please give me more scenes during the back half of the season

Imagine Jensen confessing he accepted a role in a movie because he knew you, his celebrity crush, were in it.

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“And here we are with the star of the movie, Jensen Ackles!” the woman grinned as Jensen did the same at her “Jensen, it’s so great to see you here! Tell me, how does it feel to be on the big screen after all this time in Supernatural?”

“Wow it is certainly… weird, I must admit. I mean I was and still am so used to the Supernatural family that I had a hard time processing it when I got asked for this movie, I almost asked them if they had the wrong number and wanted to call Ryan Gosling or something but no- they insisted they wanted me!” he laughed, shaking his head as you smiled behind the camera. Seeing as your own interviews were over about half an hour ago you decided to hang out behind the cameras to watch your co-star and… more than just that, have his own last interview.

“But I think everybody will agree to hear and see that you actually accepted it, right?”

“Well, my friends and family really were. I was so glad that above all I didn’t have to stop Supernatural for some time or anything, we managed to make it all work; because I honestly could not say no to this movie! There were so many things that made me say the big yes, but above all it’s Blade Runner who would say no to this role?” he laughed softly and the interviewer nodded her head.

“Agreed, and I think everybody was very pleased to see that you indeed were the best choice for Officer K to the point that they want more than just one movie now. Tell me, though, if you could pick the three top reasons that made you take the role: what would they be?”

“Uhm well, in no particular order I think one would definitely be me being a huge geek when it comes to Blade Runner. I’ve been a really big fan of the first one since I was a kid, you’d have no idea!” he chuckled “Another one would definitelybe the amazing cast and crew. Getting to work with such amazing directors and Harrison Ford himself is a dream coming true and something that really made me want to jump at the opportunity the moment I heard it!”

“That would seem as a good reason too, yeah. And one more?”

“One more, oh.” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck “I- I think I’m going to regret saying this, out loud that is but uhm-” he cleared his throat “Alright I’m just- I should say it quick and without waiting so-”

“So?” she asked “Your main reason I’m guessing would-”

“(Y/n)!” he exclaimed, cutting her off and her eyebrows shot up. She giggled as Jensen laughed nervously.

“(Y/n), wow that is something I… didn’t expect to hear and now- now I am intrigued. Do tell more?” she insisted and Jensen laughed nervously.

“Oh gosh, time to turn this into fifty shades of red.” he cleared his throat “I- I mean, have you seen her? There is no way I’d pass a movie when I found out she’d be my costar!”

“Costar and a lot more in the movie actually.” she said with a smirk and Jensen laughed, shrugging.

“Guilty” he shook his head “Point is, I know I am her biggest fan and I can fight anyone that dares to claim different, those scenes were just… an extra bonus.” he laughed “It would be a dream to be in a movie with her and- honestly? That was the first and main reason as to why I said yes.”

“So you’d say she’s your celebrity crush?”

“I would actually but-” he glanced around “Just because she always finds her way around here somehow I am going to refer from that because I won’t hear the end of it.”

“But you’ve become great friends, haven’t you? And you’ve only knows each other for what- two years now?”

“Uhm well, I’m going to be honest: it’s longer, much longer than just that. We- we met back in the beginning of Supernatural actually. I- I can’t remember why she was there during season 1, and neither does she, but yeah- we go way back.” he grinned nodding his head.

“Wow, really? I’m surprised something like this has slipped the fans’ radars considering how much of a buzz there isaround you two lately!”

“Trust me, that I know! Jared must be the number one shipper, that I am sure about!” he leaned back in his chair “And he sure as hell finds every possible way to tease me about (Y/n) whether I am talking with her on the phone, skype or just texting. He’s just found his new favorite hobby that is most certain!”

“I’m sure he has a lot of fun with that! But uhm let me ask you something else too: Seeing as your character actually proposes in the very end to (Y/n)’s character, do you think – being single for so long – you would ever take this step and with who?”

“Taking this step hm. Uhm well, honestly first I would really have to find the one-” he chuckled, glancing at the camera where he had spotted you from before and grinned “-uhm yeah, done already I think. There are a lot of things that need to be in a relationship especially if someone wants to spend the rest of his life with another.”

“Would you? I mean as I said you’ve been single for very long, do you think you could make it? Leave all you have for something unknown actually.”

“Well, it really depends on how I’d feel for the person and how they too would respond to be honest. But you know, if they’re the one- I wouldn’t hesitate to give up my life for them.” he shrugged, this time completely serious and only a soft genuine smile on his face.

“So this… one you found, because you said it don’t think I didn’t catch that-” she smirked pointing a finger at him as he laughed “Do you think she’d be the one? And no vague answers here, Mr Ackles because all these years of hunting have rubbed off on you and you are still avoiding to answer.” she narrowed her eyes at him and Jensen looked at you laughing as you grinned at him.

“I am not!” he raised his hands in the air “But if you so want an answer, ask her to walk in!”

“Ask who?” she looked around.

“The answer, obviously.” you said with a smirk as you made your way around the cameras to your costar and wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind as you kissed his cheek.

“The answ- oh!” her eyes widened as hiding your face in the crook of his neck you raised your hand to show her the classic diamond ring on your finger.

“He’s a sap.” you chuckled, as he kissed the side of your head.

“Just the best for my fiance!”

The Soccer Player and The Cheerleader - Cheryl Blossom x female! Reader

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Pairing: Cheryl Blossom x soccer player! reader
Warnings: fighting
Fandom: Riverdale

You let out a sigh of relief as you pulled your sweaty soccer jersey over your head. It felt good to get that dirty shirt off of you. Coach has been extra hard on the team and you, the team captain in particular lately. You couldn’t blame her though. The Riverdale girls soccer team was about to go up against your rivals and you’ve lost to them for four years in a row. Still the practices were leaving you and the rest of the girls exhausted. Besides this year was going to be different. The team was solid.

Once you changed you left the locker room, ready to get home and take a nice shower. You could have taken a shower in the girls locker room but they kind of sucked. Not to mention showering in there made you feel uneasy and exposed. You’d much rather take a shower in the comforts of your own home.

You paused in the hall when you reached the doors to the gym. The cheerleaders were in there, seeming to just be finishing practice since most were packing up their things. Normally they would have practiced outside but you and your team have kind of been hogging the field. Cheryl’s been on your ass a lot about that.

Speaking of Cheryl you quickly spotted her bright red hair and decided to wait outside the gym for her. You needed to talk to her and you hadn’t gotten a chance to be with her alone at all today. You watched as all the cheerleaders dispersed from the gym, none of them really acknowledging you then you slipped inside when Cheryl was the last one left.

“Hey” you greeted shoving your hands into the pockets of your shorts. Cheryl jumped then turned around to face you. With you two only inches apart she made a face.

“Someone didn’t take a shower after practice” Cheryl stated making you roll your eyes.

“I was planning on doing that later. So… how was cheerleading?”.

“Good” Cheryl answered but then she paused and scanned you up and down “[Y/N] what are you doing here?”.

“Ah I came to see my girlfriend”.
Cheryl winced at the use of the word even though that was literally what you were.
“Give me a break. No ones here. I know you’re ashamed of me around other people but when we’re alone? Seriously?”.

“Oh please it’s not like that”.

“Yes it is! Christ whatever, I get it you have to keep up your popular, rich, cheerleader status up” you replied cutting your eyes. Cheryl didn’t respond obviously not in the mood to argue. Neither were you but you were getting tired of this whole charade. Your relationship with Cheryl started off great, a secret but great. Then you got annoyed with the fact you couldn’t even be around her at school much less hold her hand so now you guys were fighting often. It was becoming toxic and you’d be lying if you didn’t sometimes think about just ending the whole thing.

“I’m just here to ask if you’re coming to my soccer game on Friday?” You breathed trying to keep yourself calm.

“[Y/N] the cheerleaders aren’t coming to the girls soccer game”.

“I’m not asking if you’ll be coming as a cheerleader Cheryl. I’m asking if you’ll come as my girlfriend to support me”.

“No one cares about the girls soccer game [Y/N]. If Cheryl Blossom went to that game, especially not as a cheerleader it would seem suspicious”.

That was like a slap in the face. It wasn’t even just the fact that Cheryl was refusing to support you that hurt. The part about “no one caring about the girls soccer game” made you want to hit something. Hearing that the thing you worked so hard for, the thing you loved the most didn’t apparently matter to anyone, didn’t matter to Cheryl especially made you want to throw up.

“Good to know that you don’t care about anything I do” you said flatly.

“That’s not what I said”.

“It’s what you meant though. I’ve been trying to convince myself that you care about me more than your damn popularity but stupid me, that’s obviously not the case. I get it cool”.

