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First Impressions (Ignis x Reader)

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Word Count: 4 430

*Spoiler free!*

You had just finished cleaning up the horrid mess left in a booth from the last lot of customers when four more walked through the door. The bell chimed at you, mockingly cheerful as they entered, almost drowned out by their incessant chatter.

You closed your eyes and sighed. You did not need this today.

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Granddaughter/ Leonard Snart

Please write a Leonard Snart x reader about their granddaughter coming from the future and Leonard getting shocked when he finds out his granddaughter is dating Barry Allen’s grandson. Granddaughter’s name is Crystal. Request from @bartallenisbae Got gif from the internet, so all credit to the owner. 

“Snart.” (Y/N) yelled. “What.” He said asking into the kitchen. “You better not be making plans to rob the bank on my table.” (Y/N) said making dinner. “Never, I’m using the coffee table.” Leonard said before kissing (Y/N)’s cheek. “Get two bowls, please.” (Y/N) said as Leonard did what (Y/N) said.

(Y/N) had made soup for the both of them. (Y/N) turning the stove off before pouring soup into the bowls and giving one to Leonard. The both of them sat at the table and ate. (Y/N) looked at Snart, wanting to ask him about his new job. “What’s on your mind.” Snart asked (Y/N) before there was a knock at the door.

(Y/N) got up and opened the door to see the Flash before there was a blur and (Y/N) was in STAR labs. “What the hell.” (Y/N) said before seeing Snart. “What do you want, Allen.” Snart said to Flash.

“There is someone here for the both of you.” Flash said to Snart and (Y/N). (Y/N) looked over to see too see a woman and a man dressed in what looked like a Flash suit but was red and white. “Wow, you look just like her, Crystal.” The unknown man said to the woman. “Shut up Bart.” Crystal said to the man.

“What’s going on.” (Y/N) asked before looking at Snart, who was in shock. “Snart.” (Y/N) said. “(Y/N), this is Bart, my grandson from the future.” Barry said as (Y/N) nodded. Snart walked over to (Y/N) before grabbing (Y/N)’s arm

“We are leaving.” Snart said as was he pulled (Y/N) with him. “No.” (Y/N) said before stopping Snart. “Who is she.” (Y/N) asked pointing to Crystal. “I am your granddaughter.” Crystal said as Snart laughed. “It’s true, we came to the future to save you.” Bart said to Snart.

“Save me.” Snart questioned. “Tonight, (Y/N) was going to ask you to go get ice cream but on the way there, you get killed.” Crystal said as (Y/N) looked at Snart. “We need you to survive or my dad grows up without a father.” Crystal said as (Y/N) covered her stomach.

“You’re pregnant.” Barry said. Barry and (Y/N) were friends before meeting Snart and (Y/N) fell for him after he saved (Y/N). “What.” Snart said looking at (Y/N).

(Y/N) smiled before looking down. “I have known for five weeks but I know you don’t want kids.” (Y/N) said. “Wow.” Snart said. “Why did you come here then.” Snart said questioning Bart. “Crystal’s father becomes super vengeful trying to find the person, who killed you but in the end, he went mad and now the world is in the future is screwed up.” Bart said.

(Y/N) looked at Crystal to see her looking straight at her. (Y/N) realized that Crystal did look like Snart and (Y/N) put together. (Y/N) walked over to Crystal. “I am so sorry.” (Y/N) said before hugging her. “It’s okay Grandma.” Crystal said.

(Y/N) looked at Snart, who seems more pissed than anything. (Y/N) saw a ring on Crystal’s finger. “Who is the lucky guy.” (Y/N) asked. “Bart.” Crystal said. Finding out the Snart’s granddaughter was going to marry his enemy’s grandson drawn the last line.

“You are marrying him.” Snart said shocked before he started yelling about how they are enemies and that the two of them shouldn’t be together. “LEONARD.” (Y/N) yelled. (Y/N) never called Snart by his first name, unless (Y/N) was angry. “So help me, you make one more commit about them I am leaving. You have no right. Barry and Joe were the same way when we started dating.” (Y/N) said.

“Yes, ma’am.” Snart said. “I’m sorry about him.” (Y/N) said smiling to Crystal. “You said that might have had happened if grandpa didn’t die.” Crystal said. “Congrats on being pregnant with my father, though.” Crystal said causing (Y/N) to laugh.

