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Ball Chain & Satin

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: “Can you write a one shot where Bucky and Reader are getting married, but Bucky is scared. Angst or fluff, it’s up to you. Thanks!” Requested by Anonymous.

Word Count:1,391

Warnings: Language (probably)

A/N: I’m working on my requests, yay me! Oh boii, the fluff is strong :) Hope you’ll like it!

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You were in front of the mirror, admiring your sleeveless satin wedding gown when someone knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

Grabbing a fistful of satin, you gathered up the skirt of your gown and moved closer to the door. You pressed your ear against the wood and heard him shuffling around on the other side of the door.

“Buck, what are you doing here? We’re not supposed to see each other before the ceremony.”

“I wanted to see you.”

“You’ll see me in an hour. Now, hush!”

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Naruto has gotten amnesia!

Requested by anon!

Naruto hit his head too hard one day and got amnesia as a result. What do various characters tell him to try and help??

1. Sakura

Sakura: “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Sakura: “It’s okay guys I’ve got this. This one is easy.”

Sakura: “Naruto…..remember how we got Sasuke back?”

Naruto: “Who the hell is Sasuke?”

Sakura: “Oh god it’s hopeless.”

2. Kakashi

Kakashi: “C’mon Naruto, snap out of it. You’re upsetting Kurama.”

Naruto: “Ku…rama? What are you talking about?”

Kakashi: “You know. The demon fox inside you.”

Naruto: “The WHAT inside of me?? WHAT DEMON FOX? THERE’S A DEMON INSIDE ME??”

Kurama: “Maybe not the best idea.”

3. Gaara

Gaara: “Oh….this isn’t very preferable now is it.”

Gaara: “I can’t lose Naruto as a friend. Naruto, look me in the eyes and tell me you remember everything we’ve been through.”

Naruto: “You…..have very bad dark circles. Maybe you should get some more sleep?”

Temari: “Gaara no don’t cry please it’s okay it’s fine!”

4. Kurama

Kurama: “Look Naruto, this is probably gonna freak you out but you’ve got to listen to me.”

Kurama: “You are a Jinchuuriki. That means you have a tailed beast inside you. I am the tailed beast. I’m a Kyuubi.”

Naruto: *Incoherent screaming* “GET OUT OF ME.”


5. Hinata

Hinata: “H-He’s lost his memory?? Of everything??”

Hinata: “Naruto please don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me! We’re getting married in a few months!”

Naruto: “Well I mean…..I don’t know who you are but I wouldn’t mind marrying someone as pretty as you!”

Hinata: “I…I….I don’t know how to respond to that!”

6. Konohamaru

Konohamaru: “Waaah? You’ve lost your memory??”

Konohamaru: “But….but surely you couldn’t have forgotten the most important jutsu of all!?”

Naruto: “Which….would be…?”

Konohamaru: “Your sexy jutsu!!”

Naruto: “My wha-? That sounds stupid.”

Konohamaru: “BLASPHEMER!”

7. Sasuke

Sasuke: “Ridiculous. There is no possible way he could of forgotten every damn thing over the past few years.”

Sasuke: “Naruto, if you don’t snap out of it I’m going to ram this chidori into your chest. Got that?”

Naruto: “Your…..your fist is filled with lightning!”

Sasuke: “Ten seconds and counting.”

8. Tsunade

Tsunade: “Brat. Do you want to be Hokage or not?”

Naruto: “What’s a Hokage?”

Tsunade: “It’s what YOU’VE wanted to be your whole goddamn life! You idiot! Now stop acting like a fool!”

Naruto: “I’m sorry maam but your chest is distracting me.”

Tsunade: “Sakura baby hold me back ‘cause I’m about to punch this sucker into next week.”

9. Iruka

Iruka: “Guys, guys! I’ve got this! Just let me handle it.”

Iruka: “Naruto; come with me.”

Naruto: “Where are we going, stranger I’ve never met until now?”

Iruka: “You’ll see.”

10. Ichiraku Ramen Guy

Ichiraku Ramen Guy: “Naruto! The usual I assume?”

Iruka: “He’s lost his memory. Can you restore it?”

Ichiraku Ramen Guy: “One large miso ramen with extra pork coming up!”

Naruto: “This is….amazing! It’s almost like….oh my god, Iruka Sensei? What happened??”

Iruka: “You’re the hero we’ve always needed, Teuchi.”

i am just so in love with jonerys that istg…if they’re building up this whole thing just to snatch it away from me in season 8 catch me at the nearest mental institute

Dear Marlene

Please make a short film of Emison getting married and living a domestic life while travelling the world. Make sure the first stop is Paris and have them meet up with Mona for some croissants

I really hope in How to train Your Dragon 3 we get some Hiccstrid moments. Suggestions and hopes such as:

a: not married and are still a dating couple so we still get those really cute moments like we did in HTTYD 2

b: They’re already married and Astrid is either pregnant or there’s already a baby Haddock running around. Wouldn’t that be just absolutely adorable?

c: We get to see Hiccup and Astrid marriage- and maybe get to see them dance at the celebration? (Yes please!)

d: I really want Astrid and Hiccup to have a small little argument where they disagree, and then have to apologize and make up. I’d love to see this because I think that when they both get riled up, they can get pretty stubborn. Who would win the argument or who would give in first? *_* 

e: We get to see Valka and Astrid talk about Hiccup with some mother/daughter bonding.

f: Hiccup gets hurt and Valka, Astrid, or both have to take care of him and dote over him. 

g: Valka or Astrid get hurt and Hiccup freaks out and tries to protect them, then later on taking care of them.

h: If they have a baby, Hiccup and Astrid defends their child when something/someone tries to threaten him/her.

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BTS’s reaction: You are and idol that has been shipped with them

***If you want me to make a BTS, EXO, 2PM OR SEVENTEEN reaction, feel free to request**

Y/S/N: your ship name 

Rap Monster

You two had gotten closer and have been hanging around each other a lot lately during different shows that you have been invited to. You posted a picture on SNS and people started saying that you two look cute together and should date if you already aren’t.

MC:“So did you guys know that Y/N and Rap Monster have been shipped by the fans? They even have a ship name. It’s Y/S/N!

RM: “Woah! Really?!?”


Jin appeared in your new MV and at one scene he kisses your forehead and since then the fans have gotten crazy saying that you two should totally date.

*when he reads the articles* *shy, shy*


You two had met each other during a show and later in an interview Suga had said that you are his ideal type. That is when fans started to ship you two.

