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Send me a number (song edition!)
  • 1. Your current favorite song
  • 2. A song that used to be your favorite, but now you don't like
  • 3. A song that used to be your favorite that you still like
  • 4. A song that you're embarrassed to like
  • 5. A song that reminds you of another period in your life
  • 6. A song that reminds you of a place you've been
  • 7. A song from a genre you don't usually listen to
  • 8. A song you loved when you were a little kid
  • 9. A song you loved 5 years ago
  • 10. A song that reminds you of your childhood
  • 11. A song that reminds you of your best friend
  • 12. A song that reminds you of someone you hate
  • 13. A song that reminds you of your current partner/crush
  • 14. A song that reminds you of an ex
  • 15. A song that makes you want to fall in love
  • 16. A song that makes you want to cry
  • 17. A song that makes you want to slay your enemies
  • 18. A song that you work out to
  • 19. A song that you've seen performed live
  • 20. A song that you've listened to on repeat recently
  • 21. Your top most played song on iTunes
  • 22. A song that motivates you to work/helps you focus
  • 23. A song from the soundtrack of your favorite video game/movie/TV show
  • 24. A song that you think is really overplayed
  • 25. A song that you listened to ironically, but now you genuinely love
  • 26. A song that reminds you of your favorite fictional character
  • 27. A song that best describes your personality
  • 28. A song that represents "your aesthetic"
  • 29. A song that cheers you up when you're sad
  • 30. A song from a band that you've grown up loving
  • 31. A song that you want to cover (regardless of how much talent you have)
  • 32. A song that you think has an important message
  • 33. A song whose message you don't like
  • 34. Your favorite song that's a cover of another song
  • 35. A song that sends chills down your spine
  • 36. A song that best describes your current emotion
  • 37. A song that helped you through a difficult time in your life
  • 38. A song that you think is underrated
  • 39. Your favorite instrumental (no lyrics/singing) song
  • 40. A song by a band from your hometown
  • 41. A song from the year you were born
  • 42. Your favorite "old" song (pre-90s)
  • 43. A song that makes you laugh
  • 44. A song from your favorite musical
  • 45. Your favorite Disney song
  • 46. A song that you wish more people knew about
  • 47. A song that you love to dance to
  • 48. A song that you can't help but sing along
  • 49. A song whose lyrics you have memorized
  • 50. Free slot! Any song you want to share!

AJ Styles/OC- Reader breaks a rule while waiting for AJ to come home from his meeting, but breaking the rules will lead to punishment.

Warnings: DADDY KINK(to the max), spanking, overstimulation, light choking i think thats it.

So quick note, this is my first time writing and I would love to hear some feedback as well if I should write something else. I don’t know if people want to be tagged in this but let me know if you want to be in the future. So yeah be nice please!

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Hey, so I’ve changed some commission prices and added some other options to commissions.
I’m really in need of money for food and trying my best to save up for a bike so i can get a real job and get medication and therapy that I desperately need.
All Patrons that tip $5 now get 20% off ALL commissions!
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Estreline's Translations

Hi everyone!

It has happened again. Wattpad has removed Estreline’s translations of <Are you Addicted> chapters 8-111. You may notice that the chapters are still in your library but it will disappear if you refresh.

It seems, someone(s) has reported her translations (we don’t know who) and as usual Wattpad immediately removed the work without giving her a chance to stand her ground. I understand their “reasons” (some of which are utter garbage) for doing this but at the least investigate the report first before taking such action.

Estreline, Sienna and Grantye has worked hard on those translations for nearly a year now and are still working with me on recent chapters. So, for that, I am very appreciative of them. At the moment, they are highly upset that their work were so easily taken down.

We’ll try to get those translations back as best we can, but do take note that there is a chance that it cannot be recovered. Please kindly support them as we fix this problem and continue to bring everyone more translations.

Thank you!

Hey, I hope you all are having a great weekend! I was planning to do my first blogrates once I reached 300 followers, but I’m kinda bored, and I reached 250 a few days ago! 

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Format under the cut

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Love At First Sight- Kol x Reader

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Hi, so this is a short story which, if you want/ like it, is going to have at least 3 parts.

I hope you like it :)

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :)

BTW: The Hybrid Part 8 should be posted tonight or tomorrow.

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Get That Smile Off Your Face

You had met Kol Mikaelson at a ball.

You had been invited along with your sister, Caroline, for a reason you ignored. Maybe they just wanted to be polite. Your sister wasn’t comfortable with the idea of her little sister being in the same room as the Original family of vampires, but she couldn’t stop you from going.

You had entered the beautiful mansion with her and she was quickly taken away by Klaus Mikaelson. You knew that your sister wasn’t as annoyed as she let everyone believe. You walked alone in the room where you spotted Matt Donovan with Rebekah Mikaelson, that you had met at school. Then, you saw Elena with both Stefan and Damon at her sides. They looked like they were arguing.

“(Y/N) Forbes,” you heard someone say behind you and you quickly turned around to someone you had never seen before. He was a young and handsome man who was smiling at you which made you blush. “I’m glad you came,” he said as he kissed the top of your hand which made you blush harder. “I’m Kol Mikaelson,” he introduced himself. “You look beautiful,” he looked you up and down.

“Thank you,” you looked down at the floor. “It’s a beautiful dress,” you thanked him and he nodded. You could only guess he was the one who had invited you. “I’m sorry,” you say. “Have we met before?” you asked.

