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She was a leather bound book hiding high up on a shelf, covered in dust, waiting for me to explore every tattered corner. Her stories carefully bleeding off the pages leaving ink stains on my fingertips daring me to write sonnets and proses with them. She was my leather bound book, hiding high up on a shelf covered in dust, daring me to write our own fairy tale ending.
—  Dusty stories (10:03pm)
the signs as shit gordon ramsay says in kitchen nightmares
  • aries: you fucking donut
  • taurus: i would like to pray before i eat this
  • gemini: you stuck up precious little bitch
  • cancer: bland as fuck
  • leo: have you ever sat at a table and watched 6 customers with its fucking donkey dick swinging in front of its face? it's hilarious
  • virgo: no, don't eat that, i don't want to be responsible for putting you back in the hospital
  • libra: it's not a crab cake... it's a crap cake
  • scorpio: that baby was fucking ugly
  • sagittarius: *gags and spits out food*
  • capricorn: looks like a fucking flip-flop
  • aquarius: stuffed clams. looks like a dog shat in the shells
  • pisces: i need the toilet, excuse me, i knew it would come out faster than it went in

Before someone asks: No, I’m never going to stop doing these stupid text post things


Here take some sloppy edits of ballet nerds and then a bonus breakdancer outfit for ladybug (I don’t know what chat noir should look like so stand by for work on him whoops).

This is for @starrycove’s ballet/break dance au!

Things I want to see in Star Wars Rebels:

  • Cad Bane, helping out the rebels because the Empire is too weird and totalitarian even if they pay well and honestly Bane has some mad respect for Jedi because he knows what they can do and also Obi-Wan sort of grew on him a little and anyway, Bane’s a man of honour and there is nothing less honourable than the Empire
  • Cad Bane meeting Hondo Ohnaka and being forced to work with him and being just about five seconds away from strangling him somewhere without witnesses
  • Hondo totally loving every second of torturing Bane and telling him fifty completely made up stories and never shutting up until Bane threatens to rip his tongue out
  • Hondo having Bane on speed dial and insisting that they’re best buds
  • Bane refusing to talk to anyone for weeks because they’re all bad news, but most importantly they’re all ANNOYING STOP CALLING ME WE ARE NOT FRIENDS
  • Basically Cad Bane not working for the Empire and more Hondo
On the US Election

I’m probably not going to be on social media for a while, because I know whatever happens in the US Elections tomorrow, there’s going the be a crap show. But before I go, let me give my two-cents as an outsider. Please note that I do not presume that I can tell you what to do. This is merely an opinion.

Donald Trump is a racist, perverse and xenophobic man. Hillary Clinton has had her hand in so many underhand and back room deals that the level of corruption surrounding her is terrifying and staggering. Neither of these candidates seem to be a good choice for the next US president, and from what I’ve heard and seen, most Americans seem to think so too.

One problem I’ve seen arise though is people, while completely acknowledging the massive flaws in these candidates, still scream for you to vote for the one they back because “DO YOU WANT TRUMP TO WIN??!” or “DO YOU WANT HILLARY TO WIN??!” This is a concerning line of thinking, and it’s precisely how countries find themselves with horrible leaders. The idea that any action, no matter how reprehensible, is justified because it prevents some greater evil, is the thinking of dictators.

I do not envy the decisions that any of you will have to make tomorrow, but I ask that what ever decision you do make, make it because it’s what you want to do. If want you to vote for either or neither, do so. (I’ve heard many claim that “A vote for a third party is a vote for Trump!” while the other side yells “A vote for a third party is a vote for Hillary!”. Both these statements cannot be true at the same time. That’s a paradox. A vote for a third party is a vote for a third party).
Tomorrow, vote with your wits, with your heart, and with your faith. For those of you who pray, pray for the wisdom to make the right choice. Whatever happens tomorrow, God is still in control. Presidents last only a few years. Our King is forever.

Love and Prayer from Trinidad,