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In this shadow work challenge, we will be exploring our past and delving into some of the core experiences that have helped create and reinforce our shadows. Please keep in mind that shadow work is a highly individual process and there is simply no way I could ever devise any sort of curriculum that yields impeccable results for everyone. It is up to you to give this challenge true substance. This is not a set of step-by-step instructions or specified exercises, but a collection of interrelated subjects that form a generic basis for shadow work that you will [hopefully] be able to build off of. 

The prompts included were designed to be responded to in one (or all) of the following ways: journaling, creative expression, or tarot reading. I recommend journaling and/or creative expression as the basis with tarot as a supplement, but it can serve as a stand alone tarot evaluation as well (which is why I created this Tree of Life Spread). Whatever works for you, go for it! This challenge is only meant to get your mind reeling, and as you will see it’s pretty cut and dry, so I encourage you to use it as you please– get creative and allow it to evolve as you go. 

If you feel comfortable doing so, please share your work and tag “january shadow work challenge”. I for one would love to see it, and I’m sure those who are trying to get their foot in the door with shadow work would appreciate some reference material. In any case, I thank all for participating and as always I welcome public or private feedback! 

(P.S. I did not get to work on/edit this as thoroughly as I would have liked, so please forgive me for any errors or sloppy writing in general! Also, feel free to shoot me an ask if you have any questions. Best Wishes and Happy New Year!)

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Some prompts I made up for amazing writers to use:

“Would you bleed for me?” She sauntered over to him on her hands and knees, resting herself in between his legs with her head tilted upwards, “Lick it off my lips like you needed me?”
“Forgive me father for I have sinned.”
“I’m a Christian, yet my mind is telling me to force you on your knees.”
“I’m sorry, She’s just a little…tied up.”
“Smite me, King.”
“Mind over matter.”
“You’re a child and I resent your very existence.. but I love you all the same.”
“Water the plants so they won’t ever die; because that’s the only love still alive.”
“Playing with fire will get you burned, but maybe I like the burning sensation?”
“You don’t know me but I’m your neighbor.”
“Smoking is bad, but so are you.”
“Baby, names aren’t important right now.”
“Did you just raise the stakes? Fuck. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of losing everything.”
“Tequila and Vegas aren’t a good mix.”
“How’d you get stuck in my window?”
“Not a minx but a cougar.”
“Where’s your dignity and respect?”
“If you want me. You’re gonna have to earn me.”
“You put God first, but I put myself first.”
“Stop! You snore like a grizzly bear with asthma, hibernating.”
“You made me hate my own reflection.”
“Cheesy pickup lines will get you nowhere.”
“Are you- Why? You’re ass naked in my kitchen holding a spatula?”
“I can give you a ride, but it won’t be in a car.”
“40s the new 20.”
“Heartfelt apologies that mean shit.”
“You can only say sorry for so long before it becomes the same damn song.”
“I wanna scream ‘I love you’ from the top of my lungs but I’m afraid someone else will hear me.”
“Yell it from the rooftop down!”
“I told myself I won’t miss you, but I was only fooling myself.”
“Ashes to ashes; dust to dust.”
“You reap what you sow.”
“Not even the tenth layer of hell can rectify the shit you’ve done.”
“Mistakes are made once or twice, not every day.”
“I seen you spike my drink so I switched your glass with mine. Karma, bitch.”
“When the water runs dry, who’s gonna wet those lips?”
“You chipped my tooth and I gave you a black eye. Is this love at first sight?”
“My reflexes re bad, I’m sorry!”
“You can tell me to leave, but I’m stubborn as hell, so I’m not going anywhere.”
“Sex cannot fix the broken-hearted or the damned.”
“Two-faced? Have you taken a look into the mirror lately?”
“You call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing.”
“Scream in my face. Drag me by my hair. Degrade me to filth. I love it!”
“You can’t run from your troubles, but I know you’re gonna be the little bitch and try.”
“I’m so angry at you and myself, And I locked my keys inside my car.”
“I’m not a fish! You can’t just reel me in.”
“Cats have nine lives, supposedly. Fuck with me and you’ll have none!”
“You pushed me off a six foot ladder and nearly ended my career, sweetheart. I can’t wait to watch you suffer.”
“Sex is your remedy, not mine.”
“I know you heard about the blood knife; my daddy’s perfect virgin and my mothers wife.”
“Goodnight, Sweet Prince.”
“Barbie had Ken, but I have you.”
“Go home, You’re drunk and you smell like sex.”
“I’m bleeding from an unknown source and I asked for chocolate but you gave me white chocolate.”
“Teach me how to stop loving you like you did me.”
“Are my letters going through?”
“It’s late at night and you’re on my laptop, what the hell are you doing?”
“You spend more money than a Kardashian.”
“Size doesn’t matter, but I’m angry at you so now it does.”
“Did you just vomit on my limited edition Jay’s?”
“Some float and some drown.”
“I see you outside my house but I’m skyping you. What the hell is going on?”
“A little birdie told me a secret about you. Wanna hear?”
“You called me a weak link so I broke your gaming system . Who’s the weakest link now?”
“Your gambling put us in debt! Either get help or I’m leaving and never coming back.”
“Home? This isn’t a home!”
“Searching for something that I can’t reach.”
“I don’t like em’ innocent.”
“You were the puppeteer but the tables have turned.”
“Packing up your things made everything so much more real.”
“If I asked you to leave, would you?”
“I love it when you treat me like the filthy whore I am.”
“You’re lying and I know you’re lying, because your eyes deceive you.”
“You fucked up and this time you can’t right your wrong.”
“Don’t blink. Don’t smile. Don’t move a muscle. You’re my doll.”
“You say I’m too young, but know you more than anyone, including your own damn self!”
“Reject me. I need to feel some pain.”
“Loving you is suicide, but maybe that’s how I want to die.”
“For a split second I thought you were going to kiss me, but you simply threatened me.”
“I’ll never end up like him, behind my back I already am.”
“Line em’ up and I’ll knock em’ all down.”
“Money is the root of all evil, but I’m staring into the eyes of satan himself.”
She was sweet until she slipped herself into high heels. Now she’s the devil in heels.“
"Go big or go home. And by the looks of it, I think you should go home.”
“I woke up to pebbles being thrown at my window.”
“Hit me like a man and love me like a woman.”
“My blood runs cold when you step into the room.”
“How drunk was I and why is your face tattooed on my ass cheek?”
“You hid my body but your conscious weighs down on you.”
“I wish you would’ve stabbed me in the heart, because my back is sore from all the knives.”
“Make me!”
“I’m gonna say what sober couldn’t say!”
“I usually have no regrets, but I think you’re my first one.”

