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Being the Mom Friend Out of All of the Avengers Would Include
  • Shutting down every fight
  • “Thor, if you leave that hammer on the toilet seat one more time I swear I will send you back to Asgard!”

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  • “Steve, Tony, can you two just shut up for like two minutes?”
  • Steve attempting to give you that sad puppy dog eyebrow look but you just glaring and him immediately leaving the room

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  • “Tony, go to your room”
  • “You can’t send me to my-”
  • -insert the signature mom warning look here-
  • Tony actually going to his room then apologizing to whoever he had just been arguing with

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  • “Clint, please stop perching on the chairs and sit on them like a human being and not a bird. Just because you have the word “hawk” in your name doesn’t mean you get to act like one”

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  • The only person who can successfully give you the puppy dog eyes is Bucky
  • Having a soft spot for Bruce and also Bucky, protecting them with all your heart

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  • Sam is like the favorite child that you refuse to admit is your favorite, but he’s knows

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  • Making everyone feel better when the flu goes around with warm blankets from the dryer, soup, Gatorade, popsicles, tea, fluffed up pillows, and their favorite movies
  • Watching out for everyone in the battlefield
  • Making sure everyone has Advil and Gravol when they’re drunk, no matter how wasted you are
  • “Wanda, please stop pushing things through the floor, it’s getting expensive”
  • Wanda has accidentally called you Mom/Dad before

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  • Everyone being extremely picky with who you date because, to them, no one is good enough for you
  • “Peter Parker, where is your jacket? Do you realize how cold it is out there? Do you want to catch a cold?”

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  • Everyone’s heart breaking when you’re sad, since you’re seen as the strong one
  • Embarrassing them each chance you get
  • Being the only one besides Natasha to know about Clint’s family
  • Being Natasha’s shoulder to cry on and favorite gossip buddy when she needs it most

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  • Giving everyone pep talks before missions
  • Giving everyone pep talks when they go on first dates, too
  • Trying to set up the single members of the team with attractive strangers
  • Singing along to 80s pop music in the most crowded aisles at grocery stores, mostly to embarrass whoever you are with (this works on Steve the best)
  • Loving them like family, and vise versa
The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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An explanation + compilation post of Jin’s (bad) dad jokes

So I don’t know if this is done already, but we all know that Jin loves to make everyone laugh with his good or bad old dad jokes. To appreciate his effort, I decided to make a compilation of the jokes I personally think are, well yeah, ‘funny’. Since most of these jokes are in Korean, they sound actually funnier in Korean than when they are translated to English, which is why I also provided a short explanation so that non-Korean speakers will understand and maybe even appreciate ;) Jin’s dad jokes as well! :) So let’s get started!

(I am not a native speaker of Korean, as I am only learning it as a second language! Therefore, if there are some mistakes in this post, please don’t bash me, and correct me nicely okay ;-;)

Joke 1:

Q: What did the dog say to the wall?

A: Wolwol.

This joke is so bad but okay ;-; Non-Korean speakers might not be able to understand this joke at first. But it’s actually a very easy joke to understand. Wolwol (월월) is the sound a dog makes in Korean, and the word sounds exactly like wall. i srsly wanted to hit seokjin it’s such a bad joke omfg

Joke 2:

Q: What’s it called when God gives birth to a child?

A: A newborn child (= in Korean: 갓난아이)

To understand this joke immediately, you actually need to have some knowledge of Korean. This because the answer is a Korean wordplay. I’ll try to explain this as clear as I can. 

The word 갓난아이 literally means ‘a newborn child’. 갓난 (’gatnan’) means ‘new born/just born’, and 아이 means child. See? The 갓 (’gat’) in 갓난 (new born) sounds like the word God in english, doesn’t it? ^^ It’s a typical Korean wordplay and this joke is actually one of my favorites lmao. 

EDIT: I forgot to mention that 갓난아이 can also be translated to ‘the child that came from God.’ Here, 갓 means God, and 난 comes from 나다 (pronunciation = ‘nada’), which literally means ‘to come out of’. Another reason why this joke is a Korean wordplay (and is actually much funnier than people would think in the first place, hehe) 

Joke 3: 

Q: How does a cow laugh?

