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Baekhyun lullabying Aeris to sleep - {{audio}}

Little Star lyrics: (the part Baekhyun sang)

Close your eyes and listen carefully to my story

Before my story ends, you will dream

Little Star~ Tonight~ I will watch over you all night

When i first met you, you are so blinding

When i first saw your smile, it felt like i had the world

Little Star~ Tonight~ I will watch over you all night

When i see you fast asleep in my arms, i can’t take my eyes off you for a second

You’re so pretty, i feel like my breath will stop, how can i fall asleep

My love, my everything, my angel from heaven


Well, everyone’s experience is different. I can only tell you what I did. I came out to my family. My dad isn’t exactly known for his en-mindedness, but he was pretty good. And, so was my mom.


Riverdale | 1.04 | Betty & Veronica

Are you doing this because you still have feelings for Archie?

ok i just had to rant about this for a while:


my boy is so badly treated and so hated but poor baby hasn’t done anything wrong he tried his best doing what’s best for everyone and protect everyone but still y’all denying all the good in him + his efforts to keep everyone safe and happy. 

this poor baby boy wants to keep his friends and the people he cares about healthy safe and happy but yet he gets slandered and hated on?? i’ve said this but he tried his best he never meant to do anything that would hurt anyone.

what has he ever done wrong he’s the softest person in the game can you all believe.

i just want to express my love for this man he is the absolute sunshine and he deserves happiness and i wish everyone did him better and showed him the love he deserves. 

he lost the love of his life the one that made him the happiest he was the one hurting the most because he knew everything and he tried to prevent it all i swear i’m tearing up i don’t think he deserves all of this.

for the ones who haven’t gone through secret 1 and 2 i advise you to stop reading.

man that was just one hell of a ride for me especially since i love him so much i cant believe this is the end they gave him he deserved so much more he was the one that deserved to live a happy life he did not deserve THAT. i am still a WHACK and completely devastated that it ended that way my precious boy.

i want to end this by reminding y’all how beautiful he is and how honest and his kindness without limits and how brave and strong he is to go through all of that it’s just absolutely insane and just all the qualities would take too much to even recite. please give him the love he deserves please hype him up. my boy the love of my life great thanks y’all and hopefully he gets his own route and i can continue living without torturing myself.

that was it.


“Well, when I was 18 and people found out I was gay, I started a car in a locked garage and waited to die. That must have been a couple of years after you put that poster up. Anyway, what I’m saying is stuff works itself out. And you’ve got a head-start. Yeah?”

There’s A Universe The Size Of You And Me

Tavros’ new house is not so much a house but a home.

There isn’t really another way to put it.

His new house is big, large rooms with ample spaces and windows that take up the whole wall, illuminating the house but mostly decorating it with the picturesque, real-life painting of the forest that lays on the other side. It isn’t really tall, though, only two stories high, but the shortage of stairs might be more of a reminiscence of his past life and struggles - and a caution, should it happen again- than lack of money.

Because, all in all, the house probably costs more than someone of his caste could realistically afford, back in Alternia. But creating the new Universe comes with certain perks, after all.

Even though the living room is massive, and there’s an impressive distance between one wall and the opposite, the space isn’t cluttered. In fact, it’s almost minimalistic, the fireplace being the only thing that might catch the eye, and only because of the flickering orange-white light the fire casts. The personal belongings are kept to a bare minimum: a few books on the shelves, pristine-clean and untouched (the books he really likes have their place in his night stand - the chipped, dog-eared copy of Pupa Pan presiding the pile), clothes that are not yet in place, and not much more. There’s a striking lack of photos on the walls, but the world is still new, so is this life, and the new memories will surely come in due time.

Despite all this, the house doesn’t feel naked, or deserted, even when he’s not around.

There’s the soft, chirping sound of the birds outside, probably their thank-you note for the food Tavros left for them in the backyard. There’s also the echo of those chirps coming from inside, half a beat later, from the ample cage that stands next to the TV. It is soon followed by the fluttering of wings, but one of them still doesn’t work quite well, so it is short-lived, and soon continued by tweets of distress, half due to the pain and half due to the loss of freedom. It’s a temporary arrangement, though, and at soon as the wing heals its owner will be able to abandon the house and join the choir outside, so the song will be sung in one voice rather than two. There’s also the soft pitter-patter of clawed paws against the wooden floor, in a staccato that increases in frequency before abruptly coming to a halt and being substituted with a soft ‘thud’, as the sofa cushion compresses with the added weight. There’s a song, there’s a beat, and then there’s…

… there’s you.

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  • taehyung to jimin : Haha dude,,,you are so cute bro. want to be my bf? Bf means brofriend, so its like double the bro. Youre my best bro dude. I love you man. I really love you so much <3 <3
Monster Prom [a crazy twist on dating sims!]
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.

I just found this super good kickstarter, and if they get like $2000 more, they’ll add more dates, and you guys know I love my gross monster people. 

Also you can be a girl and date girls, which is what I’m all about. 

early soobernatural is so wild. sam and dean don’t have a goddamn clue what they’re doin. no subtlety. straight up askin cops about satanic rituals, interviewing grieving widows about flickering lights and weird smells, botchin up the made-up name of the made-up company they pretend work for. sam’s like 12 years old pretending to work for a gotdang insurance agency. dean doesn’t even know how to tie a tie. don’t even get me started when they meet other hunters and they’re like ??? there are Ot HE r hunters??? we aren’t the oN l y ones on earth?? these fucking morons what teh fuck


AXODUS - Hold on ft. Key of SHINee