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Hiya Heyo. I love your blog so much, your really good at writing!!! Can I request the RFA and Saeran reacting to MC dying her hair the same color as theirs?( I dyed my hair and it became the same red as Saeyoung I super love it!)

That’s nice~ I wonder if I’ll ever dye my hair lolol I’m not that interested but I guess I’m a bit curious  ( ̄▽ ̄)


Request Killing: 12/30

Reaction: MC Dyes Her Hair the Same Colour as Them


  • Surprised to see that you’ve dyed your hair blond
  • “Huh? You dyed it f-for me?”
  • A blushing mess
  • Glances at your hair a lot for the first few days, still awed
  • Every time he looks at your hair colour, a big smile crosses his face, knowing you thought of him when you chose the colour


  • He’s been getting more and more famous… To the point that he was asked to go on tour to perform with the cast of his latest play
  • Which means he wouldn’t be seeing you for a while
  • A few days before he was supposed to leave, you dyed your hair silver
  • He was a sucker for matching accessories between a couple—matching rings, necklaces, bracelets, shirts… all that. But hair colour?
  • He was so touched that you had decided to match his hair colour—and impressed, because not many people were brave enough to try a colour like silver
  • “I’ll be back soon, babe, I promise. You’ll think of me every time you see your hair in your reflection, right?”


  • Lately, she’s been stuck at work with late hours… but when she returns, she notices how there were more strands of brown hair in her apartment than usual
  • When she finally got a chance to take a proper look at you, her mouth dropped in shock
  • “M-MC? You dyed your hair!” she exclaimed
  • You beamed in response. “It’s the same colour as yours, now~”
  • Feels delighted that you’d dye your hair the same colour as hers
  • Also thinks you’re adorable for being so excited about it
  • Kisses your forehead and pulls you in for a tight hug. “You’re too cute sometimes…”


  • A bit self-conscious at first when you tell him you intentionally dyed your hair the same colour
  • “D-don’t you think it’s a bit dull? I’m sure you could’ve tried any other colour…” he murmured, cheeks pink.
  • He knows you’ve been wanting to dye your hair for a while now, but he felt a bit guilty that, because you decided to match him, it was a plain black
  • “But I want to match you!” you insisted, grinning
  • He felt relieved that you looked so happy about it
  • “It looks nice,” he says softly, his eyes gentle as he hides a smile while looking at your new hair colour


  • His cheeks flush as red as his hair
  • “Holy crap, MC, that looks hot,” he whispers in awe
  • Absolutely LOVES your new hair colour
  • Definitely takes advantage of it, too
  • “No no, MC, that’s YOUR hair on the bathroom floor, not mine… YOU clean it up!” he’d argue, a big pout on his lips
  • When he works on his computer, he loves to steal glances at you in the reflection of his screen
  • Adores the fact that you dyed your hair just to match him
  • “Let’s dye our hair together next time!”


  • Extremely embarrassed
  • After all, his reason for bleaching his hair and dying it pink at the tips was… juvenile and it brought bad memories to mind. Definitely regrets it.
  • The only reason he didn’t change it was because you said he looked cool with the colour
  • He never expected that you would also dye your hair the same way, though
  • Still, he’s pleased that you want to match him
  • Although he scowls every time you ask if he likes your new hair colour, you know that deep down, he secretly loves it
  • He plays with your hair more often than before
  • And has this cute, small smile every time he does


  • Laughs when you tell him your reason for dying your hair blue
  • Reaches to run his fingers through your now pale blue hair
  • “It does suit you a lot,” he comments, a glimmer of amusement in his eyes
  • Loves to bury his nose in your hair when he hugs you
  • Likes helping to dry your hair with a towel, since blowdrying it would be unhealthy for your hair
  • Misses your old hair colour a bit… But you’re beautiful to him no matter what colour your hair is!
XF: S11...

Okay, so I’m finally back from my business trip and have had a chance to think about the XF S11 news a little bit. Here are my notes so far (I’m sure there will be more blathering to come):

To Chris Carter: Please treat S11 like it’s your last go at this rare, beautiful concoction of talent and chemistry. Stop assuming there will always be time, actor availability, and audience appetite for The X-Files. THIS IS YOUR LAST KICK AT THE CAN, CHRIS. Resist the urge to tease the audience, set up new stories you can’t finish, and think you are leaving us breathless with a new cliffhanger (fyi: you’re just pissing us off).

Regardless of its many past imperfections, make our last thoughts about The X-Files be, “Chris Carter came through for us in the end.”

