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marvel fake subs - [1/?] - tom holland and anthony mackie explain their feud

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Suzanne’s voice could have frozen the Sahara. Bitty takes a quick look at his phone screen to confirm- Yes, it was her number.


‘Did you honestly think I would never find out?’

He falters. What-

‘I’ve been following SOMEONE on social media, young man.’

‘- on social med- Mother! I-I wanted to tell you and Coach, I swear, I just didn’t know-’

‘And guess what I saw on poor Alexei’s Instagram?? JAM!!’

‘Oh- OH! JAM! Yes, that-’


‘Oh. Huh… I’m sorry?’

‘Have you been feeding those poor boys that awful excuse of a recipe?’

‘They love it! They tasted the lucky PB&J I made for Jack- and started asking for more, and I made a lot and in the end the whole Falconers team made requests and I kinda lost control?’

‘… Are you telling me that you gave that crap to SÉBASTIEN ST-MARTIN?’

That was his mother’s mad-as-hell voice. He would never recover from this.

Bitty panicked.


There was a long silence at the other end of the line. Then, a scoff.

‘It’s a wonder you could land such a charming young man if you feed him YOUR AUNT JUDY’S JAM.’

Nope, he’s not escaping that one.

Check Please cast as funny moments from Family Feud

Steve Harvey explaining the experience of having a prostate exam to the Frogs sitting in the front row of the audience.

Steve Harvey: “What does your husband do when he runs out of clean underwear?” Lardo: “He wears a pair of mine.” *High fives Shitty*

Steve Harvey: “Which of the seven dwarves is your partner most like in bed?” Dex and Nurse facing off, just looking at each other and shaking their heads

Jack as that guy who can’t state his perfectly normal job title without sounding shifty.

Steve Harvey: “What is something that gets passed around?” Shitty: “A joint.” Bitty: “A collection basket at church.”

Steve Harvey: “What is something a burglar wouldn’t want to see if he breaks into your house?” Holster: “NAKED GRANDMA”

Steve Harvey: “What is somthing a man says is bigger now than it was when he was sixteen?” Ransom: “His penis.” Steve: “Couldn’t you have said dingaling? Schlong?” Ransom: “I used the medical term.”

Farmer as the producer laughing her ass off when Steve Harvey admits that he named his penis “Russel the Wonder Muscle”

Chowder as the most heartwarming contestant who tells Steve that he’s crossed two things off his bucket list, being on the show and meeting Steve. 

Steve Harvey: “What is a word that starts with ‘pot’?” Tater: “’Potato!’”

Kent Parson as the contestant who, after being asked what he does for a living, yells, “I’m single!” an starts to dance.

after bitty comes out to suzanne and they have a little bit of a….falling out over the Jam Discourse, jack finds himself receiving care packages of suzanne’s jam for his sandwiches, with a note that reads:

heard through the grapevine you’ve been sharing dicky’s jam with your teammates! how sweet! however, i thought they might want to taste some REAL homemade jam. let me know if those boys want any more :) or if they’re content with my sister’s mediocre smucker’s knock-off. 

XOXO suzanne p.s. come visit us again soon sweetheart! 

of all the challenges he thought he’d face while dating another man, jack never expected be dragged into the middle of morgan county’s nastiest blood feud

12x13 “Family Feud”
Please raise your hand if…

…half your closet consists of plaid shirts. ✔
…you also look good in FBI suits.
…you would like to order a drink, because in your line of work there is always a reason to drink.
…you have been to Hell and back - literally and yet are still standing.

…you’re a freaking Winchester.

I’m really not interested in holding grudges and continuting to feed the hate in this fandom. Sorry if that bothers some people. I need to do what I think is right.

I’ve been involved in this fan feud for nearly two years. Considering I started out blogging about peace in the fandom, I have certainly wandered away from what I originally valued. After all this time, I’m finally coming full circle. I’m just not interested in perpetuating all the turmoil between our feuding “sides” anymore. 

There was a recent major ship sinking. Many of the extreme shippers are moving on. This is the time to stop the cycle of conflict and to start building bridges between our feuding factions. I believe that many Outlander fans are just tired of the whole thing and want to find ways to interact with each other in more constructive ways.

So if you want to criticize me for trying to build some bridges, go ahead but I’m not willing to play your game.

If you are determined to hang onto your anger and to stir up sh*t so that both sides continue to feud, please go somewhere else to do it. I’m just not interested.

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, please do so respectfully.

I don’t like sock puppet accounts

I don’t like sock accounts because they create distrust in the fandom. No one knows who is behind them. People are then prone to wild guesses and that can hurt innocent people if people guess wrong.

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If you are upset about something, use your own account to express yourself. Own your own words.

I don’t care if the sock account is an extreme shipper (ES) or non-shipper/ truther (NST) account. Such accounts only increase the toxicity in the fandom no matter who is using them..

What it leaves us all with is a sense of distrust that just adds to this fandom’s tense environment.

So if you are engaging in sock accounts on either side of the fan feud, please cut it out. It is really beyond frustrating that people keep creating these accounts.

bo dallas is singing free bird at the IC celebration afterparty. this is EXACTLY my sense of humor. the social outcasts understand me and what brings me joy in a way nothing else in this universe ever conceivably could


(ding sound)

roger waters would be the host until a) he gives up or b) participates with pink floyd as a band

this also would perfectly capture how it would feel like to be on the show also here’s the original video it’s around 1:47 merry shitscram