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You are the blood that pumps through my heart
And the thoughts that run through my head.
I am the sleep still in your eyes
And the sheets that lie on your bed.
You are the sunglasses perched on my nose
And the saltwater deep in my hair.
I am the jacket around your waist
And the warm midsummer air.
You are the starlight from heavens above
And its reflection on the river below.
I am the cool breeze on the back of your neck
And the feeling you’ve found your home.
—  12:33 am

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jesus christ this is super long… but it was just REALLY interesting to write, but and really challenging because of the amount of reading and research I had to do to make sure my background information was correct, but it was totally worth it \(^U^)/ ENJOY

{headcanon / au. inukag ft. inu gang + koga. 2395 words. suggest a hc.}

“I couldn’t – I couldn’t do anything to save her…”

Kagome sunk behind her knees as the tears continuously trembled down her distraught face. Koga panned over to the girl’s dismay, but, even he knew, there just wasn’t any right thing to say.

“Maybe if… I had more power…,” Kagome continued, “Maybe if… I was stronger…” She sniffled as she continued hiding behind her crossed arms, “Maybe… then… I could’ve saved Kikyo.”

Or maybe… I still can…,” so she thought.

A ray of bright lights then burst from Inuyasha and Kikyo’s direction. The soul eaters swirled in the wind and circulated everyone who was present. The gang became submerged in the ray of light and its indescribable warmth. Kagome teared as she felt Kikyo’s soul pass through her and Inuyasha remained silent.

Miroku kept Sango close as Shippo remained on his shoulder, “Come Kagome, Koga.” He looked back at the distressed boy, “Let us leave Inuyasha to himself for a bit.”

“Ay,” Koga nodded, pushing himself up from ground. “I know you don’t want to leave your pup alone, Kagome, but it’s just for awhile,” he reached out his hand.

Kagome kept her eyes on Inuyasha as she was lifted from her seat. She followed, but still lacked behind the rest, unable to rip her stare from the discerning figure. She knew what she had to do.

“Erm,” Kagome paused. “I think I’m going to take some time for myself as well.”

“Just be careful, Kagome-chan,” Sango smiled as she laid a hand on her shoulder, Miroku and Shippo bobbing their heads in agreement.

Koga took a step closer, “If you need anything, I’m always right here for you.”

The gang slowly nodded their heads with a longing expression on their faces as Kagome softly grinned and walked in a different direction. Kagome felt their eyes piercing into her back as she walked further and further away. She knew, maybe, it wasn’t the best time to separate from the group, but there was something she felt needed to be done.

“I remember… there was something I had learned in history class…,” the girl held her chin, continuing her small steps. “But… What was it?”

She closed her eyes trying to envision that day in class. She saw herself, sitting at her desk, her fellow classmates, friends, and the teacher. She tried to watch her teacher closely; following along with the mouthing of his words.

“That’s right!” she broke out of her memory. “The yin-yang priests!” she exclaimed. “The onmyouji.” 

“Let me think…,” Kagome shut her eyes once again, remaining in one place. “Onmyouji practiced onmyōdō, which was influenced by Taoism, Buddhism, and Shintoism. These onmyoujis [also known as onmyōji] were specialists in magic, divination, and some claimed that they could talk to those who passed …,” she came back to reality. “Sheesh… No wonder I almost flunked that class.”

Her head began to spin from all the information and her own feelings; she decided to take a seat on a nearby rock to help gather her thoughts so she could come to an actual solution.

She plopped her chin onto the palm of her hand, “But where can I find them?!”

The girl banged her head against her hands, out of frustration, trying to retreat some more information. She began to feel hopeless. Nearing another desire to cry, she suddenly remembered the question asked by a friend: 

But in today’s society, aren’t the onmyoji defined as a type of Shinto priest?

“Of course!” Kagome leaped in light of her revelation. “Onmyoujis are also Shinto priests,” she took a scan of the surrounding area. “And there’s a Shinto shrine not too far from here.”

