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It's not just the food that's revolting.

(long story)

Back in my college days, I lived on campus and ate the 20-meals-a-week meal plan at the cafeteria. It was… terrible. Seriously. I know people complain about their college cafeteria all the time, but they still gain their “freshman 15”. I lost mine. The food was disgusting. Sunday spaghetti was made from tomato sauce and Saturday’s cheap hamburgers. One week they didn’t bother ripping up the hamburgers: watery, sauce-tinted, overcooked noodles garnished with dry, leathery, two-day-old hamburger patties. It was still better than the other options. At first, they had a “make your own pizza” line, but removed it because everyone was using it, and “bread isn’t cheap.” I remember seeing a real salad in their “healthy eats” line and getting excited, because it’s hard to screw up salads, only to realize that it was literally floating in oil. The salad on the actual salad bar was not an option; it was changed out every morning, whether it needed it or not. Oh, sorry, I meant the ice in the salad bar. Not the salad, no. A student wrote his initials in the tuna and it remained for a solid week. Sometimes the salad would grow its own salad.

They had a big board set up for student complaints, and they would write responses back. Oddly enough, the board rarely had bad things to say; the manager, may he be haunted by a thousand bedbugs, confessed that he didn’t have time to answer every complaint, but he did read every one, and took the complaints into consideration. And, as far as we could tell, threw away all the ones he didn’t like.

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Pietro Maximoff supporting his children at sporting events would include...

Requested by anon
“Pietro supporting his children at sporting events fluffiness”

If I’m being honest, I had no idea how to put this into a full one shot, and thought a headcanon would have been easier and sometimes they’re just as good :)

Headcanon / Full Masterlists

small authors note: i gave you and pietro three kids. gender/names are not specified so that is all how your mind picks it up; for the kids i used their ages to specify which one i was talking about and use “they/them” pronouns 

