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If fishmob exists than conversely somewhere in the ocean there must be a fish with mob's face on it.

first of all this is Your fault,


Hmm? What am I doing? Oh you know, just collecting pictures of the biggest dork in the series. 

When you have mad crushes on someone but they have no idea so you just

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i can’t believe i’d ever dare to do this but i’ve been tagged in this “stick your selca beside your bias’, who is apparently sculpted by the gods themselves, selca” by @jinmini​ and normally i don’t think i’d ever do this but several users have tagged me as well (i have shitty memory so i can’t remember who did but i do remember @bwink​ tagging me in this self picture thingy) and now i feel bad and- i digress…

anyway, pointless speech said and done, i miss you all and i miss my boys and i can’t believe i’m seeing them in a month so

i’m tagging: @daegucrew@apgujeon@bwipsul​ (because i really really miss talking to you guys) and @joonjuly@jeonsshi@yoonseok@cyyphr​ (because i wanted to see you beautiful people gracing my dashboard with your beautiful existence) and to everyone who’s willing to do this! tag me as someone who tagged you because I would love to see you all ♥

Too Much - Jaehyun

Suggested: Highkey need a Jaehyun scenario where he is a cold, ruthless and flawless assassin and runs into oc in some hilarious way and she refuses to believe he’s dangerous much to his dismay. I just need a super bad jae who goes from cold to annoyed to cute.

A/N: This should be a drama [there prolly is one like this already].
I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure how to go with this?? It’s one of those plots that need a lot of time and development, but- 
if u can think of a better title pls hmu -admin finn

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Word Count: 1,185

You smiled at the sight of the young girls teasing each other as they folded their clothes across the shop.
The scent of lavender tickled your senses, making you scrunch your nose. The warm tones of the setting sun splashed over the shops tiles and walls.
You gaze darted back to the novel you held, deeply engrossed. Your ears perked as you heard the distant chime of the bell, signaling the earlier customers had left. The silence granted you tranquility, allowing you to escape into the enthralling novel once again.

Several hours passed, the silent clock ticking with each passing moment. It was nearly time to close.
The bell clamored noisily, quick steps making their way toward you.

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Build A Boyfriend - Jongup

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“You are immature, childish, and care for no one but yourself! I don’t know how I’ve dealt with you for so long, your a wreak of a person. Good luck finding someone to deal with your crazy ass!” Your boyfriend screams as he shoved his suitcase into his truck.

“Please, Don’t leave me! I can change! Please just give me one more chance.” You begged him. Your face was covered in tears and running mascara. Your eyes burned from crying so much and it paired with a raw throat. 

You grabbed his arm but he yanked it away. He turned to you with a glare. “I’m going to stay with friends. I’ll be back in a week, Be gone when I get back, understand?”

“Y-yes. I do.”

“Good.” He said. He god in his car and slammed the door. He turned it on and sped away. You watched the truck disappear down the road and it only made you sob harder. He was your everything and you ruined it by just being you.

It’d been three days since your, now ex, boyfriend left to his friends house to escape from you. You called a friend of yours who was selling her home and made a deal with her and her soon to be husband. You were surprised they agreed on such short notice but you weren’t complaining.

You were going to be at at your ex’s for one more night to make sure you had everything you owned packed and ready to go. It sucked, but there was nothing you could do about it. He wouldn’t answer your texts or calls. It drove you insane knowing he looked at his phone but straight up ignored it as long as it came from your number.

You gave up and decided to text your friend instead to ask about the house a bit more. All you knew was it was a two bedroom, 2 and a half bath place with a decent sized kitchen. You didn’t understand why they would want to leave that place. It sounded like the perfect home for a soon to be married couple that planned on a baby. 


‘Hey (Y/n)! What’s up?’

‘You got everything out of the house right?’

‘Yes we did. There is one thing there but its a present for you.’

“Oh. You didn’t have to do that. But anyways I’ll be moving my stuff in tomorrow so I just wanted to make sure it was clear.’

‘It’s the least I could do for my long time friend.’

You changed out of your clothes into pajamas and crawled into the covers on your chair. It was the only furniture you owned in the house and the only thing you’d be taking to the new place besides a mattress. You felt your chest tighten when you tried to hold back the tears that tried to escape. You knew you would be crying yourself asleep again tonight.

You had all of your things packed into a moving truck. The man driving it was super nice and agreed to take you to the place since you didn’t have a car. He told you he’d help get everything out of the back but that’s the most he could do because he was scheduled to help out another person move. You thanked him for even doing that.

He brought you to the place and got some stuff out from the back into the yard. You were thankful it hadn’t rained the night before. You began moving everything in but stopped dead in your tracks when a boy stood in the center of your living room. He just stood smiling at you, not a creepy smile but a welcome home kind of smile, but given the circumstances it did creep you out a little bit.

“Uhm…Hello. Who are you?”

“Hello (Y/n), I’m glad you’re finally home. I’m Jongup, your boyfriend.”

