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whatevenno  asked:

Do you have any Adam/Belle fic recs?

I have like a billion favorite fics in this fandom and they are a mix between the original film and the new version SO I’M GONNA PUT BOTH! I’ll write the year in the description (but AUs kinda apply to both most stories do because of the OVERWHELMING similarities in the two movies) (I could have added so many more but this is like too long😂)

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Vernon/OFC: Jealousy is pretty ugly, but you’re just pretty

Genre: university!AU, fluff/romance/humor

Word Count: 4206

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua, Jeonghan 

@svthansols: bff!Vernon, “I swear I didn’t see anything!”/“I won’t tell anyone. I swear.”/“What if I kissed you right now?”

She sipped furiously at her iced green tea, the sharp tang of lemon assaulting her tongue, but she paid no mind.

“Are you back on Earth yet, or,” Joshua trailed off lightly, twirling idly at the plastic straw of his thai milk tea.

“Depends, has Earth finally created a pathway to heaven?” she exhaled, nibbling at the edge of her straw. “Because that girl is practically a Goddess.”

In the middle of the student center entrance, stood Vernon and yet another girl. Not that she was counting (two in the past week) but this new one was so frustratingly good looking, coupled by the fact that he was so frustratingly good looking as well. Together they were incredibly beautiful. She had meticulously dyed ash blonde hair, with her roots freshly treated and her style had that lowkey “City Swag” vibe Vernon was crazy about. In other words, the perfect girl.

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taekook fanfic rec #1

PLEASE feel free to recommend me any of your favorite BTS fanfics (any ship), because I will read them. Also, please let me know if you liked any of the stories I recommend!

IMPORTANT: All of the fics I rec will be on a scale of 8 to 10. (8- really good, happy I read it.  9- amazing, I loved it! 10- perfect, one of my favorites. [*]= top fave)

I hope you love the stories as much as I do! As always, happy reading~

1. Dating For Dummies

Summary: in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

Side Couples: Yoonmin, Namjin

Length: 12k words. Oneshot.

No warnings.

AU: Non-idol

Review: THIS WAS CUTE. And funny. And omg. It was a cute read, but the characterization was a little…off? You get over it pretty quick. I enjoyed it!

My Rating: 8.5/10

2. King of the Library, Knight of His Trade

Summary: Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails. 

Side couples: Suga x Jin (that’s a new one for me lol)

Length: 47.4k – 20 chapters (on Asian fanfic) (no chaps on ao3)


AU: College

Review: OH. MY. GOD. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ. IT. RIGHT. NOW. Okay. Okay. I’m calm. This is probably my all-time fave Taekook fic or at least in the top 3. I stayed up till 3am to finish this amazing piece of perfection.

My Rating: 10/10

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Netflix and Chill

A/N: I love writing with Corey. He’s probably my new favorite to write about. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it. Ladies enjoy….😉😉

tagging the usually peeps: @hushothermuses @banrioncethlenn @gelinas22 @helluvawriter @wwesmutdonedirtcheap @wwe-smutfics @fan-fiction-galore

Triggers: Fluffy as fuck…it’s adorable I can’t lol

Enjoy xx

“Netflix and Chill Sweet Pea?” My lovable best friend snakes his arms around my waist as I make dinner for us. He puts his head on my shoulder as I stir the pasta.

“that’s implying that we sleep together and I don’t wanna see your dick ring again. It’s a little scary”

Corey smirks,kissing my cheek sweetly”I see you staring at my junk. Look if you want to ride the beast,just let me know”

I laugh,swatting his hand away from my lower stomach.

“that’s not a beast”I turn around to look into his beautiful eyes”that’s a serpent that just looks weird. And can we stop talking about your dick please? Its making me lose my appetite.”

Corey shrugs,laughing while going to set the table for dinner”oh stop,you would love a peice of all this”

As he gestures to his body,i throw a spoon at him.”just fucking set the table Casanova”

Corey and I became friends a little over 4 years ago. I was dating his best friend when I found out he was seeing someone else. I was absolutely heartbroken. I lost the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.But I ended up with something so much better, Corey. I have no idea what i’d do without that snarky,sassy tattooed hottie of a man.

“so I have the greatest love movie set up for us”Corey beamed,grabbing me to cuddle up next to him.

“i swear if it’s hostel”I turn to him,bringing the blanket to cover us”I will rip out your dick ring”

He smirks”why are you so obsessed-”

I glare at him.

”it’s not hostel I promise”

I curl up next to him as he put his arm around me. I can see why people thought we were a couple. Cuddling up against each other,Holding hands,just because. I think the thought of it was always in the back of my head. What if Corey and I became an actual couple? Would it still be the same? Would we be able to still to joke around like we do?

“Sweet Pea?”he snapped out of my day dream and nudges towards the screen. I gasped feeling my heart swell.I grab his face and kiss his cheek sweetly.

“I remember when you that this was your favorite movie when you were younger”He caressed my cheek,smiling warmly.He is making it so hard not to fall in love with him.



Did I just?

Am I love with Corey?

I look into his beautiful eyes that just drag you in”but I never told you that it was my favorite”

He starts to look away,biting his lip”I remember you telling James that Belle was your favorite princess and you wanted to dress up as her and him as the beast for Halloween and then.” He stopped talking.Halloween was when I caught James cheating on me with Cynthia,Corey’s girlfriend.

I start to tear up”I can’t believe you remember that.I mean that was 5 years ago. I can’t remember what I ate yesterday.”

Corey grabs my waist,making me face him.I straddle his waist as I smile down at him”I remember everything about you.Your favorite flower is Sunflowers. You love Jasmine,Mulan and Pocahontas also. You love Starbucks but you drink Decaf Tea in the morning. You love a good book and would much rather curl up on a Friday night with one than go out”

I bite my lip and listen to every word Corey was saying. He grabs something behind the pillow as he hands it to me.A chocolate heart,decorated with Belle and the Beast with a bouquet of Sunflowers.”Amaya,Would you be my Valentine?”

I grab his face and smile”I would love to be your Valentine Mr.Graves”

I don’t know who leaned first or which one of us starting it but we started to kiss.He runs his tattooed fingers through my hair,stopping at the base of my neck.We fight for dominance,as he pulls me closer. I feel my heart race as he kisses down my jawline to my neck and back up,kissing my lips again.He presses his forehead to mine,pecking my lips sweetly.”God I have been wanting to do that forever Amaya.James never deserved you.He’s a fucking idiot that messed up everything with an amazing woman.I love you,i always have and I will cherish you always Sweet Pea”

I kiss his lips,his fingers wiping my tears away”I love you too Corey.You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me Corey.”

“Say it again”

“I love you Corey”I kiss around his face, laughing as he tickle my sides”I love you so much”

He grabs my hand to lay me down on his chest,pressing play,wrapping his arms around me”this is by far this best Netflix and Chill date I have ever had Sweet Pea”

I kiss his chest,laughing softly”it really is Corey.Happy Valentine’s Day handsome”

“Happy Valentine’s Day Sweet Pea”


“Sweet Pea?”I snap out of my daydream,looking over at my husband holding our daughter,Julia”you okay? you were spacing out a lot.”

I smile at Corey”just thinking about first Valentine’s Day together”

Corey grabs my hand under the blanket,rubbing my hand sweetly”it was the best Netflix and Chill date I have ever had”

“I love you Corey.”

Life has a funny way of working. If you would have told me,i would be sitting here with my loveable husband with our daughter and a little boy on the way watching Beauty and the Beast,i would say you are insane and laugh at you.It has been the best journey I have ever been on and I would never change it for the world.

Corey grabs my hand to kiss it”I love you too Sweet Pea”


Summary- Clara leaves Dean alone to babysit Maddie for the first time. 

A/N- The second part of my Dating with Children series. It will make sense if you haven’t read the first part, but I suggest checking it out.

Dating with Children Masterlist


“Alone?! You want to leave me alone with her? Are you crazy?” Dean exclaimed, looking at his girlfriend like she had three heads.

“Dean, please? I have been planning this girl’s night for a while and the babysitter caught the flu and can’t come. It’ll only be for a couple of hours, I promise.” Clara continued getting ready.

“Clara, I don’t know what to do with her! Sure, I’ve spent some time with her, but not a lot. And what if I do something wrong? I could totally screw up your kid. Like forever. Is that what you want?”

Clara turned around and gave him a look. “You are not going to screw her up. C’mon, you can handle a four-year-old for a couple of hours. I have total faith in you! You’re a very capable man. She’ll tell you want she wants to do, and she’ll even tell when she’s hungry for dinner. There are some very basic things in the fridge and you’re a great cook. She’ll eat just about anything. Bedtime is 7:30. Okay? You’ve got this Dean, there is no one safer to leave her with.”