  • Pietro would be so happy his kids like sports
  • It’s even better if they like to run track/cross country
  • let’s say you and pietro have three kids 
  • And, obviously, he is all about the running and making sure to work out because running!is!fun!!!!
  • even if you don’t like it, somehow it get’s passed down to your kids
  • but you don’t argue
  • at least they’re outside being active
  • and not staying inside watching tv shows excessively and on the computer for hours at a time
  • (HAHA who am i kidding my kids will have a tumblr from day one)
  • but they’re making friends from it
  • and they enjoy it
  • and they’re very hyperactive i mean look at pietro he’s hyper in itself of course your kids are like him, too.
  • so it’s getting all that energy out
  • FORGET “SOCCER MOM” he is the ultimate soccer dad
  • because nearly every kid starts out playing soccer (even i did…and now look at me)
  • he will volunteer to bring all the snacks and water for the kids
  • then after the season ends he will throw a huge party 
    • sometimes he gets to have it at stark tower if tony is out of town
    • dont tell tony
    • he cant know
  • he wishes he were the coach but with this superspeed thing it would be hard for the children to understand and he kinda has this whole “saving the world” thing on his shoulders so its probably not the best idea for him to do that
  • but damn
  • he is standing on the sidelines at every game
  • he is screaming for your kids team to get the ball
  • “pietro please don’t swear in front of the kids.”
  • pietro has gotten so into he’s sworn so much that he’s been asked to leave
  • pietro would be so hype to go to every. single. game.
  • Stark needed him for something? It can wait until after the game.
  • Cap needs him on a mission? He’ll be there once the game is over.
    • “Pietro, your kids will have a million games. You can miss this one.”
    • “They aren’t going to be this small ever again, I’m not missing the game. You are not my top priority, my kids are.’
  • fast forward a few years so we can talk about other sports than soccer
  • all throughout elementary school the eldest kid decides to stick with soccer and is really good at it
  • the middle kid ends up deciding soccer is not for them and picks up a bat ready to frickin hit that ball out of the park even if they are super small they still get home runs, and the youngest decides they like basketball.
  • and just because pietro is getting older does not mean he is getting any less hype. he will be hype all his life. he is pietro maximoff.
  • more years pass because there are more sports options as you get older so:
  • lets say now you and pietro have a sophomore (15-16 y/o), a eighth grader (13/14 y/o), and a seventh grader (like 12?)
  • in highschool the eldest is still sticking with soccer because they’re a fast runner and are really good, plus a bunch of their friends are still on the team and its really fun
  • pietro almost cries when they come home saying they want to join the team
    • “I’ve been waiting for this day to come”
    • “dad, are you crying?”
    • “He’s just happy, dear, you know he loves to run.”
    • “but it’s…it’s just cross country…I’m not even on the team yet.”
    • “Let him have this…it’s better that way”
    • “yn i am so fucking happy they like running wE CAN ENTER MARATHONS TOGETHER BABE”
    • “im happy for you pietro”
  • and when the middle child is in 8th grade (13/14 y/o) they make the baseball/softball team 
  • so now they’re not in a random team outside of school this one is with the school
  • pietro loves to help throw the ball for them to hit back and run around the backyard
  • yes, the child and pietro have broken so many windows you have found non shattering glass
  • they still break it
  • but hey thats how the kid hits the home runs
  • the amount of balls on your roof though
  • there are so many
  • one day it gets to window out and everyone is at the table eating dinner and all the sudden like fifteen balls go past the window
    • “please stop hitting them on the roof”
  • there is no stopping pietro
  • okay and your youngest child is not as into sports as the other two, but really likes basketball
  • they don’t want to be on the school team, they like the community team better and have more friends there
  • the youngest is more introverted and quiet and at school, very shy, so they like to do a lot of reading and writing and you best bet they have a wattpad and a tumblr and an ao3
  • so when people from school hear that the youngest maximoff will literally scream on the court, no one believes it because no one from the school is on the community team and doesn’t think young maximoff is capable of screaming
  • one day they’re invited to play at recess 
  • and damn, young maximoff makes everyone’s eyes go wide when they get on the court
  • because they have skills
  • young maximoff knows what they’re doing
  • young maximoff will call someone out if something is wrong
  • young maximoff is not afraid to yell
  • young maximoff is a really good shot
  • but dang when recess is over and they go back to being their shy selves, people still want to talk to them and get to know them
  • and before they know it, young maximoff is asked to play basketball everyday
  • to wrap this up pietro loves his kids and is so so so so so so supportive and loves to watch them run around the field (or on a track) and is very pleased.
  • now he’s just waiting for the day one of them comes home saying “uh, mom, dad, i can run…really fast…like dad…”
  • because bruce told them since the power is in pietro’s dna it’s a possibility that the kids could have the power, too
  • but until then, you and pietro will watch from the sidelines with big smiles on your faces
  • pietro is soccer mom™

lazilydeepcoffee  asked:

(please bear with me) Okay, so, I'm a 15 year old freshman in highschool, and I've wanting to create some sort of series, whether it be a comic, or something else for a few years. I haven't too serious about it, but after one my of my friends showed me your video, for some reason, i was especially inspired. Now, I already have one character... but that's all i got. How did you come up with the things in your film? And did you ever experience "writer's block"? and if so, how did you deal with it?

No worries dude!  So okay, I’m gonna’ be honest, when I read this, I was hit with such a weird mix of, like, “god this is literally impossible to answer”, and “man I remember feeling that way when I was 15″.  So I guess the best thing I could do is elaborate.


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Stressed Discord/d.m.

A/N: OKAY WOAH!! im blown away entirely by the amount of imagines that you guys have asked for im truly sooo excited to write them all. Except im in what feels like a time crunch with school but of course i’ll try my best!

Request: @potterhead236 asked , “Hey can i have a Draco Malfoy imagine with 15, 17, 18, 19, and 22. Thank you so much.”


15. “I’d kill for a coffee….literally.”

17. “Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

18. “What’s the matter sweetie?”

19. “You’re Satan.”

22. “Did you just hiss at me?”

Warnings: None

Notes: Y/C/O- Your Coffee Order

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Happy Odaiba week, everyone.

So this is basically my first time participating in something like this.