*when you two meet each other again during a live broadcast*

“Now it’s your turn Y/N? Am I your ideal type?” (ignore V in the back. or don’t. i’m not your mum)


No one knows why but for some reason people just started shipping you with JHope. Some people had even started writting fanfics about you two!

“So J-Hope, Have you heard that people these days are shipping you and Y/N? What do you think about that?”

“Well, I’m not complaining.” *wink*


There was a rumor that said that you two were going to be the new couple on WGM. Even though it was confirmed that it’s just a rumor and nothing more, that didn’t stop the fans from shipping you two and requesting you two to be the next couple on the show.

“So what do you say Y/N. Do you want to be my bride?” 

((****Please Goddess of KPop, give me strength to finish this reaction request…****))


You two were both really similar. You were both said to be 4D aliens so people started to ship you two. You were called the Alien couple or Y/S/N.

Question: “Don’t you think that it is time to get married to Y/N already and make pretty alien babies?”


MC: “Don’t you know? You have been shipped with Y/N because you both have similar weird personalities and one of your ship names is the Alien Couple.”

V: “What do you mean Alien Couple! We are not weird! Everyone else is simply boring!”


You two recently had some couple photo shoots together for a magazine since you were both known to be the cute shy and magnaes of your groups. After the pictures were out, fans didn’t waste a second and started shipping you two. They even made a fan club! But you and Jungkook, weren’t complaining. You always had a crush on each other anyway.

*after reading the comments under the pictures*

JK:“ Well this is makes thing both a bit easier and a bit awkward.”

**i don’t own the gifs*

Got7 React to: Being at Another Member's Wedding

He would be extremely emotional about Yugyeom asking him to be bestman but would be even more emotional watching the youngest of Got7 get married.
“It was beautiful Yugy, have fun on your honeymoon.”

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Is the wedding planner who is beyond stressed out.

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Excited as hell about watching Youngjae get married. Cries when the final ‘I do’s are said.
“When are we having babies Youngjae?”
  I didn’t realize you and Youngjae were having babies.
“Well I meant we as in all three of us, I’m not missin’ this.”

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Accidentally messes something up and tries to hide from Bambam.
“I didn’t mean to break it, don’t kill me. Please.”

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 This is my wedding not a concert Kunpimook

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Brings a million gifts for Jinyoung and his new wife.
“Ooooh it’s so pretty, I’m gonna cry.”

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Is the photographer for Mark’s wedding. Takes literally nine trillion photos.
“How many of these do you wanted printed? I have four cards loaded with pictures. Take your pick pal.”

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300 words, day…11 I think? have some kid thor and loki :D

It was raining.

Rain itself wasn’t that odd, except that not two minutes ago the sky had been a clear and sunny blue the color of Thor’s eyes.

Loki knew what made it rain like that, and it wasn’t a natural thing. He distracted his history tutor with a well-placed illusion and scampered away when the man was looking the other direction. Outside the windows, the rain hammered against the palace in fat angry droplets that splashed back up when they hit.

Thor was sad and Loki needed to find him.

Locating spells were something he had just begun to work on with his mother, but he didn’t need one to know where his brother would be.

“There you are,” he said, opening the door to Frigga’s solar. Thor looked up from where he was sitting on the floor with his knees pulled to his chest. “I knew you’d be here.”

“How did you know?” Thor said, his lower lip quivering.

“It’s raining. What’s wrong?” Loki sat down in front of Thor and put his chin on Thor’s knees.

“I found out something terrible today.”

“What is it?”

“I found out that I…that when I’m a man I’ll have to get married.” Thor sniffled.

“Oh. Why does that make you said?”

“Because it means I won’t be able to live with you anymore. I’ll have to live with some *girl* and we’ll have to have *babies* and -”

“Oh,” said Loki, pleased. “Is that all? That’s easy.”

Thor studied him carefully. “What do you mean?”

“You can just marry me,” Loki said smugly. “Someone has to wear a dress, right? I like pretty things, I can wear a dress.”

“Really?” Thor said, starting to look a bit hopeful.

“Yes!” Loki said, getting excited now. “They always say you should marry someone you love, and who loves each other more than we do?”

Thor leaned forward and grabbed Loki’s hands. “Do you think it will work?” he said. “Do you really promise?”

“I promise,” Loki said. “Cross my heart.”

“But why do you get to wear the dress?” Thor asked. “I like pretty things too.”

“I’m much prettier than you are, brother,” Loki said patiently. “I should wear the dress.”

“But that’s not fair!”

“Life’s not fair!”

They rolled around on the ground wrestling until Thor got the upper hand, like usual, then they pulled Frigga’s drapes down and fashioned makeshift gowns for both of them, giggling.

Outside, the rain tapered off to a gentle mist and then stopped altogether.

“Look Thor!” Loki said, pointing out the window. “A rainbow!”

It was as bright as Thor’s smile.

acowar ships

I was thinking the other day about how we’ve all been so concerned with how the ships will turn out in acowar - who will end up with whom, who will get to see their ship doin’ it, who will have babies or get married or whatever.

But basically, at this point I’m over here just like…. please don’t die?

Because being in a ship/couple/marriage is great and whatever, but it’s pretty much the same thing as babies - people don’t need babies to be complete. And people don’t need to be in a couple or have a significant other to be complete, either.

But they sure do need to be alive!

Daddy, how are babies made?

I’ve never been so stressed out in my entire life. Note to self: in your next life, do NOT marry a celebrity. Yuta is never home when I need him. The house is a mess, my boss is on my ass about this new deadline, Momo’s refusing to take her naps now that she’s turned five, worst of all my period is nearly two months late, and these stupid in home pregnancy tests aren’t nearly as efficient as the commercials make them out to be. I’ve already been waiting two minutes, I can’t handle the anxiety of not knowing.

“Mommy! I need the bathroom!” We have four bathrooms in this house, why must she always insist on using the one I’m in?

“Mommy will be out in a second.” I love my daughter, I really do, but can’t I have a single minute of alone time, just once. Oh God, what if I really am pregnant again? Crap. I can barely make do as it is, all I need is another baby.

“Mommy, hurry!” Yep, no privacy. I get up from my seat on the edge of the tub and gently open the door. “Alright, mommy is going to be down stairs making dinner. Will you be fine by yourself?”

“Mommy, I’m a big girl! I can use the potty on my own!” Great, now she’s glaring at me. She’s so sassy … uhhhhhhh, why does she have to take after him?

“Just checking.” I reply wearily as I force myself to head into the kitchen, when all I want to do is barricade myself in my room and sleep for the next decade.

