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BTS Reaction: smaller friend/gf/bf can easily pick them up

Okay so here’s today’s reaction! I hope you guys like it, and please look forward to the rest of the updates for this week, planned and requests! Also feel free to stop by and drop a request or comment into my ask! <3 )(Gifs used are not mine: credit to the owners! <3)

Rap Monster:

You two were just messing around, fake fighting and teasing each-other, when you grabbed him and easily lifted his feet off the ground. He would be frozen in shock, and when you put him back down, he’d turn to look at you with wide eyes before chuckling, surprised and a little embarrassed.

“Wow… Why didn’t you tell me you were so strong?! It’s amazing! … Just don’t pick me up in front of the guys, okay?…”

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He had just gotten home from tour and you were extremely excited to see him again. When you ran up and hugged him, you ended up picking him up and spinning him around. He would be worried about you hurting yourself, but when he saw the huge smile on your face and how easily you were lifting him, he would just laugh and hug you back.

“Looks like somebody missed me! And was hitting the gym… Maybe now you can help me move the couch over there? Just kidding! Just carry me to the couch instead!”

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You had both been trying to grab something off of a high shelf. He had suggested grabbing a stool, but you were too impatient. Instead you just picked him up, giving him the extra height needed to reach the shelf. He’d be shocked at first, but would grab what you needed, looking over his shoulder at you.

“Warn me before doing that next time… And carry me to the couch?…”

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You two had been playfully arguing about what movie to watch for the past 10 minutes or so. Finally, you decided this would never end if you didn’t do something. So, you picked him up and carried him over to the couch. He would be frozen in shock at first, and stare at you silently. When you sat back down, he’d continue to stare at you.

“How did I not know you were that strong?… And you make me carry your bags why, exactly? I’m never falling for that “it’s too heavy” line again.”

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He had just come home from practice and fell onto the couch, exhausted. You kept trying to get him to get up and go to the bed instead, but he refused to move. Next thing he knew, you had picked him up and were carrying him to bed. He would be momentarily wide awake, first worried that you’d drop him, but as you walked he’d relax and smile at you.

“… I think I’m going to fall asleep on the couch more often…”

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He was laying in front of the door to the room you were trying to enter and refused to move. You just rolled your eyes and leaned down, picking him up easily and moving him to the side of the door. He would stare at you for a moment, then get the biggest grin on his face and start chuckling.

“Woah, you’re strong! How much can you lift?! Could you lift any of the others?! Let’s go see!”

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He’d heard one of your friends bragging about how strong you were, and he wanted to see it for himself. He expected you to pick up something from in the room. Just not him. When his feet left the floor, he would have a bit of a shocked spasm before just looking at you silently until after you set him down.

“… That’s it… We’re exercising together from now on…”

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(Well, I hope you guys like it, and please look forward to the other updates this week! <3)

The Last Novelization: Chapter 3 Part 3

Oh look! I updated! Yeah so, long story short, I’ve been dealing with some things in the real world for awhile, and haven’t been up for working on multi-page translation projects. But now, here it is! 

Back to feels in the next section, but as always, please do not ask me when it will be updated. I doubt I’ll need to take that long of a hiatus again, but I still cannot guarantee anything about the time frame. 

Also, I just want to note since I did get a few comments on this, in the extremely unlikely event that I end up completely dropping this, I would edit the most recent update to make a note of it and change the main page of my blog so that it wouldn’t say I’m working on it. So unless I do that, assume that I still plan on finishing it.

Beginning Previous Section Next Section

Guidelines for using my translations. Please read before reproducing in whole or part

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Calling all witches!

Hey everyone! I was just wondering what kind of witch you identify as or if you identify at all??

I identify as eclectic, mostly kitchen and green.

What do you resonate with?

Please comment or drop something in my ask!!

hey guys!! 1000+ of you!!

I’m really so happy to share my art and share my passion for things like Pokemon and Assassination Classroom on here! 

I was really nervous making this blog last year because of what happened to my previous blog when someone harassed me about my art. I lost confidence in my art and was too afraid to share.

I have had nothing but endless amounts of support. You guys are so great. I laugh at all your funny tags/responses. I have gained more confidence in myself thanks to a lot of you. I don’t have many friends. So I’m so thankful to have a place where I can get to talk to some really amazing people from all over the world.

thank you sooooo much!

I am opening requests for a short while as a thank you to you guys. ^^

please drop a request in this post/comment section OR in my ask box. you can do so anonymously as well (that just means I can’t tag you!) I might not get around to ALL of them but I am going to do my best. nsfw requests are fine, please understand I have a right to decline requests too if I don’t feel very creative sometimes that happens even when i really wanna draw you guys something  <( ̄︶ ̄);;; but like I said I will do my best!!!  ファイト (๑و•̀ω•́)و


Quincest MV of a certain H@yley Kiy0ko song. If you want to comment on it, give me reccomendations, or anything, please drop me a message in my ask box or something

Warning: Footage of flashing lights used


Under the cut you will find #37 gifs of British model and actress Suki Waterhouse. This may be more of a gif masterlist because these are all gifs I have made and posted at some point on either this blog or my personal. I’ve noticed that many people have commented on wanting more Suki gifs, so if there’s anything in particular that you would like me to gif (interview, instagram video, photoshoot bts, etc.) drop me an ask! Feel free to use these gifs for whatever, but do not claim credit for them. Please like/reblog. // gif hunt #1

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How do you creat a tag list and how do you reply to comments on your fanfic? I'm new to tumblr :(

Hey, sweetie!!  Welcome to Tumblr!!  😊💞💞💞💞💞

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To create a tag list all you need to do is type “@” and then the name of the blog. A drop down box will appear below the URL and you click on the correct blog. It will then be underlined as a link.  

