please give me a pug

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Prompt: “Give me one good reason why not.”

Character: Jake Peralta

Warning: N/A

“You did a bad! I’m telling Holt!” You held the broken vase in your hands and looked back at Jake and then back at the vase that would signal your impending doom and your losing of your job at the precinct…oh god…

“Jake, please, don’t!” 

"Give me one good reason why not.” He looked smug as a pug in a rug…or whatever that saying was, but you were not going down without a fight. You down right refused! If you were going down he was going with you!

“Because it’s both our necks on the line if he finds out I broke his favourite vase you watched and did nothing!

“Shit…you’re right…I’m the first person he’ll blame! You might even get a free pass! Quick! Hide the evidence, wipe away the finger prints, we’ve got to leave the scene before he shows up!”