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Okay my dudes if you haven’t heard yet

 if you sign up for Office 365 with an email ending in .edu you will get all of Microsoft’s programs FOR FREE and better yet a lot of schools already have their .edu emails set up through Microsoft so like you already have fucking access to these programs!


Let me tell you I have just been using this to type everything up on word but like I just started using OneNote to take notes and my life will NEVER  be the same.

If you’re like me and you have trouble taking hand written notes bc You want them to look pretty, you want them to be organized and the lecture skips around alot, there’s a lot of information and your hands hurt and you’re faster at typing than writing anyway 

Then this program will be your fucking savior like 

You can type as your prof talks and flips through the slides hella fast and then go back and 

-organize it,

-change colors/fonts/bold/italicize important info.

-add notes and interesting facts and stuff that will help you study

-add pictures/draw diagrams

-invite people to share and edit your notes so your study group can all pitch in and all get bomb ass grades on the final


Please help me prove my point, guys, it would mean the world to me.

I need to prove my parents something, but theres a story that goes along with it. Please help me out by reblogging this. It would mean a lot.

In 8th grade, during class, this guy (that I hardly knew) attempted to grope my ass, and he would not stop. No matter what I said, he wouldn’t listen, and since I’ve never been put in that situation before, I had no idea what to do. Class ended (soon after he started, thank god), and he finally left me alone. 

Now, I love my parents. I know they love me, I know they aren’t bad people, and we mess around a lot. It’s the summer before my softmore (10th grade) year now, and I just told them what happened that day in class. It wasn’t like I was raped, and I’m not scarred for life or anything, I’m just really, REALLY aware of my surroundings now. Ever since then, I don’t like it when they slap me on my butt “for fun”. 

I know they don’t mean it like that, they never would, but it still makes me extremely uncomfortable. Before I told them about what happened, they wouldn’t listen to me, and even after I told them, they still will not listen to me. 

Instead, when I sternly tell them to not do that, and that “this is MY body, I don’t like it when you do that, it makes me uncomfortable, don’t do that again”, they reprimand me. They tell me to, “stop this misbehavior”, and take away all my electronics for 24 hours. 

I know they aren’t bad people, but this isn’t right, in my opinion. If you agree, please reblog this post. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a lovely day! 

Explained: warn Markiplier meme

I hit 200!!!! Here are some of the icons i promised, the Magnus Chase people! Im definitely gonna put out the 7 heros of olympus and harry potter, and maybe a few others! Thank you so much for all the support and reblogs, i love u guys ❤ (also if you use please credit me!)

hey psa!

if you’re a singlet and you think that DID is super interesting and you treat actual people with did like “crazy weirdos xD” and don’t even acknowledge the fact that we’re real people who exist and can live life somewhat normally,


if you’re a singlet who enjoys making “theories” or “headcanons” about real life people having DID, or “theories” or “headcanons” about how DID forms that is anything other than repeated childhood trauma,


if you’re a singlet who disregards other alters’ feelings and want them all to integrate just so you can see the host more often,

for the love of god STOP!

i have DID and i am real! i exist! i’m not some sideshow freak for you to gawk at and theorize over! no members of my system appreciate the way you’re treating us and other people with DID! please educate yourself!! thank you!

singlets can reblog this and are encouraged to

people who reblog that post about how horikoshi drinks Respect Women Juice and is the best at writing women are so fuckin stupid 

please for the love of god watch ONE anime written by a woman

Why you might like the C Team

I’d love to evangelize this special show for a moment if I may. If you like this show or this post please reblog or like it. I’d love to show this wonderful series to as many people as possible.

Here’s a sample because all the words on earth can beat the real content, these are animated shorts by a fan that showcase some of the silliest stuff.

1) a different take on dnd
Many of us have at least one dnd series we enjoy. Why add another? Well, I think this series is special. It explores the more extreme aspects of the game. The players treatise with an eldritch god in episode 3! They went through episode 15 with only 2 dice rolls! Its not your grandmas dnd game!

2) It’s very friendly to the lgbtqa spectrum
One of the shows four characters is a 120 year old pansexual, another is an out and proud lesbian woman. This is never treated as a joke and there is a very sweet ~*canon*~ lesbian romance that has the entire fandom scared as hell ( jerry pls let them b happy )

3) It’s funny
Every single cast member has their own unique brand of comedy and brings something special to the show. They are all spectacularly funny and they really throw a wide net from silly to eldritch to dry wit to bad puns

4) It is not tied down in lore
Its an acquisitions inc show but it explains any reference to outside material and it’s very friendly towards newcomers. This is a great place to jump in

5) Easy to watch
Its on twitch vod, YouTube and podcast every week! So if you can’t watch the stream you always have access to this excellent content ! It’s also only 2 hours per episode so no wacky 5 hour sessions made almost entirely of a single fight with a monster with 1000 hp.

also if you already watch dnd…

Why a Critical Role fan might like It

1) shorter episodes and less content, it’s an easier watch!
2) great narrative and a real investment in role play
3) hyper rpg produces it, a staff made of many ex geek and sundry folks! So it’s got great production value!
4) a small but growing online community!