“No,” he said. “But I’ve heard of you. My brother is quite fond of your sister and yesterday I was visiting town and I saw you in the park, my brothers told me who you were. I had to meet you,” he explained and you couldn’t believe what he was telling you.

“You did?” you could only say. You didn’t understand what he found so interesting about you.

He grinned. “Yes,” he nodded.

You saw your sister at the other end of the room, looking at you. She was with Klaus so you couldn’t tell if her annoyed look meant she was fed up with the hybrid or if she was suspicious of what the Original vampire wanted with you.

The guests were gathering in the ball room and Kol held his hand out to you.

“No,” you told him and he smiled.

“Please, I’ll lead,” he said and you looked at his hand before you looked up at him. He looked you in the eyes and you couldn’t say no to those eyes. You sighed and placed your hand in his and he grinned before he took you to the ball room.

Your sister gave you a look that silently told you that she disapproved but you couldn’t take her seriously as she was dancing with Klaus.

“You’re a good dancer,” Kol told you. You looked up and quickly looked back down so he wouldn’t see you blush. You didn’t see him grin, proud of the effect he had on you.

After the dance, he brought you a glass of champagne.

“Thanks,” you shyly said.

“So your sister is a vampire,” he said and you lost your smile and looked up at him. “How did you find out?” he asked.

You sighed. “Klaus tried to kill me,” you told him.

“He did?” he asked, surprised. “He forgot that part of the story,” he looked angry. You looked down. Klaus kidnapping you and threatening to kill you wasn’t a good memory.

“He apologized,” you shrugged and he laughed.

“My brother doesn’t apologize,” he said.

You smiled at him, amused. “He never apologized to you?” you asked. They were brothers, brothers apologize to each other.

“Never,” he shook his head and you frowned.

“Care said he…”daggered” you, whatever that means, and that you were dead for like a century,” you said and he nodded. “And he didn’t apologize for that?” you were almost outraged.

He chuckled, amused. “Never,” he repeated.

You looked at him for a minute but he didn’t say anything more.

“Well, I’m sure he’s sorry,” you told him and he smiled.

“It’s nice to see there are nice people like you in this town,” he said and you shyly smiled. “My family and I are going to stay around for a while. It’ll be nice to have a friend.”

You were about to answer when you were interrupted by Esther, his mother. She was on the top of the stairs and she had a glass of pink champagne in her hand.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Waiters are coming round with champagne. I invite you all to join me in raising a glass. It provides me no greater joy than to see my family back together as one. I’d like to thank you all to be part of this spectacular evening. Cheers.”

Kol took your empty glass from you and put in down on a platter before he took two glasses of pink champagne and handed one to you. For some reason, the alcohol in his glass was redder than yours but you didn’t really pay attention to that.

“Come,” he said and you followed him outside.

“Where are we going?” you asked.

“Just here,” he shrugged. He had his hands in the pockets of his jackets. You walked in the garden in silence. “I’m glad you liked the dress,” he said.

“I do,” you told him. “Thank you,” you were obviously out of things to say.

He saw you shiver and he removed his jacket and placed it on your shoulders. You smiled and looked down at your feet before you looked up at him. He was grinning.

“Get that smile off your face,” you told him and he chuckled and looked down.

“Thanks for coming tonight,” he said.

“Thanks for inviting me,” you smiled and he smiled back and looked down again. He looked a little shy which you didn’t understand.

“(Y/N)!” you turned to see your sister with a disapproving look on her face. You frowned and sighed and turned back to Kol.

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” you say.

“That’s okay,” he said as he took one step towards you. He put his hands around your waist and you looked up at him and you put your hands over his forearms. His gaze landed on your lips and you watched his face getting close to yours. You closed your eyes when his lips touched yours.

It was a sweet but quick kiss. He grinned at you and you shyly smiled, you were pretty sure you were blushing. You were blushing hard.

“Get that smile off your face,” you repeated and he laughed.

“You should go,” he said and you sighed.

“Bye,” you smiled at him and he smiled back before you turned around and started walking to your sister. She didn’t look happy but you didn’t care. You turned once more to shyly wave at Kol once more before you followed your sister to her car and back home.

When you got into your room you noticed you still had his jacket. You smiled, thinking back to the kiss. You undressed and took a shower before you got into bed and fell asleep, still smiling.

((..and i’m way too bad at “traditional” art.

hey!! quick update, as this thing says my drawing tablet still isn’t working. I really don’t know why but I’m trying to fix this.. I just hope its not broken.

So yeah, I still can’t really answer any questions, I will answer the simpler ones if I won’t be able to fix my tablet but don’t expect anything too great// sorry about that.

I have some good news to..! for me at least. This blog is getting some nice notes and it gained few more followers in the last few days so..

hey guys.

whats up.

enjoy your stay here.

Aaand thats it.

Almost.. please don’t look at Apollos blue arm dkjsghdf i accidentaly picked the wrong marker and somewhat did not realize it untill I was done coloring it, this just proves how much I suck at drawing on paper fjdkhfdigf))

A Breakdown Of The Monkees Voices

Trying to get back into the writing game, so I decided to throw together this little analysis (uh, if you could really call it that :P) of the guys’ voices.  I wrote it fairly quickly, so it sort of looks like crap and could probably go into more detail…..but at least it gets some thoughts down.