I don’t know if it’s the onions or the possible pregnancy hormones, but I need to stop crying before Momo sees me. “Crying again I see.” Yuta whispers in my ear as he brushes the tears from my face.

“Could you at least say something when you come home, you almost gave me a heart attack, and you’re late, again.”

“Sorry, my flight was delayed.”

“When isn’t your flight delayed? Please tell me you’re finally finished filming before I burst into tears again. While you’ve been away the past month, I’ve had to do everything by myself. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“Don’t worry, I’m back for good.” He replies brushing my hair out of my face and behind my ear as he brings me into an embrace. “Did you miss me?”

“A litt-”

“Daddy, daddy you’re home!” Another thing about children is that they constantly cut you off.

“I am, princess. Did you have fun with mommy while I was gone?” He inquires, gently releasing me to take her into his arms and spin her around the kitchen as she giggles away. She’s so much cuter when her father’s around. He’s the only person she doesn’t sass, typical.

“Daddy, look at this cool new toy I found!” Is that the pregnancy test? Shit. I completely forgot about it. No, no, no!

“Princess, where did you find this?”

“On the counter after mommy was done using the bathroom. Can we play with it now, please daddy?” She pleads handing the test over to Yuta. What’s he going to say? We never discussed having another child. Momo is enough of a handful, and we’re both so busy with our careers, and at the very least he can hold the stupid thing at a different angle, so I can see the results for myself. Wait, is he grinning?

“Princess, this isn’t a toy it’s a pregnancy test, and not just any pregnancy test it’s positive.” What? Great, just great. Yuta’s smile does look genuine though, so I’m just going to assume he’s happy about this pregnancy.

“Daddy, what’s a penancy test?” She looks up at Yuta with large round eyes. She looks so much like him. I really hope this new baby takes after me. I’d like to have a mini-me and be the favorite parent for once.

“A pregnancy test is device that tells you if you’re pregnant.”

“What does pregnant mean?”

“It means that you’re going to have a baby.”

“So, it isn’t a toy.” She says frowning. “I really wanted to play with it.” Oh no, she’s on the verge of tears.

“Don’t cry. Mommy is pregnant, so you’re going to get a baby brother or sister to play with. Doesn’t that sound like fun? You’re going to be a big sister!”

“Can we go get the baby right now? I want a boy, but a girl is fine too, I guess, if all the boys are sold out.” Huh? Sold out?

“Princess, you can’t buy babies in the store.” Yuta says doubling over in laughter.

“But, you said we’re getting a baby! Mommy gets things at the store all the time, why is a baby different?”

“Princess, you can’t buy a baby, babies are made inside of mommy.” Terrific word choice, Yuta. This conversation is taking a turn I don’t want to go down with my five year old.

“Daddy, how are babies made?” Fantastic, now we’re supposed to teach her sex ed.

“Well … well, you see … well it’s … well …” I don’t think I’ve ever seen Yuta this flustered and at a loss for words in my life. Awww, his ears are turning red. He looks so cute, and I should probably focus on the crisis at hand.

“Daddy, I want to know! Please, please, please!” Ahhhhh, how do you explain this to a preschooler?

“Sweetie, it’s a pretty complicated process, you wouldn’t really understand. Let’s just forget about it, okay?” I’m trying my best here, but I don’t think it’s working.

“No! If I’m going to have a baby brother or sister, I want to know how.”

“Well, you see princess, after a man and woman get marrie-”

“They don’t necessarily need to get married.”

“That’s true. Well, when a man and woman fall in lov-”

“They don’t necessarily need to fall in love either.”

“True, but if you keep cutting me off we’ll never get to the end of this story.” I always did have a habit of cutting others off, it looks like she gets that from me.

“Whoops. Sorry, continue with your explanation.”

“Thank you. When a man and a woman get, for lack of a better word, together they produce a baby.” He makes it sound like manufacturing.

“What does get together mean, and how is the baby produced?”

“Why don’t we let mommy explain, since she didn’t like my explanation.” I see what you’re doing here, Naka.

“As much as mommy would love to explain, I need to focus on cooking, and daddy is already going so well.”

“Daddy! Please, please, please, tell me!”

“Well, it’s kind of like gardening, only it takes place in the human body, the female body to be exact, but not really. Metaphorically speaking, daddy plants a seed in mommy’s garden and after nine months or so, not necessarily nine whole months, every baby and pregnancy is different, the baby grows inside mommy until he or she is ripe, well ripe isn’t the right word, but we’re going for a garden theme, so I think it’ll do. Does that make sense?”

“Daddy, my head hurts.” Hahahaha! How much more precious could these two be? “Mommy, can I play in my room? Daddy’s giving me a headache!”

“Go ahead sweetie, I’ll come get you when dinner is ready.” She’s practically running out of the kitchen. She’s so cute with her little pigtails bouncing wildly. “Good job with you’re explanation. I’ve never seen her run away from you before.”

“Very funny. How long were you going to keep your pregnancy from me?”

“I only found out about it today. I didn’t even know the result of the test until you told us. So, how do you feel about it?”

“Amazing! Momo’s growing up so fast, I miss having a baby around the house, and I think becoming a big sister will be really good for her. I can’t wait to have another princess!”

“How do you know we’re having another girl? Both Momo and I want a boy.”

“Trust me, it’s father’s intuition. I was right about Momo being a girl and I’m going to be right about baby number two also.”

“Dream on. I have a little thing called mother’s intuition, and I know this baby is going to be a little boy. This time the baby will take after me!”

“Momo takes after you plent-”

“No, she doesn’t.”

“She cuts people off just like you do.”

“That’s not enough. She’s sassy like you, and she has your eyes, hair, lips. Have you ever compared your baby photos to her’s? The two of you look identical.”

“Okay, I’ll make you a deal. If baby number two doesn’t take after you we’ll have another baby, and another baby, and another baby until you’re satisfied.” He says placing his hands on my hips, drawing me closer to him as he starts pressing kisses on my collarbone.

“Yuta, get your hands off of me before we burn the kitchen down or worse Momo discovers how babies are really made.”

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Imagine SaiIno with Sai and Ino meeting while fighting over the same crop top in a mall?

so somehow this turned into InoShikaSai and I don’t even know, okay, this is not something I was supposed to ship but now I do and it’s terrible, terrible

The holy grail of shopping with Ino is the moment when she gets so fed up with him that she abandons him on a bench and stalks off to entertain herself, Shikamaru thinks blearily. Of course, he’d rather not go shopping with Ino at all, because she likes to drag him out of bed before the sun has even risen and then make him walk all the way to the mall. Bribes of coffee only go so far before Shikamaru just gives up on life.

