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When you have mad crushes on someone but they have no idea so you just

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mark watches ft. baize sings

can we please take a moment to appreciate @markdoesstuff​‘s facial expressions every time @blackgayze​ sings the Steven Universe themesong?


mark bracing needlessly the ONE TIME baize doesn’t sing

inevitably followed by more singing 

until mark finally gives in and sings, too -

- but not without dissing baize’s falsetto

in conclusion YOU ADORABLE FUCKERS ARE GIVING ME LIFE, PLEASE KEEP IT UP and also congrats on your faces

The Story of Tonight (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)


Request- “Hi! Could you write #101 with Hercules please? Loved your last Thomas Jefferson one!” 

“Don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back.”

“If you repeat yourself again I’m gonna scream!” You were walking down the street when you saw what looked like I fight breaking out. You hurried over to where a small crowd was gathering. As you got closer you realized it wasn’t really a fight, more of heated debate. A very heated debate. 

You stepped into the thick of the crowd. You stood next a large men with cloth around his head. 

“What is this about?” you whispered to him. 

“It’s…” he turned toward you with his mouth stuck open, staring. You began to feel awkward.

“Uh..hello?” you said quietly. A tall man with a bushy ponytail turned to you. 

“Sorry for my friend, madame. Zat is our friend, Alexander. Very passionate man. Zey are fighting about impending revolution.” The Frenchman said. You nodded and smiled at him gratefully. You both turned your attention back to the action, but you could feel the eyes of the man next you roaming over your body. 

“Damn…” You heard him whisper. 

“Are you done gawking yet?” You asked slightly annoyed. 

“I’m sorry it’s just…you’re so cute it’s distracting.” You looked at him and he was smirking. 

“I’m in a relationship.” You lied. You hadn’t reciprocated interest in a man for almost a year.

“Let’s talk about how to get you out of that.” he said. You rolled your eyes and fought back a bit of a smile. Pick up lines could be gross and annoying, but you were a sucker for a guy with confidence. 

“I mean I’m just saying, I might not go down in history, but I’ll go down on you.” He winked at you. 

“Oh my god.” you groaned and averted your eyes. You saw his tall French friend put his hand to his face in shame. Before you knew it a man in a beard and ponytail was walking toward you with determination. 

“I can’t believe this!” he shouted. “People like this actually exist? Do they not understand what the dumb fucking island is doing to us?” 

“Calm down, Alexander. You too, Laurens.” said the Frenchman to the two man standing there. People were starting to leave so you turned to go as well. 

“You agree right? Miss?” I man with light skin and freckles said to you. 

“I..what?” you said. 

“Great Britain is being ridiculous!” Said the man who was debating before. 

“We shouldn’t even be considered part of their country anymore! Where do they get off thinking they can tax and invade us like this?” said the freckled man. “I’m John Laurens by the way. And this is Alexander Hamilton, Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan.” he said gesturing to everyone. 

“Oh..we’ve met.” You shot a look to the man who was apparently Hercules. 

John and Alexander “ooooh” while the Frenchman, Lafayette, said “Ouch.”

“Damn you’re feisty! I like you! What’s your name?” said Alexander. 

“Umm thanks? I’m Y/N L/N.” you laughed a little. Hercules looked pissed, which made it harder not to laugh. 

“You should come out drinking with us!” John exclaimed suddenly. 

“Oh, I am sure Hercules would love zat!” joked Lafayette. John and Alexander lost it and Hercules looked murderous. 

“Sure!” you said. 

“Wait really?” Hercules questioned. 

“Yeah, why not?” You gave him a similar look of confusion. 

“Let’s go!” Lafayette yelled. You walked down the street with your new friends until you got to the bar. You felt a little awkward at first, but they were really funny nice guys, and they were making a lot of jokes at Hercules expense, who turned out not to be as much of an annoying flirt as you thought. 

It wasn’t until after you all had a few drinks in you that you started to really let you guard down, and once you did, you actually started having the most fun you’d had in a while. You weren’t acting very lady like anymore. but the boys seemed to like you better that way. 

You were deep in a game of never have I ever when Alex said the worst thing he could’ve at that time. 

“Never have I ever gotten married!” he looked pointedly at Lafayette and Laurens who both put fingers down. You tentatively put a finger down as well. 

