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Doctor, Doctor, Can’t You See I’m Burning? (Part 5)

A/N This is wrapping up guys.  Next part will be the end, I think.

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You are a country doctor, and an Omega.  After your rural office was attacked by vampires, you have been staying with Sam and Dean, nursing Sam back to health.  Sam has claimed you as his Omega, and now the two of you have to deal with the consequences.

This is an A/B/O fic. Standard A/B/O warnings for knotting, claiming, heats, and aggression apply.

Characters: Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Beta!Cas, Omega!Reader

You walked down the hall towards the library with Sam right behind you. Dean whirled around angrily when the two of you entered the room.  Sam’s hand slipped to your waist in a possessive gesture. Dean’s eyes slipped past your tank top to the bite mark on your shoulder where Sam had claimed you.

“What the hell did you do Sammy?” Dean asked harshly. “I saw the sigil. I know you sent Cas away.“

Sam locked eyes with his brother, his entire body tense.  He was ready for a fight.

“I claimed her.”  He said shortly.  “She’s mine Dean.  Don’t try to fight me on this.”

Dean sighed deeply, looking suddenly exhausted. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?  And Y/N….”  He said, looking at you closely for the first time.  “Did he force you?” He said quietly.

“No Dean.” You said firmly. “He didn’t force me.  I wanted this too.”

“God Sammy. What were you thinking? She’s a doctor, not a hunter! She’s not cut out for this!  She has a life.  A life we tore her from.  How are you going to make this work?  Did you even think about that?”

Sam ran a hand through his long hair in annoyance, “I want her Dean.  I have to have her.  That’s all I know.  We will figure the rest out.”

You placed a hand on Dean’s arm.  He looked so worried.  “I just couldn’t fight it anymore, Dean.”

Dean handed you a small white bag.  “Here’s your suppressants.  But I guess you don’t need them anymore, do you?” You could tell he was still very angry.

 “I hope you know what your doing, Sammy.  Go fix your door. I am going to clean off the sigil so Cas can come back.”

The enormity of what you had done was suddenly echoed in Dean’s words.  How would you be able to return to your life now?  Tears suddenly blurred your eyes. “Excuse me.” You said, pushing past a startled Sam and headed back to your room.

Laying on your bed with your eyes closed, you heard the door open and close.  You smelled Sam’s scent, so you knew it was him. You felt the bed dip as he got in next to you.  You turned your head to look at him, eyes bright with unshed tears.

“Regrets already?” He whispered, leaning in to kiss you and trying not to look as worried as he felt.

“No, not really. Just concerns.  Dean’s right, Sam.  We really didn’t think this through. I have a job that I love.  I busted my ass putting myself through medical school. I’ve just never seen myself as the submissive Omega.  That’s just not who I…..”

Your words were cut off as Sam’s mouth descended to yours.  Desire that was smoldering beneath the surface burst into flame immediately.  Then you let your bodies do the talking.

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anonymous asked:

RFA! + Saeran and V if you want where MC's in a rigorous academic program (like IB or AP if they're still in high school, or super advanced courses in college) and they start to disregard their sleep and eating habits in order to get more studying in? I'm kinda going through that rough patch right now and I need some moral support ^.^"

I’m so sorry to hear that anon, I hope things get easier for you soon! I’m actually going through something similar myself, I started this blog because I wanted to get back to doing something I liked >.< I’m not going to specify which program MC is attending~ Good luck with your studies!


  • he never really liked school, so to see you almost killing yourself studying really hits a nerve
  • “MC, you cannot neglect your health for this! You can always get better results in class, but you can’t always get your health back if it gets worse. You must take care of yourself!”
  • he doesn’t usually keep any food in his fridge, but goes grocery shopping and cooks for you when he has time
  • when he sees you studying past bedtime, he picks you up and carries you to bed gah nooo zen just one more minute please
  • sometimes, when you’re too stressed to sleep, he sings to you until you drift off, even if it takes hours
  • to try to encourage you, he decides to quit all his bad habits
  • he doesn’t understand the courses you’re taking, but he tries to help you organize your notes
  • “Please, MC, I don’t want to see you get sick! You need to eat well and sleep so you can think clearly. Can you do this for me?”

