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Stealing Spirits

Okay, so after much internal debate I decided I’m just gonna post it because- what the heck! So this is the first chapter of my NaLu AU, and it’s a Thieves AU! I hope you enjoy it and if you read it please please please give me some feedback because I’m deciding to continue it or not based on the response, It’ll probably only take like two people liking it for me to continue so please let me know! Even if you don’t like it criticism is welcome and feedback would really make my day! 

A city always looks so much different from its rooftops. From her perch, Lucy could look down into the streets below and see all that went undetected from the ground. Pick-pockets worming their way through the crowd, children being lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy afternoon, but most importantly, she could see her target.

Lucy Heartfilia was a renegade thief. She stole only for herself and only from people who could afford to be stolen from. She may be a thief, but she still had morals after all. Although the people she stole from where wealthy, they were not exactly high-stakes targets. Jewels where worth nothing if you were dead. Her latest target however was a different story. From her rooftop position she surveyed not only the streets but the house of the incredibly wealthy Duke Everlue. Assessing the guards, possible entrances and the coming and goings of the Dukes many servants. This was not going to be an easy job, and was certainly not one she would normally have chosen.

But she hadn’t chose it had she?

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This is my personal project. Feedback would be much appreciated :)

This graphic short story was inspired by the song Bullet by Hollywood Undead and my good friend Zoe.

The entire “graphic short-story” was illustrated by me. Please don’t repost. I have been working on this project since mid-September, so I hope my hard work was shown.

I drew all the panels and lyrics in a sketchbook, and then edited them in Photoshop. (If anyone was interested in knowing.)

My goal was to bring attention to suicide and depression. I apologize if this is a trigger, it was not meant to be. The last panel is meant to show that there is help out there, and that people care.

Thanks guys.

Here it is, the finished product! Some of the old marker smeared through, but Im still really happy with this. It makes me smile so much! Hope y’all like it!

Chapter 13 is up! In this chapter: Jean deals with the crippling despair of parental disappointment, some cockblocking fireflies, and … the realisation of something crucial. 

Fic Summary: Jean Kirschtein is not entirely sure why they need someone to clean the pool when no-one ever seems to swim in the darn thing, but when his socialite mother just can’t stop ogling the new pool boy, Jean realises she might not be the only one.

Apparently balancing a growing relationship with the freckled pool boy is harder than it looks, when coupled with a more than dysfunctional family life, a cheating scumbag for a father, and a seriously lonely existence.

An AU of equal measures fluff and angst featuring pool cleaning, roof-top smoking, lots of parental problems, and mainly shirtless Marco.

The Very Touch of You (1/?) (I can’t decide if I wanna continue this so it would be awesome if you guys could let me know if you want me to continue it.) I part 2 I ao3

Dean almost expects Cas to be completely different somehow, after he shows up looking ragged and utterly human on the bunker doorstep one crisp autumn evening. Maybe he even fears it, remembering that drugged-out broken smile of another Cas, fallen too. He sleeps now and eats with them, does y’know, bathroom things but to his relief, he’s still Cas. Grumpy, stubborn, too-much-heart, I-don’t-understand-your-references(although Dean is trying to remedy that slowly) Cas. Something he almost misses though, in trying to look for bigger signs, is how much Cas touches now. 

He had stiffened, that first afternoon when Dean had pulled him into a crushingly-tight hug, but then he had melted, almost collapsing into Dean, had rested his cheek on Dean’s shoulder and let out a choked sigh.

After that, once he’s situated with them in the bunker, he constantly touches Dean, in small ways. He had always stood too close, Dean had been used to that for years, but never reached out like he does now.

It starts off slow: just a brush of his hand against Dean’s shoulder or arm to accompany the Dean when he wants to call his attention. Then: a splay of his leg so that his knee rests against Dean’s when they’re watching a movie, the three of them, or sometimes when Sam is busy, the two of them alone. Quick, passing touches on his back as he’s walking by Dean in the kitchen or somewhere else in the bunker. Accidental brushes of their hands when they walk together that sometimes linger too long to be accidental. He notices the lingering ones when they happen, sure, pretends he doesn’t and tells his hammering heart to calm the fuck down, jesus and tries not to make anything of the electricity in them but he does notice. 

He doesn’t realize it had become a running thing though, until one morning when he tells Cas that he bought some more of those damn fancy coffee beans he likes so much and Cas quirks a grateful smile at him and drops a quick peck against his cheek before walking away. It stops him cold, not because it feels unnatural but because it doesn’t- which, what the fuck?

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Reminder, a T/Z story

This story is my version of what I think will happen in episode 2. If you are avoiding spoilers, I would suggest not reading. This story means a lot to me and any feedback is appreciated.