He’s been lounging for almost two hours now, though, and while the middle of the mall is hardly a relaxing place to take a nap, Shikamaru will take what he can get. A quarter of his attention is on those passing by—Naruto has been known to drag his boyfriend shopping from time to time, and while Sasuke is an asshole Naruto mostly makes up for it—and about an eight is on the store Ino disappeared into. She can take care of herself, and Shikamaru honestly pities anyone who tries anything with her, but it’s always better just to be aware.

With a stifled sigh, Shikamaru checks his phone again, wondering if it’s late enough that he can get Ino to swing by the food court. She’ll try to drag him somewhere healthy, but Shikamaru thinks he can resist long enough to get a pizza at the very least. She has to get done soon, after all—there’s only so long one can look at clothes, in his opinion, though both Ino and his mother consistently try to prove him wrong on that front.

Choji sends him a text full of laughing emojis when Shikamaru tells him this, and Shikamaru has to roll his eyes. He needs better friends.

He’s focused on composing an appropriately scathing response to this lack of sympathy—and really, Choji has gone shopping with Ino before, he should at least pretend that he cares about Shikamaru’s suffering—when the bell on the door in front of him chimes, and he hears Ino call a cheerful farewell to the salesperson. That tone means she’s happy, so the chances of Shikamaru actually getting his pizza just increased exponentially. Without even consciously thinking about it, Shikamaru finds himself smiling a little as he glances up, because for all the exasperation she causes him Ino is still Ino and they’ve been together practically since they first opened their eyes, and—

His eyes catch on twin expanses of bared flesh and he all but swallows his tongue.

“Shika!” Ino says cheerfully from where she’s half-draped over a teenage boy Shikamaru has never met before. They’re both dressed in crop-tops, and somehow the stranger’s skintight capri leggings leave just as little to the imagination as Ino’s miniskirt.

Shikamaru’s mouth is really, really dry right now, and it has a lot more to do with the boy’s belly button piercing than he’d prefer.

“Ino,” he says, and is pretty pleased with himself when it doesn’t come out as a croak. “I could swear they didn’t sell mannequins in there.”

Ino rolls her eyes, wrapping her arms a little more tightly around the pretty stranger as she pouts at him. Shikamaru would protest, because between her and the stranger that’s way too much pretty in close quarters, but his tongue is sticking to the roof of his mouth again. “Don’t be an asshole. This is Sai. Isn’t he gorgeous? We’re going to get married and have lots of model babies and take over the world with our combined beauty.”

Shikamaru would protest this on the grounds of it being another of Ino’s ridiculous ideas, but he’s not entirely certain that he won’t be their first follower. Most of his thoughts seem to be stuck on the word babies and the mental images of Ino and Sai making said babies and—

Normally Shikamaru would put the heat in his stomach down to jealousy, but he’s absolutely certain that that’s not the problem this time. He swallows, and with effort manages to add an exasperated edge to his voice as he asks, “What, did you two get into a fight over a crop top?”

Golden hair slides forward over pale skin, and Sai absently brushes it away, smile brightening. “Yes, actually,” he says, and that tone is eerily similar to Ino’s breezy bullshit voice. “We decided to share it, though. Beautiful here has the exact same taste in clothes.”

Oh god. If he’s calling her beautiful it’s no wonder Ino is smitten. “Really?” Shikamaru asks dryly, and eyes their almost-matching outfits in a way that’s hopefully closer to pointed rather than hungry. “I couldn’t tell.”

Ino laughs, which could mean he failed, but could also mean he managed to pass it off but amused her anyway. “We apparently have the same taste in men, too. Come on, Shika, Sai says he knows the best smoothie place in the mall. Let’s go!”

With matching smiles that promise widespread mayhem, the two of them link arms and saunter away. Shikamaru is left gaping on the bench, suddenly in possession of six bags that aren’t his and a very, very strong suspicion of where this day is going to go.

He’d be lying his ass off if he said he really minded.

“Troublesome,” he mutters, but he gathers up the bags and follows the sound of Ino’s laughter as she drags Sai over to a stand full of bracelets. They jostle each other playfully as they try to peer over the same piece, and the moment Shikamaru joins them two more bags are added to his armload.

Shikamaru sighs, but Ino winks at him, Sai offers him a sly smile, and they both lean in and kiss his cheeks before they’re off to the next stop.

Troublesome,” Shikamaru says again, trying to pretend he’s not blushing.


Ah pretty please do a SpenceXreader where they have been married for a year and are trying to get pregnant

Aw, I can do this one.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Sighing as you place your head in your hands, tears begin to well in your eyes as the blue negative line mocks you from the bathroom counter.

Your husband, Spencer, and you had been married for a year, and about 8 months into your marriage you decided to come off of your birth control and start trying for a family.  You knew it would take about a couple of months for your birth control to fully work its way out of your system, so you wanted to give your body plenty of time to dispel it.

But as you were sitting on your toilet for the third time, tears dripping onto your thighs as you stare at the negative line on your very expensive pregnancy test, the fear starts to congregate in your chest.

You had heard stories of women being on birth control for years and it messing up their natural reproductive rhythm, how the artificial hormones messed up the natural state of their bodies, and how…in even some cases…made them sterile.

What if you couldn’t have kids?

What would you tell Spencer?

The two of you had decided to stop testing so often, rattling off facts about stress and how counterproductive it can be to a woman getting pregnant.

You felt like you were failing your husband.

Hearing your phone vibrate, you reach your hand over and pick it up, placing it to your ear and coughing to clear your throat.

“Hello?” you croak.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Spencer coos.

“Oh,” you sniffle, “hey there, baby.”

“Y/N?  You alright?” he asks.

“Yeah.  Yeah, I’m alright.  Just not feeling too well,” you say, gripping the pregnancy test in your hands.

“Well, we’re just getting on the plane to come home.  Pick you up some soup?”

“Yeah,” you breathe, the tears trickling down your cheeks, “that sounds perfect.”

“You get some rest, alright?” he implores, “I expect you to be in bed when I get home.”

“I promise,” you whisper.


Opening the door slowly as Spencer tip-toes into the house, he sets the piping hot soup down on the kitchen table, dropping his messenger back in a chair and slowly making his way down the hallway.

Sticking his head into the dark bedroom, he smiles at the steady rising and falling of your shoulder, your back cocked to the door as you lightly snore away your “sickness.”