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OLI'S DATE - an Oli White imagine

Oli had invited you over and you were pretty sure it was a date. When he had asked you, he hadn’t been very clear. You had known Oli for a while now and to be honest, he wasn’t very good at conveying his feelings directly. But it didn’t matter, because if this was a date, you would be happy and if it wasn’t, you’d be happy to just be able to hang out with your best friend.

You had dressed pretty casual, seeing as it was just at his apartment and you didn’t know what his intentions were. As you arrived and knocked on the door, you heard him call out something about it being open. You opened the door and immediately, a delicious smell wafted towards you. It made you smile straight away. You then took off your shoes before heading into the flat, where you already spent a lot of time.

“Hey!” he grinned as he saw you.

Oli was wearing a scruffy apron (covered in flour and chocolate and other indescribable things). From beneath, you could see a collar peeking through. He reached to give you a hug.

“Oli! You’re going to get me covered in whatever this is!” you laughed, gesturing to the mess on his front.

He laughed, “Alright, alright! I’ll just hug you when I’m done cooking.”

You followed him into the kitchen to see that he was nearly finished cooking the meal you would share. The smell was more intense here and it was wonderful. Food was the way to your heart; a well cooked meal was what you looked forward to most days.

You must have made some sort of reaction because Oli had a soft smile on his face whilst looking over at you.

“You make the same face every time we go out,” he explained. “I know I’ve got a good meal now that you’re like that.”

You ducked your head slightly, in embarrassment. Food was your weakness as crazy as it sounded, you just loved a good feed.

He laughed, “Don’t worry, food is a good thing to love.”

Oli had made some sort of chicken dinner and as you both sat down to eat, he told you about it. It made you smile (you were smiling a lot tonight) at how much effort he had gone to for tonight. It confirmed your worries about whether this was or was not be a date, he wouldn’t have done this if it were Joe or Caspar. What made it better, not to say that it wasn’t already shaping to be a great night, was that Oli’s meal was delicious.

“Do you like it?”

You looked at him to see if he was serious, “Come on, Oli. Surely you know this is like eating pure gold!”

He laughed but you stopped him, “I’m being completely serious.”

He laughed again and this time you couldn’t help but join in. It was nice. You were having dinner with Oli, your best friend and maybe more, having a great time.

“Please tell me you have dessert,” you laughed.

“I was hoping we could make it together? If you don’t have anywhere to be after this, I mean,” he asked, eyes hopeful. “We could put on a movie as well?”

You grinned, “Now that’s an idea.”

So after eating the main meal, you both went to the kitchen to make some chocolate brownies, a favourite for the both of you. It was fun, occasionally the cooking would turn to a bit of a food war but you both managed to get something in the oven not long after. You had chocolate streaked across your face and Oli, this time apron-less, was covered in flour.

“Here, I’ll get you some spare clothes and you can clean up,” he offered.

When you next saw Oli, you had his t shirt on reaching past your knees. Though he had given you a pair of trackies as well, you hadn’t bothered. They would be way too long for you anyway. He had also cleaned up, changed into trackies and a plain t shirt. He stopped from where he was beside the oven, to look at you. He stared for a moment, making you feel a bit self conscious.

“Maybe I should put those pants on,” you said, softly.


You glanced up at him.

“Uh, I mean, don’t worry if you’re comfortable like that!” he scratched the crook of his neck. “I wasn’t sure the pants would fit you anyway?”

“So… The brownies?”

Part of the DATE series.

clever-angel-deactivated2016120  asked:

Hey! I love this blog ♥ Is amazing. Can you tell me how you see the boys in 10 years? Married or Single, How many girlfriends you think they have in that time, Make a history of them in 10 years, please. Idk if you understand me. Thank You ♥


  • Most likely will end up on a few different cooking/eating shows. Eat!Jin has spread across Korea and he is now known for how well he eats his food. 
  • He will become the face of a cosmetic brand, most likely for face creams or lotions or something along those lines.
  • Will have a girlfriend or two, maybe.
  • Will continue to work harder at dancing for BTS.
  • Will most likely still be single in ten years, but I can also see him as the first to get married.
  • Would also be really cool if he went and took some culinary classes (not that he isn’t already an amazing cook).