You took a surprised step back and looked at him with confusion. He just kept smiling like what he said was normal. “Uh no. No you are not.”

“Let me explain it to you. I am Moon Jongup. I was made just for you to be your boyfriend. I have been told that a friend of yours was the one who did it instead of you.”

“Made for me? You kidding me right?”

“No. You can even call your..Friend it was? And ask them!” He was practically pleading you and it was kinda sad. You caved and called her.

“Yeah at first I thought it was a bunch of bull too but then he showed up and well… that.”

You hung up and looked at him in disbelief. He forced a smile at you and twirled his thumbs. You sighed and looked at the ground. “I’m sorry Jongup, I’m not ready for another boyfriend. I just got out of a relationship and need time. Please understand that.”

“I do, but I am not leaving. I will stay with you as a friend until you are ready. And when you are I will make sure you never get hurt again.”

You smiled at him and felt a tear go down your face. You could stop the river that came down your cheeks. You let out a surprised gasp when Jongup came up and hugged you. “It’s okay (Y/n), Don’t cry I’m here for you.”

You knew you weren’t ready but this assured you, that when you were, he was going to be exactly what you needed and wanted. You barley knew him and already he felt like home.

His Privilege

Minato x Reader

There were definite perks of being a member of the Seasonelle team, one of which included you lounging on a beach in Hawaii on your day off. You and the rest of the team were to meet with famous surfers for interviews, which would start tomorrow. For the day, however, you had time to do what you wanted. You had explored as much as you could with the guys, so you were looking forward to some down time on the stretch of beach just outside your rooms, which lined the back of the hotel. It was pretty private, so you had no qualms about sunbathing nude.

You dropped the bottoms of your tiny bikini on the towel next to you, coverage at the ready in case someone should come by. It was quiet, and you were positive you could hear anyone approaching. Which is why it was so shocking when strong hands wrenched you up off your lounger with no warning. The sun was just warming up your skin when it happened, and you barely had time to open your eyes before your toes were digging into the hot sand, being dragged back towards the private cabana that each of your rooms had. It was on the small side with four wooden posts, white sheets draped around it to form four “walls.” It was sparse, a changing/relaxation area between your rooms and the beach, and in the middle sat a raised mattress littered with pillows.

You looked down to see not only your towel wrapped around your front, but the pieces of your bathing suit gripped in whoever’s fingers were holding your coverage. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” You knew that voice anywhere, low and growling in your ear. "I’m getting a tan, Minato. What are you doing?” You stopped walking, and you finally turned to face him. He was before you in nothing but a pair of blue board shorts, red-faced, forehead sweaty. He was also seething with anger. “You can’t just lay out here naked,” he hissed. “Someone could see you. And then I’d have to beat the shit out of the stupid idiot for even laying their eyes on you!” You shook your head and offered him a smile. Minato was forever looking out for you and…well…he was possessive.

"What’s the point of tanning naked, anyway?” he shot at you. He took your arm back up in his grip and continued your walk to the cabana, pressing the towel towards you so you’d hold it to your front on your own. One of the sheets whipped to the side by his hand as he held it open to give you entrance. Once you passed him he tossed your bikini onto the bed, then stood with his hands on his hips waiting for your answer. You just shrugged your shoulders and said to him, “I don’t like tan lines.” He let out a sound of disbelief and shook his head. “There’s nothing wrong with tan lines. Now get that damn bikini back on.” You tilted your head and pursed your lips, then shook your head no slowly. You reached backward and swiped the suit off the mattress onto the wooden floor. “I like having no tan lines. I’m keeping it off.” You told him. “Like hell! You need some coverage!” he growled.

You giggled and slowly extended the hand holding the towel outwards, away from your body. His eyes went wide and his hand unconsciously started traveling towards his crotch when he realized what you were doing. You dropped the material, making a quiet, “Oh!” sound as it hit the ground, mouth hanging in an “o” in feigned surprise. It shifted into a smirk, and you said, “Well, cover me then.” His eyes scanned your naked form unabashedly. "You have no idea what you’re asking for,” he replied, voice husky. He took a step forward and licked his lips. You let out an actual sound of surprise, simultaneously shocked and turned on. “Ooh, now she gets it,” he said with a chuckle. “Well?” His eyes met yours. "Well, what?” You asked quietly. You were the one turning red now, under his lascivious gaze. He came to rest in front of you and you could feel his breath on your face. “You know,” he said lowly. “Get on your knees and apologize to your master for being a bad girl today.”

You looked down between the two of you and saw a large swell pushing against his tight shorts. You whimpered without thinking, imagining what it might feel like stretching you out. There was no material to hide the wetness that was forming between your legs, threatening to drip down. His lips skimmed your cheek. His hand roughly came up to cup your face and turn your head to the side. His breath traced your ear lobe lightly before his tongue darted out in the same pattern, ending in a nibble just below it. You let out a shaky breath and reached for his cock over his shorts, rubbing it up and down gently. He sighed when you undid the ties and pushed the material off of him, the whole of it pooling at his feet. When you looked down again his dick was jutting out proudly, long, thick..the tip of it resting on your stomach. You backed up to get a better look and saw pre-cum glistening on your skin.

