please dont write to me about that

i. you’re with her now and
it makes me want to rip myself apart
limb by limb
because it was supposed
to be me you were loving not her

ii. so if i call you drunk and complaining
about how much its hurts
please pretend to care

iii. and if by some chance you dont
and delete my voicemails
just like you did with the memories of us
i promise i’ll sew my mouth shut
and pretend my heart wasn’t breaking apart all over again

Me: college isnt that bad

English teacher: we’re going to study fanfiction and it’s correlation with academic writing

Me: … I-I… okay I can get through this… college is still not that ba-

English teacher: :^) watch and reply to this in 4 pages


I just want to get out of here. I want to call you and tell you everything that’s wrong and i want you to tell me that its going to be okay. I need you to tell me its going to be okay.


↳ everyone
↳ hi this is RM (in english)
↳ you’re looking forward to spring day and not today right?
↳ are you wondering what the title is?
↳ not today… spring day…
↳ In fact, it doesn’t really matter what one
↳ I like them both
↳ and because a lot of my input is in both so it’s ok
↳ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
↳ 😭❤️️
↳ stay tuned for the new album (in english)
↳ getting ready for the concert & tour (in english)
↳ the kids are practicing now too
↳ anyway please anticipate it a lot everyone. I will continue to write good songs in the future
↳ I’m always grateful
↳ be careful of the cold
↳ no cold plz armys (in english)
↳ dont catch a cold (?) (in japanese)
↳ 😘
↳ and and I wanted to say something I didn’t before
↳ I’m really grateful we can talk excitedly like this before the songs are released
↳ I believe a lot of people will listen
↳ I can talk about it. I’m always grateful and so happy
↳ thx for giving me the chance to say (in english)
↳ stay tuned for our new album & concert (in english)
↳ thts because i rlly believe that so many ppl who (in english)
↳ will listen to you album after it comes out (in english)
↳ such a great honour as a musician (in english)
↳ and a performer. rlly happy. love you guys give all my glory (in english)
↳ to you (in english)
↳ lets be happy more often

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No Surrender | Chapter Two

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Originally posted by capitancassian

Words: 1,491

Summary: You’re safe back on base but you are afraid of the consequences after the failed mission on Kashyyyk. Luckily, you don’t have to go through this alone. Unfortunately, it’s with someone you can’t fathom at the moment.

Tagging: @kwaiky, @ly–canthrope

Author’s note: Don’t freak out! This is a reupload but to those who read it first, I love you to the end of the universe. Thank you so, so much for the love on this series!! I had a second chapter that was WAY shorter than this one but I felt like it didn’t explore the complexities of emotions going on. Here’s a bit of angst, a bit of frustration, and a lil’ bit of K-2 sass.


Chapter 2: Action

Your limbs feel heavy as you come to your senses. Taking in your environment, you realize you’re in your living quarters rather than in the medcenter. You don’t remember how you ended up in your own room since your memory caps at being on board the U-Wing. You guide your hands to the side of your waist to feel the stitches that had been done. You take a look to your left and find a neat stack of your clothes on the bedside table. Gathering all the strength you can, you hoist yourself up and change into said clothes. When you put the shirt over your head and smooth it out, you discover a weathered jacket. Whoever put the clothes out included one of Cassian’s jackets.

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Dear Theodore (Lin x Reader)

Guys I really hate this but I feel like I have to post it so here you go. I’ve never written smut before so please go easy on me.

Request:  HI could you write a fic where the reader and Lin are married and decide they wanna have kids. sex scene please also if you dont mind. thanks! 

Words: 1,385

Warnings: smut, profanity

You were sprawled across your husband when he said something you didn’t expect.

“Have you ever thought about kids?” Lin asked, his dark eyes peering into yours. He had this spark in his eyes, a glimmer of hope. Of course you had thought about it, who wouldn’t think about raising the angels that he would undoubtedly create.

“Nope, I was born as an adult and have never interacted with anyone under the age of 18.” You immediately regretted your snarky comment. You didn’t want to seem too excited at the prospect of having kids with Lin.

The spark slowly faded from his eyes, and he looked back down at his notebook. He scribbled over the whole page, you could see the words “Dear Theodosia” before his pencil scratched over them. Feeling absolutely terrible, you spoke again. “I didn’t mean to offend you love, I know what you meant. Of course I’ve thought about it. If our child had even a fraction of your talent, they could rule the world.”