  • He will finally release his solo mixtape.
  • Would be cool if he started writing songs for other groups. 
  • Would judge on a music show (like Unpretty Rapstar or Show Me the Money). 
  • I can see him as one of the first to move out of the dorm. He likes his space, but that’s not to say he doesn’t absolutely love the boys.
  • Might be a girlfriend in there if she is exceptionally special to him.
  • Most likely still single. 


  • Would choreograph an entire song on his own.
  • Release his solo mixtape as well.
  • Would probably have 2 or 3 girlfriends in that time, because he is super charming.
  • Would star on more variety shows because he is very good at being funny and having ‘sense’. 
  • Most likely still single, though he is another that I can see getting married in the next ten years is the girl is very special. 

Rap Monster

  • Will most likely release another solo mixtape. 
  • He would feature in a fashion show for his exotic taste in style.
  • Appear in more variety shows where he can showcase his superior intelligence.
  • Would write songs for/ collaborate with other groups. 
  • Might have a girlfriend in there.
  • Will most likely still be single since his sole focus is his work.


  • Still dancing like a pro.
  • Would choreograph for one of their future songs.
  • Would end up on some music variety programs (of the singing kind).
  • Would model for different companies. We should expect to start seeing his face on billboards, people.
  • Would probably have a couple of girlfriends during that time.
  • Though maybe not married, I could see him going public with a girlfriend in ten years, and possibly marrying her beyond that.


  • Would be acting in larger roles for both movies and dramas.
  • Modeling for some clothing brand,a s well as the face for a line of bags or something.
  • Would revive Hello Baby.
  • Appearing on more shows that feature animals just because he seems to have no fear of anything on four legs, with feathers or scales.
  • Will have 2 or 3 girlfriends, because that kid has charisma.
  • Probably still single, but could also see him getting married in that time. 
  • Mostly just looking forward to the day when he can become a dad.


  • Will appear on more sports shows (like Leo from VIXX).
  • I can see him as the one to do official solo activities since he is pretty much an all-rounder. 
  • Will appear on a vaiety of music shows.
  • Will collab with a number of different artists, some maybe even Western.
  • Will be the face (or foot) of a shoe brand. Maybe even model some stuff.
  • Will have a couple of girlfriends.
  • Most likely not married, since he still has a lot to live for and look forward to.

And, of course, in the next ten years it will be required for each of the boys to fulfill their mandatory military service. Though that does take two years away from their work and plans, they will get through and come back out better than ever, and ready to jump back into what they are most passionate about.

For @clever-angel

~Admin C


Can you do an imagine where your crush is a rugby player and you are watching him play and after the game he kisses you in front of his team, thanks!! xx

Can you write an imagine where you watch your boyfriend play rugby and he is distracted by you and keeps staring at you and runs to kiss you at half time.

It was early in the morning when you got a call from (c/n). Looking around you couldn’t seem to find your phone all until you heard a thump on the floor. Your eyes scan the floor while your body is planted on the bed. The phone stopped ringing and went black. You sighed and gave up reaching for it, only for your phone to ding with texts. You groaned at the loud obnoxious noise and once again went to reach for your phone.

After many attempts you gave up, your head became dizzy from being upside down so long. So with officially giving up, you’re finally pushing back all the covers and flopping your body on the ground. With one final try your fingers barely grasped the edge of the buzzing phone.

The screen overflowed with three missed calls and 16 texts from (c/n) within the ten minutes of you trying to reach your phone. While getting up off the floor you unlock your phone and call him. He almost instantly answers, coincidentally the same time you start to yawn from still being quite tired.

“What?” You ask, while climbing back into bed. He sighs out and says, “Can you come over and cook me some food, I have a game today and both my parents aren’t here. You know I can’t cook (y/n)”. You start cracking up into the phone, “Y-you woke me up to just to make you breakfast (c/n)?”

“Well…I guess you could come and we could…” “STOP no (c/n) we are not doing anything before your game today.”

“Fine fine, but please come over soon,” he says before saying a quick ‘I love you’ and hanging up. You sigh and get up before changing into some presentable clothes and driving over to (c/n)’s house that wasn’t too far from yours.

