please excuse me while i go cry some more


“Please be a good person. Be a good person, Chuuya. That would be much more beautiful. It would fit you more than the side of the evil, I’m sure of that.”

Based of the fic The City Where the Wind Blows by @raven-rein
I’ve never cried from a fic before. But this one… I found myself sobbing uncontrollably into my pillow after reading it. PLEASE GO READ IT. This fic is so incredibly well written and definitely deserves more views.

Now please excuse me while I go cry some more.

Tumblr and AO3 spoiled me (and to a lesser extent FFN too). I just saw the movie of a book series I absolutely adored and then forgot about for … - oh, four years or so?
And I thought to myself, some nice fanfiction now, to get over the post-canon low. Somehow I was totaly convinced I’d find some. Nope. No fandom apart from like 5 posts on tumblr and a single fanfic (in Spanish). Please excuse me while I go and cry myself to sleep.

If you are still looking for a unique, funny, charming, freaking scary book where the protag is a very likable sociopath (and no, not like Sherlock at all), and Darkly Dreaming Dexter wasn’t freaky enough for you, please go have a look at Dan Well’s ‘I am not a serial killer’. We need some more fans.
(And maybe don’t watch the movie first.)

im actually scared.

i love thefinebros, but i hate teens react. those kids have nasty opinions that are usually rude. when they reacted to doctor who and shane dawson, some of them liked it, but others bashed them. im literally terrified for teens to react to dan and phil. dan and phil are my idols and they have helped me through so much in my life and ugh i’m overreacting but still. and now they’re gonna be more popular.

please excuse me while i go cry though.