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Letters to Bucky (Part Five)

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Tony read the poem at least a dozen times before refolding it and putting it back in his suit jacket pocket.
He hadn’t stopped smiling since the letter had been delivered that morning, hadn’t even left his desk yet. Couldn’t even think of what he wanted to say back to his soldier. In fact, Tony could barely string a thought together, so he just sat at his desk and grinned like a schoolgirl with her first crush.

It was kind of disgusting.

And he loved it.

“Tony!” Pepper snapped, sticking her lovely red head into his office for the eighth or ninth time in so many minutes. “You have a meeting RIGHT NOW. How many times– are you reading that letter again? Who is it from? What on earth?” She rubbed her forehead. “Look. I’m glad the pen pal program helped you through rehab, I am. Really. But you still have a company to run! So if you would just–”

“I’m coming!” Tony jumped up, waving his arms. “I’m coming. You know, Pepper I should just give the company to you. You care about it more than I do.”

“Don’t joke about that Tony.” She warned, and he stopped walking, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her soundly on the lips.

“I’m not actually joking. Let’s talk about it okay? Later. I can’t be late to this meeting.” With a quick wave of his hand he disappeared into the boardroom.

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Sibling Mystery - Leon x Kamui

Oooookay Kathie here with my first one-shot thing here on tumblr. I actually wrote this a while ago (when I first fell for this magical dork) so I edited it a bit and here we are now. I really hope you like it! (Warning: There’s some parts that can get out of hand but they’re not obscenely NSFW. But knowing you guys it’s not much haha. Also sorry for weird formatting and such.)

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(They kept talking after I’d already gone and written it so the last couple of things they later mention didn’t make in while I was writing…sorry! The last song isn’t Take Me or Leave Me but hopefully it’ll do?)

Title: I’ll Stop Singing (When You Stop Listening)

Synopsis: Kouki feels his neighbors music is too loud, and does something about it.

AU: No Designated AU

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata

Note: Links have been included for the various songs mentioned throughout (the last one’s link is even set to begin at a certain point), and to a video of the mentioned waltz at the end, if anyone was curious.

Word Count: 1,400+

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