please dont take as ur own

so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???

hey pals i wanna say something important about artists on the internet and how they handle themselves. its super rad when u meet an artist u really like and they reply to ur messages and respond real quick and are easy to talk to. but thats an ideal situation. not all artists, especially young popular artists, on the internet can keep up with that kindness. there are artists who are minors and they get so many asks a day and so many people ignoring what they have already asked and just you need to know that they dont necessarily owe you anything.

its one thing when someone is being downright nasty but, if you feel hurt that they didnt answer ur ask, or u arent friends, or they didnt have the patience for ur entire life story when they dont know you, please take a step back and realize this is just some kid on a computer.

when u follow an artists tumblr its easy to gain this easy familiarity with them as a person but, you need to remember they dont know u. you might know when they are sad cause of vent posts and their fav color cause they posted about it once but they dont know you. at all. its like walking up to a stranger on the subway and getting mad when they dont want to hear all about ur day while they are minding their own business.

this isnt a post saying its ok for artists to degrade others, im saying please have patience and understand that while they may create content for ur fandoms, online artists dont owe u anything.

hey just an fyi yall cant just get ur political info from social media. it’s not healthy or good and ya it can supplement what u already know but please dont take the word of some random people (or even friends) on twitter or tumblr or facebook at face value. do some outside research and please for the love of god form your own opinions, dont immediately agree with the first opinion u hear

jus single parent things
  • always being the last one to go to sleep so u have to brave ur fear of the darkness and turn off all the lights + lock the doors urself
  • “what are you eating for dinner” / “idk i’ll figure it out”
  • biking 2 school bc u can’t get sent
  • “my mom’s picking me up after class today!” / [with strained smile] “yeah…sure must be nice”
  • never having dinner at the dinner table
  • always forgets who takes out the trash
  • seeing ur parent for maybe 2 hrs a day
  • “you know what just let me run my own load of laundry ok please dont touch my Clothes”
  • chores? more like Death upon U if u dont clean up ur own shit
  • “u wanna go to the movies with me?” / “if U can send me, yeah”
  • always feeling bad when you buy things online, even school stuff
  • never being able to offer rides/carpools for ur friends
  • always planning outings with ur tired parent in mind
  • bikes to the grocery store, going shopping, and having to lug the bags home
  • closing/opening all the windows=
  • “omg idk how people manage their schedules without their parents!” / meanwhile, you: [booking all doctor, dentist, etc] / you: yeah,
  • having 0.2 conversations a day w a family member
  • parent is too tired to care about U anymore so they call U outta school if u want and don’t question anything
  • get mad out of nowhere
  • always eating out
  • or just not eating bc there’s no food in the house
  • “you’re so organized!” / “no my life is in shambles dont touch me”

friendly reminder that u dont have to take notes every day

u dont have to keep an organized, clean notebook

u dont have to own expensive stationery

u dont have to force urself to ask teachers or classmates for homework / exams / notes

ur handwriting doesnt need to look cute or aesthetically pleasing, and ur notes dont have to look pleasing either

u dont have to force urself to study if ur feeling down / cant focus / don’t feel like it

u dont have to study 1-2hrs every day if u feel like u cant handle it

u dont have to panic over not having more than a b o an 80 or an exam

its ok to not take notes every day. its ok to have a messy notebook. its ok to buy cheap / “basic looking” stationery. its ok to take a while or not ask for stuff. its ok to have a bad handwriting. its ok to take breaks and study for half an hour. its ok to get less than a b or an 80.

lots of studyblr blogs talk abt how u have to keep certain standards and show urself as a perfect student, but if u cant keep up bc of ur disorders, you dont need to.