Dean was not ready for this. Handling a preschooler by himself for the evening? Scarier than a nest of vamps. He’d been back to Clara’s a handful of times since the first night he’d meet Maddie and had fun. Maddie was a good kid and according to her Dean was finally starting to get the hang of playing princesses. But none the less, being left responsible for the little girl was terrifying for Dean. Sure, he’d taken care of Sam a lot when they were younger, but Dean didn’t feel like that made him experienced. He knew that Clara leaving Maddie with him was a big step.

“Please Dean, for me.” Clara ran a hand up his arm reassuringly. “I won’t be far, if anything goes wrong just call me and I’ll be home in no time.”

Dean sighed, “Okay. I’ll do it.”

Clara leaned up and gave him a quick kiss. “You’ll be fine; she’s an easy kid.”

The door had barely closed behind Clara, before Maddie whipped around to face Dean. “We’re going to have the best time Dean!”

Dean gave her a weak smile. “Alright Maddie, what are we doing first?”

“Barbies, you still haven’t played that yet!”

“Alright, let’s go.” Never in his life did Dean Winchester think he’d be sitting on the floor of a little girl’s room playing Barbies, but since meeting Maddie she had gotten him to play a variety of children’s games.

Maddie started pulled out a collection of dolls and their various outfits and accessories. “Dean, I left my Ken doll at Nana’s, so you’ll have to be a Barbie, but you can pick your Barbie and her outfit first.”

Dean stared at the various toys laid out in front of them, “Maddie I don’t really care which one, you can pick for me.”

Maddie shot him an annoyed look, “Deaaan, part of the fun of Barbies is picking your girl and dressing her up. I can’t pick for you.”

“Sorry,” Dean reached out and grabbed the closest Barbie to him. “I guess I’ll be this one then.”

“Good, now pick clothes to put on her. This shirt is like the ones you always wear.” Maddie fled up a Barbie sized flannel for Dean. He took the miniature clothing from her and tried to dress his doll. He struggled to get the old shirt off his doll; his large fingers fumbling to get her arms out. Maddie giggled as she watched him try, and Dean shot her his classic bitch face.

“You want to help me with this?” Dean held out the doll to her and she changed its outfit with ease.

“There! Okay, so this doll is mine. I named her Lily. What is the name of your doll?” Maddie looked at him expectantly. He didn’t have a name; he honestly was so confused on how he was supposed to play.

“Can’t I just call her Barbie?” Maddie tossed her head back, again annoyed with Dean’s lack of understanding. “Guess not. Umm… I guess Mary then.”

Maddie smiled at him, “That’s a pretty name.”

Dean smiled to himself, “Thanks. So how do we play?”

“You just move them around and talk. You play however you want.” She held her doll up on the floor and Dean copied her moves. “Hi Mary, I love your new shirt.”

“I like yours too.” Dean tried out a high pitched girly voice. Maddie giggled.

“Why thank you, I also got these new shoes. Do you want to try them on?” Dean groaned internally; this was going to be a long night.

An hour later, Maddie put down the Barbie she was holding and looked up at Dean, “Dean I’m hungry. Can I have dinner please?”

“Sure kid, what do you want? Are burgers good? My brother says I make good burgers.”

“I like burgers, especially with cheese.” She paused for a minute, “you have a brother?”

“Burgers with cheese it is then.” Dean scoped the child up in his arms and headed toward the kitchen. “Yep, his name’s Sammy.”

“That’s sounds nice. I always wanted a little brother or sister to play with.”

“Yeah? Mines not so little anymore, he’s taller than me now.”

“Really?” Maddie’s eyes went wide, “But you are already really tall. He must be huge.”

“He’s a giant alright.” Dean sat her down on the counter and started gathering all the supplies he needed to make dinner.

“I want to help.” Maddie excited bounced on her spot. Dean bit his lip, he wasn’t sure how much help Maddie was going to be able to be. At four-years-old there was no way Dean was letting her work the stove.

“I don’t know Maddie; the stove is hot. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I can help with the other stuff; I help my Mommy cook all the time.”

“Alright,” Dean conceded. He pulled a kitchen chair over for Maddie to stand on and work. Together they started preparing the meat, mixing onions and garlic with the ground beef. Once everything was mixed together Dean showed Maddie how to shape the patties. “You push the meat into little balls and then flatten them, like this. Good job.”

Once all the patties were formed, Dean moved Maddie to the table and started to cook the meat. When Dean placed a finished burger in front of Maddie, her eyes went wide.

“That smells really good.” She took a bite and smiled up at him. “Your Sammy is right; these are great burgers!”

“I had a great helper.” As dinner continued, he noticed that Maddie seemed to be getting tired. “Hey, maybe we can watch a movie after dinner before bed.”

“Yeah, we have to watch Beauty and the Beast. It’s my new favorite princess movie.”

“I’ve never seen it before.”

“What?” Maddie looked up at Dean with a shocked expression. “Dean, your life sounds pretty boring. You’ve never seen Beauty and the Beast, you’ve never played Barbie or tea party. What do you do? It’s a good thing you met Mommy; we’re showing you all the good stuff.”

Dean smiled, Maddie wasn’t too far off. He’d never admit it, especially to Sam, but he actually enjoyed playing Maddie’s games with her. Definitely more than he ever though. Dean was really starting to warm up to this new little girl in his life.

“You definitely are sweetheart. Meeting your mom was one of the best things to happen to me.”

Maddie leaped out of her seat and towards Dean, who quickly threw his arms out to catch her. She wrapped her tiny arms around his neck and gave him the biggest hug she could.

After dinner, the pair were nestled up on the couch, the opening chords of the movie playing. As the enchantress comes on screen, Maddie snuggled closer into Dean’s side, her head curled into the crook of his neck. Dean wrapped his arms securely around her, basking in the fact that there was no were else he’d rather be.

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The Director- Chris Evans One Shot

Pairing: Chris Evans X Reader

Prompt: You are a best-selling author and Chris wants to direct the film adaptation of your book.

Word Count: 1690

A/N: I know this is similar to my other Chris one shot “Never Been Kissed”, but I really liked this idea. I wrote all of this is about a hour, so I’m sorry if it is terrible.


Heels clicked outside of your office, signaling you that someone was on an urgent mission. You glanced up from the paper in front of you to see your assistant gently closing your glass door behind her. You raised your eyebrows at her as she came to a halt in front of your desk.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” You asked as she stayed quiet for a moment-attempting to compose herself after basically running down the halls in her high shoes.

“Oh, yes. I’m sorry to interrupt, but a man has requested to meet with you tomorrow. He says he is a director and wishes to adapt your book into a movie.” She explained, moving a loose piece of hair out of her face and behind her ear.

“Thank you for informing me, but please tell him I am not interested. I do not want my work to become a film-or at least not at this time.” You stated and she nodded.

“Yes, ma'am.” She replied.

“Call me, Y/N, please.” You said.

“Right. Yes, Y/N.” She smiled shyly at you, which you returned with a warm grin she scurried out of the small office and headed back down the long hallway to her desk.

You worked as a magazine editor in Los Angeles and as an author. About a year ago, you published your first book. It became was added to the list of The New York Times’ Best-Sellers. You had received numerous contract opportunities to develop your book into a movie; but you declined each of them. None of them offered what you wanted-a say in the production. If you were going to change your book into a movie, you were going to have a say in its screenplay and development.

The day went on as normal as usual. Nothing excited ever happened and it did not help that you so desperately wanted to write a sequel to your story, but could not find the time to do so. You were busy helping your co-workers with their articles, doing press here and there for the book, and writing your own editorials. You had no time to write freely.

The clock struck three and there was a buzz from your office phone. You answered it, knowing it would be your assistant. She was brand new to the system and very starry-eyed. She wanted to be a writer-you could see the ambitious spark in her eyes. She was bright, but allowed the nerves to overcome her. You saw a lot of yourself in her; therefore, you never attempted to harm her with meaningless coffee runs and what-nots.

“Hello, Y/N. I’m so sorry to interrupt you again. The director is here and he is very persistent about seeing you.” She explained in a shaky voice. You sighed quietly, hoping not to frighten her with your distress.

“Did you inform him I am not meeting with anyone about a movie adaptation?” You questioned.

“Yes. I’m afraid he will not go away. Would you like me to call security?” She asked.

“No, that will not be necessary. I will come down there as soon as I can. Thank you for notifying me.” You replied.

“You’re welcome.” She said and you hung up the phone. You stood up and straightened out your pantsuit. You had a plan-go down there, tell the man to his face that you will not accept the offer, and call security if he tries anything. You exited your office and stalked down the hall to the lobby.

You turned the corner and were met with your assistant, typing away at her computer. There was a man wearing a gray baseball cap and casual clothing sitting in one of the hard lobby chairs. Your assistant and the mysterious director both looked at you upon hearing your shoes snap against the pristine, white tile.

“You must be Ms. Y/L/N.” The man stood up and made his way over to you. He held out his hand to you as he approached. As he stood in front of you, you recognized which director he was. He had only directed one film, but that didn’t stop you from remembering his face.

