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New School

It was my first day of my new high school, mom had made me move schools so I decided this was a chance to be the new me, maybe even make some better friends than the last bunch of assholes I was friends with. As I was shown into my new class the teacher awkwardly introduced me to the class as they always did, I scoped the class, the first person I noticed was this guy, he had black longish hair and these dark eyes that that made him look superhot, no chance was he escaping without me introducing myself. I was sat next to a kid named Spencer, he seemed nice enough and I managed to spark up a conversation, having a bit of a laugh and joke with him, he was fun.

“Hey, you wanna come and hang with me and my friends at lunch?” Spencer asked as we left class, I nodded and he smiled. “Awesome, you’ll fit in just fine, meet me by this class, seeing as you don’t know your way around yet. See ya at lunch.” He wandered off and I went to find my next class.

Lunch came and I met spencer and he took me to meet his friends, we went to a practise room and to my surprise the guy I’d noticed from earlier was there, he was in a smaller room at the back on the piano, he noticed me come in, I felt his eyes on me, so I responded by bowling straight up to him and sitting next to him.

“You could change that up with a few extra chords you know.” I struck a conversation and he looked at me.

“Hmm good idea I guess.” They guy responded, looking down at the keys, Spencer introduced me to Brendon and Ryan. Brendon… he was so hot, I was just hoping I was giving off the same signals too. I spent lunch with the boys, it turned out Brendon wasn’t just hot he was also the nicest guy ever, we ended up spending most of our lunch talking about random stuff, I kept teasing him and making jokes, I even got invited round to Spencer’s place to listen to them practise after school, I instantly took the offer up, of course I wanted to be around Brendon as much as possible, I felt instantly attracted to him, and I couldn’t quite place why.

*2 weeks later*

I’d been at Brendon’s high school for a little over two weeks now and we had gotten really close, I was practically inseparable from the boys, I listened to most of their practises and gave them feedback and me and Brendon had ended up spending a tonne of time alone.

“You like it?” Ryan came over and smiled, celebrating a little, I nodded and clapped playfully, Spencer came over and high fived Brendon and Ryan.

“Dorks…” I teased and was poked and teased by Brendon in response, I giggled more and pulled away a little.

“So… you like it here then?” He looked at me seriously for a moment, flicking his hair out of his face a little, he was so damn cute, Ryan and Spencer were chatting to themselves.

“Yeah, you guys have made me feel so welcome here, thank you, it’s made all this so much easier for me.” He stroked my arm and smiled, leaning on me playfully.

“That was the point, we like you ya know, we wanted to make you feel welcome and like you’re one of us, and you do fit in pretty well.”

“What as in I’m a massive nerd.” I poked my tongue out and grinned.

“Oh shut it you, you know you’re as much of a nerd as we us.” He grabbed me and started tickling me, before I knew it I was giggling hysterically, dammit why did he have to find out I was ticklish.

“Yo love birds, it’s 5 minutes to class come on.” Ryan teased, observing our flirting, we nodded and got our stuff together, threw my bag over my shoulder, said my goodbyes and headed off to leave, once the other boys had left the room I heard Brendon clear his throat.

“Ummm, did you… wanna… um did you wanna come to my place later? I got nothing going on and wondered if you wanted to hang later? Like drive back together…” He trailed off, looking away a little shyly, blushing slightly, I jumped at the opportunity.

“Sure! I’ll meet you after school.” I smiled as the bell rang, I was so excited to get to spend time with him, today was gonna be awesome.

After school Brendon drove us to his place and he let us in, putting his bag by the door and leading me into his house.

“You wanna drink or something?” He asked, walking through to his kitchen, I followed him into his kitchen and nodded.

“Sure, are you parents ok with me being here, like your house is so nice and I swear they’re super religious.” He laughed a little, handing me a drink from his refrigerator and hopping up onto his kitchen counter to sit.

“Nah, they won’t be here until later and trust me you’re an angel compared to some of the girls I thought it was a good idea to bring back here.” I blushed, I couldn’t tell if it was flirting or not, this happened all the time and it was so confusing.