Stepping into his unlocked house and ridding your jacket from your body, you hear the pattering steps coming down the steps along with the shirtless figure you call your boyfriend. He scans your body with a smirk, probably. not thinking you would show up. A yawn escapes your lips and he finally walks over to you and says, ”Why so tired baby?” He rubs circles on your hips and leaves a kiss on your cheek.

Your eyes widen in disbelief while you hit his arm with your empty hand. “That’s because you called me for the last 20 minutes (c/n)!!” You saw with a small whine causing (c/n) to laugh. You set your keys on the table and walk into the spotless kitchen. It had nothing but two plates with eggs, bacon and toast set out. “I thought you wanted me to make you breakfast?” He shrugged his shoulders, “nah I just wanted you to come over, come on baby.” You blush at his kind gesture and nickname and take a seat to start eating the warm delicious food.

(c/n) ate his food quite quickly whereas you took your time. He put his dishes away and soon got out the smoothie machine. You observed his actions and discreetly watched as he also pulled out his protein powder. “Bleh how can you drink that stuff?” You say in disgust as he pours a spoonful onto the blade. “Because baby, no pains no gains” he says with a smirk, whilst flexing his arms, with you couldn’t argue looked amazing. You simply agree and finish your plate, putting it away.

You don’t know how he did it, but he still got what he wanted. You found yourself kissing (c/n) over and over again. He simply pulled you onto his bed where you straddled his basketball clad shorts and shirtless chest. He sat up holding your back while you ran your hands through his hair. He pushed your body closer to yours and soon ran out of energy. Pretty soon he decided to slow down. He let go and lay back into the fluffy pre made sheets. You stayed sitting up and looked as your hands effortlessly fell down his chest.

He breathes out with a short chuckle, “and you said we couldn’t do anything baby.” You roll your eyes and roll of his body to grab your phone. He’s didn’t really bother reaching for your body as he was still tired from the kissing. You check the time, it’s not long before (c/n)’s game will start. You throw his jersey at his face before saying, “come on you don’t want to be late now”. He groans and gets up pulling on his shirt and looking through a couple drawers to find his shorts, eventually pulling them on.

The whole time it was a very close game. (C/n) just got angrier and angrier as the game went on, due to other teammates teasing him for having his girl watch him lose the game. “Hey (c/n) why don’t you bring your girl on the field maybe she could do better than you!” One of his friends said. “Come on maybe a kiss for good luck could do the trick!!” Another one said, causing a blush to form on your cheeks.

The halftime alarm went off not far after that and (c/n) stormed off the field. He drank some water and soon came over to you, the front of the stands. “Come on (c/n) don’t listen to them, you’re only 3 points away from the other team" you say wiping the sweat off his forehead and massaging the shoulder he fell on last quarter. He breathed out, and looked up at you. He stared into your eyes and soon smiled before saying, “I’m going to win, and the first thing I’m going to do is kiss you after I win.” He ran back onto the field with a smirk, ready to kick ass.

He did exactly that, he scored goal after goal. His team soon gave him more respect and the game eventually ended. He didn’t go to the team huddle or get a drink of water, he went straight to you. You went to the entrance of the field and ran to him. He stood there waiting for you to jump in your arms and once you did you planted your lips on his.

He lets go and looks towards his teammates. You stick your tongue out and wrap your arm around his neck. He puts an arm around you waist. Grabbing his bag, you both head out of the stadium with big smiles. “I knew you could do it baby,” you said kissing his sweaty cheek. “Those guys have no idea what they got themselves into, that’s for sure,” he says then opening his car and jumping in while you enter in your side. You wouldn’t trade your rugby player for the world.


