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How to do Math if You’re Struggling

You don’t have to use all of these all they may not all work for everyone, but this is just a list of helpful tips for anyone!


When you are introduced am new concept, instead of just learning HOW to do it, try learning WHY you do it. Just looking up the term on the internet can help a lot if you aren’t understanding a concept

In Class

  • Pay attention as much as you can! this may be an absurd request for some people, but do as much as you can
  • When taking notes, write down the steps of solving the problem
  • Write examples that the teacher does. If you have trouble following these when reading your notes, try writing any change in the problem in a different color in the different steps
  • Distinguish each section or chapter. Keeping things in chronological order can really help.
  • I there is something that you don’t understand, ask. Whether it be the teacher or a peer. It helps to ask specific questions because it makes sure you are addressing exactly what you aren’t understanding
  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK this is the MOST IMPORTANT if you are having trouble understanding. When doing your homework if you get something wrong, try again a few times. If you still don’t get it, ask.

If You Still Don’t Understand

  • If you have tried new techniques and really tried to understand and still don’t get it, ask for help. Whether it be a teacher or a peer, just get someone to sit down with you and explain it
  • Getting help from a peer can be very helpful. They may have an easier time explaining it in terms that you will understand
  • No matter who it is, Someone will always be willing to help.

For Tests

  • Write up a summary of all the material that will be on the test. Write the steps and explanations
  • Make a practice test. Compile problems from all the sections or chapters that will be on the test. If you get stuck, use your summary sheet, and remember to ask for help if you need it
  • when you do take the real test, TAKE YOUR TIME. don’t freak out, and remember to think about what you are doing
  • Remember, if you finish half the test and get them all right, that is better than finishing the whole test and getting them all wrong.

In conclusion, please do not get discouraged! All it will do is make it worse. I once could not understand math at all, but over time I just figured out what worked for me. These are obviously not the only things that help understand math, but these are some things I learned that have helped me to have an understanding of math.

Dirty Laundry - Lip Gallagher Imagine

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Word Count: 1854

Warnings: Sexual content, swearing… Pretty much what you’d expect from Lip

It was almost time for your quantum physics test. Whistling to yourself, you walked down the hallway of your dorm floor in a t-shirt that was a bit too small and your underwear.  They were the only clean clothes of yours that remained, as you had put the rest of your clothes in the dryer about an hour before.  

“Are you fucking kidding me?” you yelled as you entered the laundry room, noticing that your clothes had been taken out of the dryer by another student and placed on the floor in a soaking wet pile.

“Jesus, not that I mind, but I think there might be some rules against walking around here like that,” a voice from behind you commented.

Spinning around on your heel, you set your dark glare on the blue-eyed boy in front of you who was holding a hamper full of dirty laundry. You recognized him to be Lip Gallagher. You’d bumped into him a few times in the hallway and had seen him at some of the parties you attended, but you had never really interacted with him.  

“Yeah, I’d fucking love to be fully dressed right now but some fucking piece of shit took my clothes out of the drier while they were still soaking wet… and fuck, I have a physics test in fifteen minutes and I can’t miss it or… fuck,” you rambled, your voice starting to break at the end. As your eyes started to tear up, you turned back around so your back was facing Lip.  You hadn’t expected to get so upset, but you had spent so much time studying and the stress was beginning to send you over the edge.

“Hey, hey, it’s alright,” Lip said quietly as he stepped closer to you, putting a comforting hand on your back.  “Some dick pulled the same shit on me before and I ended up missing the test.  But it looks like you’ve still got a little bit of time.  I can’t promise I have anything that’s going to fit you nicely, but I’ve got some sweats and a hoodie you could borrow for the time being back in my room.  Let’s say I take care of your laundry for you too.  It’s going to be okay.”

Turning back around to face the boy behind you, you raised an eyebrow.  “Really? I mean, you don’t have to, but it would literally mean the world to me,” you mumbled, sniffling softly.  You were taken aback.  The only comments you had ever heard regarding Lip suggested that he was a sarcastic asshole, and here he was putting his life on hold to help you out.

“Yeah, really,” he replied, giving you a half smile before grabbing onto your hand.  “But let’s go… Wouldn’t want you to run out of time.”  Immediately, he began to run down the hall with you behind him, only stopping once he reached what appeared to be his room.  Once you two were inside, he rushed over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of baggy grey sweatpants and a hoodie with ‘Chicago Polytechnic’ printed on the front of it and threw the clothes in your direction.

“Thank you so, so much.  I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you,” you said sincerely, ripping off the shirt you had on and tugging on the clothes he had given to you.  “I’ll come by tonight when I’m done classes to give you back your clothes.  You’re a saint.”  You began to pull the door open.

“Not quite, but not a problem.” Lip chuckled, taking a seat on his bed and waving in your direction.

“Once again, thank you!” you yelled one last time, holding onto the baggy sweatpants so they wouldn’t fall as you sprinted down the hallway and out the door toward your lecture hall.

Much to your surprise, the day had gone a lot better than you had expected it to.  You had made it to the lecture hall with a minute to spare and felt as though you aced the test.  You had received many looks due to your unruly appearance, but it didn’t bother you. You were able to make it to the test fully clothed and on time, and that was all that mattered.

Clearing your throat, you reached up your hand and knocked on Lip’s door.  You had promised to return his clothes to him and you couldn’t wait to thank him yet again.

A few moments later, the door opened and Lip appeared in the doorframe with a slight smirk on his lips, looking you up and down.  “Have you ever considered buying clothes your size?” When you responded with an eye roll, he chuckled and stepped to the side.  “Kidding.  Come on in. How’d the test go, by the way? Did you make it in time?”

Stepping inside, you flashed him a smile and nodded your head. “Yeah, I did.  Felt pretty good about it too,” you commented, leaning against the now-closed door.  Biting your lip, you looked down and started to play with your fingers.  “By the way, sorry if I freaked you out earlier by being so emotional.  It’s just that I’m on a scholarship to be here and if I couldn’t be there to take that test and pass it, I could’ve lost it and I wouldn’t be able to go here anymore.”

“You’re kind of freaking me out right now.” Lip’s mouth twisted into a grin as he sat on the edge of his bed.  “You literally sound like my spitting image.  Exact same thing happened to me about a month ago.  That’s why I was so eager to help… And I also might’ve had a word with the guy who took your clothes out of the dryer once he came back to get his stuff.”  He chuckled quietly and motioned to the chair at his desk for you to sit down.  “Oh, by the way, your clean laundry’s over there in the corner.”

Smiling to yourself, you stepped around him to take a seat at his desk.  “I’m just glad somebody finally understands.  I feel like I’m surrounded by a bunch of rich kids who have had everything handed to them their whole lives.  Where I’m from, nothing ever comes easy.”  A sigh escaped your lips as your leaned back in the chair.

“Jesus, where have you been these past few months?” Lip exclaimed with a chuckle, laying back on his bed.  “Also, did you say earlier that you were going to take a physics test?

Nodding your head, your eyes began to scan the contents on his disheveled desk.  “Yeah, I’m a physics major.  Think I wanna be an engineer or something.  You know, something where I’ll finally be able to make some money.”

“We’re in the same boat there,” he commented, his eyes scanning you as you began flipping through one of the textbooks on his desk. “You know, I feel like I’ve seen you around at parties.  How are you pulling off the whole physics major and partying thing at the same time?”

A smirk formed on your lips as you slammed the textbook closed and stood up, now in front of the side of his bed.  “Hate to break it to you, but you’re not the only one who can be a physics major and still have a good time, Lip,” you teased, glancing down at your phone.  “I should probably get going though.  Got another test to study for.” Looking over at your laundry folded in the corner, you undid the tie on the sweatpants you were wearing.  “Shit, I still have to give you back your clothes.”

The corners of Lip’s mouth twitched upward as he raised an eyebrow at you.  “What do you think this is?  You’re just gonna strip in front of me?”

You rolled your eyes, but you could feel the tension rising between the two of you.  “Please, you act like you mind.”  Leaning down, you pulled the sweatpants down and took a step forward out of them.

