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It breaks my heart as I re-watch the VLive how Jin wanted to go so badly but couldn’t because of the Gaon Awards and even prepared everything for his self-graduation!!!! Guys, please just give more attention to this angel and also he is such an inspiration-he is an idol and yet he went to classes whenever he could and even graduated and here I am complaining whenever I have to go to Uni lol. Ah Jin is so amazing <3

Here it is. I’ve been planning to do this for about a year, now, and it’s so surreal to me that it’s finally done and part of me??? Y'all know Abby means a lot to me, but she really means everything. My life took a u-turn when I was introduced to that audacious little fireball of hope. 

It would also mean a lot to me if Paige got to see a little of the wonderful effect she’s had on the world, so please feel free to give my tweet some love and hopefully get her attention!


Boat drinks, boys in the band ordered boat drinks. Visitors scored on the home rink. Everything seems to be wrong. I’mma do a mashup, keep going – lately and I said what about newspaper mentioned cheap air fare breakfast at tiffany’s she said I think I remember the film I’ve got to fly to Saint Somewhere and as I recall, I think closing time we both kinda liked it I’m close to bodily harm time for you to go out to the places you will be from and I said well that’s one thing we got you guys are ruining it. Keep going, this is super. Twenty degrees closing time and the hockey game’s on you don’t have to go home but you can’t this is a nightmare sync, you’re ruining it stay you’re ruining everything here Nobody cares no you’re doing great they are way too far gone AND I SAID WHAT ABOUT people are not going to be able to isolate this BREAKFAST AT CLOSING TIME AND put it on YouTube BOAT DRINKS CAME IN. I’m gonna start over. I’m gonna start over. If you keep going, I’m gonna start over. Okay. Okay. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO HOME Twenty degrees and the BUT YOU CAN’T hockey game’s STAY on HERE. Nobody cares BOAT DRINKIN’ they’re all way too far gone BOAT DRINKIN’ I’m just gonna edit this out. Start again right now – okay – BOAT DRINKIN’ BOAT DRINKIN’ boat okay, here we go drinkin’ Twenty degrees BOAT DRINKS and the hockey game’s on let’s do a round BOAT DRINKS BOAT DRINKS BOAT DRINKS boys in the BOAT DRINKS I’d like to go where the pace of life’s boys in the band slow with the boat drinks you’re ruining it BOAT DRINKS BOAT DRINKS boys people love my singing, and you’re in the band ruining it for them JUSTIN FUCKIN’ WE’RE DOING A /ROUND/ Stop – stop singing DAH DAH DAH I’m gonna start all over Travis, shut up. Travis shut up. Boat drinks. I’m starting over this is the beginning again okay boys in the band ordered boat drinks. Boat drinks. Boat drinks. Boys in the band visitors scored on the ordered boat drinks home rinkboys in the band ordered boat drink it won’t sync up when you’re doing that, you’re ruining it. You’re ruining the song. No, we’re doing a round. Okay, okay. There’s no round. Try it again. It won’t sync properly. You’re just making bad audio. Okay, okay. Okay here we go. Boat drinks. Boat drinks. Boys in the – I’m gonna start again. Boat drinks. No I’m trying to do an echo. Boat drinks. It’s not gonna sync, it’s gonna sound like garbage. Starting again. Boat drinks drinks drinks drinks boat drinks Boys in the band ordered boat drinks boat drinks drinks drinks don’t use it too early [off-key] visitors scored on the home rink everything seems to be wrong fine Rob, just fine fine isolate them out for the rest of it. I’ll just take off my headphones, that’s fine. Twenty degrees TWENTY DEGREES AND TRAVIS WE CAN SAY WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT and the hockey game’s on HA HA HA Nobody cares hey everybody, Jimmy Buffet they’re too far gone SUCKS screaming ‘boat drinks’ somethin’ JUSTIN’S PILOTED BY FART SPERM JIMMY BUFFETT IS A something to keep them all warm GARBAGE ARTIST He’s a fartist! Nobody can hear that. Go print out a Buffet song lyrics chart I’d like to go where the and go throw it in the fuckin’ garbage pace of life’s slow, could you beam me somewhere, Mr. Scott? I’m gonna put all of Jimmy Buffett’s songs on a jump drive and flush it down the toilet any old place here on [laughing] Earth or in space ah, Justin, can you hear this? You pick the century and I’ll pick the spot. This is all fair use, Jimmy James. I know I should be leaving this climate I’ve got a verse but can’t rhyme it – ooh. What about Tuesday’s with Morrie? I gotta go where it’s warm. Alright now – now you guys can sing all of this part ‘cause we’re just gonna repeat great. Alright. I’m gonna skip the last verse, alright, here we go we’re just gonna repeat ‘I gotta go where it’s warm’. I gotta go where it’s warm. I gotta go where it’s warm. I gotta go where it’s warm. [Jimmy Buffet recording: boat drinks, boys in the band ordered boat drinks] Go, keep fuckin’ singing! Drinks. [Jimmy Buffet recording: visitors scored on the home rink] visitors scored on the home rink IS THAT IT? You’re doing great. Everything seems to be wrong. And resolve the chord progression. I’ve gotta go where it’s warm. And the end of the show. Boaaaat drinks. No, God. You resolved it. Boat drinks? Booooaaaa – please resolve it – ooooooaaaat driiiiiiinks. (whispering) boat drinks. My – my anxiety is through the fucking roof right now.