Cheryl opened her mouth to say something but you didn’t even bother waiting for her response. You didn’t want to hear it so instead you stumped out the school not daring to look back once. What was the point of a relationship if you didn’t put each other first? Ugh you’ve had enough.

You didn’t end up taking that shower at home like you intended. Instead you locked yourself in your room and cried.

“[Y/N] where’s your head at?” Your coach asked when you sat down on the bench during half time. She was clearly annoyed with how badly you were playing and you couldn’t blame her. This was the most important game of the season and you weren’t paying attention. You missed several shots at the net, you’ve gotten the ball stolen from you more times than you could count, and you even tripped over your own feet like an idiot. How freaking embarrassing.

“I’m just off my game is all coach” you lied knowing full well the reason you were doing so terrible was because of Cheryl. You couldn’t stop thinking about what happened between the two of you the other day.

“Well you’re staying on the bench then” the coach said making your heart break slightly. You wanted to argue but judging by the look on the coaches face you weren’t winning this one so you just shut your mouth.

Once half time was over you watched miserably as your team mates jogged back on to the field while you were forced to stay behind. They looked back at you in confusion and some, you hate to say looked kind of relieved that you were sitting this half out. You were the team captain and you weren’t just sitting out but your own team mates didn’t want to play with you. There was nothing that could make you feel worse.

“What?! You’re not letting [Y/N] play?! Are you out of your damn mind?!” Someone suddenly yelled from the stands. Both you and the coach spun around to see who this angry fan was. Your jaw dropped when you saw who it was.

“How dare you not allow my girlfriend, the best player on this team play. If you’re trying to lose you’re doing a great job!” Cheryl yelled full of fury. Your eyes went wide when she said “girlfriend”. Cheryl Blossom sure knew how to cause a scene but this time it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Everyone sitting watching the game turned to her in surprise. Some even started to whisper. By this time tomorrow everyone in town was sure to know about Cheryl Blossoms announcement.

The coach turned to you and just examined your face, not saying a word. You could practically see the news registering in everyone’s minds. Even people on the field stop playing for a split second.

Eventually you cleared your throat.
“Ah coach sorry but she’s going to be yelling like that for the entire game. Could I possibly… have a second chance? I promise I’ll be at the top of my game”.

The coach went thin liped.
“Well… get out there [Y/L/N]. Don’t make me regret this”.

Suddenly you felt full of energy and you jumped straight to your feet.
“You won’t I swear. Thanks coach”.
With that you ran out on to the field, ready to kick some ass.

You won by a land slide. All the girls were hooting and hollering as you made the last goal that won you the game. It was incredible. Once you got back out on to that field you were avoiding defensive players left and right as you made your way toward the net. The feeling of misery that you felt before has completely vanished thanks to the victory.

After the game you were about to go to the locker room but you spotted Cheryl walking toward you so you stuck behind as the rest of the girls went to get changed.

“Thought no one cared about girls soccer games” you joked once Cheryl reached you. This made her roll her eyes and surprisingly enough you realized that you kind of missed that sassy gesture of hers.

“Well this one does” Cheryl replied then out of nowhere she pressed her ruby red lips on to yours. Your eyes went wide at the action, you’ve never kissed in public before after all but you found yourself kissing her back without question.

“So obviously you don’t care about people finding out about us anymore” you laughed once you pulled apart.

“I care more about you [Y/N]. I hope that we’re still…”.

“What? Girlfriends? Well you kind of announced to a bunch of people that we were so it would be kind of weird if suddenly that changed don’t you think?” You grinned squeezing the red head’s hand “how about we don’t fight anymore? That sound good?”.

“Sounds perfect and I promise I’ll be at all your games from now on. No matter how bad you smell afterward”.

“Love you too Cheryl”.

Voltage Honest Trailers: Enchanted in the Moonlight

Thanks for all the love and support from everyone who liked my Gangsters in Love Homest Trailer! Because of you all I will continue to make more of these in the form of a series based on the ones you all request!

Please remember that this is only for humorous purposes.

Also I do not own Voltage and if I did, I’d make badass and more culturally diverse MC’s!


Narrator: Are you ready for a Voltage game that is filled with romance and Asian culture?

Are you willing to spend your paycheck on a story to satisfy your furry obsession?

Then this romance sim about yokai is sure to delight your unhealthy attraction to animals!

(Cue Yokai Anime)

Narrator:…No not those yokai…


Enchanted in the Moonlight!

(Cue Enchanted in the Moonlight Theme)

In eastern Japan, there lives a young MC.

She’s a naive bookworm with a life and a personality that is even shallower and blander than Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

MC: “I have no boyfriend, I’m too serious, and I work too hard…maybe it’s finally getting to me…😓”

Narrator: The MC is so retarded, she thinks closing her eyes in a life threatening situation will save her life.

MC:(I reflexively squeeze my eyes shut as bookshelves tumble down towards me!😣)

MC:(I shut my eyes as a speeding car rushes for me!😣)

Voltage Vlogger Martha: “No girl, that’s not how danger works…😒”

(Slight Beat)

Narrator: The MC lives in a bento box far far away from her parents with her close friend Samon, who is really a spirit from another world sent to stalk the MC since her high school years.

MC: “Samon’s the shrine priest. He’s like a big brother who watches over me.”

Narrator: After waking up from a night terror about a scene from Spirited Away and about hot guys, the MC goes to work and encounters MORE hot guys who stalk and warn her to be cautious of her surroundings instead of outright telling her that demons are out to get her!

Shinra: “I want you to be careful today.😑”

MC:(I wonder why he said that😦)

Narrator: Really…?😒


After the retarded MC risks rabies disease by stripping down and taking a bath with a random fox she found on the street, MC finds out the the fox is actually a beautiful spirit with realistic fox ears and a tail.

MC: “Is he a cosplayer?😦”

Narrator: I said realistic…😒


MC goes back to her living room seeing the same hot guys freeloading. And once learning that they are ayakashi from another world, they each have one request from her to help save their people.

Yukinojo: “We would like to have a child with you.😃”


Narrator: After being attacked by evil ayakashi, MC Is forced to make a dreadful decision of her life…

Lose your virginity…or DIE!

MC: “But I don’t know pleasure…!😰”


Narrator: MC has the option to choose…


The sexy arrogant half breed who makes it no secret that he wants to fuck the MC dry.

He’s a man so perverted, that calling him a fuckboy or a rapist would be a complete understatement!

Miyabi: “Give me your body…😌”

Miyabi: “You’ll be lusting for me from inside your bed😏”

Narrator: His sex drive is so strong, he’d give prostitutes in Vegas a run for their money.

Yukinojo: “Miyabi would sleep with 10 girls in one night!😃”


Narrator: Chikage! The Sasuke of the game!

Unlike his privileged friends, he rose up from complete nothingness and earned his spot to become the next hokage of the Tengu clan.

Although he has a soft spot for cute little boys, he’s so emo that it’s clear that he needs pussy in his life.

But he has NO problems flirting with actual crows whatsoever…

Chikage: “Caw caw caw!😄”

Narrator: Okay! SOMEONE needs to take YOU to the strip…😒



The oni who resembles and dresses like a prepubescent middle school kid, and who has an unhealthy obsession with Victoria’s Secret underwear!

Boy: “Tiger print underpants aren’t cool-😒”

Shinra: “YES THEY ARE!😡”


He’s the love interest that no one gives a fuck about. And the one who took over a YEAR to get a season 2 because Voltage forgot his ass.

Although he was first introduced alongside Miyabi and Chikage, he becomes the most unpopular character in the Voltage franchise with his childish personality and annoying and constant blushing behavior that Voltage would make fans believe to be a cute trait.

Miyabi: “You’re as red as an ogre!😏”

Miyabi: “What’s wrong with calling a red oni a red oni?😂”

Shinra: “Grrrrrrr….!😡”




The badass bisexual of the group! And the best dressed!

He’s the only one who treats you like a human being if you choose him.

Although he makes no secret of his attraction for you, it’s more than clear he has a thing for Yukinojo.

Kyoga: “I watched this movie about a Okami man and a Yukibito woman…it made me feel weird…😳”

Kyoga: “You know you’re very beautiful Yuki!😄”

Yukinojo: “Y'know I am a man…😓”

Narrator: That doesn’t excuse the fact that you enjoyed being fed by Kyoga during MC’s date with Kiryu at a restaurant…just admit you’re gay!😒



The other bisexual and the Caitlyn Jenner of the gang!

The one MC literally falls in love with JUST because of his looks!

