please forgive me

GUYSSSSSS DO YOU THINK Ayano is talking about Shintaro when she said ‘ MY HERO’ ?????????
UGH I KNOW this could be my stupid shipper googles™ again BUT OH MY GODDDD this could totally be just be me misundertanding stuff again but aaaaaa I’m so HAPPY ;–; I MEANNN BOTH OF THEM are in the haze now and Shin already talked to Haruka. And this whole shin dying thing just SCREAMS LOST TIME MEMORY!!! I usually just keep my hopes really down so I don’t get disappointed in the future BUT I JUST CAN’T ANYMORE. I’m shamelessly hoping for a shin and ayano reuniting scene on the next novel aaaa oTL I’m really doomed…

WONDERFULL summary translated by millie

Can have we a little chat please?

- do not stalk youtubers

- do not follow youtubers

- do not go to youtubers houses, that’s an invasion of privacy!

- do not mob youtubers at youtube conventions

- do not chase them at youtube conventions either, they’re busy and have places to go and may not always have time to stop for you

- also try not to scream at youtuber’s faces when you see them

- BE RESPECTFUL TO YOUTUBERS, it’s not that hard

The Big Bads of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Season 1:An actual bat
  • Season 2:A grave example of a time when a innocent threesome nearly ended the world
  • Season 3:Mitt Romney
  • Season 4:The unfortunate result of a passionate one night stand between Frankenstein and G I Joe
  • Season 5:Your average celebrity
  • Season 6:Reddit MRAs, Darth Rosenberg
  • Season 7:Sir turns-up-to-talk-shit-before-randomly-disappearing-a-lot, Captain Mal Reynolds