Inspired partly by this post (x)


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He tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position for what seemed like the millionth time that night, before Tony realized he wasn’t going to sleep. His mind kept relaying the events of the past few days, and he couldn’t seem to escape them no matter how he tried. He let out a sigh of frustration as he tried to find a new position in his scratchy, tight airplane seat. Tony could hear the soft snore of the man in front of him and the music erupting from the woman next to him, adding to his irritation. With one last futile attempt to try and clear his head, Tony pulled his jacket over his head, but to no avail. He gritted his teeth in frustration as he sat up and reached in his bag for a magazine to distract him. While rummaging through his bag, Tony comes across a small envelope near the front of his bag, and suddenly all the memories of the past few days come rushing back to him. The hot Israeli sun, the orange grove, the feel of her hands on his face, the look in her eyes, the searing kiss, the long night of love making, the pain of their final goodbyes, the last glance he gives her. It’s all so overwhelming and he can feel the tears prickling at the back of his eyes. He opens the envelope and lets the small Star of David necklace fall into his palm before the memories cascade through his mind

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Find a way - Chapter One (A Luke Hemmings fan fiction)

(awesome cover done by honeybeeisme thankss melissa! also feel free to give me feedback! thats always helpful! thanks loves xx)

(chapters: 1, 2)

Storyline: I don’t know how to story line it, but the idea came to me while I was listening to the song ‘Find a way' by SafetySuit. 

Smut: Not for a while I don’t think.

Requested: No.

Word count: 3,200+

Find a way - Chapter One 

Your POV

I sat at the island in the kitchen of my shared apartment sipping on a cup of steaming hot coffee. It was an early Tuesday morning and I was hardly able to keep my eyes open. I gave my eyes an impatient rub before reopening my eyes and squinting, a groan passing my lips.

“Looks like you need about three more cups.” My roommate Axel commented as he made his way into the kitchen, hair ruffled and out of place from sleeping. I admired his oversized band shirt and sweats as he directed himself towards the coffee pot and poured himself a cup. 

“Or seven more hours of sleep.” I whined as I ran my hands through my hair stressed. 

“Didn’t sleep well last night?” He teased as he leaned against the counter, elbows supporting his weight as he brought the cup to his mouth. I shot him an annoyed glance and he smiled from behind his mug. “I slept great. Got a whole eight hours.”

“Ax you’re an ass. You know I was working on that new article all night.” I rolled my eyes. 

“Oh right, you’re presenting it today. Completely slipped my mind.” He chuckled before taking a sip of coffee. “You nervous?” He questioned quirking one of his eyebrows. 

“I can’t believe you just asked me that you jerk. I’m done with you.” I hopped off the stool and grabbed my coffee, turning on my heel and walking towards my bedroom. “Don’t you dare finish off that coffee!” I shouted as I turned into my room, tugging my hair out of its messy bun.


“If she didn’t like it I’m going to die. I’m going to get fired. She’s probably in there trying to find the nicest way to fire me.” I chewed at my bit up lip as I sat in my desk, tapping my pen endlessly. 

“Oh my god Y/N would you shut up! She loved it. I could see by the way she was smiling during the presentation. Honestly, even if she hated it she would publish it. You’re her favorite. You have been ever since you walked through that door with your first article.” My co-worker Emily smiled as she sat down on the chair in front of my desk.

“You’re lying.” I started shaking my head and an amused giggle passed her lips. 

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Teen Wolf Thoughts and Theories - Post De-Void

Ok, everyone. I know it’s later than usual, but here’s my meta for this episode. Writing meta for this one has been especially difficult because of how many possibilities there are. Also there was a lot of shit crammed into the last 5 minutes of the episode. I hope that you will find this meta to be good and to help you make sense of this intense episode. So, without further ado, here we go!

Stiles Playing Go

The fact that people found this odd is a little beyond me, but I will explain. It makes perfect sense for him to be playing go. After all, he has lost control over his mind and body to the nogitsune. As such, his mind is going to be shaped by the nogitsune, giving rise to what we saw in this episode. Furthermore, if the nogitsune has control and Stiles hopes to regain control, it would make sense for him to have to play according to the nogitsune’s terms (notice I didn’t say rules). The nogitsune likes go, so they are going to play go. It’s really that simple.

Was That Really Stiles Playing Go On The Nemeton?

I have seen a lot of stuff going around saying that it actually wasn’t Stiles. Allow me to explain why it is him.

Ok, so the first major clue is very subtle. Honestly, you wouldn’t get it if you don’t play go or are not familiar with it. This isn’t the first time that Jeff and the team have worked in subtle go references and such. If you look, there is a significant difference in how the nogitsune (bandages) and Stiles place their Stones on the board. This may sound silly to you, but I assure you that it is not and I must applaud the writers for working this in.