The first part of his body your own lips met was the crown of his cock as you dropped to your knees before him. You fondled his balls gently, licked circles around the head before sliding your wet mouth around his shaft. He groaned, hips jerking back at you as you deep throated him. “That’s my girl,” he said. You mmmed with him in your mouth, eliciting a gasp. The pads of his fingers traced the back of your neck lightly as you sucked, his moans getting louder with each pass until he couldn’t take any more. "Get up,” he said gruffly. You started to stand, but he shoved you onto your back on the bed, covering the length of your body in an instant. He ground his cock into your inner thigh as he finally kissed you, hands reaching for your nipples, trailing down your stomach, stopping right above your sex.

Minato’s mouth lingered over yours as he spoke. “Not everyone should have the privilege of seeing your beautiful body.” He bowed his head low and bit your nipple with blunt teeth. “These gorgeous tits.” His hand ran around your side to hold your ass. “This fantastic ass.” It made its way back to where it started, and his fingers danced lower, ever closer to your clit. “This pretty pussy.” He parted your folds with two digits, snaking them down to your dripping entrance. They went in easily and you gasped against his touch, picking your hips up. “You want more?” he asked. He was lightly kissing you, pulling your lips up in little bites as he did. You whimpered and nodded yes, and he responded with, “How much more?” You gasped, "All of it!” You squeaked out. "You’re forgetting something…” he smirked. "All of it, Master, please,” You moaned, grabbing his face. “Please give me your cock, I promise I’ll be good.” He continued kissing you, "No more naked tanning?” he asked. You shook your head. "No more putting your gorgeous body on display for the world to see?” he asked between kisses. "No, Minato, only you! Please, just, please….” He curled his fingers and you moaned. "Please what?” He looked down at you. "Fuck me! Please fuck me!” You begged. He kissed you hard one last time before getting up on his knees. "Turn around,” he commanded, and you followed direction.

He pulled your upper body so you were kneeling, too, one of his hands grabbing a breast while his other rubbed at your clit. You let your head roll back onto his shoulder, breathing ragged. If he wasn’t inside you soon you were going to burst. The hand on your chest disappeared and you felt the head of his cock snuggle into your entrance. You sat down the slightest and he stilled you with a hand to your lower back. “Easy,” he whispered. “I want to enjoy this.” You leaned forward on your hands and he leaned back, your pussy descending on his cock in full view. He moaned lowly and said, “You’re so damn tight.” You took in a deep breath as your walls opened for him. “A little more, princess,” he continued, and with a sigh you finally rested your ass on his lap, his dick buried deep.

He pulled out and slammed back in once. “Oooh, shit, Minato!” You cried out, your words only egging him on. He fucked you furiously, grunting with each thrust, wrapping his hands in your hair as your body jolted back and forth. “Gonna come!” You spat out, tension building in your core. He reached around and strummed your clit, the sensation sending you past the breaking point. You came with his encouragement, his whisperings of, “Come for me, there you go, let me feel how wet you are, how much you love this dick.” You pulled away from him and turned, pouncing and knocking him to his back. Your hands pressed down on his chest as you aligned yourself with his cock and sunk low, needing to feel him deep inside again. You held him against the mattress as you bounced, selfishly working towards another orgasm. He didn’t mind one bit. "Yeah, fuckin’ ride it,” he said before letting out a guttural cry. “Shit, you feel so good!” You reached down and toyed with yourself, your body convulsing over him as you came again. You watched his eyes roll up before he squeezed them shut and cried out, “Ah, fuck!” His grip on your hips tightened as he emptied himself inside of you.

You crawled off him and scooped up your bikini, sliding it on your body. There wasn’t much to it to begin with: bright yellow, small triangles covering each breast and your mound. He sat up, looking dazed, eyes turned to you. You pivoted slowly, and when you faced him again you asked innocently, “Is this better?”

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1, 177, and 184 with Bucky maybe?

Give me a chance, Y/N!” Bucky begged as he stood in the doorway of your apartment. 

You peered up at him, your eyes burning into his. You were gravely upset with him for leaving you at your first date. And he had the audacity to show up here an hour later, apologizing off his ass because guilt finally caught up to him. 

“Do you know how embarrassed I was?” you spat, your brows furrowing with anger. You were beyond upset at this point; you were livid. “I’m not one of your little play things you used to screw and leave in the 40′s, James.” 

He winced at the use of his past. You never were one to bring up old flames, but tonight you were reaching all new levels of pettiness and you didn’t give a single damn about his feelings. He certainly didn’t care about yours. 

“What do I have to do?” he asked, throwing his hands up in the air. “You tell me what you want, and I’ll do it.” 

You narrowed your eyes at him, completely flabbergasted that he’d go to such lengths. You were just one lousy girl, why was he acting so desperate?