A Breakdown of The Monkees Voices


Micky: Please. Micky has just about the purest, smoothest tenor voice I’ve ever heard.  There is not a nuance to be found in his tone.  It just flows through any lyric and makes his phrasing some of the best in music history.  As wonderful as his voice is though, it is not a range-y voice.  Micky does not have much of a lower register at all.  I’d love to hear him challenge himself and use a lower register more in the future.  (Note: Hearing Micky today, his voice does sound slightly lower than in his younger years, but he still doesn’t have much of a lower register at all).


Davy:  Davy’s Broadway experience definitely shows in his vocal delivery.  He has a great range, a lot of dynamics, and a fantastic sense of pitch.  However, as solid as his tone is, it can sometimes come across as reedy and nasal. Most of time, I can ignore that little flaw, but on some songs, it doesn’t hit my ears quite right.  Though on the right songs (i.e. Daydream Believer, Someday Man), it is magic.

Peter:  I’ve heard many IRL Monkees friends say that Peter can’t sing.  That he’s just an instrumentalist, and nothing else.  Of course, that is all hogwash.  Peter DOEs, in fact, have some very solid vocal ability. He has good projection, solid phrasing, and quite a nice deep tone.  However, like Micky, Peter doesn’t have much of a range.  He has a lovely baritone register that sounds pretty amazing on the right songs, yet his tenor register is very weak.  Furthermore, several of The Monkees songs that had Peter’s vocal contributions were structured so that his part was often too high. This resulted in a lack of power and pitch that portrayed Peter as a very subpar singer.

Mike:  Much has been said about Mike and Micky’s harmonies, but I will get to that. First, let’s talk about Mike’s voice alone, which I don’t think he get’s near enough credit for.  Mike recognizes his role as the top songwriter of the group, but never felt the need to be much of a lead singer.  I honestly disagree, and wish that he had sung lead on more material.  He has a beautiful voice, with a technique and superb grasp of pitch that I put right up there with Micky.  Micky has a slight edge with tone, as Mike’s has a few very subtle nuances that make it a touch more “gruff,” and not quite as pure.  This tone does, however, have a richness and warmth that lends itself very nicely to the more country-flavored material of The Monkees and gives it a bit more versatility. The slight gruffness also adds a touch of warmth to Mike’s voice that, in general, is just SO pleasing to the ear (Much like Micky’s is). On the other hand, Mike has a significantly larger range than Micky that is magnificently showcased on a song such as Love Is Only Sleeping.

And of course, I cannot ignore the legendary (and STILL quite underrated to me) vocal blend of Mike and Micky.  Both tenors have tones that just naturally fit together and produce a sound that hits my ears in all the right spots.  It’s a fit like chocolate and peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, peaches and cream, or any other sweet food analogy you could possible make.  However you describe it, there’s no denying that the Mike/Micky blend is one of the very best in music history.

anonymous asked:

Can we have a snippet at least PLEASE MAN

Sure haha, but I’m giving you the part I dislike the most so that maybe I can get some help with it.
(* Insert line here cos Tumblr mobile sucks*)

Her hands began tearing the letter out from the envelope before she knew what she was doing. She brought the note closer to her face and squinted her blue eyes to make out the crooked and loopy handwriting.


The memory of our last encounter haunts me. It consumes my every thought and makes the solitude in my home more unbearable than ever before. I pray my nightmare of a face has not made you ill, or caused you to lose sleep over fear of my wicked face.
I would like to visit with you once more. I miss our lessons like a drowning man misses air. I miss the sound of your voice. We can sing anything you wish when you come to visit with me, I will play anything for you.
Perhaps we could go for a carriage ride, like you often speak about. I have never taken a leisurely ride before, so you will have to guide me in the tradition. If instead you should like to stay in, I can read to you or teach you how to throw your voice about the room like The Phantom himself.

Wait for me in your dressing room and I will return with you to my home.

- Erik”

(*end snippet*)

Just gonna throw some more angel demon AU at you peeps~


Backgrounds are *fun* (please note sarcasm) at least I’m getting a little better?  

Oh What You Do To Me | Daesung x You

About: Daesung & You
Cameos: None.
Point of View: You, the reader.
Rated: M, for smut. 

Summary: You and Daesung have been together for two years now. And with an entire month off from Big Bang related things, you get to have him all to yourself…. or so you thought?

Note: Y’all, this is an oldie but….. goodie? Maybe? My smut writing skills were still in the works, so if it’s not on point, please forgive me! LOL. Actually, my general writing skills were still in the works, but oh well! Hopefully someone will find joy from this, blahhh. I was sleepy while proofreading this as well, soo… Yeah. Anyways, have some Daesung!!! Stop by my blog and request something if you’d like. I just moved from asianfanfics to tumblr, so holla at me! I swear I’ve improved at least a little from this… Oh okay, now I’m making it seem worse than it actually is. Just read it and enjoy. 

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Eddsworld Christmas Masterpost




BONUS: Christmas Demolition w/ lyrics


BONUS: Carol of the Bells (Remix by LilDeuceDeuce)


(If I’ve missed any, let me know and I’ll add it!)


spring break is here so i’ve opened up some commission slots for the time being!