To Gillian Anderson: Babe, I honestly don’t care if you dye your hair or not, but please don’t wear another wig that pains you, distracts the audience, limits your ability to emote, and inhibits finding Scully. Please watch some old episodes, particularly those between S1-7. Find her. Dana Scully is much loved.

To David Duchovny: Please stop deferring to Chris for writing/story choices. You gave us the The Unnatural baseball scene, the touchstone scene, the Existence kiss on the lips. Fight for us. We need you on this.

To the fandom: Manage your expectations. We are not going to get a love scene. We just aren’t. (I’m sorry, but I am your friend and I’m telling you the truth.;) This is The X-Files. We are also not going to get a coherent, overarching serial that will tie up neatly, with a bow on top at the end.

But hopefully we’ll get a few small moments that will entertain us, make us think, and remind us of how much we love these characters. The X-Files, as long as Chris remains showrunner, will never be as good as it could be. So it’s going to have to be that intrinsically flawed child that you love so, so much anyway…warts and all. You’ll need to decide if you will spend every post-ep flipping tables because it isn’t living up to its potential (or even the quality of average TV shows today) or whether you can embrace the little moments that remind you of why TXF gripped your soul in the first place. Maybe the next time Mulder asks Scully…there will be an iced tea in that bag.

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What's a way I can rebel without damaging my future permanently please I'm boring and need change constantly

Dye your hair
Get a tattoo
Get a piercing
Join a club
Save the bees

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Hello I hope its not to much trouble but could you do #70 on the Au list with rap monster. Please and thank you

70. When your soulmate dyes their hair, your eyes change to that color

Originally posted by sugutie

Your chin was propped up in your palm, your math teacher droning on and on about quadrilaterals. You rolled your eyes; when would you ever need this kind of stuff in real life. Finally, the clocked ticked down into the last few seconds of class, and once 2:45 hit, you grabbed your things and bolted, even though the professor was still talking. Perks of college, you thought to yourself.

You made your way into the dining hall close to the building where your class was: just a short walk away down the sidewalk. You found a small window table on the second floor; the whole building was crammed with students taking a late lunch break after the last class of the day.

“Hi, friend.” You glanced up from your laptop, smiling as your best friend sat down opposite from you. “How was math?”

“Don’t even ask,” you groaned, shutting your laptop and picking a stalk of celery off of her plate of veggies. She rolled her eyes and pushed it closer to the middle of the table. “Are your eyes lighter?”

Y/F/N glanced up at you, her giant chocolate brown orbs crinkling with a smile. Usually, the color of her eyes were almost as dark as her pupils: something she constantly complained about. Today, however, they were streaked through with gold.

“Chris got highlights,” she smiled sheepishly down at her plate, knocking a cherry tomato around with her forefinger.

“So it’s official, then?” you asked, popping a cucumber into your mouth. “I’m happy for you.”

And you were, it was the truth. Y/F/N and her boyfriend, Chris, had been dating since high school, and the two were basically inseparable. And now, it really was official: Chris was her soulmate.

“It’s just, it’s a great feeling, you know? Like, I’ve always been in love with him. But now I just know he’s the person I’m supposed to be with. I’m the happiest girl in the world.” Y/F/N said, giggling. “You’ll find your guy, or girl. I just know it.”

You rolled your eyes, peering down at the veggie plate. “I don’t know. It’s just hard; there’s so many people in the world.”

“Well, there can’t be very many people in the world with that color hair,” Y/F/N laughed. Your face scrunched up in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“Your eyes. They changed yesterday morning. I thought you knew.” Y/F/N grabbed a compact mirror from her bag. She handed it over to you, and you flipped it up quickly, excited. Sure enough, your eyes had turned during class. Instead of the normal golden blonde they’d been for quite some time, they were a startling mint green: a color that would have been nice on someone’s head, specifically your soulmate, but just made your eyes look eerie.

“Wow,” you breathed, your fingertips ghosting over the skin of your under eyelid. After a moment, Y/F/N grabbed onto the compact mirror and closed it.

“That’s not important right now, because BTS dropped their new music video a while back, and we still haven’t watched it together. They’re almost due for another comeback!” You rolled your eyes at her as she grabbed your laptop, opening the music video and pressing play. The familiar BigHit chimed, and you engrossed yourself in watching the music video. When it was over, out of the corner of your eye, you caught a post displaying their new promotional pictures for Forever Young. Curious, you clicked them, and your heart stopped.