“Beg.” You crossed your arms, pursing your lips at him. “Right now.” 

Bucky’s eyes widened in surprise, but nevertheless, let out a giant sigh before dropping to his knees. You felt a wave of superiority flow through you. You had gotten the infamous, womanizing James Barnes onto his knees. Begging you for another chance. 

“Please, Y/N,” he begged, sticking out his bottom lip. “You are the most amazing, smart, talented woman on this planet. You’re so beautiful; although I don’t deserve you, I will literally give you anything you want from me, anything. Please give me another chance!” 

You clicked your tongue, your eyes scanning his face for any faultiness. With a sigh, you rolled your eyes and gave him a smile. One that made him beam the brightest smile you’ve ever seen him make. 

“You’re watching the entire Harry Potter series with me.” You explained, your voice laced with authority. 

Bucky nodded along. “Of course, doll.” 

“And your giving me a massage as well.” you continued, smirking devilishly. “And after I might let you make me a pizza. If I’m feeling frisky.” 

Bucky let out a snort, but quickly fixed his face as soon as he caught your stern gaze. You held out your hand and curled your finger at him in a “come hither” motion, smirking as you watched him scurry to his feet and follow you inside. 

“Quick question,” he spoke, causing the two of you to stop. You turned around, your eyebrows raising. 

“Yes, James?” 

“Can I touch you?” he asked innocently. “At some point?” 

You rolled your eyes before grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and pressing your lips against his. Once you pulled away, you smirked up at his surprised face. 

“If you’re good,” you spoke. “I’ll let you eat me out later.” 

Bucky watched as you made your way to your room, swaying your hips provocatively. 

Yes, ma’am.” he whistled. 

200 Writing Prompts

“Be My Beautiful Burden”

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Genre: Fluffy smut w/ some angst

By: Admin Podo


Words: 2,579

A/N: This was requested a long time ago so I wanted to finish it now even though I’m not quite satisfied with it. I hope you like it dear anonnie!

When Jin went on tour you knew you would miss him, but you didn’t realize it would be this bad. Whenever he is free he texts you and you readily answer him. Sometimes he will even call you. Late at night, when the other members are sleeping he will also sext you, telling you how much he wants you.

One day at work, while on break, you watch an interview of BTS. Jin sits closest to the interviewer, so he answers a lot of the questions. You are so proud of your boyfriend. Halfway into the interview you notice something and try not to think about it but it does not go away.  The female journalist keeps touching Jin. She is very pretty and skinny. Your jealousy skyrockets. She touches his knee and his hand and you also notice her scooch closer.

Any logical or realistic thinking leaves you after that moment. What had you been thinking? How could you date this beautiful man so far out of your league? You were not good enough. Did he even like you that much?

You shut down completely after this, and barely kept up appearances. You went on a “diet” (you stopped eating a healthy amount) and did not really answer any of your friends’ messages.

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My Little Girl Gets The Talk

Pairing: TonyxReader (platonic), Daughter!Reader, BuckyxReader

Warnings: Implied smut (?Not really?)

Summary: Reader and Bucky are together and are engaged in a hot and heavy makeout sesh when Tony walks in and gives them the “talk”

A/N: Here’s part two as requested! I’m probably only going to do three parts. But we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for reading, y’all! Feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.

Read part one  (lookit me all fancy with the links)

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(gif not mine)

“Oh Bucky” you whisper as your fiance nibbled on your neck. The two of you were tangled up on the couch in the tower engaged in a very steamy makeout session. It had been about seven months since your dad found out about you and Bucky, and he had eventually given up on hating him. Bucky’s hands traveled all over your body, touching every bit of exposed skin. 

“Your skin’s so soft, my love” he whispered in your ear. My love. You loved it when he called you that.

“Moisturize me” you said and he laughed. You had gotten him into Doctor Who an every day you couldn’t resist using a quote somewhere in your conversations.

“i could do that” he chuckled, coming up to kiss your lips. You moan quietly as his tongue grazes your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You grant it and are about to straddle his hips to deepen the kiss when you hear someone clear their throat.

You gasp and  jump off Bucky, snapping your head around to see your dad standing in front of the couch with his arms crossed.

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Love Me Again - Sehun (Angst w/ Fluff)

“(Y/N)…?” You hear a voice ask uncertainly. You freeze, your breath hitching in your throat. Ever so slowly, you turn around.


All of a sudden, you find yourself in his arms. His strong and caring arms. Those arms that you swore you’d never find yourself trapped in ever again. You swore, and for two full years you’ve stayed true to your word- until now that is.

“Oh my god,” you felt his hot breath against your skin. His arms, they held you so tightly that you wanted nothing more than to lie down in them and forget everything that’s ever happened between you two. To forget why you left. “I missed you, baby,”

Flustered, you gulp and push yourself out of his arms. One of Sehun’s friends, Jongin, you assumed, eyed you both with concern.