anonymous asked:

why wont you helpme - please answer- i dont have anymore time left

Of course you have time!!!!! Ur not floating around in space without a space suit. Ur not suffocating. U have air I’m guessing, right? By saying things like this, you’re creating a terrible perspective for yourself. How are things going to get better if u don’t believe they will? Ur creating ur own problems by allowing them to exist!!! BELIEVE that u can be better. Just try…if u’ve already tried, keep doing it, try harder. Usually that’s all it takes is the effort. Don’t put ur life in the hands of anyone else. Don’t forget what u have around you and how much you can do. Remember how lucky we are to be here…how things worked out so perfectly that we’re able to have things like electricity and refrigerators and restaurants that sell milkshakes. I promise you it doesn’t take much to change it all. Currently I feel 100x better than I did even a month ago and…nothing is very different…all of the problems I have still exist if I let them…but just by doing more things that I love and appreciating what’s around me and learning from bad events in the past, it’s helped so much. If giving up was the right option, why would there be hotlines and devastation and thousands of ppl who advocate against it?? The overused sayings and inspirational quotes are there bc they are true. As long as you’re alive, you have infinite chances for improvement and change and even miracles. Throwing that away eliminates those options forever!!! Look at a mountain!!! Look at a lake!!! Every small attempt can help a little bit. Keep trying until you find what works for you and things slowly (or immediately) change. It will all go up and most likely back down again too…it’s a balanced cycle that u need. Every human who’s ever been here has faced pain and struggles…and a lot of ppl have rly long lives. You can handle it as long as u stop having so much doubt in what could happen

Please commission me!

hi! um my family has gotten into a pretty bad financial situation lately, especially with me going to college in a few months and my mom being jobless. i’d like to be able to help out with my own expenses as much as possible, even if it’s just taking care of my own pocket money, so i decided to re-open my commissions! all prices are in USD! please excuse the varying art styles

something like this would be at around $5

something like this would be at around $4! transparent headshots for ur blog idk man

transparent body-shots like this would be at around $5.50! i’ll do the circular gradient background thing too if you want!

icons are at around $4 as well! they’ll be made like this, w/ borders & solid bg colour

i dont do nsfw, full-body, furries, and mecha/armour. drawing girls are my forte btw i can draw boys but dont expect that it’ll look very good haha;;;; 

i also take fanfiction commissions! please shoot me an ask about it! if you want to have an idea, one-shots are at around $3, it’ll be at around 1-2k words. i’ll only be taking fanfic commissions for certain fandoms that i’m in (dangan ronpa, hetalia, kill la kill, kyoukai no kanata, pmmm). AUs are a-ok!

i have 3 slots for art commishes, and 2 slots for writing commishes!

if you’re interested, please shoot me an ask or email me at! payments will be done via paypal. i’d appreciate it if you guys also reblogged this to signal boost!

update: (by the way, if you live in the philippines, you can send the money via BPO instead of paypal if that’s more convenient for you! the paypal option is just for those people who live outside the PH and want to commission me uwu ♥)

“i see people spin up reasons why some ship is bad, and then it takes root and a wave of people go harass people who ship that thing its like…who cares? really, who cares. please stop. let people like stuff, let people exist in their own spaces, comfortably.”

who cares u ask? we do. ppl who r harmed by those ships do. if ur not one of the ppl harmed by the ships please stfu i dont care if youre a crew member or not you dont understand what we have to go through

“let them exist in their own spaces comfortably” ok so why cant we?? why arent we allowed to exist in our own spaces comfortably?? why cant we fight to keep our own space safe and comfortable for ourselves??? bc right now for survivors like us its almost impossible to be part of a fandom without seeing triggering shit on a daily basis??? fuck off tbh

also calling ppl out =/= harassing jesus fucking christ

advice for people planning on being in the pit of a GA concert:
- drink all the water the guards give to u. trust me u wont need to pee, you’ll sweat it all out
- if you have long hair, PLEASE, for the love of god put it in a bun. everyone is sweaty and pressed up real tight so that hair is gonna stick to everyone around you. im still finding hairs in my mouth from my show the other night. gross.
- take breaks. the band isnt gonna call u out for not jumping/singing/cheering during a couple of songs. its better than passing out!
- most importantly, be! polite! everyone wants to have a good time and if youre frustrated with someone please handle it in a civil matter, dont ruin ur own night as well as everyone elses.
- have fun!! enjoy urself. close ur eyes if u need to. its your night to live.