His eyes snapped up, a soft smile on his face. “R-Really? You want to have a kid?” You nodded. He brought his face close to yours, and pressed your foreheads together. You moved forward so your lips were barely touching his.

“Come on Y/N, you’re killing me,” He whispered into your mouth. You let a sly grin cross your face as you gripped his collar and pulled him forward as you slipped off the couch. You started to walk backwards, pulling him as you went along. He kissed you again, biting your lip as you pulled him towards the bedroom. You stumbled, but he caught you in his arms in the classic meet-cute movie way. He silenced your giggling with a sloppy kiss, and picked you up bridal style.

“This is the longest hallway ever!” You whined, kissing his neck. He chuckled and rushed to your bedroom, bouncing you in his arms as he went along. The bed creaked as he rested you on top of it, and started unbuttoning your shirt. With each button he undid, he pecked your lips. You were propped on the edge of the bed, with him standing between your outstretched legs. He finally pulled your shirt off, looking at you as if you were the only thing in the world. Unable to control yourself, you reached to unbutton his pants.

“Slow down. I want to remember this,” Lin demanded gruffly. You smiled, and he began to pepper kisses all over your face. Slowly going lower, he started to get rougher, leaving little bite marks all across your chest. You moaned and buried a hand in his dark hair. He chuckled a little, and reached his arms behind you to unclip your bra. Sliding it off of your arms, he put his mouth over your nipple and sucked on it gently. That’s part of what you loved about Lin, he always treated you like a princess. You pulled at his hair and tried to suppress a moan. His soft tongue pulsated on your breast and he pinched your nipple with his teeth. The feeling of his skin against yours made you want him even more. You reached for his belt and undid it quickly, bucking your hips as he switched to your other breast.

“Fuck!” You yelled, eager to go further. You quickly pulled his pants off, and he stepped out of them and made his way lower down your chest, leaving kisses and bites in his wake. You palmed his growing erection and he let out a low groan. He had finally his way to your hips, and was licking your hipbones as he slid your pants off of your body. You were growing impatient, and pulled off his boxers, revealing Lin’s fully erect dick. You rubbed your thumb over the tip, sticky with precum. He moaned quietly and pulled his head up to kiss you. His thumbs looped around the band of your panties and slowly pulled them off of your legs. As he was lining up to enter you, he spoke.


“No condom,” you responded, chuckling a little.

“Oh right.” He smacked his forehead. You kissed him again and gave him a small nod. He slowly slid into you, groaning as he filled your tight entrance. You squirmed a little as he kissed your jaw, pushing deeper inside of you. After bottoming out, he began panting, resting his palms on your hips. You wiggled a little under the cold of his hands. He pulled back, and slammed back into you roughly. You whined and gripped his taut forearms, as he started to pick up speed, making you moan. As he pushed in and out of you, his hand moved to tweak your clit with his thumb causing you to whine. You could feel yourself getting close, which you could tell he was waiting for.

“I love you so much,” he grunted, which pushed you over the edge. You shook as your orgasm racked your body, and you gripped Lin’s arms tightly. Right after you came, he did, completely filling you. He slowly pulled out, panting. As you sat up to kiss him, cum dripped out of you onto the bed. He laid down and wrapped an arm around you gently.

“Holy shit,” you breathed, looking over at him. He nodded in agreement, pecking your lips. You pushed your hips into his so you were spooning, and you could feel his cock twitch.

“Jesus Y/N, I can’t do round two,” he chuckled, resting his chin on your shoulder.

“At least not yet.” A smirk accompanied your words, but you felt yourself drifting to sleep.

A few weeks had passed since you tried to get pregnant, and you were reading a book on the couch when Lin burst through the door holding a box of pregnancy tests. You set your book down, and rushed over to him. After grabbing the box from his hands, you gestured that you were going to the bathroom. You took the test as quickly as you could, and patiently waited the two minutes it took for the test to work. You burst out of the door as soon as the timer went off, and placed the thin piece of plastic in Lin’s hands, too afraid to look at it. He paused a second before looking at it, and a small smile crossed his face.

“Lin?” you asked, tapping your foot. He slowly nodded, and held out his arms for you. You jumped into his arms, a slur of “oh my god”’s coming out of your mouth. It was actually happening, it had all just seemed like a distant dream in the past.

It was a Tuesday when your baby was born. It had been a long thirteen hours of labor, something you really wanted to erase from your memory. You and Lin decided to wait until your child was born to find out the gender, the traditional way. Hearing the words ‘It’s a boy’ was unexpected, you had always dreamed of raising a little girl with Lin. Not that you were disappointed, just thrown off. You were holding your child, with Lin laying on the hospital bed next to you.

