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ok ok listen i know a lot of people have been bringing up the fact that they dont like brooklyn nine nine because they feel like it’s a “pro-cop show” and it’s “idolizing a gross system” but like?? please try to understand that that is not the point of this show at all?? they have explicitly stated the problem with the police system in one of the episodes, where amy lists real concerns and holt puts up a poster that says “tell us how we can be better.” this is one of the very few shows who i see actually addressing real problems like gun control issues, homophobia, racism, and transphobia (it was just a mention, but still way more than any other show), while still being lighthearted and hilarious. just because this show is set in a cop setting does not mean they are praising anything?? please don’t diss an genuinely funny, good show so quickly because of that. it’s not perfect but it’s trying so much more than anything else on tv right now.


hey guys, my name is alexander terris. i came out as a transgender boy to my parents around a year and a half ago. while they initially seemed accepting, i found out that they had told various therapists i was delusional. when they told me i was going to see a gender therapist, i was initially overjoyed, thinking this might mean they were considering letting me transition, until i decided to look her up. pictured above are screenshots from articles on her, the last article being from a project she was involved with (the feminine boy project). unless there has been a severe misunderstanding, they are sending me to see a conversation therapist the first week of april (i am typing this march 12th). i am currently on a school field trip, discovered this less than an hour ago, and am terrified of going home. ive texted my mom confronting her about it but she hasn’t replied. if i stop posting on here for an extended period of time, it either means ive had my phone taken away or committed suicide, or both. please reblog this and try to remember me as a boy and not a girl. please, dont let them get away with this.

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what do you think about lena being part of a organization called checkmate? i've seen some ppl talking about it because of that shady thing with the chess piece ppl think she could be a white knight (its like a title, im bad at explaining so probably would be good to google about it sorry)

i Don’t Think,,,, white knight just moves like an L and she’s a lesbian, there is nothing shady going on she just wants to buy kara flowers and eat donuts with her Let Her Live Leave Her Olone


Hello, masters, ‘tis I, your ever-loyal slave.

So I’m still working my way through all these bloody brilliant asks you guys have been dropping me and each one gives me LIFE.

But see, some of the asks are repeats of ones I’ve already covered?   (。•́︿•̀。)

So please, please don’t mind if I don’t answer your ask? If you click on the #ask drarry tag I put on each of the asks and scroll down to some of the older ones, you’ll see I’ve covered a lot of the basic ones (first kiss, first time saying i love you, family planning, etc). It’s not that I mind answering them again, it’s just that it gets really difficult to keep things fresh and fun if I just keep answering similar asks, y’know?

Am I a horrible person? ;u;

Please don’t hate me. I’m having so much fun doing this and all of you are being so kind and are helping me write more than I’ve written in the last three months (I’m serious).

Reasons Why They Won’t Kill Off Steve Harrington So Let’s Stop Talking About It

I told you guys I’d write it, so here’s the top ten reasons why the idiot Steve Harrington is surviving Season 2.

1) This season is clearly going to mirror the first season in terms of who it follows.  Though there are other plots and characters being introduced, they have two major problems to deal with: Eleven’s absence and Will’s situation. Ending a season like that with Steve’s death would most likely disrupt that flow and take away from our emotional appeal towards the kids

2) As of now, half of the fandom still hates Steve.  Even if they manage to change more minds in season 2, it’d be much smarter to wait until there would be more of an emotional pull towards his death.  

3) The Duffers aren’t lazy when it comes to plot.  They’re not going to kill off Steve so that he’s out of the way for Nancy and Jonathan.  They’re just not. And if they did, do you imagine people would really be satisfied with that? Nancy’s not the type of person to wait for her first boyfriend to die before getting with her other guy.  

4) Speaking of Nancy- she already lost her best friend, and killing off her boyfriend would honestly be pushing it in terms of angst against her.  It would feel forced, like they’re just trying to torture her.  

5) Not really a reason, but anyone who’s saying that the introduction of Billy points towards killing off of Steve, well, let’s be real.  Television can have as many white straight-presenting male characters as they want. I’m just being honest.

6) He just got promoted to a main character.  This isn’t necessarily proof, of course they can kill off mains, but I would guess they’d let him last at least a bit longer in the forefront before pulling the cord.

7) Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve aren’t going to be a perfect trio in season 2, or at least I don’t think they will be.  There’s so much tension between them that they’re most likely still going to be working things through.  Maybe they’ll get there by the end of s2, but maybe not.  That’s a good dynamic to work off of, and three is a magic number when it comes to protagonists (think of all the trios in fiction) and I’m sure the Duffers will want to actually get them to that point before killing off anyone, and I just don’t think that’ll happen by season 2.

8) Steve Harrington only just started to develop as a character.  He has a long way to go.  A long way.  And while there is the possibility of some heroic death to help him achieve that final step of becoming a good person… I don’t know, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  He’s not that good.  They like making him three-dimensional, as they do with all their characters, and having him suddenly play the martyr seems unrealistic.

9) (Besides, the only person he might try to sacrifice himself for is Nancy, who, let’s be honest, can hold her own.)

10) Joe Keery is already pretty much responsible for the complete rewrite of that character.  I’m pretty sure he could talk his way out of being killed off– have you seen his smile?  I trust Joe with Steve’s life.  Not to mention, Charlie and Natalia could probably bribe the Duffers out of it as well.  Come on.

Conclusion: Steve Harrington is not going to die so let’s please stop considering the possibility because it’s giving me anxiety and keeping me up at night.

Arashi ships and Valentine mails~
  • <p> <b></b> *MatsuMiya*<p/><b>J:</b> Happy Valentine.<p/><b>N:</b> Thanks. But giving me 200 kinds of chocolate is too much 😑<p/><b></b> *JunBa*<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine (*0*)/**** Hope that you will like the homemade chocolate I made for you!<p/><b>J:</b> Thanks. ….and...keep it…i want to live another year...😣<p/><b></b> *OhBa*<p/><b>O:</b> Happy Valentine!<p/><b>A:</b> Leader it's April😐<p/><b></b> *Yama*<p/><b>S:</b> Happy Valentine!<p/><b>O:</b> 😫<p/><b>O:</b> Sorry, I'm still learning how to use my new phone<p/><b></b> *SakuMiya*<p/><b>N:</b> Where is my chocolate?<p/><b>S:</b> No. Where is MY chocolate?!<p/><b></b> *AiMiya*<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine~!😙<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine! 😚😚<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine!♡♡♡♡<p/><b>N:</b> Will you stop?! Give me some time to respond, dang it!😬<p/><b></b> *SakuMoto*<p/><b>S:</b> Happy Valentine.<p/><b>J*2 hours later*:</b> Happy Valentine.<p/><b>S:</b> Took you some time to answer….🤔<p/><b>J:</b> Nothing about it….it’s not like I was thinking of the best way to answer… or anything….(=3=)<p/><b></b> *JunToshi*<p/><b></b> *three weeks before the Valentine*<p/><b>J:</b> Ohno-san, please send the list of all of yours favorite things.<p/><b>O:</b> Why?<p/><b>J:</b> Just do it.😑<p/><b></b> *SakuraiBa*<p/><b>A:</b> Can you come over today?<p/><b>S:</b> Sorry, I'm busy…<p/><b>A:</b> I have tones of chocolate~<p/><b>S:</b> I'm on my way!<p/><b></b> *OhMiya*<p/><b>O:</b> Will you stop asking me for chocolate?! You're not getting any, and it's already June.<p/><b>N:</b> Dont worry i will. In a few days. Then I can start asking you for a Birthday present instead~😎<p/></p>
alright, ima be serious with yall here for a sec.

((okay so, showstopper keeps getting asks about showdaddy and people shipping show rad and daddy, and shes really tired of it. the ot3 thing could never work out in the first place bc rad’s scared shitless of daddy and daddy hates rad+show. and as for the showdaddy asks, yall can still ship showdaddy but please stop sending showstopper asks about it begging her and daddy to bring back the ship. just accept that its dead and that it wont be coming back. im trying my best not to piss anybody off or be rude but both showstopper and moro are very tired of getting asks about showdaddy. this is comin from me yall, please stop.

so like heres a behind the scenes thing as im queueing this post up i havent slept in like 48 hours and everywhere i go his eyes are following me and i can feel him looking at me even when i look away and its freaking me out i hate it im scared and i want him to go away i dont even know how i can give him an honest review today i want him to stop looking at me i can feel his eyes piercing straight into my soul and i want him to go away please send help/10