“Oh… what do you mean by that?” I decided to try to clear things up, I wanted to know so bad if he was actually trying to hint at me.

“Well… I usually bring stupid bimbos here, ya know… they’re good for some things.” He blushed a little and looked away. “But you… umm you’re nice, and smart and really pretty, you’re so different to them.” I blushed bright red, looking away. “My parents will probably love you and nag me to date you.”

“Really… oh dear.” I laughed and looked away trying to joke the comments off, fiddling with my fingers and leaning on the counter.

“I’ve heard worse ideas.” He smiled slightly and jumped down off the counter, coming over to me and trying to get in my eyeshot. “So why did you move? You never said.”

“Ugh because my mom wanted me in a ‘nicer’ area and decided I had to move away from all my friends and everything I knew to achieve that.” I sighed and shrugged my shoulders, looking at the ground.

“If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m always here you know.” I felt his presence in front of me. “Always.” I looked up and was greeted with a small kiss, I smiled and kissed him back, one kiss turned to two, the kisses getting longer, he held my waist and kissed me softly, holding my body to his. We kissed more and more, he began to grip my waist tighter, the kisses getting rougher, more desperate, what had started as a gentle kiss was quickly becoming something more. He gripped my waist and held me against him, pushing me against his kitchen counter, we were starting to get a little heated, I felt him grab my legs, hoisting me up and sitting me on his counter kissing me more. I gripped his shoulders as he slid me closer to him on the counter, pressing his crotch against me, he went for the button on my jeans when the front door opened and we heard his parents voices.

“Shit!” He grabbed me and pulled me off the counter neatening me up a little before leaning on another counter as his parents walked in the room, I felt eyes on me as soon as they entered the room.

“Brendon? Who’s this?” I heard his mom ask, looking at me intently.

“This is my girlfriend Y/N.” He came over and put his arm around me, I smiled and leant into him a little. His mom seemed to smile with relief.

“Well, she’s very nice. Nice to meet you sweetie.” She smiled and touched my arm as she walked past me and Brendon, I received a simple nod from his dad, Brendon quickly grabbed my hand and lead me up to his room.

“I’m your girlfriend huh?” I teased a little, hoping he had meant it secretly.

“If you wanna be.” We seemed to seal the deal with another kiss, he closed the door and locked lips with me again, to be truthful that was how we spent most of our evening.

*The next day*

Brendon had made no effort to hide us being together now, kissing me in front of everyone and hugging me outside of class, he really seemed to revel in having me on his arm, we were in the music room on our lunch break just chatting together. Spencer and Ryan weren’t in school that day for some unknown reason, so the band room was empty, I’d decided to wear a skirt that day because of the heat, Brendon had definitely noticed, he kept glancing at me every time I walked past him. He had made a specific effort to make our new relationship very public, kissing me on the hall and flirting openly with me in class, Spencer and Ryan weren’t in today so we spent most of our breaks together, he had somehow convinced me to play truths with him.

“So… what made you want to date me.” He asked me putting his guitar down.

“Everything, you’re so sweet, you make me feel so special… and… well you’re really hot.” I bit my lip a little and smiled, he smirked back and leant back on the bench.

“Oh am I now…” I felt his eyes moving up and down me.

“Well? What about you?” I asked and smiled leant back with him.

“You’re so smart and kind and funny, you’re gorgeous… and you look sexy as fuck in that skirt.” He groaned and bit his lip, I raised an eyebrow and stood, walking slowly towards the door, swaying my steps so my hips moved, his eyebrows raised at me as he watched.

“I guess I best get to class.” I said slowly, I knew we still had ages until class but I couldn’t resist teasing him, I adjusted my clothes and pulled my skirt so that it rode up slightly, showing off more of my legs, he stood and walked towards me slowly, he came at me and grabbed my waist, pulling me against him.