  • i’ll start your commission as soon as you send payment in full (select goods and services in paypal, and be mindful of the fee taken out of your payment please! i don’t want to get in trouble with paypal ;__;)
  • credit me if you use my art anywhere!
  • please give me at least one good picture reference for the character[s] you want me to draw *
  • preferably human/humanoid characters only (I.E., anthros, etc.) although i will draw non-human characters as long as you provide decent reference pictures
  • nothing nsfw, although i will draw some gore
  • check the slot list before contacting me to ensure there is a slot available (a link to the slots list is at the bottom of this post)

if you’re interested, shoot me a note, an ask or an email!

if want to commission me for something not listed here, send me an ask, an im or an email so we can discuss it (ex: a comic, traditional work, several illustrations, an icon, etc.)

send all paypal payments and inquiries to

(* - image references of the character you want me to draw are preferable, although if you don’t have any yet i can work with other image references such as hairstyle references, facial feature references, etc. as long as you’re willing to cooperate with me and answer any questions i have regarding your commission)

more examples and link to slots below the cut!

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Old and new followers, please read this!

Okay guys, real talk!

This blog has over 1.6k followers and considering the amount of notes I’m frequently getting, at least 1/3 of you are still active.


Some of you might remember that I did massive giveaways in the past and frequently took requests from other players..

So I might be able to hack AND play online again but that’d mean I’d have to put time, effort and resources into it. That would mean for YOU, that I’d be able to do giveaways and take requests again.

My giveaways from the past

My requests from the past (a few)

HOWEVER, I WILL NOT be doing this if I won’t get enough feedback from you guys! Sure, I’m doing this for my own share of fun and stuff, but also for you all, so if there’s barely any demand, I won’t even bother.

So like, reblog or give me feedback to this post so I will know that you’re all interested to take me up on this.


Even a God Needs help

Originally posted by sherlockhoulmes

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Warning: I would say some anger issues maybe

Prompt: Where Loki is in a relationship with reader for awhile and they are in love but deep down he still holds anger towards everyone and one day he can’t take it and breaks down in front of her and pleads for her to help overcome the anger.

Notes: hey guys Anahi here sorry we haven’t been uploading in a few and this whole week for at least me it’s going to be hard due to midterm finals so yes please bare with me. We will try to get the requests done as soon as possible. Regarding “not good enough” i was actually thinking about not continuing it but lately people have been asking for it so i was like aye why not so yes I’m going to start writing it after the requests are done there is going to be an estimated 3 more chapter left so yes. Hope you enjoy and have a great day. -Anahi<3  

Who would have guessed it. You an average human dating a God. He wasn’t any God he was the God of Mischief, the same God that not long ago tried to take over the world but the only thing that mattered to you is that you love him and he loves you but lately things have a been… Strange,
“Loki would you please tell me what’s wrong. Since our ski trip with the avengers you seem so different.” You stated with a bit of worry in your tone. Loki suddenly snaps out of his daydream and gives you a small smile before standing up from the couch to embrace you in a loving hug. Moments like this were the ones that you cherished the most, where the world would stop and It would just be you and Loki,
“Worry not love.” Loki whispered into your ear, “Its only me remembering the nights we spent together exploring each others bodies. You blushed intensely but something deep inside you told you Loki wasn’t being sincere but you left it at that and went along with your day. Weeks went on and Loki was beginning to grow more and more distant you continued to ask him what was wrong but Loki would just shake it off saying he was fine but you knew he wasn’t fine. "Could he have another women.” You thought as you headed off to bed. Just the thought made you sick but it could be a possibility. It had been raining hard for a couple of days so when you heard a faint knock on you door you dismissed it thinking it was just heaving rain. The knock became louder and louder and it was beginning to freak you out, you slowly got out of your bed  and walked through the hallways where it would lead you directly to the front door of your house. You peaked out the window that was located near your door and you saw a tall man with a black coat and middle length hair standing in the rain, your eyes widened when you realized it was Loki. You quickly unlocked your door and told Loki to get inside. Something was off about Loki, his eyes didn’t meet yours and he didn’t give a warm greeting as he usually would when he visited you, “This is it.” You say to yourself in defeat as you thought he was here to end the relationship you loved dearly. The next thing that happened surprised you greatly, Loki suddenly dropped to his knees
“I’m loosing it y/n. I can’t take it anymore.” He whispered as he looked blankly at the wall. Never in the time you and Loki had dated had he looked this bad as he did today,
“Tell me what’s happening Loki,  I can help you.” You say dropping to your knees in front of him. You looked into Loki’s emerald eyes filled with anger, a emotion you didn’t expect to be there.
“I still hate them y/n, I hate them so much.” He growled suddenly looking straight into your eyes.
“Who, who do you hate?” You said trying to maintain your voice soft.
“All of them. The foolish avengers, the weak Misgardians, and Odin especially Odin. He  is the one I hate the most he ruined my life he has locked me out Asgard and separated me from Frigga. He Has banished me to this dirty pathetic world where nobody understands me.” Loki got up from the ground and his voice began to raise raised as his anger grew but just as fast as the words spilled out of his mouth he realized what he said and the damage it caused you; although you didn’t say anything Loki saw the hurt in your eyes,
“I-I’m sorry y/n I didn’t mean it like that…” Loki quickly apologized as he realized his mistake but you cut him off before he was able to continue,
“I understand you more than you think.” Your soft voice maintain as you got up from the floor and stood in front of Loki.
“I need help y/n. I can’t handle with this anymore. One day I’m going to explode and it’s going to hurt the wrong people.” Loki said as his voice began to crack. You looked into his eyes and worry was all you saw. Since the day you and Loki began dating, Loki always had the appearance of someone strong and completely sure of himself and seeing Loki like this broke you. You caressed his face in assurance,
“Why didn’t you tell my sooner?” You asked.
“I didn’t want you to think I was the same Loki, the Loki that hated himself more thank anything. I wanted to prove to you that I was a changed man and I would be able to forget about my pass.” Loki admitted as he rested his head on the palm of your hand.
“Oh Loki someone can’t change in a day. It takes time and effort and the most important thing the support of your peers.”  You softly say as you slowly begging to play with Loki’s hair, a technique that would always sooth his mood.
“I want to change y/n b-but I don’t know how. I’m getting more and more lost in my thought.” Loki searched your eyes for help.
“We’ll find help Loki but we will find it together no matter what happens we will face it together. I love you Loki and I don’t like seeing you like this I need to know that you trust me.” You assured him as you continued to play with his raven black hair.   Out of blue Loki leaned in and gently pressed his lips against yours as a sign of gratitude,
“Thank you love.” Loki whispered into your ear. That rest of the night you and Loki were in each other’s arms giving each other support. Eventually Loki found the help that he needed and he after hard work learned how to forgive and forget, there were many obstacles that you and Loki had to face but you faced them together.

