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falsettos pride icons pt. 1 - lesbians from next door

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Good afternoon! Before the semester starts I wanted to make sure that I will be more organized than before, so I decided to make some printables for myself. A lot of you guys asked me to share the files on tumblr so that you can use them too. I have made the monthly overview for 2017; 

you can find the complete file here:

Disclaimer: these printable are all made by me (credits to the font makers though). Feel free to use them for personal use, however if you upload them I’d be very happy if you credit/tag me. :D Please reblog if you’re going to use it c: Please don’t redistribute without asking for permission. I hope you guys like it 💕

studygram: @natastudies

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I love love your icons! Could you please make an icon tutorial?? I'd love you forever

thank you! recently i got a couple of requests for an icon tutorial so i decided to make one. i’m sorry for any mistakes in advance. please like or reblog this if you find any of the followings helpful. feel free to send an ask if you have any questions or find any of this unclear. so here’s how to go from this:

to this:

you’ll need:

  • photoshop (i use cs6 but works with other versions too)
  • a screencap or picture (preferably HQ)
  • a psd or basic coloring skills
  • some calming tea (you’ll need this the most)

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Ah… I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned that I own a gemsona, did I? Well anyways, here I am presenting her to you.

Meet Imperial Topaz, the royal messenger of Yellow Diamond during Era 1. Perhaps you may be asking why she looks nothing like the canon Topaz. Well simple: I’ve had her for over a year and a half, therefore had no intention of scrapping her upon the release of the gem a few months ago (whom I actually happen to love, she’s a perfect fusion c: ).

Second, her primary reason for appearing so divergent to other Topazes would be the fact that she is indeed defective. In her early years, she was a marine just as all other Topazes are destined to be. Now take a look at her, she doesn’t seem much like a fighter now, does she? Right you are. Imperial Topaz’s defense skills were so poor that the scarlet gem found herself kicked out of the military and eventually put on trial to determine whether or not she was worthy of being kept alive.

Another thing you may be wondering. ‘What in the galaxy does that medieval paper and quill have to do with anything?’ Well, it just so happens that during her free time in the marine force, (she was often sentenced to sit out at sparring due to her weakness) this gem took up writing as a hobby. How ironic, considering Topazes aren’t meant for speech, huh? Eventually, words become her passion.

Back to the trial! Anyways, during her trial Topaz was noticed for her literate talent by Yellow Diamond, who decides it would be a waste to shatter a gem who actually acquires some sort of usefulness. She appoints this gem to the position of a royal messenger. Throughout the remaining period of Era 1, Topaz’s job is to deliver information exclusively written on paper to gems all around the court, and sometimes even to other courts as well (almost like a mailman, or mailgem, haha). And as for her talented writing, she is also to record data of essential matters and report them back to her Diamond. I based her off of medieval messengers, heh.

Unfortunately, this dream life of hers wouldn’t last forever. Upon the events of the rebellion, Imperial Topaz is left behind by fellow Homeworld gems to wander the Earth for over 5,000 years, forever concluding her life as the royal messenger.

Anyways… I think I’ll stop here. I’ve already written a pretty long page, haha.

SO! I decided to do one of these too! I’m going on a 4 day weekend after thursday so please send some of these into my askbox! I’ll be finishing up the pallette requests and starting these during my small break!
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Mikayuu week 2017

Dear MikaYuu fans, it is with great excitement that we welcome you to the MikaYuu week 2017!

The date is from August 13 to August 19. Please tag your posts as #mikayuuweek2017 (without spaces and in the first five tags) so we can easily find and share your work.

In case you have any questions, doubts, or perhaps just want to share something with us, our askbox is always open. We will help in any way we can! We’ll try to get to asks as soon as possible. Any form of work is welcome ^w^.

You are free to participate in as many prompts as you want and can, and if you feel like, you may as well mix in some of them together. We wish you good luck and most of all, that you enjoy the event as much as possible!