The colors were bright, the scenery was gorgeous. But what caught your eye was the members’ hair, or at least, one specifically. Namjoon had dyed his hair for this photoshoot. He’d dyed it a bright mint green, a color that looked startlingly good on his head. And it was the same exact color that had made your eyes look so eerie all day long.

- Admin PeachJin 🍑

Dopil; angel on my shoulder, devil in my ear

summary: Dowoon’s been nursing a crush on a customer for an embarrassingly long time now. His three guardian angels try to help. It goes about as well as you’d expect. 

Featuring awkward!Dowoon and hyung-line as three tiny angels

Read on Ao3

“You’re staring again.”

“Am not,” Dowoon mumbles indignantly before he ducks down. Jae, the asshole, snorts back at him, forever amused at Dowoon and his inherent awkwardness.

“Don’t lie, brat,” Jae scolds from his spot on Dowoon’s shoulders, shoots him a knowing look when Dowoon accidentally knocks his elbow against the bookshelf and almost sends the whole row toppling down at the sight of Pink Sweater’s smile. “You suck at it. Just go say hi.”

“No.” Dowoon can not do that. There’s so many things that could go wrong with that. Dowoon could embarrass himself, for once, stumble over his own words like he always seems to do and blurt out something dumb and humiliating. Then Pink Sweater would stop coming by so he wouldn’t have to deal with him and Dowoon would never see him again and god, what if he never sees Pink Sweater again-

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Any chance I can get 99 “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.” With TodoDeku? It seems like it would be hilarious for writing.

On paper, the vacation spot had sounded luxurious to the two Pros. A lodge out in the wilds, nothing but them and the animals and nature for two weeks. A perfect getaway from the stress of hero life and life in general.

However, once they get there it becomes apparent the paper is at least a good ten or twelve years out of date. Because the lodge they get is run down, infested, with creaky floorboards, beds, rattling windows, and the forest outside feels more ominous than it does comforting. The phrase ‘abandoned lodge’ passes through Izuku’s mind at least four or five times, along with the phrase ‘horror movie trope’.

“We are not having sex here,” is the first thing he says. 

“Or splitting up,” Todoroki adds.

It’s clear they’re thinking along the same lines. Granted they’re pro heroes, so something like a creepy stalker in the woods wouldn’t exactly be trouble, but better to be safe than sorry. 

That night they push the two beds together and sleep back to back, the windows covered and the door locked. Izuku can’t speak for his husband, but he stays awake a good portion of the night, listening to the wind howl and the world around them creak and groan like something alive and evil.

In the morning, he tries to be optimistic, because the light of day grants bravery to even the most foolish souls. “We’re probably overthinking this whole thing, Shouto. They wouldn’t set up a cabin out here if they didn’t think people would be safe.”

Shouto gives him what, after several years together, he’s come to call the Honey, No look. “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.” He sips his coffee, maintaining eye contact the entire time.

Izuku winces. “Yeah… okay. I tried.”

“You tried.” Shouto reaches over to pat his hand sympathetically. “But for both of our sakes, please don’t dye your hair blond anytime soon.”

Eat [Zion.T]

Artist: Zion.T | Word Count: 2.721 | Soulmate!AU (1/?)

Soulmate!AU - When you dye your hair, your soul mate’s hair color changes as well.

This is my first story on Tumblr, hope you all like it


Your soul mate is downright annoying, and you always had that thought in your mind. Your patience was getting thin, and the stress from work didn’t even add any help to this. He wasn’t even considerate at all when he dyed his hair!

And because of the whole finding soul mate thing during your lifetime, whenever he dyes his hair, your hair would change color as well. It was getting annoying because you had to dye it back to an appropriate color for work, and then he would dye it again, and it went on back and forth to the point that you wasted lots of your money to buy hair products. You have just started working too, and the large amount of money you spent on hair dyes could have went to buy food or pay the bills.

This morning, you woke up with your hair colored red.

“Oh my fucking god,” You whispered, crawling out of the bed and standing in front of the mirror, “This is just a dream, right?”

But no, it wasn’t. Your fingers delicately brushed again your hair at first, and the vibrant red hair fell down smoothly along with your movement. But then, when you pinched your cheeks, you didn’t wake up from this nightmare at all. Letting out a groan, you stomped around your room, fists flying to the air as you let out your anger.

“I’m going to murder you when I meet you!” There was only an hour left for work, and you had to be out of the house in thirty minutes in order to arrive on time.

You were doomed.