With high confidence and fearlessness, the girl marched her way into the forest and towards the only place, she thought, could help Inuyasha find salvation.  

“Kagome’s been gone for quite awhile now…,” Shippo muttered behind the warmth of a lit fire.

Koga hopped up without hesitation, “What if she’s gotten into some trouble?!” He run quickly in a circle; fists clenched and eyebrows propped up.

“Kagome-sama just needed some alone time,” Miroku looked over to his troubled friend. “Just like Inuyasha.”

Sango continued staring into the fire, Kirara sitting on her lap, “But, houshisama-” she turned sharply to face Miroku- “What if she did run into trouble? I mean…” She continued, “Naraku is still out there… What if he’s been waiting for this to happen?”

It was almost instantaneously that the entire group stood up in freight. Sango gripped hiraikotsu and Miroku grabbed his staff while Koga, Shippo, and Kirara got into defensive stances.

“There’s just one more problem…,” Sango said with a worried tone.

“What is it?” Shippo looked up to meet her gaze.

Miroku tightened his hand around the staff, “Inuyasha isn’t aware of Kagome-sama’s absence-”

“And… he’ll probably kill us after we tell him that we let her go,” Koga noted.  

The gang shivered with fear of how Inuyasha was going to react. They stepped quietly towards the boy who was busy staring off into the distance. His ears twitched as everyone neared behind him, but he didn’t flinch nor mutter a single word. The only sound that could be heard was the howling of the wind and a multitude of fast-paced heartbeats.

“Inuyasha…,” Miroku stood beside him. “We, uh-” he cleared his throat- “We have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Inuyasha mumbled beneath his breath, the gang feeling a cold front.

Sango took a step on the other side of him, “Kagome… has been gone for quite some time…”

“What are you –” he slowly, but aggressively got up onto his feet- “What are you trying to say?”

“She said she needed time to herself and that she wanted to be alone!-”

With no interest in further information, Inuyasha’s eyes widened before sprinting off into the direction of her faint scent. The pressure of his feet stomping on the grass and dirt echoed as Koga, with Shippo, followed his tail and Sango and Miroku rode Kirara doing the same.


Kagome breathed heavily as she reached the final step, “Whew, I’m out of shape.” She held her ribs and panted towards the floor. It took only another few seconds for her to realize that she had finally made it.

“Ah,” she took a look around. “Hello?! Is anyone here?!”

She quickly, yet carefully made her way towards the little hut beside the shrine. A faint light seemed to be lit within the place, which gave her a bit more sprinkles of hope.


“Ah, a traveler?” said the man who emerged from the hut.

Kagome’s eyes lit up with a little bit of faith, “Y-Yes! Uhh, you can say that.” She cleared her throat, “You are… a Shinto priest, correct?”

The man laughed, “Why yes, of course I am.” He gestured to the shrine not too far from them.

The man laughed, “Why yes, of course I am.” He gestured to the shrine not too far from them.

“So, that also means you are an onmyōji as well, right?” the girl mentally crossed her fingers, praying that the somewhat-shorter man would give her her desired answer.

He stood in awe, “That’s very impressive-” he folded his hands- “that someone your age actually knows of that.”    

“T-Thank you,” she quickly replied. “Therefore, you know of magical rituals such as divination, necromancy, and spiritualist techniques?!” The man didn’t have time to reply, “I need you to perform a resurrection ritual,” she proclaimed. “…Please?”

The priest replied with saddened eyes, “I’m sorry, miss, but I don’t think you want to do that.”

Kagome formed her hands into a fist, furrowing her brows, “Of course I do!!!” She turned away, “It’s something that I need to do…”

“You misunderstand me,” the priest laid a gentle hand on her, causing her spin his direction. “In order to successfully perform a resurrection ritual-” his voice trembled- “you must sacrifice a life.” He slowly shook his head, “A human life.” 

He waited for Kagome to look shocked and take back her demand, but this was something she had already knew.