“You know, I really don’t,” Lip noted, reaching forward and grabbing the fabric of the front of the hoodie you were wearing and pulling you closer to him.  “In fact, I’m pretty sure it’d be more efficient if I helped you out.”  

Suddenly, you forgot all about the exam you had to study for.  Biting your lip, you slowly sat down on his lap on the edge of the bed and wrapped your arms around his neck.  “Oh yeah? And how would you do that?”

Without another word, he slammed his lips into yours, leaning back onto his bed and taking you with him.  Quickly, he flipped you over so he was on top, leaning down and kissing up your stomach as he slowly dragged the hoodie up your body and over your head. “I was thinking something like this,” he murmured into your skin, attaching his lips to your neck.

A gasp escaped your lips as he began to suck on the skin, reaching down to pull down his pants and boxers, and then watching as he pulled off his shirt.  

“Someone’s a little urgent, hmm?” he teased, slowly peppering kisses down your collarbone until he reached the exposed skin of your breasts.  His lips wrapped around one of your nipples, his hand moving to work on the other breast. Despite his teasing, moments later, he pushed inside of you.

“F-Fuck, Lip,” you moaned out, grinding your hips up into his. Your head flew back against the pillow as your hands found his back, your nails dragging down the skin.

Your response only caused him to start moving in and out of you faster, one of his hands reaching up to grip onto the headboard so he could deepen his movements.

His lips found yours again as he continued, the kiss sloppy but with a sense of passion and urgency.  At this pace, it didn’t take long for either of you to finish.  A few moments later, you moaned out and dug your nails deep into the backs of his shoulders, climaxing and allowing your head to fall back against the pillow.  “Holy shit.”

Lip came moments later, pulling out before rolling off of you and collapsing next to you.  His chest rose and fell rapidly as he tried to control his heavy breathing.  “Wow,” he muttered, rolling over onto his side to face you.

When you were finally able to steady your breathing, you rolled over to face him and raised an eyebrow at him.  “I had planned on saying thank you again, but I’m not sure if right now is the best time.” You giggled softly, biting your lip.

Lip smirked at your comment, his hand reaching out and resting on your cheek.  He started to chuckle as his thumb massaged your jaw, his dazed eyes staring into yours.

“I clean your dirty laundry and all I get out of it is a scratched up back and dirty sheets?  You know, I’m not sure if you’ve fully repaid me.  I’m not done with you just yet.”


Thought I’d switch things up and go for Lip this time.  Once again, let me know what you think! xx

BTS Reaction To Finding Out You Are Pregnant


Jin met you at a very young age and have been together for a very long time.  You both decided that you guys weren’t get any younger an should start trying to grow your family.  Well about a month after that decision you missed your period.  You took pregnancy test and found out you were pregnant.  You were beyond excited to tell Jin. 

“Hey Jin who do you think should be his/her godfather,”

“Jagi what are you tal- OMG ARE YOU PREGNANT? PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE PREGNANT!” Jin was very ready to be a father.

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The thought of having kids never crossed your mind. To you guys sex was just sex. So the day you found out you were pregnant you were shocked. As soon as you found out you went straight to Namjoon.

 "Joonie I’m pregnant. What are we gonna do?“

 "We are gonna be the best parents ever obviously. (Y/n) this isn’t exactly how we planned this but I always planned on having kids with you. So why not now? I love you so much.“ 

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Suga was so focused on his career at the moment that he didn’t want kids just yet.  He knew you were the one it just was not the right time. When you found out you were pregnant you were scared to tell Yoongi because he thought he would be mad. You didn’t want to hinder him from achieving his dream so you decided to do the “only thing” and leave him.

 “Yoongi I’m just gonna say it, im pregnant. I know we weren’t thinking of having kids any time soon and I love you so much and I don’t wanna see your career in danger so I will take the baby and raise it on my own.”

 “(Y/n) no that is the last thing I would possible want. Ya you are right we weren’t thinking of having a kid anytime soon but plans change. And I don’t care if this hurts my career you and our child,” he says while placing his hand lightly on your stomach, “are the two biggest priorities in my life. I love you and I’m not going anywhere.”

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  Jhope wanted kids not be you did not. You were also a dancer in the highest point of your career and a child would mean having to take a break for awhile. Jhope understood that and did not force the topic on you. You promised him kids in the very near future but not right now. You have been practicing for a big concert for the last couple months and the tour was about to start. A week before the first show you got the new costumes to try on. Jhope was excited to see you in them and waited or you on the couch to come out. In the bedroom you had trouble zipping the pants and the shirt was tighter than it should be. You come out of the room in tears telling jhope that there is no weigh you put on the much weight. You started a new diet to stay in shape for the tour and practices do much that there was no logical way. Then you had a thought. You could be pregnant. A day later in the doctors office you got your answer. You were pregnant. You were so shocked. You couldn’t believe that you were gonna miss the tour that you practiced so much for. You body was stiff. Jhope helped you from the chair and you began to walk back to the car. On the walk there he pulled you close and whispered, “(Y/n) I know you didn’t want kids just yet but we have one. We are gonna be great at this. I’m gonna be with you through everything. (Y/n) I’m gonna be around so much you are gonna be sick of it. I love you so much and our future child.” 

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You and Jimin were in love and everyone could see it.  Would you guys be engaged soon? Yes. Were you guys gonna have kids soon? NO.  You just starting a job and career for yourself did not want to rush things.  Jimin was in one of the peals of his career  and found it hard sometimes to make time for you, let alone a id.  Kids were something you both wanted but not now.

You woke up one morning and immediately ran to the toilet to throw up. After cleaning up you quickly rush to the store to pick up a pregnancy test. You fly back into your apartment and rush the sat jimin who was sleeping on the couch and soak the door to the bathroom. A couple minutes later you are sitting in the bathroom floor crying. Your pregnant. How were you gonna tell Jimin? Jimin woke up from his nap and started looking for you. He saw you were in the bathroom and knocked. When you didn’t answer he poked his head in and saw you one the floor. “Jagi what wrong? Please tell me what’s going on.” You just continue to look at the ground so he starts to look around to try to find what caused this. He spots the positive pregnancy test on the counter and he so shocked. He quickly composes himself and hugs you tighter. “(Y/n) my princess please don’t cry. This is great news. Why would I ever be upset about this? We are gonna be the best parents. Now let’s get you up and we can cuddle.“  

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  You and Tae wanted kids Now.  Even though your families, hyungs, and his managers were saying you were both to young you guys did not listen. You found out the day after Tae left for a 3 month tour that you were pregnant. You decided to wait and surprise him with your growing bump when he got home. Three months later Tae comes walking into your apartment to get the best surprise of his life. "Tae you’re home!” You yell as you waddle up to your boyfriend He looks at you shocked and begins to tear up. He kneels down and puts both hands on your stomach. “I’m so happy to see the both of you.” As he places gentle kiss on your tummy then your lips. 

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(ignore Suga)

Jungkook :


Baby Jungkook have his own baby? HAHAHA no.  As a matter of fact you both were not ready to raise a kid.  You have not been feeling right the last couple of weeks so you decided to take a pregnancy test.  You had no doubt in your mind that it would come back negative.  While waiting for the results, Jungkook arrived back home.

“Hey Kooks Im in the bathroom you can come in.  I haven’t been feeling well so im taking a pregnancy test just to be sure.”

while walking into the room, “Ok babe that’s fine.  We should probably go to the doctor tomorrow.  You have been feeling pretty bad for awhile.”  He begins to check his hair in the mirror and he glances down at the test to find a plus sign on it.  “UM Babe what does a plus sign mean?’

You run to go check it, “Omg I’m pregnant.”

It would take a coupe hours in all honesty to have Jungkook process that he was going to be a father.  Once he calmed down he would come into bed and cuddle whispering in to your ear reassurance that you both would be amazing parents.

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(His reaction as soon as he finds out)

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(His reaction after he has calm downed)


In Beacon Hills mysteries came with people. Each person walking in the hollow halls has one, some have many, but you, you only had the one. You were a wolf.