“And you must be the man who does not know what ‘no’ means.” You replied, shaking his outstretched hand.

“Look, I just want to talk. I read your book and I love-” Chris Evans began to say as you dropped his hand.

“How many siblings does the main character have?” You cut him off with a question. He scrunched his eyebrows together in confusion and you simply raised yours, awaiting his response.

“I don’t think you specified exactly how many, but Chloe did have a cousin named Marcus. He was the one that taught her the constellations.” He replied. You turned to your assistant, who looked pretty impressed by the actor and director.

“It appears that I now have a meeting to attend to. Mr. Evans, if you will follow me.” You said, rotating on your heel to walk back to your office. You heard Chris scuttle along after you.

“Does this mean I can film it?” He asked, entering your office space.

“This means you get a chance.” You sat behind your desk and he sat across from you, “I was surprised by you. The other directors I have met with have fed me the same line of 'I read the book and it was my favorite’. They couldn’t answer any question that you could not read the answer to on the back cover, but you-you could. Pitch me your deal and I will tell you if I agree or not, after some consideration of course.”

“Well, there’s not much to pitch. I’m not a big-time Hollywood director. The film will be an independent one, if I were to actually direct it. I would leave the screenplay up to you, if you want. You could have the final say in the actors and actresses we use-as well as a final say in the whole production. You could also be on set, if you would like to see how everything is running.” He explained.

“Are you serious?” You asked in confusion, “You would allow me to hold that power? I could control the writing portion and what goes into it?”

“It is your story, isn’t it? It would be wrong if I changed it from what you pictured it as while you wrote it.” Chris said, “Am I also the first to consider your interests in this project?”

“Yes.” You nodded. “I do appreciate the control I would hold if I was to accept this offer; however, I will need to discuss this all with my agent before I can make any official decisions.”

“That is perfectly okay with me. I just really enjoyed the story and I want to see it transform onto the big screen, whether or not I direct it.” He explained.

“I will consider it. I will have my assistant contact you with any information.” You pulled out a sticky note from your drawer and wrote on it, “Excuse the sticky note, I do not have business cards. You can use this to contact me directly; but, please, only if absolutely necessary-at least until I give you an answer.” You handed him the small piece of paper.

“Thank you for your time.” Chris smiled at you, standing up. You stood up as well and met him at your door.

“Thank you for considering my interests.” You shook his hand with a kind smile. He left your office and you returned to your seat.

A complete twenty seconds later, you cell-phone lit up, alarming you that an unknown caller was trying to reach you. Chris’ smiling face flashed across your mind as you reached to answer it.

“Hello?” You said.

“Hi, Y/N. It’s Chris.” He replied, causing you to laugh lightly, “I know you are probably busy, but would you like to get coffee tomorrow? Outside of work.”

“That sounds lovely.”


*Eight Months Later*

“Cut!” Chris yelled in his 'director’ voice. A frown was displayed on his face as he looked at the male lead for the movie, “Five minute break, everyone. What the hell was that? This part is one of the most important scenes in the whole book and you can’t even get your lines right! Get it together, Sebastian!”

“Chris.” You scolded, turning his attention away from his friend to you.

“Yes, dear?” He asked.

“Stop being the mean director. Please.” You replied. Sebastian came over to you two and sat in his own chair, “You did great, Sebastian. You make a great Louis.”

“Tell that to your boyfriend.” Sebastian laughed.

“Hey! I could fire you.” Chris threatened, making you and Sebastian roll your eyes at him.

“You are never going to direct another one of my books again.” You stated, teasingly “The next one is going to be Clint Eastwood.”

“Why didn’t you offer this role to Scott Eastwood?” Sebastian asked.

“Louis has dark hair and blue eyes. He looks more like you than Scott.” You replied.

“How is the sequel coming by the way?” He asked, casually-the two of you ignoring Chris as he mumbled stuff about directing and filming.

“It is almost completed. I just need to send it into my editor after I finish the last chapter.” You explained.

“Well, I’m excited to read another one of your works.” He stated.

“You can do that by reading my magazine.” You laughed.

“Sebastian, go get ready to reshoot your scene. And remember your lines!” Chris said, pulling him out of the chair. Sebastian pouted like a child, but went off to rehearse before they filmed again.

“I am glad you were so persistent on directing this.” You informed Chris.

“I saw a book with the face of cute girl as the author and I just couldn’t resist.” He replied, leaning down to kiss you.

“I hope you do not do that to every book you read.”

“Only the best ones.” He smiled.

Not A Date (5/?)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an infamous player with a well-known reputation. Can he woo the wary girl who had her heartbroken too many times? Or will she woo him so he changes his ways?

Warnings: Swearing, College AU

Words: 1.4k

A/N: This is part five to my College AU! I’m assuming it’s gonna be within 4 to 5 more parts! Hope you guys enjoy. Also, my requests are still open! You can send requests/tag requests/ feedback here.


| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

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ice cream man answers

(you guys sent in so many asks im posting all my answers to the ones you asked at once, so i dont take up your whole dashboard.)

chocolate marshmallow: favorite brands of candy?
not sure about brands, but i tried pop rocks and they changed everything i knew about reality and what food is

peach: how do you relax?
sometimes i fight nazis. thats a nice way to vent steam. petting dogs or cats or birds or literally any other animal is a winner every time. making food is a good because its constructive and at the end i get food. sometimes steve and i go running. but not early in the morning because mornings are terrible.

coffee: favorite cosmetic brands?
i dont wear much makeup but pepper breaks out some sephora stuff when we have to go on tv? i like OPI nail polish.

birthday cake: favorite books?
i recently read and loved the harry potter books. im a hufflepuff, just so you know. 
(Mod Hell loves the Dresden Files, pretty much everything by David Webber or Robin McKinley or Tamora Pierce)

french vanilla: how old are you?
buddy, i dont fuckin know anymore. a little under 100, by the books, but how the heck am i supposed to count the cryofreze?

(Mod Hell: I regularly forget my own age, but I’m pretty sure I’m 24)

fudge: turn offs?
nazis. really not into nazis. 

chocolate: when was your first kiss?
i was…7, probably. grade school sometime. me and stevie saved this girl mary from a real jerk of a bully and she kissed both of us, one right after the other. sent stevie straight into an asthma attack, poor kid. but she was both of our first kisses.

neapolitan: things that stress you out?
public speaking. steve inside any aircraft. trains. not having any weaponry. bad hair days.

bubblegum: books or movies?
totally depends om my mood. movies, maybe, because they can be more of a group activity, but dont require a ton of social interaction.and the novelty of being able to watch films in your own home hasnt quite worn off.  but i do like to read a lot.

toasted coconut: the beach or the pool?
my beach experiences involve either a lot of 1. storming +fighting nazis or 2. sand in my cool robot arm,  which is not fun. so pools. even though im not buoyant enough to float anymore so i wear swim fins on my left arm.

mint chocolate chip: indoors or outdoors?
outdoors, when the weather is right.

moose tracks: favorites for manga? orange sherbet: favorites for anime?
i read fullmetal alchemist.and then watched the anime. all of it. it was really good, although i feel like clint only showed it to me because of the robot arm thing. its the only manga or anime ive experienced so far, but i really liked it!

blueberry lemon: favorite blogs?
i love @iguanamouth‘s crazy animals, and i follow a couple knitting blogs, as well as @dailybadjokes, just so i have some really terrible puns to use when nat breaks out her dad jokes.

superman: do you like sweaters?
do i like sweaters. friend, i live in sweaters. i haveta knit em special though so they dont have a left sleeve because otherwise the plates in my arm catch on the knit.

blackberry: have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
yes. the first time steve tried out the vibranium shield he missed the rebound and hit himself in the head with the flat side. he flew a good six feet through the air, knocked himself clean out. it was beautiful. i was crying. howard fell over, he was laughing so hard.

cherry: do you drink tea or coffee?
yes. it is how i am alive. 

raspberry truffle: favorite kind of music?
i have a hard time with this one because im still learning so much about modern music. me and thor like listening to heavy metal, and i like tonys classic rock n’ roll, but im also really fond of the music of the 30s and 40s, the stuff i grew up with. 

praline: a popular book you haven’t read yet?
i havent gotten to game of thrones yet. people keep telling me such and such a character is gonna die, but im not sure how they can have that many dead characters and still have enough people for a book.

(Mod Hell has not, and never will, read Fifty Shades of Grey)

toffee: a card game that you’re good at?
so far, all of them. but rummy is my game, friends. i will kick anyones ass at rummy.

(Mod Hell has an inexplicable affinity for Up the River/Down the River. And Irish Poker, if you wanna count that as a card game)

mango: when and why did you start your blog?
my therapist recommended i write about things that were happening in my life, and mentioned that blogging was a good way to do so. i dont think this was quite what she had in mind, but here we all are, so… anyways, this blog was started on october 10th, 2016.

rocky road: favorite songs at the moment?
can i count the entire discography of pink floyd? tony recently introduced me to them and they’re pretty great.