Has anyone else seen those “please donate $ to me, I am mentally ill, gay, trans, and homeless” posts going around on tumblr? People will legit donate 100s of 1000s of $ to these people blogging that they need funding. Unless you personally know that person or their circumstances, then those are literally the equivalent of scam emails. 

I get that intentions are good, but verifying at least some info first would be a good idea, such as how they’re finding time and internet access to make a blog in the first place. Also note that there are MUCH more secure ways to donate money to causes like that. Individual begging posts on tumblr are suspicious as fuck.

Note: some of you guys want me to keep this going, so please leave feedback! yay, part 7! enjoy! .c

Bucky x Reader

/Mission Impossible Part 7/

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Today is the last day of the “mission” for Bucky and I. It was bittersweet, to say the least. So much has changed between us and I know back home, the team is desperately waiting to see how things were going to be now.

I hoped they’d be a whole lot better, considering. Bucky helped me pack everything up and we decided to leave around 4am so we’d get back to the tower early in the afternoon. I sighed, looking at the empty campsite.

I walked over to the fire while Bucky cranked the car, letting it warm up. I stuffed my hands in Bucky’s jacket. “Are you ready, Doll?” Bucky asked, slithering his arms around my shoulders. I leaned back into him, nodding.

Bucky turned me around, lifting my chin up to look into my eyes. “That bastard, Tony. He knew what he was doing.” Bucky said, shaking his head. I giggled and leaned up on my toes to kiss Bucky’s lips. He kissed back, lifting me up by my thighs.

He walked me over to the car and opened my door, gently setting me down in the seat. I sighed and smiled, watching the fire blow with the wind out of my window. I’m going to miss this place. Especially the waterfall. I could always visit, but it’s never fun for me to leave a camping trip. Last time that happened, I lost my parents.

Bucky pulled out of the campsite and we made our way back to the tower. 

It was around 2PM when we finally made it back. Bucky and I were surprisingly fully awake with energy. It may be the anticipation surrounding the tower from our teammates. No doubt they’re all wondering how this trip went. Would we be friends, tolerable towards one another, or still enemies? The outcome will shock them all.

I held Bucky’s hand and he smiled, pecking me on the lips. Bucky had asked me to be his girlfriend after our 3rd round of steamy sex and I said yes. I felt like it was the right decision and he did, too.

Bucky and I got into the elevator, making our way up to the common room. We left everything in the car, deciding to get it later. When the elevator arrived at the common room, the doors opened and we both walked out, hand in hand.

The team was waiting around and Tony was going on about how we better had become friends. I smiled and cleared my throat, looking around. Everyone turned towards us, their eyes falling to our joined hands. They all gasped and Steve stepped forward. “What the hell?” Tony asked, his face full of shock.

I blushed and Bucky kissed my cheek. “You’re kissing!?” Clint yelled. My face got even hotter and Bucky dipped me, kissing me with passion. I giggled into the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck. Gasps fell from their mouths again and then the room erupted with cheers.

We pulled away and looked at everyone. “Holy fuck!” Sam said, gripping onto Clint’s shoulders. “I knooow!” Clint exlaimed, his eyes just as wide. Steve jogged over to us and pulled us into a bone crushing group hug. I grunted, my face squeezing into Steve’s abs. “I’m still breakable.” I muffled out.

Steve and Bucky laughed, pulling away. I situated my hair and Steve bent down, hugging me tightly. “This is great, guys. Really.” I knew Steve felt happy to know we finally confronted our feelings and realized how we needed each other. It was hard at first, but it was worth it. We were still a work in progress.

The team all congratulated us and Tony was sitting in his chair, shaking his head. “I’m a genius.” He smirked, taking a sip of his whiskey. I rolled my eyes, leaning into Bucky as he pulled me against his body. He kissed my head and tightened his arm around me.