A natural born werewolf with nobody left but your cousin Derek. When Scott transformed into a wolf, he latched onto you instantly, hoping to learn things from you rather than Derek.

So, that’s why you and Scott are so close now a days. You know most of his mysteries and he knows a few of yours. You guys had been the best of friends, as close as you could possibly be.

When Theo Raeken came into town that’s when everything changed. You had a whole new perspective on life, and not only that, you had a massive crush on the bad boy.

Theo almost knew you had a crush on him. He used it to get near you every second on the day. He would come near your locker, not for any reason, just because you were there. He would try and walk you home consistently, just to make sure you got home safe. He even walked with you when he got his truck, it didn’t matter that he could drive, he just always wanted you safe.

When Scott had found this out, it was almost like Theo attacked everything Scott held dear. Scott had a massive change of character, he would always stand by your locker, just to make sure Theo wasn’t there.

Scott even got to the point that he would try and get you to stay at school late so he could watch you.

But today, today you weren’t having it. “Please, Y/N just stay here after school. I need help with Chemistry.”

“Scott, this is the 5th time you’ve had me help you today. I can’t keep explaining the same topic endlessly.”

Scott sighed loudly and leaned against your locker, his head hitting the metal slightly. “I think you will be good on your test, Scott.”

He jumped off the locker, almost trying to find a comment in the back of his head. “How about you just quiz me?”

“Scott, I literally quizzed you last hour. You got all of them correct. As expected from someone who has reviewed 5 times!” You closed your locker door, turning to look at your best friend.

His eyes widened, trying to beg you to help him. “Scott, can I ask you something?”

A little nod came from the adamant alpha, “is this about Theo?”

“… no” you sighed and started to walk to your class, “Scott, I usually don’t tell you to let me have space. But, I can handle myself.”

Scott almost denied the fact that you were a wolf. He didn’t like the fact of one of his betas hanging out with someone who isn’t in his pack. He had double the stroke when it turned out to be an enemy of the pack.

“I know. I just don’t want you to get hurt. He is dangerous, Y/N.” you sighed, starting to get annoyed. “You sound like Stiles.”

You tossed your bag over your shoulder, “I will not hear more of this Scott. I have homework to do.”

Scott was about to speak but you turned on your heel, walking towards the door. You pushed the door open, making your way towards the forest, hoping to soon be home.

“Alone again?”

You stopped in your tracks, turning to see the supposed villain Theo. “Hey Theo.” You stated calmly as you walked further into the woods, “according to Scott you are dangerous? Have any idea why I should be concerned?”

Theo was walking next to you, he was as confused as you were. “I think I’m plenty dangerous.”

“We are all dangerous, don’t act like you are special, Raeken.”

You kept walking, waiting for some sort of response, but there was nothing. You turned to see Scott holding Theo against a tree. His nails sticking deep into Theo’s neck, but not enough to kill him.

“Scott, let him down.” You ran over to the two, Theo’s eyes were shining hold while Scott’s slowly turned red. You felt a deep anger in you burning, your eyes flashed to the familiar blue shade, “put him down now.”

Scott looked up at you, his facial expression trying to show that he was right, but you focused on his eyes, they were forgiving and pained.

You put your hand on Scott’s arm that held a choking Theo up. “Let go.”

It was almost like your touch sent a buzz through Scott’s arm. He dropped Theo in that moment, he turned away, expecting you to come over and comfort him.

But you did the unexpected and walked over to Theo. You knelt at his side, blood started to drip out of the claw marks on his throat. He looked up at you with yellow eyes, you put your hand on the side of his face.

“See. I’m dangerous too.”

Theo had been so intrigued by the fact that you were untouchable. To him it was an instant attraction, he wanted the challenge of earning your emotions. He wanted you to be his, and he knew you would, maybe not now, but soon.

Sickness Sentence Starters

“Can’t I have something else? I’ve only eaten soup for two days now.”

“I don’t think there are enough tissues in the world to help me with this stuffy nose.”

“I’m already under three blankets and I still feel cold.”

“When can I take the next dose of medicine?”

“I don’t know what I want to do. I’ve already watched five movies today, but I don’t have the energy to get up and do anything else.”

“I don’t want to get anyone else sick, but I have an important test/meeting today that I really can’t miss.”

“I know I look silly, but I need to have this towel on my head to cool off the fever, so please don’t laugh.”

“This cough drop is really helpful.”

“Please stay still. You need time to recover.”

“Here’s another box of tissues.”

“Do you need me to get you another blanket?”

“Where do you think you’re going? You are staying right here. You’re too sick to go anywhere.”

“I know you’re tired of soup, but it’s not exactly like you could eat a steak right now.”

“You have to wait another hour before you can take more medicine. Perhaps we can do something to distract you until then.”

“Let me feel your head to see if your fever has gone down.”

“Hey, you haven’t coughed for about a minute! Maybe you’re getting better!”

Cinnamon Dolce Latte Grounding Scrub

Yes, you read that right.

I love bath magic. First of all, it’s a fantastically discreet form of magic. (My very religious mother will not question me throwing together a sugar scrub, but the second I bring out a crystal I’m worshiping crystals.) Second of all, with or without the enchantment, this is a fantastic sugar scrub.


  • Coffee grounds (any will do, but if you use flavored coffee you can even match it to your intent! I actually used some Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce grounds that my mom bought, using the remaining grounds from my morning cup of coffee, of course.) 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Honey
  • Sugar (brown or white, I used a mix of both)
  • Oil of your choice (I used olive, simply because that’s what was on hand, but I would have preferred coconut or almond)

Perhaps a better witch would have measured things out so when they posted the spell people would have a way to make it exactly, but frankly, I just put all of the materials together until it smelled and looked and felt right. Basically, when you have a really great texture that’s damp but not goopy, it smells delicious, and it feels right, it’s ready.

I personally charged it up with some of my favorite grounding crystals, and I’d highly recommend doing that or somehow charging it via your favorite method, especially if it deals with grounding in some way. (Not everyone charges things with crystals!) 

Coffee is a fantastic grounding agent, and it’s also a beautiful exfoliant. Cinnamon is wonderful for just about anything, honestly. (No really, I’ve read correspondences where it relates to healing, protection, money, spirituality, and power.) It also has great skin benefits!

Sugar and honey can both be used to bring sweetness into your life!

Charging it up really makes it pretty powerful, and it’s a delightful scrub. It smells good, feels good, and if you’re anything like me and need to ground at least three times a day (empath probs), it’s a good form of relaxing and grounding on a deeper level. I used it myself (I always try to test out my own spells before posting) and it feels wonderful

**Side note, if you have a vagina, please be careful about getting sugar on/around it!! Getting too much sugar around that area can promote yeast growth, which could lead to a yeast infection. Stay safe, my vaginal darlings. 

Let me know what you think!


Alison groaned and opened one eye. Her alarm was sounding repeatedly. She reached for Emily and found the bed empty and cold. She jerked more awake, shut the alarm off and listened for the shower. Nothing. Pulling herself up in bed and reaching for her phone she saw a text from Em.

From: Emmy [April 6, 2017 5:45 am]: Good morning beautiful, I had early practice and didn’t want to wake you. There is hot green ginger tea in your to go cup and a bagel with cream cheese on the nightstand. Don’t forget to take your vitamin. See you in the teachers lounge before class. 💋💗😍

From: Ali [April 6, 2017 7:15 am]: Thanks Em, you take such good care of the baby and me. The bed is cold without you. See you soon. You know the scent of chlorine kinda gives me a rush.💋😘💋

Emily as supervising the team swimming laps when her phone dinged. She pulled it out and read Ali’s message, smiling until she read the last sentence. She knew Ali’s hormones had been off the chart and the last sentence meant game on for the day. Really, her head said not to return the volley, but her heart said anticipation is the whipped cream on the sundae. Plus Ali is way too sexy not to play along.