A: U-haha (= in Korean: 우하하)


Anways *cough cough*, some of you might have seen the English translation of the answer as ‘muhaha’, which would make more sense in English ofcourse, but not in Korean. It’s a simple joke, really. The answer in Korean is 우하하. It consists of 우 (pronunciation = u), which means cow, and 하하, which is just haha. i rlly laughed too hard at this joke yoongi would be furious at me

Joke 4:

Q: What’s the color of a hamburger?

A: Burgundy

Hamburger in Korean = 헴버거 

Burgundy in Korean = 버건디 

These two words just have a similar pronunciation lmao, especially in Korean. You actually have to hear it to understand it better. Watch THIS video to hear Jin saying it himself and to see Jimin laughing like crazy lmao.

Joke 5:

Q: What’s dead sesame called?

A: Freckles (= in Korean: 주근깨)

Another Korean wordplay, lol. To explain it shortly, the Korean translation of ‘dead sesame’ is 죽은 (= English: dead) 참깨(= English: sesame). If you shorten 죽은 참깨 (pronunciation = ‘chugeun chamkkae’), you will get 죽은깨 (pronunciation = ‘chugeunkkae’), which sounds exactly the same as the Korean word for ‘freckle’, which is 주근깨 (also prunounced as chugeunkkae).

Joke 6:

Q: What time is it in India? (= in Korean: 인도에 몇 시야?)

A: Indonesia (= in Korean: 인도네시아)

This one is so LAME but actually so funny ohmygod. I put the Hangul of Indonesia above, which is 인도네시아. The Korean translation of India is ‘인도’ (pronunciation = ‘indo’). In Korean, the 네시아 (pronunciation = nesia) in Indonesia sounds exactly the same as 네시야, which literally means: it’s 4 o’clock. So in Korean, Indonesia could also literally mean: ‘It’s 4 o’clock in India’, hence why the answer to this question is Indonesia.

To put it in a short and simple way:

인도네시아 = Indonesia

인도 네시야 (Which has a very similar pronunciation to 인도네시아, Indonesia) = It’s 4 o’clock in India. 

Sooooo…. that was it basically! Ofcourse, Jin has probably made much more dad jokes, but these are the ones which were funny to me lmao. I hope you guys understand his dad jokes better now, and if you have a question about it, don’t hesitate to ask me! ;)

Joke 7:

Q: When a pine tree gets angry?

A: Toothbrush (칫솔; pronounce as ‘chitsol’)

칫솔 is a shortened slang for ‘angry pine tree’ (솔 - pronounce as; ‘sol’ - in this case stands for pine tree), while it also means toothbrush. 

Joke 8:

Q: What noise does the rubbish make while eating food?

A: 오물오물 (pronounce as; oh-mul oh-mul) 

오물오물 is the Korean sound for munching on your food. It could also be translated to ‘munch munch’. The joke here is, that the Korean word for rubbish is actually 오물. It’s actually really funny once you hear Jin saying it here! :)

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Aren’t They Adorable?

Summary: Could I request a Raphael story please? Reader is a Vampire and one day she brings home a puppy. Raphael is absolutely against it but with a lot of pleading, she can keep it. And the puppy takes a liking to Raph and always sneaks off to sleep in his bed or ruin some expensive shoes 😉 So, somehow the puppy grows on him and he uses that to kinda ask her out, like walking the dog together. 😊 Just if you like the idea. 😘 Have a good day/night!

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word Count: 1516

Request: Anon

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Things Not to Do to People with Service Dogs, Please, I’m Begging You
  • Immediately assume they are pets without looking
  • Pet them, ESPECIALLY without asking
  • Ask their owners to leave without checking to see if the dog is a service animal
  • Roll your eyes when the dog is a service animal
  • Ask whether the dog is a service animal when they are clearly wearing a service coat
  • stop????????????? questioning my wife’s fucking service dog
  • It doesn’t matter if “other people have tried to bring pets inside,” that doesn’t give you the right to ask illegal questions??
  • That’s like saying, “Someone hit me with a stick once, so no one can use a walking cane in my establishment because they might hit me with it.”
  • if you see a dog wearing all of these:

Helpful Facts About Service Dogs

  • They can be any breed.
  • They may even be other species, such as miniature horses.
  • They are allowed anywhere the human public is allowed, such as restaurants, stores, markets, hotels, bathrooms, etc.
  • You do not need to ask if a dog is a service dog, as long as the dog is wearing a clearly-visible jacket.
  • As an owner/employee of an establishment that someone brings a dog to, you are only entitled to ask two questions. You don’t NEED to ask any. You are allowed to ask two.
  • The first question: “Is the animal required because of a disability?” NOTE: If it is obvious what the dog does and why it is required, you ARE NOT allowed to ask this question (for example, if the handler is in a wheelchair or also using a red-tipped white cane).
  • The second question: “What task does this animal perform?” ALSO not required if it’s obvious.
  • That’s it.
  • Any more and you are violating the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), opening yourself and your business up for a hefty lawsuit.
  • There are two times you are allowed to ask a service animal to leave. You are NEVER allowed to ask the dog’s handler to leave, no matter what the animal is doing.
  • The first time you are allowed to ask the animal to step outside: if it is not housebroken, and poses a sanitary risk.
  • The second time you are allowed to ask the animal to step outside: if it is acting aggressive towards or endangering other patrons.
  • That’s it.
  • You are only allowed to charge a cleaning fee if you would normally charge a human for the same fee. In other words, if the dog leaves hair on the floor and you wouldn’t charge a human for shedding on the floor, you can’t charge. If it’s a hotel and you wouldn’t charge a human for peeing in the tub, you cannot legally charge the dog for the same.
  • You are never allowed to ask for documentation that an animal is a legitimate service animal. This is in part to protect many people who don’t have access to medically-provided dogs, who have trained their own service dogs (perfectly legal and fine), or who can’t carry papers around with them at all times.
  • You may not ask that the animal perform their task for you. What the fuck, don’t do this. Think of allergy alert dogs–are you really going to wave an allergen in front of someone that might have a deadly allergy just to prove that the dog is “real?” congratulations, your ass is sued.

If you want more helpful facts please hit me up, I’m just really sick and tired of going places with my wife and her service dog only to get the message loud and clear that everyone is nervous and we’re unwelcome, when her dog is the most polite, well-trained, well-MARKED animal you’ve ever seen.

A typical conversation entering 2/3 businesses we went into today:

Person: Ma’am, you can’t have a pet in here. You have to leave.
Wife: She’s a service dog. She’s wearing her coat.
Person: Oh, sorry. We have to ask. People bring their pets in here sometimes, and we have to ask them to leave, because they’re not allowed.
Wife: She’s not a pet, she’s a service animal.

Please spread this. Some people just don’t know. Others think that if they can’t see a disability, it doesn’t exist or need treatment.


“Please?” you whined, pursing your lips and giving Logan your best puppy-dog eyes. “Please humour me, just this once?”

Logan crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows, “I don’t cuddle.”

“Please?” you asked again, “For me?”

He rolled his eyes, knowing you would just continue to pester him until he gave in anyways. It wasn’t a big deal anyways. He made a big deal of standing up and making his way over to the bed, flopping down with a heavy sigh.

You smiled triumphantly, immediately burrowing into Logan’s side. “Thank you.”

“Just this once.”

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MYSME Headcannon: The RFA + Unknown ‘Body Insecurities’

A/N: So I’ve been bouncing this idea around in my head for a couple weeks & I finally decided to sit down & write out some headcannons for it. After all, everyone has some form of body insecurities.

(slight spoilers in 707′s & Unknown’s headcannons.)

Yoosung Kim:

  • If we’re being honest here, this boy actually has quite a few insecurities. He doesn’t like it when people perceive him as a child, understandably b/c he’s a grown-ass man. So Yoosung’s body insecurities revolve around the traits that he feels makes him seem younger.
  • He’s too short.
  • He has a baby face.
  • He’s neither toned nor athletic.
  • His eyes are too big. They make him look like a starry-eyed kid.
  • Part of the reason Yoosung dyed his hair was b/c he thought blond would make him seem older. But in reality, it just made Saeyoung call him goldilocks. (He absolutely hates that nickname.)
  • ~ “But I like your blond hair. And your smooth skin. And how you’re not that much taller than me…”~
  • MC would proceed to go on a 10 min long tangent on the 101 things she loved about Yoosung whenever he would start to voice these negative thoughts out loud. Which admittedly made him blush and also a little smug that she thought he was more attractive than Zen.