(Y/N) looked at Snart, who seems to be out of it. “Can you guys give us a minute.” (Y/N) asked Barry, Bart, and Crystal. The three of them left as (Y/N) walked over to Snart. “I should have told you sooner but I was scared you would leave. I know you don’t want kids.” (Y/N) said.

“You should have because the past few months I had been thinking and I wanted to start a family with you.” Snart said before getting on one knee. “Will you marry me.” Snart asked (Y/N). “Yes.” (Y/N) said before Snart kissed her. (Y/N) heard clapping as she looked over to see Crystal and Bart.

“Congrats, we better get going before we get stuck.” Bart said picking Crystal up. “See you in 50 years.” Crystal said before in a blur, the both of them were gone.

50 years later

“Leonard, don’t be like that.” (Y/N) said as Snart helped (Y/N) to her seat in the church. “My enemy’s grandson.” Snart said. “Remember what happened 50 years ago.” (Y/N) said as Snart gave (Y/N) a nodded. “How can I. I asked my beloved to marry me.” Snart said before the music started. The two of them stood up to see Crystal being walked down the aisle with her father. Once Crystal got to her grandmother, she hugged (Y/N) and Snart.

“Thank you for everything.” Crystal said remembering what she did in the past. “You’re welcome.” (Y/N) said smiling before Snart rubbed (Y/N)’s back. “They grow up so fast.” (Y/N) whispered into Snart’s ear. “I know.” He said before kissing (Y/N) on the cheek.

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             Modern AU: Video Blogger Lafayette x Reader

Word count: 3210 (I got very carried away.)

Disclaimer: Google Translated


    A notification lit up your phone while dinging. Rolling over, you mentally smack yourself in the face as the time read ‘1:00 AM.’ Checking the notification, a “Youtube” logo took over the screen then followed by a black and white screen. 
        “Hello mes amours!” a stunning man appeared on screen. You fiddled with the volume so your roommates, Eliza, her boyfriend Alexander, and your freckled friend John Laurens, wouldn’t wake up. The video continued on after you pressed play. 
        “Exciting news! I get to go to America to visit mon meilleurs amis (my best friends)! Oui! Je suis très excité (I am very excited)!” the man beamed on, smiling a wide, toothy grin. “There is Eliza, elle est une femme très intelligente et merveilleux (She is a very intelligent and beautiful woman) and she is letting me stay with her so I don’t have to travel far from my two other friends Alexander and John!” You couldn’t decide if you were to grin or let your jaw go slack.
        “Is Lafayette, the man I’ve been talking to everyday since last year, talking about MY Eliza and MY John Laurens!? The grinning, French heart throb is going to be rooming with us!?” You unknowingly, let your jaw go slack. In the room next to yours, you hear a man verbally groan then slam his fists against the wall. 

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200 sqft apartment

desk and shoe rack are home made - utilizing leftover tile from a renovation my parents had done under the shoe rack and also under my desktop’s tower for ventilation - quilt was made by mother out of old band t-shirts - apparently, not pictured, is a directors chair to the right of my door, with a mat under it for wet shoes

place is so small, that my widest angle lens can only capture so much, i also get really poor light in here, which makes taking photos tough even with a tripod, and really limits my plant selection (good natural light will definitely be a top requirement for my next place)

most of the framed prints are hokusai - actually all - though there is also an art piece by a friend of mine in the kitchen, and some small 4x6 frames of photos of mine here and there

bed frame and end tables are zinus (cheap brand on amazon, but so far no major gripes for the price i paid). chair is ikea poang, since i’m broke there will be no herman miller in the foreseeable future. sheets and comforter are ll bean.

great wave triptych from amazon. took forever to get somewhat satisfied with how leveled it appears. everything always looks a little off due to the vaulted ceiling, anyway. light on headboard is ikea.

lots of pothos in here just because nothing else seems to survive in low light

murakami is my favorite author - figured i’d organized some of my nonfiction on japan and china down here as well. eames book just to remind me of what will one day be.

my kitchen isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing so this is the most you’ll see of it - old electric stove, small counter, small fridge - but it gets the job done. not really a great spot for a microwave, so i tried to hide it with the peace lily. there is also a crock pot and some beer hiding on the other side of it.

(NSFW) The Slow Burn - Akechi Mitsuhide x Self

 Author’s Note: After a long period of thought, I decided to post my very first Samurai Love Ballad NSFW piece. I have put in myself as the partner because I found it flowed more easily. Same goes for the other otome smut pieces I post in future. Hope it pleases anyone who reads it. Please reblog if you liked and if you got some feedback be polite. First fic in the SLBP fandom. 