The theme this week is “The Power of Friendship” focusing on platonic and familial relationships, so on that note I wanted to talk about Tamers

Tamers is tied with the original Adventure series as my favorite Digimon anime, but my reasons for liking adventure tend to be pretty shallow to be honest: Nostalgia, my favorite digimon as far a pure design aesthetic goes (Seriously Adventure had the coolest looking Digimon), and some very entertaining (if not particularly developed) villains. Save for Tailmon, pretty much only our eight main human kids got any development, the Digimon were mostly their for support. And although we got a far more interesting and varied look at their family lives, this was mostly just in the Vamdemon arc.

Tamers was very different. It had easily the most interesting and well developed Digimon, and this extended to their relationships with both other Digimon and their human partners.

Terriermon (my least favorite of the main three) almost serves as a middle ground between Guilmon and Renamon. He has Guilmon’s fun loving personality, but isn’t quite as naive or as innocent as he is. At the same time, he’s not nearly as serious or jaded as Renamon tends to be. His relationship with Jenrya has sometimes been compared to that as a precocious younger sibling, and Jenrya has a protective instinct that one might expect in an idealized sibling relationship (Although I sure as hell was never that close to my sister). Still Terriermon is not his little brother, and as a Digimon, feels an instinct to fight, and obviously feels he should be the one protecting Jenrya, not the other way around. Impmon regularly teases Terriermon, comparing him to a pet, and it does seem like Terriermon does sometimes feel resentful about this treatment (not to mention Jenrya’s sister literally thinking, and treating him, like he’s just a doll.)

Guilmon, of course, is the most pet-like, what with basically being a newborn baby, albeit, in the form of a relatively big and strong child-level Digimon. Its actually pretty strange that, considering the earliest Digimon games (The virtual pets and the very first PS1 game) raising your Digimon, tamers is the only season that actually gives us an indepth look at that process, and even stranger that that one Digimon actually starts out at child level. Not counting the various partners that have gotten killed and reborn over the years (Who are either born with, or eventually regain their memories) the only digimon we see who are actually hatched from an egg and raised up through baby level are the Botamon from the first movie and the Puwamon from savers, both of which evolve to past child, and are taken from their partners over the course of a single day!

Guilmon is different. He’s very puppy like for a big Dinosaur, and seems to understand Takato is his “tamer”, but constantly ends up in trouble regardless. Really some of the most amusing bits in the earlier episodes are Guilmons inability to stay out of trouble, and Takato constanty needing to hide him. Other times its less like a Takato is his tamer and more like he’s his parent, a very unprepared 10 year old parent, learning to deal with a baby the  size of a very large dog, has sharp claws can breathes fire, and will sometimes go berserk. Guilmon still has a fighting instinct that all digimon have, in spite of his innocent personality. In fact largely because BECAUSE of this personality it manifests more strongly, but as a sort of split personality, albeit one not as pronounced as a lot of other fictional characters. This actually scares Takato somewhat, and theirs a few times, first when Guilmon is first born, and again, when Guilmon first evolves into Growlmon, that Takato seems genuinely worried that his digimon is going to murder him. The second time, probably one of the most heartwrenching moments in the first 15 episodes or so, Growlmon actually seems to sense Takato’s fear, and is saddened and horrified, telling him to please not be scared, and desperately wants to become Guimon again. For quite some time after that, Guilmon is show to have a much better handle on things, and the two of them become much more in sync, to the point where Takato can (somehow?) feel what Guimon feels during battle.

Too bad that its a two way street. Really, although the how is not explained as well as it could be, this all ends up being some pretty disturbing forshadowing when we find out what happens to Guilmon should Takato be the one to lose control, and its definitely not pretty. But I’ve already talked too long about these two.

