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Exodauntia [Audiobook + Prologue]

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Pairing: Chen x Reader

Warnings: mention of blood, violence, and sexual situations.

Summary: You just wanted to help. But you accidentally saved someone you shouldn’t have, and now you’re running for your life while trying to help the person you saved execute his revenge plan, plummeting into a foreign world you never knew existed.

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Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit…

They’ve found me.

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Stardew Valley: Rat Poison
The villagers of Pelican Town get introduced to a new drink in the Saloon. Audio from Parks and Rec Art by me

A silly storyboard I did from a scene in Parks and Rec but with the Stardew Valley characters. Enjoy! (Please excuse the crappy audio eugh)

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spoilers for the next aesthetic? 

not knowing how to stream anything, I made a video of what I’m currently working on in photoshop instead. please excuse my stupid accent, the very loud audio noise from my laptop, and my terrible attempts at humour. otherwise, enjoy this total mess that I will probably delete later 

wow I hate my voice


My favorite seat because I could watch Ed’s feet!

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Continuation of my fascination with @teddysphotos feet and his #LoopPedal (please excuse the audio) #Bloodstream Part 2 #EdSheeran #Divide #DivideTour #DivideTourCleveland #Teddysphotos #Cleveland 09.09.17 #Sheerios #TheDance

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Imagine having sex with Reaper.

This is my first audio edit; please excuse the choppiness *-* Drop in some requests and follow if you’d like to see more audios!

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(please excuse the subpar audio… this was recorded on my ipod and my cat decided to attack during…)

The media tells us ‘just be you’
‘Girls like girls like boys do’
‘You’re not alone’
‘It gets better’
If that’s the case then why don’t the girls
Ever end up together?
If one is shot the one that’s not
Is left alone and broken, the token unspoken for
Left to grieve another day
You can say it’s not because of their sexuality
But equality
Does not mean
Erase me
You don’t pick the daisies that haven’t yet bloomed
When there exists a full rose garden
In the next room
Are we doomed
To keep watching and hoping and waiting
For the day when media creators are
Finally done baiting
Us for popularity and for ratings?
For a day when we’re worth more
Than who we like dating? 

You assure us again and again
That you’re different – progressive
You tell us with an aggressive fervor to have hope
But you fail us and bail us
And we’re at the end of our rope
We’re done with this stale and smothering old trope!
We’re still learning how to cope
With harder lives and damaging discrimination
So excuse us if we’re not so keen to see on our screen
This continually skewed and bad representation
Stop using us for a plot twist, we don’t think it’s charming
Not when our friends are depressed and self-harming
Not when it’s the truth that rates of suicide and homelessness are alarmingly
Higher for lgbt youth…

We know characters die
But you’ve put us in a difficult position
When there’s a long standing tradition
Of killing the queers after a declaration of love and a brief intermission
So excuse our fears and suspicions
And our supposed silly superstitions
It’s just we’ve been conditioned to think that death follows
Such an admission
Your show may be fiction
But this is our lives
We feel it harder when one of us dies
We won’t apologize
Not when the list of those we have to eulogize
Continues to grow
We still feel pain even if they’re just
Characters on a show
If it seems we can’t let this go
Or that we’re a little obsessive
It’s only because we’re protective
Of the small collective
Of characters that are reflective of us
If you don’t understand
Then change your perspective
Vary your gaze
Instead of bury your gays
Try marry your gays
Try wedding your bis
Just ensure us that nobody else has to die
We’ve already said goodbye too many times
Been forced fed by the media too many lies
That we don’t get our happy ending too
That our successes and triumphs will be but a few
It’s just not true
And if this is something you can’t do
Then save your breath
Our community can’t take another unnecessary death

Meet Springtrap
Meet Springtrap

Time for another audio post of this guy! HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE!

(i may have said his name wrong in the audio, so please excuse that error. it took too long to make those skips work, so I don’t think I can take another hour to go back in and fix it -_-“)

Golden Bonnie/Springtrap voiced by me catscater51

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Working with Purple: A Miniature Painting Tutorial.

This is my first video where I’m actually painting something! Please excuse the audio, and the tendency to substitute appropriate words with ones which sound similar. 

I realize that this may not be the most informative, so please let me know what I can do to make things easier to follow. And as always, thanks for watching!