You try not to look into his eyes, those mesmerizing orbs that would captivate you for hours and hours… You tried so so hard, but you couldn’t. And when your gaze finally meets his, you falter. For you see so much emotion in those two almond shaped orbs of his. He is hurt. He is confused. But the one thing you wished you never saw again was…he was concerned- For you.

“I-I have to go,” You stutter quickly, hooking your purse onto your arm and looking for your keys. You were supposed to meet your best friend here. You felt bad. But you had to leave. Now.

“Why? You-you just walked in. At least let me treat you for something. For old times sake.” His eyes pleaded. “Come on,”

You looked into his eyes, and for a moment-just a moment- you almost agreed. But no, this wasn’t in your hands. You couldn’t do this. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

You turned around to leave before he grabbed your arm and spun you around. Your eyes widen and you bite your lip nervously when you find yourself meeting his gaze once again. This time, they were serious, grim, and…full of authority.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

You shook your head, the tears threatening to spill. “Home, I need to get home. Please, let go,”

In an instant, you find his fingers locking onto yours as he pulls you out of the restaurant. His hands, you tried not to think of how warm they were. How much you loved holding his hands. How…perfect you once thought they fit with yours. But this had to stop.

“S-Sehun, let go of me,” You plead.

He doesn’t look your way, and you are worried because he looks so…angry.

“Sehun, stop,” you urge him again.

But still he does not reply and continues to pull you away. You swore his grip on you tightened. You winced.


And in that moment you knew you were scared. Because the same Sehun that used to get up early to watch the Saturday morning cartoons and piggy back ride you to the park and laugh, and oh god, his laugh…was now scowling, his face, that same face you haven’t seen in two full years, was dark and solemn, not at all that face you had fallen so in love with.

“Please, Sehun,” You begin to cry. “Please, just please…”

You see him bite his lip. “I’m not letting go of you again,” He growls.

“You-” You look away. “You’re hurting me,”

And you feel him stop abruptly as he takes your hand into his, that scary expression he wore, replaced with the same worried expression he constantly wore whenever your well-being came into question. You feel him run his thumb across your wrist. You don’t look, but you know it’s probably red at this point.

“(Y/N)…” He whispers, and it is then that you realize that Sehun, who you thought was the most indomitable and unfaltering person you knew, was just as scared as you are.

“I’m sorry,” He says frantically, his eyes taking in the bruise he left on your wrist. “Oh god, I didn’t meant to hurt you, I’m so so sorry,”

You keep silent. You want to tell him it’s okay, but you can’t find the words. So you keep silent.

He gently brushes his lips against your palm and you freeze. This had to stop. How were you supposed to stay away from him if every time you touched he drew you closer and closer.

“Come,” He whispers as he, gently this time, takes your hand into his. And somewhere in the distance, you see his car, that same white BMW he’s always had- and you find yourself following him.

Minutes later, you are seated into his car, and he was taking you God-knows-where.

You spend nearly an eternity in silence before he suddenly stops the vehicle. You look at him anxiously and he tries to muster up his most reassuring smile.

“I’ll be right back, sweetheart,” He tells you softly.

You stare at your folded hands and give him a barely recognizable nod before he gets out of the vehicle, leaving you all alone.

As he disappears into a building, you sigh and tap your cheeks lightly, knowing they were bright pink.

“Why did you come here?” You scold yourself. “Why, (Y/N), why. You know you shouldn’t be with him. You can’t be with him.”

Subconsciously, you begin to tear up as you remember every single moment you and Oh Sehun spent together in this car. Sharing laughs, bickering back and forth, stealing secret kisses… The brutality of the entire situation made your heart ache. Why are you back here if you know you can’t stay? You’re just torturing yourself. You bury your face in your arms as the silent tears burn holes and holes into your heart. A few minutes later, when you feel like you’ve let out enough. You sniffle and wipe away your tears with the back of your hand.

“I better get a tissue,” You mutter once you see your reflection in the side view mirror. You had to get rid of those blood shot eyes before Sehun comes back.

You looked in the back for a box of Kleenex possibly lying around. When you find none, you proceed to check under the seats just in case it fell or something. And when all else failed, you decided to open the car compartment, even though you knew it really wasn’t your right to go looking in there just in case Sehun had some private things you shouldn’t be snooping around But, your little devil on your left shoulder prodded you on, insisting that you just needed a tissue.

And so your fingers fell upon the handle and with a slight tug, you pulled it open. But what fell out wasn’t any box of Kleenex. Your eyes widen as your brain finally comprehends what dropped onto your lap.

It was a box.

A little, black velvet box.

And you didn’t have to think much to know what was inside.

Your heart drops, as you take in the significance of that little tiny box.

“He found someone else.” You whisper to no one in particular. “It’s been two years of separation and he’s found someone else.”

And that’s when you hear the door click open.

You freeze as he gets in, the box still in your hand. He glances at you, and after he takes note of the…broken look on your face and the little box in your hands, you notice his ears turn red as his eyes widen.