Why a The Adventure Zone fan might like it

1) narrative focus is strong here.
2) the same rapid shift between jokes and serious moments
3) a similar willingness to bend the rules for the sake of great story
4) the people on this show are mcelroy fans!
5) Its got that canon gay that you need.

Why a Friends at The Table fan might like it
1) deeper complex relationships
2) but its still very very silly
3) crazy out of the norm stories test the limits of tabletop role play
4) less focus on dice more on story

A list of all episodes with links to vods and podcasts

Please if you like dnd just give this show a shot I promise it won’t let you down! Thanks so much for reading this! If you feel motivated to check it out you can thank me by rebloging or tweeting this to other dnd fans!

Dispensing abortifacients & contraceptives during pharmacy school...I Need to Vent, I Really Need Advice and Prayers Please

I’m faced with a moral dilemma about my career choice. I wanted to become a pharmacist and I was SO excited about it. It was one of my dreams for the longest time, I even planned my whole academic life around my desire to become a pharmacist.
I made a promise to myself and prayed to God that I would be a Pro-Life pharmacist no matter what, even if I have to run my own pro-life pharmacy business, or avoid retail pharmacy altogether and go into another pharmacy specialty to avoid dispensing abortifacients, lethal doses of drugs known for euthanasia, and contraceptives.

However, what’s stopping me now is the rotations/internships during pharmacy school, because I would be required to work in a retail pharmacy setting under their own policies. There are no Christian/Catholic pharmacy schools in my areas (and even if there was, we all know how a lot of so-called Christian/Catholic schools don’t really practice Church teachings and morals…).
I tried contacting my available pharmacy schools to ask if they will allow me to avoid dispensing abortifacients and contraceptives during rotations/internships and so far, only one school replied back saying, “I cannot guarantee a rotation schedule that would reflect this student’s preferences”.

I was praying and thinking that if all the pharmacy schools I contact reply back telling me I can’t avoid dispensing abortifacients and contraceptives during their rotations/internships, then I will know that it’s not God’s will for me and I won’t become a pharmacist…

Although I trust God and His will for me, I’m still devastated. I really wanted to study pharmacy. I really wanted to learn and become a professional to use this knowledge to help people and possibly make a difference by being pro-life. All I wanted was to go to pharmacy school and become a pharmacist without having to dispense abortifacients, lethal drugs, and contraceptives. How is this not possible? Pharmacy and healthcare are SO MUCH MORE than abortifacients, euthanasia, and contraceptives.

I wonder how many intelligent, skilled, compassionate people have been turned away or discouraged from pursuing a healthcare career because of situations like this…
If anyone tries to make an argument and tell you that most doctors and healthcare professionals support abortion, euthanasia, contraceptives, etc., that’s not accurate - a lot of that probably has more to do with the fact that a lot of schools and laws make it nearly impossible for pro-life students and healthcare professionals to object.

To top it off, almost everyone I know in my life was so thrilled, happy, and proud of me that I wanted to become a pharmacist. I come from a family/culture where becoming a doctor (or any other similar career) is highly preferred and admired, some of them and their children are in those careers, so if I’m unable to pursue my career anymore, I’m going to be disappointing my family and a few certain people will probably gossip about me.
I’m already known in my family for being “too much” Catholic, so now I might be ridiculed for my decision.

My mom is very intelligent and working towards her career as well, but out of love, she sacrificed her dream so that I could pursue mine first. She’s the one who’s supporting me and helping me by paying for my college (God bless her) and she was also really excited, proud of me, and helping me plan to become a pharmacist, so when I told her my concerns, she either didn’t take what I said seriously or she was disappointed in what I said, and she noticed how I haven’t been showing much interest in my academic life for a while lately, so she commented, “You just don’t want to become a pharmacist, that’s what it is.” which kinda stung, cause since she’s Catholic like me, I thought she would’ve been more supportive…

But even though she’s also Catholic and doesn’t support abortifacients, euthanasia, and contraceptives either, she thinks it’s not a sin by dispensing them since “it’s not you who’s taking them” and “even if you don’t dispense it, the patient will still find another way to get it anyway”, but I know for a fact that it’s still partaking in someone’s sin and that’s a sin in itself, and after researching and reading/seeing all the horrible effects that abortifacients, euthanasia, and contraceptives have on people and society, there is NO way I could ever support these in any way for anyone.