“Oh… you’re not going anywhere.” He growled a little pulling me into the little room with the piano and kissing me hard. I felt his hands slide down my back and over my ass, gripping it as he pushed me against the piano, he bit my lip a little, it was such a turn on and the danger got me so excited. His tongue fought against mine, he won of course, his hands sliding under my skirt and touching my panties, he pulled back from me, his eyes dark and intense, he pulled away from and and closed the door to the room, pushing a chair in front of it to jam the handle.

“What? Here?” I asked, he came and lifted me onto the piano, pulling my panties off me.

“Mmmmm yeah… it’s hot…” He put my panties in the pocket of his jeans, biting his lips and kissing me, his hand slid down my body and under my skirt, I fet his fingers touch my clit and my head rolled back. “I want you… now, right here.” He said simply biting my lip and sliding his fingers inside me, curling them upwards, rubbing my gspot with his finger tips. Before long his hand was moving fast, it felt so good, driving me crazy as his hands moved expertly rubbing my spot with the tips of his fingers.

“Uhhh Brendon.” I gasped, my head lulling back, his hand moving fast, curling his fingers repeatedly.

“This is so hot.” He gasped, his voice breathy and strained, he pulled me closer, he was hard in his jeans, grinding himself against me, moaning at the pressure.

He reached down for the button on his jeans, he gasped as they came down, his arousal evident by the way he pulled me closer.

“Ready baby?” He teased rubbing the head against me, he checked his watch. “We’ve got 15 minutes, better make this quick.” Without another word he gripped me and pushed in, quickly building himself into a fast rhythm, his flesh slapping hard against mine, I moaned out loud as he slammed into me, growling and groaning into my ears.

“Oh god Brendon.” I moaned out loud and was greeted with a hand over my mouth.

“Shhhhh, you’ll get us in trouble.” He moaned, he gave me a moment of covering my mouth before he moved his hand into my hair, holding my head still so he could kiss me hard. “You’re so sexy.” He growled, biting my lip hard, he latched onto my shoulder and bit down, sucking on the skin, it hurt but it was driving me insane, loud moans escaping his lips as he sucked my skin.

“Brendon.” I moaned quieter this time, feeling him go harder, his loud moans turning me on so much, he related my shoulder and smirked at his handy work on my shoulder. He was so good at this, it was the best I’d ever had, his hands held me on the edge of the piano, his hips moving fast and hard, pulling all the way out and slamming back in.
“You feel amazing.” He moaned and bit his lips, throwing his head back in pleasure, he looked like he was in heaven, his lips parted as he moaned my name. “How’s that feel baby.”
“It feels so… good…” I gasped out loud, I was so close, feeling fluttering feelings spread through me, tightening in my stomach making my whole body begin to tense up. He grabbed behind my knees and dragged me further towards him, holding behind my neck and angling me back, the new angle began to hit my gspot, over and over again, my back arched upwards, I gripped onto him and let my fingers curl into his shoulders, he was getting a little sweaty, using one hand to rub my clit in cirlcles.

“I’m close.” I whimpered in pleasure, his name crossing my lips again, I could tell he was enjoying me moaning his name, he bit his lip every time I did.
“Cum for me.” He ordered, speeding up even more, he was keeping quiet but I could feel him throbbing inside, he wouldn’t last much longer, he slammed his hips upwards and pushed hard against my gspot sending me spiralling into an orgasm, my head lulling back, breathing picking up as I came around him.
“Fuck… Brendon!” I almost yelled out, his lips crashed against mine, he pulled me back upright against his own body as he thrusted through my orgasm, I whimpered against his lips, he didn’t let up, moving fast and hard against me, holding me close, pulled away from my lips and tucked his face into the back of my neck.
“I’m close… uhhhh Y/N!” He kissed my neck and shoulders, I was still shaking from cumming, I could feel him drawing another orgasm closer, his fingers gripping my body, I felt the throbbing intensify and he held my thighs. “Fuck yes… baby… Y/N… I’m cumming.” He groaned loudly, throbbing inside me as he reached his release, his head back, lips parted in ecstasy, it sent me over the edge, I yelled his name and came with him, holding tight to him, his hands slid up my back and held me close as he finished, gently slowing down, shuddering against me, his head tucked into my neck now. I held him close as he shook, he leant into my neck, giving small soft kissing on my skin, he pulled out slowly, moaning softly.
“Mmmm wow baby.” He kissed me and pulled his jeans up, zipping them up and kissing me again. “Here.” He handed me my panties and helped me down off of the piano, I slipped them on and neatened myself up, he kissed me softly this time, hugging me close to him.