From: Emmy [April 6, 2017 7:26 am] I know you love a good whiff of chlorine in the morning, but I’ll make sure I don’t get splashed, cause I don’t want to get you wet. 💋😎💋

Ali finished her makeup and was gathering up her things to leave. She glanced at her phone and read Em’s message. Her stomach fluttered a tad. She set the books down and went to the downstairs bathroom, unbuttoning her blouse on the way. She didn’t take it off, just shirked it off her shoulders enough to show her enlarging pregnancy boobs flowing over the top of her black push up bra. She took a cleavage selfie and sent it to Em.

From: Ali [April 6, 2017 7:47 am] Think we may have to go bra shopping this weekend. This baby is changing me. What do you think? 🤗😇💋

Emily had just sent the team to the showers and was in her office getting her coffee cup to head to the teachers lounge for a refill. She opened Ali’s text and her heart flipped. She was giggling and blushing at the same time. She was on her way to meet Ali anyway so she decided to not send a reply at the moment. Walking into the lounge she almost ran directly into Principal Hackett who accosted her about chaperoning prom. Emily was too low on the seniority list to really refuse, so she agreed volunteering Ali as well. She was refilling her coffee when Ali bumped her shoulder with a quiet “Hey.”

“ Hey baby. How are you feeling?” No one else was there but them. They were careful to keep it professional around the other staff.

“Like I could have slept the day away or screwed it away, it’s a toss up. You’ve been warned Coach Fields. When did chlorine become an aphrodisiac? I love you and I need you, but I have to go to class. How about lunch…in your office with the door locked?”

“I’ll be waiting.”Emily was positive this woman would be the death of her, but what a way to die.

Emily ordered Chinese chicken salad from The Brew and had it delivered at 11:00. It was waiting in the fridge in her office. She was sweaty from lifting free weights with the class before lunch. Going to her bathroom to freshen up, she glanced up and saw sweat running down her abs and leaned in taking a selfie close up. She quickly sent it to Ali.

From: Emmy [April 6, 2017 11:49 am]: I bought lunch or I can be lunch, your choice.

Ali gave the class their reading assignment as the bell rang. She reached for her phone, keys, and purse. Glancing down she caught that she had a text from Em. She knew before she opened it to be prepared, but the up close picture of Em’s tan midriff with sweat running down in rivulets made her throat dry and her knees weak.

From: Ali [April 6, 2017 11:59] I am hormonal and pregnant, I need both. Have moisture of my own, will you require a picture?

Emily read the response at the same time she heard Ali’s heels clacking on the tile floor of the locker room. Lunch was already out on her desk. She was still sitting in her swivel chair when Ali came through the door. She locked the door, flipped the blinds, and sat across Em’s lap placing a searing kiss to her lips. Em was hugging her tightly when Ali reached for her hand and placed it firmly on the very wet crotch of her panties. “ In case you didn’t believe me.” Emily groaned and slid two fingers past the panty barrier and gently caressed her girlfriend’s clit. “Emily,” she whispered softly in her ear,” Hard and fast, I’m so ready it won’t take much.” Emily’s breath caught. She was absolutely light headed from the adrenaline rush from that little whisper. Em leaned up sucking Ali’s tongue into her own mouth and rubbed her middle finger quickly on Ali’s clit until she fell apart. Ali’s moans swallowed by Emily’s mouth. Ali pulled back and gently kissed Emily’s lips whispering “So good, baby, so good.”

Emily grinned, “ You are so hot, you’re killing me. Eat before You force me to drag you home for the rest of the day.”

“As tempting as that is, my seniors have a test on Shakespeare this afternoon so I need to be here.”

“If they’re anything like we were, I’m sure they’d be thrilled if you canceled. I have relay practice last period so I don’t think I can escape either. Who knew adulting could impinge on our sex life?”

“This salad is delicious, where’d you get it, The Brew?”

Emily nodded. “There is soy sauce in the dressing so I got you an extra water . Will you please meet me back here at the end of last period? I have a surprise for you.” Alison raised one eyebrow and smirked. Before she could say anything Emily interrupted her, “ A PG surprise involving students, please bear that in mind Miss DiLaurentis.”

“Gotcha Coach Fields.” She winked at Emily. “ Do I get any hints?”

“If I told you it would ruin the surprise. I’ll meet you outside the pool doors after last bell.”

“Okay, thanks for lunch, among other things,” Ali giggled with her fingers entwined with Emily’s as she prepared to head back to class.

“You’re carrying my baby, anytime, any place, I’m yours. I love you Ali, have a good afternoon,” leaning over and just touching their lips together.

Ali took back her right hand and touched her heart. “I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve to be this happy, but it feels so good, I’m going to do everything possible not to screw this up. Bye baby.” With that she pecked Emily’s lips one more time and left.

The afternoon passed without any sexting. They were both busy and preoccupied, but Alison met Emily just outside the pool doors after last bell as promised. She had just grabbed her phone and locked her classroom. Emily was waiting with a smile on her face. “I know walking with your eyes covered makes you nauseous, would you rather walk backwards? It’s just inside so it’s not far.

“Just cover my eyes, it should be ok if it’s not far.”

Emily covered her eyes and led her through the pool doors. When she uncovered her eyes there was the swim team arranged in the water spelling out ….PROM? Ali’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Em. “You know I’ll be huge right?”

Emily grabbed her fingers “Ali I’ve been to so many dances and never has it ever been with you. I remember that ice ball and watching you walk down those steps. I wanted to dance with you so bad it hurt. Haskett asked me to chaperone so I thought this might be our chance. Plus we all missed out on the real full prom experience. So the team helped me. Will you go to prom with me?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

The team all cheered. “Pizza is on me after the meet. Thanks girls for your help.”

Take a Break - Dick Grayson Hamilton AU

A/N: This is part three of five of Dick’s Hamilton AU series. Enjoy! ;)

Helpless   Satisfied

“It looks good John, keep up the good work! I’m going to go get some more paint from the workshop, tell me if you need anything.” Shawn encouraged ruffling her son’s soft dark hair. He smiled up at her in response, once again blowing her away how much he looks like his father.

She went upstairs towards her workshop where she had all manner of art supplies scattered about. She glances at her husband’s closed office door and sighs. Dick had been working himself to the bone lately and as a result he had been locking himself in his office to work on case after case in confinement. It was easy to see the toll it was taking on him. Shawn only wished that he would take a break.

Lord knows she married the most stubborn man in Bludhaven.

Dick angrily crumpled yet another piece of paper covered in the nonsensical code he was trying to break. He hung his head in his hands and shut his eyes, hoping that the right answer would miraculously appear before him if he opened his eyes again. He was pulled out of his anger when he heard his phone ping with a text message from you. His day immediately brightened with that tiny little message.

You had moved to London some years ago to live with your new husband but you always still managed to make time for him. He came to you with his complaints and issues and you always managed to guide him in the right direction. Even if things never worked out between you all those years ago, he was happy to have this small little connection with you.

He answered your text with a small rant on the latest of his issues.

‘Jason called me McBeth the other day. McBeth. He said I was too ambitious, a pain in the ass.’ Dick complained.

‘Show him how much a pain in the ass you can be and kick his.’ You responded. Dick chuckled quietly at your response. Your humor always seemed to provide him with some level comfort.

‘Do you have to live an ocean away?’ Dick responded.

Many miles away in London, your heart lurched when you received this message. Thoughts of him subsided but then you get another text and suddenly he was all your mind could think about again. Even after all these years you still loved this man.

Some time later Shawn knocked on the door of Dick’s office and poked her head in.

“Dick, can you take a break and come down for dinner?” She asked.

“I am on my way.” He says dismissively without looking up from the evidence that was spread across his desk, his monitors showing pages upon pages of research and in progress tests.

“I have a surprise for you and it can’t wait. Please come down tonight Dick.” Shawn pleaded.

“I’ll be there in a minute. Save my plate.” He reassured unconvincingly.

“Dick.” She said his name in the way that said ‘If you don’t come down right now, you’re sleeping on the couch tonight’

“Ok, Ok,” He relented pushing himself away from the desk and following his wife downstairs. Shawn took his hand and steered him to where John had finished his painting just a few hours earlier.