caregiver looking for her princess 👑💕

name: olivia 💕✨
caregiver name: mommy, but all names are welcome ~
age: 17, 18 next month
location: midwest, usa 🌿
about yourself: hullo, i’m olivia! i’ve been in the cgl community for about 2-3 years now, but these past months i’ve been involved pretty heavily! i’m super laid back, 420 friendly, and a super caring/loving person! if you want to get to know me some more, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!!
hobbies / interest: i love to do art! even though i’m not the best. but cooking, thrift shopping, and anything outdoors are big in my life as well :-)
✨ fav color: red and mustard yellow
✨ fav tv shows/movies: any crime tv show, chopped, any/all lesbian movies (l o l)
✨ fav food: anything asian!
✨ activities: art, camping, hiking, cooking~
any special talent?: not getting up from my bed for extended periods of time~!
things you enjoy doing as a caregiver: checking in throughout the day, setting/enforcing rules (as per request of the little) skype dates, and spoiling her!
what type of caregiver are you?: ugh i’m such a softie 🙃
my main rule is: speak up! don’t keep anything from me; if something’s on your mind or bothering you, please let me know!
partner preference: female
partner preference age: 16-17
partner preference role: little girl 👑
what do you look for in a partner: someone who doesn’t want to move fast, i take these types of things kinda seriously and don’t want to rush into anything! i just wanna get to know you well before pursuing anything further. 
i like when my little does: when she’s clingy and wants to talk, tells me about her day, shows me her stuffies/drawings/etc, and just overall cuteness 💖
i don’t like: baby talk is my number one thing (just over text though, it’s too hard for me to try to understand lol, if it’s over the phone or something i don’t mind!) also extreme brattyness, and excessive rule breaking, unless there’s a reason for it, and in that case i dislike not speaking up!
what do you like to call your little: little one, princess, love bug, baby(girl), pumpkin 💫
i’m looking for a sexual/nonsexual/TBD relationship: nonsexual for the moment? but i wouldn’t be completely opposed to sexual once both parties are 18+
best way to get touch with you is: thru my tumblr (mommyxlucky). then from there you can ask for further contact info~!

A Place For Us To Dream || Normal Life

Title: A Place For Us To Dream (22/?)
Rating: T
Summary: —Doomsday AU— What would have happened if the Doctor’s lever had been the one to slip? If the Doctor had been the one trapped in the parallel universe? Rose has to pick up the pieces and carry on in his place. After all, someone has to be the Doctor.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble
Notes: This story was inspired by a number of things — namely badwolfrun trying to keep me entertained at work by sending me this ask, which became this graphic and this graphic made by MK, and subsequent discussions with MK and perfectlyrose. Enjoy!
Notes: “Sam what is this?” Why thank you dear reader, I’m glad you asked. This is the prologue for my version of “Human Nature/Family of Blood.” I decided to post it tonight because it’s short and I’ll post the full chapter tomorrow.
Also this new layout bites for posting stories. Just saying.
***Catch up here!***

Hold on!”Her voice is strained against the howling wind, as if somehow herwords would save him as he clung to the lever.

But it was no good. She could onlywatch, terrified, as his fingers slipped.


A shout slipped off his lips as hetumbled towards the void, and she was about to let go herself, to tryand catch him…

Rose’s eyes flew open as her alarmwent off, jerking her back to reality.

She’d just turned off the offensivenoisemaker when the sound of knuckles against wood echoed through theroom, and Martha peeked in. “You awake?” She glared at the other woman blearily. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Too early,” she mumbled, dropping her head back onto the pillow and tugging the blankets over her head. “G’night.”

“Nope.” Rose squealed as the blanket flew away from her body.

Cold!” She whined, grabbing about blindly as she curled up tight, but Martha stepped out of her reach.

“Come on, you gotta get up. You’re supposed to open the shop today.”

“Don’t wanna.”

Rose.” Blimey it was like taking care of a three year old.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine.” Rose finally dragged herself out of bed, rubbing her eyes and yawning as she stumbled off to the bathroom. Martha shook her head as she dropped the blanket back on the bed, smiling fondly.

One shower and a cup of tea of later Rose was mostly awake, though her words were still punctuated by small yawns as she and Martha talked over breakfast. Rose was not, as Martha had learned, a morning person. Once she’d woken up she was her usual perky self, but before that she was a nightmare.

It was kind of amusing actually.

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45. It’s Better To Have Loved...