MC: “You’re so beautiful…😍”

MC: “You have such gorgeous skin!☺️”

Narrator: He’s kindhearted as he is two faced as he even tried to rape MC at one point and is willing to threaten anyone with his power of snow and ice.

Kyoga: “Yuki’s scary when he’s angry…😰”


With his obsession with Bath and Body Works products and being beautiful, Voltage might as well could have made Yuki a female option of the game which…might increase sales for Voltage…

Just look at the amemix line!😃


And Kiryu!

The cynical as fuck, runaway prince of the ryu clan who came to the human world to write fanfiction AND be a total weeaboo for Japanese technology!

Kiryu: “Do you know how much this tablet costs?!😒”

Kiryu: “Did you wreck my cleaning robot?!😤

Kiryu: “Who destroyed my Japanese toilet?!😡”

Narrator: He hates people so much, that he’s even racist towards his own kind.

Kiryu: “I don’t care for the humans or the ayakashi! They irritate me!😒”


As you live your days being the only woman in a household full of men, you are forced to deal with things LIKE:

Perverse Humor!😃

Miyabi: “Have you two been at it every night?😏”

Chikage: “Oh, so that’s it…😏”

Kyoga: “We can smell what you’ve been doing.😏”

Narrator: No longer having privacy!😁

Samon: “Everyone gets to live here!😃”

Shinra: “Dibs on the biggest room!😄”

MC: “Do you have to follow me to work?😓”

Narrator: AND: “Trump like” RACISM!😑

Chikage: “Humans are weak.😒”

Kyoga: “Humans aren’t like us ayakashi who have more strength.😕”

Shinra: You’re weird! A human interested in oni…😒"

Miyabi: “You’re just a human!😠”

Ayakashi: “Stupid human!😡”

Ayakashi: “Yeesh! Humans!😡”

Miyabi: “A regular human wouldn’t be allowed in our world.😏”

Miyabi: “A human an ayakashi can’t be together.😠”

(Slight beat)

Narrator:…Wait a minute! Wait a minute! So humans can’t go to the Mononoke World but Ayakashi can freely roam the human world like rats and mistreat them however they please?!

Trump: “We need to BUILD A WALL to keep those filthy ayakashi OUT from crossing that magical train BORDER! And those clan heads will pay for it!"👌🏻

Narrator:..Trump I hate you but I support that idea!😃🔨

People of color:😡😡😡

Narrator:…Too soon?😅😓

Trump: “CROOKED Miyabi! LYIN’ CHIKAGE!😤😡”

Narrator: Okay we get it! It’s bad enough you were elected…😓




“Teen Wolf”(Kyoga)🐺



“Male Elsa”(Yukinojo)❄️

“Potential Housewife”(Samon)👩🏻

“Blue Eyes White Dragon”(Kiryu)🐉

“Regina Gorge”(Ageha)💁🏼


The Three Stooges(The Omnyoji)👨‍👨‍👦

“Someone who may as well be an ayakashi with her ability to sense things!”(Ikumi)👀

“Ino Yamanaka”(Botan)✳️

“Ultear Milkovich”(Kirikimi)🔮

“Darth Vader”(Kuro Kabuto)👽


“Master Roshi”(Genji)👴🏻

“Jacob Black”(Aoi)👱🏻

“Taylor Swift”(Nishiki)🐍



“As told by a Ginger, I am a Virgin(MC)😔”

“Yokai BAEwatch!!!”

Narrator: Okay seriously?! How is it that ayakashi can’t get arrested in the human world JUST because they aren’t “bound” to human laws! If you GO to another country you HAVE to follow those rules or you get arrested!

Couldn’t the MC just call the cops and tell them their are strange men claiming to be spirits who want to fuck her?

That would be helpful considering how they would be sent to the crazy house! Not to mention charged for frequent harassment!

Mamoru, get over here already!

Mamoru: *sigh* fine…😒🚬

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Just wanted to say your blog always gives me positive Jonsa vibes!! I know it's probably something you've already answered but I'd really like to know how you came to ship Jon and Sansa in the show??

Hi Anonny!!

Oh my god. I’m probably going to ramble a lot so please bear with me. Lemme start at the beginning. This is the order in which I liked the Starks in season one.

1. Ned
2. Robb
3. Arya and Jon
4. Bran Stark
5. Catelyn Stark
6. Sansa and Rickon

Yes, Sansa was the least favourite of the Starks for me but of course I never did really hate her. After Ned’s death (which was my first WTF?? moment on GOT) I thought she was not going to survive for too long. Robb stark was then my most favourite stark. (I still love him). I felt hope for Sansa, I started to like her more when she stood up to Joffrey knowing very well what it would earn her. Her dreams were shattered and she truly became GRRM’s variety of course but nevertheless a princess trapped in a golden cage/castle with the man of her dreams turning into her worst nightmare. I felt for her and sincerely hoped her brother would soon rescue her.

Jon on the other hand went through a similar though less drastic phase of disillusionment. When Ned Stark died I really wanted Jon to join Robb and the Starks to take over but of course that was never meant to happen because the focus was kept on Robb for a reason. The Red wedding. My second WTF my life is over moment on GOT!!

D. Targ remained the only hope for westeros and I really thought at that point that she and Jon should collaborate at some point and rid westeros of all its evil. I liked ygritte but somehow I never thought that her’s and Jon was a romance that was going to last. I knew she was going to die even before she was going to die and I was saved from my third WTF moment on game of thrones.

When Sansa got married to Tyrion, I heaved a huge sigh of relief. Here was a man who was clever and kind and would treat her with respect and even remain loyal to her. Finally Sansa Stark’s future was beginning to look not so bleak and I thought even though physically Tyrion was the exact opposite of what Sansa wanted, he might be her happy ending. But that didn’t materialise in the end.

When I was disappointed in Sansa’s character about her trusting LF, the worst thing ever happens to her - Ramsay Bolton. And suddenly I’m awed by Sansa Stark. Inspite of the torture she’s being put through she remains strong. Broken but strong. She’s the one who brings Theon out of Reek. She’s constantly trying to escape her fate and I began to love her. I can’t tell you the amount of disappointment I felt when Brienne fails to see her lit candle. That was my first “I’m going to kill you D&D” on GOT!!

The amount of tension that I felt in the time between Sansa and Theon’s escape from winterfell and her reaching the wall is the most amount of tension that I’ve ever felt in GOT. I was screaming “Please Sansa… just reach Jon. And don’t you dare die before you reach!!!!”

When the gates of castle black opened and I saw Sansa come in and that reunion happened I was like. FINALLY SOMETHING GOOD HAS HAPPENED ON THRONES!! I was confident that Jon is going to do everything to protect his sister and then the reunion scene happened. And it was just WOW!!

It was during the “where will we go?” Scene that the first thought crept into my head ..

Me: “God.. Kit Harrington is made for romance… the way Jon’s looking at Sansa…”

Also me: Idiot!! They’re brother and sister.

In the scene with Ramsay’s letter… when Sansa held Jon’s hand ..For a second I was like.. oooooook. But the next second I told myself “She said ‘our brother’ and “our home.. Jeez get your mind out of the gutter!!”

In Sansa’s scene with Little finger when she says “My brother and I will take back the north.” I told myself ‘See, there’s nothing there. You’ve been reading too many romance novels.“ And then LF stresses on “Half - brother”
And I went “Oh no.. here I go again.”

Then in the scene where they are all planning how to rally the north against Ramsay I was like “Er… Isn’t Jon staring a little too much at Sansa??”
But then I was caught off guard by Sansa lying to Jon about where she got information about the blackfish. And then Sansa says “Jon is Jon. I trust him. He’s my brother.” Again I was like “She’s making it pretty clear that he’s her brother…”

Then Sansa gives him a cloak and Jon fumbles and Sansa is looking so pretty and Jon blushes when Edd sees him wearing the cloak and Jon leaves castle black looking like a king and Sansa follows right behind him looking like his queen and I was like “Which is this show that I’m watching, again? Game of thrones??? Sorry!! I forgot that for a minute.”

I didn’t catch any such vibes in their scene with Lyanna Mormont. My whole focus was on an exceptionally talented little girl who literally ate up the screen.

The scene with Lord Glover was the beginning of the huffs and the disagreements which went on to heavy breathing and small pauses in the scene before Sansa sends LF the raven which grew to laboured breathing and pregnant pauses in the scene before the BOB which is the scene in which I finally said to myself “There’s something more than a sibling relationship happening here!!”

Then the forehead kiss happened which I tried my level best to not read into (Jon did not look at her lips… he was just… I don’t know maybe pink is a better colour than white… of course snowflakes falling does not make the whole scene look romantic… it just means winter is here..)

