please give me notes.


Look at this. 

Look at this smug motherfucker. 

He wrote up a nice little post inviting me to come visit his secret base. So I show up all ready to have a nice time, look around the place, make a friend.

And then.

And then.

This ungrateful little shit.

Drops a roomful of hostile Pokemon on my ass.

You pushed the door open, walking into the patient’s room. “Mr. Winchester, I see you’re finally awake.” You smiled at him as you pulled out your clipboard, taking down the necessary notes.

“Please, call me Dean,” he said, giving you a smile that was more flirty than genuine. You rolled your eyes as you handed some paperwork to his brother, who was sitting in a chair near the bed.

“Okay then, Dean, I’m going to need to check a few things. Heartbeat, temperature, blood pressure, the usual. Do you mind?” You weren’t really looking for an answer, because you would check those things anyways.

He grinned up at you. “Well, Nurse, how could I say no to a lady as pretty as you?” You ignored him as you pulled out the stethoscope, checking all of his vitals. When you were done, you walked back over to Sam.

“Everything seems good for now. I just have to check up on a few injuries and you should be good to go.”

“Thank you, really,” Sam said, offering you a smile.

“Of course. It’s my job, isn’t it?” you said, turning back to face Dean. “I’ve got to undress the wounds so I can check up on the healing process.”

Dean gave you a sly grin, a mischievous sparkle in his eyes as he purred, “You can undress more than just the wounds, sweetheart.”

Sam shot his brother a look as you crossed your arms, frowning at Dean. “You think I haven’t heard these lines a thousand times? You’re not the only patient in here who’s desperate to get laid.”

Sam burst out laughing as Dean’s smirk disappeared, replaced by a pout. You smiled to yourself as you pulled of the old bandages and applied new ones. Once you were done, you turned to Sam, saying, “You can sign him out at the nurses station in the hall. I’ll get him ready to go.” Sam walked away, leaving you and Dean alone.

You walked up to him, staring at a freckle on his arm. “Hey, have you ever gotten that looked at?”

He glanced down at the small mark. “What, this? Nah.”

You smirked, leaning down so that your mouth was right beside his ear, your voice breathy as you said, “Well, call me sometime and we can head to my place for a full examination.” You pulled away, grinning at his speechless expression as you pressed your business card into his palm.

“I thought I was just another guy that was desperate to get laid,” Dean managed to stammer out, still looking at you with confusion.

“Oh, you are. You’re just the first one who I actually like.” You shot him a wink as you turned on your heel, strolling out the door.

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If I could choose exactly how slfl could be, this is what it would be like