Okay so I was just eating dinner and this happened:
  • My older brother: So on Friday we were reading about Shakespeare an-
  • My mom: Oh my god stop it with th-
  • Dad: Wait what's happening is this like Heathers ag-
  • Brother: Please stop I'm trying to explain som-
  • Mom: Go to your room.

does anyone else with BPD go through phases where they experience full on ED behavior? by that i mean, a couple times a year i will enter an ED mindset and binge/purge and starve myself, count calories and try not to eat more than 600 a day, and completely hate my body when usually i like and dont mind it. this “phase” will last two weeks-a month and one day i literally just wake up and am tired of feeling that way and feel better about myself. i know becuase of the fast reovery i dont have problems with an ED and i think it’s just having to do with my BPD fucking with me? and i know it’s not an attention thing becuase i have never told anyone about it before and never wanted anyone else to know

i have also gone weeks feeling like i am trans and then suddenly i dont feel that way anymore?? which makes me feel really fucked up like why do i literally experience body dysphoria and hating being female for 3 weeks and the suddently its all over???

Avengers Chatroom: Late

Requested by Anon.

Scenario: Tony is late to an important meeting and wants everyone to wait for him.

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Steve, Sam, Nat, Y/N, Bruce, Thor, Bucky, Wanda, Vision, Clint.

Tony: Hello my favorite people ever. How are you all today? Well? If you need anything, just let me know.

Bruce: You’re being nicer than usual. What is it?

Steve: What did you do, Tony?

Sam: I’m suspicious.

Tony: Do you guys really think that low of me? I take offense.

Nat: But it’s true though, you are up to something.

Clint: Spill.

Tony: Well, I’m running late. Could you just wait for me? Please.

Steve: No.

Y/N: No.

Nat: No.

Wanda: No.


Nat: We are actually on time. Why should we ruin that because you suck at time management?

Tony: In my defense, Thor dared me to drink his Asgardian alcohol last night.

Thor: He fainted 10 minutes later. It was like witnessing a feather fall. He is so tiny.

Y/N: So you’re hungover? Thor, don’t give him anymore alcohol, please.

Steve: Face the consequences, Tony, don’t drag us into it. You’re so unprofessional.

Tony: How to combat constipation, Steve:

Tony: Because YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT!

Steve: I’m ignoring you.

Bruce: Play nice.

Clint: I’ll wait for you, Tony. I am in no rush to meet the Pirate.

Thor: As am I.

Wanda: Fury is going to be so angry at you.

Tony: Are we not a family? A TEAM? 

Wanda: … Fine. But I am not waiting more than the 3 minutes.

Sam: We can’t get in trouble if we all arrive at the same time.

Nat: I always thought Tony would die in a stupid way, this confirms it.

Tony: I’m not asking for the world, just to wait for me!

Bucky: I’m also running late so I’ll wait as well.

Tony: Thank you, Barnes! I always knew you were the kindest super soldier around.

Tony: Y/N, please?

Y/N: No.

Tony: You’re my confidant, my buddy, family.

Y/N: Uggghhhhhhh. FINE.

Tony: Thank YOU I LOVE U. And Brucie, my best friend, you will wait for me, yes?

Bruce: … I suppose.

Tony: Vision, my kinda son, i dont really know.

Vision: You have my support.

Y/N: This just leaves Nat and Steve.

Steve: This is insubordination.

Nat: I don’t know… Defying Fury would be kind of fun. I’m still pissed at him for when he “Died” and didn’t tell me.


Nat: If I wait, will you stop sending Gifs?

Tony: No promises.

Y/N: It’s just you now, Steve.

Steve: After what Tony sent me, I don’t feel like helping him.

Tony: Steve. We fought alongside in many battles. Have I ever let you down? I’ve had your back each time. We’re all in this together. Are you really willing to give that up now?

Tony: Also, it’s not like your best friend murdered my parents or anything.

Y/N: Oooooh

Bucky: I was brainwashed!

Thor: Do not take it to heart, Sir Barnes.

Sam: Low blow, Tony.

Steve: You know what? Fine. Just hurry up.



Y/N: Why do you have so many gifs of Shia LaBeouf?

Tony: I have my reasons.