“What the hell is wrong with your hair?” Your friend and boss, Hani, asked, her hand swiftly went to touch your hair without your permission. You let out a deep sigh, feeling frustration build up inside of you again.

“It’s my soul mate,” You spat out, “I woke up like usual to see my hair colored a vibrant red! I didn’t have time to dye it again, so I decided to go to work anyways.”

“You know you could have just asked for a day off?”

“I know I can, I considered about it for a second. But I need the money, Han.”

“Girl, you are being way too much of a workaholic! Taking a day off work won’t hurt.”

“Well, I am already here. I might as well start working while rocking this hair.” Concern can be seen as Hani’s eyes landed on your hair.

“Cheer up hun, you can kick his ass later when you meet him!” Hani’s words managed to lift up your mood without fail, and an encouraging slap at the back followed suit.

“Hell yeah I will. Let’s talk again at lunch, okay?”

“Sure, work hard (Name)!” And with that, the two of you parted ways and you made your way to your desk to start working.

You wanted to cry in embarrassment as people who passed your desk gave you weird looks, and you were even called by the higher ups as they ask about your hair. You explained it to them that it was your soul mate, and they all gave you looks of pity that you hated to see. Still, the bank you work for has a lot of employees, and the people that didn’t dare to ask you about your hair can only gaze at you, some were plainly curious, while some judged you to go to work with that hair.

Hani had to coax you with encouraging words during lunch, because you thought that you barely survived until now, a half day left at work stressed you out so much.

“You’ll be fine, (Name)! People won’t remember it when you dye your hair again tonight.”

“But Hani, even people in this café are staring at us.” Hani’s eyes moved around and she found that you were right. You can feel their gaze boring holes at your back, and it made you fall into sadness even more.

“You know, maybe your soul mate is an artist?”

“A what?”

“An artist, (Name),” Hani stated, “Maybe he didn’t mean it when he dyed his hair with all those vibrant colors! It was his job anyway, and it was inevitable if his agency was the one who forced it to him. Maybe deep down he’s feeling bad as well, knowing you will have a hard day with this kind of hair.”

He might be an artist? Why hadn’t I thought of this before?

“Maybe your right, it’s kind of logical now that I think of it. One thing for sure is I’m going to kick his ass and his agency’s ass for making me suffer so bad.”

Silence fell over the both of you as you started munching on your food, your mind was absent as you wondered about the possibilities of Hani’s words. The silence was broken when Hani spoke again.

“Say, (Name), are you free tonight?”

“Well, I am going to dye my hair again, why?”

“Come with me tonight! My favorite artist is having a concert and I have a VIP ticket for you. You can just dye your hair on Saturday. Go with me, please?”

“You’re giving me the ticket for free?”

“Yes! Just accept it as a cheer-up gift for you, okay?”

You were weighing down your options, whether you should join Hani for the concert or spend your Friday night relaxing and dyeing your hair. But the hopeful look on her eyes brought guilt to you if you declined. Besides, you can cover your hair with a hat, right?

“Alright, I’ll go.”

“Yes! Be ready at 8, okay?”

You were dying on the inside again, as people seemingly have eyes as sharp as eagles, and they seem to notice your hair even though you’ve covered your hair with a hat and put your hair into a bun. Holding onto Hani’s arms, you made your way inside the venue with your head down, the same feeling at work creeping up in your heart again. The words tossed by people around you clearly made you uncomfortable.

“Is she a hardcore fan or something?”

“Who goes to work with a hair like that?”

“She’s probably one of those obsessive fans that is trying to be as noticeable as ever to their idols.”

Heck, you didn’t even know who the artist was! You showed up here for Hani anyways, because you can’t possibly abandon her alone.

“Wait, what’s his name again?”

“It’s Zion.T, (Name).”

“Ah right, that Zion guy.” You nodded your head, trying to process everything in your mind.

In all your life, you were way more interested in American R&B, and from Hani’s explanation, his genre is R&B too. She said that Zion.T tops all the music chart in the country once his songs are released. And his lyrics were simple, yet it moved a lot of people’s heart. And he was pretty tall, and he’s on the slim side. His face is always framed with sunglasses, even at night. But you haven’t heard of his name at all and it was partly because you didn’t follow South Korea’s music trend.

Hell, people should have called Hani the ‘obsessive fan’, not you! Your mouth hung apart as you and Hani sat yourselves at the very front seat of the VIP part, and the stage was only a few meters in front of you. When you asked her how she got the seats, she giggled at you and told the story of how she waited all night long in front of the laptop to get it.