Ruki and Renamon are my favorites of the three duos, and I’d go as far to say that, aside from Ken from 02, Rukis proabably my favorite human character, and definitely my favorite female human character in the entire franchise. At first glance a heartless ice queen, its later pretty clear Ruki simply worried getting emotionally close to anyone is a sign of weakness. Unlike Takato and jenrya who mostly played the games for fun. Ruki realizes the Digimon card game is something she’s VERY good at and plays it competitively. Eventually (in yet another plot point thats never… fully explained) she gets so good that seveal real live Digimon want her to be their Tamer. She ends up with Renamon. Renamon has a mysterious past, but her goals are obvious: become the strongest, no matter what. Ruki has the seems to view Renamon as little more than a fighter, to test her own taming skills, and although, its never outright stated, I always  got the impression that Renamon probably, at least initially, had a similar disregard for Ruki, seeing her as little more than a tool to make her digivolve, but by the time their first introduced, it seems like Renamon is starting feel dissatisfied with such a relationship, and feels as if she wants something more, and meeting Guilmon and Terriermon, who have much stronger bonds with their Tamers, only amplifies this. When she first evolves to Kyuubimon, it seems like the two have finally come to an understanding, but it does not last, and a very…… clingy IceDevimon, who wants to rap- I mean, force Ruki to be his Tamer. His horrifying collection of frozen victims, on the one hand, causes Ruki to question the hunting and killing wild digimon, which is good, but the experience was bad enough to turn her off from the whole taming thing altogether, and even after Kyubimon comes to her rescue, killing IcePedomon, Ruki decides she hates all Digimon. In the end, it takes the opposite to happen, for Ruki to save Renamon from a wild Harpymon, for the them to finally reconcile.

Theres, of course, a lot more I could talk about, such as family relationships, or the interactions between the different Digimon (Impmons interactions with Guimon, and Renamon were always rather amusing.) not to mention Juri, who ends up getting far more development than we could have expected considering what a minor role she plays in the first half of the series, but I’ve already talked way longer than I was expecting. I guess the bottom line is, Tamers honestly had some of the best, and in my opinion, the best and most well written protagonists, out of any Digimon title, and the relationships between the humans and the digimon were a huge part of that.

StevenBomb 6 [ Heavy Spoiler Warning]

First, if you have watched the leaked videos, please try to watch them on TV when officially come out or on the CN app. Support the show. Please.

This is the edited version with the keep reading line so as not to accidentally spoil anyone who has yet to watch the Bomb or does not plan to watch until the May 8th (The Keep Reading/Read More is having trouble please let me know if it shows up)

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anonymous asked:

1-28 for young charles xavier? Thanks so much b! (If you don't wanna do them all that's okay :p)

Most of this is going under a read more because it’s soooo long.

1.Who is the most affectionate?

Charles. He especially likes holding your hand, so he does it whenever he can.

2. Big spoon/Little spoon?


3. Most common argument?

Whenever Charles uses his powers in a not-so-cool way, whether it’s with you or someone else (for example, erasing Moira’s memories).

4. Favorite non-sexual activity?

You like to cuddle up in the study and read.

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Captain America: Civil War

Yes, I saw it last night. It’s so good. And I went in with high expectations.

A lot of people were worried that the plot would be bloated and unevenly paced and there would be too many characters and it just wouldn’t achieve the elegance of TWS… and of course they were right. Like, come on, that’s a given. But it’s good, man. It has the emotional sincerity and commitment to character conflict and political consequences we loved from TWS.

Random thoughts under the cut:

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yes i know that graphic isn’t the best b UT Hi guys! So recently I’ve been finding TONS of Filipinos from the YouTube fandom on tumblr, so I thought, why not bring them all together in a network? So me and ayephil​ has decided to make Team Internet PH!! ok this is so lame im soRRy


  • mbf me and carmen
  • mbf the squad blog
  • must be filipino ofc
  • must reblog this post, likes don’t count
  • must fill out this form
  • must be part of the YouTube fandom (whether Dan and Phil or Troye or Tyler, literally any youtuber!!)
  • 40 notes or this didn’t happen


  • skype calls and cards against humanity games
  • new friends of the same nationality!! yes amazing
  • selfie reblogs and cool mutuals B))
  • possible meetups!! (like at YTFF and
  • a safe place to talk (◡‿◡✿)
  • bigger chance of getting noticed as a squad B))
  • new blogs to follow


  • we’ll send you an ask about all the complete details
  • must be tracking the #teaminternetph tag
  • must have a link to the squad blog somewhere in your blog
  • you’ll be given the email and password of the squad blog
  • you must submit a photo of yourself to the squad blog (we’ll tell u about the size in the ask)
  • along with the photo send us a short bio-like description of yourself for the members page

if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me or carmen! we’re friendly dont worry

we’ll be accepting applications until august 10, so you’ll have plenty of time to apply even if i feel like no one would lmao we’ll also be accepting up to 15 members so ya thats gr8 ok gr8 pls join if ur filipino pls lang talaga

if you aren’t filipino you may reblog to spread this!! let the filos see this thank u

anonymous asked:

Can you give us a good rant on everything that's wrong with GOT?