“John is nine years old today. He’s been bouncing off the walls to show you this for weeks, Dick.” Shawn said pulling Dick by the hands until they stopped in front of a linen concealed canvas sitting on a shortened easel that Shawn had gotten just for him when he expressed an interest in his mother’s art. “Alright John. Show your father what you made, sweetie.”

John smiled brightly and nodded before pulling the sheet away to show a dark but colorful painting. The skyline was a mixture of different shades of blue and black and in the foreground offset to the left side of the canvas was shadowed figure confidently diving off a black silhouette of a building, a trail of bright blues following behind him. Tears started to brim in Dick’s eyes.

Nightwing. His son had painted Nightwing.

“So do you like it Dad?” John asked sheepishly. Dick suddenly scooped his son up into his arms and spun him around.

“Like it? I love it John! You have an amazing gift, son.”

“He did it practically all by himself. He’s going to be a great artist someday.” Shawn said proudly ruffling John’s hair when Dick finally set him down.

“You really think so?” John asked his eyes brimming with pride.

“Of course.” Shawn and Dick answered.

Later that night when John was in bed, Dick retreated back to his office to continue his work. When Shawn was just about ready to turn in she entered his office and wrapped her arms behind him, resting her chin on her husband’s shoulder.

“Take a break.” She whispered, pressing a kiss to the side of his neck.

“Shawn I’ve got so much on my plate. I need to get this done or innocent people are going to get hurt. I’m sorry. Some other night OK?” He said apologetically. Shawn sighed and stood up straight.

“That’s what you always say. You need to stop Dick, you’re working yourself to death. Just think about it Dick: We could go on peaceful vacation upstate. No crime fighting, no danger, just you me and John. When was the last time we had a family vacation?” Shawn asked.

“I honestly don’t remember.” Dick admitted, rubbing his exhausted face. Perhaps they do need some time away from the city for a while. “I’ll see if I can get away.”

“Fine.” Shawn sighed, realizing that was about all that she was going to get out of him for tonight. “Come to bed at some point tonight alright? You won’t be helping anyone if you fall asleep on the job.”

“Alright I’ll be up soon. Love you babe.” He responded.

“Uh-huh right back atcha babe.” Shawn replied before leaving him back to his work.

Over the next couple of days Dick tried his hardest to wrap all his cases up but time after time something new always popped up. That’s not even to mention that Bruce now wanted him to start an entirely new case in Bludhaven. He never even gave Dick the option to refuse it. At a loss for what to do, he turned back to you for advice. Even though it was well into the early morning hours in London, you responded without hesitation.

‘You’ve got to get through to Batman, Dick. Sit down with him and compromise and don’t stop talking until you agree. Surely even Batman understands that a man needs some time off every once and awhile.’ You texted.

‘Justice never takes a vacation.’ Dick replied cheekily, repeating something that Bruce would probably say if he hadn’t already.

‘Well if talking doesn’t work, give me his number and I’ll give him an earful myself.’

‘You would chew out Batman for me? Shucks I’m blushing.’

‘I may be halfway across the world but that doesn’t mean I’m not in your corner, Dick.’ Before Dick could respond you sent another message. ‘Hey can I ask you something? It might be weird and stupid but it’s been on my mind for a while.’


‘You sent me a text two weeks ago and the way you wrote it, it changed the meaning. Did you intend this?’

‘What text was it?’ He asked not sure what you were referring to you.

‘You wrote: My dearest, [Y/N].’ Again before Dick could even process the hidden affection for his wife’s sister that he had accidently let slip into a text you responded. ‘You know what nevermind. It was a silly question.’

‘Changing the subject, I’m coming back to the states! Shawn asked me spend some time with you guys upstate this summer.’ You continued your string of messages.

‘You’re coming back???’ Dick typed back excitedly, suddenly filled with a wave of excited energy.

‘I’m coming back!’ You affirmed.

‘That’s amazing!!!’

‘I can’t wait to see you again! It’s been years since I’ve seen you all.’ You wrote.

‘It’ll be weird having you only a few seconds away. I’m glad you’re coming home [Y/N].’ He responded. Home. What a strange word to use. London was your home now was it not so why did it feel like your true home was still in Gotham?

‘I can’t wait, Dick.’

The days slowly ticked by until the day that your flight was coming in from London. Shawn was absolutely jittery with excitement. As much as he was excited to see you again, Shawn (his wife, as he continually had to remind himself) was your sister and had missed your presence more than Dick ever could. When it was time to drive to the airport to pick you up Shawn practically dragged him out the door.

“Come on Dick! [Y/N]’s coming home today! Let’s go!” She complained excitedly. Dick chuckled at her enthusiasm as he grabbed the car keys and his jacket on the way out the door.

‘Pushing me isn’t going to make her flight get here any faster.” Dick reasoned with an amused laugh.

“I know but I’m just so excited!”

Dick and Shawn drove to the airport with Shawn practically bouncing in her seat with excitement. It’s funny, Dick didn’t see Shawn get excited about much of anything but apparently being reunited with her sister was an exception to that rule. When they got to the airport, Shawn waited impatiently looking at the incoming flights, sighing every once and awhile while they anxiously awaited your arrival. Finally your flight arrived and a few minutes later you walked out of the secure area. Shawn gasped as soon as she spotted you and sprinted full speed in your direction. She collided with you in a tight hug, both of you jumping and laughing happily.

“[Y/N]!” She giggled swinging you around jubilantly.

“Shawn!” You smiled warmly circling your arms around her shoulders. Dick slowly and calmly approached the sisters, taking his time so that they could have their moment. When they got most of it out of their system, you turned to Dick and let him engulf you in a hug.

“Dick!” You greeted, pulling him impossibly closer to you.

“Hi.” He responded softly, smiling warmly down at you.

“It’s good to see your face.” You said, pulling away from him. Dick craved for the contact with you to last longer but he let you go.

“[Y/N] tell this man Jason Todd spends vacations with his family.” Shawn said coming up behind you and wrapping her arms around your shoulder, leaning her weight into you.

“[Y/N] tell my wife that Jason doesn’t have a real job anyway.” Dick retorted casually.

“Wait. You’re not joining us?” You asked, your heart plummeting at the thought. You had been looking forward to spending time with both your sister and Dick. To come all this way only to not be able to spend time with him would break your heart.

“I can’t join you guys, sorry.” Dick apologized

“But Dick I came all this way. Can’t you take a break for just one day?” You pleaded, circling your arms around his.

“I can’t step away from my work now when Bludhaven is on the verge of chaos.” He explained regretfully.

“Screw Bludhaven Dick! I’m sure one of the others could take over for just a day or two.” Shawn argued.

“Shawn’s right! Any of your brothers would be more than capable to taking care of things while you’re away! Take a break, Dick. You need it more than anyone!” You said echoing your sister. Dick opened his mouth to protest but was cut off by his phone ringing in his pocket. He pulled it out, gave one glance at the caller id and sighed.

“I’m sorry I have to go. The Titans need me. I should be home for dinner.” He said leaning over to kiss both Shawn and your cheeks and handed Shawn the car keys. Shawn gave you a nervous glance but otherwise didn’t say anything.

“Stay safe!” You called out to him as he ran away from you and towards the door. You wondered if that man would ever be able to take a break.

Fic: Room in Your Heart for More Ch. 7

Hi everyone! Sorry this update is a day late.Hope you enjoy the chapter! Read it on Ao3 or below and let me know what you think. :) 

Originally posted by olicitytroop

Chapter 7: Saving the Fracking Day

“I’m not leaving you here,” Oliver yelled. He and Felicity’s voices had gotten incrementally louder over the past few minutes after she had explained her plan.

“Oliver, I only have about 22 hours left to do what I need to do and I need to focus on that and I can’t exactly focus if I don’t know that the kids are safe.”

“Felicity, you don’t know how Waller is going to react when she learns what you have done. If she is anything like you said – she may torture you, or worse, even kill you to get what she wants. I’m not leaving you here alone.”