(Mod Hell has been enjoying Down Like Silver’s Wolves, because my taste in music is very very morbid)

butter pecan: favorite songs for life?
this is a hard one. lately i have been enjoying fleurie’s ‘soldier’ because im a cliche sonovabitch 

strawberry: a language you wish you could speak?

dog. do dogs talk? not sure but if they do i want in.

butterscotch: what color are your nails right now?
uhh… silver on the left, none on the right? except for my right pinkie, which is black because thor accidentally set his hammer down on my fingertip. so theres a blood blister there. gross. but they were red last week. me an nat had a nail night. 

(Mod Hell is rocking a matte black and gold french manicure. I’m getting good at those!)

mint: the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?one time me an the howlies were having a night on the town and i drunkenly forgot steve was huge and i tried to pick him up (i mean literally lift him. i wasnt hitting on steve) because i thought he was still tiny.  i failed. steve did not budge at all.  and in the process of trying to regain my balance i overcompensated and fell into the thames. which wouldnt have been so bad if all the howlies and the girls we were with hadnt been right there laughing at me. its probably not the most embarrassing thing ive ever done but its the first that comes to mind.

 (Mod Hell accidentally flashed a lifeguard once, so quickly I was never sure if he actually saw or not. Still super embarrassing.)

green tea: favorite flavors of ice cream?
yes. all of them. now, please.

(Mod Hell:  chocolate chip: what’s your most popular post? 
If you’re counting this blog, the “new years resolution: 1080p” post got picked up by a couple bigger blogs and is the frontrunner at 21,000+ notes. Original posts at hellenhighwater usually fade out at like 20 notes. So there’s a bit of a gap there.

Mod Hell: black raspberry: do you have any pets?
Oh man yeah. I have two cats, Nimitz and Yamamoto. Nim is small and black and puffy and made primarily of homicidal urges. She is the Terror of the Underbrush; the Reaper and Eater of Souls. Yamamoto is 23 pounds of superbly useless cat. Her favorite activity is slowly petting the stair banister post with her paw. I also have a mated pair of domestic Violet Ringneck doves named Vexation and Vendetta who live in my bedroom, though I’ll be building them an outdoor coop to vacation to in the summer. Vex and Ven are the most wonderful idiots. They live life like it’s a spanish soap opera. Everything is very dramatic and seductive and not in a language I understand.)

Diego Luna Filmography Exploration Part 1 of ?

Y Tu Mama Tambien
VERY GOOD MOVIE. Weird though in ways I was not expecting and the fast talking voiceover reminded me a lot of Amelie even tho this voiceover was sad while the Amelie one was like ‘there was a fly and a dog ate the fly and then the dog got hit by a car and survived and traveled to Canada.’ But overall this was a MUCH sadder movie than I expected but I enjoyed Diego and Gael Garcia Bernal immensely (I have Rudo y Cursi from the library I’m watching that tomorrow). There was a humor throughout the film but also a deep thread of bittersweetness. Maribel Verdú as Luisa was stunning and wonderful if maybe a touch unrealistic(or maybe the most patient woman on the planet idk she puts up with a lot). Overall it felt like a snapshot of a culture that I do not know very well and it was wonderful to see that captured on film.
8/10 Charolastras.

Open Range
This is a very cheesy western. Very VERY cheesy which a lot more time spent on Kevin Costner’s angst and man pain than was remotely necessary. Diego Luna has a secondary role as a field-hand? A ranch-hand? He helps Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall herd the cows. And his name is Button…why yes you heard me right, BUTTON. As in 'cute as a…’ It’s a ridiculous name but I did recently watch a movie where three brothers were named Kid, Son, and Boy, I shit you not, so there are worse names I guess? Anyway BUTTON has some cute scenes with fellow herder man Mose, played by Abraham Benrubi(look him up you will certainly recognize him from things). Button is supposed to be 16, he acts like he’s 12 and after some cute pouting and a weird scene where he is cleaning his feet???? Some shit goes down and he ends up being kind of a damsel in distress. He’s injured and spends a hefty two thirds of movie unconscious. There’s good stuff in this movie kind of? Annette Benning is a nurse and she’s kind of a badass here and there. Michael Gambon is the villanous leader of the town who just fucking HATES cow herder people so obviously shootouts and such ensue, thats most of the plot. Be warned a dog gets killed in this movie so if that turns you off anything ever skip this. Honestly the movie is worth it for me just for this scene(I hate that they are condescending on his first language but his line delivery cracks me up)
5/10 weird feet cleaning scenes.

The Terminal
This was more of a rewatch but its what made Diego Luna stick in my memory to begin with and like…this whole movie is like a cup of hot cocoa(the kind with the tiny marshmallows). It’s very cute and easy and almost comforting in its sweetness. The basic plot(for those who perhaps weren’t alive back in 2004) Tom Hanks plays Viktor Navorski and he hails from the fictional Eastern European country of Krakhozia(the rest of the world is the same btw this takes place in 2004 New York there’s just a tiny made up Eastern European country). And after he lands in New York with a mission to keep a family promise, Krakhozia undergoes some sort of revolution and his country is no longer recognized as a country or something? Basically his visa and passport won’t work. They can’t send him back to his country or let him into ours so he ends up living in the airport and cute shit happens. In the year 2017 this film maybe has a few minor problems. Just the general way women are written and discussed and even sweet, sweet Diego wants to break Zoe Saldana like a 'wild stallion.’ The bulk of his storyline is that he is in love with Zoe Saldana who playes Delores Torres, a security person who stamps visas and papers and things and also she’s a Trekkie ahaha this was 5 years before the first Star Trek reboot film. They put that detail in just because Saldana is a Trekkie which is great. Stanley Tucci is still my favorite and he is great in this film as the head of the airport guy who cannot stand the presence of Viktor in his precious airport. Catherine Zeta Jones is kind of a love interest for Viktor and it’s pretty contrived. Also thanks to subtitles I now know that Viktor speaks Bulgarian but there’s a scene where he is able to very easily communicate with a dude speaking Russian…I have a feeling that would not work not all. But in the end it’s a cute and charming Steven Speilberg film, so an easy recommendation for anybody else making this journey into Luna’s filmography. His role is a secondary one but he remains fairly present throughout and is very cute, even in a terrible orange jumpsuit.
8/10 fictional Eastern European countries

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
The crown jewel of Diego Luna’s filmography before Rogue One. I’m sorry I can’t hear your objections over how much I love this GARBAGE MOVIE. It’s terrible. Literally the worst and Diego Luna is so cute and charming in it please watch it immediately. Laugh at the weird postcards to Havana opening that’s so cheesy it should be removed from the history of cinema. Enjoy the whitebread love interest that’s supposed to be ANY KIND OF COMPETITION to Diego Luna’s Javier Suarez. A Cuban boy whose brother really cares about the Cuban revolution that’s happening (because this takes place in the 1950s and that was a thing that was happening), meanwhile Diego Luna just wants to DANCE. And I say let him. Watching Luna wiggle his little butt, and also dance quite competently was an unparalleled delight. Don’t expect this movie, set during the Cuban Revolution that led to Fidel Castro taking power, to have ANY OPINIONS ABOUT THAT THING…because OH LOOK ANOTHER DANCE MONTAGE. The fact that all these character’s lives will get precipitously worse after this movie ends is not even an after thought, let’s all dance to MYA INSTEAD. This movie is meant to take place during the 1950s but the soundtrack is Mya, Jazze Pha, Christina Aguilera, and The Black Eyed Peas and it’s hilarious (it does have some time and location appropriate music but they do their big dance number to MYA I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN). This movie is from 2004 but it DEFINITELY has that 90s feel to it. Not to mention the weird/dumb moments the movie just doesn’t care to deal with. There’s a sequence where Diego Luna and The Girl(played by Romola Garai from The Hour and good BBC shit) get accosted by the cops and she gets away but HE DOESN’T. Is she worried about her new love interest at all and whether he survived that run in with the cops? NOPE TIME FOR A CUTE DANCE PRACTICE MONTAGE. Then he SHOWS UP with a small bruise on his face and he too ENJOYS HER CUTE DANCE PRACTICE…this movie is terrible please watch it. The plot is literally nothing. Patrick Swayze ACTUALLY SHOWS UP FOR AN EXTENDED CAMEO WHICH IS HILARIOUS. What happened to Baby? Is she still in a corner? DONT WORRY ABOUT IT. January Jones and John Slattery from Mad Men are in this which is a funny connection. Romola Garai has been good in things since this movie but there are certain scenes where she comes off as wooden or blank. After you’ve watched it feel free to send me an ask about how much you enjoyed this trash experience.
9/10 Cute dance montages(ignoring all political and social ramifications of these real life events)

And for those who are more familiar with his Spanish language work feel free to give me recommendations. I know he’s directed one or two films so those are tentatively on the list. Right now I’m just picking based on Rotten Tomatoes scores and only half of his work from Mexico even has a score.

anonymous asked:

even catching isak singing to disney or some song like the time when there in the kitchen and isak says about the hashtag thing because even liked he gabrielle song. even doesn't let isak live the moment down 😂 cue even teasing isak

This one was so cuteeee. I chose the song I did because it is my all time favorite disney song and I truly think that Isak would know it by heart. (And I wrote all the damn lyrics by memory because, fuck yeah!)