“That was… unexpected.” I grinned and hugged him back.

“Love you.” He whispered, smiling, I couldn’t quite understand why he said it quite like that.
“Love you?” I questioned and he blushed a little.

“Well… we’re not ready for I love you yet, but I do really, really like you. So I want some way to show that without jumping straight in. I thought we could, like, move onto I love yous when we’re ready.” That was the cutest thing I’d ever heard, I smiled and gave him a kiss.
“That’s a great idea. Love you.” We hugged and he moved the chair away from the door, we both breathed a sigh of relief to see that no one was in the main music room, we grabbed our bags and began to walk to class, he walked me to my classroom and gave me a long slow kiss outside the door.

“Meet me by my car. I’ll see you after school. Love you.” He winked as he said it and wandered off, wow, I had actually just got with the perfect guy, the one I wanted too. This new school was going to be awesome.

Hope you enjoyed <3 <3

The Tattoo Soulmate

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 2.500+

Summary: A short oneshot I wrote just to get a break from working on one of my finals..In which everyone is born with their soulmate’s name on their wrist..

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AU (Requested): Is Michael Kors even a real person? (part 2)

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

request stuff! :)


I should have been there protecting him. I should have been there for him to hold on to, not some stupid wooden toy.

psst it’s transparent

Digital Isabelle! It’s not perfect, as the app I used isn’t amazing, but I kind of did it I think? Feedback as always welcome (it makes me very happy 10/10 would recommend)

Character and quote by Cassandra Clare. it’s okay to use it, as long as you give me credit. If you steal my drawing, I will erase your boyfriend’s memories.
Droplets, Chapter 13 (JeanMarco)

Chapter 13 is up! In this chapter: Jean deals with the crippling despair of parental disappointment, some cockblocking fireflies, and … the realisation of something crucial. 

Fic Summary: Jean Kirschtein is not entirely sure why they need someone to clean the pool when no-one ever seems to swim in the darn thing, but when his socialite mother just can’t stop ogling the new pool boy, Jean realises she might not be the only one.

Apparently balancing a growing relationship with the freckled pool boy is harder than it looks, when coupled with a more than dysfunctional family life, a cheating scumbag for a father, and a seriously lonely existence.

An AU of equal measures fluff and angst featuring pool cleaning, roof-top smoking, lots of parental problems, and mainly shirtless Marco.

coming home from work to what you thought was an empty apartment until you walked down the hall and heard moans coming from michael in your bedroom. you casually entered the room with a smirk on your face as he sighed contently and said “thank god, come over here and help me out princess.” instead of helping him out like you usually do, a better idea came to mind. you crawled onto the bed to lay next to him, gave him a kiss, and said “finish yourself off baby, i wanna watch.” 

I was inspired by i-love-you-swan ‘s numerous posts (here, here and especially here) discussing how Killian let Emma win their sword fight.  Thanks also to the brilliant confuseddotcomforwardslashwhat for the brilliant expert analysis of the choreo in the scene here. I originally replied with my thoughts in a reblog, but I since this thing kind of took off, I’ll post it here.

I think this would make an excellent pillow talk subject.  I wanted this to be a text post, but I got carried away and it turned into a 1.6k word drabble.  After seeing the scene from “The Clinic” this just seemed to fit. I have no idea if this is any good, but I had to write it so there it is. This is my first CS fic ever so be kind and enjoy.

