please dont steal credit


I frickin s2g this is a phanfiction irl

But the kind you cry over

anonymous asked:

Just letting you know that @/reinarebecca stole one of your edits and literally didn't credit you anywhere. It's one from CATFA with Skinny!Steve being prepped for the serum.

thank you for telling me! I really despise people who don’t credit others for their work.

Teal Eyes

Please do not repost, leave credit to me :3

This came out really messy, but it’s trial and error. I know what to do differently next time.

is anyone there at all

I did it again, i know its not my best again but sometimes I just do stuff for bands i love, and if anyone steals this and claims it’s theirs I will feed you to the piranhas because i worked till 3 am after this and wasted alot of papers so please if you wanna use it give credit. 


luke hemmings packs♡
credits to @HURRIC4NE91 nd
@slayvney on twitter, please dont steal;
like/reblog if u save.


· like if you use/save · please give credit to michaelandvodka on twitter · dont steal (✿◠‿◠)