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Me after watching the trailer for “It’s Only Love if It Hurts”….

A strange combination of being a bawling emotional wreck, yet completely unable to look away from the events unfolding on screen. So ready, yet so definitely not ready for next week!

Someone PLEASE give us more of Ardyn being that fantastic hero. That King that healed thousands. The guy that did everything he could to save people, but in the end was rejected for all his doings. Give me more of the happy days of people afflicted with the scourge being helped and healed by him. Where’s all his stuff? What about all those whom actually loved him for what he did for them? I need this content and I feel like there’s not enough of our humble King in Rags that tried and saved a bunch of people. I need filler content of his happy days.

Here we go with some Mervia feels ~

Meredy seems to be flying because I made her legs blue since I thought that they were part of Juvia’s dress. Maybe one day I will be able to colour something without doing any kind of mistakes… >.>

Anyway, enjoy this! 💙

Ever since I read that part in @silvervictory‘s fanfic: A Matter of Time, it’s been persistently in my head.

Brown-hair Teru is HELLA GOOD TERU~

“W-woah, those are a lot of Primarinas”
(Won’t be answering them all, sorry~)

F.A.O. People on XI’s Gallifrey (and those interested in being more involved!)

Thanks everyone who’s come forward with plot ideas/challenges so far :D Several of you have been keen to get the ball rolling on something so I’ll get people up to speed and/or open stuff up for discussion. Firstly I’ll start by listing blogs who are offering to cause some mayhem. I won’t spill the beans on what anyone’s bringing to the table: I’d explain it badly and people might not have all their beans yet. In no particular order, we so far have as upcoming challenges:




@theagentturnedwanderer ( @roseoswiins )

@ myself and @theta-x

Unless anyone has objections, I’m going to moot that River can be the first one to be the challenge. If it’s ok with Mams, we can follow her lead on that plot bunny and start interactions once it’s underway. Once the plot has run its course or she feels we’re at a point to open again, someone else can take the baton.

Revelc, Mireya and Claire have the potential to be as big or small plots as they’re comfortable. Basically comes down to whether you’d like to host a big bad villain-type scenario and have a buttload more attention, or if you’d rather do quieter behind-the-scenes threading. There is absolutely no pressure for anyone in this verse to have to approach anyone or do things they don’t want, but I absolutely want you to have the opportunity to do a big flag-waver of a plot that has our audience backing you up :3 Smaller plots can be started pretty much as soon as the first biggun gets underway, big ones will need to wait their turn so we don’t get frazzled and can give people the attention they deserve.

Mine and Will’s plots are good to wait, especially mine ;D

So yes, as long as we’re all on board, River will be the next antagonist. I’m not sure if we’re wanting to wait for Amy/Koschei’s wedding first or if that’s due in between all the madness? Hit me up about it/discuss. If anyone’s too shy to prod each other, feel free to message me or reply to this with your thoughts. Or do that anyway :U I’m going to tag people who may be interested/are already interested/are on Gallifrey, but anyone reading this is welcome to keep an eye on the various happenings and to approach people as you would normally on Tumblr :D Happy plotting and roleplaying! xxx

@petrichormemory @masterfulxrhythm @sonoftwotimelords @cousinjustine / @timelxrd-victorious (as and when Christine is available for joining in, as most of these happenings relate to the Arcadian rift) @therani-queenofscience @sallysparrowtimetravels @undermyprotectxon @askthesyraxian 


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[PRISTIN] Everyone, please give us a lot of support today. Thank you!! All the fans have great strength Up Up! 😆  From now on we will have more cool stages that will make everyone’s hearts go WEE WOO WEE WOO >3< We love you ❤️