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Can we get a session scene between Dr. Quinzel and the joker?

Today, I’m going to be strong. Mr. J will not rattle me today. Today, I’m the doctor and he’s the patient; like it’s supposed to be. Harleen held her chin up high as she walked through Arkham to the therapy room, her pep talk echoing through her mind. She held Joker’s extensive binder close to her chest and walked with determination- with what she hoped was a game face on. However, her words became muddied and incoherent as she came closer and closer, when the room was in sight she took deep breaths trying to calm her hammering heart. Mr. J’s games will not bother me today. Mr. J’s games will- She reached the door.

Before she opened it, she straightened her clothes out and slipped a mint into her mouth. She took one last gulp of air, smiled at the guards, and unlatched the door.

“Oh!” Harleen jumped as she realized there was already someone in the room. “Good afternoon, Mr. J.” She smiled, running a hand through her hair.

Mr. J smiled, “You’re late.” Harleen tripped over her shoes at that smile.

“Am I? Or are you just early?” She glanced at the watch on her wrist. “I am. Two minutes late.”

Joker grinned, “Unacceptable.”

“Well I hope you don’t turn me in,” She giggled, making her way to the table and sat down across from him. Placing his file before her. “How are you feeling, Mr. J?”

“Fantastic,” He purred, eyes watching her every move, “Better than I was those two minutes I was sat here alone. How are you, my harlequin?”

“I’m—“ Harleen stopped fiddling with the folder and glanced up at him. That glance quickly became staring as his dangerous beauty struck her again. His eyes were bright, crazed and unblinking as they watched her. His smile was large, joyous as he waited for her answer. Harleen heart hammered, the nerves rising in her throat she tried to swallow them down and answer him. Had he gotten even more handsome? Surely that wasn’t possible.

“I’m ready to get started.” Her voice shook slightly, she hoped he couldn’t hear it. But by the slight twinge of humor added to his eyes she could see that he had.

So they started, Harleen began with asking what he saw in inkblots which quickly turned into him asking her what she saw in the inkblots. Then she did word association which ended up as him asking what she thought the words meant to her. After that, he told her a story about how he captured Batman by making him slip on grape soda. Harleen laughed until tears ran down her cheeks at that.

Productive day.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Harleen looked through her papers until she found the right one, “Last time you asked how many guards were on staff? I asked around, counted a bit myself, and the consensus is one-hundred working at one time. However, it does get up to about one-hundred-fifty at nights.”

Excellent,” Joker sighed, rolling his head around his shoulders as he took that information in. “Good girl.”

“Two minutes.” The guard knocked on the door like breaking glass. Disappointment flooded into Harleen’s heart and she dipped her head, starting to clean up the table.

“Doctor,” Joker’s voice purred breaking through her disappointment, “I have one more request of you.”

“What is it, Mr. J?” She looked up at him. Then she realized that she didn’t care if he asked for a hundred requests, she would break herself to make him happy.

In a response, Mr. J puckered his lips and closed his eyes. Smiling, Harleen was rising out of her seat and leaning over the desk before she could think twice.

“I don’t want to see anymore sadness,” Mr. J locked eyes with her before their lips made contact, “We’ll be together again tomorrow. 2 o’clock.”

Harleen nodded staring at his lips as she leant closer.

“Right, doctor?” He backed away, “No more sadness or you won’t be my little helper.”

She nodded again with more certainty, “Right.”

“Good girl.” He said again, smiled, and leant into her. Harleen made the final move and finally their lips touched.

This wasn’t their first kiss, but it had the same effect on Harleen that they all did. Her lips would burn, she would open her mouth and beg him for more. Joker’s mouth was never still he kept turning his head, the second she thought he’d be still he would turn again and force her to catch up with him. She gladly would. However, she was always so struck but how tender his lips were. The man with the scared face and brutal way of looking at the world, kissed her softly.  

Just as Harleen tried to grab his face to bring him closer, he pulled away.

“That’s enough for today.” He smiled, face moving back and forth like a metronome, “I have to leave something for tomorrow.”

She blushed.

Harleen closed her office door. Her shaking knees finally giving out as she fell against it, exasperated. She dropped Joker’s folder to the floor and tore off her lab coat, body sweating. Waving a hand against her face like a fan, she tried to control her breathing. 

She wanted to touch his face, his chest, his beating heart. She had only been gone a few minutes and she already wanted to run back to him. She missed his warmth, his smile, his laugh. His lips on hers. 