Credit is appreciated but not mandatory.

27 Dresses (Epilogue)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – Fluff!!

Word Count – 1,516

Notes –   So, the ladies at @stories-from-stark-tower extended the deadline for the Movie Challenge indefinitely, so I decided I needed some more closure with this fic.  Also, I feel really guilty for the way I wrote Nat.  I kinda wish I’d left Tess as her sister and worked Nat in somewhere else!  So, with that being said, this part is for Nat, please forgive me, my beautiful Russian Doll!!!  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!”

*Special tag: @stories-from-stark-tower

Part 1  

Series Masterlist


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You waited for Bucky to stop talking before you grabbed his shirt and pulled him toward you.  His shock wore off quickly as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him.  You poured all of your emotions into that kiss, but you knew it wouldn’t be enough.

You reluctantly pushed yourself away from him, moving away just enough to look into his eyes.  “I love you, Bucky.”

“I kinda like it when you call me James,” he teased as you halfheartedly smacked his arm.  “I’m kidding!  I’m kidding! Seriously, though, I love you too, (Y/N).”

Bucky swept you into his arms, his lips finding yours again as he carried you toward his bedroom.


1 Year Later

You sat on the slightly uncomfortable settee in Vandall’s as you waited for Nat to come out of the dressing room.

“What’s taking her so long?” Sharon whined from her seat beside you, boredom causing her to fidget in her seat. “Wasn’t she able to change clothes in like 10 seconds when she was a model?”

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Sam x Reader

This is an Anon request from the drabble request list. #1:  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” Requested it be Sam. 

This is so much fun! If you want to request a drabble, here is the LIST!

It was actually a hunt you were looking forward to. A Demon parading around as a rich business man, hosting Gala after Gala. Each time a person would end up dead, at least a couple of miles away. Of course they had all been female, and both Sam and Dean decided you would have to dress up and attend, preferably on the arm of Sam, your boyfriend. 

That had forced a shopping trip, and now you were here, back at the motel, locked in the bathroom as you got ready for the evening. Making sure your make up was on point, you had curled your hair, wearing it up with some trendils hanging down. Slipping the dress over your shoulders, you smoothed it down, checking it in the mirror. It hugged in all the right places, giving your cleavage a boost while making your waist much smaller than usual. The skirt was short, much shorter than you normally wore, but it showed off your newly tanned legs, and you loved how they looked. Wearing ballet flats instead of heels, you thought you were rocking the outfit. It was fun, actually getting a chance to dress up, which didn’t happen very much at all.

Stepping out into the main room, you quickly realized that Dean had already left, Sam was already in his borrowed tux, looking extremely handsome. “Wow Sam, you clean up nice.” You said, surprising him. Turning quickly, you watched as he swallowed thickly, his eyes traveling up and down your body.

“You look…Well…” He stuttered. “Should the dress be that short?”

Raising an eyebrow at him, you felt a little hurt. Instead of complimenting you like you had expected, all he could comment on was the length of your dress.  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” You responded curtly, reaching over and grabbing your purse.With a stony face, you walked to the door, not even turning to make sure Sam was following along.

“Y/N, I….” Sam started, but a glare from you had him stopping. Silently, the two of you rode to the golf course where the Gala was being held. As soon as you exited the car, you brushed past the Valet, Sam close behind you. Reaching over to take your elbow, you jerked it away from him.