Oh god. Can I.

First, as I’ve noted before, I read the series for the first time when I was 14-15, and I am going to turn 27 later this year. So it is literally almost half my life that I have spent being a fan of the books/series, and there’s probably no fictional universe that I know better; I did use the Wiki of Ice and Fire when writing TNR for small details, but mostly to confirm what I already thought it was, and almost all of it was just what I already knew offhand. So yeah, I will wager my knowledge of ASOIAF against just about anyone’s, I know large sections of the books practically verbatim, and it was my gateway drug back into fandom. So one can be sure that when I wheel out the big guns here, I know what the fuck I am talking about. (I have to include this disclaimer because every so often I get amusing anons accusing me of “not understanding” GOT or the characters or whatever). Also, to make clear just how important this is and has been to me, and why I am so, so spitting mad about the show.

I realize that turning a sprawling fantasy saga that GRRM originally wrote precisely because he was tired of the limits of small-screen TV scripts and wanted a universe where everything was as big and lavish as he pleased was going to be a complex task. I am not one of the purists who don’t realize that book and film are different mediums, and that on a premium pay-cable channel like HBO, certain expectations are attached to the end result. And given the grittiness of ASOIAF, obviously regular cable wasn’t going to be sufficient to convey all the dimensions of the story. That, however, has become a major part of the problem. The violence and sex, instead of being part of the story that is set in a realistic medieval world instead of some Tolkien-knockoff ye olde fantasyland of dwarves and elves, has replaced the story. The creators know that GOT’s reputation in the mainstream/television/entertainment audience is that it’s “shocking,” so they are constantly tailoring it to be as shocking as possible. They are maneuvering the characters and the narrative from one shock moment to the next, since they know, good or bad, it’ll be buzzed about and people will talk about it and angry book readers like myself will yell at clouds. It’s good for the external machinery of the show, in other words – publicity, “omg did you hear what happened on Game of Thrones last night?”, more viewers, more dollars, etc. It’s no coincidence that this is something like HBO’s most profitable show ever. They know what they’re doing in the TV market, they have production values comparable to big-budget feature films, they can afford to hire top-notch actors and crew, etc. Plus, that carrot of “shocking plot twist.” But when you build an adaptation solely around exploiting it for scenes that give people a jolt, pretty much, well, everything else suffers.

I have already written a novel on GOT’s lamentable treatment of its female characters and addiction to gratuitous nudity and sexual violence (again, included so it can be shocking), but I have to point out one of what I suspect is the main reason behind their latest brilliant idea of making Sansa take Jeyne Poole’s place and marry Ramsay: they figure we won’t care if it’s just some girl. So they move Sansa from abuse to abuse to abuse – from Joffrey, to Littlefinger, now to Ramsay – because they figure it’s easier to evoke the desired response (”this is shocking!”) with their already-created abuse puppet. That’s why Sansa exists in this telling of the show: to be abused, sprinkled in with just enough Mockingjay dresses to make it look like they’re actually giving her a character arc. Because the writers are lazy and clunky and because their idea of what the women in the show are present to do is very clear, they’re just going to throw Sansa in there, because in their minds, somehow we wouldn’t be able to feel empathy for Jeyne Poole, used and horrifically abused and tortured by Ramsay, since she’s just “some girl.” It HAS to be a main character, because why would we feel sympathy for a random victim of sexual and physical violence? What Jeyne Poole goes through is enough to horrify ANYONE, and did, no matter that we didn’t know her from Eve when we started reading ADWD. But she doesn’t matter. None of these women do, because the show is already too busy using the rest of them as pawns for sexual violence anyway.