Then the cousin reveal happened. My fourth WTF?? Moment on GOT, in an I’m so excited way

Then the King in the north scene happened. My fifth WTF?? Moment on GOT, In an I’m screaming with joy way

I must say that until this point I dint know anything about the books, I didn’t know a ship called Jonsa even existed, I had not read a single meta and I didn’t know about the existence of Ao3 and jonsa fanfiction. And ironically not a thing about tumblr. I just called my brother who doesn’t have a single romantic bone in his body and asked him, “I got a weird feeling that this show wants us to see Jon and Sansa in a romantic light.” To which he said, “Well, surprisingly me too.. kind of.” That was enough for me to ship them.

What I am really trying to say in this irritatingly long ass answer is that I was person who never thought I would EVER ship Jon with Sansa, never wanted to ship them, went back and forth, had conflicted feelings about them throughout season 6 before jonsa became my OTP.

And it is my HONEST opinion that this is exactly what the makers of the show wanted us to feel. This is my Jonsa story!!!


This season has been a long, dark torturous ride for us all. Until last night. I woke up this morning, alone again, but not really. Over the past few months, I’ve wrapped myself in the blanket of the Olicity Fandom. It’s been a place where I can channel my own personal grief and loss over losing my wife. It has helped, (through writing fanfiction and metas) to start processing my loneliness and sorrow. Last night’s episode was another leg of that journey. So I just wanted to begin this analysis by thanking all of you.

I read a post this morning that MG received, basically telling him to fuck off for bringing back the Olicity trash. And then this cheerful and colorful person asked Marc to please not do it.

Too late, my gregarious hater, too late.

Happy birthday, Oliver. I should be so blessed with my own, (which is next week by the way, on the 27th.) There were fantastic moments during the festivities. As I watched them, I could hear the fandom squealing and screaming and cooing in my head. But there were two moments that really stood out and motivated me to climb into my office chair and fire up the laptop.

The first was when Oliver told Felicity he thought her ruse to have dinner with him was a possible date. Felicity responded with—“We can take it one step at a time.” Not I or you—we. As in together. As in who let the elephant (that crowded them all season) out of the room. The look on Oliver’s face when he told her he’d like that very much was akin to someone winning a lottery. With the crazy pacing that Arrow utilizes, I think those steps Felicity mentioned could end up as a sprint to the wedding alter. One thing I would say to Oliver though; it isn’t hypothetical, dude. When they do decide to hook up for good, there won’t be any anxious first date vibes we got in 301. When Felicity reminded him (and it was a reminder) of their Pacific Coast Trail excursion, of their intimate nights spent under the mountain stars, I thought to myself their next “date” won’t be in a restaurant or a trip to the zoo. Break out the camping gear Oliver—she wants a repeat performance.

The “hypothetically dating my ex-fiancé” line and Felicity’s big, beautiful smile in response to it just melted me in my recliner. Her telling Oliver that they won and he can put his feet up and relax—well, it felt like coming home. The little tug on his tie just emphasized it. These two are crazy in love and it showed in this scene. Doubters and haters beware—it’s only going to grow larger.

The next great moment related to the party for me was Felicity and Curtis on the phone. Curtis wanted gossip: give me all the details, the sexual tension you could cut with a knife, the sexy dress, the heart eyes, (okay, that one was mine.) The last time they talked about her and Oliver like this was last summer in the Bunker. He called them a power couple. He brought up the longing looks, the supposition that Felicity shouldn’t have broken up with Oliver, the way Oliver looks at her. Felicity was taken aback, probably because it was true. It was still in her heart if not right in front of her. The trust issues and William and not seeing the point in being in a relationship with Oliver—it was all still simmering in her. And then Oliver came in with Chinese food and Curtis made an obvious exit after mentioning the wine. Food and drink, mutual desire, the salmon ladder—it all came together for them, they came together…

Okay, I had to refill my coffee cup and take a cold shower. Anyway, when Curtis was talking about her and Oliver while she was cleaning up, I half expected Felicity to start giggling—not in embarrassment but in confirmation.

Post party Olicity. Another couple of moments I wanted to look at. The obvious one was Oliver telling Felicity he wanted her with him in the Bunker, not as Overwatch or the brilliant computer genius or the trusted crime fighting partner. He wanted the love of his life by his side. It wasn’t because she needed his protection. It wasn’t tactical or practical or logical. It was him needing to be with her, to breathe her in, to not wanting her to be apart from him ever again.

And Felicity needed to hear this from Oliver. What they shared at the party only established this for both of them. Felicity was just checking to make sure. Ever since their breakup, it’s been about Oliver striving to become the man she deserved. She told him this after their Bunker sex. She wanted his pain, his doubts, his worries, and his darkness—all of it. He gave that to her in 520. And showed it 100% last night.

Just before Felicity and Diggle agreed with Oliver’s plan to split up, (reluctantly by Felicity) there was that moment Oliver said William was the purist part of him. He put his son in danger because what Oliver became on the island came back to Starling City and created Prometheus.  I could sense Felicity wanting to hold him and give her love and support. That is coming sooner than we think, folks.

Instead, they held each other’s hands. It was brief, but it was huge. It showed me their connection. It showed me, more than any other time in their relationship, they can weather adversity and tragedy and distance and pain—and be strong for one another, more than they’ve ever been before.

Curtis was right. They are a power couple.

Next week is going to be awesome. There is nothing now in Oliver and Felicity’s way. Whoever or whatever tries to pull them apart will only make them stronger. It is their legacy. As Felicity told Oliver in 411—it’s who they are.


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UMFB&MHA Meta : Notre-Dame de Paris (part 1)

Read Part 2 here

Throughout UMFB, Kazliin uses songs in Viktor’s performances to give the reader an idea of what he’s feeling at that point in the fic, since we never see Viktor’s POV. However, some songs in the fic are more telling than others. ‘Belle’, the song Viktor skates his free skate to in chapter 8, is one of those songs.

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Sooooo... I binge-watched GLOW in one day. And I regret nothing.

I really enjoyed the first season of GLOW on Netflix and I’m happy to see that it’s been getting a lot of positive feedback and support around the internet. I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked since the series was produced by the same team who created Orange is the New Black, but since I don’t watch that show, I didn’t have any real expectations for it to be as good as it was. 

Overall, I thought it was incredibly well done, and like I said in an earlier post, I think it’s great how most of the episodes were directed by women. I only saw a couple of douchebags on the internet say something negative that was on par with your typical misogyny. 

Anyways, here are my thoughts as I watched the show and failed to talk myself out of watching 8 of the episodes in a row with no break. The list below isn’t in any particular order.

Beware: Mild spoilers below. 

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『声優だって旅します』京都編 未放送シーン
AnimeJapan2017で限定公開された物です。 金沢編(浪川大輔)→ 北海道編(諏訪部順一)→

KoeTabi video that was revealed on AnimeJapan 2017:
- Unaired scenes from Season 1
- Special message for KoeTabi 2 (He was still in the middle of Okinawa trip during this recording)

Special message translation done by a fellow fan:

To the people in Anime Japan, Mensoore!
This is Okinawa-group’s team leader, Kaji Yuki!

Q. What is the one thing that made you feel glad about being starred in KoeTabi?
Well, I’ve always enjoyed travelling. So to be able to do this as part of work, not to mention visiting any place I want to go, also, the last time when we went to Kyoto, I was glad that I was given the chance to visit the places that I don’t usually go to, as the theme was “the back of Kyoto.” And given that it’s really hard to try match to the other two’s schedule even in private, KoeTabi has given me this wonderful time to be able to travel with people that I like so much, as part of work.

Q. During this trip, has your impression of Hatanaka-san changed?
Nope *laughs* Well, everyone must have already noticed but, right now, we’re in the middle of the trip. It’s still the first day out of the two days and… it’s barely past half of the day, but. Yeah, it hasn’t changed. He’s exactly how I imagined him to be. He’s a really pleasant, manly, but… also a bit feminine *laughs* That kind of person. How’d I put this… by being together, he gives me energy. Also, he’s a really honest person.
Appears that he doesn’t like onions.

Q. Did you experience anything new in this trip?
Although I’ve only went through around ¼ of the whole trip, I did get to experience new things! Seems like this is Hatanaka-kun’s first time here in Okinawa, so the sight of him being too excited, is one highlight I believe. Personally for me, I got to make a “certain” thing. Well previously, all the groups also had one activity in common which is to make clay, this time too, we have something similar to that.