Not long after the talk, the venue’s light were turned off, a sign that the concert was about to start. The fans screamed, including Hani, and you sat awkwardly at your seat because you didn’t want a sore throat after this. And then, smoke emerged from the stage, followed suit by an instrumental song playing. Back dancers appeared from the sides and started dancing, and the artist has yet made his appearance.

As the song come to an end, the large screen at the end of the stage was divided into two, like a gate that was starting to open. A tall figure made his way out, you couldn’t clearly see him because of the smoke. But when another song came up and he started singing, you were in the biggest shock of your life when you got to see his appearance.

No fucking way.

“His hair is red!” You screamed, eyes as wide as sockets, your mouth formed an ‘o’ in shock. Hani seemed to hear your shriek, and her eyes glanced at you, to Zion.T, and back to you.

“Is he the one?!” Hani screamed back, and you didn’t know how to answer.

From your parents’ story, they knew they were soul mates not only because of the same hair, but from the look in their eyes too. With how your mother says it, she felt a strong attraction to your father that can’t be ignored, and when their eyes met, she knows that he’s the one for her, her soul mate.

You felt it, a strong feeling of curiosity and your heart beating way louder than the music that was played. He was handsome, you thought, and the way he moved was unique, like he was one with his music. And he had a voice as soft as ever, complimenting his genre really well. There was this gentleman vibe coming off from him, and that was apparent even with his covered eyes. You bit at your lips, your hands laid limp at your skirt as you contemplated about him.

Is he really the one? You asked yourself over and over with nervousness in every question.

When you were deep in your thoughts, you didn’t notice Hani glancing up to you with a determined look in her eyes. She knew well the second way to know he’s the one was to see him straight in the eyes. Hani knew that this plan might fail, and put you in a way embarrassing position than before. But deep down, Hani has a feeling that this plan won’t fail.

Acting fast, Hani pulled your hat and bun down in one go, the vibrant red hair that you desperately tried to hide flowed down in an instant. Your eyes went wide as you tried to process what happened, but Hani was faster, as she started waving her hat and pointing at you while screaming Zion.T’s name over and over, hoping he can spot you from where he stood.

“Oppa, please look at my friend over here!”

“What are you doing, Hani?!” Your eyes were filled with horror as you can finally comprehend what was happening.

“Zion.T oppa, look over here!” Hani kept on screaming, nonetheless, ignoring your protests and your hand flailing around to get your hat.

“Don’t do that, Hani! You’re attracting attention to people around-“

“Oppa, look over here!” The third attempt seemed to work perfectly, as Zion.T finally turned his head to Hani’s voice.

With how frantically Hani was pointing at you, Zion.T’s eyes finally settled down at your figure, still trying to stop your friend from embarrassing you. His eyebrows were raised in interest as he made his way to the edge of the stage, getting as near as impossible to see you.

“Look, he’s coming towards you!” Hani chirped happily, her proud smile didn’t help you cope with the embarrassment at all, as people around you started to whisper about you. Again.

“You’re embarrassing me, Hani…” You groaned, “What if he’s not the one? He’ll just think of me as-“

“Look up! He’s staring at you!” Your reflexes kicked in and you did as what Hani ordered you to, and your eyes met his covered ones, and you were shocked once again.

He was grinning at you, like a child who was given a birthday gift. Zion.T kept on singing while not breaking his gaze at you, his hands going up and down for gestures. And then, before he moved to another spot, he lowered his glasses, enough for you to see that wink he gave you.

“Oh my fucking god, he is the one.” Your cheeks turned red as you felt your heart thumping faster, your heart blooming in happiness as you grinned back at him.

You knew he was the one, and there was no mistake in it.

The concert was coming to an end, and Haesol have saved his newest song for the closing performance.

“I’d like everyone to sing along to this song,” Haesol started, “The figure that inspired me to write this was my soul mate actually, I hoped that she’d hear this, wherever she is, and I can comfort her through my music. I didn’t have much time to find you, I’m sorry, because I am constantly working on making music.”

“You probably hate me so much for having the same hair as I am, and at times the colors are way annoying too,” The crowd laughed at this, “I’m sorry for that. I hope you can understand me and maybe, we can have the love we craved all this time. And I present to you this song to somehow make up for the times I wasn’t there for you. Please listen to me, my dear.”