Maya’s POV

To: August
- so, yesterday was an epic fail. you were upset, i get it. your reaction was completely necessary. i just wish you let me explain WHY this had to be done. more importantly, i’m upset that you didn’t LISTEN. you never do. when you put a hold on our relationship the first time suddenly and i got all upset about it, you didn’t understand. tell me, how the fuck is this any different? you did the SAME thing.

we have communication problems which leads to other problems. truthfully, i don’t want to be with you. i can say i don’t want to be with anyone. i’m single and that’s how it is right now. i’m sorry for taking you back. you were ready. it seemed like i should have been too but, i wasn’t. now, i can care less if you read this or not. i’m reaching out to tell you how i feel and that’s all i can do.

i’d hate to be an extra stress factor in your life and me, i don’t need one either. we’re holding onto something that is spoiled. done. you were my first and i don’t regret that. our love was strong and you meant so much to me. that’s WHY i was scared to let go, august. because i love you! but if i’m holding onto you and i don’t want you, i’m hurting you.

just because i’m texting this doesn’t mean that i stopped caring. seriously, when it comes to the only way i can get a word in is through text message we need to end things for good. i’m not about to have a screaming match with you. it seems to me you never listen but expect me to. this is final and i’m done. you can be upset and have hate towards me. i don’t care. that’s immature but i’m not begging for you to be friends with me. you’re just harboring hate and is that all really necessary? i’m moving on so do you. that’s what you wanted anyway, right?

“Send that shit, Maya.” Niko muttered, keeping his eyes on the TV. I invited him over, explaining to him every thing we went through. Niko was kinda out of the loop, mainly since I never told him anything. Now that he’s caught up, he told me that he’d rather us not together too.

“Just making sure I spoke my peace, that’s all. August isn’t going to read this anyway.” I mumbled, staring at the long message. There was more that I wanted to say but, if Aug won’t read this, why should I bother? Now, if he does and cares to have an adult conversation, I can explain the rest.

“Forget ‘em if he don’t. You’re tryin’a speak out. If he can’t see that, fuck ‘em. I woulda preferred if ya’ll did that shit in person but, that can’t happen any time soon.” he replied. If we did speak in person, it would escalate quickly. We don’t possess the proper skills to talk. We’re both stubborn and I don’t feel like arguing with him anymore.

“Right.” I whispered, pressing the ‘send’ button. There was nothing I would’ve changed in that message. I was being a smart ass in some parts but, so? He’s very disrespectful in situations like these and I’m not kissing his ass. This is what HE did to us. Whether he tried to piece it back together or not is irrelevant. He ruined us and gave me a different pair of eyes on how life is without him. I seemed to like to that world better than this one. So, it’s his fault. Not mine.

“Where’s Jess?” Niko asked, breaking me from my train of thoughts.

“Oh, on her way out here actually. Since we’re about to up and miss the buying season, this is break time.” I sighed.

“Hm, you need to get a side hustle. Or, a main job, I should say.” he grumbled, making me roll my eyes. He was right. I needed to start scouring but, when you don’t work a stable job as long as I have, you don’t have the urge to try again.

“I know, bro. I’m thinking about just getting another job in a hospital. To be honest, all that drinking and shit kinda did an abundance of damage. I don’t remember shit.” I admitted. I would have to take more classes and I don’t have the time.

“You all fucked up, ain’t ya?” he chuckled, getting a mug in return. I know I’m in shambles but damn, must he make me feel even worst? I’ma get it together though. I always do.

“Laugh it up all you want. You know what? I’ma be straight. You’ll see.” I mumbled, walking into the kitchen. Since Jess was coming over, I decided to make her favorite. It’s really the least I can do since I bailed last minute to be with Niko.

“Whatever you cookin’ smell good but, I gotta bounce. Just like clockwork, Chanel hittin’ me up.” he grumbled tiredly. I smiled at him, truly proud that he’s making a change. I have to give it to him, he made a lot of progress.

“Aw, I’m proud of you. I’ll save you some pasta, okay? I’m probably dropping by your place in the morning.” I smiled, hugging him. He returned it, grabbing his car keys.

“Aight, love you.” he sighed, trailing out of the kitchen.

“Love you too.” I shouted, stirring the red sauce. When the door closed, I went back into the living room. Jesse was in route, so she says. I’ll just watch TV until she gets here. I’m oddly anticipating a text from August, just to see where his head is. I wonder how he’s doing.