Day 1
Sfw: Disney Au
Nsfw: Stripper!Yuu

Day 2
Sfw: Family/Adopting Kids Together
Nsfw: Mafia Au

Day 3
Sfw: Soul Mates Au
Nsfw: Power/Normal bottom Demon!Yuu

Day 4
Sfw: Punk and Pastel
Nsfw: Master Mika

Day 5
Sfw: You Make Me Stronger
Nsfw: Firemen!Mika x Police Officer!Yuu

Day 6
Sfw: The Times Mika And Yuu Protected Each Other
Nsfw: Alpha!Mika and Werewolf!Yuu in heat

Day 7
Free day!

(English Subs + Text) Soraru and Mafumafu’s new Cooking Videos

”I tried making Sticky Ramen for my friend”
I’ve subbed Soraru’s latest video on his official channel where he tries to cook a meal for Mafumafu! :O If the English subs don’t pop up immediately, click the gear icon and enable them~

Below the “read more” is the full transcript for Mafumafu’s video!
Watch Mafumafu’s video here.
I can’t subtitle it because his channel doesn’t have community contributions enabled, sorry! ;_; But feel free to share the link to this post if you see people wanting to know what’s happening in the video!
This goes line by line and might be a bit hard to understand without the video side by side, so feel free to ask if you have any questions~ I hope you enjoy both videos! :)
(Please do not use these translations to upload a subbed version of either video to Youtube or anywhere else)

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for a while i wanted to design the quartz dogs in their uncorrupted forms so here they are

from left to right: orange, ocean, biggs, picture, bruneau, green, red, purple

the lines mark their heights, the names on the lines indicate which gem has which height. orange jasper is there mostly for reference

bruneau is slightly crouched so her actual height is higher than where her head is on the pic. also you cant see it from this angle but her face has a pattern on it:

[please do not use my art without my permission and without crediting me. do not use my art and designs for monetary gain. feel free to make fanart tho, but please credit and @ me when you post it!]

About SquigglyDigg

My name’s Hailey, but you can call me Squiggly: animator, illustrator, skeleton enthusiast, grown-ass woman with a kid’s interests.  In my spare time I like to eat, draw, sing, cosplay, and voice act!

(If you’re looking for info on my Toon Henry AU for Bendy and the Ink Machine, please refer to this post on my personal blog.)



“Why the name ‘SquigglyDigg?’”

I’ve told the story before, but basically the username “SquigglyDigg” comes from several years ago, when I went on a flight to visit some family and had a little mameshiba keychain on my backpack carry-on.  The flight attendant was charmed by it, and kept giving it silly little nicknames each time he passed by, batting at it, saying “hello” to it, and stuff like that.  When I got off the flight, he patted it affectionately and went “buh-bye, squigglydigg!”And the nonsense word just stuck out in my memory, so I adopted it. :V

“Where do you work?”

I’m currently working for Copernicus Studios as a 2D FX animator on Season 2 of Pickle & Peanut.

“What program do you use to draw/animate?”

I use Clip Studio Paint EX for both!

“Where did you attend college?”

I attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and graduated with a BFA in Traditional Animation in December 2016.

“Do you have an online store?“

Yes indeedy!  My RedBubble store can be found over here:

“What about commissions?”

I do occasionally offer commissions, but unfortunately they are closed at the moment!  I’ll be making a page listing my prices as soon as I get the chance to re-open them.

“PLEASE DRAW  _____!”

The more you ask me to draw something, the less likely I am to do it.  Please – I don’t take requests.

“I drew/wrote something for you!  How can I show it to you?”

Any number of methods (thank you for thinking of me :D)!  If I’m online, a simple @squigglydigg or @squigglydigglydoo in a post might work, but since I’m not always online, that method of getting my attention is unreliable.  A better way of making sure I can see a post you make is to simply make sure that #squigglydigg or #squigglydigglydoo is in the first five tags of the post!  I track both of those tags, and unfortunately, the way Tumblr works, any given post will only appear in the first five tags applied to it.  If #squigglydigg is the sixth tag or later on your post, it won’t show up in the tag.

Unfortunately, I cannot see my tracked tags until I’m at home.  If you’d like to submit to me a link to the post (or simply the content you made, if you don’t want to make your own post) so that I see it sooner, please feel free to do so!

“Can I use your art for insert-thing-here?”