Q. What is a highlight of Okinawa?
I’ve been saying it forever but, we’re still, in the middle of the trip *laughs* I’m sure that there’ll be more highlights coming up soon, but if I have to name one at this stage, it would be “Hatanaka Tasuku and Pineapple.” I believe that this will become really important. I’m feeling that this will turn out to become a really fun trip, so please look forward to it!

Stabler-centric thoughts on Ep 18x13

Transformation complete. From Nu Munch to Nu Stabler, in just 13 episodes!


Seriously though, surprisingly long post ahead: (I would cut it down, but I don’t have the time or the patience)

Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x13 

First things first: what the fuck happened to Barba’s chocolates? Biggest disappointment of the night. The official SVU account is not to be trusted.

Overall thoughts

Decent episode. It had some issues*, but it was reasonably, well, not terrible. Probably a little above average for Season 18’s standards. 

*starting with the issues, to get them out of the way: too much rapist(s), not enough victim. We got to see if the rapist (the first rapist) was “okay” with a plea for rape 2, and he “admirably” said he deserved that punishment, but we never got to see if the victim was okay with that. We never got to see the victim again, period. We don’t know if and how she is coping. She was a total afterthought. We did see the other victims, during the trial, but that was just to poke holes in their stories. It seems that’s the only reason we ever see a victim, in S18. Not to see how they can overcome their rape as survivors, but to make them appear unreliable for the sake of plot twists.


Barba thoughts

I joke about Sonny going from Munch to Stabler, but I’m not joking when I say that Barba is going from Cabot to Novak. Seriously, Barba went from fierce and flawless Ice Queen Alexandra Cabot, who won every case and didn’t give a shit, to earnest but messy Casey Novak, a half-decent lawyer who loses every other case but it’s okay because we love her. and i do love her :’)

Barba doesn’t really lose cases, but he never wins them on his own merits (with the sole exception of Making a Rapist, when he got the mother’s testimony on the stand, about 7 years ago, when that episode aired). It’s always Liv, saving the day. Even in episodes which are spent mostly in the courtroom, there are no legal victories. No big moment in which Barba argues the fuck out of a case. He just utters a few snarky tidbits like “Bunny,” so we can all admire Raul’s sass, and then he loses (like he lost the motion about confidentiality) or he wins because of something Liv did.

Has Barba gone soft, not to mention less competent, on purpose, or is this poor characterization? that’s a rhetorical question btw

The Legal Side of SVU

Why does this season waste all these semi-interesting cases? Why did we spend the entire rape trial debunking the victim statements, instead of watching Barba argue the law? I was expecting the “rape gene” theory to figure more heavily into the trial, but it never did. Why not? Why waste that opportunity?

The earlier scene with the minister on the stand, that was way more fun to watch (mostly because it didn’t involve victim-blaming). Why do all these cases, which could be considered vague (and therefore exciting) from a legal standpoint, get reduced to arguing the boring facts, like a suspect’s height? Same thing happened with Imposter, an episode which could have been a million times more interesting, if only it had focused on the law.

For instance, Sonny suggested another case offscreen, and Barba dismissed it offscreen, and we never got to find out what it was. Why bother introducing legally murky cases if you’re not going to bother presenting the arguments? Rick Eid is a lawyer, but I can barely tell from watching. He only scrapes the surface. I’m a much younger lawyer, and totally inexperienced when it comes to criminal law, and I still routinely come up with, like, three more things Barba could have done or said in each episode.

But, in fairness, I do have to say the minister/confidentiality theory, as well as the AA comparison, that was actually smart. It was the only unique touch in terms of plot, and they even set it up well, with the prayer, or whatever that was, as Rollins and Carisi were surveilling the group on that earlier scene. That raised my expectations, as did Barba’s argument that the guy was a only being a minister as a hobby (now that’s a fun argument to make!), so the return to mundane victim blaming later on disappointed me even more.

On to Sonny:

Sonny’s Temper

I’ve said it before (and used the SpongeBob gifs to illustrate it), but there is nothing in Sonny’s characterization this season that could be viewed as an organic progression of the Sonny from Seasons 16 and 17. Nor has there been anything plot- or character-related which would justify such a stark change (please no one mention Dodds unless you want to make me laugh).

When is the last time Sonny cracked a smile that wasn’t sarcastic? Remember when Amaro was the angry stereotype, and he’d argue with Barba or Amanda, and Sonny would try to defuse the situation with a joke? Now Sonny has picked up the mantle of Angry Cop. Which, I mean… Sonny, gurl, if Amanda freakin’ Rollins has to scold you about being insubordinate to your superiors, that means you’ve taken it about eighteen steps too far (wait, do the writers remember how she used to talk back to Liv and Dodds? Probably not.)

Sonny and Empathy

Where? 👀 Shouldn’t Sonny have talked to that Will kid more gently? Instead of saying “I’m not a priest or a shrink, just gimme the information, goddammit”? Sonny usually cozies up to perps. This kid wasn’t even a criminal, and Sonny was treating him aggressively, when it was obvious he was fragile and would probably respond better to a milder approach. Which brings me to:

Sonny and Continuity

Sonny told Will (still in a very pointed way, when I was expecting a more casual, if not cordial approach) that the “next” rape “will be on him,” if he didn’t testify. Might that be a callback to Sonny’s own guilt, since he believes the fact his bully murdered someone is “on him”? Even though that’s wrong? And it was extra wrong to lay that kind of a guilt trip on this Will kid? Or did the writers forget about Sonny’s past already?

The Barisi Corner

Barba gave Sonny a sassy look! Because Sonny over-explained a legal matter to show off! And then he sarcastically thanked Sonny! Classic S16 material. We are blessed!

“I don’t care about Barba”

Seriously though, Sonny said “I don’t care about Barba”, meaning he cares about the case more, or about the victim, even if that means making a colleague mad. And that’s fair, especially in the heat of the moment. But this is coming a week after Barba’s secret is (almost?) revealed, at least according to the original production order. What can we deduce from that?

I’d like to think (the old) Sonny would be more considerate when talking to a colleague who had recently been compromised, or gone through some type of emotional hardship. So, maybe Barba’s secret never actually comes out? Maybe we learn it, as the audience, but it doesn’t go public, so Barba ends up worrying over nothing?

Barba obviously doesn’t lose his job, so maybe no one finds out (other than Liv, of course, because from that promo we know she tells Barba about the hacker). What if Sonny doesn’t find out at all, and he doesn’t even get to learn Barba has a secret to begin with? Could Barba’s storyline run in parallel to the “main” case, with no other characters (other than Liv, of course) involved? That would be both disappointing (because the writers would be wasting yet another opportunity to integrate Barba and show he is a valued member of the team) and unsurprising (because, S18).

Of course there’s another option; maybe continuity is a non-factor and the writers just never bothered to write anything to further the “Barba’s secret” storyline past that one episode :D

Sonny’s Temper, Vol. 2

As Amanda noted, Sonny totally overreacted during that argument. Why would that be? Does he really think he knows better than Barba, on whether or not jurisprudence from another state is applicable or relevant? Like, that’s not an “opinion,” Sonny. And, even if it were, it’s Barba’s opinion which defines the prosecution’s strategy. If Sonny wants to make these decisions, he should quit the force and start prosecuting perps himself.

Which brings me to:

Sonny and the Law 

Dare I hope that’s what the argument was about? Is Sonny getting increasingly frustrated with the fact his job ends when he arrests a perp? That would be a great way to bring back his dilemma about becoming a prosecutor. This type of long-running professional frustration would perfectly explain why he snapped like that. It wasn’t about him knowing better than Barba, it was about him wishing he could be doing Barba’s job. Or even thinking he should be doing it.

Apparently, Sonny researched the case, and he came up with an idea which he presented to Barba offscreen, thinking it could save the day. That’s going above and beyond, from a cop’s perspective. And then Barba rejected his idea without a single word, also offscreen, and that pissed him off. Maybe Sonny felt underappreciated, in terms of his legal skills. He is a licensed attorney, but he is not treated as such. Problem is, he is not a prosecutor, he is a cop, and that’s how he should be treated.

So, what if Sonny’s constant sour mood is because he’s unhappy where he is? Because he wants to do more, from a different position? Maybe that’s the reason for his changed demeanor, and it will be explicitly dealt with near the end of the season. lol yes I’m reaching for the stars, Sonny’s law aspirations will probably never be mentioned again

Stray Thoughts

Greg Germann was awesome! So evil and hot. Strauss gave Buchanan a run for his money. By the way, remember when he was an ADA? lol neither do the SVU writers. Why didn’t Barba at least tease him, for switching sides? Like he did to Calhoon (except for her it was the other way around, when she advocated for that victim in that one episode). It would have taken three seconds, and it would have added context.

