please dont take offence

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I love u sm and your presence makes me so happy that hanging out with you is always fun no matter what we do. Thanks for bein in my life summer!!! I'm gettin kinda jealous of all ur fame and new friends, but at least I know you'll always have gotten me a spot in the "famous simblr friend" group and that you're always just a lil ways away if there's a new monster factory that needs watchin. You're a wonderful person and I'm so glad I know u!!!! Thanks for the lollipops too!! God that was so gay??

Dude I love to hang out with you too. Your funny and sweet and your always there if i need to complain. I wouldn’t say im in the “famous simblr friend” group but come over anytime and i can show you Raising Arizona. I dont think im able to make this as long as yours but i can tell ya, yeah that was pretty gay.