The slow burn 

Game: Samurai Love Ballad Party 
Pairing: Akechi Mitsuhide x Self 
Rating: 90%  perving and 10% naughtiness  
Summary: I get up earlier than usual for my kitchen chores and stumble upon a rare sight: Lord Mitsuhide starting his morning routine unbeknownst to anyone. It is barely after the sun rose and no one is supposed to be up. what sight will grace my eyes? 


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So, while we are all going crazy about the upcoming (please don’t fail us Blizzard) LGBT character(s ?) in Overwatch and hoping that it will involve a cowboy and a grumpy samurai, I was thinking about a way they could introduce a romance in a Overwatch movie.

Because of course we would not have a 100% Mchanzo movie, miracles like this doesn’t happen, get realistic. If a movie is made, I think it will be about Soldier76 and Reaper and “you were my friend ! Stop being a villain please !” and “we have to save the world once again !”.

It would be great and awesome but WHAT IF, in the middle of this, they add little scenes in the background with Jesse and Hanzo slowly getting together ?

Like serious conversation between Jack and Winston in the base kitchen, talking about the world’s future etc, and behind them, we can see the dorks talking to each other, or while the camera focus on Jack walking around the base, he passes by Jesse while he’s smoking, then Hanzo passes by and Jesse simple follows him with his eyes. In a fight scene, screenshot with the entire team rising after an explosion/rough landing/whatever, and in the back, Hanzo lends a hand to Jesse to help him getting upright. And so on and so on until the end of the movie during the “we saved the world” party, because a movie like this always has this kind of end scene, and there’s this little moment with Lena, Lucio and Genji (or others) looking by the window with binoculars, and Jack is like “wtf kids ?” and they’re all “the cowboy finally made a move, they’re talking down there, I have 30 credits on this” and Jack is like “since when the two of them is a thing ????”. Then just after we have a talk with a lot of feels with Jack and Winston or Gabriel being a good guy again with a speech full of patriotism and “we’re home again, yeaaah we’re awesome” and then they’re surprised by a loud uproar of cheers coming from the trio and Genji shouting “Anijaaaaaaa I’m so proud of you !”.

Give me at least that please. That would be awesome.

XMEN Alex Summers, Sean Cassidy & Hank Mcoy


How you react when they leave to go to Charles Mansion:


“What do you mean, you’re leaving?” I asked, not letting my upset emotions come in my voice.

“I got this invitation to train, to protect others from myself” Alex shoved clothes into his bag.

Emotions attacked me left, right and center. I was upset, mad, confused all in one. I knew about Alex’s mutation, I was the only person he could trust with a secret like this. My presence calmed him alot.

“Y/N, I know this is hard for you” His voice shook, stopping his packing “It’s hard for me too, but it’s for the best”

I brushed my hair away from my eyes, refusing to meet Alex’s. He was my best friend, my person. He’s leaving now. I knew this was the right thing, this was for the better. This is helping him.

“Promise to call and text me, maybe let me visit” I finally let a simmer of emotion flow through my voice.

“Of course darling” Alex wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me tightly.

Sean Cassidy:

Sean walked in the door, making my attention go to him. He seemed distant and thinking about something. Sean didn’t even say hey. I got up, walking over to him rushed.

“What’s the matter Sean?” I asked.

“My powers” his fingers slightly touched his throat “are getting stronger and these two men offered free training for my mutation”

You were excited, matching Sean’s current emotion that was displayed on his face. I was a mutant too, but only the small one of changing the colour of things. I let out a small cheer.

“This is great Sean! Babe, everything’s going to get better” I clutched his hands excitedly.

“But I have to move out for a few weeks” His tone went dull.

That made my emotions go bad. But I tried to stay positive and happy for Sean, this will change his life.

“We better get packing then, shall we?” I asked.

Hank Mcoy:

“Y/N, get me my suitcase please” Hank politely yelled.

I got the black bag out of the cupboard for him, confused of why he needed it. His smile was larger than normal, his glasses on the kitchen bench.

“Head to bed and sleep, I’m going to pack then at dawn we’re driving off to a better future” Hank kissed my forehead.

“Why?” I asked, still confused.

