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Seeing this post you might be asking yourself “It’s the beginning of the school year, people are already suffering from burnout??” The answer: yes. If there is anyone like me, they know the struggle of mental illness and how easily it is to get overwhelmed. Today I am bringing tips to hopefully help anyone deal with burnout!

Mental health:


I know school can seem very important (which it is) but taking care of yourself ALWAYS comes before your education. Give yourself time off to just relax and just destress from everything that’s happening.

Also, if your mental health is getting really bad, please tell someone! Getting professional help will go a long way towards your recovery.


Procrastination is one of the most common side effects of burnout so here are a few ways to deal. (you will have heard a lot of these before but they really do work)

  • The two minute method: Sit down with your work and just try doing it for 2 minutes. Hopefully you’ll decide that since you have already started that you’ll keep going.
  • Do another productive thing: Finding something else that is productive can be a great way to keep yourself from totally wasting time. Whether it be watching a documentary on the subject or cleaning your room, this way of procrastination is slightly more productive than just jacking around. Please note that doing this to completely put off your work is not good in any way.
  • Straight up discipline: Sometimes you just have to stop waiting for motivation to find you and just tell yourself “the sooner you start, the sooner it’ll be finished and you can rest.” Just don’t be so hard on yourself that it makes your mental health worse!!!

Stress Management:

stress overload is what got you here in the first place so now it’s time to de-stress.

  • Split your tasks into smaller chunks
  • Take longer and more frequent breaks (i.e. work 30 minutes take a 10 minute break)
  • Start with an easier task
  • Sometimes doing the bare minimum to get a decent grade is the most you can do and that’s okay
  • To-do lists can be very helpful
  • Meditation or do something nice for yourself


  • extracurriculars: If just school is overwhelming you should try giving up some extracurriculars if you can. for example, things got to be a bit too much for me and i knew i should take a temporary break from piano lessons. the point being, is that your extra activities will still be there for you when you’re feeling less stressed. most people understand that school can be difficult and will welcome you back with open arms.
  • prevention: trying to prevent burnout is something you should always try to do! Some things that help are: making sure you have time to relax and getting ahead on assignments during the weekends. 

Burnout is a very real thing and can be simply awful to deal with. I really hope this helps anyone who feels this way right now and hope they can get better soon!

anonymous asked:

Does all your ink have special meaning to you? I was surprised to hear you weren't a Brando "fan." I would have sworn you were a method actor. I have been an addict for over 40 years.How did you really "kick" your addictions? You have strangely awakened a lost part of me.

I’m not Tom Hardy but I’ll try to answer. All ink is personal, isn’t it? Tom has said each of his tattoos has special meaning. There are some posts about that here, here, and here.

Sorry to hear you are also dealing with addiction. I’ve lost someone I love to addiction. No one chooses to become an addict, it’s a condition, one that affects the mind, body, spirit. As you must know after 40 yrs, it’s a way of medicating some kind of pain, emotional or physical. Are you getting support and talking to anyone? Please do seek professional help. Change is possible. I’ve seen it. In my experience the beginning step to kicking addictions is to see and hear and tell the truth. Not to judge yourself or to be judged by others, just not to hide things. That alone is a huge accomplishment. There are quite a few articles where Tom talks about what it was like for him in the past. Here’s one: (Video below. ) I don’t know your situation and addiction of any kind or degree is a personal battle but there are many others in the same boat and there are programs and people who want to help and who will care about you and your recovery. You don’t have to do anything alone. Lots of love ~

skystar720  asked:

Mama, I'm super depressed, and the only reason I'm alive is because I need to find out what happens in animes I watch and mangas I read. What should I do help get rid of my suicidal tendencies, because honestly, staying alive for animes and mangas is getting tiring. I don't wanna keep going anymore, I've been going for 3 years and I just wanna quit. What should I do?