As for the comments, if they reblogged your fic and added comments, then you just reblog the fic from them and add your own comments. For replies, I just copy and paste them into one of my own reblogs and tag them. I’ve seen some other people do it differently, but I’ve never asked how they do it.  If you have a better way, please share!!! 😊💞💞💞💞


thank you so much for discussing jimin and the rest of bangtan + mental health/bpd, etc because i know how comforting it is for some, and how important it is to be open in talking about this!!!

i’ve got to get to bed bc i’m supposed to be sticking to some semblance of a routine w/ my sleeping, so i’ll answer all asks in the morning and please don’t hesitate to drop a thought, comment, experience, headcanons or anything more in my inbox.



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This is my art for the Summer in Gravity Falls exchange!
I hope your expectations weren’t too high for me to reach, asherlion!

Wow, be careful everyone; looking at the gif for too long makes really dizzy…
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Hi hi!!! I just have to say I love FAWL! And chapter 12 killed me with its awesomeness. Please keep up the good work!

Thank you for dropping me a note. It’s my fave thing ever whether it’s on AO3, asks, IM’s (sometimes when I’m feeling blue I go look at my fic comments to make myself feel better, that’s how much i love each and every time someone pays attention to me LOL. I hope you have a happy Friday, unless of course, it’s already Saturday where you are!

since I got quite a few new followers apparently for my meta about Even and his bipolar, I decided to start tagging my metas better and link to them on my page.
so for those who are interested, you should now be able to find most of my metas (and metaish comments) under the #monstrueuse-meta tag.

please drop me an ask if there’s something you’d like me to write or expand about. i really enjoy writing these.

(also i have to thank publicly @kryptonitanott who’s been an amazing support and the main reason behind my starting to put more time and effort into writing metas. they’re a great and smart person who writes the type of metas I aspire to write and you should follow them)

Here’s the wedding scene to follow up the comic as a big thank you to everyone who has followed me! Thanks for sticking around, feel free to drop a line in my ask to say hi or if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day!

Please don’t remove my comments or repost, thank you!

I am making these posts for free, in my own time, out of the goodness of my heart. Please remember that I am not an expert nor do I pretend to be. However, I would appreciate it if people could remember to be constructive with their corrections rather than implying that I am ignorant about basic facts. It makes me feel like there is nothing you can do right on this website and quite frankly discourages me from continuing with these posts. Please look through my bio for basic information before commenting or asking. Also remember to adjust your tone accordingly. The English language has a very sensitive system of register and what may not look rude to you could look extremely rude to a native speaker. I’ve seen a lot of this entitlement on langblr lately where people think social norms don’t apply to anon asks. I assure you they do. 

These blogs are run by human beings with feelings so don’t send stuff over anon that you woudln’t send off anon or say to their face.

Hello my wonderful fellow barduilings!

So I have an idea and I kind of want to gauge interest and the tag has been quite actively the last couple of days so I decided now was the time.

I want to organise a Barduil Round Robin.

A round robin is when we each write a chapter and then pass it on to the next writer. So, I would decide (or indeed consult with any participants) on a theme and we would work out a writer order and just go for it!

It would be very chill because I do not approve of stressful things, you would have plenty of time to do your bit I would make absolutely sure of it, and if you don’t manage it, or your life goes cray for a while that’s okay, you just pass it onto the next person and it can come back to you at a better time.

The end result though guys.

Have you thought about the end result?

Because the way I see it, if enough people get involved, then what we’re going to end up with it this:

A barduil fic written by the barduil fandom.

And idk about you guys but that idea just tickles me.

Do not worry if you’re not confident in your writing or as experienced as others or indeed have never written barduil before, after all, what better environment than being surrounded by other writers on a collaborative project to hone your writing?

After all, we’re the barduil fandom, we support each other ;)

But you don’t just need to be a writer to get involved!

If you’re a beta, great! You can help make the whole fic sound uniform with your mad beta-ing skills! If you’re an artist, sweet! You are more than welcome to ask to see the fic so far and art-ify a scene! 

In fact whatever you do if you wanna get involved just let me know and I will find a way.

So right now I’m just trying to work out whether or not any of you are actually interested in this idea, so if you are, let me know, you’re not tying yourself down for anything right now, just trying to see if this is a viable idea ^.^

Please reblog and spread the word and make sure to let me know if you are interested! I’m unfortunately not psychic and don’t know unless you actively come and tell me you want in, or even if you just have questions, fire them at me :D

Hopefully I will hear from you soon <3
Ready When You Are - TippyTypewriter - Life Is Strange (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Ready When You Are

Fandom: Life is Strange (Pricefield)


But she’s also endeared to Chloe’s confidence–and more so to the little nervous glances she catches when Chloe thinks she isn’t looking–so she follows her anyway.

Or: “the one where Max always lived in Seattle and Chloe is a carny and they engage in summer romance.”

Sooo here’s another, longer, Pricefield fic.  This one’s a really, really fluffy AU, just in time for the end of carnival season.  Even episode four can be fixed with fic, right?  I hope y’all enjoy it, and if you (or don’t!), please leave a comment on AO3 or drop something in my ask box.  Feedback fuels me.