But as he approaches the bed, walking around to sit on the edge of it, he furrows his brow as he sees the gigantic wet stain on your pillow.

Raising his fingertips up to move the hair from your face, he takes in your reddened nose and puffy eyes, along with the light crust of snot surrounding the flaring of your nostrils with every breath you take.

Looking around the room as he sees the dim glow of the bathroom light, he gets up and walks into the bathroom, slowly pressing his hand to the door as it opens into the room.

And then his eyes land upon it.

The pregnancy test.

As his heart skips a beat, he reaches over for it, picking it up as his heart sinks.


Biting his lower lip as tears well in his eyes, he turns his head back to his sleeping wife, the one who had cried herself to sleep in his absence.

The one who still felt pressures.

The one who still felt responsible.

The idea shattered his heart.

Throwing the test in the trash can, he sheds his clothes, leaving them on the bathroom floor as he walks around to the other side of the bed, raising the covers up as he slides his naked body into bed with you, the smooth warmth of your skin making his heart flutter as the roundness of your ass settles perfectly into his pelvis.

He was addicted to you…how you fit him like his natural puzzle piece.

Groaning as you slowly roll around, you open your eyes and smile, taking in the face of your much-missed husband.

“Well, hello there,” you smirk, turning around and pressing your chest into his as you lean your lips into him.

“Mmmmm,” he hums into your mouth, your tongue dancing around his murmurs and moans as you begin to grind your pelvis into his.

As you begin to furiously kiss down his jawline, your teeth raking across his pulse point, you feel him put his hands on your shoulders, pushing you away.

“Oooh,” you whine, playfully pouting at him as you jut your bottom lip out, “Spencer doesn’t wanna play?” you ask.

“I just want you to understand one thing before I do,” he smiles, cupping your cheek in his hand as he runs his thumb along the swollen bags under your eyes.

“I don’t have sex with you to procreate,” he states.

Furrowing your brow as confusion trickles into your eyes, you dart your gaze quickly over tot he bathroom as realization crosses your face.

You started to feel incredibly self-conscious.

Trying to scoot away as you attempt to scurry out of bed, Spencer wraps his arms around your waist, pulling your back close to him as the tears begin to well in your eyes.

“I’m sorry, please.  I-…I know we said that-”

“Sssssh sh sh sh…” Spencer whispers lightly in your ear, kissing behind it warmly as he runs his fingertips up and down your side.

“It’s ok…it’s alright,” he says.

“I’m…I’m failing you.  We…we said we wanted a family…”

“Hey now,” he says sternly, turning you towards him as your watery gaze connects with his, “I got my family when I married you,” he says.

“Anything else,” he pauses just before kissing your cheek, “is icing on the cake.”

“W-what…?” you question, thoroughly confused.

“Y/N, I didn’t marry you for the children you could provide me,” he says, cupping your face in his hands.

“I married you because of the happiness you bring me.  Because of the beauty you bring to my life.  Because of the light you shine in this dark world that I work in.  I married you because of the love you have given me, so fully and so completely, despite my faults and my struggles.  Despite the fact that my job rips me away for days, and sometimes weeks, at a time.  Despite my past with drugs and my nightmares and my insecurities…”

Feeling the tears pour down your cheeks, you wrap your arms around Spencer and pull him close, rolling over so that he’s on top of you as his body nestles perfectly in between your legs, your knees falling off lazily to the side as he leans down and kisses the sensitive spot in between your breasts.

“I married you because you make me whole,” he whispers.

“And I make love to you,” he says as he slowly slides into you, a surprised groan emanating from your lips as your eyes widen slightly, “because you fit me so wholly…and so completely…”

As he slowly begins to thrust, his hips rocking lazily into yours, you feel that deep-seeded ache burn deep in your core as you lock your legs around his hips, pulling him deeper into you as he slowly picks up his pace.

“…and your body,” he whispers, dipping low into your ear, “…covers me completely from this world…”

Moaning lightly as your eyelids begin to flutter, Spencer begins to pant lightly in the crook of your neck, his pace picking up as your walls begin to flutter.

“I make love to you,” he groans, his lips ghosting against yours as you begin to raise your hips to meet his, “because I trust you…”

Bucking hard into you, a cry of pleasure ripping from your throat, he grabs your leg and throws it over his shoulder, your hands flying to his forearms as your fingertips dig in.

“…because I care for you…”

Picking up his pace as your jaw begins to unhinge, incoherent syllables begin to pour from your lips as he begins to pant, beads of sweat forming on his brow as he begins to approach his release.

“…and…and I make…love to you…be-”

Feeling his length twitch inside of you as he spills his pent-up love of the past two missed weeks into your body, your walls pulsating around him as your back arches off of the bed and into the air, your leg slides from his shoulder as Spencer’s body falls to yours, his face burying itself into your chest, panting furiously as your moans and whimpers slowly begin to die down.

Wrapping your arms around him as he melds into you, you press light, feathery kisses into the crook of his neck as he sighs deeply into your skin.

“I make love to you because you’re the only one for me,” he whispers, nuzzling your jawline before his eyes raise to meet yours.

“I love you, Spencer,” you choke out, your emotions overwhelming you as tears begin to trickle down the sides of your face.

“And I love you,” he murmurs, dipping his lips once more, enveloping yours in their soft plumpness as he slowly begins to fall off to the side.

“And as long as we have each other, that’s enough family for me,” he smiles.