Like I said, whatever happens, I trust God and His will for me. It’s just…I was really set on becoming a pharmacist already, I really wanted to become knowledgeable in medicine and help people live healthier and make a difference by being pro-life, now I don’t know what I’m going to do for a career and how to support my family in the future, and I’m going to be disappointing the people I love in my life and they’re going to be judging me. I’m worried that I’ll succumb to pressure and follow through with pharmacy school despite the moral implications…

The only other career I was equally interested in was becoming a naturopathic doctor because I love natural and holistic medicine, but even with that career, in the naturopathic medicine school, I would potentially have to deal with various sketchy New Age and false spirituality practices that are also dangerous.
It’s like I can’t pursue any of my dream careers, and the people in my life don’t understand me fully, cause they think I’m just being “too much” again. It’s really confusing and frustrating.

What should I do, guys? Should I still become a pharmacist? What would you do if you were in my situation?
Have any of you been in a situation like this? What did you do?
Does anyone have suggestions for other medical/healthcare careers I can pursue that are similar to a pharmacist and naturopathic doctor, that help people heal and live healthier and that have a good salary to support a family, without having to deal with grave immoral practices?

I would really love some advice and prayers please.

I hope you guys don’t mind if I tag you @by-grace-of-god , @patron-saint-of-smart-asses , @alwaysabeautifullife , @emeraldboreas , @saulof-tarsus , @tradcatmaria , @cathy-sienna-40 , since you guys are aware of things like this happening and so more people can read and reblog this and possibly offer advice and prayers. Thank you, God bless <3

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Aaaaah it’s been like two weeks omg i’m so happy about this one

Welp it’s my first Animation Meme and it’s not perfect ( but god I love this…. gsgrtbs

Oh and don’t worry, there are no spoilers,  feel free to watch this c:

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wat blackout are people talking about?

In its most basic form: the Blackout is an optional two-week long strike for all content creators in the Ladybug fandom. It’s suppose to be a protest against reposting of all sorts (meaning art, fics, gifs and etc) where creators simply stop posting content.

Note: I’m not participating because the blackout asks that you don’t reblog any miraculous ladybug content, but my blog is 100% ladybug, I can’t just let it rot there for two weeks. Instead, I’m reblogging as many educational and helpful posts as possible, to educate as many people as I can about reposting. Whether you participate or not, for the love of God, don’t send hate to people choosing or not to participate. I’ve seen some really entitled people attacking creators for their choice in participating or not, and it’s just embarrassing. Don’t be an asshole, please. 

Even though I’m not participating, I ABSOLUTELY SUPPORT ALL THE ARTISTS, WRITERS, GIFMAKERS, AND OTHER CREATORS THAT ARE. Creators have every right to protest because of how horrible and rampant the issue is, let alone the entitlement that some reposters show. The theft of all sorts of content is ridiculous, and people’s attitudes about it need to change.

Follow this link if you want to know more about this protest and why reposting is unacceptable


swastika ≠ Nazi. Specifically, swastikas in the east (india, burma/myanmar, etc.) have a very different meaning.

They represent auspiciousness or good luck and are not at all a symbol of murder or antisemitism. They are a positive sign. The nazi swastika (on the left) is the one you have to watch out for. The swastika on the right is the eastern swastika. You’ll notice that when hitler stole the swastika, he flipped it; the eastern swastika doesn’t turn the same way.

this probably doesn’t need to be said, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUNCH NAZIS BUT PLEASE DON’T PUNCH PEOPLE WEARING THE EASTERN SWASTIKA, especially if you’re outside the USA. They are not nazis. They may be hindu or buddhist or sikh or any other religion. they are not nazis.

From one fanfic reader to every author...

Can we not use cancer as a dramatic plot twist? A friend of mine recently lost her father to cancer and honestly, reading is one of the few things that bring her peace. But she keeps on stumbling across fanfics that have sudden cancer plot twists and dear GOD if you want to know what that feels like from her perspective it’s like being stabbed in the chest by a trusted friend. Cancer is much much more than a way to get get some angst, it’s a disastrous condition that affects more people than you think. 

IF you’re someone who needs to write about their own experience with cancer in a creative style then by all means, go ahead. But put a warning in the tags! My friend’s heartache could easily be avoided if “cancer” was used in the tags. That’s all she needs to see to know not to read it!

And I get it, you don’t usually want to spoil the plot twist in the tags, but I would like to think that someone’s sanity is worth more than your plot. Please, for the love of god, tag. it. 