Jaehee Kang:

  • Jaehee doesn’t really spend a whole lot of time nitpicking her body. She doesn’t have the time to spend. But if you were to sit down & ask her what her biggest insecurity was she would say it was her breast.
  • Yeah that’s right, her boobs.
  • But even then it’s less of an body insecurity and more of a pet peeve.
  • Jaehee was blessed/cursed w/ an ample bosom. But that meant that she was fairly top-heavy and trying to find work blouses that didn’t show too much cleavage was an absolute nightmare. And don’t even get her started about bra chaffing and boob sweat, especially in the summer… Ugh!
  • She really envies MC sometimes b/c in comparison she’s so flat-chested. She can even get away w/ not wearing a bra under some dresses. If Jaehee tried that she’d probably throw her back out from lack of support, not to mention people would notice.
  • ~ “If they bother you that much, Jaehee, I’ll fully support you if you decide to get a reduction.”~
  • MC really worries about her. She can only imagine how much strain lugging that extra weight around puts on her back. And to even think about running up the stairs…ouch.

Zen/Hyun Ryu:

  • It’s hard to believe than anyone as perfect as him has a body insecurity. Like really? How?
  • Zen is perfect. He’s got that almost symmetrical face, killer cheekbones, toned biceps and abs that Jaehee has been quoted of “wanting to eat ice cream off of”, while MC claims that “they’d make a good cheese grater for nachos…”
  • But everyone has body insecurities, even Zen. (Although it is very hard to believe.)
  • His insecurity was actually a surprise to MC. & it should’ve been considering how he went on & on about never getting pimples. 
  • That was a big fat lie. Everyone gets pimples, handsome musical actors not excluded. But Zen never got pimples on his face. Which meant that he got them other places.
  • As a teen, he had a case of horrible back acne which left numerous scars littered across his shoulder blades. The majority of them are faded now, barely noticeable to the naked eye. Thankfully w/ the help of acne skincare & taking better care of himself the problem cleared up.
  • But that doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t get a few zits now & again.
  • ~ “I can pop them for you, Zen-Oppa.”~
  • Zen is convinced that MC is an angel b/c who in the world would offer to pop someone’s zit. He’s just glad that she chooses to love him, scars & all.

Jumin Han:

  • Jumin’s insecurity is fairly obvious if you know what to look for. Fortunately, most people have no idea what to look for & he seems like such a distant person that most wouldn’t know where to start.
  • Perhaps, his distance is brought on b/c he rarely ever smiles. Even MC was puzzled by it b/c while he smiled at her a lot, Jumin never truly smiled. Like a wide-grin-pearly-teeth kind of smile. & MC found out why after a mishap in the kitchen involving a bag of flour & Elizabeth III. 
  • (An accident where she tripped over the cat & a bag of flour poured out over her head after she landed on the floor.)
  • “MC are you alright?”
  • ~ “Oh I’m fine. I’m just doing my impression of Lucille Ball.”~
  • Jumin & MC had been watching the famous sitcom of I love Lucy that week & they had just seen the episode w/ the flour gag the day before & the comment struck Jumin as hilarious b/c he laughed. & not only did he laugh, but he smiled –a true-face-splitting-grin!
  • MC saw it immediately, the slightly crooked tooth. Jumin quickly realized his mistake & schooled his expression to neutral.
  • ~ “No. Don’t hide from me, Jumin. I love your smile…”~
  • MC leapt up from the floor & threw her flour covered arms around his neck.
  • ~ “You’re so handsome when you smile.”~
  • “MC, you’re getting flour all over the floor…”
  • ~ “Come on, Jumin-Oppa, let me see it again. Please…”~
  • Jumin would be unable to resist smiling at the sight of flour-covered MC giving him the puppy-dog eyes. & then the second he caved MC would beam up at him then pull him forward to plant a quick peck on his mouth. Thus resulting in flour streaks on his face & hair.
  • ~ “There. Now we both need showers.”~

