was decided that we would make Naruto’s last movie a “romance movie” instead of an “action movie.”

First, I received the scarf idea from the scriptwriter, Kyozuka-san, and was extremely pleased. From there, we thought we couldn’t make a story with a scarf as the main item, so we came up with the image of Naruto wearing a red scarf, holding hands with Hinata and sprinting through a space with floating bubbles of light that projected their memories. We thought it would make a beautiful picture to take several flashbacks of the memories of these two, which are also scenes in the memories of Naruto fans, and display them like revolving lanterns. We immediately drew the image board and named this world “the memory space.” For the story of this production, we thought backwards to what kind of episode we ought to make in order to tie to this scene.

We completely changed the visuals from those of previous movies and brushed them up. We made a lot of trouble for our character designers Nishio-san and Suzuki-san by giving them unreasonably demanding orders such as making the head length to body height ratio high.

The colors and art are also new. The Hyuuga residence in particular is an important setting when it first makes its appearance, so using the Hyuuga residence in the original work as a reference, we went on location to an old family mansion and remade the setting. In the scene where Hinata converses with Hanabi, the art is beautiful, and I was pleased with the orange from the lights and the atmosphere like that of “In’ei Raisan.” (Translator’s note: “In’ei Raisan” or “In Praise of Shadows” is an essay on Japanese aesthetics written by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki in 1933.) We tried making the color scheme in the scene where Naruto confesses to Hinata like that of a Gogh painting, with the blue water and the shining golden butterflies.

In the dream scene where Naruto, who is dense about romantic love, realizes Hinata’s feelings, it was interesting to mix up the order of the past episodes and put them together randomly like a puzzle. We thought of many patterns for how to put together the episodes until the current Naruto sees Hinata at the academy writing his name on her paper.

I think it was difficult to come up with images for this work, and we originally created Toneri with an image like that of young Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands. Toneri can’t understand the feelings of others because he lived alone on the moon since he was young, and so he’s a character who lacks romance for reasons different from Naruto’s.

We had the scenario checked by Kishimoto-sensei. I appreciate that amidst being busy with serialization, he kindly gave us various advice. He also wrote some of the important lines such as, “It takes time to knit a scarf.”

By the way, we made sure to show the key shot of Hinata facing sideways. The side-facing heroine is homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s impressively produced “Vertigo” and director Nobuhiko Obayashi’s “Sabishinbou.”

Since this production is Naruto’s last movie, I tried to have fun while looking back on “Naruto’s memories,” then I put my feelings that this would be a work of everyone’s new “memories” into directing. I will be happy if this production always stays in the corner of everyone’s heart as a “memory.”

anonymous asked:

Do you have any writing tips plz?


Tip #1: do not



And honestly the same applies if your hand is itching to write in the middle of class too. Don’t give in. PAY ATTENTION. Your grades are more important than your story, sorry.

Tip #2: Patience is a Virtue

Sometimes an idea has to stew around in the back of your brain for awhile before its ready to be written down. Let it. Wait till it’s cooked all the way through before you put it down on paper. That way when you take that first bite into it, you so won’t be a disappointed with the results.

Tip #3: Do Not Fear That Which is Already Written

In other words, don’t be afraid to use other written works to find inspiration for your own. I’ve found its really helpful to read over parts of my favorite author’s stories to find words for my own or get a feel for the mood I want to create and tone I want to write with. This is especially useful if you’re currently struggling with writer’s block.

Tip #4: Technology is a Gift

I think I write on my phone more than my laptop haha Utilize the technological resources you have. There’s some pretty cool writing apps nowadays that are real nifty if you want to write while you’re on the go or out and about.

Tip #5: So is Music

sERIOUSLY, music is awesome. Listen to songs that spark your imagination and get your creative juices a’flowin. Put the same song on repeat if you have to. I do not believe there is any better artistic muse and guide out there than music.

Tip #6: But You Need a Real Friend Too

Your own eyes are great, but writers tend to be their own worst enemies. While you revise what you’ve written like 100 times, have someone else look over your drafts too and see what they think. Take their opinions into consideration. If they say something is confusing then it probably is. Its important to remember that your audience doesn’t know everything about the story that you do. It also helps to receive some positive feedback and encouragement cause God knows how insecure some of us can be. A good buddy is sometimes just what you need for a confidence booster.

Tip #7: You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

Look, some days writing seriously sucks and it gets frustrating because the words aren’t doing what you want them to and everybody else’s style sounds way better than yours and you can feel the lump forming in your throat and the tears blurring your eyes because you’re just a dumb kid who’s never going to amount to anything or be as good as one of the Greats of our generation—Okay, we’ve all been there. Take a deep breath. Walk away from your laptop with its little insistent blinking cursor and clear your mind, however you want to do that. Step outside and let the sun’s rays embrace you. Its going to be okay. You’re going to figure this out. Writing isn’t easy and you should be nicer to yourself because practice makes perfect and writer’s block is only temporary.


Don’t give up.

Yeah, the end of a story is a destination

But the journey is the best part.