In go, a player does NOT place their stones with their thumb and pointer finger. This is only done by beginners who have not played long enough to learn proper technique. The proper technique that is used by experienced and pro go players is to pick up, hold, and place the stones between the pointer finger and middle finger. Using this technique allows for precise placement of your stone onto the desired spot on the board. It also looks crisp, clean, professional, confident, and even powerful. Here are some pictures to show you what I mean:

We saw Stiles place his stones using his thumb and pointer finger. This is indicative of a novice. Considering Stiles has never played go prior to this, that makes sense. What is more important is the nogitsune. As the camera pans around, you see the nogitsune retracting its fingers as it places the stone. Its fingers are in this formation. The professional way to place stones. The experienced way. The nogitsune has been playing go for hundreds of years. It is a master and it is nothing for it to place stones like this even in bandaged hands. This is Stiles versus the nogitsune in a Go match.

As and added note, like I said, this is a subtle thing and it was probably done intentionally because the show loves little shit like this and that most people will miss or dismiss as nothing. Only those who know a lot about go would catch it.

Now, I will address the other issue that I have seen pop up. Some say Stiles’ facial expression doesn’t fit him seeing Scott. I say that this is false. But, before I touch on that, I would like to point out one other thing. The nogitsune, the on who holds total control over Stiles’ mind, turns to face Scott before he howls. IT ACKNOWLEDGES THAT SCOTT IS THERE. Stiles does not. Stiles CAN’T because the nogitsune is suppressing him and his mind. Scott’s howl breaks through to Stiles, not only because he is part of the pack, but because it is Scott. Scott broke through the nogitsune’s hold and reached Stiles because of their bond, their friendship, as well as Stiles being a part (the original part) of his pack.

Ok, now on to the actual facial expression. Stiles looks suddenly at Scott. He is surprised. He was locked inside his mind with only the nogitsune. Only that hell. That voice. And then, shattering the noise of the nogitsune, comes Scott’s howl. It is loud and overpowering. It breaks through to him and he looks at it. The sudden sound startled him, but it also gave him confidence. Look at his face, it is full of courage and resolve again. As he turns to face the nogitsune, face to face for the first time in this scene, he is no longer afraid. There is no fear left in him and then he does it. He flips the table, knocking away the pieces and essentially telling the nogitsune to go fuck itself. He will not play by his rules. He is Stiles and this is his mind and he will not be controlled any further.

So, long story short, there is an important difference in how they place their stones. Also, I think everyone is misinterpreting Stiles’ facial expressions. My conclusion is that what we saw was indeed Stiles versus the Nogitsune and Scott gave him the strength and courage to fight back.

Why Is The Nemeton Always There?

The nemeton ALWAYS appears with Stiles. It seems to call to him, beckoning him even. The nemeton is a source of power and of great importance to the druids. It is where the streams converge. I believe that the nemeton is calling out to Stiles because he is a druid who has yet to awaken to his power. I believe that Stiles will eventually awaken as a powerful druid and will bring new ideas and order to the druids just like Scott, Allison, and Kira have to their own groups (werewolves, hunters, and kitsune).

It has been hinted at before, multiple times, the Stiles has some kind of power. He completed a mountain ash circle without enough ash. This is literally impossible, but he did it. There are a few other hints as well, but yes. Also, Deaton has never formally declared himself as the emissary for Scott’s pack. I think that is because Stiles will awaken as a druid and become Scott’s emissary and advisor. He basically is already, but this will let Stiles take a more active role in the pack.

Either way, this explains why the nemeton is calling to him. Also, if the Stilinski is tied to the protection of Beacon Hills, then it makes sense that the nemeton would seek him out.

Who Is The Real Stiles?

Ok, this is the single hardest part about my meta and it has taken the most thought. I will attempt to articulate my thoughts and understanding to the best of my ability.

I think that the stiles who was thrown up is actually the real Stiles. Our Stiles. The throwing up, while symbolic, was also literal. The nogitsune expelled him. The nogitsune, honestly, no longer needs a host now. It has gathered so much power from all the pain, strife, and chaos that it has caused that it can exist in its own corporal form. Essentially, with Stiles finally fighting back so hard and everything else, the nogitsune decided that is was not worth it to keep him any longer. Stiles was more trouble than he was worth.

Now, this explains why the nogitsune would run off with Lydia. It still needs to create pain and chaos. Well, it may be done with Stiles as a host, but that doesn’t mean he’s done hurting him. Hurting Lydia, causing her pain, will get to Stiles a lot. So he took her.

