please enjoy honeys

Character Development
  • Sebastian: Here is your milk with honey. Please enjoy!
  • Ciel: Tanaka says I shouldn't have too much honey or I will get cavities.
  • Sebastian: Ah. Then just for tonight.
  • Ciel: All right.
  • *3 years later*
  • Ciel: Cake, motherfucker!
  • Sebastian: Fruits and vegetables first, you little shit!
  • Ciel: Go to hell!
  • Sebastian: I am hell!

Character belongs to @ellelehman

I usually don’t draw a lot of OCs, but holy Bo Peep this one was just too adorable to ignore. I just thought Honey’s design looked just like something you’d expect from the RWBY universe, and also she’s pink! Of course I’m gonna love her if she’s pink! <3

I had to take some guesses for what the back of her outfit looked like, and I being myself of course made her hair a mess, BUT I hope you like her all the same, my wife! Please enjoy a love-struck Honey! (´• ౩ •`)

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long, slow kisses in the afterglow, fingers woven through hair and hearts beating in unison - Connor Kenway. Please ❤️

enjoy, honey! 

You could feel the rise and fall of his chest, and hear his heartbeat if you listened close enough. The only light was the one provided by the moon, shinning in-between the curtains, the window open allowing a soft breeze. 

Looking up at him, you found him staring at the ceiling, content. Callused fingertips were gliding up and down your arm in languid motions, this action combined with the cool wind against your sweaty skin caused you to shiver. 

This made him look down, your eyes meeting. The kiss was unhurried and tender; the fingers that were once dancing along your skin moving to card through your hair, bringing you all the more closer. It was as if the two of you were in unison with each other, so in sync that your movements flowed perfectly together. 

It was only when the kiss was over that you realized that if given the choice, this is where you’d want to stay. 

Hello everyone! After seeing everything going on in the Big Hero 6 fandom lately, I’ve decided to start a new blog! this will be an anti-hidashi blog and safe space, as well as a safe space to discuss trans headcanons for the movie!

This blog is staffed by Mod Honey Lemon (@muffipuffi) Mod Hiro (@sugarrushes) and Mod Tadashi who wishes to stay anonymous.

We’ll post and reblog fanworks of the series, along with the occasional calming ~aesthetic~ picture and trans headcanon art and text posts! our ask and submission boxes are also open for your art and headcanons!

Please enjoy our blog!-Mod Honey Lemon