They were still trying to catch their breath.  Emma was lying on Killian’s shoulder, delicately running her hand over his chest, fingertips dancing in his chest hair. Killian had his hand behind his head and his left arm around Emma’s back holding her close in the afterglow.

Emma is playing back all the events in her head that lead up to this moment. She thinks about the beanstalk, the first time she saw him so artfully use his hand and mouth in unison to bandage her wound, and how she was not surprised at all that he was so good at what he just did… Then her mind drifts to the next time she saw him, escaped from his restraints and standing in between her and getting home. She remembered her rage, her determination to defeat him, now reveling in how someone she saw as an adversary was the person she felt closest to in the entire world.

Then it hits her.  How had she bested him? Now that she knew him so well, his past, witnessed his skill in a fight, it didn’t add up.  How had she, a modern woman trained in pistol combat, defeated a 300 year old, military-trained pirate at sword fighting?

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Worst Job Ever

Requested by: Anon

Request: Could you do an oneshot where reader is in love with Dean, but she’s also his wingwoman and helps him get laid. Then one night she gets him a girl and can’t stand watching them together so she gets drunk and leaves the bar… you can continue from here :) please?

Word count: 1782


Worst Job Ever

Finishing the final touches of your make up, you sighed and stared at your reflection in the motel’s bathroom mirror. You had been Dean’s wingwoman for a few months now, and you hated your job with a burning passion. Sure, when you had started it had been fun, being able to go and have a laugh with your best friend and help him out at the same time. He was now permanently indebted to you and often graced you with breakfast in bed and other countless favours. But as time had passed, you had found it harder to help him pick out women from the crowded bars because… well… you were in love with him.  You never meant for it to happen, but you had fallen for him, and the way his glistening green eyes lit up when he smiled, and the way he would run his fingers through his hair when he was thinking, and the way he would blush when he was embarrassed…

A loud knock at the door brought you back to reality, making you jump and glance guiltily at the plywood door.

“You nearly done in there, [Y/N]?” Dean’s muffled voice came from the other side of the door. “There’s a bar about a mile out that might be some fun.”

“I’ll be out in a second.” You replied, your voice an octave higher than usual. You held your breath as you listened to him walk away from the door, oblivious to your distress. You exhaled heavily and stared at your reflection again. “Get it together, [Y/N], this isn’t about you.”

After a few more deep breaths, you exited the bathroom. You had chosen your outfit carefully, and was now standing in a pair of black jeans, one of Sam’s old checked shirts buttoned all the way and your tattered old boots. Presentation was key for a good wingwoman. You needed to look presentable, obviously, but not so good as to threaten the girl he was trying to take home. Minimal but smoky make up had also been applied to keep up appearances.

“Great, let’s go then.” Dean said, already halfway across the room seconds after your had stepped out of the bathroom. He was wearing his traditional faded blue jeans, t-shirt and plaid shirt, but he still looked perfect.

Sam was sitting at the table looking at something on his laptop when you walked past him towards the door, pausing to put your jacket on.

“Don’t wait up for us, bedtime is ten thirty as usual.” You said and ruffled his hair playfully before following Dean out of the motel room, closing the door behind you. Dean practically jogged to the Impala and you couldn’t help but giggle at the childish grin he had plastered all over his face, even though you knew that he was going to break your heart tonight.

“Come on, let’s go have some fun.” He called as he slipped into the drivers’ seat and started the engine.


The bar that Dean had spoken about hadn’t been far at all, and you now sat with him in a booth towards the back of the bar. Dean had bought you a drink, but you had finished it within minutes of sitting down. You had a feeling you were going to need a lot of alcohol to get through tonight.

“What about her?” Dean asked, nodding his head subtly towards a lone girl leaning against the bar and sipping a drink. She was pretty with long dark hair that glimmered in the low lighting and pouty lips some women pay thousands for.

“She’s checked her phone seven times in the last five minutes, she’s waiting for someone.” You said as the girl checked her phone yet again.