Also, we see the genuine look of bewilderment and concern on bandage!Stiles’ face. I am aware that the nogitsune can act, but I still believe that this is our Stiles. Stiles is free. Things are far from over and far from safe, though.

Response To Malia’s Name

I don’t think this was a response by Stiles. I think this was a response from the nogitsune. I don’t have much to support my idea, but I think that there is a lot going on with Malia and that she may be connected to the nogitsune somehow. Perhaps he just recognizes her as a fellow trickster and does not like this. Either way, I don’t think that was real!Stiles’ reaction.

Melissa’s Secret

I think that the nogitsune was messing with Melissa. Scott could never hate his mom. Also, we saw Sheriff Stilinski tell Agent McCall to tell Scott everything. He would NEVER tell him to do something that would hurt Melissa or Scott! He thinks it is for the best. Melissa is simply scared and the nogitsune is feeding off that. I imagine it will be big and terrible, but I don’t think it will actually make Scott hate his mom. It could even draw their family back together. Or at least bring Scott to neutral terms with his father instead of hatred. IDK. We will see.

Lydia And The Next On Clip

I do NOT put a lot of stock into these clips. They are highly out of context and meant to cause wild speculation and chaos within the fandom. Their job is to make sure we watch next week. That being said, here we go.

Remember, Lydia can hear the universe. She can hear it move, past and present. I am willing to bet that she can hear possible futures. Eichen House is covered in dark emotions and memories. In such a charged place, it is likely that she would experience only a negative outcome. It may even cause her to have a vision. I propose that it is possible that she saw something happen to Stiles, but that it is not real. It is only a possibility. As such, she can prevent it.

Now, if that is not the case and the scene is real, then I am not fully sure what has happened and I do not care to venture a guess right now because the clip has absolutely no context and therefore should not be logically speculated on. I will say this, though. The scene with her and the nogitsune and her over Stiles are almost definitely different scenes with some time in between them.

The End

I think that about wraps it up. Please send me any feedback, questions, comments, etc.! I would love to discuss this with you and I am open to other ideas! I look forward to hearing from you all. So, thoughts?

Droplets 17 is live. In this chapter: Jean takes a step forward into Marco’s world, Ymir has a great taste in movies, the boys are actually happy for once in this God-damn fic, and Jean realises a lot of stuff. (This chapter is 35,000 words long. You have been warned.)

Fic Summary: Jean Kirschtein is not entirely sure why they need someone to clean the pool when no-one ever seems to swim in the darn thing, but when his socialite mother just can’t stop ogling the new pool boy, Jean realises she might not be the only one.

Apparently balancing a growing relationship with the freckled pool boy is harder than it looks, when coupled with a more than dysfunctional family life, a cheating scumbag for a father, and a seriously lonely existence.

An AU of equal measures fluff and angst featuring pool cleaning, roof-top smoking, lots of parental problems, and mainly shirtless Marco.

Happy Little Hart (A Hart-squared Fanfiction) Part One

(1155 words of pure Hart-squared. Enjoy)

My happy little pill

Take me away

Dry my eyes

Bring color to my skies

     Hannah had seen Mamrie Hart cry on only a few occasions in her lifetime, partially because Mamrie never cried at anything less than complete and utter heartbreak. Hannah knew that as soon as a tear left Mamrie’s eye, Hannah needed to be with her. So when Mamrie called her on the phone requesting that she come over to her place and Hannah detected a sniffle, she bolted. Hannah arrived at Mamrie’s house at a record pace. She ran to the door and knocked. As she waited, she heard shuffling and she wrung her wrists in fear. What would be so utterly terrible that Mamrie would cry? God she hoped she was ok. The door then opened and Mamrie’s face appeared. Her eyes were red and puffy and she was still in her pajamas. Hannah met Mamrie’s eyes and Mamrie looked away sheepishly, wiping her eyes with the end of her long-sleeve shirt.

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the thing about oppression is it doesn’t exist on a lateral scale, and i think a lot of the anti-sj rhetoric of “you’re trying to tell me that a starving little boy in a poor country has privilege over you because he’s male???” comes from this misunderstanding

it’s not that easy. it’s a complex concept.

i’m a mentally-ill queer woman. i live in the united states, i am white, and i am fairly well-off financially. those characteristics in the former sentence have been the cause of multiple hardships in my life. however, the characteristics in the latter sentence qualify me for a great deal of privilege, especially on a global scale. they also help soften the blow of my struggles; for example, i have never had trouble obtaining professional care for my illnesses, and i will never be mistreated or criticized to the degree that women of color are.

so no, a starving little boy in a poor country is not privileged over me. viewing oppression in a polar sense - privileged vs oppressed - is incredibly shallow and ignores multiple factors.