please dont send me messages like this again


Ivory Trinket: Loves goth lolita fashion, cute skulls, and long walks in uncrowded places $15 (bug cutimark is iridescent, couldn’t figure out how to show that) 

Ruddy Duck: Uses his wings to hold his bows and arrows, which his own feathers were used to make. This is a symbol of how much he puts himself into his work $12 (I can add a bow and quiver for extra $2)

Cardamom Macaron: Is technically a millionaire, but almost all of her assets are put into charities to feed and shelter the poor. Will literally give you the shawl off her shoulders. Kinda uptight. $15

Once again, you’ll get a 160x1200 pic without a watermark. You can change any part you dont like, including: design, color, gender, personality, etc <my paypal, please message me before you send tho, so you’ll know if im online/character not sold

okay I NEED HELP I really want to start digitally coloring but I seriously can’t even grasp the concept AT ALL
like I understand how layers work in SAI and I’ve colored with it before but I’m trying to develop my own style with it????

if you have ANY (and I do really mean ANY) tips or advice PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE either reply to this or send me a message!!!! I’m struggling and kind of losing faith in my art again and I DONT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN

thank you!!!!!!!!!