“Y/N, I know you’re mad at something I did, but please. We need to work together on this case. It isn’t smart to go off on our own.” He tried talking to you, but you were still frustrated and hurt, and you turned on him.

“Oh, so now I’m dressed sluttly and am stupid? Maybe you should find another girlfriend then. One who doesn’t try to make the case work anyway she knows how. And that includes dressing to get the eye of the guy in question.”

Without another word you strode away, heading straight for the bar. Ordering a shot of whiskey, you were about ready to drink it when a man’s voice stopped you. “I saw you were having issues with your escort. Maybe I can help you?”

Glancing over your shoulder, you saw the man in question staring down into your cleavage. Trying not to get creeped out, you smiled at the man. “Yeah, he doesn’t like my dress.”

“What’s not to like?” The man, or Demon, said, using it as an excuse to rake his gaze over you. “It fits you perfectly, showcasing the beautiful legs and bust tthat deserves a man’s attention.”

Wanting to reach over and slap him, you were stopped when Sam came over, his face furious. “Back up man. You lost this sweet little thing.” The Demon growled, but without a word, Sam pressed himself up to the man, and you watched as he slammed the knife into the Demon’s back.

“Sam!” You exclaimed. “We’re in public!”

“No one is looking this way. Dean created a diversion. Now let’s go!” He told you, leaving the Demon leaning against the bar as the two of you raced out of the nearest exit. Before you could turn to meet up with Dean, Sam grabbed your arm.

“Y/N, I’m sorry about earlier. I wasn’t thinking. I just saw you looking gorgeous in that dress, and I hated the fact that it was just for the Demon’s Gala, and not for me. Please forgive me?” He pleaded, using his puppy dog eye trick.

“Fine, I forgive you. But you should still have to make it up for me.” You said, and he nodded.

“Anything!” He answered. “Oh, and Y/N? Keep the dress. It’s meant to grace your beautiful body.”

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some doodles from tonight of @oztrichbunz‘s precious water-themed Genos who I’m absolutely going to draw more of in the futureヽ(´ヮ´)ノ

@anjelzjelly129 I’ve fallen in love with your drawings of Genos with an undercut and I used that concept here except with a ponytail (which I am,, very bad at drawing,,,, I have almost never drawn hair pulled back uughhguh)
now that the artblock is gone, the laptop is fixed, and I’m no longer sick (surprise, I had a 48 hour flu) I can FINALLY DO THINGS AGAIN


Build Your City - Realistic Window Walls Mega Pack

I’ve been meaning to do this for such a long time now, since there seemed to be something wrong with my old version of these walls, and today I finally came round to re-do them and create new files. Yay!

What you’ll be getting:

  • 2 package files
  • one with 48 swatches
  • one with 29 swatches
  • contains previously published swatches + a bunch of new ones

additional information: I had to do 2 package files due to different UV-Scale numbers of the images in S4S. Package #2  (29 swatches) is not entirely perfect, as it contains one swatch where the texture somehow went missing (a question mark will appear there) and one doubled swatch, so it’s technically 31 in total. I hope you can forgive me this little mistake! Also note that you can replace the old files you have of these walls in your folders now. - However, the new files won’t override these automatically, so if you’ve used them, you need to place the wallpaper again.


Download Part 1 (48 swatches)

Download Part 2 (29 swatches)


If you use them:

  • please credit/tag me in your posts (#carlinvauses)
  • don’t claim as your own
  • and as always, if there should still be any problems, please message me and I’ll try my very best to help! ♥

and last but not least, thank you to @blackmojitos & @savage-sims for these kick-ass preview pictures! :*

trash-gh0ul  asked:

☭ Warden Niall vs Nightmare Soilleag? >:3

((Oh Mother Tree you are evil… hahaha!! <3 ))


Battle Theme:
Battle intro: “… How could it be this way?”
Victory: “I’m sorry, Soilleag–I’m so sorry.”
Defeat: “Please, finish it. I can’t–”
Taunt: “I know you must still be in there!”
Reacting to Taunt: “Stop this!”
Tie: “Who are you?!”
Perfect Victory : “I… just leave me here, with her. Just a moment.”
Final Finisher : Do not force my hand!!


Assist : “Forgive me, Mother.”
Your character down during Assist : “I cannot let it end this way–Soilleag! LISTEN to me!”
Using item : “I cannot bear this pain–”
Healing/Buffing : “No matter what happens–she must be stopped.”
Tag Team Special : “I promise you, no one will grant you mercy!”


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A/N: Boom.-erang. Panties/boxers/breifs/thongs off! Let’s have some fun! JUST KIDDING, this is mostly SFW, the NSFW is implied like in innuendos, and just words like “sex” is mentioned and stuff! Hope you guys liked it! Probably not my best work of art, but I thought it’d be fun to write that HC anyway! Also for some reason it wont let me un-italicize all of this so….whoops! 