The lights go out and everyone’s surrounded in utter darkness. Suddenly, the crowd hears the soft rift of a guitar in continuation, getting louder and louder. Among the screams and shouts, the few people that still have a fraction of their chill to hold onto start doing the “oh” ’s. It’s the beginning of If You Don’t Know, which was better played late than never, the band had decided.
When the song ends, the boys do a complete 180. Over and Out is the next song. Everyone scrambles to sing along but lbr no one actually knows more than the chorus and bridge, but no one’s complaining.
The song ends and immediately the beginning of Castaway is heard. Everyone has the sudden urge to smash random objects in sheer adrenaline, but they settle for jumping and singing along.
Having the crowd completely pumped up, Michael speaks first to the crowd. He makes some dumb remarks as always before introducing the next song, Airplanes.
Which is another complete jam, of course. Michael nails the verses and the crowd can barely keep up with the high notes of the chorus but they manage anyways.
Disconnected follows afterwards, fulfilling everyone’s favorite song. Luke does that dumb removing the mike from the stand thing that’s so unnecessary and extra and please Luke we don’t deser ve this.
The lights go dark again, this time having the pretty purple lights of WAYF shimmering on the stage like they did for rowyso. We all die during Michael’s guitar solo thing, as per usual.
Then it’s Luke’s turn to speak, he points out, like he does every night, that that song was only kept because it was special to Michael, which of course makes Michael blush and turn away from the camera that shows him on the big screen.
He introduces the next song that makes everyone go wild, Catch 22. Once again, no one in the crowd can really do the high notes, but it’s such a bop that it’s lit.
Then start the singles, because obviously they have to perform the singles. So they do JBH, then SKH. Which ya people don’t want on their ideal setlist usually but hell if everyone doesn’t low key love scream-singing along to the lyrics.
(They skip Hey Everybody bc this is supposed to be the perfect night okay)
Then Ashton speaks, and he does this beautiful speech about all of us being a family and how we’re all there for one another and honestly no one knows how he does it but he manages to say something different and inspiring every night and it’s amazing.
So, of course, they go into Safety Pin, because obviously they have tons of safety pin flags up basically everywhere behind them on the stage. Everyone fuckin LOSES IT when Ashton does his verse, even if they’ve replayed it 394820 times on live recordings on YouTube.
Then of course comes Beside You, which is such an unexpected favorite. As always, it makes everyone feel at home.
They then go into Catch Fire. And like, Holy Fuck. Luke and Michael manage to make the song a million times better than the original which is like?? Some sort of sorcery???
They go straight into Story of Another Us after that (bc if you do Catch 22 you HAVE to do Story as well.) This one’s one of those songs that somehow everyone knows every word to. The 5sos fam members that have never had an ex sing along like they’ve been heart broken (by more than just 5sos) hundreds of times bc it’s just that type of song.
Then Calum speaks, and he’s just a little squish as always, and he talks about how much fun the night has been and how he thinks the crowd is his favorite yet (which is a total lie and everyone knows this but they scream in response nevertheless).
He introduces the next song Vapor and it’s one of those songs that no one really remembers before or after the concert but holy shit does it feel good (and sound good) in the moment.
They do San Francisco and everyone high key ignores the fact that it has not so happy lyrics bc the song is also such a bop and fills everyone with good vibes.
Okay but. Then. The lights turn off. It’s completely dark, right. Everyone that hasn’t binged on slfl videos online (so basically no one) is like ??? Because it was so sudden, and it’s been like a solid 30 seconds of darkness like wtf is happening. But then, a single spotlight turns on, focused solely on Calum in the middle of the stage. (The other three™ are somewhere in the darkness but honestly no one even thinks about them bc they’re just so enraptured by Calum.) And just. Holy fuck. He sings the most beautiful ballad of Invisible ever. Half the crowd is in tears by the time the song is over and the spotlight dims into darkness.
And then… there’s that anxious break between the main set and the encore. And even though everyone KNOWS 5sos will come back on for another song, the arena is still full of chants saying 5sos over and over. (Srry to bring up lost memories of that jam)
And then, the lights burst on for Outer Space/Carry On. And okay yeah like five minutes before everyone was sobbing after hearing a song about suicide, but that doesn’t even matter because Carry On cleans their pours, fixes their problems, makes all right in the world. The show ends with Luke’s “You know it’s gonna get better,” and the lights flip off again and at this point there’s a total number of 0 people that are not a sobbing mess but it’s perfectly okay because people are happy crying. Happy that they finally saw their faves perform their favorite songs. Happy that they truly believe things will get better. Happy because they have a place to fit in and come together as a family: the 5sos family.

Another commission finished! c:

This was a Torso-Detailed Sketch commission done for garrettsimpson1 of @dreamkeeperscomic‘s character, Vi(riathus)!

They asked for an unexpected, cute reaction from a tomboyish girl!

If you guys would love to commission from me something like this, please give this here post a good lookin’ and email me!! c: NOTE that the discount and coupon mentioned in post is no longer in effect. >>

Thank you for commissioning me, Garrett!! I tried to experiment with some new brushes to give it a better effect. c:

EDIT - I reupdate the commission!! Gave it a background!! >>

I want more information about alya and nino
Not them as a couple but them as individuals
What are their lives like? How did they meet marinette and adrien? How did they end up besties? How long have they known one another? How close were they before the events of animan?
This is what i want, i want to learn more about these characters aside from “adrien/marinette’s best friend”

Woo!! And done!! I finished my very first commission c’8

This is a Fullbody-Sketched-Detailed of @quickscriptarts‘s character, Lotus! Here is a reference I was given in order to draw her!

They asked me to add not only runic tattoos, but also a runic arm in order to match the tattoos, as well. c:

If you guys would love to commission from me something like this, please give this here post a good lookin’ and email me!! c: NOTE that the discount and coupon mentioned in post is no longer in effect. >>

Thank you so much, Quickscript, for commissioning me!! I truly appreciated it, and I hope you love it! <33