Nat looked at us, smirking. “Did you guys make love by the fire?” I gasped at her question and covered my face. “Naaat!” Wanda squealed, laughing as she hit Nat’s shoulder. “What!? We were all thinking it!” She shot back defensively. Everyone nodded. I sighed and felt Bucky chuckling.

Tony sat up in his chair now, looking at us for an answer. “Well, no, we didn’t.” I said, nervously scratching my neck. Clint hummed, nodding. “Not at all? Or somewhere else?” He raised his eyebrows. When did everyone discuss sex lives with each other? I shook my head, smiling as I remembered the many times Bucky and I made love.

Bucky chuckled again. “It wasn’t by the fire. Believe me, we spent most of the day in the tent.” Everyone roared and clapped. All except Tony. He gasped and stood to his feet. “You guys had sex in my camping tent!?” He yelled. Bucky and I nodded. “Oh god!” He yelled again. Tony ran out of the room. “Now I have to throw it out!” He groaned, stepping into the elevator.

We all laughed and Steve was smiling at Bucky. “I told you, didn’t I, Bucky?” Bucky nodded and gave Steve a thankful smile. Wanda and Nat walked up to me and pulled me aside. I skidded on my feet with wide eyes.

I giggled at their faces and turned to Bucky. “Sorry”, I mouthed. He waved his hand and turned to talk to Steve. I turned back to the two girls and gave them a questioning look. “Well, how’d it go!?” Wanda whispered.

I sighed and thought of everything that happened. “Well, the first night was alright, I think. We kinda-” Nat groaned and stomped her foot. “Not that! The sex! He seems like a beast in bed.” I stopped my sentence and my face got red. “Oh. That.” I nervously laughed.

They look at me expectantly. “He’s..” I trailed off, looking around so nobody would hear me but these two. “God, he’s huge. Of course, he was my first. I swear, it blew my mind.” I laughed and they gasped. “Oh man. I’m so jealous. Did he go down on you? A filthy mouth like that should be punished.” Nat said in a  sultry tone.

A little jealousy creeped up into my chest. “Not yet.” Wanda could see my jealousy and gave me an apologetic look for prying. Tony walked in now, gaining everyone’s attention. “My tent has been burned. Now,” he clapped his hands together, “we celebrate. Party at 7!” Some groaned and some cheered.

I rolled my eyes. Tony always finds an excuse to invite over hundreds of people into his tower for a huge party. It wasn’t my scene, but I had to admit they were beautifully put together.

Nat, Wanda, and I walked back to the others. I was about to walk to the couch but Steve pulled me back. “Hey, don’t forget about me, now.” Steve smirked playfully. I giggled and hugged his waist. “I won’t. You’re still my best friend.” Steve hugged me back, placing a kiss to my head.

I could see Bucky standing to the side, looking down at his boots. I pulled away from Steve after smiling at him and walked over to Bucky. The rest of the team were discussing plans for the party and how they’d set it up in a few short hours.

I quickly stood up on my toes and kissed Bucky’s forehead. “Boo.” I smiled. Bucky looked up at me and smiled a little, pulling me close to him. “Whatcha thinking about?” I asked, watching Bucky’s eyes. “I don’t want to get in between you and Steve.” He whispered softly.

I furrowed my eyebrows and sighed. “Bucky, I told you. He’s like a brother to me.” Bucky nodded. “I know.” I kissed Bucky’s arm, resting my head against his torso. He sighed, holding me closer.

Later that day, the team was ready for this lame excuse for a party. I was excited in a way, but I’d much rather chill out and accept the congratulations within the team instead of half of the area.

I finished getting ready, deciding to wear a simple black dress with a low cut neckline and black heels. I left my hair straight and down my back. Sighing, I looked at myself in the mirror in my bedroom. There was a knock on my door and I slipped on a long pearl necklace to tie the look off.

I opened my door to see Bucky in a black button down shirt with some dark jeans. Bucky gasped and looked me up and down, his eyes lingering on the necklace that fell down the valley of my breasts. “Y/N, you look beautiful.” Bucky said.

I smiled shyly and bit my lip. “You look great, too, Bucky.” He pulled me in by my waist and kissed me, his flesh hand reaching in front of me, playing with the pearl beads. I shivered as his fingers outlined the curve of my breast.

Bucky pulled away from the kiss and groaned softly. “Can we be five minutes late?” He asked, attaching his lips to my neck. I gasped and moaned, closing my eyes. “B-Bucky, no. Tony set this up for us specifically.” Bucky sighed and licked a stripe up my neck, causing goosebumps to appear on my skin.

I breathed heavily, swaying on my feet. “Bucky, don’t you dare leave a mark.” Bucky chuckled and pulled away, pecking my lips. “I didn’t, but I will if you keep moaning like that.” His hands slid down to my ass and squeezed it harshly. “Fuck, can we try-” Friday interrupted Bucky’s question, telling us Tony was asking for our presence in the ball room.

I sighed and grabbed Bucky’s hand, walking out of my room and to the elevator. We got to the ball room and met up with the team. The room was decorated with lights and tables and I smiled. “It looks amazing!” I said, looking around at the huge amount people. Only the whole area and then some would come to a Stark party on such short notice.

Bucky hummed in response and Steve walked over with another well dressed man. “Y/N! This is Benjamin I was telling you about!” Steve said, smiling. Benjamin took my hand in his, lightly kissing the top of it. “Pleasure, ma'am.” I smiled and nodded. “I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you. Steve’s told me so much about you!” I heard Bucky grunt.