“We are getting the chance to help other mutants Y/N, we could change the world. I’ll explain everything tomorrow” Hank laughed


This sucked I’m sorry

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Could we get more Keith and Hunk interactions after he kitchen incident please?

Hunk and alien!Keith is totally becoming my brotp I’ll probably draw like a lot more of this in the future

I'm Yours - Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)

Typical, I thought as I walked into the smoke filled room of the Jacks apartment. I had become friends with the Jacks, Sammy and Nate a few months ago after meeting them through mutual friends. We all got along so well, they were like the friends I knew I was meant to find. The boys all waved at me through the smokey haze, as I took a seat on the couch next to Nate.

As much as I hated when the guys smoked, it was impossible to not realize how sexy Nate looked when he smoked. I watched his every movement, they way he inhaled and exhaled as he did some smoke trick. I had a thing for Nate as soon as I laid my eyes on him. Just everything about him made me like him, the way he was so passionate about his music, his tattoos, the way his hair fell in his face, his dimples, the list could go on and on. I hadn’t said anything about my feelings, just because I didn’t want to mess anything up. For all I knew, he just looked at me as a friend. It’d be beyond awkward if I confessed my love for him, when he didn’t reciprocate the same feelings.

“ Hey lil mama” Nate said as he looked my way. I loved when he called me that, but I knew it was his generic nickname for every girl in his life. “Hey Nate!” I said feeling my cheeks flush, as I realized I was sitting practically on top of him. My eyes were now on Gilinsky taking a hit, but I swear I felt Nate’s eyes on me. It was so hard for me not to run my fingers up and down his thigh. I sighed at how lovely that would be.

“I’m getting some beers, Y/N want a soda?” Johnson asked his eyes red from the weed interrupting my thoughts about Nate. I loved that the guys didn’t pressure me into doing things that I didn’t want to do, like smoking and drinking. I didn’t want to do anything illegal to ruin my future and they respected that. “Sprite, please!” I said. Johnson went to get the drinks as Sammy announced he was going to dance. I loved these guys, they were all great and knew how to have fun. As we watched Sammy’s dancing fail, which Gilinsky was recording I could hear Johnson asking for help carrying the drinks.

I met Johnson in the kitchen where he was struggling. “Need a hand?” I asked. “Yes, thanks Y/N!” Johnson said handing me a couple drinks. As I was turning to walk out of the kitchen I felt Johnson’s hand on my shoulder. I turned to see him with a weird smile on his face. “ I need to ask… I’ve noticed some things over the past couple of months…” Johnson said. “Uh huh what did you notice?” I asked suddenly feeling nervous. “ You and Nate. It’s so obvious you have feelings for him, I see the way you look at him. We think the feelings mutual too by the looks of it. ” Johnson said smiling.

“What, who’s we?” I asked in disbelief that Nate could even like me back. I thought this was just some silly crush that I’d get over in a few months. “Me, Gilinsky and Sammy. We have a plan to get you guys together. I know both of you may think it could ruin your friendship, but you guys would be good together, you’d balance each other out.” Johnson said. I thought about what he was saying and I did think we’d be good together, but my opinion was biased. “Okay fine, work your magic.” I said leading us back to the room with the other guys.

“What took so long?” Sammy asked taking a beer from me.

“Y/N was giving me a blow job, ya know nothing serious.” Johnson said convincingly but obviously sarcastically, I noticed Nate tensing up and shooting Johnson the nastiest look. “You’re the last guy I’d suck off, okay.” I said rolling my eyes and giving Johnson a playful slap.

“So, who’d be the first you’d suck off?” Gilinsky asked, I found my eyes landing on Nate as I blushed. “Not answering that.” I said innocently. “Just tell us Y/N, we all know it’s me!” Sammy practically yelled.

As I was about or answer Nate cut me off “If she doesn’t want to answer, she doesn’t have to. Y/N can I talk to you quick?” he asked walking out of the room. I noticed the rest of the guys smirking and giving each other high fives, I was guessing this was part of their master plan.. a sucky one at that.

I walked down the hall where I saw Nate pacing around the kitchen, he looked so adorable in his SnapBack, tee and sweats. Even when he was dressed down, he still looked sexy as fuck.

“What’s up?” I asked nervously, feeling my palms become sweatier by the second.