NDRV3 Trailer Analysis 12.12.16

Okay, so I went through the latest trailer frame-by-frame. Some things in this post will be interesting, a couple important, and some cute and maybe new sprites I wanted to save. I’ll try to write a bit on all of them.

First off, we have this from near the very beginning of the trailer.

You can’t really draw much from this piece, but it’s a cool little piece of new art. Some of the characters look nothing like themselves to me. Like I lowkey thought Tenko was Ibuki at first……… All 16 of them are here. (Also, what the fuck is Rantarou doing? Wall sits?)

By the way, all 16 of them are also in this picture, you just gotta look closely:


Here’s a shot of Monokuma and Monofanii, doing the Monokuma Cubs licking thing, except without the licking. They all have a frame like this, but Monofanii is my favourite, so…

Lmk if you want one for another cub.

I really like how Monokuma seems to be more loving to these cubs. It’s nice to see a change of attitude after him being so mean to Monomi. I really expected him to be unkind to the cubs too for some reason, so I’m glad he’s not.

This one is here ‘cause Kaede is really, really cute. (I dunno if any of the sprites I found are actually new, I don’t keep up with the hunts. They just looked new to me.)

These are here for the same reason, I thought they were cute and potentially new.

This, too, is here for the sprite, but it’s for Tenko’s, not Ouma’s. She’s got a pretty attractive face going on there. 

I really really love Gonta!! so here’s a brief frame of these two sprites (I know Himiko’s is new, not sure about Gonta) that are both super cute and great.

I think the Himiko sprite here is new but not 100% on that

Here’s a nice frame of the Monokuma Cubs before the Scrum Debate thing. Here’s my two cents on the cubs: I really like that we have new Monokuma designs. Original ones! I wasn’t in the fandom when SDR2 was introduced, so I don’t know how much of Monomi was marketed. But I want to learn about these cubs a LOT more than I did Monomi.

Feeling a bit cheated that Monosuke has eyelashes, but isn’t a girl. I’m all for breakin’ gender roles, and stuff, but he actually sounds like a block of cheese. Ouma being my favourite, I was so down for that Monosuke in the Oumami theme. But…okay. He’s still my second favourite for sure.

Other than Monofanii (Monofunny, but have fun catching me saying that) and Monosuke, I’m not a big fan of the other three, but hopefully the game will change my minds about them. I want to love them all furiously.

A clearer picture of the Scrum Debate, so you can see the teams better. Looking good, Ryouma.

This is just a closer picture of Rantarou basically so I can talk about the sprite, but I love Gonta and he’s so cute. Anyway. Rantarou literally looks like an anteater or some shit in this sprite!! I love him but what the fuck! Literally what the hell is his hair smth about this sprite looks so off and I hope it dies

Tsumugi is very pretty and wonderful, and Ki-bo is short and beautiful.

Looking good, Saihara.

A clearer shot of Hotel Kumanami. The map in the corner is really cool, too, it’s sorta interesting how the Prison School is so big that we’d need a map. Everywhere in NDRV3 seems to be absolutely gorgeous (look at that sky!! the water!!) so I’m sure the interior of Kumanami will be no different.

Cool shot of a minigame (not sure what to call it, never seen the English localisation of the other games) Seems likesomeone else is in the car with Kaede. Take that as you will.

These next few I don’t have much to say about.

The school looks so preeettyyyy~

They all posted completely out of order, but you get the point, lol. I’m wondering if those pairings will mean anything? I kinda hope so.

And now, I leave you with..


All in all, NDRV3 looks really good and I’m so excited. I hope these helped you in any way.. with anything! Of course, let me know if you want meto screenshot anything else specific.

Under the cut: Ones that didn’t make the cut because I fucked up or they didn’t fit or I didn’t know what to write. in assorted order.


Taehyung, where do I start?
This poor boy has just lost his grandmother and I for one didn’t even know, you know why ? Because he but on a brave face, performed, continued his work and did his best to smile for BTS and for Armies. And all through that, not only has he been dealing with grief by trying to bottle everything up in the public but he has also been receiving hate and false accusations from antis. Seeing him cry on stage was heartbreaking, I always think of Tae as a happy go luck guy who doesn’t let a lot of things get to him (or at least tries) but seeing him breakdown on stage in sadness because of his grandmother is awful. So Taehyung needs armies support now more than ever, if you see hate anywhere just report it please don’t argue and give it more attention because there is a bigger chance Tae or any of the boys can see it. As I am sure most of you know bighit are now taking legal action against anyone trying to defame BTS. And to antis, none of the boys including Tae deserve hate and especially not now. Have respect, if not for him as a hardworking kind person, than have empathy for him as a grieving person who has lost someone he loves.

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Hack the planet

I had about 70% of this done when Sombra first came out, only just finished it today whoops haha. I love her character so much…

here’s a cool song I was listening to while drawing to keep me inspired (x)