please excuse my ugly mug


hi my names danni, I live in london, I’m queer af, and my hair looks a different shade of auburn depending on what light I’m in. 

i stan dghda even though I’m totally useless in this fandom and the only time I’ve ever contributed was when I took screenshots and put monster factory quotes on them.
( also you’re all gorgeous so please excuse me throwing my ugly mug into the mix .)

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ttachibana  asked:

14, 24, 42, 44 C: puhleaseeee

14. Birthday?

December 31st! I get a big party everywhere I go whether I want one or not lol

24. Favorite band?

Panic! At the Disco is def and eternal fave though recently I’ve been listening to Sie7e nonstop :V

42. Are you okay?

:3 ye it’s been a pretty good day today so I can’t complain~

44. Selfie?

:V You would ask for this one Spinachi