I hope this is similar to what you wanted!


Isak tries not to let the sweet feeling of victory consume his very being.

See the thing is; Isak never wakes up before Even. It just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter if Even’s manic or chill or whatever, he just naturally has a damn internal alarm clock that wakes his ass up while Isak is still in snoozeland.

Except, that is, for today. Cue Isak’s victory dance.

It’s not usually a thing he gets haughty about or bothered by at all. How could anyone get upset about your boyfriend waking you up with breakfast or kisses (or a blow job like yesterday morning, thank you very much Even).

But sometimes Isak has visions of cooking Even breakfast. He has visions of waking up to Even’s delighted grin- happy that for once, Isak was the romantic one. Isak was the one who made some grand gesture of his undying devotion. Or whatever. Isak’s not fucking sappy, alright?

So with Even snoring softly next to him as Isak had woken up, he scrambled out of the bed, adrenaline and recipes already running through his mind. (Did they have oranges for orange juice? Did they have eggs- of course they had eggs, dumbass. But what about bacon? And peppers- Even loves peppers in omelets. Ah fuck, did they have the cheese Even likes?)

The answer, thank god, was yes to all of the above and Isak was content that the morning was running smoothly.

On the kitchen counter, just to the left of the stove, Noora’s IPod sat unassumingly hooked into Eskild’s speaker system. Isak peeked down the darkened hallways, considering the chances he might piss off one or both of them if he borrowed it.

Eh screw it.

He flicked the Ipod on and put it on shuffle, figuring Noora was cool, she’d have some decent music, right?

The first song was alright- Black Eyed Peas, I’ve Got a Feeling. Not his first choice, but he could jam.

Isak cracked the eggs, cursing when a piece of shell fell into the mixture. But it’s alright, easily fixable mistake, so he pressed on. He whisked the eggs, throwing in some salt, chopping up peppers to throw in for Even.

Then the song changed.

Let’s get down to business
To defeat… The Huns

“Fuck me,” Isak murmured, “Fucking Disney.”

But also.

Mulan was a fucking kickass movie. Isak considered the song for a second, letting memories of his mom sitting Isak down on the couch in the mornings before breakfast and putting it on for him, laughing and clapping as he pretended to fight Huns alongside Mulan.

Isak poured the egg mixture into the pan, realizing almost right after that he was mouthing along to the words.

Isak glanced behind him. The hall was silent, no lights were on…. no one to see him if he decided to…

“You’re the saddest bunch I ever met,” Isak sung along, adding a bit more salt and moving his hips along to the song, “And you haven’t got a clue, Mister I’ll make a mannnn out of you.”

Okay so spoiler- he really loved Mulan. Even throughout his teenage years, Mulan was probably the one movie he didn’t feel too terribly guilty watching. It just- it wasn’t as gay as liking, like, Beauty and The Beast or Snow White or something. She was literally a bad ass! She wielded a sword and had a pet dragon! At least she didn’t wait around in a tower waiting for true love- what was so gay about liking Mulan?

(Isak flinched, knowing he had used those exact words to defend his choice in movie to Jonas on his thirteenth birthday. Jonas, of course, had barely even blinked, settling himself down to watch it with him.)

Isak grinned at the memory and turned the volume up a bit, feeling too happy to care how dumb he felt punching the air in time with how he remembered Shang doing it in the middle of the song’s movie scene.

“I’m never gonna catch my breath,“ Isak slurred, probably butchering the fast English lyrics but fuck it, he was having a good time, “Say goodbye to those who knew meee.”

Isak flipped the omelet, adding cheese in between his increasingly passionate solos (which fuck yeah, he still remembered every damn word to the song.)

“We must be swift as a coursing river- With all the force of a great typhoon,” Isak couldn’t help but chuckle as he stumbled on the pronunciations of some of the words. “With all the strength of a raging fire, Mysterious as the dark side of the mooooooooon!”

Isak grinned and spun around, riding the last note out.

Even was right there. He was right fucking there.

Isak yelped, nearly knocking over the hot pan of food with the force of his stumble.

“Easy there,” Even said, crossing his arms as he leaned against the kitchen’s entry way, “Please don’t stop. I’m enjoying the show.”

“Oh my god,” Isak whispered, righting the pan and turning off the heat. To Even, “How long were you standing there?”

“Long enough to want to discuss your love of Mulan,” Even chuckled, the crinkles by his eyes so pronounced, the size of his smile almost blinding, “Now how are you going to nag me about liking Gabrielle, when you’re a closet Disney lover.”

“Oh, baby,” Isak said before he could help himself, “I’m not a closet anything anymore.”

Even snorted, walking further into the kitchen and wrapping his arms around Isak’s waist, “Mmhmm. So do you have any more songs up your sleeve? Maybe some Pocahontas? Or a Whole New World? I’d love to hear you sing some Little Mermaid.”

Isak rolled his eyes, “Shut up, I don’t know all of those- just Mulan is a decent movie.”

“Oh Isak, dishonor on you,” Even said, pulling away, “Mulan is so much better than a decent movie.”

Isak felt his grin widen, “Can you sing along to all of the songs?”

“What- you think Gabrielle and Nas are my only party tricks?”

“I think that if you were any more of a nerd, I might need to buy you a calculator- or sign you up for Math Club or something.”

“Says the one who was literally dancing in his socks and underwear to Make A Man Out of You.”

Isak had no response to that, so he tilted his chin up and looked at Even from under his lashes. Even’s lips quirked at the familiar gesture, gracefully fulfilling Isak’s request for a kiss.

“Shang and Mulan were to best Disney couple,” Isak said, when they parted moments later.

“Yeah, but, Shang was kind of a dumbass, wasn’t he?” Even couldn’t help but lean in to brush their noses together, “All of the other couples had these grand sweeping romantic gestures. ‘You were my dream’ and whatever.”

Isak laughed, “He told Mulan she fought well- that was his version of an ‘I love you’, I think. That’s about as romantic as it gets.”

Even considered, before pulling out of Isak’s arms. “Did you make food?”

Isak cursed and turned around, pulling out a plate and sliding Even’s omelet onto it. It was a little browner than he would like from being left in the pan, but it would do.

He presented the plate to Even with a shy grin.

Even accepted the plate and looked down at the food. The most peculiar look came over his face and Isak was half afraid that he had made it wrong or something. But Even grabbed a fork and took a bite, grinning at Isak the entire time.

Isak shifted, tilting his head, “Why are you staring at me?”

Even shook his head, smile not dimming even the slightest bit. “Hey Isak? You fight good.”

Restaurant Dates Are the Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Part 2

Word count: 4,4k


Read part 1 HERE

“Miss! Miss!” Someone called from behind you, making you start and turn on your heels. “Are you okay?” The student sitting on one of the chairs in your office asked you.

You had drifted off, again. And at work of all places! It was already awkward enough when it happened yesterday morning at the local coffee shop, resulting in the barista practically shouting your name before you woke up from your trance-like state, but in front of a student! That was unacceptable and your professionalism took a blow.

“Sorry, I’m fine, just thinking,” you told your sick student. “You can go home, I’ll let the school office know.”

Your sick student seemed to regain some colors just by hearing this, and you shook your head, a smile on your lips as he walked out. He was probably heading home to play xbox all day long and eat pizza, but you were never one to tell a student to suck it up and go back to class, unless they were clearly faking. A girl once tried to skip PE by faking a nosebleed – with actual fake blood, that nasty stuff you could buy everywhere on Halloween.

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I Think They Like You (Part 1)

Prompt: ok like someone was in their first relationship and they were about to meet the parents for the first time and the mom is super excited but then they breaks up but they don’t want to upset their mom so they ask their best friend to say that they finally came together bc their mom shipped it hardcore

i hope you understand what i mean

Pairing: Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

Word Count: 1124 words

 Warnings: none

 Author’s Note: thanks again for the prompt, used it for the initial plot line and added and tweaked few bits to make it a bit more exciting, which hopefully worked. Also going to make it into a 3 part, where in this one it’s the intro to the whole story – like the backbone, the 2nd is the dinner where things start getting heated and the third part if gonna be full on, blissful smut. Hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated xxx

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Dangan's and their tumblr blogs

Naegi: really standard theme. totally in darker pastels and uses cute userboxes. tags everything. friends page, exasperated story posts about his class, memes. description is like three feet long. average following, like 200-300 followers.

