please fall for her already

ARIES, no one will say it, but it’s lovely to see you smiling for a change. they say smiling on the outside makes someone feel happier within- is it working? tricking yourself into happiness will last a while, but the fallback is harsh, so try to cushion your soul. prepare.

TAURUS, I like to believe that the love-sickness hiding in your soul was planted there by some higher power so that when you do find the right person to love, they’ll never feel an ounce of emptiness in your presence. take pride in your immense love and never let it go. one day, you’ll be able to give to someone who will return it tenfold.

GEMINI, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. we can’t go one night without mentioning you. I miss you. I know you can’t come home right now but I am counting down the days until you do.

CANCER, I’m sorry it went this way. but tomorrow is a new day. take your memories of the past with you, and strive. but do remember who loves you. and please, be good to them. it may be tough, but sometimes it’s best you bite your tongue.

LEO, you’ve given up on a lot recently. I know I’ve been harsh, but it kills me to see you like this. take my advice: loving someone new will be difficult- but the love you will get in return will be worth the fire of your soul. forgiving the one before your new person will be near impossible- but if you can move on, you will find yourself able to smile at her again without choking back tears. loving yourself sounds like a dream- but it can be a reality, because you are loved. to reach these points, though, you must be truthful- communicate with your new love, sit your past love down and explain, and work through your feelings. you will feel relief, in the end. I’m just sorry I couldn’t be kind to you before.

VIRGO, it’s okay to be scared. baby, love is scary. but you are so good for her. and she is so good for you. and she isn’t that person that hurt you, once. she loves you more than anyone ever could. encourage her to chase her dreams- and remember that you are a part of them. you are important. never think yourself as anything less.

LIBRA, we all see you laughing and pretending and doing things to piss your past friends off. I just wish you could be honest with yourself. this isn’t making you happy. it’s killing you.

SCORPIO, it’s time for you to stop trying to manipulate your relationships with others and just accept the plain fact that not everything can work how you want it. I’m sorry things are this way, but he’s never going to love you, she’s never going to be real, and you need to quit procrastinating and focus on your future.

SAGITTARIUS, please don’t fall for her deeper than you already have. this is not bias talking, this is worry, because we all see how much more sad she has made you in a matter of days. she is toxic. she needs someone who can take care of her- and you need someone who can take care of you. you cannot be that for each other.

CAPRICORN, you only need to hear two things: everything is going to be okay, and that I love you. basic words that carry heavy weights. take them as you will.

AQUARIUS, I need you now more than ever and I am sorry I’m another soul for you to carry- you’re just so good at it. please do not view others as burdens, but do not allow them to become more important than yourself. are you truly doing what makes you happy?

PISCES, you are chained to him. now, it’s time to set yourself free- and only you know how to do it, so stop being scared and do it.

—  twelve letters for twelve lovers [deux] ; (a.m.)
True Love’s Kiss

In the middle of the kiss, Anna jerks as if in pain, while yet another streak of her hair turns white. Hans looks at her in disbelief, realising that the kiss had not worked; she was still dying.

“Then there is only one alternative left…” He stands up and turns for the door. Anna, recollecting herself form the pain, whispers:
“Hans…. What do you mean to do?” He was already by the door. He did not dear to look at her.
“I am so sorry, Anna. I have no other choice.”
“What?!” Anna falls to the floor. “Wait! Please, don’t hurt her!” But he was already gone.


Alternative “twist” that I thought of while watching Frozen for the first time. This was actually really, really hard to manipulate! So many layers!! :o

In Times of Peace: Chapter Seven

Summary: The war is over, and like Konoha, Team 7 has rebuilt itself from the ground up. Everything has changed, but Sasuke and Sakura remain much the same. Eleven years, she thinks, is a long time to be in love.

Rating: Mature (for sex and violence)

She tastes like rice wine and she smells like rain.

This is Sasuke’s only thought as he kisses Sakura for the first time. He can barely see her in the dark of his bedroom, but he can feel her well enough. Slender body, all kunoichi’s grace, a mixture of softness and strength. He puts his hands in her wet hair—he loves her hair and wishes he could make out the color of it, no doubt dulled from pale pink to a duskier shade in its dampness. Sasuke tilts Sakura’s head back, nips the sensitive skin of her neck, and presses a light kiss to the abused flesh. She clutches at the fabric of his shirt.

“Turn around,” he says, and Sakura does as she’s told. He touches her bare shoulders, like he’s been wanting to do all night. Slides his fingers down her back, following her spine. Then he unzips her dress, and she takes it off. Strips down to nothing but her plain, cotton underwear.

Sakura laughs, and the sound warms him. “If I’d known this was going to happen I would have worn fancier panties.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Sasuke says. “You won’t be in them for long.”

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