I’m tagging @jxbilationlee​ once again, guess that’ll be a constant Digger Harkness imagine addition. Also I’m tired so please forgive me if you see any more errors. Also…also…

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alfy battle quotes

(tagged by @shroud-of-sinners tyyyy )

Battle Theme:  Blu-Bird
Battle intro:
“If…If I must…”
“It’s alright…I d-deserve this…”
“Y-You shouldn’t h-hurt me…f-for your own sake.”
Reacting to Taunt: 
“…p-please stop.”
Tie: “Y-You’ll…leave me alone n-now, r-right?”
Perfect Victory: 
“Y-You left me no choice…!”
Final Finisher:
“…I-I’ll try my best.”
Your muse down during Assist:
“P-Please forgive me…”
Using item:
“Oh d-dear…it was here s-somewhere…”
“P-Please, you m-musn’t strain yourself…!”
Tag Team Special: “T-Together, now…!”

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Okay, I love ALL of the cc creators.. BUT, I just want to let the POSE creators know, that you guys ROCK!! You have made this game a lot more fun and interesting to play.. I am sure that all of our fellow storytellers can agree. I just want to show you guys some appreciation.. I love you ALL, and I really want to thank you for all of your hard work and willingness to share these gifts with us.. So, I guess that is it..  Tag your favorite pose creators to show some  love and appreciation. <3   

There are so many of you out there, I tagged the ones that I remembered.  Please forgive me for the ones I didn’t mention.. I love you all, lol..<3

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Can I just say that it means THE WORLD to me when I see consistent bloggers reblogging/liking my meta/gifs—especially when I contribute to thebellarkes. As someone who suffers from depression, anxiety, and ADD, I can tell you that I spend like 90% of my time second-guessing myself, getting distracted, and rewording sentences until they no longer make sense anymore, and yet to see your support is so uplifting to me and makes the struggle to create all worth it.

I know I’m not perfect and I know that some of you misunderstand what I write (which makes sense, the internet isn’t the perfect vehicle for communication), but to those of you who are kind and supportive, THANK YOU. Let me tell you, it is hard to post meta in such a gifted fandom. I often compare myself to people who are much more brilliant and talented than I am and to get your support still means everything—ESPECIALLY when these last few months have been really hard for me just to get out of bed in the morning and try to salvage my grades.

 I used to be an “A” student but it’s been a rough year of depression for me, not gonna lie. And if anyone has been waiting on a response from me, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t take that personally. The second half of this year I’ve been constantly feeling like I can barely reblog, let alone post a meta once in a blue moon so please forgive me for not responding right away. I promise that I have your messages in the back of my mind, always. I love you guys and keep on bellarking. :) 

I’m gonna tag some people who I’ve seen supporting me a ton. If I missed your name, PLEASE forgive me. As I said, my brain has turned into playdough these last few months… @autumnkru @rebellark @abazethe100 @rosymamacita @forgivenessishardforus @bisexualbellclarke @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @magicalice @kcismyreligion @insideimfeelinpurrdy @bellarke-stydia @sithkylor @inabroomcloset @reytheblakes @velvet-tread @bellarkestories @bellarkesfirstkiss @ginalou16 @jane-doe07 @eskimo-whispers @whoaitscasey @100yearsofbellarke @siriusblaxs @bobsfluffyhair @wellamyblake @bellemyblaked @rashaka @junebugninja @caramelkru @argentsxarrow @platoniceyefucking @bellaarke @bobmorleyz @fine-feathered-fiend @broodybellamys @theninjabooknerd @bellamybb @gershwinn @cameosis-is @cupcakeblake @sarahkomskaikru @clarkesfreckledking @bellamyshope @totallyobsessedwiththe100 @just-fandom-obsessed @bellarkeforlifelove @salvester @haleyhopeg @mummax3 @blyedeeks @hisstericallypawesomesleepurr @adamantinesky @tetsu-girl @goldenheadfreckledheart @iheartcaskett @head-and-heart

 and if I missed anyone who’s been supportive, PLEASE don’t think your support means any less to me. <3 

So, I just want to explain some things so maybe you understand asexuality a little more. 

So, we use the split attraction model because to us, there is a clear difference between  romantic and sexual attraction. Imagine being with a partner for two years. Two years they patiently wait to have sex with you. But when it comes to it, you realize you don’t want to. You want to hold there hand and cuddle and go on dates, but sex isn’t something you want. You have two choices, consent to sex under pressure (which is the equivalent of rape. but its not something we can seek help for) or you tell your partner and they leave you. This actually happened to me. It’s not on the same level as being beaten for who you love. but when partner after partner leave you because you don’t want sex. You feel broken and its a little more tempting just to suffer through it (rape) to feel wanted and normal. That is asexual.                

When you come out to your parents, they tell you thats not real. Your grandparents keep asking you when you are going to meet a nice boy and settle down. You say never. And they say, you just have to find the right guy. even after four years out of the closet. After hearing it again and again, you start to wonder if youre lying. Maybe you are just a prude and need to get out there but the idea of going on dates repulses you, you don’t like being touched but your date wants to hold your hand  so you do. but the entire time you feel uncomfortable. You want to run away and you wonder whats wrong with you. later that night you cry for hours because you just want to feel normal but you dont. You want to label yourself as aromantic but everyone keeps telling you thats not real. You wonder if youre real and you feel so numb because you are so trapped. That is being aromantic.

