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just a little reminder on your dash as finals approach:

  • you have gotten through it before and you will get through it again.
  • you have worked hard this semester and i’m proud of you.

  • get as much sleep as you can.

  • stay hydrated and don’t forget to nourish your body.

  • breathe.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sunday 8th January, 2017.

This was my first show since September so to say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. Not even a tube strike was going to bring me down! Anyway, as you’d expect from someone with my username, this is 90% Albus and/or Scorpius. I tried not to describe everything in minute detail because it’s been done a hundred times already (my previous recaps are here), yet this still managed to be 9k+ words long! Fear not, I’ve written this scene by scene so you can skip to the bits you are interested in. Or just because I’m a self aware rambler, you can skip riiiight to the end for the TL;DR bit I did at the end! 

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H is for Hockey the Sport He Plays - A mix for Kent Parson, the trash can-dwelling walking meme inspired by Ngozi’s own depiction of the trash can-dwelling walking meme

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Hi everyone, I also said that when I reached 500 followers I’d do a Tumblr Awards sooo yeah here it is. I will definitely do this if it gets like 80+ notes.

To be considered one of the winners:

  • You must be following me.
  • Reblog this at least once, reblogging any more than once won’t make you have a greater chance of winning.
  • Likes don’t count, you can bookmark though.
  • You have to be a blog that is mostly Disney, that does include Marvel and Star Wars etc.

Entries will stop on the 24th and when I will pick the nominees for each section around the same time. The voting will end the 1st of July!

The categories are:

  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Icon
  • Best Posts
  • Best Disney Family
  • Best Overall Disney Blog

I’ll pick arounf 3-5 nominees for each section and I’m also gonna do a special mention thing for blogs that are still fabulous but just missed out on being picked!


  • 5 Promos whenever you want them
  • You can be my best friend forever (I’m not lying we have to become friends that is the rule)
  • A link on my blog for a month or so
  • An icon of a Disney character of your choice
  • An edit (I can’t do gifs but I can do edits) of your preference
  • Follow from me

Prizes for runners up

  • A promo whenever you want
  • An icon made by me of any disney character you want
  • Again my friendship
  • Follow from me

That’s all for now guys! Ask me if you have any queries and please try and get this to 80 notes otherwise I’ll violently sob to sad Disney songs!


piloting the storm: a (mostly) poppy, fluffy mix for two sappy space gays who are hopelessly, desperately in love with each other | cover art by @geekyyoungblood!

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