“I’m just gonna come right out and say it… I like you Y/N, I want to explore a relationship other than our friendship. I’m scared this could ruin things between us, but I think you’re worth the risk. Every since I met you I’ve been feeling things, things I’ve never felt and it’s definitely more than friendship feelings.” Nate blurted out in one breath.

“What? You like me!?” I asked shocked at Nate’s confession.

“Shit, I knew I shouldn’t have said this, forget it Y/N.” Nate said blushing looking embarrassed, as he turned to walk away.

I grabbed his arm turning him back to me “Nate, I feel the same way. I was just to shy to say anything, because well I thought you just thought of me as a friend. I like you a lot, I like the way you respect my decision not to smoke or drink and that you don’t pressure me. You’re the sweetest guy I’ve met and I’m so glad that you’re in my life.” I confessed staring into Nate’s eyes.

“I’m glad too.” Nate whispered as he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss. The kiss lasted a mere minute, but in that minute it felt like all was right in the world. As we broke apart, I gazed at Nate’s face which had a giant smile plastered on it complete with his famous dimples.

The sweet moment was interrupted by Jack, Johnson and Sammy who were applauding at our kiss. “Guys, really?” I whined burying my face in Nate’s shirt.

“That was adorable! I knew Nate was gonna man up once we started a conversation about Y/N giving other guys blow jobs.” Jack chuckled.

“Not cool, bro.” Nate said smirking.

“Come on guys, let’s give these love birds time to be even more adorable.” Sammy said winking at Nate.

When the guys left, I looked up at Nate who was already looking down at me.

“You’re mine.” he whispered.

“I’m yours.” I whispered back leaning up to kiss his soft lips.

A/N: To the anon who requested, I hope you like it! I enjoyed writing it :)


Tenno no Ryoriban Interview:
 Kiritani Kenta as Matsui Shintaro

Impression after Reading the Script

I found it interesting. All environment is definitely different between modern drama and the drama in Meiji~Taisho Era. I thought it is interesting to express those who lived common lives. People in those days lived closely to each other and it was quit e hard to move unless they had strong feelings and thought, you know. It took long to get anywhere, and when they felt lonely, they must have felt lonelier than we feel now, I think. We have cell phones now, but they had no means of communication.
In that sense, I hope to play people in those days as well as I can.
My role, Matsui Shintaro, is a little different from the roles I’ve ever played, and a really free character, regardless of anything else, just like a cloud floating in the sky, so I felt interesting in playing this role.

How about Atmosphere at the Shooting Site?

Very good!

The scenes with (Sato) Takeru are the most in number, but I’ve known Takeru for a long time and we’re old and tried friends. So I hope to show the relationship between Shintaro and Tokuzo naturally.
Even if we’ve been good friends for a long time, it is long time since we acted together last time. Tokuzo, Takeru is playing, is also a little different from the roles he has played, so it must be a challenge for him, I suppose.
But when I see him actually acting, he is really Tokuzo … and makes me want to support him. It shows a link between Shintaro’s feelings and mine there, I guess.
I’m co-starring with (Enomoto) Tasuku. Tatsukichi, he’s playing, is doing his best in everything hard and seriously, but as far as talent is concerned, he is inferior to Tokuzo, and it makes him get jealous of Tokuzo … even though he didn’t want to deep inside, I suppose. It is not impossible for me to understand how he felt when he got carried away with a small event.
Tatsukichi is a different kind of person from Tokuzo, but he will find his own way to find his course, I think.

How about Cooking Practice?

I did just a little. But Shintaro has been a dishwasher … probably he will continue to be a dishwasher forever. (lol)
Only once, I used a kitchen knife when Tokuzo and Araki had a quarrel. But even in that scene, it is more suitable for Shintaro to be inexperienced, so I thought again that it would be better to show that he has not used a kitchen knife so often, and I stopped practicing using it. (lol)

Actually, he doesn’t want to be a cook?

Shintaro draws pictures, so I quit practicing cooking, but I’ve been practicing drawing.
In the shooting, I’m adding lines to the drawing by the instructor, but the way of adding lines must be natural. In fact, I like drawing, so I practiced at home, too.
After a lot of practice, I learned to know, ‘I can’t draw a line like this ~’. When I expressed my eyes while drawing and how to look at his drawing in my own way, the instructor said to me, ‘It was natural’, so I think I’ve got some results.