She looked up into the sky, taken away by the realignment of the stars, “Please, this is something bigger, and far more important, than myself.” She saw an image of Kikyo.

“What were you guys thinking?!” Inuyasha barked as he hopped from treetop to treetop. “How could you ever think of letting Kagome go somewhere alone this late at night?!” He huffed, “What if… Naraku?!-”

“I knew I should’ve accompanied Kagome-”

“ESPECIALLY YOU, WOLF BOY!” Inuyasha hissed. “Of all people, how could you have let her gone?!”

“WATCH IT, MUTT!” Koga growled, biting his tongue as he sprinted right beneath him. “You were to caught up with your own feelings you completely neglected Kagome’s!!!”

“Why you…,” Inuyasha hopped off the treetop, confronting Koga. “Why should I listen to what you what to say?!”

“ENOUGH!” Sango threw hiraikotsu to break the two up.

“You both are being childish!” Miroku exclaimed. “Kagome-sama is missing and it’s you two who are getting caught up in your own feelings!”

Inuyasha and Koga sneered as they face the opposite of each other. Shippo and Kirara sighing at their naivety. Suddenly, the wind picked up and howled fiercely, much more ferociously. The gang pushed back by its pressure.

“I know that scent!!!” Inuyasha leaped back onto the trees, sprinting off at the speed of light.

Koga took a quick whiff of the air, “IT’S-”


The priest sat down in front of the altar. He continuously shook his head no as he prepared the bowl of ingredients required for the ritual. He placed it in the center of the sigil that Kagome mimicked from the ancient Japanese ritual book with paint. She returned with the page of incantation.

“Here you go!” the girl handed over the wrinkled page.

“Child…,” the priest teared. “How could you still speak with such positive energy?”

Kagome forced a smile, “Like I said…” She looked over at the altar, “This is something more important than me.”

“You don’t have to do this,” he pleaded. “Death is never an option.”

She lowered her head, “That’s the thing…” She approached the altar, running her hand against the cloth, “It always is… because it’s always there.” 

Without hesitation, she leaped onto the table. The priest slowly nodded his head, realizing that there was nothing he could say or do to change the girl’s mind. He lit up each of the four candles before sitting promptly onto the floor.

He began to read the first few passages of the incantation, none of which Kagome could understand. He threw a pinch of ingredients into the bowl and it sparked; causing the wind to howl more aggressively. After a couple more incantation verses, thrown-in ingredients, and storm-like winds, the priest made his way over to Kagome on the altar.

“You can still walk away from this,” the priest loosened his grip on the sharp blade.

Kagome gave a little smile, “She deserves to be saved, and he deserves salvation.”

The priest reluctantly lifted the blade as Kagome braced for the worse, “Goodbye…” He forced down the knife, “Inuyasha…


The knife was knocked out of the priest’s hand. Inuyasha hovered over him with his claws ready to slash. The gang rushed over to Kagome’s side.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Inuyasha spat as the priest shivered with trembling fear.

“Inu…-” she sat up, tears ready to fall from her eyes- “… yasha?”

A mixture of voices rang in her ears, but all she could focus on was Inuyasha rushing his way over to her. She fought back her tears as he came closer.

“Are you alright, Kagome?!” he placed his hand over hers. “Why did you wander off like that?!”

“You said…,” she covered her face with her bangs, her tone becoming more quiet. “You wanted to protect her forever…”

Inuyasha took a step back from his shock; the gang gasping, clenching their own hearts.

“You were…-” Miroku looked over at the bowl and incantation page- “going to resurrect Kikyo, weren’t you, Kagome-sama?”

Kagome slowly nodded her head, “That doesn’t explain why he had a knife ready to plunge into you?!”

“In order to successfully perform a resurrection ritual, you must sacrifice-”

“A human life,” Kagome finished off.  “So please, everyone,” she laid back down. “Let the priest complete the ritual.”

Everyone immediately leaped out at Kagome, but it was Inuyasha who snatched her off the altar. The rest were taken away by his speed.