Now to get even more confusing. ill tell you about demisexual. Imagine youre in your first relationship. You took years getting to know this person. They are your best friend. You date for a while and youre sexually attracted to them and everything seems normal. You grow apart and break up. they were great but it wasn’t meant to be. Sometime later, you meet a boy who makes you laugh, who you can have deep conversations into  the night with. You start to date and you fall deeply in love with him. You talk about everything. And he knows you’re not a virgin. He wants to have sex eventually. You put it off again and again. You don’t know why. you love him so much. eventually he realizes you are putting it off. he asks you about it and you say you don’t want to. And he’s mad. from his perspective, you’ve been lying to him. you don’t love him. because without sex, there is no love. You can’t say you are asexual because you’ve had sexual attraction before. he thinks youre lying to him. he thinks you are still hung up on your last boyfriend. but youre not, you love this boy in from of you so much. you want to marry him and love him forever. but you cant, not the way he wants you too. and you feel guilty because you didnt know this. sexual attraction has happened before but not when it matters. and youre afraid because if you don’t, he’ll leave you. You can’t, so he does leave you. You feel so broken.

When we say “allosexual privilege”, we mean you will never have to differentiate between romantic and sexual attraction. You have a clear identity and we want that. Even if it might get you killed, you can go to a gay bar and find someone who will love you the way you want them to. We just never know if someone will ever love us. You have a clear coherent identity that doesn’t take and essay to explain. You can say that you do or might experience the same amount of discrimination. Many of us don’t its true. But we support you. We want to be open and loving so you have one more community building you up. But in the still we feel like shit. Broken and alone. Because even if we supported lgbt people, it still wasn’t our place. Privilege isnt probably the right word but we still just felt out of place and broken.

Until finally, david jay starts the A is for Asexual campaign. Sure he was a shitty homophobic person but he broke the silence for the a-spec community. he told us it was totally normal. he told us of people in successful relationships that weren’t based around sex and put into motion something that finally gave us the words to explain our feelings. it was muddy and incoherent but it was ours.  Can you really blame us for following him? Unlike the Lgbt community, the ace community welcomed anyone of any level of questioning or confusion or oppression on a-spec or lgbt even if it changed or was fluid. Slowly we became associated with the lgbt community because we deviated from the heteronormative narrative. the reluctance was mutual but it happened because we do have a lot in common. I didn’t want to be associated with the lgbt community at first because i felt like i was butting in. it was actually my gay/trans friends who convinced me it was safe to call myself lgbtqia+ and that i could reclaim the q slur. slowly your safe spaces became our safe spaces. and we began to accept that gay bars and pride could be for us too. and we were so grateful. besides a few people, we were welcome somewhere.  We are so new as a community, we don’t have enough visibility to create our own spaces. we are trying but we didnt have people like the people at stonewall to start this for us. we’re the ones who have to fight for it. So we were just grateful that the lgbt community let us in. you were a refuge for when we were tired because no matter how we loved, we were there for each other

then orlando happened. And we were afraid. lgbt spaces have been our go to places to find people like us. and we were afraid of being caught in the crossfire of a battle on a community that was there for us when no one else was. we hurt for you and we want to protect you. We shouldn’t have put “Stop killing us” on our flag but in our eyes, we were dying too. It could have been me visiting a gay bar presenting as male for the first time. Orlando happened and I felt scared to enter spaces that i thought were safe and i thought, it could have been me. please forgive us. we were a mess after orlando too. scared and hurt and not thinking about how our words were butting in to your pain.

When orlando happened, ace discourse flooded the asexual and ace tags. People mad about us making the mistake of claiming the same level of institutional violence that the lgbt face everyday. we do experience some sure, but to claim that we face the same amount or more is just ignorant. But still the ace discourse was full our worst fears. it said we were straight. That we could be straight and itd be healthy for us. You told us that our labels weren’t real or necessary. But for most of us they were something we clung to everyday just to feel normal. And our biggest fear was that we werent actually welcome in the lgbt community either. Not straight, not lgbt, just broken. Whether or not that is true, I honestly dont know. but you were our mentors and hearing the hate made it feel like we lost you too. we were hurt so we reacted in anger. we felt betrayed. 

I’m personally panromantic asexual and nonbinary. So regardless, I’m passing in both communities. but its also worse. Reading the ace discourse makes me feel like my identity is being torn in two. My sexuality, once cohesive and whole is broken once more and it kills me.

Gryles Shippers, I need your help.

Being a Harry/Louis tinhatter, I can’t say that I have ever ventured into your side of the fandom. Please forgive me taking up space in your tag for a moment, because I desperately need your help.

One of your own, a young girl called Jasmine (formerly of the url “grylesbuttysex”) is absolutely intent on stealing several of my Harry/Louis fics and rewriting them to be Harry/Nick.

These fics (collectively known as the ‘2012 'verse’) make up a 100,000 word epic that I have been working on for nearly two years. They are painstakingly researched in order to follow canon timelines. They use many significant moments from Harry/Louis canon. 