“I-I’m sorry,” You say frantically, as you try to put the box back. But you couldn’t do it properly because of how much your hand was shaking. “I’m sorry, I-I was just looking for a tissue. I-I’m sorry,”

The box fell to the floor.

Your eyes burn, but you don’t know why. After all, the whole purpose of you leaving was so that he could finally forget you. And you were glad, because if he’s moved on then that means that you didn’t leave for nothing, that some good came with you leaving. But then…

Why did you feel so empty? Why did you feel like you wanted to scream and cry at the pure indignance of it all?

He picks the box up from off the floor of the vehicle.

“Congratulations,” you whisper. “I’m glad you’re doing well. Whoever you’re planning on tying the knot with…I’m sure she’s a very happy girl,”

He sighs, and he pulls you into his arms. You can’t help but keep staring at the box in his hands. He wanted to get engaged to someone else. Someone other than you.

“(Y/N), I need your help with something,” He asks quietly. And although it broke your heart, you nodded.

“This girl, I-I’ve liked her for a really long time. And I’m pretty sure- no, I KNOW she likes me too. But…she keeps pushing me away…”

You couldn’t help but notice the sadness in his voice. Was it possible that at one time, he felt that sad when you left? You shook your head to clear your thoughts and looked up at him, to let him know that you were listening.

“I-I don’t know what to do anymore…” he whispered. “I don’t know how to win her over. I don’t know how to…make her love me the way she used to. To make you love me the way you used to…”

You were about to mutter some words of encouragement but stopped midway when you realized what he just said.

“W- what…did you just say?” You look up at him, confused. Your mind was buzzing with a million thoughts per second.

“(Y/N), what do I have to do to make you fall in love with me again?” He asks, his gaze trained on you.

Your heart flutters, although you wished it wouldn’t. You were happy but you knew you shouldn’t be. You wanted to stop loving him, but…

You knew you couldn’t.

“What are you trying…to say, Sehun?” You ask him with glassy eyes.

He sighs, and starts turning the black box over and over again in his hands.

“I’ve waited for you,” He whispers. “Jagiya, for two years I’ve waited for you.”

Your cheeks turn pink. This was the first time you’ve heard him call you “Jagiya” for two years.

“This ring is yours,” He tells you. “I bought it about a month before you left. And I was trying to decide on the right time to give it to you, but…things didn’t work out in my favor, I guess.’ He chuckles sadly. “I’ve kept it ever since, for the small hope that you’d come back to me one day…”

Your eyes water at his words.

“I never stopped loving you. I know you still like me too, (Y/N). I can see it in your eyes. Maybe not with the same passion you once did, and I don’t know what I did to hurt you but I promise if you’ll give me one more chance, I-I’ll do whatever I can to make things right with you. I’ll do anything you want me to. Just please…give me one more chance.”

You shake your head, tears falling down your face.

“But that’s what you don’t get, Sehun,” You cover your face with your hands. “I- We can’t be together. I’m sorry,”

His expression softens at the sight of you crying. “Why not?” He gently asks you as he caresses your cheek to wipe away your salty tears.

And that’s when you start crying. You wrap your arms around his neck, and bury your face in his neck and let out everything you’ve held in, everything you’ve ever kept from him.

“I love you, Sehun,” You cry. “I love you so much, I swear. So please don’t make this harder than it is,”

You feel his grip around you tighten. “You…do?”

You hesitate, but nod.

He opened his mouth, and closed it right after, as if contemplating something. Then, he put his fingers under your chin, to urge you to look up at him.

You blink, and you can taste the salt on your tongue. You blink again and you suddenly find his lips against yours. You blink once more and this time- you don’t open your eyes for a long time.

“Then why can’t we be together?” He asks you softly. “If you still love me, and God knows how much I love you, then…just why can’t we be together?”

You mumble something incoherent so as not to tell him the real answer and you suddenly find him kissing you once more. He looks at you with concern and tries to brush your hair out of your face.

“(Y/N), be honest with me. What’s going on?”

You sigh, contemplating whether or not you should really tell him and after looking at his disapproving face, you finally give in.

“Sehun, your friend spoke to me. He told me you weren’t paying attention to your work as much, neglecting your duties back when we were together. He told me you were getting in trouble a lot too, and that’s when I began to notice how much of a burden I really am on you. I didn’t want you to have to go through hell with management just because of me… I’m so sorry for putting you through all that…”

You look up and see him frown. “What are you talking about? Who told you this? Jagiya, what friend?”

You struggle to remember his name, but when you finally do you tell him. “I think his name was Tao,”

Sehun’s face darkens. “How often did you speak to that guy?”

You notice his tense expression. “Not much. Just several times.”

He swore under his breath. “When was the last time you saw him?”

“Two months ago, I think,” you tell him hesitantly.

He sighs in anguish. You tap his arm lightly. “Sehun…is something wrong?”