Maizono: def has a pink/blue aesthetic and blogs all day about her concerts. tags her friends in everything she loves and thinks they’ll love it too. changes icon like every few days but it’s always just a different selfie. instagram and like 600 heart emojis. description is minimalistic: “Sayaka/17/Idol/🎤❤💙❤💙🎤/(inspirational quote here). Huge follower count, still makes a big deal about gaining 100 followers. Does a lot of giveaways.

Ikusaba: uses her name meaning as a url so it’s like “xxcorpse-warbladexx”. colors are the generic black bg and white text. pretty much part educating people on weapons, part vague-ing about her crush (i.e. reblogging affectionate posts and tagging as “crush”), and mostly talking about her sister. description is just “ikusaba mukuro|soldier|female” and a link to her sister’s blog. Doesn’t talk much about herself or her friends. Hasn’t touched the thing in 5 years. Still has a decent 400 followers

Kuwata: BOLD ASS COLORS AND EYE STRAIN OUT THE WAZOO. seriously, this kid has the most extreme, saturated colors of anyone else. he sees no issue with it. triggered jokes probably, only ‘cause he doesn’t understand what it even means. he posts about his wins in baseball and vagues about his cousin in a bad and really obviously-about-her way. Everyone that tags him calls him Kuweenie. He constantly sends his friends memes in their ask. Shitpost bots. Like 800 followers. Desc. is just “Yo, I’m Leon Kuwata!” and then just his fucking life story honestly. Rants about baseball 24/7, no one knows why he still plays tbh. Selfie game strong.

Fujisaki: best theme of them all, made it themself. Green colors, always posts things like “if i ever reblog something offensive please tell me I promise I’ll delete it!!” like 4 times a week just in case. The most unproblematic. Gets really excited when they get a new piece of tech and blogs about it all day. “I’m Chihiro, a professional programmer in Japan. I hope you enjoy your stay on my blog! 💚💚”. Is science side of tumblr occasionally. Uses the “dark side of ___ show me the illegal ____” meme too much. Friend page, about page, page after page after page holy shit my dude chill out. Not one to show their face but reblogs pictures of them their friends post.

Oowada: Biker aesthetic. Black and gold colors, bold text, “no spellcheck we die like mne”. If he does something that he blogs multiple posts in a row about, he tags it as an “adventure”. Blogged till post limit when he tried getting Ishimaru to learn how to ride his motorcycle. 50000 pictures of him and his gang. Desc. is literally just a quote from a movie and title is the name of his gang. Reblogs anime characters with pompadours, namely Knuckle (hxh) and Josuke (jjba) because he loves comparing his fucking monstrosity hair to theirs. Tags posts about friendship as “bro” so Ishimaru sees. 200 followers.

Ishimaru: study blog. Barebones theme, only just changed the default icon last week. Posts a lot about his class and study notes, answers asks from people about tips on doing work and finding motivation. Tags everything because he loves being orderly. Has a reminder on his phone to check Oowada’s bro tag and makes his own, but it’s just tagged as his name. Low-key conspiracy theorist and nobody knows what he looks like until the motorcycle post stuff happens. Gets anons calling him a cinnamon roll and responds “THIS IS WHAT IS CALLED AN “INTERNET MEME”, YES? HAHA, EXCELLENT! BUT, WHY A CINNAMON ROLL?“. always talks in capslock. Every post feels more intense than an action movie. No description, but the title is "ISHIMARU’S STUDY BLOG”. No emojis ever. Those are illegal on his blog.

Yamada: Anime. Manga. Probably gets deep into the discourse for his favorite things. Elitist attitude on different anime/manga. Posts updates on his doujins constantly, and everyone reblogs it with yelling. Posts a selfie every few months. Gets a lot of anon hate but he shuts them tf up quick. Separate blog for nsfw things. 1k followers and it goes down and up drastically at random. “Yamada/The Alpha and The Omega|Doujin artist|17 years young”

Celeste: Red and black aesthetic. Definitely the most edgy blog aside from Enoshima. No memes, but she reblogs a ton of those vampire aesthetic things and probably follows komaedalovemail to reblog the weird audio and video posts. It’s literally just an aesthetic blog of her in Lolita outfits, vampires, Victorian era dresses, and haunted castles. Her description is just her name and age. Like 20 followers and a cornchip.

Oogami: Flower cursor that Fujisaki helped install. Pretty much just an instructional blog she uses to teach people things like self-defense and a little offense. Half that and half talking about her friends and posts Asahina tags her in, even if she’s not particularly interested. Good following, like 600.

Kirigiri: “Blood splatter analysis” and other things like that. Actively looks for misinformation to correct it. Receipts on literally everyone, has no receipts of herself because there’s nothing you can get that she regrets. Dark purple/burgundy aesthetic. “Kyouko/Japan/Kuwata stop tagging me in those stupid memes”. Gets tagged by Maizono in a lot of pictures of her and others. Occasional gore from horror movies and she adds how it’s unrealistic looking and rates it. 400 followers.

Fukawa: book reviews everywhere. Disses Yamada’s doujins so much that he made a.doujin about her novel. She blocked him. Tags Togami in everything, but he won’t reblog it if she tagged him, even if he likes the content. Everyone gets so confused on why most of her posts go from reserved and kinda salty to ALL CAPS NO PUNCTUATION WE DIE LIKE MEN WOOOOO bc no one knows about Syo and Fukawa just deletes the posts when she switches back. Talks about Komaru and Togami a lot.

Hagakure: so many links to things it looks like a scam blog at first. Gif of a smoky crystal ball as his header. “9/11 was an inside job, click here for more”. Clickbait and unsourced info. Does post some neat videos and facts about things like tarot cards. Memes with Kuwata and tags them all in stupid shitposts. Probably taped 43 pictures of Nicholas Cage in Naegi’s dorm, posted about it, and reblogged Naegi’s frantic posts about it.

Asahina: ocean aesthetic. Takes like 40 selfies a day and blogs about her at the olympics and any of her fellow students she might see there. Stresses the importance of taking care of yourself and kinda doubles as a cute blog and a self help blog. Tags Oogami in animal memes and vines, which she always reblogs. Takes pictures and blogs about everything she’s doing atm, even if it’s just taking a walk.

Togami: Secretly a memester too. Pretends he doesn’t like memes and denies reblogging(then deleting) them. Kirigiri has all the receipts on that. Hagakure finds posts about the Illuminati and tags him with “look your family”. Generally doesn’t use his blog much except to boost his ego. Usually posts about how annoying his classmates are. Unironically says “plebs”.

Enoshima: Cutesy and mostly her modeling pictures along with her around her classmates. Has an overall tone of a generic cute, smart, popular high schooler. Has like 6k followers and gets the Gross Anons. The worst shitposter of them all, but also insensitive and posts memes reflecting that. Autoplay music player at full volume.

Most of these titles will be relatively modern, since I’m not a big fan of vintage comics. It’s just a personal preference. Bolded ones are my personal favorites. I’ll skip around in terms of chronology, and I’ll be avoiding major events like Infinite Crisis, Identity Crisis, Final Crisis, etc. 