Jasmine is desperate to take my works and replace Louis’ name with Nick’s. You may see the problem here, considering that Nick is not a 21 year old pop singer. 

Myself, as well as many of my followers, are very unhappy with the idea of Jasmine using important H/L canon for a Gryles fic. I can imagine that this is not something that you want to see either.

I have told this girl multiple times that I do not give permission for her to use my fic. She does not comprehend the idea that changing the names is still plagiarism. 

I have done everything I can to get this girl to see sense. She does not understand. I can’t block her because she logs out when she sends me messages. The Know-Anon script does not work with my theme. She is no longer at the URL I mentioned earlier and apparently she changes it often.

So I need your help. I need to find her so I can report her to tumblr staff.

I am *begging* you, fangirl to fangirl, writer to writer, person to person, to PLEASE help me identify her. There must be people who know her. There must be people who know her URL. If you see her anywhere, if you know ANYTHING, and ESPECIALLY if you see a Harry/Nick fic that stinks suspiciously of H/L headcanons, please please please send me a message.

I don’t ship your ship and I know many of you don’t like mine. But I think you can all agree that plagiarism is wrong. This girl is an embarrassment to your pairing and she needs to be stopped. PLEASE help me. Reblog this. Ask your friends. Please.

Examples of her messages to me are under the cut.

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(fic) i feel pretty

pickletea put these tags on this post and I just couldn’t help myself *A*


“You’re the one who brought up ordering pizza, so you do it.”

Levi leans back into the couch, curling his legs up comfortably beneath him. Hanji doesn’t seem to take this as his final thought on the matter, resting her head on his shoulder and groaning, “But I don’t feel like getting up…”

After a few well-placed shoves, Hanji finally wanders off, grumbling to herself. Levi ignores her shout of, “Levi, where’s your porn folder?” and continues watching the movie onscreen. Why does he hang out with her again?

Probably because she puts up with his shit just as much as he puts up with hers, Levi figures as she flops back down next to him. “This means you have to get the door, though,” she says breezily, and Levi grimaces.

He hopes Hanji will have forgotten that statement by the time the doorbell rings, but he isn’t that lucky. She shoos him off of the couch, then darts into the kitchen.

Levi hears the clatter of plates as he pulls the door open, coming face to face with the delivery guy. His first thought is to ask the guy if he’s okay, because his face is as red as a beet and his eyes look like they’re about to fall out of his head.

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First time writing for Voltron so it’s probably going to be ooc. I’m also super out of practice in general. Forgive me @johannathemad senpai but also I hope you enjoy it. (Also tagging @softboiledegg because even though Sheith isn’t your thing, I hope you send me your Klance trash.)


I’m still screaming over it.

After a battle it always felt like there was electricity under Keith’s skin. Sometimes he wondered if there was malfunction in Red where her plasma blaster used him as a conduit but the energy couldn’t find its way out of him. It itched and ached deep in his bones.

After most battles Keith usually dragged his sore and battered body into the training ring and ran a few practice simulations. It was about the only thing that would take his mind off of the feeling. He’d give the drones a dozen faces: Zarkon’s, Witch Haggar, Commander Sendak. Once or twice Lance’s punchable face made it’s way into Keith’s routine. 

But this battle had been different.

Keith ripped off his helmet the moment his feet hit the Castle of Lion’s polished floor. The paladins were crowded around Shiro. Allura had his head between her hands, Lance slapped Shiro on the back, Pidge tinkered with his galra tech arm for signs of wear, and Hunk just continued hugging him hard from behind.

“You’ll never do something so foolish again, do you understand me Shiro?” Allura insisted at Shiro’s face squished between her hands.

“Allura, Keith was in danger. Any of you would have done the same.” Shiro smiled at Allura. He was probably in love with her. Keith had guessed as much a while ago. It made his grip on the helmet tighten as Allura’s stern expression melted.

“No issues Pidge?” Shiro asked.

“None that I can see. You over-extended your arm’s capabilities but I’ll try to do a few minor repairs tonight. Should be easy enough.”

“With you doing the repairs, I don’t doubt it.”

“You were so cool! All pew pew at those Galra ships and then pow pow at the flanks. You should have seen yourself—well, I guess you sorta’ did since you were there and all.” Lance babbled in his typical hero-worshipping way.

Even Coran had a few praises to gift Shiro and proclaimed they would have a Altean goo dinner in his name.

Keith leaned against an open door, fingers tapping along his suit nervously. It didn’t feel right to go in there and congratulate Shiro on a job well done when it was his own fuck up that made Shiro risk his life in the first place.

He thought he could take the Galra guards on his own and get information about Zarkon. There were only two of them and he’d taken on more in the simulator without issue. Yes, he should have informed the rest of the group before breaking away at night from the stationed castle at a sector 5 planet. But how was he supposed to have guessed there would be a Galra ambush? No one could have predicted that. Not Lance, not Allura, not even Shiro.