“We never really talked about names, did we?” he asked, staring at your son lovingly. You shook your head, being conscious of the frail body in your arms.

“Do you remember the day when we decided to have a kid?” You rubbed your hand over the thick mop of black hair your child had.

“How could I forget?” He smiled gently.

“What do you think of the name Theodore? I know it’s not Theodosia, but it’s close enough and you can still sing the song to him-” you mumbled before he cut you off.

“How do you know about the song? I cut it forever ago,” he said, tilting his head.

“On that day, after I said no you crossed out something in your notebook and I saw what it said. After that I tried to read it. It’s such a beautiful song Lin,” you said.

“I think Theodore would be perfect. Dear Theodore,” He began to sing, and you gently handed Theodore to him. As you looked at the two of them, you realized that everything would be better with your boys.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a nt singlet trying to learn about neurodivergence (and systems) so I can be a better ally. If you don't mind me asking, what do you think I should know about bpd (and anything else you have, because a lot of people seem to have multiple diagnoses)? Like the basics of what it is, how I can be an ally, and how I can be a good friend if I meet a borderline irl? I hope this wasn't invasive or rude, also feel free to correct my terminology because I'm really new to all this ❤

do my eyes deceive me??? a nice neurotypical in my ask box??? of course i will help u….(besides im bored and have nothing better to do)

firstly, being in a system is neurodivergent. you sort of separated the two, idk if u meant to do that.

i think u what should know is that borderlines are people too. people love to condemn us and say we’re manipulative, abusive. in reality, a lot of borderlines have high empathy for others (to the point where it hurts us if we see someone else in pain). we’re not bad people by default.

even doctors and psychiatrists call us abusive and manipulative. the belief actually comes from them. back when bpd was first coined as a disorder, it was seen as “the borderline between psychosis and non-psychosis” hence the name borderline. doctors back then couldn’t understand why borderlines kept ending up back at hospitals treatment after treatment, how we were so driven by emotion, why regular therapy would not work. they concluded that borderlines were manipulative, sought attention, and were on the borderline of psychosis and non-psychosis, deeming us “hard to deal with.”

ive heard so many stories about borderlines being treated extremely negatively back then, to the point where doctors and psychiatrists would give up on their cases, tell them they were unfixable and manipulative. if they wanted help, they wouldve worked for it by now.

thing is, borderlines don’t respond to cbt/talk therapy. psychiatrists failed to see that we weren’t failing on purpose. their treatment was not up to par. from the cbt i’ve worked with, ive noticed that cbt assumes one has a stable identity and is always aware of themselves. borderlines are not.

dbt was created by marsha linehan. dialectical behavior therapy was made specifically for borderlines. it combines elements of cbt, behavioral science, and zen buddhism. and serious…this stuff is amazing. it works. dbt is split up into four modules: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation.

mindfulness is the teaching of always constantly checking if youre in the present. it is by far the hardest module to master, but it’s extremely rewarding once you understand it.

interpersonal effectiveness is on interpersonal relationships. y’know, because abandonment.

distress tolerance teaches you what to do in a crisis. and it isn’t cbt crap docs hand you and expect you to master in a day. whereas cbt tells you “just breathe, count to ten” when you’re distressed, distress tolerance teaches you three steps: distract, relax, and cope. distract yourself from the situation, relax using your five senses, and cope with the situation by weighing the pros and cons. i use this nearly everyday.

emotional regulation teaches you to do the opposite of what your negative emotions tell you. it teaches you that you are more than your emotions. while you may not be able to control them, you can certainly stop the snowball effect of emotions that trigger thoughts, which then trigger more complex emotions, and more complex thoughts, and so forth.

being a good borderline ally is simple: dont spread needless hate about our disorder, don’t infiltrate our spaces, and advocate for fair treatment.

if you meet a borderline in real life and you are even just a smidgen nice to them, congratulations: that borderline is your new friend. also in retrospect, don’t be mean to them. they will hate you very much.

if you ever become the fp of a borderline, always try to be there for them when they need you. encourage them to talk to you about their emotions. some borderlines are quiet and won’t talk about their negative emotions, even if it hurts.

also, they are constantly afraid of you abandoning them, it is a constant fear. reassure them as often as you can that you do not have plans to. also, don’t ever tell them they’re a handful, or “a lot,” even in a joking manner. they most likely have heard so many borderlines like them being called “abusive” and will wonder if “they are too,” because of their emotions.

well, that’s what i have to say. i might do another thing like this on systems. maybe. depends.