August’s POV

Blowing smoke out the corner of my mouth, I stared up at the ceiling of my bedroom. I was still in Houston about ten minutes away from Maya. As mad as I am, I’m hurt too. It’s crazy how she can just throw this shit away. Why the hell is she acting like this? Furthermore, why am I acting like this?

Groaning, I turned over on my stomach. I can’t even hide it anymore, I’m heartbroken than a muthfucka right now. The fuck am I gon’ do? I mean, the shit ain’t in my hands. This is what she wanted and I have to respect that. On the real, it’s karmic for this to be happening. I basically did this to her. It went full-circle and caught up to a nigga. Now, I see what it did to her, when I cut things off. I see how it feels.

From the nightstand, my phone dinged loudly. I opened my hazy eyes, snatching it up. When it said that it was from her on the banner, I tossed my phone on the carpet. Maya isn’t about to keep consuming my mind all night. I can bet all of my money on it that she sent me a detailed message about why we’re not together. As if that’s gon’ help me.

Since I threw my phone down, I had to get up to get it. I’m such a dumb ass for that. Anyway, this lil’ hoe from around the way was tryin’a get at me a month back. I wasn’t tryin’a be involved with that simply because I ain’t want to. I mean, I hit it a few times but, whenever I felt like it. Now, it seems like I need a good distraction for the night.

“Hello?” she sang sweetly.

“Yo, Cherri, whatchu’ doin’ tonight?” I asked, laying back in the bed. There was some noise on her end before it got all quiet in the background.

“Nothing. Just cleaning the house. Why, what’s up?” Cherri inquired, knowing damn well why I was calling. Why else?

“I need you to slid through, that’s why. Bring me sum’ back to eat too.” I muttered, playing in my curls. She giggled in a seductive way, about to make a pun outta what I said.

“Before you say sum’ freaky, I’m talkin’ about real food. So could ya’ please bring me some food?” I questioned. I sure hope this bitch can cook. I wanted a home cooked meal.

“Okay, Aug. I’ll bring ya’ greedy self some food. You need anything else?” she inquired.

“Oh, get me some Swishers n’ Sprite. I got everything else, aight?” I grumbled, growing impatient for no reason at all. I just needed her here to numb this feeling. She told me that she’ll be over in fifteen minutes before we hung up. Well, it look like I’ma be having some fun tonight.

“Wassup?” I grumbled, giving her a side-hug. She held both bags in her other hand, engaging in the hug with me. I took the walk to my bedroom, telling her to follow me.

“I brought you some Mongolian chicken. You like that? We had that last night for dinner.” she smiled, placing the plate down. I scrunched up my brow, biting into the chicken. She had some Asian in her, so she says. Either way, this chicken was bomb as fuck.

“Who’s ‘we’?” I asked, chewing what was in my mouth.

“Um, my man. Andrew.” she shrugged, playing with her phone. I grimaced, putting the chicken down. See, these bitches will never be shit. You see this? Her man is probably so in ‘love’ with her ass — nobody knows what love is so that’s a strong word to use — and she cheating. She know good and well that I called her over here to fuck.

“I ain’t hungry no more. Strip.” I demanded, sitting the plate to the side. She smiled seductively and I returned it, getting mad at the sight of this hoe. She was a prime example as to why men can’t trust women. Just scandalous, bruh.

She stripped slow, giving me a sexy show to watch. Once I saw her naked body, she began to crawl over to me. A song played, her ringtone. Rolling her eyes as if she knew who it was, she slid out of bed.

“It’s him. I have to answer.” she muttered, reaching over to pick up her phone. I admired her frame, thinking of a good plan. She wanna cheat on this nigga, I’ma let ‘em know. She can’t have her cake and eat it too.

“Drew, baby. I’m at the office. No, it’s overbearing, babe. It don’t make no sense how stacked with paperwork I am. He just overworks me— Ah!”

Forcefully, I bent her over the bed and slowly eased in. She let out a scream mixed with a moan, still holding the phone in her hand. I knocked it out of her reach, wanting him to hear what his girlfriend was doing behind his back.

“Oh my G-God, i-it’s not what y-you think!” she stuttered. I chuckled, ramming into her harder. Is that what they all say when they cheat?

