please dont send me messages like this again




Sketch! ($10)

Basic Colors! ($17)

Basic colors with effects ($20)

Complete paint! ($25)


If you are interested please send me an email to

  • Please send me a message with the info:
  • the type of commission you would like
  • Reference pictures of the characters and if possible some background (so i can make it more personal), and any additional thngs you may like to include
  • your username so i dont confuse you on paypal!


  • I wont be doing detailed backgrounds
  • no animals or pokemons (for your own safety)

i try to answer as fast as i can, please dont send any money before i have sent you a message comfirming the details!

My paypal account is

I won’t start commissions until i have recieve the payment, but all paid commissions will be completed and sent as soon as possible.

thanks for the help guys!

update oct 10

//(here’s a doodle of some hat boys)

AAAA hey im really sorry for not updating like i said i would in may lol…. i was forgetful and i dont have enough time to draw, so id like to apologize for that;;

if i seem to die again then scream at me d:

please feel free to send more questions!! having lots of messages to choose from is a big part of motivating me to keep updating \o/

anyways thats all, thanks a lot for sticking around in my absence! lol


Been away for a few days lost in the utter chaos of holidays in the city…. SO MUCH CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND ANGRY DRIVERS..

upon logging in, i had a bunch of messages pertaining to a post or call out about me?I cannot read the post or any of the links you have sent so im not sure what it was pertaining to but i am assuming it has something to do with my personal collection ( which i will  now be censoring from here on out). 
I am not one for feeding into drama of any sort, especially on a public forum. If you have any opinions, information or general hoopla you wish to express… please send a message, though please dont hide behind anonymity or come barreling at me with daggers. 
I am always open to listen and converse, but again… just like most other topics….. making it a public discussion will only create drama for both sides, which is not worth anyone’s time.
Why feed into an uproar when you can just come inquire with me yourself <3 

That  whole drama surprise aside… 
Been restless being away from our home and our craft supplies!
Happy to say that not only will the shop be selling small photo prints when it reopens… but i also acquired some metal stamping supplies <3 which will be fun to experiment with.
Trying to track down some soldering equipment and resin while in town too! New mediums to explore, new ideas to manifest…. 
Being away from the work space and supplies for a week can really do wonders for someones muse. 

Happy holidays to you all<3 
and again thank you for the messages both informative and supportive <3 

Forever sniffing rosemary and making silly faces to deal with drama first thing in the morning <3