If it’s been going on for so long, please, please get help! Like professional help. Also taking medication might do something, I know it’s not the most desirable way, but it’s better than you ending up hurting yourself or worse! Also something you need to do is look at your life and sort out all the bad influences you can get rid of. And those you can’t get rid of: try to make them as pleasurable as you can. Try to find good things in your life, even if it’s just one thing every morning, Try to find something you look forward to in every day. Even if it’s just stuff like “Looking at a cute bird” or “I wanna do my hair today!” Try to slowly get back some positivity in your life. It will take some time and it will be hard, but it’s crucial, even if you’re able to get help. Please know that you’re loved and that you’re an amazing seedling! Please, please take care of yourself! I love you!

saprinus  asked:

i hope you and any other maps/map supporters, whether offending or not, suffer the most horrific death imaginable and get what's coming to you, you disgusting fucking piece of garbage. you deserve to suffer, nothing about being a map is ok. if you're attracted to children, you don't just sit there and accept it and look at shitty ugly badly made positivity blogs, if you really feel fucking bad about it you should get help, not be like Hehe! Being attracted to children is ok! because it's not

You sound like a psychopath, please get professional help to get your sadistic fantasies under control.


For: Anon

Imagine: Trying to help Eric get over his drinking problem, the two of you get into a fight and break up, but in the end, your love saves him.

Warning: Alcoholism and abuse

“Eric, baby, please stop. Please put that down, please,” You beg him as he sits on the couch and drinks his alcohol straight from the bottle.

“Leave me alone Y/N!” He slurs, he’s very drunk right now, and he does this almost every night. His drinking problem began a year ago after the war; it took everything in your power to stop Four from shooting him that day in Candor. You finally convinced Four, but Eric was stripped of his leadership position, and most of the faction despises him.

A few days after the war had ended and you had returned to Dauntless, Eric came home at 2:30 a.m. completely hammered. Ever since then, this became a normal activity for Eric. When Eric wasn’t drunk, he was the sweetest, perfect boyfriend, but this rarely ever happened, and you missed that Eric. Every time you tried to stop him from drinking, or suggested that he should get professional help he would get furious.  

“Eric, please, this is ridiculous, you need to stop!” At this point, you were sick and tired of his attitude and you were starting to lose you calm and cool demeanour.

“Shhhut up Y/NNN,” He hisses.

You give up and just snatch the bottle from his hands. Bad idea.

“What the hell you little bitch!” he spits as he stumbles to his feet.

“Eric you’re not getting this back!” You’re scared, really scared.

“Why the hell not?! Why do you even care Y/N?” His words slur together and if you weren’t used to this, you probably wouldn’t be able to understand him. Seeing him like this killed you.

“Because you could die Eric! You could fucking die, don’t you understand that?” You walk to him and grip his shoulders, tears streaming down your face, “I-I miss you Eric. I miss my Eric, the Eric that I fell in love with, the one who was sweet and loving and protective, the one who would do anything for me, the one who was willing to give up his fucking life to protect me! I miss him, and I want him back!”

“Well he’s dead! T-that Eric is dead now, t-this is the only Eric t-that exists,” He says pointing at himself, “And if you can’t deal w-with him, you can l-leave! I don’t fucking need you, I’m not forcing you to stay, you’re staying here yourself!”

You let out a sob, “What the fuck Eric? What are you saying?!”

He attempts to grab the bottle out of your hand but you pull it back. That is when he does what you would have never expected him to do, he slams you against the wall, making your vision go black for a split second and you cry out in pain.

“Fucking bitch,” he mutters taking the bottle from your hand and walking into the kitchen. You sit on the ground sobbing from both physical and emotional pain.

You finally pull yourself together and go into your’s and Eric’s shared room, taking a suitcase out of the closet, you quickly throw all the clothes and belongings you could fit in there, crying.

You write a note for Eric when he wakes up in the morning telling him that you were breaking up with him, and you left, going to your best friend’s apartment.

Two months have gone by since the break up and Eric had gotten much, much worse, he was rarely ever seen outside of his apartment. The first time you saw him after the breakup was last week, he looked like a disaster, he had bloodshot eyes, which were a contrast to the huge, dark bags under his eyes, he looks absolutely exhausted and pale. You have tried to push the thoughts about him aside, but you can’t conceal your feelings that still exist. You still miss him so much.