  • The Death and Life of Superman novelization by Roger Stern - If you want to get the whole story behind Superman’s iconic death, it might be more economical to buy this novelization, instead of the individual (and sometimes pricey) comics. The background that this book provides on Superman is really invaluable and tells the story better than the comics did, in my opinion. Introduces Steel and the 90s Superboy! Adapted into the Superman: Doomsday movie. 
  • Superman: For All Seasons - this origin story ties into John Byrne’s Man of Steel series, but you don’t need to read that to enjoy this. Norman Rockwell-esque art and some very heartwarming Superman tales. 
  • Superman: No Limits! - My favorite of the “new millennium” Superman stories. Involves the return of the Daily Planet, Mongul, Kryptonite, etc. 
  • Superman: Return to Krypton - A very interesting exploration of Superman’s home planet, even if it is a tad confusing. Krypto’s preboot origin is here. 
  • Superman: Birthright - In my opinion, the best Superman origin story ever written. It really captures the essence of Superman, while maintaining modern relevance and an almost cinematic quality. This kept becoming canon, then not-canon, then canon again. I consider it canon on principle. 
  • Superman/Batman: Public Enemies - A really famous and well-written team-up series between Clark and Bruce that emphasizes their friendship and their complementary skill sets. (Adapted into a movie of the same name)
  • Superman/Batman: Supergirl - Kara Zor-El’s preboot, modernized origin. If you’re interested in Superman’s conflicts with Darkseid, and Supergirl in general, I’d definitely check this out. (Adapted into Batman/Superman: Apocalypse)
  • Superman: Emperor Joker: This comic is just wild. Basically, what happens when the Joker gets unlimited cosmic power? You don’t really want to know – but at the same time, you kind of do. 
  • Superman: Ending Battle - Someone is targeting people that Clark Kent knows. Almost every supervillain on the planet is thrown at Clark in this volume. Superman gives one heck of a speech at the end. 
  • Superman: For Tomorrow - A really deep look into the philosophy of Superman, which focuses on Clark’s tendency to walk the line between a man and a god. In the story, he has recently suffered a great personal tragedy, and as he tries to retrieve what he lost, a few major complications and mysteries arise. This has, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful Superman art ever pencilled, and a story that is so poetic that it needs several readings to be fully understood. 
  • Superman: Unconventional Warfare - Enter Ruin! A really, really insidious villain who’s desperate for revenge against the Man of Steel. With tons of tech and intelligence on his side, Ruin proves to be quite a problem – and a mystery. Also – this is where Lt. Lupe Leocadio enters, and she is so badass. 
  • Superman: That Healing Touch - Not a great volume, but necessary for the context of Ruin’s continuous story. Some OMAC stuff gets introduced around here until Infinite Crisis, which can get confusing in terms of chronology. 
  • Superman: Sacrifice - I’m not sure if this is a controversial storyline, but overall, I found it to be one of the few truly well-written superhero vs superhero tales (it’s Superman vs Wonder Woman, ultimately). But the context of their battle is the real substance of this story. (This volume also definitively proves why Superman, if he is really trying, will beat Batman)
  • Superman: Ruin Revealed - Ruin’s story gets wrapped up, as the title suggests.
  • Superman: Strange Attractors - Gail Simone writes a wonderful Superman (and Lois Lane, incidentally). This Superman has an abundance of heart and power, as evidenced by battles with Doctor Polaris, Doctor Psycho, Black Adam, the Queen of Fables, and even Livewire (in her first comics appearance). 
  • Superman: Up, Up, and Away! - takes place after Infinite Crisis, and is directly affected by its events. Even if you don’t read that event. PLEASE read this comic. It gives a wonderful look at how a human Clark Kent may behave considering how, in this comic, he’s no longer Superman. Few Superman stories humanize and characterize Clark like this one does.
  • Superman: Back in Action - I loved seeing Superman team-up with a variety of heroes that aren’t necessarily considered A-List. 
  • Superman: Kryptonite - How exactly was Kryptonite discovered? Nice Superman characterization, even if the ending is a little confusing. This ties into For All Seasons, though it was written long afterwards. More art by Tim Sale, if you like that style, is contained inside. 
  • Superman: Redemption - For some reason, few people know about this truly AMAZING story in which Superman deals with his connections to religion, and how people relate him to different faiths. I feel like this story really showcases Superman’s steady moral compass and compassion.
  • Superman: Last Son of Krypton - Superman finds a little Kryptonian boy and decides to adopt it. It was lovely to see Superman try to fulfill the role of a father, because frankly, he fits the part perfectly. 
  • Superman: Brainiac - One of Superman’s most famous rogues is Brainiac, and he was due for a modern makeover. This comic does it nicely with great art by Gary Frank – not to mention that it gives Supergirl a big role. (This comic was adapted into the movie Superman: Unbound)
  • Superman: Grounded - Not the best set of Superman stories, but the heart’s there. I’m putting it in the reclst because the art is decent most of the time, and it provides some background for the New Krypton arc, which I will not put on this reclist because I did not enjoy it. 
  • Superman: Reign of Doomsday - I will mention that you should read both volumes of Superman: the Black Ring to fully understand this arc. Basically, this is the final curtain on preboot Superman, with Action Comics (which was pretty much the longest running comics series) wrapping up with over 900 issues! Gorgeous art by Kenneth Rocafort is inside, and almost the whole Superfam plays a part. 

Random issues: 

  • Action Comics #775: This is where Superman gave his most influential speech to Manchester Black. Adapted into Superman vs the Elite AND MUST BE READ BEFORE ENDING BATTLE. 
  • Superman #661: I just really love this team-up between Lois Lane and Wonder Woman, in which Superman becomes a sorta damsel in distress (but still kicks butt, nonetheless). 
  • Action Comics #791: A tale from Clark Kent’s past, about his high school years.
  • Action Comics #792: Some old-fashioned investigative reporting starring Clark Kent and Lois Lane. 
  • Action Comics #810: The heartwarming New Years issue with lots of neat art styles and stories. 

Not in the main universe:

  • Red Son: I liked this story, but didn’t love it as much as the critics did. The story centers around what might Superman be like, if he was raised in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. 
  • All-Star Superman: This is a truly iconic set of Superman stories, set around the idea that Clark is dying from radiation poisoning, and trying to get his final affairs in order. Everything in here is pretty fantastical and disjointed, but still magically written. Great art by Frank Quitely. Adapted into a film of the same name. 
  • Superman Adventures: This series is based on the 1990s Animated TV Series (which is great, by the way). If you like that, check these out. 

If you didn’t watch Smallville as a Superman fan, I seriously recommend that you do. It may not be true to the comics, but it was one of the first superhero action dramas on primetime television, and thus, very influential to the trends we see today with Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. The series was continued in a comics series called Smallville: Season 11. It’s actually one of my favorite comic series of all time. Here are the volumes: 

  • Guardian - Hank Henshaw’s introduction and Lex Luthor’s return!
  • Detective - Smallville’s version of Batman introduced, with Barbara Gordon as one badass Nightwing! 
  • Haunted - delves into Smallville’s version of the Flash. 
  • Effigy - Batman and Martian Manhunter team-up in a side story. 
  • Argo - Legion of Superheroes, Kara Zor-El’s gorgeous costume, and more!
  • Valkyrie - Team up with Lois Lane and Lana Lang, kicking serious butt! 
  • Olympus - Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor and Felix Faust are all introduced to Smallville continuity.
  • Alien: The world deals with revelation that Superman is an alien, and the Monitors – the biggest villains – are introduced. 
  • Lantern: Superman becomes a Green Lantern alongside John Stewart! 
  • Chaos: Lois and Clark get transported to various universes and have to fight the Monitors. 
  • Continuity: the Monitors come to destroy Earth. Smallville’s Justice League defends it. 
Restaurant Dates Are The Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Epilogue


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Word count: 1.9k

Tagging: @supernaturallymarvellous @super-potter-4ever  @heismyhunter @quotemeow @feelmyroarrrr @its-hellohazel  @andimadeitawkward @ichabbster25 @wantedtobefree-notbefreed

“I don’t know if you noticed, but I usually go for the bad boys, that’s just the kinda guys I’m attracted to,” you started, already feeling cliché and stupid before even entering the main subject.

“I’m a bad boy?” Sebastian asked, his brows suddenly shooting up in surprise.

“Who said I was talking about you?” You teased him. His smile fell and you immediately laughed and took his chin between your fingers, pulling him down a bit to place a quick kiss on his mouth, making him relax. “I’m kidding, of fucking course I am. Although no, you’re not really a bad boy, you’re quite the opposite actually, but you have the looks of it and that’s enough for me. The ‘mysterious guy clad in dark clothes sitting alone at a bar and drinking a beer’ worked pretty well, huh?” You grinned widely, wiggling your eyebrows and laughing lightly, not wanting to draw attention to you. For once, nobody seemed to have recognized Sebastian and you wouldn’t want to ruin that.

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10 Fics + 1 More That You Should Probably Read

Rules: In a text post, list 10 fics that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard - they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you, Tag 10 friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure your friends know you’ve tagged them!

Bonus Personal rule: One fic per fandom pairing. 

Thank you @ratbagqueen for tagging me, I shall attempt to follow your rules, but, uh, I may break the personal rule. I shall also avoid repeating the great fics you mentioned, but if anyone’s curious, go check them out HERE cuz, yeah, they were great fics.

My recs are as follows, mostly in order of how I discovered ships:

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Flush of Fate - Epilogue

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Multi chapter, humour (I hope)

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden, Erza Scarlett

Summary: Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone you hate? Try being stuck in a bathroom with that person…while the party of the year is happening downstairs.

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 |Chapter 11 |

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Non-Traditional (Joseph/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Joseph/Stiles - “I saw that. You just checked me out.”

I hope you enjoy this, Nonnie! This is fic #4 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge.

Non-Traditional Joseph (Papa Hale)/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Joseph Hale met Stiles Stilinski when he went to college as a forty-six year old freshman. He hadn’t planned on making any friends, but Stiles had been impossible to drive away. Now, Joseph can’t imagine his life without him.

Stiles is working the room like a professional. There’s nothing smooth or fake about him at all. Instead, he’s charming, energetic, and passionate in a way that lures people in, possibly against their better judgment sometimes. Joseph had been in the latter category when he first met the kid in an anthropology class freshman year of college, which had been over three years ago.

