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Nonspecific headcanon/unconfirmed pokespe AU, probably a little more gameverse. 

Spoilers for SM Gameverse/HGSS Arc ahead.

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Gladion, Lillie and Silver are cousins, with Lusamine and Giovanni being brother and sister.

Lusamine originally created Aether Foundation - in the conservation sense - because she was retaliating against the actions of Team Rocket.

Gladion was to inherit the company, giving his side of the family a one-up over Silver (who, understandably, wanted nothing to do with his father). After she discovered Ultra Beasts, however, Lusamine fell to the same hunger for power and, much in the same way Giovanni harnessed Mewtwo as a stronger clone of Mew, she began to seek the power of Arceus through type:full and, as a bribe to keep young Gladion in the family way, promised the pokemon to him.

Yet, when type:full was too unstable to possess all 18 types, it was considered a failure and plans were put forth to have it terminated.

This infuriated Gladion, who took pity on type:full and insisted it was wrong to end a pokemon’s life just because the experiment was unsuccessful. Unlike Silver, who saw weak pokemon as unfit, Gladion believed that type:full deserved a second chance and by threatening to leave Aether Foundation, type:full was instead modified into type:null.

But even so, the damage had already been done and Gladion’s trust in his mother was broken forever. Insisting that type:null was a strong pokemon, Gladion took his beloved pet and ran away with it, his trust in Aether Foundation forever broken.

Gladion had nobody to call a friend, except for the pokemon at his side.

It was pure chance that his rebellious, outcast mentality turned Gladion’s attention to Team Skull, where he looked up to Guzma as a father figure and constantly seeked the man’s approval despite never being accepted into the group.

As this was happening, though, Guzma grew infatuated with Lusamine and seeing the potential type:null possessed, began to take incentive to capture the Ultra Beasts himself - as a way to prove his loyalty to her. This is the point where Gladion was considered an unofficial member of Team Skull, as it helped to fuel Guzma’s plans.

Gladion’s love and dedication towards type:null was what allowed it to eventually evolve into silvally.

Despite Gladion’s disappearance, Lusamine still had her daughter Lillie to inherit the company and one-up Giovanni who, unknown to Aether Foundation, had disbanded Team Rocket in an effort to gain Silver’s respect again.

While Lillie was hurt over her brother’s disappearance, it was the reveal of Cosmog’s capture that truly broke the family apart. Staying true to the no-harm pokemon conservation that Aether Foundation originally stood for, Lillie ran away with the newly-nicknamed Nebby.

With both children disowning her, Lusamine’s only crutch was her Ultra Beasts and finally, her obsession came to overpower her.


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