It was still his fault though, predictable for not. Shiro had almost died fighting off the brunt of the ambush. And Keith? He had to run back for his lion, tail between his legs like a coward. Even Red had stubbornly refused to listen to half his commands afterwards.

As if he’d heard his thoughts, Shiro looked up from all the attention and caught Keith’s gaze. Despite the distance Keith could see Shiro’s concern.

After what he’d done, he didn’t deserve it. 

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So a while back I was rambling about magic-users and sensitives and whatnot. What I was going on about is that people who are sensitive to magic are people that occupy or work in the liminal spaces, the between places at the edges of normal reality and whatever is beyond.

We have a certain obligation in occupying these spaces. When people encounter them unprepared, we are able to help them make sense of it and integrate back to reality. Or, if they insist on pushing on, we teach them how to make sense of the place we are and how to function there.

But I didn’t have a word for the people in the Between Place. “Witch,” “magician,” “sorcerer,” “wizard” all denote certain technical skill sets, and have certain cultural connotations to them that exclude others. “Magic-user” is awkward, and not all of the people I’m talking about actually use magic, even though they’re sensitive to its actions and can be aware of it. And not all magic-users are psychics or clairvoyants or mediums (Would it not be media? Meditate.) But I want to include them as well. And the spirit workers and reiki healers and all of those, too.

“Sensitives” is okay, I suppose, but has a newagey feel to it that connotes a bit too much flakiness for my taste.

And then I came across the term “Wix

‘Wix’ is a gender neutral term for someone who practices magic, since the term 'witch’ is more often than not seen as a feminine term. It’s very popular in the HP fandom, taking the word 'mix’ but adding the 'wi-’ of 'witch’ and 'wizard’. I haven’t seen the term used much in the pagan/witchy community.

Of course, “witch” is gender neutral already, although a lot of people outside the pagan community (and some inside it, I suppose) don’t seem to be aware of that fact.

But “witch” connotes a specific approach, a certain craft or practice. What I like is that the term Wix approached the gist of “someone who knows about spooky stuff and can maybe play with it” without the specifics of practice, religion, approach, action, or perception. It is a truly neutral word (so far) that has the association of those who play in the Between Place, but isn’t particular as to how they do it.

So I get to a point.

I’d like to use the word “Wix” (plural Wixen) in the following way:

A person who is sensitive to or aware of the existence and perception of things that are regarded as mystical, magical, spiritual, metaphysical, or beyond the realm of normal day-to-day perception and functioning

But me using this word in the way is little more than mental masturbation unless it catches on.

So I ask you, my followers and fellow Wixen:

If you like this idea, actually use the word. Use it in your writing. Use it in tags. Reblog this post so others become aware of this.

And beg forgiveness of the Harry Potter fandom.

Please comment or offer suggestions as you wish.

Oliver Queen As Food - Olicity fic/prompt

Prompt - kind of:

“Oh, I like that one!” Felicity squealed, pointing to the screen.

Dig snorted “Oliver Queen as chocolate cake?”

“It kinda reminds me of that time when we used chocolate syrup to… Hum. Nevermind” she trailed off, blushing.

“TMI, Felicity. TMI…” Dig sighed, shaking his head.

“I like the one as oreo cupcake!” Thea chimed in, leaning over their shoulders.

They had just got back from the field, the night being unusually quiet. Ever since Oliver had been elected Mayor and running the city, the criminality had dropped significantly but Team Arrow was still more than necessary. Oliver being held back to a city council, Thea and Dig had patrolled on their own, Felicity guiding them from the lair. They had been back a few minutes earlier, and had caught Felicity drooling over a twitter account mainly composed of pictures of her husband and pictures of food supposed to represent him. One of her guilty pleasures that always made the team laugh.

Felicity giggled “He once made that frosting for me, because I told him I’d like to lick it from…”

“Wow wow wow!” Thea shouted, holding out her hands over her ears “I am positive I do not want to know the end of that sentence!”

Felicity bit her lips, mumbling something about being a woman made of flesh and blood.

Dig and Thea shared an amused smile behind her back as she kept on scrolling down pictures and pictures of Oliver and delicious-looking desserts of all kinds.

“I’m going home, do you want me to drop you off?” Dig asked the girls.

Felicity sighed, resting her head on her hand “No, thank you. I told Oliver I’d wait for him.”

As Thea and Dig left her alone again, she moaned as she came across a picture of Oliver in a tux besides one of a waffle with white chocolate and oreo. Oliver in a tux was already her own personal kryptonite, but adding a waffle with white chocolate syrup was almost like torture. She shifted uncomfortably on her chair, not sure if she was craving the waffle or her husband. Both, she thought. I’m craving both.

She was so focused, thinking of all the things she could do with that white chocolate syrup, that she didn’t even hear the elevator. It’s only when Oliver lightly cleared his throat that she jumped, startled, a hand on her chest.

“Oliver!” she shouted, turning around to glare at him.

Smiling, he took the last steps separating them and bent down to lightly kiss her.

“I’m sorry?” he asked, his lips still brushing over hers.