What the actual fuck?!?

Ok ok, people have probably written a shitton of meta about this by now, but please allow me to add my humble two cents because …


I dont even know what my favorite part of this episode is, because EVERTHING HAS BEEN PURE GOLD - AND IM NOT ONLY SPEAKING OF THE FUCKING GOLDEN BANDS THEY EXCHANGED OMG

Bands that - mind you! - YUURI BOUGHT FOR VIKTOR OMG I CANT BUT … ok, deep breaths, one - two - three …

The fact that Yuuri knew all these guys from last year gp’s gala is priceless! He showed them all his GODDAMN EROS BACK THEN ALREADY!! 


Also (sorry for jumping back and forth but im actually HELLA EXCITED IF YOU COULDNT TELL!!): “This is an ENGAGEMENT RING”?!?!?!?

“We’re going to get MARRIED ONCE YURI WON A GOLD MEDAL!”?!?!?!?

Oh shiT! Oh God! Help me, I am dying over here!!!!

Hahahaha, also, Otabek and Yuri, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. These two are so precious! No one ever asked my poor salty son to be their friend? WELL, FUCKING FINALLY I’D SAY!!! 

Ok, the screen is getting kinda blurry - or is that just the happy tears im crying? ASDFGHJKL!!! 


I forgot to mention my darling Phichit - thank you for telling the whole restaurant about the lovey-dovey-couple getting engaged hahaha

Newt and being with reader who um. self harms.

One thing i would like to make clear. or a couple things
1. Im NOT trying to romanticize Self Harm. at all. Im doing this because sometimes I need to write for myself
2. I do know what im talking about when I write this
3. This is pretty triggering. If reading about self-harm triggers you. Please dont read this. Its not bloody. I promise.
4. If anyone makes fun of self-harm on this post so help me god i will fuck you up. Sorry for the language.
5. If it makes you uncomfortable. Then dont read it. No ones forcing you

•You Hiding scars from Newt by constantly wearing long sleeves and or pants. Even when its very hot outside.
•Newt Becoming suspicious but hopes you’ll talk to him about it.
•You dealing with having to keep those thoughts away while with Queenie because you know she’ll tell Newt and you don’t want to burden him with your troubles.
•Slipping up and Queenie looks up at you in horror as she reads your self-destructing thoughts. She pulls you aside and you beg her not to tell Newt.
•She doesn’t, Until your thoughts get worse and you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Thats when she tells Newt. In fear or your safety.
•Newt rushing to the bathroom and breaking down the door without using a spell because he’s so scared about what you might do.
•His eyes start to water when he sees you in front of him with a blade in your hand. He carefully walks up to you and takes the blade away.
•At first your mad, Mad that Queenie told, Mad at yourself for messing up. but the anger melts to guilt when you look up and see Newts eyes full of tears
•You start apologizing but Newt tells you that you have nothing to be sorry for. He holds you tight and protectively because he sees you in a fragile state.
•That night involves Silence, compliments, and questions.
•He shows you his scars in hopes of you not feeling as bad. He knows its not the same thing but he wants you to open up.
•You eventually telling him why and he is shocked. Not understanding how you could do that to yourself.
•He tells you something important. “Y/n, I don’t fully understand why you do this, but i want you to know that I love you no matter what. Nothings going to change that”. It means a lot, that he didn’t run in disgust or just tell you to “get over it”
•He constantly gives you compliments and sometimes flowers. He always checks on you to make sure your doing okay. He thinks he’s getting annoying but you love that he cares.
•Him not getting mad when you relapse. Instead, he hugs you and tells you everything’s going to be fine.
•When your finally comfortable enough to show him your scars(which took a very long time) He carefully examines each one. He doesn’t say anything but his eyes are full of love and his hands are tracing them as careful as he can.
•Newt understanding its going to take time to recover. But he’s there for you. No matter how long it might be. Or how hard. Because, he loves you.