707/Luciel/Saeyoung Choi:

  • As you can imagine Saeyoung has quite a few scars from his work w/ the agency & growing up w/ an abusive drunk of a mom. But one scar in particular stands out among all the rest.
  • It’s a deep, jagged scar that runs along the top of his forehead by his hairline. It stands out vividly in his memory b/c it was the one time his mother had actually done the responsible thing, taking him to the hospital after lobbing an empty beer bottle at his head. There was so much blood at the time, but Saeyoung could only ever remember his brother’s horrified face & him wailing at the top of his lungs.
  • & years later after he left that place, that scar reminded him of his failure as an older brother to protect Saeran from that sight & his inability to take him w/ him when he left. He keeps it covered w/ his bangs so as not to see it when he looks in the mirror.
  • When MC learns of this scar she hugs him tightly & kisses his forehead.
  • ~ “I’m so glad you’re here.”~

Unknown/Saeran Choi:

  • Like Saeyoung, Saeran also carries a lot of physical & emotional scars. But his body insecurity is tied more toward his emotional scars than it is to his physical ones.
  • He hates his tattoo.
  • It’s a reminder of every wrong action, every day he spent in Magenta following the Savior & hating his brother. Not to mention the things he tried to do to MC…
  • Really Saeran just tries not to think about it. & he keeps the ink hidden under long-sleeved shirts & sweaters. But there are times when he’s getting dressed that he just stops & stares at his shoulder for a good couple minutes.
  • It’s MC who suggests going to a tattoo parlor & getting it altered into something new.
  • ~ “That represents the old you, but you’re not him anymore. You’ve changed, Saeran. So let’s get it changed to reflect that.”~

V/Jihyun Kim:

  • Being blind alters your perspective on a lot of things. (Besides the obvious being blind part.)
  • Before he lost his vision, V had been self-conscious of a mole he had on his right butt cheek. But after losing his sight, he came to the realization that appearances were meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
  • That being said, he still gets embarrassed when MC playfully coos over how cute the little beauty mark is.
  • “M-MC, don’t kiss me there…”
  • ~ “Aww…Jihyun-Oppa you’re just too cute!”~

Anon: Can I get a Calum Hood imagine where your friends dare you to kisscam him and he ends up with your number or something? My name’s Kaitlyn.
I hope you like it, I’m not that satisfied with it. You didn’t leave your friends’ name so I made some up.

“I’m bored.” My best friend,Myra groaned, throwing herself back into the grass.

“You can say that again.” Julie agreed with her.

The three of us were currently at the park, sitting in the grass. We were bored out of our minds and didn’t know what else to do, so we came here. We got on the swings for a bit, but then somehow just eventually ended up sitting here.

“Think of something to do, Katie.”

“I’ve got nothing.” I shrugged.

“You didn’t even try!”

“Neither did you, Julie!” I told her and she laughed. We sat in silence before Myra hopped up with a smile on her face.

“Let’s do a kisscam!”

“I don’t wanna.” I immediately protested and they rolled their eyes.

“Come on, Kaitlyn. You never do kisscams.” Myra whined and I crossed my arms.

“That’s because I don’t find kissing strangers on the side of the street fun.”

“Please, just this one time.” Julie begged. “I promise we’ll find someone hot.”


“Please.” Myra asked, giving me the puppy dog face. She knows that’s my weakness, and it doesn’t help tbat she has these huge big brown eyes.

“Ugh, fine.”

“Yes!” They high five each other and went on a hunt to find someone for me to kiss. It took them over ten minutes since he had to be cute, but boy were they excited.

“There’s four guys for you to choose from, they’re all hot.” She pointed to a group of extremely tall boys. There was one with black hair, blonde hair, one with a cute little bun, and the last one had a blonde patch in his hair.

“But it looks like they’re recording something, I’m not just gonna-”

“I’ll take you to Chipotle right after.”