“She could be waiting for a friend.” Dean said, a hopeful tinge in his voice. Moments after he had finished speaking, an attractive young man with thick curls and painfully high cheekbones walked in. The girl saw him and squealed like a little girl before running to him and kissing him in the slow, sensual way that belongs in chickflics.

“Or not.” You smirked, feeling a hint of satisfaction as Dean played with his napkin dejectedly, but you caught yourself. You scanned the crowd again and poked Dean’s hand. “Blonde, third from the left.” You suggested. She was very pretty and was sporting the effortless beach blonde waves that Dean loved so much, as well as a faded Led Zeppelin shirt and a black leather jacket.  The girl was staring off into the distance, but had a soft smile playing on her lips as she tapped a tune out with her fingers against the bar’s dark wood.

“You have such a good eye, [Y/N]. What would I do without you?” He said as confirmation, his posture straightening as soon as he laid eyes on her.

“You’d seriously cock this up.” You muttered as you stood up, taking your empty glass with you, and walked over to tonight’s lucky girl. You paused when you were behind her and took a deep breath before speaking.

“Excuse me?” You said as you gently tapped her shoulder. She turned and gave you a friendly smile.

“Hey, can I help you?” She asked.

“You see the guy in the booth behind me? Great hair and plaid shirt?” You asked and  watched her glance over your shoulder, her eyes sparkling when she saw Dean.

“I see him.” She said, her voice making it clear that she definitely wanted to see him some more, preferably with less clothes on.

“His name is Dean, and he really wants to buy you a drink, but he’s a little shy.” You explained. Of course, that was a huge lie. He wasn’t shy, he was just about as subtle as a neon flashing light when it came to women. “Could you do me a huge favour and go and talk to him? Otherwise he’ll just sit there for the whole night.”

“Sweetheart, you’re the one doing me a favour.” She said as she caught his eye and smiled at him before walking over to him. Dean grinned back at her, but then looked at you. You nodded violently and gave him a thumbs up. “She really likes you.” You mouthed as she slid into the seat opposite Dean, already playing with her hair. Dean’s eyes were glued on her, so you decided to have another drink. You deserved it, didn’t you?


It was just over half an hour and many drinks later, and you were starting to feel unsteady on your feet. The blonde had moved a long time ago, and was now sitting next to Dean in the booth. You had lost count of drinks you had drunk and the number of times Dean had his face buried against her neck as she grinned that dazzling, stupid grin. Honestly, you were surprised they hadn’t left yet. You winced as another high pitched giggle came over from the pair, and you gestured to the bartender to refill your glass. You never liked whiskey before, but it was your new favourite drink.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” The bartender asked, hesitating with the bottle still hovering over your glass, almost tilted enough to refill your glass.

“Not yet.” You growled and nudged the bottom of the bottle so the whiskey poured into your glass. You lifted it to your lips almost immediately, that heavenly warmth filling your chest and stomach, and for a moment you felt better.

“Dean! Not here!” You heard the blonde gasp and glanced over to the pair. It was funny how noise travels in bars like this. Dean had his face buried in her hair again, but he also had his hand up her top while she pulled him in for a passionate, raw kiss.

Suddenly the world spun and your legs nearly gave out. The glass slipped from your hand and smashed against the floor. People were staring at you but you didn’t care. You couldn’t watch this anymore.

“Hey! Are you okay?” The bartender asked, but you waved away his concern as you pushed yourself away from the bar and stumbled towards the door. You were dimly aware of someone calling your name, but you continued on.

The evening had turned cold, and suddenly you were crying. Uncontrolled tears fell from your face and you staggered away from the bar, wanting to be back in bed and away from that damned bar. There was more shouting behind you, but you were too distracted wiping your tears away using the sleeve of your jacket to notice. You were nearly out of the parking lot when you felt someone grab your elbow and pull you back. Instinct kicked in and you lashed out with your fist and it connected with something hard.

“Jesus! [Y/N], what the hell?!” Dean squawked as he released his grip on you and touched his jaw softly, his eyes angry until you saw that you were crying, tears still flowing down your face. “[Y/N]? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t wanna do this anymore.” You managed, your chest heaving as you tried to catch your breath, talk, and stop crying all the time. “I can’t do this anymore.”

