please dont spoil yourself on this game


And I bet you guys are all as excited as I am! But, unfortunately, the street date has been broken (that rumor is very much true), and spoilers are being shared online. Please remember to be kind to your fellow fans and don’t share spoilers, and avoid them yourself if you can. It makes a better enviorment for everyone, and a better game experience when it comes out on the 7th!

Until then, let’s all hype together. In fact: send me some asks about what you’re excited for? What are you looking forward to most? 

The Heroine Appears

Here’s another Undertale fanart. I’ve been a doing a lot lately so… Please adjust yourself to the sight of them. ;)

I was bored, sick, and art-deprived so I needed to doodle something.

I was watching a genocide play through and the part where Undyne (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT DONT READ ON IF YOU DONT WANT TO HAVE GENOCIDE PLAYTHROUGH SPOILED FOR YOU I AM NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE IF YOU CHOOSE TO KEEP READING) takes the hit for monster kid gave me a lot of feels. Hence, this drawing. Undyne is one of my favorite characters so the scene was especially heart-rending for me. :’(

Art © Kath-artic

Undertale game © Toby Fox