What’s that? Barba also had an abusive father? lol no one cares or remembers :D

Okay but, when Liv just popped up on that roof, out of fuckin’ nowhere, to deliver some angst and sell her backstory, totally overshadowing that kid? Classic Liv! (srsly tho she was great in this episode :D)

Speaking of, why didn’t we get a close-up of Sonny on that roof, after he found out about Liv’s history? He was right there! And that, too, would have taken three seconds. I was craning my neck to see his reaction, even though it was off-camera, lol. What a wasted opportunity to show how much he cares about Liv. Oh, and Amanda apparently found out offscreen (as if Liv would ever tell her, lol). This season does not give a single fuck about the squad dynamics.

Peter needs to do that botox thing people do between their eyebrows for their “11” lines, he’ll get wrinkles if he keeps frowning like that in every single one of his close-ups.

Amanda’s coats keep slaying me.

What a waste of Bill Irwin.

That first defense attorney is my fave! I wish he’d been in more scenes!

queentheea  asked:

you're such a bean for doing this omg. Canon-verse with Bellamy taking care of sick Clarke?? Thank you !!!

A|N: A missing scene from season one, with motherhen!Bellamy and stubborn!Clarke. Hope you like it! x


It goes without saying that they’ve lived through some pretty fucked up situations on earth. Acid fog. Grounders. Bellamy’s not going to get into the whole two-headed deer debacle, but it’s suffice to say that it’s out there.

But, really. The worst of it has to be when Clarke falls sick.

He’s pretty sure that it’s the last strain of the flu that has been working its way through the camp for weeks now, but it still renders her into a sniffling, feverish mess anyway. She’s barely coherent during their usual debrief sessions and he catches her attempting to bandage Monroe’s perfectly good knee instead of her scraped one. His gentle rebukes that she should probably, you know, rest, are met with skepticism and dismissiveness; with her constant, stubborn insistence being that she’s fine, Bellamy, and shouldn’t he go hover over someone else now?

(It’s unfortunate that she’s impervious to his glower, so he mostly sticks to stomping around and glaring at her from a distance.)

He holds out for as long as he can; biting his tongue whenever he’s tempted to comment on how tired she looks and sending his lackeys to help her out with her mundane tasks. It seems to be working, for the most part- and just when he finds himself relaxing, the inevitable happens.

Clarke faints.

(His first thought, surprisingly, isn’t I told you so. It does come somewhat close, though.)

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Arrow 5x22 “Missing” Review: But Who Cares?

I’m going to be honest I liked/disliked this episode. I rather enjoyed the parts they did well in my opinion and the rest I was just “meh” about.

I cannot overstate how hard this was to type out. Typing is quite a chore right now with one hand bandaged up. But I figured I’d hen-peck my way through because if I wait until after the bandages are removed, no one will frakking care about this review. I don’t know if I’d even been interested in typing it up, tbh.

Anyway. There are no gifs because I’m too tired and in a lot of pain. Sorry there is no pretty to look at. But it took me forever (over the course of a few days) to transcribe this from my hand written version and I’m running out of time if I want it up before the finale.

What They Got Right

Queen Siblings

I like how Oliver’s character growth these last few episodes have really come out in his scenes with Thea. It adds a nice depth to their relationship. Oliver’s gone from lecturing and ordering his sister around to listening to her and letting her make her own choices (like he did in 5x08 when she wanted to stay with their parents) and sharing wisdom he has learned.

That opening scene with Oliver and Thea was great. I loved the banter—she was absolutely trolling her brother because she knew about the party. She was getting him all flustered; it was her way of trying to push Oliver along on this Reconciliation Road. I love Thea. They had best not sideline her again next year for zoo animals.

In many ways, Oliver has become Thea’s Felicity. He’s not really seeing his family with rose colored glasses anymore; he sees them for the flawed, complicated people they were, or in Thea’s case, is. He sees Thea truly as her own person and not the idealized version he’s held in his head for so long. But he still loves her. He still believes in her. (Does this sound familiar?)

Thea questions whether she’s changed for the better in four years. Oliver has no doubts. He says, “Being happy doesn’t mean you don’t have issues. It just means you’re working on them.” The war holler that came out of my mouth startled everyone else in my house. But for the love of God people we have character growth. It looks sexy AF on him. Yum.

Oliver is helping Thea harness the light that is still inside of her simply by believing that it’s there and one day she’ll start to believe it too. The impact of Felicity on Oliver has now reached Thea. That is why this future version of the Queen family is going to be the best ever. All the feels.

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Vikings Season 5 Trailer Breakdown

So it is me, recently absent AnnieMar, trying to slowly get back into writing. I’ve always loved funny recaps of things, so I figured I’d do one for the Vikings Comic Con trailer. Let me know if you dig it, I’d love to do them for other things too.

*Be careful for possible spoilery speculation below … if you care about that sort of thing.

Okay. So it seems as if the new season of Vikings is reflecting a theme that’s been going on in pop culture as of late … the “civil war”. MCU gets one. DC gets a Batman v Superman … and perhaps a reflection of our current political climate. You get a civil war, and you get a civil war … EVERYONE GETS A CIVIL WAR!

Originally posted by everythingstarstuff

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Where Did PLL Go Wrong?

Originally posted by dilaurnts

So we’re less than 6 episodes away until the very end and since PLL isn’t on tomorrow due to some idiotic decision by Freeform (At the time ABC Family), we thought we would list where and how we think PLL went wrong. These are just our opinions, we have a “PLL Goodbye Letter” planned soon. Anyways so PLL will always have a special place in my heart, despite how terrible and confusing it’s gotten, and thankfully we’ll always have the good first 2 seasons to look back on. But every show has a end date and PLL is long past it’s end, imo the show should’ve ended years ago but we’ll get to that in a minute. The mysterious charm from the early seasons is gone and sadly we’ve had to deal with one confusing story line after another, plus millions of plot holes. But hey it’s PLL!!!!!

Too MANY Seasons! (Seriously way too many!)

No one wants their favorite TV show to end right? But isn’t it better to end a show when you’ll miss it as opposed to when your barely able to stand it anymore. ABC Family dragged this show out wayyyyy too long, we discussed this in another post about why the ratings went down. Marlene originally planned 5 seasons, had she and the network of followed through with that plan the show still would of ended with over 100 episodes and the ratings might not of gotten as low as they are now. I was expecting the show to end with S5 but after reading interviews, I assumed they would renew it for a 6th and final season. However I was not expecting them to do a 2 season renewal. This was too much and the network got greedy of the show’s success. It’s taken forever to answer our questions probably because of the double renewal. A show should only be dragged out for so long and in our opinion 5 seasons or a shortened 6th final season would’ve been enough. Tbh I don’t remember being that thrilled about a S7. 

Filler Episodes Galore!

Some filler episodes haven’t bothered me, the barrel episode (S5E16) was one of them I enjoyed, the fan base seemed to hate it. However filler episodes that focus on Hanna’s fashion career, Aria’s drama with Ezra, and story lines that literally do NOT matter are what bothers me. When we don’t get any more info on “A” or a current mystery, the episode feels pointless and stale. Take almost all of 6B for an example, while S7 has been better it hasn’t impressed us overall tbh regardless if these last episodes are amazing they won’t be able to make up for any filler we got at the beginning of a season. They might’ve reduced S6 and S7 to 20 episodes but that didn’t mean we did not get fillers. S6 and S7 should’ve been shorted to 10-13 episodes imo. The writers apparently love filler episodes. The fan base does not.

Enough With Irrelevant Characters

The show already has too many new characters, it’s even worse when you introduce a character in 601 and make her RC/BW, characters we saw in S3 and S4. That is what was the final straw with me hating 610. Sara might’ve been introduced as a storyline in S4 but we did not meet her ACTUAL character until 601. It was annoying enough they gave Sydney such relevance during the recent episode. She better of been lying in that limo. But maybe Syndey is more relevant, idk who knows anymore. Then we have Shana who ended up being Ezra’s shooter. We will go back to that in a minute. 

Confusion! Who Is “A” and Who Is NOT “A”?-

Honestly the reality with this show is anyone can claim to be “A” and it will instantly confuse the fanbase. Having Shana in the black hoodie in S5 was especially confusing. So she wasn’t “A” but she was wearing the black hoodie? Was she working for “A”? What even? During those “A” endings which “A” is who? The fan base has to assume answers, this show is extremely confusing. People act shady, are they connected to “A”? What even? Aren’t there other outfits people could wear without confusing the audience? 