Dean stared at you, confusion and worry obvious in his eyes. “Okay, you don’t have to, darling.” He soothed, pulling you into a tight hug. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

You gripped his shirt as you gained control over your breathing again, barely aware of his hand stroking your hair softly while your head rested on his chest. After a while, you felt a lot better, but you still held him close as you tried to store everything about this moment away in your head. You sagged slightly, drunken tiredness making your limbs feel heavy.

“I wanna go sleep.” You slurred, fighting to keep your eyes open. Dean laughed, and you felt his chest vibrate before he pressed a kiss to your head.

“Okay then, let’s get you home, my sleeping beauty.” He joked and you grinned as he guided you to the Impala, opening your door for you so you could flop down into the passenger seat without obstruction. He closed the door, careful not to hit you, before walking around to his side of the car and sliding in.

“I love you.” You blurted out as he started the car. He might as well know the reason for your minor breakdown, and maybe he wouldn’t react too badly. Dean was a nice guy, after all.

“Sure thing, [Y/N].” He chuckled as pulled out onto the highway. “Tell me that when you’re sober.”

sure I have to carry my tank of water and so do you
but sometimes our waters mix together and we blend beautifully
but we part ways suddenly like oil and water and we’re back to carrying our tanks
we acknowledge each other the moments before sleep
gazing over the edge
but never getting wet
in the fear of our waters becoming something we cannot handle
something too wild and the waves too large
but sometimes your pond spills over
and your river runs wide
and your ocean floods
and you’re okay
so take this chance
and let the waves wash you clean
—  11:27pm, I’m thinking

the thing about oppression is it doesn’t exist on a lateral scale, and i think a lot of the anti-sj rhetoric of “you’re trying to tell me that a starving little boy in a poor country has privilege over you because he’s male???” comes from this misunderstanding

it’s not that easy. it’s a complex concept.

i’m a mentally-ill queer woman. i live in the united states, i am white, and i am fairly well-off financially. those characteristics in the former sentence have been the cause of multiple hardships in my life. however, the characteristics in the latter sentence qualify me for a great deal of privilege, especially on a global scale. they also help soften the blow of my struggles; for example, i have never had trouble obtaining professional care for my illnesses, and i will never be mistreated or criticized to the degree that women of color are.

so no, a starving little boy in a poor country is not privileged over me. viewing oppression in a polar sense - privileged vs oppressed - is incredibly shallow and ignores multiple factors.

okay!!!!!! i finished the thing i was writing!!! it ends horribly it’s so ugly fuck like i don’t know where i was going with it um its about Life and Death and tw: torture tw: gore i guess omf omf why do i write but yeah if you could give me feedback!!! great!!!! did you like it did you hate it is my writing okay etc etc

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Dead Men Tell No Tales Epilogue

TITLE: Dead Men Tell No Tales
CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: Epilogue (but could be read as a one-shot)
AUTHOR: DilapidatedStreetlamps
GENRE: Drama/Adventure/Smut
FIC SUMMARY: Thomas is a stowaway found aboard the Sea Monster, a pirate ship led by a woman. She’s running from the Royal Navy for thievery across the Atlantic Ocean and for helping her brother Jacob, a known deserter. But that’s not all she’s running from. Thomas enters the chaotic world of pirates, violence, and affection for the austere yet beautiful Lady Captain, even though he knows this woman is keeping dangerous secrets that could turn his world upside down.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS:  Hate sex, spanking, light choking???  How did those get in here?

(previous: x)


The Medea seemed to not touch the water as it flew across the Atlantic that day.  The sun was shining down on the deck of the ship, but Thomas was in the cool sanctuary of the captain’s cabin.  It was messy and unorganized, jewels and treasures shoved carelessly in every available space.  Trevor Brooks had left quite a fortune behind when he’d died, including this ship, the Medea–and Brooks’s crew thought he had given it all to Thomas.

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