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Conflict of Interest (AKA the snapshots fic)


Kurt wasn’t sure when it happened (probably around the same time that he and Pietro were grouped together for an in-class geography project) but Kurt started to notice Pietro.

Okay, not like that. He started to notice things about Pietro. In anyone else, he likely would have let it slide, wouldn’t have thought twice about the little tics he noticed. Except…

They were familiar.

Except Kurt had incredibly similar habits.

Except this was Pietro Maximoff, and from experience, Kurt knew that Pietro didn’t do anything without three separate underlying motives.

And it was always a good idea to understand the enemy, right?


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BTS reaction to their GF being scared of roller coasters and heights in general

Anonymous said :

Could you do a bts reaction to their S/O being terrified of heights and refuses to go to amusement parks such ad Six Flags to ride any Rollercoaster or anything that is super high of the ground?

Hey lovely~ thanks for requesting ! sorry we were late but we had few exams to deal with ,this is your requested reactions and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

Originally posted by taejinmin

I think Jin would find it cute ,especially when you held his arm tight when you both walked near the Ali Baba game. He would giggle and just say “Jagi !! …it’s not that scary ..come on let me proof it !”  …and when he walked just one step toward it you held his arm even tighter and made those puppy eyes ..his heart melted at those cute behaviors and just  obeyed you and went anywhere else .

Suga :

Originally posted by pjkook

Although Suga likes to go on these games but he won’t go up by himself ,he would like to share an experience like this with you he would node when you told him “I won’t get on this death game ! “ and buy you some ice cream when you both would set together on the grass and stare at that “death game” ….

“you know ? ..someday I’ll drag you up there to have fun watching you scared” he would tease you .

“ in the afterlife Yoongi the afterlife “ .

Rap Monster :

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

This intelligent would turn the evening into a  philosophical lesson . When he told you he wanted to watch the sunset from the mountain top ,you would simply say no he would start his talk and start reviewing some lines from books he read .

“you know that a Greek philosopher once said: You won’t be able to feel that you are alive until you face death” he would say between his words .

“thanks Joonie ,but I’m not planning to face death tonight on a mountain top ..”

J-hope :

Originally posted by hobilu

{just ignore the caption ><}

This scary puppy would share with you this fear ,when you both stood in front of that huge roller coaster he would say “I will never go on that “ pouting and feeling super scared ,”as if I will !!” you would reply after the trolley dashed fast in front of your eyes ,”cotton candy ?” he would say as you both stood like standers at the middle of the crowd staring at it ,”sounds better ..” and you both would make your way away after just enjoying two games ,the  Wipeout and The Lazy River! .

Jimin :

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

He won’t complain ,although he gets scared from those games but he would have fun riding them ! when you told him that you are afraid from heights he would go like “really ? ..that’s bad ..but there’re millions of games different from this ,let’s try them !” ..he would feel upset a little bit because he went to the amusement park and didn’t ride a roller coaster but he won’t show you ,yet the other simpler rides would make him forget it and just make memories with you !

V :

Originally posted by beatriceindre

He would beg you millions and millions of times when you told him in the car that you won’t get on scary games when you arrive ,he would say “ohh come on ,it’s an amusement park ! it’s to get terrified not just scared  ..please just the  Evolution game ..please …just it!!” he would do some aigoo and you would simply disagree “never TaeTae ..never in a million years !” …this excited boy would spend the whole trip just trying to convince you to go on that game ,when you would get bored at the end and say “Kim taehyung ! ..I have never got on that thing and I will never go on it too ,so go by yourself and I’ll wait for you down here on the safe ground ,okay ?” …and he won’t refuse but feel upset and go on it !

Jungkook :

Originally posted by jeonbase

When you both decided to go to the Dead Sea in Jordan to spend your anniversary and got on that high mountain then saw the slope ,you would start sweating and get tongue tied  ,when he would notice ,he would start teasing you “ohhh so you ARE scared huh ?” you wouldn’t answer ,so he would stop the car, get out and get near the edge ..there you would start screaming “JEON JUNGKOOK !!!…THIS EDGE WOULD BETRAY YOU !! STEP BACK!!” …but he would never listen ..but keep teasing you .However ,he would in one way or another get you out of the car and set next to you near the edge wouldn’t have the courage to even look around ,just bury your face in his neck which he would find it even more adorable , and then he would convince you to watch the sunset from that mountain which would make the perfect time for an anniversary kiss !

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