Preference #3--He picks up your call during rehearsal

ᖇIKEᖇ: You two have been married for a year now and even though you know he’s in rehearsal for their coming up tour, you couldn’t hold your news in.
You dialed your husband and waited.
Riker’s phone started playing a McFly song and everyone stopped playing.
Rocky: “Dude really?”
Riker rolled his eyes. He always picks up for you.
Riker: “Hello? Babe? What’s up?”
[Y/N]: “Riker, honey….I took a test…”
Riker: “Why are you crying? [Y/N] is everything ok?” He was pacing around the room now
[Y/N]: “Riker…you’re gonna be a dad!”
Riker walked out of the studio without a word and the phone still to his ear. He got in the car and started on his way home to be with you.
EᒪᒪIᑎGTOᑎ: You two have been engaged for about a year now. You were out with your bridesmaids, minus your maid of honor, Rydel.
You saw the perfect dress, that’s over your budget. But…it fits so perfect…
You pulled out your phone and dialed your fiancé. He’s in rehearsal.
Ellington’s phone started ringing and he stopped playing as feeling the vibration.
Riker: “what?!” Ellington. Shushed him as answering his phone
Ellington: “Hi honey. What’s up?”
[Y/N]: “I found a dress.”
Ellington: “That’s great! Why don’t you sound happy?”
[Y/N]: “It’s more than we had agreed on.” You sighed
Ellington: “Buy it. You deserve the best.”
Rocky: “Ratliff come on! Off the phone!”
Ellington: “I’ll see you at home honey. Love you.” He smiled to himself as getting off the phone. He can’t wait to see the dress.
ᖇOᑕKY: You and Rocky had hooked up a couple of times before. You’ve been best friends for years and basically, it’s an easy way to get some pleasure. Lately, you’ve been wanting to see him more though.
You were laying on your bed and beginning to feel turned on just thinking about getting his naked body tonight. You picked up your phone and called him to come over sooner.
At first, he wasn’t going to answer it, but his contact photo made him want to look at the phone.
Ross: “Why? We’re in the middle of rehearsal!” Rocky made a hand motion as answering
Rocky: “Hello?”
[Y/N]: “I’m laying on my bed alone. You should come over sooner.”
Rocky: “I have rehearsal.”
[Y/N]: “Please? Pretty please? I’m getting really REALLY turned on by your voice!”
Rocky: “Guys I’m leaving!” He yelled as walking out “On my way.”
ᖇOᔕᔕ: You and Ross have been married for about a year and a half now. You have a baby boy named Ryan, he’s eleven months and he’s had a fever the last couple of days.
Today, you called the doctor. You have an appointment and you’ve never taken Ryan to any appointments alone. And you really didn’t want to so you called you husband, whom was in rehearsal for a television appearance.
Ross: “Hold up!” He yelled as taking his phone out of his pocket
Ellington: “We’re in the middle of a song!”
Ross rolled his eyes as answering the phone.
Ross: “Hello?”
[Y/N]: “Hi Ross, they can get him in in an hour.”
Ross: “Ok. I’ll be home in a few. Then we can leave.” He could hear Ryan coughing in the background.
Ross: “Actually, I’m leaving now. Love you. Be home in ten.” He hung up, and waved goodbye to his siblings and Ellington as he left.
Nothing is important enough to keep him from his child.

No Ryland for this one. Sorry.

Christmas AU Prompts (requests closed for these prompts)

***Requests are currently closed for the christmas prompts, however requests are still open for AU Prompts and Dialogue Prompts  

So because Christmas is my all time favorite holiday of them all, I’ve decided to compile a list of all my favorite Christmas Prompts! I will still be working on my other requests, but these will just be simple drabbles that won’t take long and hopefully will put everyone in the Christmas mood <3

They will work the same as my other AU Prompt List and Dialogue List.

Send me the number of the prompt you want written and specifiy a member from GOT7 or BTS (Also be sure to specify you want a request from the Christmas List!!)

Here are the Rules if you need further info~

*All prompts belong to their respectful owners!