Oliver and Felicity stood eye to eye, neither giving in.

“Will the two of you either go in the bedroom for a quickie or focus on the issue at hand? We have a deadline here,” Lyla interjected.

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Confident (Part 2)

Summary: Your best friend growing up was Sam Wilson but with his busy life as an Avenger and your life in the Air Force, you two never really got to spend much time together. That was until you applied to become the new War Machine after Col. James Rhodes retired. Now Sam won’t let you be and a new protective streak has started but will it end your friendship or only make things stronger? Bucky X Reader

A/N: So, I messed up with Rhodes’ rank. He’s a Col. not a Lt. Col.! Sorry everyone! I fixed it though.

Warning: Swearing, bits of anxiety and self-esteem issues

Part 1

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Practice Over Studying (Part 2) - Namjoon x Reader (smut)

here’s part 2 :) enjoy 

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Namjoon

Genre : Highschool!AU, Enemies With Benefits (?), Fingering

Word Count : 1493

Description : Getting tutor lessons because you’re falling behind in Sex Education? Alright. Getting tutor lessons from a classmate? Fine. Getting it from Kim Namjoon? HELL NO. But exactly he was the one your teacher had teamed you up with and you have no choice but going through several tutor hours with your arch enemy. The worse thing? It’s about Sex Education and soon you both find out, that hands-on training is much more effective than reading and looking at pictures…

previouspart I | nextpart III


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Group/Member: GOT7/JB

Genre: fluff 

Word Count: 1516

Summary: You unexpectedly become pregnant.

Requested: yes “ hi! can i have a got7 scenario where you unexpectedly get pregnant from them (you are their girlfriend and their backup dancer)? For JB”

Author’s Note: Sorry it took me so long to write this! I have a sprained wrist that refuses to heal and the pain started to bother me again. Anyways, I hope I did the request justice!

- Admin Lara

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anonymous asked:

i might be autistic and my therapist says she thinks if i want to get tested i should, and my mom has agreed i could very well fit on the spectrum, but im terrified to call myself self-dx because im terrified of the hate especially since im so young on this site (14)... advice ?? opinions ?

I’m really mixed with self diagnosis honestly… I think it can be somewhat helpful but it can also be a little dangerous, too, depending on the circumstances. Though if your therapist says you should get tested and your mom supports this please go get tested, that way you can have confirmation instead of your own personal guess, especially since your therapist is encouraging you to get tested.

Anyways if you get hate then these people are nasty, I understand them wanting to help but just sending straight up hate to you for it is unnecessary and not helpful at all and I hope people leave you alone and don’t bother you! Again I don’t really know enough about self diagnosing to form a solid opinion but if you have the resources and support to get a diagnosis please please do it!! 

You guys are free to share your own opinions and advice too!! Good luck anon we love you!

Ivy League; Series (Part 6)

Summary: College is about experiencing life and learning. But when the two mix, it leads to a bit of trouble. Meeting a guy who’s definitely out of your league wasn’t on your uni to-do list.


Genre: Smut

Member: Xiumin (appearances by Sehun)

Words: 2,023

(pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3) (pt 4) (pt 5) (pt 7(pt 8(final)

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note: this was originally posted from my studyblr, as I no longer use that blog!

For anyone that wants to approach the new school year with a fresh outlook on studying, this post is for you! Please feel free to send me any questions you may have!

Change Your Mindset

  • Changing the way you see school can make a huge difference!
  • Reflect a little on why you want to change your habits…
  • Do you want to learn a specific subject better? Do you want to get better grades?
  • Develop a growth mindset.
  • For example, if you don’t do as well on a test as you’d like, think about what you could do better the next time.
  • Always think about how you could improve!
  • Find ways to and make the situation or class helpful to you in the future!
  • You may have a class that you don’t think you ever need, and therefore don’t care about. Use this opportunity to learn to handle something that challenges you.
  • When I had to take bio last semester, I learned TONS of new study strategies and ways to problem solve when I got stuck while learning something. I’m really, really glad I took the class, even if science isn’t my strong suit, because I can apply what I learned about learning itself to my future studies and hobbies.

Set Goals

  • Goals should be related to the habits you want to change, and they should be specific.
  • Instead of just saying “I’ll be more organised” say “I’ll write in my planner everyday”, etc.
  • I have a lot more about goals in my study goals masterpost, which I’ll link at the bottom of this post!

Understand Different Ways to Study

  • Here are just a few to get you started. Be creative, though! You can combine strategies or create your own!
  • Try different things for different classes or assignments- sometimes the thing that takes more work to do will be most effective, and sometimes time-consuming tricks won’t help you learn anything!
  • Rewriting Notes
  • Highlighting textbooks (though be careful, this is proven to be very ineffective, so see what works for you!)
  • Reread notes (studies show this is also ineffective.)
  • Practice tests (studies show this is most effective!)
  • Create mind/concept maps
  • Flashcards
  • Record yourself reading out your notes and listen to it.
  • I have a lot more specific strategies in my other masterposts- they’ll all be linked at the bottom of this so you can check them out!

Start Small and Have Patience

  • Don’t expect to begin studying 3 hours a day at the beginning of the semester if you’ve never spent time studying before. Habits take time to build!
  • It’s okay if something doesn’t work for you; if you find flashcards are a waste of time, find another way to study- everyone learns differently!
  • Don’t be discouraged with yourself if you can’t find motivation, or want to give up. Take another look at your goals and study methods; maybe something should change within those! If not, take a step back from your current list of things to do and work on something else.

Track Your Progress

  • It helps a lot if you see that you’re accomplishing something, even if it’s small. This is another reason why setting specific goals is great- because you know when you’ve accomplished them!
  • Every few weeks, reflect back on what methods you’ve been trying, and what you might want to try in the future. Think about what worked and what didn’t. Some study strategies just need a little tweak to be really effective.
  • If you find inspiration somewhere and it works for you, that’s amazing! Keep going! You can do it- I believe in you! You can accomplish pretty much anything if you put your mind and heart to work. Don’t give up!

If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way! And check out my other study-related posts here.

Love Knows No Boundaries ( Alec Lightwood Imagine )

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec x Reader

Read the Sequel: (x)

Request: Can you do one in which y/n is half mundane & half shadowhunter! She studies in college & goes on missions! Alec who’s secret fiancé wants her to just stay in the institute but she refuses &she decides to show him the good stuff of the mundanes!  @  annabella-applewhite23


‘’Someday I’ll have the position to change something. For you and Alyssa. And all the other halfies.’’
Alyssa giggled quietly at the mentioning of her name.
‘’I know you will and I couldn’t be any prouder to be yours.’’
The ring on your finger was cool against Alec’s cheek when you kissed him.

Or the one where the reader is secretly engaged to Alec Lightwood because she is half mundane and half Shadowhunter.

Pure fluff.

Warnings: can you die from fluff?

Words: 1.192


Hello guys!
This was requested but it took a slightly different turn than intended. Hope you still like it Diana and happy reading everyone !

PS: Don’t kill me.

Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language lol. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x) and

Read it on ArchiveOfOurOwn (x)

*gif not mine*

Being a woman in a male dominated society was already hard enough but being half Shadowhunter and half human didn’t help you to be taken seriously as one. As long as you could remember there had been people that wanted to see you fail, especially the Clave. The fact that you were missing certain Shadowhunters skills like not being able to use all runes and the criticism about your more than weird family values (they weren’t even that weird they just weren’t their values) was the reason you preferred to stay out of Shadowhunter activities except for nightly missions. And Alec Lightwood.