Clint: ooookay.

Bruce: Everyday I have to deal with this. This is only a small fraction that you are witnessing.

Tony: I thought you found them funny…

Y/N: Trouble in paradise.

Bruce: So about that project we’re working on…



Vision: You’re still banned from the lab for another month, Y/N.



Bucky: Actually that was my fault.

Y/N: Yeah I just caused the hole in the wall.

Tony: What

Bucky: What

Y/N: What

Fury has joined the chat.

Fury: I am sure that you must all have a stupid excuse, but I have a conference room reserved for The Avengers WITHOUT THE AVENGERS.

Vision: Oh no. I am malfunctioning. Beep Boop 000111117777

Vision has left the chat.

Fury: Get your asses here or you will be sorry!

Y/N: Yes sir!

Y/N has left the chat.

Steve: This is all Tony’s fault!

Steve has left the chat.

Clint: On my way!

Clint has left the chat.

Tony: On a scale of one to ten, how mad are you?

Fury: I won’t be the only one with an eye patch if you don’t get here.

Tony has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Thor: Odin help us.

Thor has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Bruce has left the chat.

Fury: Director? More like babysitter to a bunch of idiots.

Fury has left the chat.

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Please kill yourself please kill yourself slit your wrists for all i care no one fucking likes you you dyke

please stop, ik you wont carebut please dont send me this stuff  it scares me and sworries me im sorry you hate me im sorry im awful  im really  sorry just please dont 

Why can’t I stop drawing them? sOMEONE SEND help plEASE.

please do not send me asks saying you are going to commit suicide and that im the last person you want to know. please stop doing that. im suicidal too you know and im not in a good enough place to handle that. if you are in a crisis that is different, but if you have decided please dont tell me that. thank you and i hope you choose to stay because the world be dimmer without you.

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"sex based oppression still exists, violence against women still exst" you think i dont know this? i am a woman, transwomen are violated daily and you're supporting violence with your beliefs. why can we only share some spaces? why not all of them? you fumbling so hard lmao you can barely explain yourself. and i said fuck off as in stop talking about transwomen, you don't know shit about us. you ciswomen need to learn to take a step back and allow us into what is rightfully ours.

the sad thing is that you will never know how fucking ironic and funny that last sentence is. now please stop sending me messages on anonymous you’re boring me

Dating Sehun would include
  • him begin such a sweetheart to you
  • but also sass you so hard sometimes
  • laying with him in bed and talks about something like future 
  • when you both go out he always needs to buy bubble tea for himself
  • when you are joking about him or something what he like he would make his bitch face
  • him begin a pervert, let’s be honest
  • he would be also sO COOKY AROUND YOU
  • when you’ll be sad he would try to make you laugh
  • yehet?
  • i think pda would be very little
  • but sometimes when he wants to kiss you or hug around people he would do it
  • him wanting to have good concats with your family
  • netflix and chill
  • tickle fights
  • morning shower together
  • him playing with your hairs all the time
  • if you’ll be talking with random dude on party and sehun would see it he would come to you two, hug you from back, kiss you cheek and act like everything is good and ask “what’s up baby? who’s this?”
  • him being super protective
  • when you are leaving his house he would always say something like “call me when you’ll be in home”
  • he would always want your attention
  • when you are talking with mom on your phone you could start to kiss your neck and jaw
  • he would love to mess with you
  • grabbing your face into his hands and squeeze your cheeks
  • him giving you the puppy eyes for everything
  • you cooking for him
  • him not cooking for you bc please, sehun cooking?
  • him doing aeygo for you
  • piggy rides when you are tired 
  • after a fight between you two he would be mad at you and stops talking to you about day or two
  • but you two would sit in the living room together and stars talking like nothing really happens
  • him wanting everything the best for you
  • when he would be talking about you he would says something like “my girl does blah blah blah” 


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Commissions are open!

I’m trying to save up for some art supplies but I keep having to take Uber and waste my money, so I’m opening permanent commissions!
My starting price at this time is $15, but you can definitely pay what you want. I won’t stop anyone from paying more but please don’t make it where buying my art puts you in a bad money situation!! I’m very flexible and will draw just about anything, just ask!