He stepped forward and looked at Benjamin. “‘Sup, I’m Bucky Barnes.” Benjamin swiftly let go of my hand and looked at Bucky. “Nice to meet you. Benjamin.” They shook hands and I could tell Bucky was jealous.

I rolled my eyes but smiled nonetheless. “Y/N, Benjamin was just talking about his grandmother. She was a hacker like you.” Steve said, patting Benjamin’s back with a wide smile. Bucky crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes at Steve.

I gasped. “Oh, that’s so cool! Did she tell you any of her tricks?” I gushed, smiling widely. “Oh no, not Grams. You couldn’t get her to talk at all. Trust me, I tried. Whiskey didn’t even help.” Benjamin and I laughed and it was Bucky’s turn to roll his eyes.

Benjamin and I talked for at least fifteen minutes about his grandmother and my hacking skills. I knew Bucky was getting annoyed and he stomped off with a huff, Steve behind him.

I didn’t mean to get so interested in the conversation, but it’s not all the time that I get to brag about my abilities to someone who’s experienced or known someone with the experience of the same thing.

I felt guilty but he’s jealous for no reason. I’m more interested in Benjamin’s grandmother than Benjamin himself. If Bucky couldn’t trust me, then he’ll have to get over it.

I smiled at Benjamin and he sighed, chuckling. “So, listen, maybe we could exchange numbers and get some coffee?” Benjamin asked. I stood there awkwardly and giggled. “Sorry, uh, Bucky is my boyfriend. That’s what this whole celebratory event is for.” I replied gently.

Benjamin nodded and smiled. “That would explain the reason he’s plotting to rip my head from my body.” He gestures towards Bucky with a curt nod. I gasped and turned to look at Bucky, but he had turned towards the bar as soon as I did.

I furrowed my eyebrows and sighed. “Wait, how do you know?” Benjamin chuckled. “I’m a mind reader.” He smirked and I laughed. “That would explain it, yeah.” I sighed. “I should go calm the flames.” I said with an apologetic smile.

Benjamin nodded and told me goodbye, walking away to spark up another conversation with someone else. I looked at Bucky again and walked towards him, my heels clicking against the hardwood flooring.

I stood behind Bucky and tapped his shoulder. He turned to me with a tight lipped smile. “You will not dare rip his head from his body, Bucky.” I said, my voice strong. Bucky’s mouth fell open a tad and he groaned.

Bucky sighed and looked down at me, his eyes trailing down to my chest again. “You’re just so-he’s so-I’m-” I stopped Bucky with a kiss and he sighed into it, holding my waist. “I’m not interested in anyone but you.” I said, kissing Bucky’s cheek before I pulled away.

The night went on and I started to get tired. My feet were hurting from my heels but Wanda was pulling me onto the dance floor for yet another round of dancing. The upbeat tempo caught my attention and I started to sway my hips.

Wanda smirked as I took off my heels, tossing them across the floor near the bar where the men were all grouped together, drinking and talking. Nat was somewhere with an old friend she knew.

I walked up to Wanda, grasping her hands in mine. She giggled and I turned around with my back facing her, slowly dropping to the floor. I held my hand up with hers and she circled around me, dancing along. I looked over to the bar and saw Bucky watching me intently.

I shot him a wink and felt Wanda grab my hips. I slowly stood back up, letting my ass stick out and grind into her gently, pulling my dress up my thighs as I went. Bucky bit his lip and took a sip from his glass. I giggled as she slapped my ass and turned back towards her.

We kept dancing along to the beat of the music and Nat rushed over to us and joined in. I laughed as we all twirled in a circle, holding hands. “We need to do this more often!” Wanda yelled over the music after we stopped.

I nodded and smiled, leaning into her. “Hey, I’m gonna take a break! I’ll be back!” She kissed my cheek and I lightly brushed Nat’s arm, walking away and over to the bar.

My throat was dry and my heart was beating fast and hard. I haven’t danced like that in a long time. I arrived at the bar and the guys had surprised looks on their faces. “Water, please.” I told the bartender. “Soo, Y/N. You’ve got some nice moves.” Sam slurred. I giggled and rolled my eyes at him.

Bucky was in the stool beside me and he leaned down to kiss my shoulder. “She does, doesn’t she?” Clint muttered just loud enough for them to hear. “You’re one lucky guy, Barnes.” Clint added with a chuckle. I felt Bucky tense up but he didn’t say anything back.

The bartender gave me my water and I started to chug it down, breathing fast when I set the cup down. “Tony, you’ve outdone yourself this time. I never dance at your parties.” I giggled. Tony nodded and smiled. “Thanks, kid.” I felt Bucky’s hand slither around my shoulders and he nipped at my earlobe.

I smiled and turned to Bucky. “What are you doing?” I whispered. Bucky bit his lip and placed a kiss on my collarbone. “Trying to distract myself before I rip everyone’s head off.” I giggled at Bucky. “Jealous?” I asked. Bucky tensed and looked into my eyes. “Every guys eye is on you. Yes.” I rolled my eyes playfully.

As the night dragged on, everyone had said their congratulations and I was more than ready for bed. People started to leave and we all went our separate ways.

After the party had ended, I was sitting in the common room, standing by the big window. The city was always so bright and alive, no matter what time of night it was. It was well past midnight now and I knew Bucky was waiting for me to come to bed.