“As if I’d let you!!” Inuyasha roared.

Kagome tried to shimmy out of his hold, “SHE DESERVES TO BE SAVED, INUYASHA!” The tears waterfalling without her control, “She can help you all, better than I ever could.”

She slightly turned to face the rest, “She can help defeat Naraku and get rid of your kazana, Miroku. Get revenge, Koga. Save your brother, Sango. Trust me, Shippo… Kirara.” The girl then locked eyes with Inuyasha, “Give you salvation, Inuyasha.”

“Kagome… Kagome-sama… Kagome-chan…,” the gang breathed.

Inuyasha squeezed her tighter, “You silly fool…” He lowered his head, “You are my salvation.”

“… Heh?”

“Yes, Kikyo was the first woman I ever cared for… I ever loved…,” she began to sulk. “But, you are my now and my forever. You have taught me everything I never knew I needed. You taught me how to have fun, how to laugh, how to cry…,” he took a short breath. “How to love…”

Kagome’s tears began to flow again as the rest of the gang hovered above them. The priest smiling from afar.

“We need you, Kagome-sama,” Miroku nodded his head.

“I couldn’t possibly handle these guys alone!” Sango laughed. “I need my girlfriend.”

“Who’s going to keep everyone in check?!” Shippo leaped onto Inuyasha’s head. “Especially this one?” Inuyasha fought back the urge to beat on him.

“I need you in my life, Kagome,” Koga held her hand. “You’re my woman.”

“Never touch her again!!” Inuyasha smacked his hand.

The girl grinned big as she watched Inuyasha and Koga fuss right before her, and the rest trying to break it up. She stared at how Inuyasha continued to hold her within his arms, even when mid-war. She took in these moments as she peeked over at the priest, who nodded his head.

“He was right,” she whispered to herself. “I didn’t want to do this,” she looked back up at the gang, “This is what I want.”        

Ive been thinking about creating a Dragon Age themed blog based around recipes, as if the author is travelling around Thedas like Brother Genetvi and writing a cook book based on his local discoveries. A Taste of Thedas, im thinking of calling it. The only problem is that I work nights, am often very tired, and so would not be able to keep up a regular schedule for posts. Do you think I should go for it anyway?

Here is an example of what I have in mind - 

A Taste of Thedas: Cullen Skink.

Despite sounding like a character from the esteemed author Varric Tethras's Hard in Hightown, Cullen Skink is a smoked haddock soup from the town of Honnleath, in South-West Ferelden. Somewhere between a fish soup and a stew, it is hearty, creamy, and wholesome, much like the Commander of the Inquisition it is named after. Locals consider it to be one of Ferelden’s national treasures, and, after sampling it, it is difficult to argue.

Originally simply known as, ‘Skink’, it was renamed, ‘Cullen Skink’ in honour of the Commander of the Inquisition, whose hometown this dish hails from. 

Cullen Skink, as it were, is a meal in a bowl and a very good one, too. I could push the boat out and tell you that you need Kinloch Haddock to really do it justice, but I wouldnt be so cruel. Any smoked white fish will do in a pinch. You could even use a mix of white and smoked cod. You do, however, need the smoked fish to give it it’s distinctive special flavour. It is a perfect winter warmer, or a good dish on a wet summers day. 

Keep left over mashed potato to make this. It’s a good use up.

Serves 4

750 mls / 1.6 pints full fat milk or a mix of milk and cream if you are feeling decadent.

A small handful of chopped parsley (reserving the stalks).

1 bay leaf.

12 black peppercorns.

450 gms /1lb Smoked haddock fillets or any firm white smoked fish or a mix of smoked and plain fish. Whatever you have or whatever you fancy.

5ogms/ 2oz butter.

1 medium onion chopped.

2 scallions finely chopped.

200gms/8 oz buttered mashed potato.

Salt and Pepper.


Chopped parsley and four poached eggs.