“Nah, nigga. It’s exactly whatchu’ think!” I grunted, looking back over at the phone. That nigga was still listening.

“Who pussy is this, Cherri?” I grumbled, yanking her up by her long, black hair. She moaned, tripping over her words.

“Mm, August! It’s yours!” she screamed out in pleasure and pain. Chuckling darkly, I reached over and grabbed her phone. Putting it to my ear, I laughed when I heard him just cursing up a storm.

“Bruh, don’t be mad at me. Ya’ know ya’ can’t wife these hoes.” I snickered, hanging up. I tossed the phone on the floor and slid out of her slowly. Her body collapsed on the bed as she tried to catch her breath.

“How could you do that?” she breathed, turning to face me with a pout. She ferociously wiped her tears, making a cold chuckle leave my mouth. Crocodile tears. I’ve seen them plenty of times already.

“Bitch, you cheated. Na’ get out. I ain’t get ma’ nut but, this chicken’a make up for it.” I laughed, pulling my sweats up.

“You’re an asshole!” she shouted while redressing. I shrugged, eating another piece of the chicken. She bent to the floor, picking up her phone. I watched her mug me, I’m sure she wanted to say something but she did what was best and stormed out.

“Bye, bitch.” I mumbled, turning on the TV. I picked up the bottle of Sprite and went to get the codeine from off my dresser. When I had the styrofoam cup in hand, I mixed up my drank. I gotta roll my blunt and then, I’m gucci for the night.

Maya’s POV

| The Next Day |

Tapping down on the ‘X’ button, I kept intense focus aimed on the TV. I didn’t really want to be bothered with anyone. I was hurt and even a tinge of regret lingered about. But, I’m not letting my mixed emotions make another mistake. I just need to spend some time alone, focusing on Maya. And it’s nothing like last time. Fuck a man. I need to be single and in all honesty, that’ll be hard. I seem too dependent on them.

“Helloooo?” I dragged out, putting the phone on speaker. I got a call from Jesse, she’s hard to ignore. Not that I want to, she’s just a persistent one, that’s all.

“You should go on August’s Twitter. He’s talking shit, My. It ain’t even funny. I mean, he’s mad indirect about it but both of us know who it’s about.” she explained, getting sighs out of me. I don’t care! Like, he’s childish as fuck for what ever it is that he’s saying.

“So, he took it to social media, huh? He can get on Twitter and speak about his feelings but, not respond to my damn text message? Not direct his ‘hate’ to the person involved? Okay, cool.” I shrugged, pausing my game. That’s so petty.

“Talking about how he’ll never treat women the same and why he should never — need I quote — love these hoes. So you’re a hoe now? He’s immature.” she muttered, sighing.

“Jess, don’t tell me anything else about that man. That was so uncalled for, him taking his problems to Twitter. The fact — that doesn’t even sound like him. He wouldn’t do this shit. He had to be drunk or something.” I reasoned. August, the August that I know, wouldn’t do that. Especially with his reputation in the game right now. But, it’s his decision and I can’t tell him anything because he doesn’t listen.

“On relevant notes, how are you? You’re not sulking by the sounds of it.” she chuckled.

“I’m sad but after that newfound news, I’m really over this.” I admitted, bringing the throw pillow closer to my chest. If August wants to behave like this, it makes no sense why he and I should ever be in the same vicinity again. I wanted us to acknowledge our differences and at least, end with that. Not with this spite and animosity. We don’t need to be best friends, we just need to be cordial and respectful. I’d never slander his name, never. Yet, he’s indirectly doing it to me.

“Sorry, I just thought you should know. But anyway, how is this going to work now that you’re single? What’s the plan? Party Maya?” she asked, getting a dry chuckle.

“No, the Maya that I used to be before August. I’m taking a few classes in January. Start my new year out right. I’m still there as far as the line goes, I just need to utilize my skills.” I explained, referring to my degree. Being that I barely can recall anything, I’d have to take a few classes to freshen up my memory. I’m committed to work from now on. No men.

“I’m happy for you. Real progress this time, missy. Aight?” she said, making me nod with earnest. That’s the goal.

“Definitely. Real progress.”