“Oh its on.” My whole attitude changed once I heard Chipotle. I decided to go with the one with the blonde patch because he was just a tad bit more cuter than the rest in my opinion, but they’re all pretty hot. The girls took out their phones and I calmed myself by taking deep breaths.

“Just do it already, Katie!”

“I’m going!” I yelled back. I saw the bun guy pull out his phone and it looked as if he was recording the guys. I quickly ran up to him, standing on my tip toes and grabbing his face, crashing my lips onto his. He was shocked,but for some reason kissed back, his hands wrapping around my waist. We somehow ended up in a mini makeup sess and his hand went to grab my ass while my fingers played with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“What the fuck?” I heard one of his friends say while one of them wolf whistled. I was hesitant to pull away, his lips felt so perfect against mine, and they were oh so soft. I backed away from him and he looked down at me smirking and I felt my face get hot.

“Who are you?” Blondie asked and I looked back at my friends. Myra was doubled over in laughter and Julie was too shocked to do anything.

“I’m uhm…I’m Kaitlyn.” I said.

“Calum you know her?” Black haired guy asked and he shook his head no, not taking his eyes off of me.

“No, but I would love to get to know you. Can I have your number?”

“Uhh, yeah sure.” I said and we traded phones.“ I’m uh,sorry about this. My friends dared me to kisscam one of you and-” I tried to explain myself while I put my number in his phone.

“Dammit, I wish you picked me.” Blondie pouted and I giggled, my cheeks turning red.

“How about lunch at Chipotle around one tomorrow? I’ve been dying to try it.” He asked

“That sounds nice. Sure, text me later?”

“Definitely.” He kissed my cheek and I walked over to my friends who jumped on me, giving me hugs. I heard four laughs coming from the boys and I looked over only to have Calum bite his lip and wink at me. Maybe this kisscam thing wasn’t such a bad idea at all.

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VERY ANGSTY CHUUYA SCENARIO where he and his s/o get into a fight about something until there are tEARS AND EITHER HIM OR HIS S/O IS CRYING. PLEASE. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work!! <3

Nakahara Chuuya:

“You’re leaving already?” there are sheets wrapped around you, half of the bed occupied but the other half you leave for him. He’s standing by the doorway, though, and you know once he leaves the room he will walk out the door.

“Yeah. Thank you for dinner,” Chuuya replies, face a placid mask, and you fell your chest squeeze tight. 

“Stay the night?” you try.

“I have somewhere I got to be, sorry.”

You can’t hold it in anymore. Weeks of him vanishing, days without any form of contact, and the worst part is, he never tells you why.

“Chuuya… where do you always go? You always leave and I… I just, I need some reassurance, you know?”

You seem him stiffen, but he walks over to you, cups your face, and a kiss. You think it’ll be okay now, you both will be.

“I’m sorry. I can’t tell you.” 

It’s whispered against your lips, and the look in his eyes wedges in a hole within you, crushes your heart and your mind runs wild. 

“What do you mean you can’t tell me? Chuuya, why? I don’t understand… are you keeping something from me?”

“I’m sorry,” is all he says, and you heart breaks in half.

You go numb, your limbs heavy. Is it another woman? Does he even love me? You don’t know because you see each other weeks apart, eating dinner in your home, him leaving immediately after. There are no signs of affection other than the one kiss he gives you before leaving. He asks about your life, over soup and curry, but when you ask about his, he avoids. 

“Chuuya, please,” you whisper, cheeks wet with tears, trying to hold him close but he pulls away, “don’t walk away.”

This time, he doesn’t say sorry as he leaves.

Two Men and Half an Angel (2)

“Please, God, make it stop.” Dean mock-prayed as little Cas kept shifting on his lap. Every now and then a knee or a foot would dig into his skin and make him wince.

Cas let out a soft pathetic cough before finally settling with his head nestled on Dean’s shoulder. “Make it stop hurting, Dean.”

“I wish I could, buddy.” Dean rubbed his palm in comforting circles along Cas’ back. “You took your medicine so it shouldn’t be too much longer before it starts to work.” If it worked, Dean thought as he stared down at the baby angel now clinging to his shirt against the cold sweats. Of all the luck in the world Cas just had to get sick when he was a child.