My mind was cluttered and I needed a moment to register the events. Bucky and I are a couple now. That meant that everything I felt towards him was mistaken for love and I never could tell the difference before. I focused on what annoyed me and I never focused on what interested me.

Bucky was lost. Bucky went through something so horrible, he needed a friend. Not an annoying teammate who never gave him a proper chance. I knew what happened and I felt guilty for blaming him for what he was created, made, forced, to do.

I started thinking about how I got nervous when he would walk in a room. I always made sure not to say or do anything stupid, other than make snarky remarks. My heart would race when I’d catch him looking at me. It made me feel happy, but I played it off as annoyance.

I never focused on the way he would slightly stand in front of me when we were on missions, shielding my body behind his, ready to gun down anyone who dared to get to me. I’d push him out of the way and tell him I don’t need him there to protect me.

Not once did I focus on the aching hole inside of my chest when he would laugh with Nat or train with Wanda. Or the one time he went on a date and came home drunk with the woman. I never focused on how I felt when she wore his shirt the next morning and ate out of my bowl.

The way Bucky would slightly brush against me anytime he’d sit beside me or walk past me never crossed my mind as a need to have some sort of skin to skin contact other than me slapping his arm or kicking his ass during training sessions.

The way my eyes lingered on him longer than I should’ve allowed never occured to me that maybe I loved the way his eyes wrinkled from him laughing so hard, or the way my heart swelled at the sound of him belting a such a strong laugh that he let out a snort during his next inhale.

When Bucky came back to the tower with blood dripping from his abdomen, the way the breath had been knocked from my lungs when I saw him hooked up to machines, I never thought that was love. I thought I was just being a decent human being, worried for their teammate.

I didn’t focus on the reasons I was falling in love with Bucky. I focused on the little annoying things and let them blind me.

As I stared out into the city, I felt two hands rest on my upper arms, lightly squeezing. The coldness from the left hand let me know it was Bucky. “Y/N, are you okay? I’ve been waiting for you in bed.” Bucky whispered, snaking his arms around my shoulders. He leaned down and kissed my head.

I leaned into him, sighing out. “I’m sorry, I was just thinking.” I said softly, resting my hands on his forearms against my chest. Bucky’s hair tickled my cheek as he nodded. “Is everything okay?” He asked. I could tell he was worried.

Bucky turned me towards him and looked down at me. He softly traced the outline of my jaw with his index finger. I smiled and nodded, wrapping my arms around his waist. “Everything is fine.” Bucky smiled and gently bent down to pick me up, letting my arms and legs wrap around him.

I rested my head on his shoulder and yawned, closing my eyes while he carried me to the elevator and to his bedroom. I felt Bucky gently set me down on his bed, kissing my forehead. “Let’s get you comfortable, Doll.” Bucky whispered, helping me slip off my shirt. I kicked my shoes off and let Bucky slip off my pants.

I unclasped my bra, dropping it to the floor with the rest of my clothes. Bucky slipped off the shirt he’s wearing and slipped it on over my head. The warmth from the shirt previously being on his body made me melt inside.

Bucky gently moved me over to the other side of the bed near the wall. He pulled the blankets over us and pulled me into his body. “Do you like sleeping on that side of the bed more?” I asked quietly, yawning again afterwards. I looked at Bucky sleepily.

He smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear. “I want to be closer to the door just in case.” He whispered against my forehead. I furrowed my eyebrows. “In case of what?” I asked, cuddling closer into his chest. “In case someone tries to get to you. They’ll have to go through me first.” Bucky stated softly.

I blushed at the fact he wanted to protect me. Soon after, Bucky and I fell asleep, cuddled together. 

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Credits to daenso for the graphic!

PLEASE NOTE: The art is very anatomically inaccurate in both of these sketches as it’s very cartoony/stylized. The point of it is to showcase the main difference between a very short and a very tall adult person to help learning artists get at least some kind of a basic idea on how to draw short people, and help them avoid unintended erasure of short people and people with dwarfism. But like with all art, always look for proper photos and other references to learn to draw short people in an anatomically accurate way. This is only a tip and a reminder on a mistake I see way too often (/looks at all this fanart of Amethyst from Steven Universe and gets extremely sad)

So to recap and better explain my points:

  • You can’t draw an average height-person and then just resize the drawing to make them shorter- they’ll look like somebody shrunk them with magic instead of being actually short
  • Drawing a shorter person means that they’ll have shorter limbs. Whether they’re only slightly shorter than average, a lot shorter than average or a person with dwarfism does however affect how much shorter those limbs and other body parts (head, hands, feet) are.
  • While the limbs (arms, legs, spine) are shorter, the limbs don’t get skinnier or thinner (much;; again, depends on how much shorter they are, as well as their weight/BMI. The difference between underweight and overweight is a lot smaller with shorter people than taller people!)
  • Short people can still have different bodytypes- some are curvier, some are more muscular, some are like bananas, some like potatoes. (In the picture we had cartoonishly curvy people, most people aren’t going to be that curvy though and it’s okay)
  • THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS!!! Pygmy people for example.

Did you get all that? Now go, do some research, and go draw some beautiful short human beings you wonderful artist! I BELIEVE IN YOU! ♥♥♥

(ノ゚∀゚)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:♪・゚’☆━━!!!