The Point to Take Care in Playing Shintaro

To relax. Anyway, he is a totally relaxed guy. (lol)
And he has some flexibility regardless of anything else. That’s why he is a strong person, I guess.
But he is non-offensive, or I should say, he makes others laugh despite themselves, instead of making others think, ‘How annoying!’ … I hope to express such an atmosphere.
On the other hand, I don’t have a sense to avoid all the offensiveness. If I exist as fluffy Shintaro, just unconsciously, relaxed, I’ll able to become Shintaro, I think.

What Expresses Shintaro

I wonder it is because he was born in a red-light district, and brought up surrounded by the prostitutes there, he has gentle manners.
I talked with Producer Ishimaru, ‘(Shintaro’s) costume is important’. He said colored clothes might suit Shintaro, so I’m wearing kinagashi (informal kimono).
He has such an artistic temperament that he can wear that kind of clothes stylishly. I’m not sure if he will be successful in the future, but his costume shows his elusive character, I think.

High-Lights to Be Shown

Please look forward to seeing how Tokuzo will come to work as an apprentice in the kitchen of Kazoku-Kaikan, and how he will rise in the world … but at the same time, great difficulties will be waiting for him. So the high-light is how he will get them over, supported by those around him.
My role as Shintaro is … basically always elusive … (lol), I’ll leave Shintaro’s future unsaid. What kind of human will Shintaro become? How will he be related to Tokuzo? … Please wait and see in ‘Tenno no Ryoriban’!

bucky's trying but it's hard

He still felt like he needed to sneak around, sometimes. He knew his presence was expected, even welcomed but he still hesitated in front of Steve’s apartment, metal arm tensing as he stared at the front door. He’d only gone for a jog; physical activity helped clear his mind and he waved off Steve’s concern. It was easy to avoid other people, crowds, the crush of the city. Bucky jogged in a nearby park, nearly abandoned, with winding trails knotted with tree roots and holes and sharp rocks. He ran too fast for the terrain, risking injury, but it had helped; the voice in the back of his mind - finish the missionmissionsmission - quieted.

But he couldn’t shake the feeling of not belonging and so he stood at the front door, jaw set, flesh and metal hands both curling into fists. After a moment, he shook his head abruptly and pushed the door open, walking inside the apartment and heading to the living room.

Steve sat on the sofa, head tilted back, quietly snoring, a sketchbook on his lap and a pencil dangling from his limp hand. Despite himself, Bucky huffed, a small smirk pulling at his mouth. With the way Steve had fretted like an old housewife, Bucky was surprised to see him sleeping. Surprised, but pleased. He didn’t want Steve worrying over him. He didn’t deserve that.

Bucky made to turn away but Steve’s drawing caught his eye and he moved closer, closer than he’d been to Steve since he first came back. They maintained a weary sort of distance from each other, one that Bucky appreciated (what if HYDRA could control him, even know?) and resented (he could remember them being closer, could feel himself gravitate towards Steve like a moth to a flame). Standing over Steve, Bucky tilted his head to look at the image. His eyes widened and his lips parted.

It was a picture of him. It was sketchy and somewhat awkward, as if Steve hadn’t picked up a pencil in a while, but it was undoubtedly Bucky. His eyes were cast downward and he was smiling - had he made that expression recently? - long hair tucked back in a ponytail. That was true to life, at least. The face was too soft, however, and Bucky realized that despite the long hair and the arm, he was looking at a figment of the past. Or maybe a hope for the future. Brow furrowing, Bucky stared for a moment longer, committing the image to memory, before Steve started to rouse. Slipping away, Bucky went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, pretending not to notice as Steve closed the sketchbook and set it aside.

“Hey, how was the run?” Steve asked, voice rough with sleep and Bucky turned to him, resting his elbows back on the counter.

“Fine. Cleared my head.”

Steve nodded, trying hard not to look too pleased about that. “Great! Hey, Sam wants to get together tonight, maybe go get dinner somewhere. Are you up for that?”

Bucky hesitated for a moment before glancing down at Steve, letting the corners of his mouth tilt up like in the sketch. “Yeah. Yeah, that’d be good.” The stunned expression on Steve’s face told him he did a good job and Bucky straightened up. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Steve blinked a couple of times. “Yeah. Yeah…that’s…okay.”
Bucky went to the bathroom and closed the door before staring at himself in the mirror. He thought about Steve’s expression and slowly he started to grin, like the one he’d seen himself do in the Smithsonian exhibit. For the first time, Bucky felt like maybe he might eventually belong in Steve’s new world.