You sat there, frozen, as Zion.T started to sing his single that he have just released, which is called ‘Eat’. Your heart skipped beats and you felt overwhelming happiness hit you like a truck. You were happy, truly happy, after years of living, because now you have finally met him. The screams that erupted around the venue didn’t matter, you felt like it was only you and him here, with his soft voice serenading you to his song. Love was a weird feeling, you concluded, as you were head over heels for him.

Love me, me. Don’t miss it.

“You should go home first, Hani. I’m going to grab something from the mini market.”

“You sure you want to go alone? It’s midnight, (Name).”

“I’ll be fine! I’m not a baby anymore, Han.” You smiled at Hani, “Thank you for today. I really appreciate your help.”

“Don’t mention it! I’ll help you anytime I can, (Name).” Hani smiled, giving you a tight bear hug as the both of you parted ways.

Your foot took you to the nearest 24 hours mini market, and you got yourself a ramen and a drink, and sat yourself outside. As you ate your meal, you were left alone with your thoughts, wondering more and more about your soul mate. He was amazing, you thought. All the hate you had in him seemed to disappear when your eyes met, and the urge to kick his ass was long gone. The concert felt magical, it feels so surreal now that you have met your soul mate through it. Your life changed in one night, which is something you can hardly believe.

But now what?

As you ate your ramen, you didn’t notice a figure standing behind you, his tall figure looming over you. And suddenly, an apple was set on your table from your back, and you jolted in shock when you looked up.

“You should snack on something healthier instead, you know.”

“Well hello there, Mr. Soul mate.” You couldn’t hold your smile as you gazed up at him, and he mirrored your smile back.

Haesol took the empty seat in front of you, with a cup of coffee being held on his right hand. His hand then took off his glasses, and there were butterflies in your stomach as he held your gaze. His eyes are very pretty, you thought.

“I believe I haven’t gotten your name yet, Mrs. Soul mate?”

“It’s (Full Name).” You held your hand for a handshake. He held your hand delicately and kissed the top of your palm softly, successfully making your cheeks blush again.

“Well, you might want to change that to Kim (Name) in the future,” Haesol grinned, “My name is Haesol. It’s nice to finally meet you, (Name).”

“Yeah, we finally meet each other after a long time.” The both of you spent the next few minutes in silence, just studying each others’ face and smiling giddily with love.

After a few minutes, Haesol finally broke the comfortable silence between the two of you.

“I’m sorry with the red hair, I can see how uncomfortable you were a few hours ago,” Haesol apologized shyly, “I was aiming for a new look, and after I finished dyeing my hair, I realized that you were affected by it too.”

“That’s okay, you dumb ass.” You lowered your head, not being able to contain your smile, “As long as you’re here, I’ll be fine.” Tears of happiness rolled down your cheeks, and Haesol’s hand quickly went to your face, wiping away the tears.

“Don’t worry, I’ll try considering a normal color next time.”

I’m going to start making lists of the things I find myself oft repeating to customers (especially now that I work at a beauty supply store, the name of which I’m not allowed to say).

Hair colors:

  • you cannot lighten your hair several shades without bleaching it. It just won’t happen. You want to go blonde but you don’t want to bleach your hair? sorry, it’s not going to happen. “but what if I just put this semi-permanent hair dye on top of my very dark brown?” your hair might be a little bit shiny? but I mean you’re not gonna get the advertised vivid color.
  • There are four kinds of hair dye: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. The first one is obvious, it washes out with one or two shampoos. Semi permanent dye will also wash out, but it will take maybe a month, and it’ll more likely just go kind of pastel. Demi-permanent is the same, but it fades out instead of washing out. Permanent color might fade in the sun or if you go swimming a lot, but other than that it is not going to go anywhere.
  • Do not under any circumstances buy your hair dye at a drug store. Please go to Sally’s. 
  • There’s a semi-permanent brand called Ice Cream (I think?). I have never heard a single good thing about them.
  • Manic Panic is a good semi-permanent hair dye to get yourself started, as it’s often sold in places such as Hot Topic or Trivium. HOWEVER, MP fades very quickly, especially with their more red or pink dyes. If you’re looking for a red dye that will stick very well, try the One ‘n’ Only Argon Oil brand.
  • Argon oil has a natural red pigment. If you want to be blonde or ashy or grey (etc.) do not buy any product that includes argon oil (including shampoos or hair masks!)