Okay. Wow. Im really depressing. But i think these are important topics. Heh. night everyone and Stay Safe. please

Once again, I've done a thingy

So.. This happened. I don’t know what inspired me to write this (actually I do- it was a promt I saw about person A visiting Person B’s grave and person B dropping snow on A when they start to cry, but I don’t know who came up with it SO IM SOOOOOOOO SORRY DONT HATE ME!!!)
Also, if there are any mistakes I apologize as I’m NOT the best writer… I’d barley pass the bar for decent. But none the less I wrote this for @altisetsky because I’m obsessed with her blog and have no self control. Keep up the good work!!! Hope you enjoy❤️

Yuri Plisetsky is not an emotional person. Angry and harsh, yes, but not emotional.
Breakups- you lost him.
Rude comments- you shouldn’t have been looking then.
Second place- he’d better work his ass off at practice!!
But it wasn’t until he hit the brick memorial to avoid hitting a dog in his brand new $895,000 car was when his world shattered, and Yuri Plisetsky genuinely sobbed.
Not because it was his new, expensive car that he spent years to save up for so when he finally got his license he could flaunt it, it was because his best friend- his boyfriend- was in the passenger seat minutes before and was now through the thick, glass windshield, seatbelt doing nothing to protect him. Blood was pouring from his mouth and head, and Yuri was unable to move his right arm and right leg, hip to toe. Ignoring the agonizing pain he was in, he still reached to call the police and cling to his now unconscious partner.

Otabek was dead within 8 seconds of the crash.

Of course Yuri blamed himself, despite his friends and Otabek’s family assuring him the avoiding the dog was the right thing, and Otabek would’ve done the same. But he didn’t care. He felt like shit. The two were in an argument and the last thing he said to Otabek was “I don’t care anymore! Just do what you want!” Then silence. Then the crash. He knew it was his fault. He stopped going to school. He stopped driving with people in the car. He stopped caring in general. He’d sit in his bed, watching static. But now after 4 months, he knew he had to begin healing. It wasn’t going to be easy. But it had to be done.
“Hey Beka. I brought you some r-roses.” Tears began to well up in his eyes as he stared at the tomb. It was a beautiful sight, Yuri and the Altin’s wanted only the best for the best. Thankfully they allowed him to be buried in St. Petersburg so Yuri would be close. It was a beautifully made stone, white marble with black veins. A rose with his name and dates was carved and his teddy bear, ice skates and his picture were leaned up against it in a glass box. It was the only grave on a hill, under a tree so his visitors would have privacy. It was a beautiful sight for a beautiful life.
Yuri leaned down on his knees, laid out the roses in his glass box and kissed the grave, despite the frost and freezing temperatures.
Otabek always love the winter.
“So, I don’t know if you saw but Mila drove herself and I around visiting your favorite places. She misses you too. Viktor and Katsudon miss you a lot too, believe it or not. We all do. And,”
He took a deep breath. “I’m sorry I didn’t spend the night like I usually do, but with the snow storm your mother called and begged me to stay in and come today, so I’m here now. I know how much you liked me being with you at night. And I know to get me back you would tickle me until I could sit up and kiss you, but as punishment I’d make you carry me around. Just like last winter. Oh, and I know how much you wanted to see that new superhero movie, so I bought you a ticket. And you can hold on to it.” He took the ticket out of his pocket and put it in the box. “I hope you don’t mind, but it’s in the back. I know you hated sitting there, but I’d rather you have it than to not, because you were so e-xc-cited. Y-ou c-couldn’t w-ait.” Tears fell from his eyes, freezing in the snow. His cries turned into painful sobs. “And I’m sorry for c-crying, it’s j-ust isn’t t-the s-ame and its all my f-fault, I sh-ouldnt have y-elled, and it’s b-ecause of m-me you’re g-gone and I-”
Yuri was cut off by a pile of snow falling on his head.
Otabek never liked it when he cried.
He laughed around his loud sobs. “You got me again…”

Dear Fic/Smut Writers

So, a lot of times, when i see smut or any fic and it’s reader. It’s a woman
Which is fine because in Kpop the fan base is like *pulls statistic out of no where* 90% girls, if not more.
But as a guy, and a gay one at that. Please dont forget me. It’s really nice to sometimes throw in a fic that, if it’s angst or fluff, to sort of be gender neutral. Which honestly, I see often. There’s a lot of ways to skirt around pronouns and not even need to use them.
But for smut, it’s okay if you’re not comfortable. But I’ve been bashed before for asking about getting a male reader fic. Not even when it was smut. If you’re not okay writing male reader stuff, please put it somewhere for us to see.
Please don’t bash us though, it’s not fun. And if you happen to know someone who does do male reader stuff, link it, it helps.

lephrasia  asked:

Just read alot of the requests you've answered and I'm in love with them all! They make me laugh, in a good way and they also make me feel happy! O3O Since I'm having problems with this myself, may I request the RFA ( + V & Saeran ) finding out about MC's self harming habits / problems and her thoughts about considering suicide?