**NSFW art won’t be posted on my blog but if that’s really what you want, we can discuss it and I’ll let you know if I’m down to draw it**

Send me a message! My art can be seen on the “queenlaskeithart” tag on my blog. You dont have to be following me to commission me either.

If you can’t commission me or don’t want to, that’s fine as well but reblogs are very appreciated at the very least. Hope to do some business with y'all!!

Americas Favorite Couple || Calum Hood

you’ll have whatever imagine u want, anon <3

Summary: You and Calum are both famous and known as Americas Favorite Couple. You show off that love on a late night show hosted by James Corden. 

I M A G I N E 

“Hold still– your shirt is a bit wrinkled!” You hissed at Calum as you were fixing the wrinkle at the hem of his shirt. The two of you were getting ready to be interviewed on the Late Late Show with James Corden. And so while the backstage crew was attaching mics on you two, they happened to wrinkle Calums Blink-182 shirt. 

“Babe, it’s fine!” Calum said with a chuckle, playfully swatting your hand away. You pout, causing him to grab your wrists to hold you close. He wrapped his arms around your neck and began to slowly go in circles with you. “Don’t worry about my shirt, okay?” Calum murmured at your ear. 

“Alright, okay,” you said, wrapped your arms around his body to resume going in slow circles. “Stop being so large. It makes me feel super duper small! You’re literally glomping my entire body.”

“But I like being large,” Calum said, feeling him lightly attack your neck with little pecks. “It makes you seem more cute. You’re so small in my hold, I can’t help but love you more than I already do. Sorry, Y/N.” You grabbed a bit of his shirt in both hands, smiling against his chest. 

“I love you, Calum,” you say audible enough so only he can hear. 

“Now you’re really wrinkling my shirt, Y/N,” Calum said, chuckling. You immediately let go of his shirt and blush. Calum softly grabs your shoulders and detaches you from his body, making you sad from the lost embrace. “But I love you, too.” You two smiled at each other adoringly before sharing a passionate kiss. Some of the crew had given you guys “aw”s and stares of envy. 

“Welcome back to the show!” The both of you heard James say as a series of applause from the crowd. The cameras had their lights glow red and everything was back to being live. “I have two guests with us today. One of them is a good lad of mine from a band I’m no longer a part of,” James said, emphasizing his ‘anger’ jokingly. “And he came with his lovely girlfriend. Please welcome Calum Hood and Y/First/N Y/Last/N!” Calum immediately grabbed your hand and led you to the host. You shyly look away from the crowd, as you still weren’t too eager about being in public and live on TV. 

“James!” Calum cheered as James got up to hug him. They had a heartfelt, manly hug, murmuring a few things at each with chuckles at the end of it. You passed Calum to go hug James. James told you how glad he was to see you and asked how you were. You mouthed a ‘good’ with a smile before joining Calum at the love seat that the show provided as you two were a couple.

“Thanks for coming on, mate,” James said, smiling at the both of you happily. 

“It’s honestly a pleasure to be here,” Calum says for the both of you, having you nod in agreement. You had your hand in Calums, with your fingers weaved together. You didn’t want to admit that you were pretty nervous, but Calum felt you shake in his hold. 

“So, I’ve seen on Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, all those medias, that you guys have been doing well,” James starts, still smiling at the both of you. “And you guys are absolutely adorable, absolutely.” As he praises, Calum says thanks in small mumbles. “My favorite, I think, is how you take pictures or recordings of Y/N in the morning wherever you guys are and you always caption it about her natural beauty.”

“Oh yeah, Y/N hates it when I do that stuff,” Calum says, chuckling as you gave him a playful death stare. “But I’ve been on this mission to prove to her how gorgeous she is without the makeup. Don’t get me wrong– she’s lovely with makeup. But I just want her to know that she is gorgeous 24/7.”

“You still don’t believe him?” James asked you with a shocked expression. 

“Nope,” you said, giving James a small smile as the crowd laughs and claps for you. “It’s um, hard to believe when you’ve been put down most of your life. It really does a huge punch in your confidence and causes insecurity.” The crowd shares a long ‘aww’ as Calum gives you a sad face. When he met you, you were completely torn on that. You would deny every compliment and cake yourself with makeup and try your best to have that perfect body that’s plastered all over the media. But, since you’ve gotten to know Calum, you’ve loosened up and found yourself easing off the desire to be perfect. 