You must ask me for permission if you would like to use my art for anything at all, period.  No exceptions (this includes you, RP blogs–I do NOT like finding my work cropped and edited for somebody’s icons without my permission).  If I give you permission to use my work, you MUST source it back to me with a link to where it was originally posted, and you DO NOT have permission to edit it beyond cropping it unless I explicitly say so.

Trust me–you don’t want to test me here.  I know how to use the copyright complaint function on most websites.

“Is it okay to tag your art as ‘kin’ or anything related to otherkin or fictionkin?”

Please do not.  I’ve explained my stance before, and am a bit uninclined to get into it again, but long story short, it’s more than a little unsettling for me as an artist to have people I don’t even know claiming my art as, in any way, shape, or form, a representation of them.

Anybody who disrespects my wishes on this matter and decides to associate my work with anything related to “kin” will be blocked on sight.

This is not a bluff.  I am tired of asking every single person individually to respect my wishes.

“What computer do you have?”

I actually have a custom PC, specifically designed to run games and process-heavy software!  The specs can be found in this post right here.

“How tall are you?”

As baffled as I am that this is, in fact, a frequently-asked question, I stand at 5'2”.

“Sweet or savory food??”

I actually don’t like sweet food that much, so savory!

harrysgaytour  asked:

HI I loved you jumping in sooooo would you wanna do a book rec please? 😇💕

of course, thanks for giving me a reason to put my never without a book nature to use!! sorry I got a little excessive, I just had to force myself not to add any more. Some of these are a little heavy so feel free to ask if you’re worried about reading any of them!


  • Brideshead Revisited - this book is the love of my life okay, I care about very few people as much as I care about these two idiots who love each other (possibly should be in classics but idk)
  • Brave New World - pretty dark dystopian world, definitely worth reading if you liked 1984
  • Misery - need to throw in a horror, this is bleak but great! please watch the kathy bates film after because what a terrifying performance, only for people who are into creepy things through especially psychological stuff
  • Birdsong - I wouldn’t rec this as one people would def enjoy but if you like war related stuff it’s great and I just think the writing is stunning
  • An Untamed State - this book would be v triggering for some people so I don’t rec it lights but honestly I will happily rec any single piece of writing that roxane gay has put out into to world
  • Gone Girl - you all know what this is about, shamelessly love it
  • Neverwhere - my favouite of neil gaiman’s stuff, also very worth listening to the radio play version if you can get your hands on it
  • The Raven Cycle - if you’re looking for good YA with supernatural tones, this is my fave


  • The Song of Achilles - my joint fave with brideshead, this book means the world to me. I never go more than a few months without reading, especially if you’re into mythology this is for you
  • The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue - I only read this last week and it’s instantly one of my faves, it’s everything I wanted: pining! sweet boys in love! aristocratic tones! adventure!
  • The Price of Salt - the book that carol is based on (also watch carol)
  • Girl Meets Boy - another mythological reinterpretation, this time of the myth of iphis
  • Angels in America - play in two parts set during the AIDS crisis, also my favourite play of all time
  • Bent - okay pals this is simultaneously a rec and a brace yourself, this is a play about being gay in a german concentration camp so not a good time but I cried and cried over it (disclaimer that I just finished it so I might be biased)
  • The Normal Heart - man I love a sad gay play, also set in the 80s and watch the film after
  • A Single Man - book of the colin firth film, every bit as stunning (upsetting at times, feel free to message me about any of these)
  • Maurice - I expected this one to be heartbreaking bc gay book written in the early 1900s but surprisingly not
  • Tipping the Velvet - classic lesbian read, probably one of my first lesbian books so I’m attached to it


  • Pride and Prejudice - listen if you like a romcom or a period piece and you haven’t read this, what are you waiting for
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray - wonderful original gothic horror, also arguably belongs in the LGBT category
  • Rebecca - also gothic horror, prob in my top five books bc I’ve read it so many times
  • Wuthering Heights - as I said to eline the people are so volatile but it’s a fascinating read, especially as a character study
  • Jane Eyre - there are some terrible tropes in this book but it’s gorgeously writen and as I mentioned, it’s particularly interesting if you pair it with Wide Sargasso Sea
  • Tess of the d’Urbervilles - listen I’m not advocating for this book, it’s objectively fucked but if I’m making a list of books that struck me I couldn’t stop thinking about it and rereading passages for like a year
  • The Importance of Being Earnest - pals if you shy away from classics, read this play! I’ve probably read it 20 times because it’s genuinely like watching a comedy for me, it’s so so funny

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67(.)media).(tumblr(.)com/812263568b89eee08e89fb7a26754e9e/tumblr_ofrjq0OFB61ty1s4do2_540).(gif Can you do a tutorial for how to make this kind of gif style?