A seductive voice reached her ear, go to him.

How did he make her feel this way? How could she still feel his effect on her when they were so far away? Why did she continuously want to kiss him?  Murderer, murderer, murderer she chanted in her mind trying to calm her body. But the words were nothing to her, they might as well been from a different language. Harleen clutched her heart and realized something she knew for a long time. She didn’t care if he was in a straight jacket, she didn’t care that he was her patient, she didn’t even care that he had committed hundreds of crimes All that mattered to her now was his smile and his lips and oh, god his beautiful face lighting up when would hear an answer he liked.

She had fallen in love.

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Adam is so bad at flirting with Henry there’s a body count.


Krysten Ritter and David Tennant blowing kisses to fans in Argentina

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hey so like I know we talk about how adults should be careful on this site not to be overly familiar or flirtatious with minors but also if you’re a minor don’t hit on the adults on this site. It makes us nothing but uncomfortable. Even if it’s playful, when you’re 20+ and a 16 year old starts trying to flirt with you, it’s not a nice experience. 

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I just want to say your Sense8 headcanons are my life right now and you are the absolute indisputable best. You better be working on Disney World. (Also: Harry Potter AU, post-birth) (Also: more Zombie Apocalypse AUs) (Also: More head canons in general you rock.)

this is the nicest thing and i haven’t done one in a while so hey let’s go with disneyland au road trip 2: electric bugaloo was actually somehow way worse than the first road trip, but that’s another post all on its own so 

  • will picks up one of those disney secret guidebooks and keeps trying to tell everyone cool facts and point out hidden mickeys that nomi and neets have already found a thousand times over without a guidebook lawman 
  • sun makes a list of all the shows she has to go see, characters she has to track down, autographs she has to get, and experiences she has to experience, and she drags capheus along with her. peter pan proves difficult, and she ends up almost tackling him somewhere near frontierland 
  • sun and capheus also get caught up in a line near main street during a lull in sun’s schedule, and sun is disappointed when it just turns out to be lito signing autographs for a bunch of excited fans and confused parents who thought he was some kind of mexican disney prince. she gets his autograph anyway and then takes him away to go get their faces painted
  • while they’re in line for star tours, will won’t stop geeking out about all the little references they’ve hidden everywhere like that robot guys and those numbers do you know what those numbers mean and then wolfie interrupts him and asks him where spock is and kala has to jab them both with her churro 
  • a four year old in a frozen mickey cap comes up to riley and kala while they’re sitting on a bench near pixie’s hollow and riley is watching kala devour a giant turkey leg, crying about how she’s lost her parents and how her mommy said that if she got lost she should try and find one of the princesses and there’s two of them here so maybe they could find mommy twice as fast and riley jumps into action and mobilizes the team to reunite this child with her family while kala preens about being called a princess while she’s holding a half-eaten turkey leg 
  • nomi and neets get handsy while they’re riding the haunted mansion, which is really inconvenient for everyone else, especially will, who has to watch lito basically deepthroat a frozen banana with like a family /right there/ 
  • kala, casually eating a big thing of dippin dots, corners wolfie waiting in line for the aladdin show after figuring out that he’s been sneaking off to watch every singalong show in both parks, even the new frozen singalong that nomi and neets are so up in arms about for replacing muppetvision, and the hsm thing 
  • wolfie manages to flip off the camera in basically every ride picture he’s in, lito is ridiculously photogenic, and will sneezes like twice because riley wanted to go on the rapids and /someone/ used the quarter thing to spray them like six times and he’s still the only one that managed to get drenched
  • sun gets them a place to watch the fireworks show ridiculously early, making a fort out of everything daniela and hernando end up buying from downtown disney, and she chases off at least five families by glaring at them  
  • capheus says something during the fireworks show about how he’s in such a wonderful place that he never thought he’d be, and how he’s even more blessed to be here with a family that he loves, and manages to simultaneously make the entire trip worth it for everyone

Every time that Robron breakfast scene appears on my dash in gif-form, I study the “Marbs” bit (I’m still not over it LMAO) and it’s just so precious the way Robert says it kinda seriously but he’s studying Aaron’s face waiting for his reaction, and literally as soon as Aaron scoffs/laughs, Robert’s face lights up and he chuckles too, and it’s just the sweetest scene and it makes me realise how rare and precious it is to actually see them laugh and be happy.

we need more of this. desperately. they deserve it.