I’m so happy to hear that, this cheers me up! Knowing that people love what you write, it’s just..So good.
I hope you feel better!And i hope you like it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • MC always hides the marks on her wrists,  Yoosung was not a very observant person
  • And she’s smiling, so nothing is wrong with her…This is what he thought
  • MC was picking one coffee that he made for her, but he forgets to ask her if she wants milk in it
  • So when she picked that up and starts to walk away, he grabs her wrist, feeling those marks
  • MC froze, and Yoosung couldn’t believe MC did that in her past, then he looks at her wrist, pulling the sleeve to see it better
  • Then he sees that those marks were fresh, she didn’t do in her past, she’s doing this in her present.
  • He couldn’t help tears coming out of his eyes, and then he looks at her face, she’s not even looking at him
  • “You will talk with me about this MC…” His voice is so broke, but you know that you can’t escape right now, you’ll have to talk about it.
  • And this is what you do, talk about your problems about your suicidal thoughts, everything.
  • Was funny that one smile could hide so much pain.
  • Yoosung listen to everything, with this falling from his eyes, seeing your sorrow, makes him feel the same.
  • He cannot think about you leaving, he just can’t.
  • He hugs you tightly, allowing you to cry on his shoulder and he cries on yours.
  • Yoosung can be a baby sometimes, but this is so serious,he’ll ask to Jumin and Seven if can get some medical help for you, he’ll see on the internet, everything he could do, and he’ll always, always, listen what you have to say.
  • He prefers to listen to your sweet voice all the time rather than never listen to this anymore.


  • You could try to hide this from him, with long sleeves, jackets, he will not question about your “fashion sense”
  • But Zen is a romantic knight, he’ll always want to love every part of your body, because of that it didn’t take long until he realizes it.
  • He pushed you to him, while he was sitting and starts to sing to you, you were so distracted that you didn’t even notice when he pulls your sleeve up and starts to kiss your wrists.
  • He opens his eyes and sees it, you move away from him
  • He couldn’t believe what his eyes saw “Mc…What is this?”
  • If you don’t want to talk about it, he doesn’t care at all, you will talk about those problems right now, he loves you and he wants to know
  • Then you told him about everything, the pain, those suicidal thoughts, everything
  • He will not cry, even if he wants to, he must be strong for you, and you must be strong too.
  • He’ll ask Jumin help this time, this can hurt his confidence, but you’re more important than everything.
  • He’ll be always watching you to see if you’re getting better.
  • Always.


  • She’s always so busy that she don’t notice anything, everything is normal in her eyes.
  • “Mc could you pick that box?It’s up there" 
  • When you try to reach it, she sees it, but looks away, but see it again, doesn’t believing what she just saw.
  • "MC…You’re self-harming?”
  • You stay quiet, she only opens her mouth and hugs you “You can tell me…Please, let all those bad feelings out”
  • So you told her, and she’s listening closely, making some notes with this, she must know and remember all that you’re going through.
  • She obviously will get medical help, but she’ll always be at your side, she’ll stop all the work sometimes and just stay with you, reassuring you that you’re not alone.
  • You have someone who loves you very much by your side.


  • He’s just a dork, but he has a dark past, and you helped him get through it
  • Was tough, but you guys did it, now everything is happy! This is what he thought.
  • You just out of the shower, holding your towel in a way that your wrists don’t show up, Seven sees you and runs to you
  • “Look at this beautiful lady!Let’s dance!"He grabs your wrist and feels it, the smile goes away from his face, he has a serious expression right now, he looks at your wrists, seeing those marks, he knew that some of those marks were made not a long time ago.
  • He looks at you, seriously, ”MC, you must tell me, please, what are you feeling".
  • You told him, feeling a little better just my letting those feeling get out of you, he’s listening to you, with a serious expression.
  • He hugs you when you’re finished, he will say how much he loves you in your ear and that he’ll do anything to help you.
  • He asks Jumin for help, you need medical assistance, he cannot leave you with this thought.
  • He cannot lose you.
  • He’ll always make jokes, be a clown, he’s always trying to make you smile or laugh, he’s always trying to make you happy.