“You’re married!?” John yelled. 

“Yeah, she said she was in a relationship.” Hercules grumbled. 

“I was married,” you explained, “And I lied about being in a relationship.” You looked at Hercules whose eyes got wide.

“So what happened?” Lafayette asked. 

“Well, we were married for about a year when he cheated on me so I left.” you shrugged. 

“Wow.” Alex said. 

“You don’t deserve that, Y/N…” Hercules said next to you.  

“Thanks…. anyway it’s in the past now!” You waved a hand in the air as if pushing the subject away. “He still shows up at my house a few times a week, but I can usually get him to leave.” 

“Well, if you ever need someone to take care of him for you…” John cracked his knuckles. 

“Thanks.” you laughed. Normal conversation resumed, you quickly forgot about your ex-husband. 

After a few more hours the guys offered to walk you to your house. You stood by Hercules most of the way. You still weren’t sure if you were actually interested or not, but it was always nice to practice flirting. 

When you arrived to your front step, however, you greeted with an unwelcome surprise. 

“Shit!” you whispered. 

“Is that you husband?” Alex asked. 

“Yeah…” you sighed,” Wait here. I’ve got this.” 

“Y/N are you sure?” Hercules asked. 

“It’s fine, this happens all the time.” You walked up the path to your front door and noticed that the boys weren’t standing the far away. You ex-husband was trying to pry the door open. 

“Michael. Michael!” he turned around to look at you finally. “You need to leave.” you said calmly. 

“Oh my god, Y/N. I’ve been waiting to see you for so long!” He put his hand on your shoulder and you pushed it off. “Y/N…please come back home.” 

“I am home.” You said simply. 

“Come back to me! I miss you so much, and I’m so sorry.” Michael pleaded. His eyes shifted from yours to behind you, and you heard footsteps approaching. 

“Really, Y/N? This is how you repay for everything I’ve done for you? You’re not just out with one other man, but four?! And I though I was the whore in this marr-” Michael never got to finish he sentence because Hercules punched him square in the jaw. 

“Don’t you ever call such a respectable women something like that ever again.” Hercules was seething. 

“Who the fuck are you?” Michael spat from the ground, cupping the side of his face. 

“I suggest you leave before you find out.” Hercules said. Michael got up from the ground and left in a fury. 

“And stay away, asshat!” John yelled at him. Hercules turned to you and flexed his hand. You stared at him with a mixture of shock and adoration. No one had ever defended your honor before. 


“Damn Y/N, if you don’t stop giving me that look I might not be able to hold back.” he said a smile. 

You looked at him with a furrowed brow. “Then why are you holding back?” You said with a smile. Hercules eyes widened and his wasted no time grabbing your face and kissing you. You heard the guys hollering behind the two of you, but you ignored it. You kissed him back and started to feel like you could barely stand. Hercules pulled away and you both smiled. 

“You never know… he might come back. Maybe I just stay the night.” Hercules said. 

“Nice try, but I think I’ll be fine.” 

“It was worth a shot.” he mumbled while you unlocked your door. 

“I’ll see you soon Hercules.” you told him. 

“God I hope so.” he winked at you before you shut the front door of your house. You stepped inside your sitting room feeling lighter than you had in a long, long time. 


So around the JSE Tumblr Fandom you may have noticed people taking pictures of themselves holding up a piece of paper that says “We Love You Jack!” on it. I am here to explain.

This is The Septic Project and I started this. I am making a Special Surprise for Jack and I need as many of these “We Love You Jack” pics as I can manage. So please, if you are willing to show your face and give me your name to give a present to Jack, do this:

1) Write on a piece of paper the words, “We Love You Jack”. Feel free to decorate the paper as much as you want, as long as We Love You is clearly visible.

2) Take a picture of yourself holding it up.

3) Post this picture to Tumblr. Either: Tag me or put in the tag ‘septic project’. Make sure to include your name in the caption!

And as an extra 4) Try to spread this message as much as you can! I need all the bosses I can get!

The deadline for pictures is the 6th of May, so you still have plenty of time to upload a pic. After that, I will not be accepting pictures as the next two days will be for editing the video. Then, on the 9th of May, I will upload the video to YouTube and link it in a post on Tumblr.

I hope to see all your beautiful faces help with this project!