“But I’m gonna prove it to you, babe,” Calum says, squeezing your hand a bit. “I’m not gonna stop trying, I promise.” He gives you a small peck on the cheek, blushing furiously as James fanboyed over the two of you.

“I’m telling you– absolutely adorable!” James exclaims at the camera as the crowd gave you a loud applause. “There’s this one video of the two of you that I’m obsessed with, and that’s the one where you two sing Fight Song, and Calum just focuses on you. Can we play that clip for us? Thanks,” James gestures to the crew as the video the two of you made pops up on the big screen behind and above you guys. You were using a piano app on your phone to do the simple chords while the both of you were still in your pajamas and looking absolutely exhausted.

“Like a small boat, on the ocean,” you sang, focusing yourself on the piano app in your hands. 

“Sending big waves, into motion,” Calum sang after you, looking at you with complete adoration. 

“Like how a single word can make a heart open…” You did the next line, smiling a bit as Calum still stared at you. You then looked up and into his eyes to sing to each other the next lyric. 

“I might only have one match,” you both sang quietly, your hands removing themselves from the piano app to finish the small part of the song. “But I can make an explosion.” Once you guys finished, Calum smashed his lips on yours, causing you to giggle before the video cut off.

“Bless them!” James praised again, making you blush while Calum was giving a cheeky smile. “Anyways, there’s a sort of trend going on where people have been calling you guys ‘Americas Favorite Couple,’ d’you know about this?”

“Um, yeah, actually,” you said with a sheepish voice and a small giggle. “It’s like, all over my twitter like, #Y/Ship/N or #AmericasFavoriteCouple like, all over my feeds. And it’s like, calm down, there’s a lot of other couples who act lovey and caring like we do.”

“Except you concern yourself immensely over the wrinkle on my shirt,” Calum reminded you, snorting a bit. You playfully hit his arm, causing the audience to laugh with you guys. 

“She was concerned over a wrinkle on your shirt?” James asked, his voice sounding as though he couldn’t even believe it. 

“Yeah, before we came out here, there was a wrinkle on the hem of my shirt,” Calum said, laughing. “And she was fretting over it like a mad woman. She then proceeded to complain over how large I was compared to her.” You huffed, shifting around on your seat with discomfort. You didn’t like the couch. “Are you uncomfortable, babe?” Calum whispered to you with concern in his eyes. You gave him a small nod. He then grabbed you by the waist and sat you down on his legs, having the audience go insane. 

“I think I’m gonna explode from how cute and real you two are,” James comments, leaning his face on his hand. “Like, why can’t I have this? I try taking photos of my wife when she’s asleep and she growls like a lion at me.”

“You act like Y/N doesn’t do that,” Calum jokes, both men chuckling with each other. Calum grabs the water provided for the two of you, taking a sip before handing it to you. You sip like a little child, making Calum bite his bottom lip at you. 

“Well, we do have to take a break,” James announces. “When we come back, these two are going to sing for us.” The crowd claps as you resume sipping water. “But before we go, can I ask for something, Calum?”

“Ask away, James,” Calum said genuinely, giving him a sweet smile. 

“Can Y/Ship/N kiss for the camera?” James asked, having the crowd agree. You blushed, keeping your mouth in the cup with water waving at your top lip. The crowd began to cheer ‘Kiss! Kiss!’ as you kept blushing and sipping the water nervously. 

“C’mere, Y/N,” Calum said, chuckling lightly as he took the cup from your small hands. You continued to blush with water glistening on your lips. Calums large hands cupped your cheeks, with his thumb brushing them lightly. He then pulled your lips on his, causing the both of you to close your eyes while you shared this passionate kiss. At that moment, it didn’t feel like you were on a late night show doing an interview in front of a hundred people. It felt like it was just you and Calum, and that’s all you needed in your life to keep on. 

“Aw, Americans Favorite Couple everyone!” James announces, pointing at the two of you. You guys stop kissing and blush, waving bye to the camera with the crowd going absolutely wild. 

And during the entire break, Calum would not let go of your hand. 

k first off, i dont own the song i used the lyrics from. its a rlly good song, so like, check it outttt. anyways, hope you guys liked this imagine. like, this was actually a rlly cute request. thnx anon <3 please do send more requests n stuff <33 


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