Hello!! I’d never really tried it myself and the tutorials I found were kinda confusing, so I ended up making my own tutorial after playing around with it….

Tutorial: How to Make Line Art Gifs

Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Time Allocation:  less than 10 minutes
Prior Understanding Requirement: it would be helpful to know how to make gifs beforehand and have some general photoshop knowledge.

Please Note: If you do not have an extended or portable version of photoshop, you won’t be able to do it with the method I’m going to show you (since those versions don’t have the timeline option and this is the only method I know I’m sorry;;)

Final Result:

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Join us at It Would Be So Sweet!

Hey Jonsa fam! If you want to talk about boatsex without detractors ‘eavesdropping,’ IWBSS is the place. If you want to talk about Jon/Sansa or vent about the season without worrying about being made fun of, look no further. Jon/Sansa shippers of all different opinions are welcome here!

Why join?

We are an inclusive forum that takes respect and privacy seriously (validated membership is required). It was created as a safe space for Jon/Sansa fans to talk freely about Jonsa — or anything asoiaf/got-related — without having to worry about being harassed. We want to foster an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe to speak their mind, a haven to retreat to when things get rough here, where we can connect with other Jon/Sansa lovers!

Other perks: enjoy a completely private forum (members are asked not to repost forum content outside of it without permission), make new friends in the Jon x Sansa community, discuss Jonsa and asoiaf/got in real time with others in a private chat, and bask in lots of Jon/Sansa positivity during the hiatus!

How to join

Please message @qitns, @direwolfpupy, @jonbonsnowvi, or @lyannas-loves to receive the url to the forum and start the registration process (we are not including the link in this post to reduce the amount of trolls). Please do not use anonymous asks or a throwaway account for this — these will automatically be disregarded as we cannot verify you without proof of your fandom identity. And if you want more information/have more questions, please feel free to give us a shout anytime! <3


This is a masterlist of all of my favorite photos and fancams of Johnny. Sorry to those looking through, I did my best to gather lots! This is my best attempt at an “organized archive” because my blog is messy. Feel free to reblog the other masterlists

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third and final compilation of shimayu moments from the novel

part 1 part 2

Here’s the shimayu interactions in chronological order so that you can get a feel of the progression (details mentioned in the first post are largely omitted, though there are also parts with overlaps). It was a long and arduous process and admittedly, I had zero motivation to translate anything, but then I decided to grit my teeth and glue myself to my chair. And lo behold! :D Pardon the grammatical errors, jarring jumps between certain paragraphs and the changes in pronouns. Usually, when I switch to ‘Mayura’ after using ‘I’, I’m summarising rather than translating. Other times, it’s just… a grammatical inconsistency. Sorry ‘bout that. ≡(*′▽`)っ

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anonymous asked:

Is there any way to make a plot twist in a way where it doesn't seem like it came out of nowhere? That's my biggest problem, people always tell me that my plot twists feel weird and unnatural.


There definitely is – foreshadow. Drop subtle but clear hints about what’s coming all throughout the novel, so that when your readers look back it will be clear that those hints indicated your plot twist.

As an example, I’ll use The Shining by Stephen King (one of my favorite books ever). *SPOILER ALERT!*

Danny Torrance, the protagonist, is a five-year-old with telepathic powers. He has a visitor (his parents call it his imaginary friend, but it’s not) named Tony who sometimes shows him things: Tony once showed him where to find a trunk containing his father’s manuscripts; Tony also shows him horrible things happening in the hotel in which his family will be spending the winter (up in the mountains of Colorado, so they’ll be snowed in). After Danny has a semi-catatonic episode, his parents take him for a medical checkup, just to be sure of his health before they’re snowed in for three months.