He wraps his arm around you. “Jagiya…Tao used to really like you,” You see Sehun look out the window angrily. "I don’t know how he feels now but back when we were close, he really didn’t approve of our relationship,”

You swallow, realizing the stupid mistake you made. The stupid mistake that cost you two years of joy and happiness. You look at Sehun, your eyes now bloodshot.

“Shhh…it’s okay, jagiya,” he holds you closer to him. “Is that it? Is there anything else keeping us from each other?”

You shake your head and try not to look at him from the guilt. “I’m sorry, Sehun-ah,” you squeak.

He chuckles and kisses your lips, this time slow and passionate but at the same time…full of need, as well. You blush, but you kiss him back nonetheless.

“So what do you say?” He asks you cautiously, presenting you with the beautiful diamond ring he bought in your name two years ago. “Can we start all over again?”

Your face gets really red but you nod quickly.

He beams down at you, his eyes turning into bright crescent moons.

“Jagiya, I promise I’ll do everything I can to keep you happy,” He kisses you. "Because you have no idea how happy I am right now,”

You smile shyly. “I’m happy with you here next to me,”

And the smile he gives you is absolutely blinding.

The Story of Tonight (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)


Request- “Hi! Could you write #101 with Hercules please? Loved your last Thomas Jefferson one!” 

“Don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back.”

“If you repeat yourself again I’m gonna scream!” You were walking down the street when you saw what looked like I fight breaking out. You hurried over to where a small crowd was gathering. As you got closer you realized it wasn’t really a fight, more of heated debate. A very heated debate. 

You stepped into the thick of the crowd. You stood next a large men with cloth around his head. 

“What is this about?” you whispered to him. 

“It’s…” he turned toward you with his mouth stuck open, staring. You began to feel awkward.

“Uh..hello?” you said quietly. A tall man with a bushy ponytail turned to you. 

“Sorry for my friend, madame. Zat is our friend, Alexander. Very passionate man. Zey are fighting about impending revolution.” The Frenchman said. You nodded and smiled at him gratefully. You both turned your attention back to the action, but you could feel the eyes of the man next you roaming over your body. 

“Damn…” You heard him whisper. 

“Are you done gawking yet?” You asked slightly annoyed. 

“I’m sorry it’s just…you’re so cute it’s distracting.” You looked at him and he was smirking. 

“I’m in a relationship.” You lied. You hadn’t reciprocated interest in a man for almost a year.

“Let’s talk about how to get you out of that.” he said. You rolled your eyes and fought back a bit of a smile. Pick up lines could be gross and annoying, but you were a sucker for a guy with confidence. 

“I mean I’m just saying, I might not go down in history, but I’ll go down on you.” He winked at you. 

“Oh my god.” you groaned and averted your eyes. You saw his tall French friend put his hand to his face in shame. Before you knew it a man in a beard and ponytail was walking toward you with determination. 

“I can’t believe this!” he shouted. “People like this actually exist? Do they not understand what the dumb fucking island is doing to us?” 

“Calm down, Alexander. You too, Laurens.” said the Frenchman to the two man standing there. People were starting to leave so you turned to go as well. 

“You agree right? Miss?” I man with light skin and freckles said to you. 

“I..what?” you said. 

“Great Britain is being ridiculous!” Said the man who was debating before. 

“We shouldn’t even be considered part of their country anymore! Where do they get off thinking they can tax and invade us like this?” said the freckled man. “I’m John Laurens by the way. And this is Alexander Hamilton, Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan.” he said gesturing to everyone. 

“Oh..we’ve met.” You shot a look to the man who was apparently Hercules. 

John and Alexander “ooooh” while the Frenchman, Lafayette, said “Ouch.”

“Damn you’re feisty! I like you! What’s your name?” said Alexander. 

“Umm thanks? I’m Y/N L/N.” you laughed a little. Hercules looked pissed, which made it harder not to laugh. 

“You should come out drinking with us!” John exclaimed suddenly. 

“Oh, I am sure Hercules would love zat!” joked Lafayette. John and Alexander lost it and Hercules looked murderous. 

“Sure!” you said. 

“Wait really?” Hercules questioned. 

“Yeah, why not?” You gave him a similar look of confusion. 

“Let’s go!” Lafayette yelled. You walked down the street with your new friends until you got to the bar. You felt a little awkward at first, but they were really funny nice guys, and they were making a lot of jokes at Hercules expense, who turned out not to be as much of an annoying flirt as you thought. 

It wasn’t until after you all had a few drinks in you that you started to really let you guard down, and once you did, you actually started having the most fun you’d had in a while. You weren’t acting very lady like anymore. but the boys seemed to like you better that way. 

You were deep in a game of never have I ever when Alex said the worst thing he could’ve at that time. 

“Never have I ever gotten married!” he looked pointedly at Lafayette and Laurens who both put fingers down. You tentatively put a finger down as well. 

“You’re married!?” John yelled. 

“Yeah, she said she was in a relationship.” Hercules grumbled. 

“I was married,” you explained, “And I lied about being in a relationship.” You looked at Hercules whose eyes got wide.

“So what happened?” Lafayette asked. 