Making The Ships She #1 Priority, and NOT The Mystery 

When I started watching this show, I watched for one reason, the mystery. I loved the persona of “A”, it was creepy, fun, exciting, and how the writers wrote the omnipresent character of “A” was what drew me to the show. This is why the show will always have a special place in my heart. The original mystery was so intriguing and fun. However as the show went on, the writers shifted towards the ships and made them the #1 as opposed to the mystery scenes we used to get. Honestly this is not what I signed up for, I get having romance, it’s nice to blend both the romance and mystery together, but it seemed Marlene and the writers turned it into a full on romance show. Because of the ships imo they couldn’t go THERE with main love interests. Toby being on the “A” team was an amazing twist and they wasted it by caving into Spoby. What a cop out that was. The special-ness of the show was ripped away when we got non-stop shipping scenes. Again this is just my personal opinion. 

Aghhhhh, That CeCe Reveal 

Honestly, I never imagined I would be disappointed with 610. Some people might’ve enjoyed it, that’s great if you did, but I couldn’t enjoy it. The episode was outright awful. Seriously that holograph screen was just……ridiculous and corny, CeCe’s story made no sense at all, and the worst part in my opinion was Sara Harvey. The dialogue felt off and it felt insulting, I was considering dropping the show at that point honestly the episode was that awful. Regardless if the writers fix these plot holes, it won’t undo the amount of disappointment that the writers caused on the fans. Nope, not gonna forget that awful episode. Because of that episode I don’t have much faith in the writers at all. Well the bright side of the episode was the girl’s emotional goodbye scene. 

The Time Jump + 6B 

Not gonna lie, I wasn’t too pleased when I heard they were doing a time jump, especially a 5 year one. The dynamic of the girls being teenagers would be gone, the show wouldn’t be the same. The writers probably did this because of the cast getting tired of playing teenagers (Which is understandable), but they didn’t handle 6B right imo. It was pure filler, it feels so good to vent about this season now. The dynamic of the show did change, Spaleb was pointless because Haleb ended up getting back together which resulted in Spencer getting hurt, the girls drank ALL the time (Seriously we get it, they are over 21, and are adults), and Uber A wasn’t that scary with their emojis, according to Marlene Amoji was Uber A/A.D. Gosh this “A” has so many names (Big Bad, Uber Bad, Uber A, Amoji, A.D., so on). The season just felt disappointing and boring. 7A was better but in my opinion it felt dull , but the bright side is 714 did in fact give us major answers so I really appreciate the writers for that. Overall my interest really went away after 610, my friend and I decided to give the time jump a chance, and while I was tempted to drop the show MULTIPLE times, I decided why not? Might as well just finish this show out. We’re almost done anyways. Had I of dropped the show I might not of met so many PLL accounts and so on, so there’s something positive to find I guess. Speaking of the current seasons, what happened to us getting “A” endings? We’ve only gotten a few this season and they are imo one of the most iconic parts of the show. Are the writers lazy or do they just not want to write anymore A endings? 

Unanswered Questions & Dropped Storylines

We could be talking about this forever, it seems that we are starting to get our questions answered. Hopefully a majority of remaining questions and dropped story lines are answered on the show and not another interview that Marlene did with 610. There’s some hope these questions will be answered now, 714 proved to be a very successful and information packed episode. 

So overall those were are thoughts. We have had fun watching this show for the most part but in all honestly I’m exhausted from this dragged out show and ready for it to end, all good things must come to an end. The main reason why I am watching is to finish the show out, say I finished it because half the time I’m terrible at finishing TV shows, and find out who the heck A.D. is. Tbh we’re not even sure if this person is Lucas, or Melissa, or Spencer’s twin. We might as well just sit back and enjoy these final episodes. Just pray we’re satisfied enough when 720 airs and this show is finally over. 

Again these are our opinions, but what are your thoughts on PLL over the years?


Sincerely three x cheerleader hc(s) pt.3

A/n: I hope you all enjoy this! I’m on vacation for the next few weeks so I should be able to get a few more things out! And also thank you for all the love on my last post I really appreciate it ❤️

Warnings: really fluffy, swearing, slightly angsty towards the end,

- you two were mutual friends with Jared but never really talked to each other
- He was always real nervous whenever you were around
- He always thought you were really pretty, but he assumed you’d be one of those snobby cheerleaders like from the movies.
- You also really wanted to talk to him but you never couldn’t bring yourself to do it.
- So a lot of awkward glances ensued.
- In the hallways?
- Yes
- At lunch?
- Yes
- Everywhere.
- Jared ended up bringing Evan to a game, and you muster up the courage to talk to him!!
- Like during half time Jared and Evan were hanging out by the cheerleaders and you wave them over and start talking about the game.
- But u eventually have to go back to the sidelines :((
- So you say your goodbyes and give them both a hug.
- Evan turned SCARLET
- He was literally swooning the rest of the game.
- You guys start talking more and he asks you out on a date!!
- Woo
- You watch a movie at your house
- He walks into your room and there’s cheer stuff EVERYWHERE
- Like there’s bows, medals, trophies, rings, u got it all.
- He like really impressed, and asks you about all ur stuff
- Your eyes light up because you LOVE recounting the memories all of the items gave you
- Evan melts because he loves to listen to you talk about the things you love!!
- You guys watch bring it on and end up cuddling for a bit in your bed
- Pure
- After a few more dates he works up the courage to ask you out at the homecoming game.
- Lemme set the scene
- Your on the sidelines freezing your ass off during half time and u see little Evan looking real nervous, like he’s going to throw up or burst into tears in a moments notice
- You wave him over and he goes really red and approaches you
- You start to ask him what’s wrong and he just word vomits;
- Doyoumaybewanttobemygirlfriendimeanyoucansaynoiwontgetlikemadoranythingiwasjistcurious-
- You cut him off by wrapping your arms around his neck
- “Yes i’d love to be your girlfriend.” You whispered into his ear.
- He goes an even deeper shade of scarlet as you pull apart.
- You look back and make sure your coaches weren’t looking in your direction, and sneak a little peck on his lips.
- At this point he’s about to explode and he’s grinning really wide Bc he’s ecstatic
- During game season he wasn’t really afraid of you getting hurt Bc you guys didn’t do anything really endangering
- But comp season
- Like during stunts he was so scared you were going to get kicked in the face by your flyer
- And tumbling
- He could barley look because he didn’t want to see you get hurt
- You never did tho
- After you guys compete he always brings you a water bottle and some guud hugs
- One time u thought u guys did really bad so you cried into his chest for a bit
- He ended up calming you down and told you how great you did
- Pure boy
- Your coaches love him btw
- They think he’s the sweetest kid
- It was a nice change from the usual guys that the other girls on the team dated
- Bc he was actually respectful and soft spoken and just so kind
- There would be times after practice when you two would go to his house and just talk about anything and everything
- There would be times when he would question your relationship
- “(Y/n)?”
- “Yes ev?”
- “Why are you with me?”
- “Because I love you”
- “But why me? You could be with a football player, or a soccer player but your with me, I don’t feel good enough for you.”
- You took his face in your hands and kissed him passionately.
- “Never say that Evan, I don’t want a football player, or a soccer player, I want you, I love you. Please Evan never think your not good enough because you absolutely are.”
- He smiles and a few tears slip out
- You wipe them away and kiss his nose
- He pulls you into a tight hug and whispers into your ear
- “I love you so much.”
- “I love you too”



here are some of my highly recommended must watch japanese series and movies! I have included my personal thoughts about it and some pictures would contain spoilers! 

BE READY TO CRY, LAUGH, GET MAD, AND GO CRAZY if you start to watch japanese dramas and movies. I swear to god they’re the best thing ever. everything is unique on it’s own. my favourites would be the tear jerker films though. 

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MITJ Season 3

Okay so my post asking if anyone else watches MITJ got way more notes than I was thinking it would do and people have been asking my thoughts about certain things so here goes. Bare in mind I rarely post things like this - I could have posted like mad over the Gilmore Girls ending (Team Logan all the way incase anyone was wondering just check my feed and you’ll see that) but there’s so little MITJ on Tumblr so heres my thoughts.

I found season 3 different from the others for some reason and I can’t fully explain it. I binge watched seasons 1 and 2 beforehand so I remembered everything but something about the first few eps bugged me and that may be just down to noticing the lip syncing of Monica and telling she wasn’t singing. I’ve done film studies before so I have a very nasty habit of spotting every little detail like that which can ruin shows and movies for me. 

Moving beyond the lip syncing though and moving onto what we all are thinking - Rodrigo and Hailey! I have been waiting for this since the beginning and I love that this show isn’t solely focused on when will they get together even though it has been moving toward this for a while - coffee grounds anyone.