She smiled into the kiss, her hand reaching for his neck and lightly scratching his scalp. He pressed one small peck on her lips, then sat on her desk.

“Did they already go home?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest and attracting her eyes over his biceps. He was wearing a crisp white shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. She bit her lips, nodding absentmindedly, unable to tear her eyes off his arms.

“Felicity?” he tried to get her attention once more.

“Yes?” she answered, finally looking at him “I mean, yes. Quiet night. They just left actually.”

“Are you ready to go as well?”

“Yup. Yup” she nodded, closing the tabs, glancing one last time at the tempting image.

Oliver’s hand stopped hers “… were you going through that twitter account again?”

She paused awkwardly, her hand underneath his, her eyes shifting and avoiding his.


“It’s those freaking hormones, OK?” she exclaimed “I tried to stay away, I swear I really did but… it was a picture of you in a tux, Oliver. A tux” she whined, bowing her head in shame “I am not strong enough to resist that kind of temptation.”

Oliver smiled as he cradled her head, pressing a soft kiss on her forehead “So… what does my pregnant wife want for breakfast tomorrow morning?”

“Waffles with white chocolate syrup and oreos” she answered right away, her eyes wide and her breathing short.

Chuckling, he stood up, helping her on her feet as well “With extra syrup, I guess?”

“Oh yes. I have big plans for that syrup. Big, big plans” she said dreamily as they both made their way to the garage area.

“If it’s anything like the oreo frosting I did last week… I’ll make a double batch.”

“Don’t you flatter yourself, Mister Queen” she teased him.

“Whose fault is that, Mrs Queen? You’re the one who told me you barely had enough to cover my…”

“Oh my God, Guys!” Thea screamed, wincing. Oliver and Felicity jumped in surprise, not expecting to see her in the garage.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were gone with Dig?” Felicity asked, feeling her cheeks flaming up.

“Can’t a girl forget something without being scarred for life?” Thea huffed, shuddering with disgust “Oh Dig is going to be so thankful he didn’t have to hear that.”

With one last dirty look, she walked past them, going back inside the foundry, shouting over her shoulder “and remind me to never eat cupcakes at your place again!”

“… Should we tell her about that strawberry mousse she loved so much?”

“No. I don’t think she’d forgive us if she knew what we did with the leftovers.”

> Just a silly little thing (it is unbeta’d, please tell me if there’s something to fix ;)) but I’m still tagging the lovelies :p

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        ❛ The morning I opened my eyes in heart fluttering excitement,
          It’s like the feeling of untying the ribbon of a present,
          Every single day of getting to know you.
          The white miracle that falls from the once dry sky,
          It seemed like it wouldn’t come true,
          The prayer that I was so desperate for even in my dreams.
          Just like the Christmas day that I’ve always waited for,
          Just like the Christmas day oh! When I think about you,
          I get excited like a kid just like those days, just like that time. 
          You’re just like Christmas day.
 ❜ ❤

I’m honestly super duper tired so I doubt I’ll manage to write anything decent or interesting and I apologize in advance for this! I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas ( or Merry Winter Holidays or just whatever, no one of us needs a special day to remind those we care for and love that we carry them in our hearts ) along with thanking all of you for putting up with me throughout these months; I made this blog on September and so much has happened since I first logged on here, I met so many wonderful people, so many wonderful friends and I doubt something could ever keep me from this place, from all of you. YOU’RE ALL BEAUTIFUL BABUS AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU, EVEN IF WE’VE TALKED ONLY ONCE OR NEVER OR WHATEVER, OKAY.

I know that Christmas is not a happy day for everyone out there, so along with wishing you all a day full of happiness and food and cuddles and warmth, I also want to say that if any of you needs company or someone to talk to, I’m here. No one should ever feel alone today, no one should spend this day frowning or with a sad expression upon their face - And to be honest, I’d be more than happy to be here for all those who might need me, whether it’s for a simple chit chat or to talk about more serious things or whatever, I AM HERE. The real spirit of Christmas isn’t giving or receiving presents, it’s giving love to those around us, and since I’m the embodiment of a bunny, I have plenty of floofy love to give, just come at me!  🐰


          - B u n s k i .

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anonymous asked:

Hi, this is curiousplantkin. I'd like to formally apologize to any and all otherkin that I have given a bad name. You guys are actually all extremely sweet and I apologize for the harsh stereotype I've given you. Recently, I confirmed (continued)

“(Part 2) that I was, in fact, a troll blog. I hadn’t realized the harm I was causing at the time, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I’m so sorry.”

wowowooww if this is actually you, curiousplantkin, thank you so much for sending this. The otherkin community will appreciate this apology a lot, as you have brought a lot of hate to our tags, especially the otherkin and plantkin tags.

If you want to right your wrong, please try your hardest to inform the people still coming to your blog that us otherkin do not deserve this level of harassment, and explain to them what we are actually like and/or redirect them to myself or other informed kin if they have any further questions.

Again, thank you so much for this apology. It means a lot. People make mistakes, and I for one forgive you if you show effort towards fixing this situation.

Have a great day, dear.

EDIT: in case anyone was curious;