  1. We’re stuck under the mistletoe but you can’t stop rambling about how red-berried mistletoe are actually quite rare if they exist at all and you can’t stop spewing mistletoe facts and I think it’s adorable.  Requested w/ Taehyung (posted)
  2. We’re having a Christmas movie marathon because you’ve never fucking seen ‘ELF’. Requested w/ Yoongi (posted)
  3. We’re walking and I slip on the ice and you try to help me up but instead I pull you into a snowbank. Requested w/ Jungkook
  4. I was drafted into the army and after a few years I stopped communicating back and then a decade later I show up on your door and I’m singing ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ and you literally want to murder me. Requested w/ Namjoon (posted)
  5. You’re in the hospital for the holidays so i came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room i love you merry Christmas  Requested w/ Hoseok
  6. We’re walking and my scarf will NOT stay on and you keep fixing it and then it flies off and you go running through the street to get it, and when you get it you raise it in your air and look so proud that I can’t help but say I love you. Requested w/ Jinyoung (posted)
  7. I come from a family where Christmas isn’t a big deal and this is my first time spending Christmas with you/your family and there’s a seven foot overdecorated tree and tinsel everywhere and people constantly bursting into songs and random people stopping over and staying for drinks and trading cookies and I’m hella overwhelmed at first, but soon I really find myself liking the festivity.
  9. I live on the floor below you and was watching the snow fall outside when I saw you fall out your window, why would you put up lights like that?
  10. It’s freezing outside and I didn’t wear a heavy enough jacket but you are letting me wrap my arms around you under your VERY WARM jacket and now I don’t want to leave so let’s just waddle around like this and now we’re laughing like idiots. People are looking. WHO CARES I’M WARM Requested w/ Hoseok
  11. I did that annoying thing where I put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and I can’t wait to see your face  Requested w/ Jungkook (posted)
  12. We’re at an ugly Christmas sweater party and your Santa hat cat sweater is actually incredibly cute so I feel the need to disagree with your idea of an ugly sweater and now we’re arguing but okay you’re really attractive and now we’re just shouting compliments at each other Requested w/ Jackson (posted)
  13.   I thought I was the only one working over time at the office on christmas eve so I was singing jingle bells at the top of my lungs incredibly off key while making hot chocolate in the break room but you surprised me and I dumped it all over your pants. hello nice meeting you for the first time lemme dab your wet pants with this napkin Requested w/ Yoongi
  14. “Babe, help me put the star up?”  Requested w/ Youngjae (Posted)
  15. “That tree is not going to fit…” “I knew it wouldn’t fit.” Requested w/ Seokjin
  16. “You are going straight on the naughty list” Requested w/ Jungkook (Posted)
  17. “The real question is how many cookies is too many cookies…?” 
  18. My friends saw me staring at you while we were Christmas shopping and they dared me to go up to you and ask if you were a present because I want to unwrap you and I never turn down a dare so I did it but you actually thought it was funny, let’s get married ok Requested w/ Jungkook (Posted)
  19. “Please tell me you didn’t just drop the turkey” 
  20. “Hey, we knew you were alone this Christmas so ya'know… Surprise!” Requested w/ Youngjae
  21. “Baby, it’s cold outside” Requested w/ Jinyoung (Posted)
  22. We’re going ice skating for the first time this year and it’s pretty obvious that you’re secretly an Olympic figure skater or something how the hell are you so graceful you’re literally twirling around on one foot on a friction less surface and i can barely make a left turn Requested w/ Jungkook
  23. What no i totally have no idea how mistletoe got under every doorway in our house… *cough cough* …but since it’s there we should really honor the tradition right Requested w/ Jinyoung (posted)
  24. Yes you look like a movie star with your tinsel boa but the i think it suits me better so ha
  25. Yes i know it’s almost Christmas no that doesn’t mean you should watch every movie with snow in it seriously i can hear you singing along to love is an open door in front of my room and this needs to stop
  26. We’ve been dating for a couple months and I thought we planned on giving each other our virginity for Christmas but you actually got me a thoughtful gift and now I’m crying and naked
  27.  Stop eating the popcorn you little shit, i can’t make caramel popcorn balls with just caramel
  28. i’m making christmas cookies sTOP SNEAKING IN HERE TO EAT THE DOUGH OR I’LL SMACK YOU WITH A SPOON Requested w/ Yugyeom (posted)
  29. You know i think getting engaged on Christmas it’s the most cliche thing ever but you fucking proposed anyway Requested w/ Jaebum (posted)
  30. This movie opens christmas night and it’s sold out right away and i have two tickets because i was supposed to have a date tonight but they stood me up?? and you’re cute so you can be my replacement date (but it turns out you’re way better than my other date could ever be) Requested w/ Jackson (Posted)
  31. My roommate loves christmas but i’m a total scrooge. we’ve reached a compromise where they can do as much christmas stuff as they want AFTER THANKSGIVING. our apartment is very plain when i go to sleep on thanksgiving but when i wake up the next day there’s ornaments in my face and you’re blaring christmas music
  32. I’m going sledding and holy shit i just ran you over i am so sorry are you okay?? Requested w/ Jaebum
  33. I’m walking home from work in heavy snow and i just found you lying on the ground and as it turns out some assholes pelted you with snowballs and left you there and now you can’t move because you’re so cold Requested w/ Taehyung
  34. I work in a big restaurant uptown and we open to give the homeless free meals all day over the holiday season but one day you come in and recognize you as my first kiss from a drunken party in high school and my resulting crush for four years oh my god you’re homeless now i cannot allow this and i think i just made the absolutely insane decision to open my home to you
  35. I got arrested on christmas eve for accidental theft when i was leaving the store and knocked an item into one of my gift bags by mistake and you are the only person i can think of who might bail me out at 2AM so I’m sorry but please get me out of here Requested w/ Yoongi
  36. We just got back to our apartment from the Christmas party at your parents house, I’m really stressed because you big brother didn’t seem to like me but you’re walking around the kitchen, still in that red dress that drives me insane but I really really wanna take it off Requested w/ Jinyoung
  37.   I got a candygram a week ago and it had a cute Christmas poem on it in which I was compared to an angel, I’ve been trying to figure out who it was but it finally hit me when you held the door open for me and said ‘no problem, angel’ Requested w/ Taehyung
  38. you’ve had too much egg nog and rum and now you’re drunk and doing a strip tease for everyone at this Christmas party, it isn’t sexy in the slightest because you’re giggling and your sweater is caught over your head but I’m still falling in love with you Requested w/ Jaebum
  39. I get caught with one of my friends under the mistletoe and you literally sprint from across the room to shove them out of the way and take their spot Requested w/ Jackson (posted)
  40.  we went through a really bad break up a month ago, but I already bought you a Christmas gift. it’s too late to return it now and I know you’d really like it so I show up to your house on Christmas Eve and present the new watch I bought to replace your old one that’s nearly falling apart and I swear I see tears in your eyes Requested w/ Yoongi (posted)
  41.   I’ve dressed up in sexy Santa underwear and a trench-coat, come to your door, and revealed what is under my trench-coat, but oh my god haha you didn’t say your parents were visiting how lovely to meet them for the first time like this oh wow best christmas ever Requested w/ Yoongi (posted)
  42. I live next door and just burned my holiday turkey; I know you smell my failure.  Do you happen to have a spot for me at your table?
  43.   “Hey, look, mistletoe…” Requested w/ Jabeum (Posted)
  44.  Wait. You’re my best friend and you’ve never made a snow angel before???
  45.  You’re my new year’s resolution  Requested w/ Youngjae (Posted)
  46. why am i hearing barking/meowing/chirping in the middle of the night on christmas eve and you shushing it Requested w/ Taehyung
  47. it was cute of you to try and make me breakfast on christmas but honey you’re gonna burn the house down at this rate here let me do it Requested w/ Youngjae (Posted)
  48. i have no idea what mistletoe is and why the heck is someone trying to kiss me H E L P Requested w/ Mark
  49. we’re both lonely at a pub so let’s see how many christmas pick up lines we can come up with Requested w/ Jin (Posted)
  50. we’re both in the store and i’m trying to find a good christmas candle for my mum, what do you think of this scent? 
  51. I’m sorry that we ran out of coffee, honey, the snow has made it impossible to get to the grocery store, are you really not going to talk to me at all, TALK TO ME, PLEASE
  52. I didn’t realize your family used so much mistletoe, it’s like I’m walkiNG THROUGH A FUCKING MINEFIELD
  53. Every time you pick up a bauble to put on the tree you say ‘balls’, please stop or I’ll laugh too hard.
  54. I couldn’t find my Christmas cookie cutters so here have dinosaur shaped Christmas cookies.
  55. I can’t find the star for the top of the tree so I drew one on paper and rested it on top, aren’t I artistic?
  56. We’re strictly ‘platonic’ but we’re snowed in together and omg we’re going to have to repopulate the earth!!
  57. We were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring…at each other… Requested w/ Jungkook
  58. PULLING YOU IN FOR A KISS WITH A SCARF Requested w/ Jinyoung
  59. We’re neighbors and I just got locked out of my apartment, I was baking cookies that will burn if I don’t get there quick.
  60. I’ve never seen snow in person before, until now, what is this white stuff falling form the sky? Why are you laughing at me?

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anonymous asked:

Can I please get a fluffy/smutty blurb from you about trying for a baby with Harry? Pretty please?

The phone call had come through while I was right in the middle of finishing up a recording session with Julian.  Thankfully we were done, otherwise I wasn’t entirely sure I’d have gotten to leave.  She was ovulating.  

That sounds incredibly medical and not at all romantic, but at the moment we had a goal and sex was a means to reaching that goal.  A baby.  She wanted one and I definitely wanted one.  We’d been married for a little over a year and after much discussion and planning both of us decided it was time.  

Only thing is, sometimes the universe doesn’t always work in your favor when dealing with things of this nature.  After three months of steady sex she still wasn’t pregnant.  We’d been to every specialist we could find.  There was nothing wrong with either of us.  