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'ELLO GORGEOUS ;) Am I too late for prompts? Shucks, I'd sure love some mormor Potterlock with animagus!Seb... Though, while we all love to headcannon Sebastian with a tiger animagus, I'm curious to know what animal you think he'd become! (Extra smooches for ridiculous out of control teenage boy hormones) <3 **By the waym NadineRoseM and I freakin LOVED the Richard Brook and headscritches prompts. AMOR.**

Jim tilted his head back and took in the smells of the forest. Moss, wet rot, dirt and animals. Not the kind of environment he enjoyed, really. He’d always preferred the indoors, the cool stone walls and luxury and comfort. He’d been delighted when he’d first stepped foot into the Slytherin common room, just because it had matched so well with his own preferences - and because it’d been so different from where he’d grown up.

But needs must, and there was no way they could do this inside.

A deep growl interrupted his thoughts. He raises his head and smiled into the darkness. 

A dark shape padded into the clearing and dropped something dead and steaming not too far from Jim’s feet. Jim scrunched up his nose. “Really?”

There was a whine. 

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My sister and I found a dog in LaBelle, FL. She is medium sized, well trained, and very sweet! We need to know who owns her because we have five dogs who do not like any dog but themselves, so they growl at her! PLEASE, EVEN IF YOU DONT LIVE IN THIS AREA, REBLOG SO THAT THIS SWEET BABY CAN FIND HER HOME!! We do not want to give a picture so that any person can pick her up. IF YOU ARE MISSING A DOG CONTACT ME OR inurufu IMMEDIATELY WITH A PICTURE TO VERIFY SHE IS YOURS!

Drabble #5 - “Why are you so annoying?”

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description: Lydia gets wasted and Stiles picks her up from the bar. Completely drunk, Lydia confesses her feelings for Stiles only to forget about it the next morning. Lucky for them, Lydia is smart enough to ensure that she’ll remember.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Part 5 of the “Birthday drabbles” series

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Winners Get Treehouses 
A sequel to Winners Don’t Always Get Lucky Breaks
Chapter 1, ao3
Chapter 2, ao3 

Big shout out to Ellie and Rachel for helping me through the funk! I’ve made a goal to get at least one part a week out to you. 

Bellamy got the girls off to school and decided against hitting up Engineering before he met Clarke for their hike out to Tondc. Raven was already irritated with him but he was really excited about the treehouse idea. He looked up at the trees surrounding the settlement. They were close together, provided good shade. Tents had been set up around the base of trees so all he had to do was imagine those tents 30 feet in the air to get a good idea of what it might look like.

“I leave you for 45 minutes and you’re dreaming about treehouses, again,” Clarke said, coming up behind him with her medical kit. “Girls okay?”

“Yes, but Cora is still going on about May being on yellow instead of green so that’s a thing,” Bellamy answered as they started for the makeshift gate of the camp. “How was your early morning appointment with Mrs. Stepanski?”

“Sleeping on the ground isn’t doing her any favors,” she said shrugging. “But at least she’s been able to work fewer hours down here. I think she’s getting a cold though. I’m seeing a few colds and I don’t like it.”

“I’m sure if you tell that virus you don’t like it, it will go away, cower in the distance, generally scared of you and your doctor’s bag,” Bellamy joked.

Clarke side eyed him. “It’s warm now and we have enough to eat, but just wait until winter. People aren’t going to fare well, especially the elderly like Mrs. Stepanski.”

“She’s a tough old lady, you know, like your mom,” Bellamy said, and Clarke snorted. “Is that cold maybe what had you up this morning?”

“Uh, no,” she answered shortly. Miller joined them wordlessly as they walked out the gate.

“You okay now?” Bellamy asked her after turning to nod at Miller.

“Yeah, it was nothing.” She was brushing him off but he figured it had more to do with having an audience than anything else. “Miller, have you seen these sketches?” Clarke dug a sketch of a treehouse design out of her pocket.

“Not just me anymore, it’s a good idea and you like it,” Bellamy teased her and she rolled her eyes.

“Just making conversation. It’s a long walk.”

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