  • please don’t buy your makeup from Sally’s. Their stuff is usually terrible, ie. they have like maybe four shades of foundation and they’re all varying shades of white
  • NYX matte cream lip colors are absolutely fantastic. You can find them at shoppers drug mart. These things go on smoothly, dry matte, and don’t feel like they’re heavy at all. Above all else: super bold color! My fave is called ‘vintage’.
  • Despite NYX having fantastic lip products, their mascara is shit. I bought one that was kind of a clear gooey fluid with tiny black flecks in it?? like guys pull your shit together.
  • GOSH BB creams are super nice and light, great for when u need a little bit of coverage to last you in a casual setting, and they’re a bit cheaper than your usual Sephora fare. 
  • on that note, GOSH also has an amazing eye primer that looks kind of like a white crayon? Goes on white, and holds any color you put on it with an amazing vibrancy. 
  • Check out BH cosmetics for some cheap eye shadow palettes that have a wide variety of color! I’ve got their galaxy palette (which is just as great as it sounds) but I also have a 99 color palette. Coupled with the GOSH eye primer everything is beautiful. (b/c these are ‘cheaper’ brands, without an eye primer the colors don’t show up as well.)
  • Don’t laugh but Forever 21 has a really great cream contour palette. Keep in mind though I’m super white, so if you have a darker skin tone this cream palette doesn’t go darker than, like, “orange” tan.
  • Ipsy bags and other monthly makeup kits of $20-$25 are actually surprisingly worth it. Ipsy, for example, customizes your kit a bit more to your skin tone/hair color/eye color/skin type. A good way to learn new brands and try new products. 
  • If you are going to be in front of a camera, do not under any circumstances use shimmer. I’m talking shimmer powders, shimmer highlighters, even if your primer advertises ‘glow’ or if your foundation is ‘luminous’. Any kind of shimmer will catch the light and reflect it strongly into the lens. 
  • Same goes for SPF.  If your foundation/BB cream/anything really has a bit of sunscreen/SPF, that will also catch the light and reflect strongly into the camera. 
  • If you are self-conscious about your wrinkles, avoid shimmer products. They will highlight your skin and cause a large contrast with your creases.
  • If you want to make your lips look larger, use shimmers, glosses, and/or light colors. paler colors will make any space look larger, whereas dark colors (like NYX’s Vintage, for example, or bold reds) will make your lips a little bit smaller.
  • those wedge sponges you can get for like $3 a bag are actually really really good for your foundations. Esp if you’re doing makeup for multiple people. I actually find sponges apply liquid and cream foundations/contours/highlighters a lot better than brushes, as they’re a lot less streaky. 
  • Don’t go overboard with your setting powder if you’re going to be on camera/on stage, as heavy application of your setting powder will also come out as pure white in photos.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean your makeup brushes. It evaporates faster than water, is less likely to mess with the glue holding your brushes together, and sanitizes everything it touches. 

off the top of my head this is all I can think of tonight but expect there to be more in the future, as I continue to try to explain to people why they can’t just throw color on their hair and expect it to be Just Fine. 

(also if anyone has any questions or suggestions go ahead and send them!!)

anonymous asked:

Your choice of clones reacting to their s/o wanting to practice their makeup skills on them and them seeing the end results pretty please?


+probably took a fair bit of bribing.
-“I’ll re-dye your hair” “no”
-“I’ll let you pick our take out tonight” “no”
-“I’ll let you teach me self defense.” “¿ what” “nothing”
-“I’ll let you do that thing you like ;)” “…. all of the above?” “Deal.”

+is very confused ab everything you’re putting on his face
-“(y/n) that’s the 3rd skin colored goo you’ve put on my face” “and you look flawless… well more so than usually”

+finished product: foundation, light cool toned blush, highlight that took a subtle blue tint when the light hit it, blue winged eyeliner drawn like his jaig eyes filled in with white liner, white and grey smokey eye shadow,

+he was !!! At you’re talent

+lets you take plenty of pictures, as long as you didn’t show his brothers

+likes the end product but would never actually wearing it


+no bribing just annoy him endlessly for a couple of hours

+“if I let you do this, I get to pick out an nice boring movie and you have to watch it with me. Ok?” “Deal”

+complains about everything, but secretly loves watching you’re determined face

+finished product: foundation, no blush, silver highlight, silver winged eyeliner, metallic smokey eyeshadow, matte black lipstick with silver accents

+lets you take exactly 2 pics and makes you swear not to EVER tell A N Y O N E

+agrees only if he gets to do yours

+you do his first and he thinks everything tickles. His eyes twitch with every brush stroke.

