please give them more scenes

My Thoughts on Bughead’s Emotional Intimacy/Vulnerability

With Each Other and With Others

From episode 1x01 - 1x10

Both Betty and Jughead have issues with letting themselves be comfortable with emotional intimacy. However, as the season continues and as their relationship evolves, Betty and Jughead gradually become more comfortable in letting themselves be more emotionally vulnerable with each other.

Buckle up because this gets kind of long. More under the cut. 

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 I liked this episode a lot! The Weblum looked great, I loved how it looked like both on the inside and outside, we could see the team dealing with the aftermath of truth about Keith’s heritage coming out, the Mysterious Stranger gave us another interesting plot point (and my money’s they’re not from the Empire, so Keith’s idea of letting them go will have consequences,) we experienced Keith and Shiro’s hug, Lance-resentation, and we had Hunk being a badass pilot and Paladin that he is.

But, oh man, Keith and Hunk’s interactions is what really took the cake in this episode. These two play off each other so well I just wanted to watch more of them together. Please, show, give us more orange scenes, they were awesome.

“The Belly of the Weblum” takes 5th place on S2 ranking, between “Space Mall” and “Greening the Cube”, and 11th spot overall, between “The Black Paladin” and “Fall of the Castle of Lions”. See you guys next time when we’ll be busy escaping Beta Traz!