  • He cannot even think about you leaving him, he wants to make you happy and he’ll make you happy
  • Because of that he very worried about you, he’s always watching you
  • So he discovered it fast.
  • He realizes those long sleeves or something that you use to hide those marks
  • He knows that maybe something was wrong, so when you was distracted, he picked your hand and sees it
  • He knows that was just a possibility, but now when he sees that it’s true he cannot believe in it
  • You’ll have to tell him, he needs to know what is going through your Head, and when you tell him, he is lost
  • Just thinking about losing you makes him that way, so he’ll be strong, for you
  • He wouldn’t cry, he will save these tears to cry of joy when you’re good
  • Tears will not help, so he’ll hire medical help, the best one to help you.
  • And he’ll always remember you that he’s by your side


  • Everything was good in his life now, he has the perfect woman, the perfect life.
  • Now his life has no longer sorrow, if he feels sad, he’ll remember that you’re by his side and he’ll be better again.
  • You don’t worry about those marks, you don’t need to hide, V can see a little, but not so much to notice this.
  • But you did not expect a mistake on his part, he would hold your hand while you were reading something to him, but he didn’t grab your hand he grabbed your wrist.
  • You get your hand away from him really quick, but he had already noticed it, his expression is pure sadness “Is this…No…It can’t be…MC…Please, tell me everything…”.
  • You couldn’t hold back anymore, and this is why you told him, he cries in the middle of the process.
  • He couldn’t believe this was happening, another person that he loves being in sorrow, but you will not follow that path.
  • He’ll find medical help, to be honest, he’ll find any help that you need, don’t matter, but he’ll be at your side, always.
  • He’ll never let you, not even in this tough time, he’ll be always there for you.


  • He notices when you sleeve was a little higher than it used to be. But he didn’t say anything about it, but he freaked out.
  • You’re harming yourself, and he knows this could lead to suicide, this is why he was like that, scared.
  • He doesn’t know what to do, he asked Saeyoung for help, and he’ll help, he says he would talk to Jumin about those problems, but he says that Saeran needs to stay by your side.
  • Saeran will be at your side, he’ll do anything to help you, he loves you more than anything, more than himself.
  • He told you what he saw, and you told what you’re feeling.
  • He hugs you, letting some tears fall, and then he kisses you, a kiss that says a lot of things, especially how much he loves you.
  • Saeran will help you and be always at your side.
  • You saved him, now it’s time to him return the favor.

every time i visit this site, my heart becomes unbearably heavy with sadness. and here is why: there is so much love hidden in these letters. so. much. love. but does it do any good, if it never reaches its destination? if its recipient never reads it? no. it stays hidden in someones heart, heavy. so here is my wish: if you love someone, if you even feel the tiniest bit of emotion towards someone, tell them. please. make sure they know it. write them the most beautiful love letter mankind has seen, and send it to them with a white rose. ask them how their day was. paint their eyes. sit next to them in class and have a real conversation. i dont care how you do it, but do it. because publishing an anonymous letter wont do anything. maybe im the only who worries about this, but life is passing us by. passing me and you and all of us by. what good is it to keep love to ourselves. if youre looking for a sign, this is it. tell them you love them. please. 

- a girl who doesnt see enough love in the world

ok so im kinda sad the first strike comic is getting delayed but if the writers felt the story needed an overhaul THAT badly i can only see it as a good thing because blizzard pays attention to its fans??? like especially with regards to gabriel’s characterization i hope it means that

  • they’re not going to make him a one dimensional mustache twirling villain
  • they took notes about how popular dorky halloween comic gabriel was and are going to stick with that
  • they’ll write him being a positive mentor/father figure for mccree
  • they won’t make gabriel some “loose cannon renegade” when it’s been pretty heavily established he’s a pragmatic tactician who thinks before he leaps
  • they’ll add in how he actually does care about the people under his charge (the whole “no one left behind” line when sym puts up a teleporter and how he offered jesse a position in blackwatch to help him reform his ways and how he was clearly upset about what happened to ana in her comic implies he does care quite a bit)
  • they won’t single him out as the perpetrator for what happened at swiss hq (why would gabriel be mad jack didn’t save him when the explosion happened if he betrayed them??? and why would he blow up a building if he was inside it??? doesn’t make any damn sense)
  • maybe JUST maybe they’ll confirm him as one of the lgbt characters because i would legit cry if that was canon
  • anyway its 6:30 am and i’ve been thinking about this for the last four hours i love him so much

This is kind of old but I just gotten around to finishing it….

Anyway this was based off a thing (I think by @prinxietys maybe) I saw about Logic having Dyslexia. And my favorite character that I relate to the most having Dyslexia like me, I’m defently gonna write that!