+finished product: foundation, light blush, duo-chrome blue/gold highlight, blue gold black smokey eye, long ultra sharp black wing tips

+when he does your makeup he does really good eyeliner but everything else is 🚮🗑🚮🗑

+plenty of pics of him and he really likes it, brags ab his talented S/O to his brothers

+the pictures of you were “mysteriously’ lost

~Dare to be Different~

Dare to be different
Please don’t fit the mold
Dye your hair purple
Or wear all that gold
Dream a thousand dreams
Dance in that rain
Face your fears
And kiss away that pain
Dare to be different
It’s more fun that way
Don’t conform to society’s standards
Or listen to what others may say
Do your own thing
There is only one you
When you think outside the box
You get a better view

-Tiffany K

anonymous asked:

I went to look at Jack's newest insta photo and the first comment I saw was "please dye your hair green". Like yo. I'm going to miss the green hair so much. Terribly. But he doesn't have to dye it if he wants to, I support that. - wifi

Yeah, same. The green won’t be there forever, no matter how much people want him to keep it. It’s his hair, not ours, if he doesn’t want to keep the green, those who disagree will have to deal with it or leave, because if they hate him for the fact that he will go back to the green, that means they were only here for his hair and that’s not really a good thing - Mod Lily

Markiplier Imagine Purple Surprise

Requested by anon: Hey please could you do a Markiplier x reader where you dye your hair purple and mark loves it? Your writing is gold btw 💫

“It can’t be that difficult.” You mumbled, examining the small box of hair dye. You were planning on getting a change and had opted to dye your hair purple. It was something you’d seen other people do and were impressed by it, so decided to try for yourself.

“Alright, I’ve got this.” You pulled out a bottle and started putting the ingredients inside. Once everything was inside, you began shaking the bottle, until you were satisfied with the mixture. Then you prepared your hair and grabbed a brush. 

You started putting the dye onto your hair, using your fingers to work the dye into your hair. When you were finished applying all the dye, you set a timer for how long to leave the dye in and went on your phone, catching up on your social media. When the timer beeped, you started washing out your hair, watching the colour run in the water. After showering, you got dressed and waited excitedly to see Mark.

“(Y/N)?” You heard Mark call, as he opened the front door. You leapt up and tried to keep cool, as you went to greet him. 

“Hey. Good day?” You asked, giving him a hug. Mark’s eyes were wide when he saw you and you chuckled at his shock, although his silence was a little intimidating.

“Your hair-”

“It’s purple.” You finished off for him, growing increasingly nervous.


“I wanted a change and I’ve always wanted to dye it this colour, so why not seize the moment? I think it looks nice, anyway. Don’t you like it?” You self consciously touched your hair and Mark shook his head quickly.

“No, actually, I really love it. You look so different, it took me some time to adjust, but it really suits you. You look awesome.” You grinned and kissed him.

“Although, I’d like you no matter what colour your hair is.” You chuckled, wrapping your arms around him.

“A little too cheesy?” Mark asked and you nodded, kissing him again.

“Just a little, but sweet nonetheless.” 

“God, I love you. You’re stunning.” You blushed at Mark’s words.

“Because of the purple, right?” You joked and Mark laughed quietly, his eyes looking at you adoringly. 

“No, but the purple helps.”

Requests are open


Pinky Promise || M.C.

Thank you all so much for 100 followers! Here’s a new little piece for you!

Characters: Michael Clifford/Reader

Rating: R

Warnings: Brief (but detailed) smut!!

Summary: The one where Michael pinky promises. (The ending loosely based on WAYF)

The streetlights were starting to flicker on and the sun a golden glow as it began to set for the evening. That was your curfew at 7 years old. You and your best friend Michael would run around outside until the sun set and sometimes even a bit after when Michael’s mom began to yell. It was everyday like a routine since the two of you could remember.

“Mikey!!! We should go inside!!” You called after the rambunctious brunette boy.

“But Y/N!!!” Michael whined.

You caught up to Michael, chest heaving because the boy was so fast.

“Listen, we’ll come back here tomorrow!!” You said, smiling.

“Promise?” The boy asked, just like every other night. Only this night was different. Tomorrow Michael starts a new school. His parents wanted him to go to this new Christian school while your parents didn’t see the point. It was more money and more traveling and they said no every single time you asked. It would be the first school year that you didn’t have your best friend by your side.

You replied, unconvincingly to both of you it seemed, “Pinky promise.” You locked pinkies with the boy and shook on it.

“I can’t wait to hear about all of the snobby prep school kids Mikey!!” you called after him as he headed into his house.

“See you tomorrow Y/N!” he replied.

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