Said Alec was currently seated on the wooden floor of your living room, playing peek-a-boo with the newest addition of your family. Little Alyssa was the youngest of your siblings, barely 11 months old and the only one beside you that inherited your father’s Shadowhunter genes.
‘’Max was such a peaceful baby when he was her age and now he’s burning down the world’s institutes because he can’t distinguish the nourishment rune from the fire one. ‘’
You laughed, crouching down to your sister and your fiancé .
Even though Alec Lightwood belonged to the most influencing and best-known families he didn’t care an ounce about you being half a mundie. In fact, he cared that little that he had asked you to marry him 6 months ago after 2 years of dating. Secretly of course. His parents probably wouldn’t be too supportive. And you didn’t want to cause him any trouble. He loved being a Shadowhunter, aiming to be the head of New York’s institute. Being the supportive girlfriend, pardon, fiancée you were you didn’t mind being silent about your status of relationship. People that mattered knew, that was enough. Isabelle und Jace Lightwood belonged to these, as well as your parents and your siblings.
‘’He’s a kid , babe. Don’t tell me you knew all the runes by heart at that age.’’
He looked up grinning mischievously.
‘’I did.’’
You rolled your eyes at him watching Alyssa sucking at your little finger.
You both were watching your siblings for a few hours to give your parents some time alone. Alec had a family that loved him, you both knew that, but after spending so much time with yours he had realized that he preferred the dynamics of human families. Or specifically of yours. The laughter, the honesty and lazy days spent together. Not to forget the unconditional support.
Still, he wanted you save and since you went off to college and went on missions during nights some deep worry had settled in his stomach. Not being able to watch you and taking care of you really bugged him. So you knew exactly what he was about to say when he opened his mouth.
‘’No.’’,you simply said getting up to get a glass of water.
‘’I won’t move to the institute.’’
‘’But you’ll be saver there !’’
You drowned your water before facing him and crossing your arms over your chest.
‘’You sure? I’d probably wake up with some sword through my chest. They hate me , Alec. ‘’
‘’They would never. And they don’t.’’
He furrowed his forehead before continuing:
‘’ I don’t ,love. Move in my room.’’
You played with your engagement ring.
‘’They do, otherwise we wouldn’t have to keep our relationship hidden. And if I moved into your room it clearly wouldn’t be a secret anymore.’’
You sat down behind him, leaning your chin against his back.
‘’You don’t have to worry about me. I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself. Whether it may be humans, demons or Shadowhunters.’’
You kissed his shoulder before you smiled.
‘’And you can always join me during my nights, you know that.’’
He did. But he mostly were on his own missions.
He turned his head towards you, pressing a soft kiss on your nose.
‘’I hate this. Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike mundanes, I protect them, but you’re a goddamn Shadowhunter and you should be treated like one. You belong in the institute. You belong to me!’’
You wrapped your arms around his neck from behind making him feel your warmth.
‘’I don’t mind anymore.’’, you replied quietly.
‘’I hunt because I feel like I’m doing the right thing. Not because of the Clave. And I belong to you. I always have. I’m just feeling really sorry for you that you can’t officially introduce me as your fiancée.’’
You pressed a soft kiss against his hair.
‘’Someday I’ll have the position to change something. For you and Alyssa. And all the other halfies.’’
Alyssa giggled quietly at the mentioning of her name.
‘’I know you will and I couldn’t be any prouder to be yours.’’
The ring on your finger was cool against Alec’s cheek when you kissed him, making your 6 year old brother gag.
‘’Why does this feel like a future vision?’’, he murmured smiling.
‘’Maybe because you’re holding a Baby that has my eyes while you’re kissing your fiancée ? Only a guess , though.’’
You raised your hands laughing before catching your brother and tickling him before he seeked asylum in his room.

It was quarter past 1 in the morning when Alec and you finally sneaked under the covers of your bed. It was rare that you woke up with Alec by your side since he had obligations in the institute and you had your college classes.
So having him sleeping next to you had to be cherished and appreciated. Which mostly meant that neither both of you did much sleeping.
But right now the room was covered in silence, only both of your breathing hearable.
You had your face buried in his neck, laying on top of him while he had his arms wrapped around your frame.
‘’Can you promise me something?’’, his quite voice spoke up.
You nodded as an answer.
‘’When you’re pregnant…or you think you’re pregnant…please stop going on missions. And move in with me. Even if that means that we go buy a house.’’
Why did his voice sound so scared?
You lifted your head and tried to find his eyes in the dark.
‘’Where does this come from? We still have a lot of time…’’
He sighed, rubbing your back.
‘’We might have time,Y/N , but you’re it for me. Of course I think about the future. I don’t-‘’
He hesitated.
‘’I don’t want you to think that I’m not fully committed. When it comes down to you or the institute I will always choose you. I don’t want my wife or my kids in any danger nor do I want you to hide.“                                                                 ’‘And I might have seen the test in Izzy’s bathroom.’’, he added after a short while.
Oh crap.
‘’Oh.’’, was all you could say.
‘’I know why you went to her. I get it. But please don’t ever think that you can’t talk to me. Anything, really. And don’t think for a minute that I wouldn’t be overjoyed after I had my good dose of panic.’’
That made you chuckle.
‘’Did you have a look at it?’’
‘’I did.’’
You both smiled.


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Pregnant in The Glade – Preference

Requests: hey can you pretty please do a minho imagine where you used to be in the glade but then you disappear for 9 months after running the maze and you come back up in the box (with your glade memories) but you have a baby (minhos!) and minho practically destroyed himself while you were gone and some angst please and then a fluffy ending sorry if this is asking for a lot! love your imagines!


How about an imagine where y/n is a runner and newts girlfriend, and after another runner gets hurt and shes trying to drag him out of the maze and the doors shut. PLOT TWIST!: y/n is pregnant with newts baby and didnt tell him yet


I’m just turning this into a preference bc I’m an asshole ok



You’d managed to hide everything before any of the Gladers saw it, but in a way, you wished they had. Maybe then somebody could’ve told you what it all meant, or give you some guidance on what to do. But then again, you doubted any of them even knew what a pregnancy test was

But why did the Creators send up a package full of them with your name on it? Maybe they were for Teresa – there must’ve been some sort of mistake. 

Nevertheless, despite your doubt that they were even yours, you used one anyway. And to your dismay, after testing over and over on a different brand of test each time, they all showed up positive. 

You didn’t tell anyone about the tests, keeping them hidden away in a special part of the Deadheads that only you knew about. Maybe if I just forget they ever happened nothing will happen, you thought. 

But over time, your boyfriend Thomas started to notice how you acted differently. You wouldn’t drink any of Gally’s moonshine at the bonfires and most of your meals came up a few hours later. Eventually, he’d had enough and asked you what was wrong.

“What? N– Nothing!” you said unconvincingly. 

Thomas cocked his head to the side and stared at you concernedly for a few seconds. “You don’t look well, you haven’t been eating much and don’t think I haven’t noticed you sneaking off into the Deadheads every night. Just tell me what’s wrong and I’ll help.”

You sighed, running your hands through your hair and chewing the insides of your cheek raw. You had to tell him. You just weren’t really sure how. “Around a month ago, the Creators sent me a bunch of… pregnancy… tests,” you said slowly, in fear of how he’d react. 

You could see Thomas’s face visibly become paler, and he swallowed dryly. “A-And?”

“And… I think we’re having a baby.”


“Newt, c'mon, please, just a little farther,” you cried out as your boyfriend leaned the majority of his weight against you. Being ambushed by a Griever hadn’t been the way you’d planned your day to go. You managed to get away pretty okay, but Newt, on the other hand, was finding it hard to stay conscious. He hadn’t been bashed up as much as he could’ve been, but he had been hit over the head pretty hard.

You dragged him along as fast as you could, but you knew it wouldn’t be enough to get you both back before the doors closed. 

When you finally managed to get there, your worst nightmare became a reality. They were already closed. The giant crack in the wall going straight up to the top did nothing to ease your nerves. 

You pulled Newt’s arm off your shoulders and slowly placed him down against the wall beside the door. Afterwards, you sat yourself down on the opposite wall so that you were facing him. 

He looked tired, but slowly regaining his senses. “You okay?” you said grimly. In retrospect, it probably didn’t matter if he was okay or not, because you were both going to die anyway. Actually, all three of you were. 

“Just tired,” he mumbled, giving you a weak smile. Then, the smile disappeared and he looked at the ground sadly. “We’re gonna die, aren’t we?” he asked. 