The pediatrician, of course, speaks to Danny during/after his checkup, and acts somewhat as a psychiatrist; he then speaks to his parents about his diagnosis (which is nothing serious – only stress). His opinion on Tony is that he was created to deal with hard times (moving, and Danny’s parents considering divorce), and Danny no longer needs Tony, because the family is rebounding; however, Tony isn’t leaving easily, hence the nightmares Danny complains of, and the fainting spell he had. Then the pediatrician says to Mr. and Mrs. Torrance something along the lines of “And of course, you know why he’s named Tony and not Michael or Greg”, and during my first time reading, I didn’t understand what he meant. After the plot twist, it clicked.

Also, it is mentioned that Danny was born with a caul over his face, which superstition says signifies a child gifted with the second sight (in other words, the child will be able to see the future). At the time, this – and what it implies – seems like a secondary detail. Again, at the plot twist it is clear that it actually means more.

The plot twist occurs during Tony’s last visit, which takes place during the novel’s climax. During his last powow with Danny, he comes closer, into Danny’s field of vision – Danny has never seen Tony’s face before, so this is a significant event. Tony looks just like Danny, but older – still young, but maybe 11 instead of 5. Then, in the prose, Stephen King writes Danny’s full name, middle name included, which doesn’t happen at any other place in the novel: his full name is Daniel Anthony Torrance, or in other terms, Danny “Tony” Torrance. The conclusion drawn from this is that Tony is actually Danny from the future, and that Danny has both telepathy and second sight.

This plot twist grows roots throughout the book: how Danny never sees Tony’s face, how Danny was born with something said to promise the second sight, the psychiatrist’s comment on Tony’s name. Basically, Stephen King lays everything on the table without giving us the one detail everything stems from – if it was drawn as a chart, all these small details would surround one big box in the middle, and until the plot twist, that big box would be blank. After the plot twist, that box would be filled in with TONY IS AN OLDER VERSION OF DANNY AND DANNY HAS PRECOGNITIVE VISIONS. That’s what you need to do: lay everything out for the reader except the actual plot twist itself.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven

What taking Harry to meet your family would include

Allow me to be more focused on the latino community/culture in this piece. I promise I’ll be uploading a more ‘standard’ version (i.e. avoiding specifics that may make non-latinos feel excluded or don’t allow them to feel identified) so that anybody can have their fun. It’ll be on later tonight or later tomorrow but it’ll be on here. If you like it or want me to write this in Spanish please feel free to ask me, I’ll be more than glad to comply.

Without anything else to add… let’s get to the point!

  • Your family throwing an enormous party even if you told them that it was nothing. That ‘he’ll probably feel better if it’s only us, you know? He can meet the extended family later’
  • But of course, your mother didn’t listen to. Well, he tried - but how else was she supposed to make tamales without help? When she asked your aunt for the recipe of her delicious tamales de queso she, inevitably, asked ‘why?’ and your mother wanted to keep the secret for herself. She really did. She was not a chismosa, thank you very much. But she was so, so proud of you… and she missed you deeply, and your aunt was just asking how were you doing…
  • ‘She’ll bring her boyfriend’, she said, and there was a long pause at the other end of the line, followed by a long, tedious list of questions like ‘is he as handsome as he looks like in the TV?’ ‘where is he staying?’ ‘how long will he be here?’ ‘is he getting a hair cut?’ ‘are they serious then?’ and before your mother knew, the rest of your family were already expecting to meet him.

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alright folks i’m back at it again with the dissertation

quick background: i’m doing an essay on slash/queer fanfic being written by queer fans

so if you identify as queer/lgbt+ and specifically write fic for ANY of these fandoms & pairings:

  • Harry Potter - Remus/Sirius
  • Sherlock Holmes (the Conan-Doyle stories) - Holmes/Watson (canon era)
  • Les Miserables - Enjolras/Grantaire (preferably canon era)

please reblog this post with links or send me a message!!

alternatively if you’ve read fics for any of the above & know the author is queer than please feel free to recommend them

(also in case people are worried: i’m not gonna quote stuff without permission, once i’ve found fics i can use i’ll message authors & ask a bunch of questions~)