This feeds into the entire problem of the fact that the writers also apparently think the audience is really, really stupid. Everything that remains ambiguous or only hinted at in the books – Renly and Loras’ relationship, Theon’s unmanning by Ramsay, Stannis and Melisandre’s relationship, etc etc – is made as broad and clumsy as possible in the show. You have Loras reduced to a camp gay fop who can’t focus on politics when there are just so many rent boys to wink at, you have Theon’s dick literally in a box, you have Stannis humping Mel on the Painted Table, etc. Yes, I know that no one wants to see two characters standing around explaining plot points to each other (which already happens a lot in GOT, especially in a brothel) but not all of these (in fact none of these) needed to be thrown in our faces like sledgehammers. Once again, as noted above, the entire structure and storytelling pattern of the show is beholden to “how can we make this as shocking as possible?” The show either doesn’t trust that its audience is smart enough to pick up on nuances, or it doesn’t get the nuances in the first place. I’m inclined to think the latter.

That is, basically, the overall problem: the show takes one or two traits from a character and turns them into the character. We have Jon Snow, who is Tortured and Knows Nothing. We have Tyrion, the Witty Antihero. We have Arya and Brienne, the Strong Female Characters. We have Cersei the Evil Queen, Robb the Young Hero, Catelyn the Grieving Mother, Joffrey the Sadistic Psycho, Margaery the Sexy Schemer, Sansa the Abuse Puppet, Loras the Camp Gay, Olenna the Cunning Grandma, Tywin the Magnificent Bastard, Jaime the Older One Handed Sassy Lannister We Maybe Like But Not as Much as Tyrion, Littlefinger the Scheming Bastard, Theon the Guy With No Dick, Stannis the Crazy Asshole, Davos the Gruff Sidekick, Mel the Femme Fatale, Dany the Dragon Lady, etc etc. You can literally sum up their character arcs or how they will ever act according to two words. Once again, the creators figure, “eh, it’s a big show and there are lots of characters, we gotta give them exactly one trait that we will hammer home again and again so people remember.” One of the unusual and groundbreaking things about ASOIAF is that it steadfastly resists defining its characters into boxes. We have POVs from “good” and “bad” people alike, and all of them do good and bad things. There are no Dark Lords with ugly orcs vs. beautiful elves; everyone is human, everyone’s subjectivity and fallibility is explored. Whereas in the show, the last thing they do is challenge any of these ideas. They put their characters in that box and by golly, they keep them there. They took the most surface and stereotypical reading of everybody and that’s what they made to serve as the characters instead.

Once more, I realize making and adapting a TV show is difficult. I realize that ASOIAF in particular had a huge set of challenges. But it wouldn’t be hard to make a show that didn’t have this pervasive gross mindset and bastardized, shallow versions of great characters and everything in the story tailored and manipulated to make it “shocking.” This could truly be great television and do justice to what the creators have claimed is a story they love, and it wouldn’t have required anything fundamentally different from the process that already exists. But because they have gone the route that they have, it has devolved into shock-value softcore porn with character arcs they are more or less making up from their fanfiction and headcanons. Fine, it’s their show, nobody can stop them. It’ll still make gigabucks for HBO. Everyone will still gossip at the water cooler about what happened last night, and journalists will write lots of articles about how GOT is “pushing the envelope.” Which equals buzz, buzz, buzz. So why do they want to change a successful formula? And in the meantime, people like me are just going to be told that hey, we have to shut up and deal with it, because that’s how TV works. You know, because we probably don’t understand.

every time i see people whining about the sims 4 i just get so annoyed like heres my thoughts:

  1. no more open world. im not upset about this at all, because that was part of the problem that causes people to not be able to run this game properly. the open world is what made the loading screen take like 15 minutes to run. the worlds are partially open though, which is fun because you have a lot more sims in one spot. i cant tell you how annoying it is when you try to go to a club in the sims and have NO ONE BE THERE! its gonna be fun and crowded so your sim can meet more people and have more fun, plus you can still travel between the neighborhoods to do more stuff. AND this allows you to play with more than one family in a town! remember the beautiful days of the sims 2 where if you got bored with one family you could save them and go play with another, then come back to that family later and have everything be just as you left it. that was better than abandoning one family to do as they please. the open world of the sims 3 was what put me off buying the game for like over a year. i cant commit to one family in a game, and now i can mess around with more than one in a town, which is exciting!
  2. toddlers. are. annoying. im glad they put baby and toddler together cuz toddlers are so pointless, when you make your sims have a baby and you gotta take care of this dumb little baby that cant even move, then it FINALLY ages up then its just a toddler, again i cant do much with it. they cant interact with each other, they just sit there and be taken care of, and since theyve put the two life stages together (making you able to actually do things with babies) youll actually get more out of it when they finally age up, because theyll be a child who can do things on their own, instead of being a needy toddler which is hardly a step up from a baby. so i find this change good.
  3. teenager height is probably the most petty thing to hate ive ever seen. yes its kind of lame that theyre the same height as the adults, but honestly youre acting as if its impossible for teenagers to be the same height as their parents? the reason for that is probably because of all the stuff theyve put into the creative tools, it left it hard for the models to be shorter without glitching out on the body shapes, ei: stomachs and chests meshing together in blocky ways. this change is so small and insignificant, its not that frustrating at all, and its understandable in the least.
  4. no pools. yes this one is actually frustrating, but i didnt really use pools that much in my previous game and i dont think its that big of a disaster to take out? theyll probably come back with an expansion pack later on. i feel like the real reason people are mad about this is because they cant drown their sims anymore.
  5. no more create a style. alright, maybe this was just me but uhhh, create a style CRASHED MY GAME! when opened the check mark and x button were both greyed out. i had to restart my game all cuz of damn create a style. i did recently figure out how to get it to work properly by clicking on certain things, but let me just say it is FRUSTRATING. on another note, a lot of the time the stles would be ugly and flat and out of place on certain designs. in the sims 4 the colour selections on clothing items are quite varied with different styles placed into different clothing without looking tacky or out of place, so to me really, the lack of create a style is not a loss. sure maybe its a loss to no longer be able to put patterns on outfits that really werent meant to have them, but i find the selections the sims 4 has more tasteful and interesting. PLUS you can literally ORGANIZE and SEARCH for items based on colour, texture AND style, so thats pretty neat!
  6. not watching my sims go to work or school is like, not a loss for me? you could never enter those buildings and why should you be able to? theres nothing to do. if you want to actively be involved in someones job in a game you can buy those kinds of games. not watching your sims head into some building for 6 hours is not a loss, plus now you can control what they do on the way home. remember how they mentioned “away actions”? that sounds interesting and new.
  7. a lack of clothing stores/grocery stores is like… again not much loss because they give you every item in cas, clothing shopping was available in sims 2, not sims 3 because they let you have more outfits in sims 3, and in sims 4 you can give them multiple outfits for every type RIGHT IN CAS! thats so great, and you dont have to stick to whatever they give you for pjs/formal/athletic anymore, you can unfilter it out and wear any item of clothing thats available in the game, which is soooooo much better now
  8. loading screens are no big deal like…. i much prefer to wait 30 seconds sometimes to waiting 15 MINUTES to load a game and then having it freeze on me when i try to move around the world. theyre not even EVERYWHERE theyre just between neighborhoods (and changing private lots was it? im not sure) so its not that severe
  9. other complaining about gameplay…. theres still two months till this game comes out, we havent seen a lot yet but that doesnt mean its not there? we just havent seen it yet because theyve been selling the new stuff, but emotions seem fun and new and i cant wait to see how they work cuz im sure itll be fun and unique

it honestly feels to me like no one remembers all the problems there are with the sims 3? that it isnt actually a perfect game at all, i found sims 2 more enjoyable and easier to play, but what the benefit of sims 3 was was the character traits. this game puts the good stuff from sims 2 and the good stuff from sims 3 together but with prettier sims with more unique gameplay and i am just SO excited! and i get to play it on my birthday at 9, so even MORE exciting.

idk i just feel like people really gotta chill

also listen to and have a little bit more respect for the sim gurus and please read this before you complain about them taking stuff out and putting other stuff in cuz yall really dont know how this stuff works but they DO