You nodded your head slowly. “Probably.”

“You should’ve left me.”

The words came out of your mouth before your brain even had a chance to filter them. “Why would I want to leave the father of my baby?” you asked. Newt’s eyes widened, and as soon as you finished talking, yours did too. “That was horrible timing,” you said.

“You’re pregnant?” he asked in a daze. You nodded meekly and looked at the ground. 

“Y– You should’ve told me! You shouldn’t have been running today at all!” he said exasperatedly. You shrugged. What could you do now? A hard look came over his face, and for a moment, you thought he was mad at you for not telling him. But then you noticed how he looked more determined than angry. “We’re getting out of here alive. I don’t care what it takes, we’re having that baby.”


“I’ll see you when I get back.”

That was what you’d said to your boyfriend Minho just before you both left to run different sections of the Maze, like you did everyday. Only, that day didn’t go like every other. Because at the end of that day, you didn’t come back. 

You remembered flashes of light, wind and shouting. That was it. You didn’t remember any faces or names or anything that could tell you what was going on, but you had a pretty good idea; the Creators. 

And then, the next thing you knew, you were in the dark. Everything around you was moving and shifting, and it took you a moment to realise you were back in the Box. But, once again, something was different. Because this time, you were holding a baby in your arms. 

You knew she was yours, but you didn’t know how. You knew what’d happened, but you didn’t remember it happening. At that point, it was safe to assume the Creators were sorcerers or something. 

For what felt like thirty minutes, you sat in the dark, soothing your baby girl. She looked like Minho, and you couldn’t wait for him to see her. 

But you’d had a baby, which meant that you’d been away for a good nine or ten months. They all probably thought you were dead. You couldn’t imagine what it’d be like for them to see you again. 

But you didn’t have to imagine it, because soon enough, the Box jerked to a stop, and you were engulfed in light. You squinted at the light, subconsciously holding your daughter closer to your chest. 

“Oh my God.”

“That can’t be her.”

“Is that a baby?”

“Somebody get Minho!”

In a swift number of events, you were helped out of the Box and greeted by every one of your friends. They exclaimed how they thought you died in the Maze, and how Minho had been a mess ever since. Just ran the Maze, came back and stayed the rest of the day in the Deadheads. 

“Everybody move!” a voice shouted out. The crowd of Gladers around you dispersed, letting through a very broken-looking Minho. As soon as he saw you, his eyes lit up. Then, he slowly looked down to the baby in your arms, and the tears began to well in his eyes. 

He rushed forward, engulfing you in a hug while careful not to hurt the baby. “I thought you were gone,” he muttered into your neck. You smiled and leaned your head against his shoulder. 

“The Creators didn’t think it was safe to have a baby in the Glade, so they took me while I was out in the Maze.”

He pulled away from the hug and leaned back in to kiss you lovingly. At that, the remaining Gladers in the crowd grimaced and walked away. Minho looked to the baby and picked her out of your arms, holding her carefully. “What’s her name?” he asked. 

“I don’t know,” you admitted. You didn’t think you’d ever given her a name, and if you did, you didn’t remember.

“Well, we’re just gonna have to come up with one then,” he said, smiling with more excitement in his eyes than you’d ever seen before. 


once again no gally bc like i said im an asshole and im very unmotivated and eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Remember, EVERYONE,

all-nighters are almost never a good idea.

Don’t pull one to cram for a test - you won’t remember much anyway, while sleep deprivation will only get in your way and interfere with your concentration/attention/thinking ability.

Don’t pull one to just casually study - you will benefit a lot less from the lessons/lectures the next day than you could have had otherwise. Then you’ll have to study more and end up having to fit more work into your free time; chances are, after a few days like this, you’ll probably end up /actually/ needing to pull an all-nighter to get your life together. Don’t enter this vicious cycle.

Okay, if there is an important project you /absolutely/ need to finish by a certain date, go ahead, it’s not like you really have a choice. But please, please, please, don’t pull all-nighters unless you absolutely have to.

Sleep deprivation can inflict long-term damage on the brain, which will affect your cognitive abilities and bodily functions, including mental health.

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gif reaction when bts saw you being flirted by someone else and that person suddenly kissed you please!

o h n o 

i did this as though you’re their girlfriend

Jin: *says goodbye to pretty princess Jin* “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Did the lady say you could kiss her?!”


Namjoon: *pissed, pulls you behind him and gets up in his grill* 

J-Hope: *can’t believe his eyes, pulls you back* “Do you have any manners? Do you wanna fight?”

Jimin: *trying to keep from busting a cap in his ass* “Do you really wanna test The Chimanator?”


Jungkook: *paints the walls with his blood*

~ admin ariel

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What are your headcanons on how the RFA boys, plus V and Saeran, would react to an accidental pregnancy with the mc as their s/o?

thank you for the request, pumpkinpie!!! <3


-you had'nt really thought much about the possibility that you might be pregnant, you were on birth control after all

-it was only when you woke up with morning sickness one day, jumin nervously rubbing your back that you got suspecious

-“wait…you don’t think?? uhm jumin? could you please get me a pregnancy test?”

-“of course mc, i’ll get one of the security gards to go get one right away, but i thought you were on birth control?”

-“i am! but there’s still a small possibility”

-when the test showed postive you were beyond shocked..but you also felt happy. you wanted this baby

-you didnt even have to say anything, he already knew by your expression

-to your relief he pulled you into a tight hug with a big smile lighting up his face


-you had been sick for the past few mornings, zen had left for work way before you woke up and you didnt want to worry him, so you’d secretly bought a pregnancy test

-and then another one when the first one showed up positive, just to be sure

-you called him and told him to come home right away and he obligited thinking something bad must have happened

-when he burst trough the door, half an hour later panting from running and saw you sitting in the sofa with two positive pregnancy tests he froze

-“mc?… that what i think it is?”

-you didn´t get the chance to answer before zen had swooped you up in his arms

-“oh my god, mc!!! the baby is going to be so beautiful! i’m so exited!!”


-you were watching a movie together when you suddenly realized you hadn´t had your period for quite some time now

-yoosung had jumped about 2 feet in the air, when you had pretty much yelled “oh my god yoosung! i think i’m pregnant!!!!”

-you looked at him, he looked at you, and you sprinted together to the store to get a pregnancy test.

-when it showed positive yoosung just about squealed “oh my god, we"re having a baby!!! if its a girl lets name her Rapunzel!”

-“….what if its a boy?..”


-“yoosung, i know you love tangled, but really?”


-you hadn’t even thought of the word pregnant, until you started having weird food cravings.. in the middle of the night

-so when you secretly took a pregnancy test, and it showed up positive, you were quite shocked

-“ uhm Luciel… ” you waited for him to direct his focus, from the computer screen, to you..

-as soon as he saw your shocked expression and the white thing in your hand he understood

-he didn’t even give you a chance to say anything more, before you were in a bone crushing hug, seven placing kisses all over your face, laughing and crying

-“oh my god, mc!!! i’m going to be a dad!! we’re going to be parents!!!! this is more than i’d ever hoped for! i’m so happy, thank you, thank you so much”


-you’d never really talked about children with saeran so you were shaking with nerves after a positive pregnancy test

-he immdeatly thinks something is wrong, and demand you tell him right away. when you say you’re pregnant his face falls

-he’d never thought of having kids because he did'nt think it waa something he deserved, but as soon as you’ve said it he is filled with joy

-it’s the first time you’ve seen him with such a huge happy smile as he kneels on the ground to kiss your stomach

-“mc…i’ll try my best! i’ve never thought i would ever feel this happy.. i can’t wait to hold our child in my arms”


-v thought of it before you did, he’d noticed how your mood would change, your eating habits getting a bit…weird. and that morning you’d thrown up..

-you were nervously waiting for the result of the pregnancy test

-when it showed positive v gently hugged you from behind, burrying his face in your neck, shedding a few tears

-“i can’t wait to see our child, and i think we should have a family picture taken.. i’m so happy”