“Well, we were married for about a year when he cheated on me so I left.” you shrugged. 

“Wow.” Alex said. 

“You don’t deserve that, Y/N…” Hercules said next to you.  

“Thanks…. anyway it’s in the past now!” You waved a hand in the air as if pushing the subject away. “He still shows up at my house a few times a week, but I can usually get him to leave.” 

“Well, if you ever need someone to take care of him for you…” John cracked his knuckles. 

“Thanks.” you laughed. Normal conversation resumed, you quickly forgot about your ex-husband. 

After a few more hours the guys offered to walk you to your house. You stood by Hercules most of the way. You still weren’t sure if you were actually interested or not, but it was always nice to practice flirting. 

When you arrived to your front step, however, you greeted with an unwelcome surprise. 

“Shit!” you whispered. 

“Is that you husband?” Alex asked. 

“Yeah…” you sighed,” Wait here. I’ve got this.” 

“Y/N are you sure?” Hercules asked. 

“It’s fine, this happens all the time.” You walked up the path to your front door and noticed that the boys weren’t standing the far away. You ex-husband was trying to pry the door open. 

“Michael. Michael!” he turned around to look at you finally. “You need to leave.” you said calmly. 

“Oh my god, Y/N. I’ve been waiting to see you for so long!” He put his hand on your shoulder and you pushed it off. “Y/N…please come back home.” 

“I am home.” You said simply. 

“Come back to me! I miss you so much, and I’m so sorry.” Michael pleaded. His eyes shifted from yours to behind you, and you heard footsteps approaching. 

“Really, Y/N? This is how you repay for everything I’ve done for you? You’re not just out with one other man, but four?! And I though I was the whore in this marr-” Michael never got to finish he sentence because Hercules punched him square in the jaw. 

“Don’t you ever call such a respectable women something like that ever again.” Hercules was seething. 

“Who the fuck are you?” Michael spat from the ground, cupping the side of his face. 

“I suggest you leave before you find out.” Hercules said. Michael got up from the ground and left in a fury. 

“And stay away, asshat!” John yelled at him. Hercules turned to you and flexed his hand. You stared at him with a mixture of shock and adoration. No one had ever defended your honor before. 


“Damn Y/N, if you don’t stop giving me that look I might not be able to hold back.” he said a smile. 

You looked at him with a furrowed brow. “Then why are you holding back?” You said with a smile. Hercules eyes widened and his wasted no time grabbing your face and kissing you. You heard the guys hollering behind the two of you, but you ignored it. You kissed him back and started to feel like you could barely stand. Hercules pulled away and you both smiled. 

“You never know… he might come back. Maybe I just stay the night.” Hercules said. 

“Nice try, but I think I’ll be fine.” 

“It was worth a shot.” he mumbled while you unlocked your door. 

“I’ll see you soon Hercules.” you told him. 

“God I hope so.” he winked at you before you shut the front door of your house. You stepped inside your sitting room feeling lighter than you had in a long, long time. 

anonymous asked:

But can we just... He's wearing layer above layer... What if he gets cold really easily? Like can you just imagine him shaking from the cold and getting goosebumps and whining that he is so freaking cold and needs a warm snuggle?

“B-bloody freezing in ‘ere.” He grunts, hands gripping the sides of his coat to bring is closer to his body and keep the warmth. 

“You’ve got three layers on, love, quit whining.” You laugh at him, planting a quick kiss to his jaw, a hand rubbing against the soft fabric of the hawaiian shirt he’s sporting. “Must be really cold, I can see your nipples.” 

He frowns, crossing his arms and tucking his hands under his arms, covering himself. “’Course they’re showing, I’m fuckin’ cold!”

“Told you to wear a sweater instead of a shirt and you didn’t listen to me…” You tease and he gives you an evil look, which makes you bite your lip to hold in a giggle. 

“Quit talking like my mum…” He looks like a grumpy, cold mess - red cheeks and red nose, his hay fever acting up and making his green eyes fill up with tears. He sniffles and bounces his leg impatiently, waiting for someone to bring his car, but so far, seems like the two of you are bound to be left waiting in the cold unforgiving wind of Cheshire. “Bleedin’ hell, why does it have to be so cold?!”

“You’ve said that ten times!” You gripe, losing your patience. 

“And yeh still didn’t catch on!” He barks and you look up at him with a frown, catching the pout on his lips and the pleading in his eyes. “Want a cuddle! Can yeh please c’mere and give me one?”

Your face drops, actually realizing why he’d been repeatedly telling you just how cold he was and you smile, scooting in close and wrapping your arms around his torso, under the big cosy coat he has on. His arms wrap around you, his cold cheek pressing to the top of your head as you snuggle close, your cheek resting against his chest and he sighs happily, squeezing you tight.

“Better now?” You mumble, feeling him press a kiss to your hair. He smells good and he’s sturdy and warm and soft, and it feels like he wants to mold you to him with how tight he’s hugging you.

“Much better. Thank you, love.”