This is actrually based off my exspriences! I made up the end a bit because I didn’t get to finish my page like logic did because my Lover had to go home.

Please tell me if I need to tag anything!

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Somebody just asked me who my favourite character in class is and I’m just like ??????? What do you mean favourite? I love all of the characters equally. And I mean ALL. I’m currently writing a 30 chapter fic about Mr Armitage’s backstory, I have approximately 2663837 headcanons about Ram’s mum, those kids at the start of ep 1 talking about how people randomly disappear are my otp. Get on my fucking level.

Lost pt. 2 | Jumin x MC Fanfic

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe)

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

Summary: This is the part 2 of Lost Fanfic. The story continues from Part 1 after the series of events that happened. uvu the idea of the part 2 came from this request of a very lovely anon~

The manner of writing is flashback to present time.

Genre: Fluff/Angst

A/N: Hey everyone! The long awaited Lost Part 2!!! Please enjoy reading! I love you all and I’m sorry about this one~ It is fluffy and angsty. Please listen to the song of HSM 3′s Can I have this dance for better reading experience~ thank you for waiting for this!

[This story is told on Jumin’s Point of View.]

“Hey, Jumin?” She bounced back on my office’s couch and turned her body to face me, a big smile plastered upon her features. She has been visiting me every day whenever I go to work and I have no qualms about it. I always felt relieved whenever she’s on my line of sight.

I smiled at the thought. I feel at ease. Very strange. It seems that all of my worries just fades away whenever I get the chance to be graced with her smiles. I looked at her as I set down the fresh batch of documents that needs my signature.

“Yes, MC? What is it?” I settled my pen on my table as I slowly rose up from my office chair.

“Have you ever heard of the song, ‘Can I have this dance?’ It was very popular before! It was from this movie I watched when I was still in my teenage years.” She clasped her hands and looked up to me as I neared the couch she was sitting at. Her face has grew pinkish as she fiddled with her fingers. “I.. Um… I wonder if… you can dance with me? I.. I really want to dance it with you…”

“Hmm…” I sat beside her, patting the space beside me. She slowly moved and inched closer to where I am. “Can you sing it for me? I doubt I’ve ever heard of it.”

“W-what?” Adorable. She felt conscious. “B-but… I can’t sing. I’m terribly… tone deaf.” Her voice now small, I saw a faint blush on her cheeks. I chuckled as I stretched my hands and caressed her hair, tucking back loose brown strands behind her ears. Beautiful.

“You’re perfect for me, despite your flaws. Isn’t that not enough?” I urged her and I saw her blush deepened. I’ll truly never get tired of seeing her face for my lifetime.

“W-well… How about I search for the song and I’ll make you listen to it? That’s a good alternative, right?” She urged further whilst fishing for her phone from her shoulder bag. “It would save your ears from my voice too!”

“Alright, as you wish, my love.” I smiled to show it’s alright. If only she can understand… that I want her to lay all her problems and flaws to me. Just like how she slowly untangled the threads in my mind.

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how ryan really joined the fake ah crew

aka ‘i’ve just gotten really into this au please don’t stab me’

WC: 983

Geoff thought that his latest plan was a fucking brilliant idea, and announced this fact to the base at large.

It would’ve gone down much better, he muses over his whiskey, if anyone had actually been present.

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I can`t believe it! Our VM family has grown to over 333 members!

But thats not the only thing to celebrate.

I proudly announce that Voltage Messenger is currently undergoing a major makeover AND requests are soon to be open! *Throws heart shaped confetti everywhere*

To celebrate this all we are hosting a mini giveaway!

ONE lucky randomly picked winner will have the chance to choose and recieve one of the following prizes,

❤one $10 itunes or google play gift card (US residents only)

❤a digital fully colored chibi style portrait of themselves or any Voltage character (Don`t worry they will look much happier than my grumpy patootie. Btw yes that’s me!)

❤a 850 word one-shot/drabble about you or an oc and your favorite voltage character from ANY game (I will write any topic except smut)

Nice little prizes arent they?

Anyways to enter all you have to do is to reblog this post!*

Each reblog will be counted as an entry, but please dont spam your followers! You also don’t have to follow this blog to enter but you are always free to hit the follow button especially if you support what we do! (We “deliver” special pick me up messages from voltage characters to their lovely fans who need some encouragement or love)

I will pick a winner on November 25th -PST

Good luck everyone and don`t forget to spread the love!

~Admin Tally

*Giveaway blogs are automatically excluded from entering. I will be checking!