Pour the milk into a saucepan large enough to accommodate the fish.
Add in the bay leaf, peppercorns, parsley stalks and fish. Bring to the boil and simmer for five minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to infuse for five minutes or more.

Remove the fish, strain the poaching liquid and reserve. Flake the poached fish removing any skin and bones.

While the fish is poaching heat the butter in another saucepan and fry the onion until soft but not brown.

Then stir in the strained poaching liquid, then the mashed potatoes until you have a thick creamy consistency.

Add the chopped parsley leaves, chopped scallions and the flaked fish and simmer for another 4-5 minutes. Season well with black pepper and salt if needed. Pour into serving bowls and garnish with chopped parsley and a poached egg.

Poached Eggs
You can of course poach the eggs in a saucepan of boiling water. A short cut is to put boiling water and a little vinegar into a microwavable dish. Make sure the water is enough to cover the eggs well. Put on a high heat in a closed pan for a minute to make sure the water is good and hot. Swirl the water and drop in the egg and cook for five minutes per egg. They will not cook a great deal after removal but will keep hot.

During a stopover in Skyhold I asked the Commander to add a few comments for the book, unfortunately the good Commander merely grunted, “I dont like haddock”, in a rather brisk tone.

Ah well,  c'est la vie, as they say in Orlais.


Admittedly im not a natural writer, and I have no artistic skills to speak of, so im a little unsure of proceeding with this. What do you think?

Hey, we think this looks amazing and should go for it!  Please either give suggestions in the comments or message them directly!

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I asked my friend, KL, to color it for me ‘cause I suck at coloring. ^^ He was really struggling while coloring this because he said that PTS crashed while he’s coloring Seven and he had to redo it four times. And the fact that he’s only using his laptop and mouse. I really appreciate his efforts for this.

I think this is his second time coloring my drawing. We’re both beginners at this and he asked me for tips but I cannot give him one because I also don’t know how. So can someone please give us helpful suggestions/tips on how to color digitally.

This actually has a short comic about Yoosung receiving a love letter from Seven. But someone already made one so I didn’t post it. ^^

Hey everyone! ​@pretty-things and I ( @bitmapdreams ) are teaming up again for another pixel art challenge! Hurray!

We’re going a little simpler this time: Comment on or reblog this post with your most original suggestions for items to pixel. We will pick our most favorite and pixel it during the month!

—— Guidelines (please read!) ——
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(+) Be descriptive! We gravitate more towards suggestions like “beekeeper’s donuts” rather than just “donuts.”
(-) We will not draw fan art of existing characters or items in popular culture, ocs, project art, etc.
(-) No nsfw content, or content that could be easily abused by nsfw communities.
(♥) Pixel art remains the intellectual property of the artist. If you would like to use it, please ask permission!
We will be picking things on September 15th and will post the results in a month. Please give us your suggestions before the pick date!! Good luck!!
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So, for this one, I’m experimenting with a different way of doing this. Mainly because, I couldn’t this as something to react to without sounding leery or pervy. And what does it matter to them? They fell in love with the personality, not the body. So instead, here are some things these people would do to appreciate that thicc booty. :3


-Ad Bloo

RFA + V + Saeran’s ways of Appreciating your Butt

Yoosung almost always catches himself staring at your butt. The way it sways as you walk, and how it makes you look appealing in everything you wear. Even as you both get closer in your relationship and he’s definitely done more, he’s always enjoyed sitting back at marvel at that curve. However, it’s because he stops whatever he’s doing to do so that he is always getting yelled at by his friends during LOLOL sessions. And he can’t necessarily explain that the reason he let the team down was because he was admiring his girlfriend’s bottom, now can he?

Zen is very casually physical when it comes to appreciating anything about you. So, whenever he finds the opportunity, he’s gonna take the chance to pinch or slap your big butt playfully. You might be off at a corner instructing some people on set or talking to some guests at a party, and Zen is going to go out of his way to subtly go to you and slap it. You don’t know whether to feel embarrassed or pleased when he does this, but thankfully he does this sneakily enough that no one really notices. Except for 707 at the corner waggling his eyebrows at you two.