The next few days go by with you trying to prevent yourself from going to his door and talking to him. You sit at breakfast when Zeke comes up to you looking frantic, “What? What is it Zeke, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Y/N, its Eric! He was found passed out in his apartment this morning with blue-tinged skin,” you shoot up out of your seat, “We took him to the hospital and it turns out he had alcohol poisoning, we also found this in his hand.”

He hands you a note and you open it with shaking fingers, ‘I’m sorry Y/N. I know I’m a fuck up, I miss you.’

You start crying and with shaking legs, you make your way out of the cafeteria and to the infirmary.

You sit in the waiting room with Zeke and one of Eric’s only friends, Henry. Your body trembles and you’re absolutely horrified. The doctor finally comes out and you quickly ask her, “H-how is he, please tell me he’s okay, please!”

“He’s unconscious, but he should be alright, as long as he stops drinking,” She says calmly, “you can see him if you’d like.”

You walk into the room, shaking, and you sit next to Eric’s cot. You hesitantly grab his hand and start speaking, knowing that he probably can’t hear you, “I miss you, I hope you know how much I fucking miss you. And you’re right Eric, you fucked up, but you yourself are not a fuck up, do you wanna know why? Because, you can get better, I know you can. I love you so much, and maybe I shouldn’t have left, if I hadn’t left, maybe this wouldn’t have happened, I’m sorry Eric, I’m so fucking sorry that this happened. I’m sorry.”

You feel his hand squeeze yours, and in a raspy voice he says, “Don’t be Y/N.”

Your head shoots up, “Oh thank God you’re okay Eric!”

After a long-ass apology, you and Eric make up.

A month has gone by, and Eric has gotten so much better, he rarely ever drinks now, and when he does, it’s in reasonable proportions. You’ve finally gotten your boyfriend, the love of your life, back.

You sit on your bed as Eric walks in, he leans down and he gives you a kiss, “Thank you Y/N, thank you for saving me, I don’t know where I’d be without you. I’d probably be dead in the chasm or some shit. Your love saved me thank you!”

“I love you Eric, I love you so much,” you say with tears in your eyes.

“I love you too Y/N.”

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I'm feeling really crappy lately and I have depression, atypical bulimia, and social anxiety. I had to stay off school today because I couldn't go in, I just couldn't

That’s perfectly fine. Sometimes you really need to take time for yourself to recover. Please try to get professional help on these topics if you haven’t already. Stay safe!

anonymous asked:

My mental/emotional health is deteriorating and idk what to do about it bc I have this voice in the back of my head that tells me no one likes me and I talk too much about myself and too much in general. I try to ignore the voice and reach out and talk to my friends about it and it feels like every time I do, the voice gets louder and all of their responses are feeding into it and they sound like they don't like me or like I'm annoying them. I've never experienced this kind of instability before

This is super serious and I want to help you hun —but please please please get help from professional. Its okay not to be okay and taking medication and seeing a psychiatrist is NORMAL.
If you could please message me off anon!! I’m here.

@ anyone please give this lovely person a encouragement message in the reply section!

Dear followers

Thank you so much for everything. For fighting on and for being kind to me. You are wonderful people.

I have to announce that I will take a break from my blog. I have to take a time out and work on my problems. Dont worry.

All the previous quests are tagged, you can search in them for exactly what you can imagine doing. And please search for professional help if it gets too much! I believe in you, I am thankful that you fight on. Thank you.

To those of you who are spewing hate at people simply for having an opinion…to those of you who are calling me a drama queen for being enraged about racism and misogyny….you are part of the reason why these things are still alive and well. You are part of the problem. Stop treating people like they don’t have a right to be angry about things. And to those of you telling me I am fat and ugly and to kill myself….please get some help. Professionally. There’s gotta be something wrong with you mentally if you are cold hearted enough to tell a person to take their own life or make fun of physical appearance because they don’t share the same opinion as you.

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Can I request a scenario of the El Masters helping their s/o battle against suicide? I know it's a sensitive topic. But I've been down lately and it's difficult.