It had been freshman year for both of them, despite the twenty-eight years separating their ages, and Joseph had felt strangely out of place surrounded by fresh faced kids the same age as his youngest daughter. There hadn’t been any concern or anxiety during the entire application and registration process. He wasn’t really someone who got bothered by much, rather laid-back and unflappable usually. However, that first day of class, he had been feeling less confident in a way that honestly surprised him even looking back at it now.

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Relationship: Michael x Reader 

Words: 1902

Masterlist l Request

Author’s Note: This kind of got pushed to side because of the numbered prompts (which I still have btw) but hopefully it was worth the wait. As always feedback is welcomed. Make sure to track cc halloween!5sos series to keep up with all my Halloween writing, including a plus sized Luke blurb! Enjoy!


October was the month of tricks-or-treats, but for Michael and you it was mainly just the month of tricks. Or at least that was the case now, after making it a bet last weekend.

The two of you were helping your RA decorate your dorm floor when the idea popped into Michael’s head. And while it seemed like a harmless bet – whoever scared each other more over the month had to wear a costume of the other one’s choosing – it wasn’t as fun as you expected when the actual scaring happened.

The first time Michael scared you, you were in math class. It had been a particular boring lecture that day, meaning most of your time was spent looking out the large window overlooking the quad. It was something you found comfort in when things got stressful or overly boring like today. There was just something about the way you could watch people wander around campus aimlessly that put you at ease.

At least it was relaxing until a hooded figured appeared behind it and slapped it’s hands to the glass window causing you to jump. You thought you were being discrete about your racing heart but when you turned your attention back to the class everyone was staring at you, including the professor.

“Y/N, would you please go tell your friend not to disturb my class again.”

With your professors permission, you excused yourself from the lecture and headed to where Michael had been standing minutes before. Except now instead of looking like a menacing monster, he was rolling on the grass in a fit of giggles. Grabbing him by his feet, you dragged him away from the window where you could properly scold your best friend.

“You scared the shit out of me.”

“That was the point,” he said, still giggling.

“You also got me in trouble.”

“I guess just that makes it extra scary then.”

“You’re such an ass,” you huffed. “You better sleep with one eye open tonight.”


There were many things you had learned about Michael over the course of your friendship, one of those being his hatred of spiders. You’d witnessed his fear first hand during your freshman year of college, when a tiny spider crawled up the walls of the lounge and sent Michael running back to his dorm room screaming like a five year old. Which is precisely why you were going to use his fear against him the next time you hung out. It was October after all.

It was a typical Friday night, the two of you were headed back from the cafeteria after grabbing dinner and the plan was to watch some scary movies to end the night. Little did Michael know that when he walked into his dorm he would be opening the door to his own personal horror movie.

While the two of you were eating dinner, you had enlisted in the help of Michael’s roommate Calum. It was his job to transform the room into every spiders’ dream web and by the looks of the pictures he had been sending you all night he did a really good job.

“You’ve been staring at your phone all night,” Michael whined. “Am I not your favorite any more?”

“Of course you’re my favorite,” you said, standing on your tip toes to rustle the boy’s already wild hair. “I have a project in one of my classes so that’s what I’ve been texting about.”

“Do you need to work on it? We don’t have to have movie night tonight if you’re busy,” he said, waiting for a response from you he opened his door without bothering to look inside.

You pondered his suggestion a moment longer, only so he’d stay distracted as he walked straight into the makeshift spider web Calum had been working on all evening. The cotton tangled itself into Michael’s hair and made the hair on his skin stand up. You stayed silent as his face contorted, trying to figure out what was touching him

He drew his eyes away from you to look farther into his room and when he did you got the exact reaction you had been hoping for. Michael quickly untangled himself from the cotton web, a slur of profanities dripping from his tongue. His whole body shook, trying desperately to rid itself from the foreign object, while watching in horror as several spiders crawled from his pillow to the depths of his walls (thank you drama department).

“What the fuck,” he shouted, running out of his dorm room.

He didn’t get too far though, as you had forgotten to move out of his path when he came barreling towards you. The two of you now lying in a heap on the floor him still slightly screaming while you laughed like never before.

“Why the hell are there spiders in my room! And why is their web on me?” he asked, still trying to shake the uneasy sensation from his body.

“Maybe they need a new place to stay?” you giggled.

“Fuck you,” he glared. “I should have known you were behind this. I thought you promised never to make fun of my fear of spiders.”

“I’m not making fun of it, I just exploited it a bit. And by the look on your face I think it worked,” you smirked. “I think that would make the score tied. It’s your move Clifford.”


It had been a week since the spider innocent and Michael had yet to retaliate against you. At that point you figured the bet was over. You assumed you had won and Michael just wasn’t saying anything because he didn’t want you to pick his Halloween costume.

After a busy day all you wanted to do was change into your pajamas and lounge around in your bed, procrastinating on any real responsibilities and watch whatever reality television show was currently on at that moment.

Michael had other plans though. To him the bet wasn’t over; in fact, it had barely even started. If you were going to use his fears against him than it was only fair he did the same to you. Which is why he was currently under your bed instead of tucked into his for the night. He just hoped you’d fall asleep soon because the space had gotten a lot smaller now that a human was on the mattress.

While you caught up on the lives of the Kardashians, Michael was laid motionless under your bed, severely regretting skipping dinner to scare you. Of course, his stomach only made noise during the quiet parts making him think that you knew he was under you. But if you did, you never let on so Michael stayed motionless and waited for you fall asleep.

Three episodes of the Kardashians later, you had finally fallen asleep and Michael couldn’t have been happier to hear you snoring. He waited a while later, making sure that your roommate really was going to stay out all night before he put the plan into action.

Michael carefully crawled out from under the bed. Staying as quite as possible, he tip toed to the side of your bed to set everything up. With the fake severed head he bought at a Halloween store in place and him positioned so you couldn’t see him, he turned the flashlight on and started shining it into your face.

It was hard to stay asleep with a bright light in your face and it was even easier to wake up when a severed head was right in front of your face. Suddenly, you weren’t exhausted at all, instead you were sitting up screaming, threatening to run out until you heard the laughter of your best friend.

“Are you kidding me Michael,” you shouted, getting out of your bed to slap him.

“Guess it’s not so fun when someone uses your fear against you for a prank.”

“No, it’s not,” you breathed, trying to get your breathing back in check. “Let’s not use our fears against each other anymore.”

“You mean you’re not giving up?”

“Hell no! There’s no way I’m letting you pick out my Halloween costume.”


With neither one of you willing to give up the bet continued. Thankfully, the scares had become less scary and more of an annoyance with both you and Michael jumping out at each other in random places. The jump scares were the primary reason the two of you were banned from the library, after all.

All that was changing tonight though, as you had come up to a fool proof way to win this contest. Not to mention, Halloween was coming up shortly and the two of you really needed to get your costumes in order.

The two of you were hanging out in his dorm’s lounge working on some homework when you set the plan in action — or you gave the signal for your drama friends to start the plan. All of a sudden the bowl of popcorn that was sitting on the end table by Michael fell over.

“Why’d you knock the popcorn bowl over?”

“I didn’t touch it,” he grumbled, getting up to pick up the popcorn pieces. “It just fell over. Maybe you didn’t put it on the table right.”

“Right, ‘cause there’s a right way to put a bowl on a table,” you said, rolling your eyes.

The first step was complete. The next step came shortly after when the television began randomly changing channels and the volume increasing, while the remote sat untouched in front of you. You looked at Michael and Michael looked at you, neither one looked amused.

“You can stop trying to scare me it’s not working,” you said.

“I swear I’m not doing anything.”

“Well, it’s not me. Maybe your lounge is haunted.”

“The lounge isn’t haunted,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah you’re right,” you sighed.

You let silence fall between you two for a few moments before implementing part 3 of the plan.

“Michael…there’s something — shit Michael there’s something behind you!”

“Ha ha very funny,” he said, turning around to see that there really was something behind him.

Without a moment of hesitation, Michael grabbed your hand pulling you as he ran out of the room. Except, that wasn’t the best idea since part 4 of your brilliant plan was waiting with a chainsaw. It was only when the chainsaw reeved up that Michael dropped your hand and ran as fast as possible out of the building and into the quad section of the dormitories.

When you found him, he was hunched over trying to catch his breath while trying to keep his pants hidden.

“Did you pee?” you exclaimed, noting the darker color his jeans were taking on.

“Don’t laugh.”

“Oh my god Mikey, I didn’t mean to make you pee!”

“What do you mean didn’t mean to? This was your idea?”

“Well, yeah,” you trailed off. “I mean I really wanted to put an end to this bet so we could get costumes but I didn’t realize I would scare you this much.”

“I underestimated you,” he smiled.

“No hard feelings, then?”

“No, we’re good, as long as you don’t make me dress up as something too humiliating.”

“I think peeing your pants is as humiliating as it gets in college,” you teased. “I’ll just make you bumble bee instead.”