Also, feel free to reblog this to spread it around. More people need to know this…

Celebration Time!

I’m officially at 1.5k followers! 

Originally posted by distinguidos

And my birthday’s coming up! 

So I thought it would be fun to host a prompt challenge for you guys!  So there are two parts to the prompts: 26 Quotes, from The Office and Parks and Recreation (my two favorite shows) and 26 generic sentence prompts.  This challenge is designed to be double prompted…I understand that could be difficult for some (but it is a challenge ;), so if you want to pick either a quote or a prompt, that’s also fine!

*Since I am a multi-fandom blog, please feel free to write for characters from the Marvel Universe, Supernatural, or Star Trek.  Get creative!


1.      Send me an ask (no messages or reblogs) with the letter of the quote, the number of the prompt and the character you’re writing for. First come first served! (I can’t imagine I’ll have more than 26 people participating, but if by some miracle I do, I’ll either add more or double up prompts)

2.      Fics should be Reader Insert for the most part, because I am a ship free blog.  But! If you don’t write reader insert and still want to participate, just ask! I’ll probably approve, I just would like majority reader inserts.

3.      There’s no word limit for fics, but please, for the love of God, use a Read More.  I won’t reblog it if you don’t.  Sorry, it’s just my pet peeve.

4.      Tag me in your A/N and include Atari’s Birthday Challenge in the first five tags.  (If you tag me and I don’t like it within 24 hours, please shoot me a message.  Tumblr doesn’t always give me my notifications).  I’ll make a Masterlist after all the fics have been submitted!

5.      Fics are due August 31, my birthday! Feel free to post any time before then, and if you need an extension, please just ask!

*You don’t technically have to be following me, but since this is half a follower celebration, it would be nice :)

Prompts under the cut!

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Guys there’s something that really bothers me about the Hetalia fandom that I think really needs to be addressed

The people in this fandom don’t care about their creators. At all. It’s been stated many times before by many different people, but this fandom seems to revolve around and worship  handful of fanfic writers and a slightly bigger group of fanartists and everyone else gets thrown under the bus.

I happen to be very proud of my fanfics, and I have a lot of friends who have great art and great writing, but we’re all lucky if we get even 10 notes on our work. Not even 10 reblogs, just 10 notes altogether. I’ve seen my friends become so discouraged in their work, to the point where they consider dropping out of the fandom entirely because no one cares about them. 

The other fandoms that I have been part of throughout the years haven’t been this way. The Bungo Stray Dogs fandom is nowhere near as big as Hetalia and yet when I wrote a fanfic for that fandom it got more kudos and comments on it OVERNIGHT than some of my best Hetalia work had gotten in 6 months. 5 years ago when I wrote Sonic The Hedgehog and Vocaloid fanfiction it got so much love and attention and that was what pushed me to keep writing and writing and writing, because I knew that people really appreciate what I do. 

So I’m asking you guys, as a friend and someone who loves this fandom more than anything in the world, I’m asking you to help me appreciate the creators in this fandom.

When you see art that you like, don’t just like it. Please, for the love of God, reblog it. Please leave nice things in the tags instead of just tagging the characters and the ships. Please give these artists the exposure that they deserve and the will to keep drawing. Turn on notifications for your friend’s art blog or your favorite ask blog to make sure you never miss a post. Do everything you can to help the artists that you love who are struggling to get their best pieces noticed.

Please reblog fanfic that you read, don’t just like it. Please leave comments in the tags or go to the ao3 link and leave a comment there or go into the author’s ask box and send them an ask about the fic, or do all three if you’re really feeling it!! If you feel like you’re too shy to say anything please remember that you can comment anonymously on most ao3 fics and that you can send anonymous asks to most tumblr authors to tell them how you feel about the fic. Please don’t think that you are bothering anyone by telling them that you like their work. Sometimes the only reason writers keep going is because they know someone is reading what they write. 

Reblog cosplay pics and add nice things in the comments. Reblog edits and say how pretty they look. Reblog headcanons that you like and tag why you like them. Make your content providers feel appreciated.

I know it seems like a lot of work but come on, guys. There’s so much negativity in this fandom and so many people who are leaving because they don’t feel like they are loved or cared about. Don’t let this fandom die because all of its artists and writers give up out of lack of feedback and appreciation.

I had so much fun drawing Jasper thought like oh my god I love him!! <3 He is too pure and we must all save him

Lineless but in my style! I actually, don’t hate it. I really love it!

Please, Please, Please reblog this!! I like reblogs more than I do likes so please do <3 it makes me feel so happy when people do reblog my art because it makes me feel special!!