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we will find our way

Harry and Louis are uni students studying abroad in New York, stuck in the dorms together over Christmas.

snowed under

Louis picks up a hitchhiker on Christmas Eve.

so put your hands in (the holes of my sweater)

Harry and Louis go on a lot of not-dates.

out of orbit, into gravity

AU in which Harry is a runner with questionable training patterns and Louis’ idea of flirting involves chucking snowballs at moving targets. Niall bakes cookies, Liam is a growing boy, and Zayn silently judges them all.

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Dating Taeil would include:

* Sitting on his lap

* Not in a sexual way tho

* Like in a sweet way where he wraps his arms around your waist and whispers in your ear

* Not sexual stuff again just weird stuff like “Y/N I want ice cream” and you’d turn to him and be like “seriously”

* He’d play with your hair all the time

* Thousand of tiny braids in your hair that are impossible to get out

* So you have to go out with half a braided head

* But he insists you look nice

* Even if you were wearing a trash bag he would insist you look nice cus to him you would

* Him driving you places

* Like if your sad he will just take you on a drive somewhere

* His hand on your thigh

* Compliments 24/7

* As soon as he sees you he’s like “omg Y/N you look so pretty marry me please!!!”

* Low key obsessed with you

* Comments on all your Instagram photos

* Stuff like “my baby looks good 😍”

* Super sweet boyfriend

* Buys you food all the time

* You tweet “craving McDonald’s” and Taeil will be there in no time

* “Hey Y/N are you hungry?”

* “Wait don’t even answer that you’re always hungry I’ll be over in 5”

* It could be three in the morning and he’d still get you food if you asked cus he can’t have his girl going hungry

* Always referring to you as his girl or wife

* Like he said to the boys “my wife is coming over to the dorm later so it can’t be a mess”

* Everyone is like who the hell is your wife

* And he just laughs and is like “omg I mean Y/N”

* Princess

* He’s totally the type to call your “princess” or “baby girl”

* So many pet names

* Kisses

* So many kisses

* And everywhere from your hands to your lips

* Not such a fan of PDA so mainly in private

* He would originally be embarrassed to sing to you but after enough begging and pleading he finally gave in

* His voice is heavenly omg so you force him to sing for you wherever you’re in a bad mood cus seriously his voice could end all wars

* Dating Taeil is sooo amazing because all those relationship goal posts have become your reality and you couldn’t be happier

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  • Mom: “Wonshik was really something wasn’t he? Did you see how he kissed my hand when he greeted me? When was the last time you kissed my hand? And did you see how he pulled out the chair for our daughter at the dinner table, and then pulled out my chair for me? When was the last time you pulled out a chair for me? Obviously, chivalry isn’t dead. You could take a lesson or five from that charming Wonshik. He is the definition of a true gentleman, which is why I hope our daughter stays with him. How do you feel about Wonshik?”
  • Dad: “Pssh. What do you think? He has my own wife second-guessing her own husband. So no, I don’t like him. Plus, do you see how well he rocks his snapback? I don’t trust him one bit. And then he had the nerve to fall asleep and snore while I was trying to share with you all my great fishing story from 1987!!! He hurt my pride…”


  • Dad: “Nope. Don’t like him. He’s way to handsome to trust around our daughter. Did you see that smile of his? It’ll blind you for three months. And when I looked at him for a long period of time, I started to feel some weird type of way.” *shivers* “Anyway, he was playing the good guy act in that dapper suit of his which leads me to believe that girls must throw themselves at his feet giving him the right to trample over their hearts and upset their feels! Heck, now my feels are messed up. What am I saying? I must be going crazy. WTH are feels? Honey, hold me.”


  • Mom: “He’s the one. Sanghyuk is the one. He might be a little young age-wise, but he acts so mature that it’s hard to tell. He’s really tall too…I like ‘em tall. And did you see that sharp jawline? My goodness, its sharp enough to cut firewood! I find male jaw lines to be very attractive. And how can he manage to be cute, adorable, and handsome at the same time? Is that even humanly possible? I don’t know what it is about Sanghyuk, but I like him and I want him in our family. I want him in this family right now…” *nervous laughter* “So my love, what did you think of Sanghyuk?”
  • Dad: “No one that young could be so mature. He’s lying about his age. He has to be hiding something! And yeah I saw that sharp jawline. If our daughter falls on his face she’ll cut herself! You know what really grinded my gears though? When he had the audacity to wipe my daughter’s mouth with his thumb and then continue eating like it was nothing?! He did that in my house, at my dinner table, and in front of my own wife!!!! Kinda reminds me of myself back in the day when I was courting you. That whippersnapper! He has my blessing.”

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Hello can you please tell us about your whole love story like how did you met your husband when did you get married when did you have your baby son oh and your family is so cute ^^

Heya anon <33 We actually met in highschool, we weren’t high school sweethearts or anything though. We met in our senior year and we started dating pretty early on. We kind of did everything backwards, we started dating before we really became friends, and then I became pregnant not too soon afterwards. After that I chose to be home schooled because rumors started getting spread about me and we all know how horrible those can be.

Of course my parents didn’t know. I told them it was something else. They found out eventually and my parents are really strict and they had really high hopes for me. My mom hinted at abortion a few times and my dad threatened to send me back to Nepal. I know they weren’t too serious, but at the time it felt like the end of the world, I was 18 and scared so me and husband ran away. We left for the south and his dad was there so it helped. Of course we came back and I got to see my parents again but the sight of me with a huge ass belly really pissed off my dad. The last image i have of him is him spitting on me. He never accepted it and moved back to Nepal pretty soon after that. I haven’t seen him since. I had my baby and then I asked my mom if she wanted to see him, she did and our relationship got really good after that. I would say it actually saved me and my mom’s relationship. It brought us closer and I think becoming a parent myself helped me really see things from her perspective and understand her love in ways i had never been able to before. She moved back to Nepal after a few months to be with my dad. I talk to her over the phone but I also haven’t seen her since. 

But yeah, me and my husband got married a few months after that. It was a spur of the moment thing. He woke up one morning and just asked if I wanted to, I said yes and we drove down to the court house in jeans and a t-shirt. I think I still had drool stains on the side of my mouth haha. So, yes, that’s our story. To be honest, there’s nothing romantic about it to me. We had sweet moments but it was just filled with so many obstacles and in the end it cost me my relationship with my dad. I had to make a lot sacrifices because I chose to start a family early on and that’s on me. 

I don’t regret it any of it though and I find myself to be pretty lucky to have a cute little family of my own hehe.