I absolutely adore their friendship and all the little moments that we have been given throughout the 30 episodes. I find those more telling in some ways than when you get big declarations and big scenes thrown in your face, that being said, their last scenes in episode 10 had me smiling like a loon, and constantly on repeat as well if I’m being honest.

I loved that Rodrigo could tell it was Hailey playing during her audition, I love Gael’s facial expressions when it comes to their scenes. The casting directors picked a good pair with Gael and Lola.

The fact that he came to tell her in person that she didn’t get it, again goes towards their friendship and I love he tried to say it was the committees decision that she didn’t get it as we know he would have pushed for her to be given it, possibly for the selfish reason of seeing her everyday.

Their conversation during the walk and how he told her about the visions of the composers. Again I love that its part of their friendship that he trusts her enough to tell her these things without being worried. Lets be honest, telling someone you’ve been seeing visions of famous composers since you were a child would cause some people to laugh at you and call you crazy. Well even more crazy than people already think he is

The scene on the pier I loved. Rodrigo was trying to be the sensible one saying they’ve done well so far in not giving into temptation but even that can only be held back for so long.

I think Lizzie was all the fans when Rodrigo walked out her room and his response was typical Rodrigo, I loved it.

The goodbye scene was cute. Loved seeing Rodrigo carefree and happy, teasing Hailey. Caio Caio

The scenes afterwards I think are very telling. Both of them are now realising the full impact of whats happened. Rodrigo looked so concerned, and while I think some people will say he’s regretting it, I think he may only regret it in the fact that if it got out, Hailey will never be able to play in the orchestra again while he is there as they will think she slept her way in like Betty Cragdale did at the very beginning, and he knows how much she wants to be playing in an orchestra. I think Hailey’s flashback scene didn’t truly show what she is thinking, she seemed more lost in the memory and then shaking herself out of it as she needed to get on with her day, Lizzie was waiting after all. But we know, as many people have pointed out to her, she’s in love with Rodrigo and will have been happy to keep repeating the memory in her head. 

I loved the final flashback to them lying in bed holding hands. I was half expecting Rodrigo to nuzzle Hailey’s shoulder when he moved his head but it was still a cute little scene. 

Now we’ve had them fall into bed together I’m interested to see where they go next season, and by god there better be a season 4. The show just won 2 Golden Globes you don’t cancel it now! With Hailey now having her own visions and being told not to give up, it’s going to be fun to see which route Hailey takes. Will she stick with the oboe or will she pursue conducting. If she sticks with the oboe which orchestra is she going to fight to get into if she still wants to be with Rodrigo, or will the show go with them not pursuing a romantic relationship as such but still having their kisses every so often like we’ve had so far.

I am intrigued to see how it goes and just praying that we don’t have to wait  a year for the next series. If we do can we please have the season 1&2 soundtrack released on cd, I bought the season3 one as soon as I saw it on Amazon and can we have the show released on dvd! Managed to wangle it so I have it on my iPod classic but would prefer to watch dvds instead of having to use my wifi everytime I want to watch it on my tv.

And for those asking I’m in the UK. I spotted the show got released about 11.30 on Thursday night and stayed up all night watching them, luckily for me I was off work so I could stay up. 

Arrow 5x20: I liked it BUT...

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I re-watched 5x20 today, because I had a lot of feelings about it last night. I loved most of the episode and interactions between Olicity, Dyla, and Team Arrow. The dire circumstances,

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sexy aesthetics,

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and emotional issues

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that arose were all on point. So, kudos to the actors, writers, and crew for an overall job well done.

However, despite all of that, I find that on my second viewing I am still very frustrated by the final conversations between Olicity in both timelines. I want to be clear that I’m not writing this post to burst anyone’s bubble or change anyone’s mind about the episode. If you were satisfied with the end, then great. I’m glad. I wish I felt the same way, but I honestly just don’t. So, if you loved it and don’t want to hear any criticism about it, then I strongly suggest you stop reading right now. I may be in the minority on this, but I’ve noticed some other fans expressing similar concerns and this is just me working out what actually bothered me personally as a viewer.

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Seiyuu Animedia Nov 2016 - Full Cast Interview
External image

Since the start of the Love Live! Sunshine!! project, the cast has participated in events together as Aqours, and starred in the TV anime showcasing the start of the group with the premise of “shining together as school idols”, as well as the group working hard together as school idols to prevent the merger of the school with another high school in Numazu. Aqours is a group filled with the feelings of its members, but what feelings do they have after the season finale? In the first ever full-cast discussion, we sat down with the entire group to have them share their feelings.

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Translation of the interview by Rasmus Blom in the swedish magazine “King”:

Back from the Shadows

Bill Skarsgård is hot right now with the Netflix series Hemlock Grove. King meets the actor to talk about his bloody career on the other side of the Atlantic.

To put it briefly; Hemlock Grove is a splatter series set in a small town. The psychological terrorist Eli Roth is the executive producer and those who have seen his Hostel movies can guess what’s coming: Needles are pushed into wide-open eyes, corpseworms are zoomed in to a closeup and a bloody hand is pressed out of the jaws of a wolf. 
To put it longer: Bill Skarsgård does his most complex role to date, Roman Godfrey, a young heir in a broken, wealthy upperclass family. Godfrey is also a Upir - a kind of vampire found in russian folk tales. This Twin Peaks inspired series is set in Pennsylvania and revolves around Godfreys friendship with the rom werewolf Peter Rumancek, played by Landon Liboiron. The supernatural thriller trend has once again put it’s teeth into the tv audience and seems unwilling to let go of the modern tv series of this decade (2010). 

True Blood, Walking Dead and Hemlock Grove. Why do you think people are so fascinated by zombies, werewolves and vampires?
- I sure as hell don’t know. But it’s like when you sat around a campfire and talked about creatures that lived in the woods. No matter if it was trolls or Näcken (a water goblin), there is simply a human fascination with the supernatural. There has always been fairytales about things we can’t see.
A tired fan does it’s best to please the tropical heat in the hotel suite, even though all the windows are open. Bill Skarsgård is sitting on a sofa with a summer empty Norrmalmsquare behind him. He is home in Stockholm during the summer, after having worked in Canada and been on a vacation in New York and Los Angeles.
- Now we’ve finished shooting the series, maybe for ever, you never know. Nothing is sure when it comes to tv series. When we wrapped the season I was sitting with Landon who plays Rumancek and talked about it and I just lost it, I seldom cry but I started sobbing. I don’t know why. But five and a half months of shooting had gone by during which I had fought for my character. I had been thinking about him constantly and I had defended him when people tried to make me do “the wrong things” with him - I had to fight for my character. It’s a relationship, even if this person isn’t real. I’ve been hanging out with this character for two years and now I don’t have to think about him. It f-n really got to me. Hemlock Grove confirms not just the vampire trend, it also confirms todays way of consuming tv. The series is sent exclusively on Netflix, just like other popular series like Orange Is The New Black or House of Cards.
- It’s quite interesting as a swede of the internet generation. We follow all the cool tv series from USA. They’re shown on swedish TV a year or two later and no one waits for this, we’ve already downloaded all the episodes. You refuse to give it to us - so we take it instead. If the range of what’s on the market isn’t available or isn’t cheap enough, then you knick it. There’s something anarchistic about it, it’s what created Netflix. They understood that this is the future. Who’s going to say “this episode starts nine o’clock”? I don’t remember when someone said this tv show “starts now”. Every Monday morning you’ve downloaded what was shown in the US on Sunday night. Thanks to this the tv industry is starting to become global. Netflix and HBO were established in Sweden a year ago, pretty sick when you think about it. At last we have the same shows as in the US. 
In Sweden it’s quiet when it comes to Bill Skarsgård, all but for a line on Markus Krunegård’s new CD: “The TV is on, the sound is on mute, some one is sucking Bill Skarsgård’s cock”. This is referring to a scene in “Behind Blue Skies”. A movie that was released simultaneously as “Simple Simon”, “The Crown Jewels” and “Simon and the Oaks” - Bill played the lead in all of them. Now he hardly gets any job offers in Sweden.
- They’re so devilishly tired of me. I knew it was going to be like this. I worked extremely much during a very short time. Sweden is too small. It simply couldn’t work to continue like that. No actor work that much in Sweden. You can’t make a living really, acting for TV and movies, just a handful can manage - if even that. Or you have to do theatre as well. That’s why it was natural for me to do what I’m doing. I get better offers than in Sweden. And I can always go back to Sweden and produce my own projects or f- whatever. It’s a kind of dream to do stuff myself and that people believe in and listen to you. We’ll see, hopefully there will be more projects for me in Sweden too.