Although she’s always been a private person, when the two of you get intimate, Jaehee loves running her hands all over your body, clothed or not. But when she reaches your butt, she gives it extra attention. Squeezing the plush cheeks softly as she tries to gather as much of it in her two hands. Those moments leave you in such a rush; you’re left daydreaming about it for days afterwards. Sometimes, if she feels particularly bold that day, she will pinch your bottom as you’re serving customers, winking at you if you managed to catch her afterwards.

You have to be on guard whenever Saeyoung is around. If you don’t do so, he’s going to sneak up behind you and basically do the drumroll on that booty. The first time it happened, you had been playing twister and while Saeyoung luckily had only used his legs, you were already on all fours. Standing right behind you, he took the chance to drumroll playfully. You were so shocked that you fell over, making it an instant loss for you. Ever since then, god forbid he finds you lying your tummy as you read a book in bed. If he especially hasn’t done it in a while, he just might attack you while standing as well.

Throughout daily life, Jumin really couldn’t be bothered. Sure, he loved to buy you clothes that bring it out more while remaining modest. Nonetheless, he had other forms of affection he loved to do mindlessly every moment. However, when it’s the middle of an intense moment when he starts to have his fun with your derriere. He likes to grope it as hard as he can, using the force to push you up against a wall or to wrap your legs around him. He revels in doing it, and by the sound of it, you did too.

Ever the gentleman, Jihyun would not dare to let his hands roam anywhere unsavory, especially in public. He wouldn’t want to put you in an uncomfortable position, and you appreciated the sentiment. However, you loved to tease him about this. If you ever walk with him or brush past him, you would make sure that his hands would brush over your bottom slightly. The first few times you had done this, he would always apologize profusely. Blushing and stammering until you laugh and say that it’s alright. He had caught on to your schemes pretty quickly though. A few times though, in an exhibition or some kind of event, V would wrap an arm around your waist and pull you closer, even daring to let his hand wander further downward. When you look up completely flustered, you notice that he is in some kind of staredown with someone else. Those moments were rare, though, and it would drive you crazy when this did happen.

Saeran practically worshiped that divine booty of yours. He couldn’t get enough of it. No matter where or when, he’s always going to be touching it. He couldn’t care less about what other people thought. As long as you were okay with it, he sure as hell would let the world know that this specimen belonged to him. In your moments alone, he gives your derriere so much attention, you’ve jokingly teased that he loved the butt more than he did to you. Of course, he loves you for who you are and does take turns in giving the rest of you some love, but don’t stop him from giving that bit of you some much needed attention.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed that.


How insane is that??!! Thank you all SOO VERY MUCH. Each and every note, share, comment, and follow has always motivated me and pushed me to do the best as I can in each of your requests. I personally look at every reblog/comment you guys make to see which parts you enjoyed the most, what was hilarious, any side comment you make, EVERYTHING. It is always a pleasure for any writer to recieve any sort of feedback. SO KEEP DOING THAT YOU GUYS. Y’ALL ARE SO LOVELY.

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Mafia!Hyuk: “Hold That Thought“

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mafia au


(by the way, yes, I made another hyuk fic because the other one I made wasn’t really good. forgive me!)

summary: you are just an ordinary neighbor in an ordinary neighborhood, but when you hear muffled gunshots from your neighbor? it concerned you, so you called the police like any normal person would.. right?

You slung your bag to the floor as you slammed the door shut. You got back home from your work. It was pretty stressful today so all you wanted to do was to jump into bed and sleep. You didn’t have work tomorrow, you worked 4 days a week which was a plus but the hours were horrible. You slipped off your shoes and bolted up the stairs. Your bed has never looked so warm and inviting. So, you quickly jumped into bed as you sighed feeling the mattress support your weight. You melted into the bed slipping the covers up.

Nothing could disturb this night’s sleep, right?

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