(Dear, sweet anon, and anyone else reading this: If you’re in a dark place right now, please get professional help.  The mods of this blog are not psychiatrists and cannot act as such.)


“Are you alright, my dear?  You’ve been acting strangely.  If you need to talk, I’m here, you know that.  No, you don’t need to shoo me away.  I’m concerned about you.  Here, I brought you chocolate.  C’mon.  Eat something.  Really, my dear, I just want to help.  I couldn’t bear to lose you.”


“Suicide?  Why would you throw your life away over something so petty?  No, no, I’m sorry, that was insensitive.  I just don’t understand.  Is there anything I can do for you?  Is someone threatening you into this?  Don’t turn away and tell me that I don’t care.  I do.  I wouldn’t be still here if I didn’t care.”


“Hmm?  Hon, yes, I know.  Life is meaningless and death approaches.  I’ve watched too many humans die to deny that.  But you shouldn’t hasten death.  Here, let’s go do something fun together, and if I haven’t gotten you to smile by the end of the day, you can… uh, tell Senior about me skipping work the entire day.  And then you’ll get to see him get mad, which is always fun.”


Unlike the other El Masters, Ebalon is silent.  He sits with his s/o quietly, usually with a book, and doesn’t let them out of his sight while he knows they’re feeling bad.  If they need his affection and attention, he’s there to provide it readily.

anonymous asked:

Hi Mama!You have the most lovely heart in the world. I feel very bad, all my classmates insult me for no reason, my mother yells at me because I'm always with a sad face ecc... All this happen since 3 years ago, when my dad, a bastard, is gone in England. When I was a little girl, he "touched me" a little too. He was always drunk, ALWAYS. Oh, sorry, please excuse me. But I can't take it anymore. I'm not even depressed. My life is just ruined. Everyone hates me. I, really need, a person like you.

Oh love, I’m so, so sorry to hear this. You should be a happy person and enjoy life! If you have the chance, please get professional help, because it’s important that you learn to cope with the situation and everything! I’m glad I can give you some support, and I would like to ask you to try to lift yourself up and not let them get you down. You’re amazing and strong! I love you and I hope you’ll be okay! If you need anything let me know!

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I've been dealing with an eating disorder and now I'm starting highschool. I'm nervous someone will find out and mock me. Idk I just really like ur blog

the thing I’m going to tell you will probably annoy you, but it’s important: get professional help please. an eating disorder is a very serious illness (which can even get worse in highschool since the stress is becoming bigger)! I know that asking for help is more difficult than it sounds like, but the sooner you get help - the better. you can start by talking about how you’ve struggled with food with close friends or your family and I’m sure they will be happy to help you. only wish the best for you honey. xx

I’ve seen a growing trend of minors reblogging negative posts and posts about depression lately and that’s… scary. I know people of all ages can suffer from depression, but minors are more prone to misdiagnosis, and that can make everything worse.

If you think something’s wrong, if you feel like something’s wrong, please seek professional help. You deserve the best life you can get.

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Matsu reacting to finding out that their s/o have an eating disorder and it have came to a point where they needed to be hospitalized.

**If you have an eating disorder or are developing one…please get help by going to see a professional about your unhealthy eating habits.

Who lectures you for 1) not telling him and 2) putting your health at risk but cries because he didn’t know:

Choromatsu & Karamatsu & Todomatsu

Runs into the hospital, demanding to see you and cries when he sees that you’re still alive:

Ichimatsu & Osomatsu

Shows up with a teddy bear double his size, flowers and food. He’d have a stern conversation with you about seeking help before making you laugh:


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Pray that one day my depressions stops attacking me to no reason and that I become mentally healthy again long term and my support system grows as I heal and that I stop self destructing


I’m praying for you! 

Please make sure that you’re getting professional help for this (I don’t know if you already are, but I just wanted to make that clear). You might be interested in this Catholic mental health masterpost.

Remember that God loves you sooo much and that He is always there for you.

If you need anything, let me know! God bless you!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima