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“I hate fujoshi! if you’re female and you like yaoi, you’re fetishizing gay men and you’re a bad person!”

Look I really don’t wanna answer any more asks about this topic or respond to any more hate being directed at me or my friends, so allow me to put this issue to rest as best I can because I can’t believe this is the discourse I’m dealing with in 2017.

There’s this thing that happens sometimes where gay men watch straight porn. Yup, that’s a real thing some people do, I’ve seen it happen. It doesn’t make the person doing it any less gay; he can be aroused by something without projecting himself into it personally. If he only wants sexual and romantic relationships with other men and he identifies as gay, he’s still gay.

And when it’s drawn images like hentai, yaoi and yuri, that’s even further removed from reality. I read all kinds of stuff in doujinshi I don’t wanna recreate in real life. It’s purely a fantasy. Erotica does not need to be self-insert to be enjoyed, at least not for everyone.

So there are straight men and gay women who like yaoi, or gay men and straight women who like yuri. Heck, you can even be asexual and enjoy porn - human sexuality is beautifully weird and complex like that.

None of these things are a fetish. They’re normal, healthy human sexual behavior. Sex is sexy - sometimes it’s really just that simple. (Besides, if you’re attracted to men or women, doesn’t it stand to reason that two are better than one? Seems like common sense to me.)

A fetish is sexual arousal caused by non sexual body parts, objects or actions, so sex is ruled out right off the bat. Sex is not a fetish.

So using that to justify your hate and harassment of female yaoi fans is already a huge pile of bullshit. Fujoshi hate is just policing women for their sexualities, and is steeped in a history of misogyny. The word fujoshi exists in the first place because women are shamed for having “deviant” sexual interests, but that irony seems lost on a lot of you.

“But you’re only shipping those characters because they’re gay, my sexuality isn’t your fetish!!!” Listen, I can’t speak for anyone else, but if I ship two characters together it’s probably because I like both of them and like the way they interact, it really has fuck all to do with whether they’re a gay couple, straight couple, lesbian couple or anything else. And it has even less to do with YOU, internet stranger whom I’ve never met, or your sexuality or your relationships, all of which I couldn’t possibly know anything about.

You have a problem with some of the harmful tropes common in yaoi? Cool, so do I. We can have a respectful discussion about those tropes, if you want.

You’ve seen fujoshi being homophobic? Call them out on it. Specific people, specific behaviors - not blanket generalizations that attack a huge group of people you’ve never met.

You’re not a bad person if you’re female and like yaoi. You’re not a bad person if you’re male and like yuri. Judge people based on how they treat others. That’s it.

If you still don’t get it after this, I have nothing else to say to you.


updated commissions post:

aaaaa hi guys .. idk how many people remember this , but i had cancer a few years back. recently, my doctor did some tests on my blood, and my white blood cell count was extremely high. i have to get more blood work done, as well as a bone marrow biopsy and apparently a possible spinal tap . these tests on their own are pretty expensive , because i dont have good insurance. and if they come back as positive for leukemia , i have .. a lot more bills heading my direction.

so, i figured i would start taking some commissions again.. im trying to make these as affordable as possible while still bringing in a bit of income to help pay for these tests and any future treatment.

chibi- 2 dollars
headshot- 4 dollars
full body- 6 dollars

if anyone is interested in a commission, please send me a message to my tumblr inbox! i can tell you my paypal address, and we can work on the details of what you’d like me to draw for u !

(please reblog this to signal boost, even if you can’t currently commission me)

Commissions 2017!

Hello everyone: 

Im opening commissions again due to reasons explained here.

Main info:

-Commissions need to be paid up upfront, through paypal (please make sure to include your tumblr name in the comment too, to know who paid up and keep track of everything :).

All the info needed with references and anything important to the same email too to keep everything in order and not miss anything ( is the mail XD).

So here’s the deal:

 Im opening 20 spots (yes I know its a lot) for commissions, Im offering:

- 2 action portraits (with backgrounds) + 1 character design for $50 USD (1 portrait value is 35$ USD) (character design w/ plain background 25$USD)

This is an example of an action portrait (I came up with the idea a few days ago XD) its only meant for one character and from the waist up (kinda sort of like a portrait but not quite really like a portrait (if that makes any sense))

Aditionally: Im permanently opening spots for Scenes (for 2 characters) with backgrounds for $60 USD (if you want me to add another character is a 10$ extra). 

Recent example of this kind below:

Sadly the portraits are the quickest thing to do, so I need to fill those 20 spots first (and again, I know its a lot T_T) but if someone wants a scene I will switch to that if I dont have any or new requests for portraits yet.

I would appreciate so much if you can pass the word along if you cant commission me and if you can, please send me a message, it means the world to me that you’re giving me the chance to paint your characters and you wont be dissapointed!.


i know i made a joke that went too far and ppl took seriously. i know i messed up, sometimes i dont use my brain and that was one of those times. it was stupid and im deleting every post to have to do w it (the post itself has 600+ notes so will probably still circulate i cant do anyth about that:/) so im sorry

if in the future i do anything like this again, please message me! sending me rude and hateful anons and/or attacking me on my post will do nothing besides make more ppl attack and trigger my anxiety. this actually applies to every single user not just me: if you have a problem, message them.

and im not trying to play the victim bc i know it was my fault, but hate is not okay? ever? ive learned from this and hope yall have too


Summary: The 11 things that made Bucky Barnes fall for you.

Word count: 236

1. As cliche as it sounds; your smile. God, how much he loved your fucking smile that made his heart skip a beat the moment he met you.

2. You weren’t pushy, you didn’t force him to let you in but you waited and eventually, everything seemed to fall into place.

3. The fact that his metal arm didn’t appear as a flaw to you. (This was what really struck him.)

4. How your fingers would ever so slightly run through his hair until he’d be able to fall back asleep from his nightmares.

5. That time you scolded him after coming home from a mission that caused him a broken wrist and a bruised eye which he found hilarious because it wasn’t like this was his first time getting injured.

6. When you’d spend the early hours of the morning playing boardgames and watching movies to help him get through his sleepless night.

7. How you remembered every small detail about him like his hatred for onions. (You now order him onion less burgers with extra cheese.)

8. How you act in your drunken state, getting even clumsier than usual.

9. And when you unconsciously whispered please stay while he tucked your body into your bed.

10. You taught him how to love again.

11. It was because of the million things you never knew you were doing that made him fall for you. Hard.



AHHHHH WHAT THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 400 i can’t believe you all actually like my writing lmao. I always feel like it’s rushed and terrible and they’re all complete flops. ALSO i have like 396 notes on a favour & a kiss it’s like basically 400 and LIKE TF THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU DONT NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH IT MEANS TO ME I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL. i also want to say PLEASE PLEASE send me anything whether it’s a message, feedback, advice and YES REQUESTS. REQUESTS ARE OPEN AGAIN cause even tho i have three more to write IM SO THANKFUL AND LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS THIS BLOG SO SEND ME REQUESTS. also special love and thanks to all my mutuals and friends I’ve made on here like i love you all so much you’re all amazing and sweet (even tho sometimes i say otherwise) AND ANY OF MY OTHER MUTUALS PLEASE MESSAGE ME i swear I’m friendly and any of my followers or just anyone just hit me up and I’m totally open to be friends. anyways for my 500 follower goal, i’ll make a moodboard including pics of me and a hella lot of info about myself and for 777 (my goal number) i’ll be posting a freestyle dance to one of wanna one’s songs. AND IF I EVER TO GET A THOUSAND i have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do cause lol don’t think i’ll get there anytime soon. IF YOU’VE READ ALL THIS i love you so much you’re a sweetheart and you deserve an absolute endless amount of love. 

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without revealing any of your tricks how do you make gifs????

hey! im not sure if you want me to work through the whole process of gifmaking or just what i personally do, but i’ll go over it all in brief and if i glossed over something just shoot me another ask and i can go into further detail! 

this is going to be for PS CS5 because i don’t have the fancy new photoshops so some of this might be outdated but hey it works for me 

also, word to the wise before you continue reading, i don’t have any tricks lol i’m just fucking around and trying to do my best 

more under the cut 

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Fans Send You Hate (Grayson) - Requested

I was spending the day with Grayson because with school starting soon, we both knew that it would be harder to spend time together. We were sitting in on my bed just relaxing while a movie was on TV.

You were mindlessly scrolling through your various social media accounts, when you got a notification from Grayson mentioning you in a tweet. You clicked on it and saw that it was a picture of you on your phone. You noticed he took the picture while you weren’t looking. He tweeted, “Spending the day with this beauty”. You looked up at him and saw him staring at his phone like the tweet was just an everyday thing to do.

You moved closer to him and put your head under his chest while his arms were above the two of you holding his phone.  You nuzzled your head into his chest inhaling his cologne. You closed your eyes listening to his heartbeat. Grayson moved his head to look down at you and chuckled seeing you curled up against him. He locked his phone and put it on your bedside table. He then took his arms and wrapped them around you keeping you on his chest.

You ended up falling asleep for a few hours. When you woke up you, looked at your clock and saw that it was 7:30. You turned your head up and saw Grayson still sound asleep. His arms were tightly wrapped around you like a vise grip. You turned around a bit reaching for your phone. You opened up twitter and saw you had a lot more notifications than usual. As soon as you clicked on the tab, you were bombarded with hate.

“She’s so ugly”

“Seriously Grayson you could do so much better”

“I hope he breaks up with u”

“(Y/N)’s an ugly slut and I think we can all agree on that”

Every reply was in a variation of one of those messages. Not a single kind thing. Your felt the tears well up in your eyes. Grayson was still asleep, and you didn’t want to wake him up. You tried to get up, but Grayson still had a tight grip around you. After a few tries, you pulled away not caring if you woke up Grayson. You knew you had to get to the bathroom to clean yourself up before he saw you.

Right as you shut the door and locked it, you heard Grayson call for you in a groggy voice. He must have thought that you only had to go to the bathroom because he didn’t come up to the door. You knew you didn’t have a lot of time thought because Grayson checks his phone every chance he gets. You splashed cold water on your face trying to reduce the puffiness. As much as you tried to stop crying, you couldn’t. You knew that what his fans was saying were true. You didn’t deserve Grayson at all. He could be with anyone and had the ability to drop you in a second.

You hiccupped from just thinking about that. You were too focused on the tweets that you didn’t hear Grayson get up and walk over to the door. There was a gentle knock on the door. “(Y/N), can you open up? Please?” Grayson softly asked.

“Just give me a minute,” you sniffled.

“No, (Y/N), open the door now,” he said a bit more demanding.

“I only asked for a minute,” you spat.

“I know that you’re crying. I know why you’re crying. Please baby just let me in. I care about you, and I want to help you. We both know that none of what they say is true. Well except about how attractive I am,” he said causing you to chuckle.

“Was that a laugh I just heard?” Grayson asked. You knew that he was smiling. Slowly you turned yourself around to face the door. Your hand wrapped around the door handle as you slowly turned it allowing Grayson to come inside. He walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you pulling you into a big hug.

Your head was buried in his chest when you felt your phone go off. It was a notification from twitter. You opened it up and saw a bunch of apologies coming in telling you how they would never do anything like that again and that they love you with Grayson and how happy you made him.

A smile slowly spread on your face after reading each message. You saw that they were all in reply to something Grayson must have tweeted while you were in the bathroom.

“Guys dont think that I dont notice all the hate youre sending @YTN it hurts me when you do that bc i can’t stand to see my girl upset please if you really are a fan youd stop”

You looked up at Grayson and kissed him. “Thank you,” you whispered against his lips.

“Don’t worry, babe. It’s my job to look out for you and keep you safe,” he said bringing you back in for a kiss.

As everyone knows; Valentine’s coming up. And I, as the resident single-not-so-ready-to-mingle-but-still-wants-to-do-some-nice-things-for-others ass, have decided to put up something nice and easy for the low low price of free.

I am taking requests for witty Valentine’s cards that kinda look like this one;

Simple, but also kinda cute. And the best part? You don’t have to do jack shit! Except this;

Send me a message from who to who it is. -I’ll even drop it in their inbox on the 14th, or if you prefer, I send it to you and you can send it through

Or, if you dont have anyone specific in mind -just send me ‘Hey, cool dude, could you please me a fucking cheesy Valentine’s card based on X champion? Thanks!’

Or if cheesy isn’t your thing I have these too

And I’m especially proud of this one;

And again, I’m doing this fun. So don’t hesitate to send a request

Been away for a few days lost in the utter chaos of holidays in the city…. SO MUCH CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND ANGRY DRIVERS..

upon logging in, i had a bunch of messages pertaining to a post or call out about me?I cannot read the post or any of the links you have sent so im not sure what it was pertaining to but i am assuming it has something to do with my personal collection ( which i will  now be censoring from here on out). 
I am not one for feeding into drama of any sort, especially on a public forum. If you have any opinions, information or general hoopla you wish to express… please send a message, though please dont hide behind anonymity or come barreling at me with daggers. 
I am always open to listen and converse, but again… just like most other topics….. making it a public discussion will only create drama for both sides, which is not worth anyone’s time.
Why feed into an uproar when you can just come inquire with me yourself <3 

That  whole drama surprise aside… 
Been restless being away from our home and our craft supplies!
Happy to say that not only will the shop be selling small photo prints when it reopens… but i also acquired some metal stamping supplies <3 which will be fun to experiment with.
Trying to track down some soldering equipment and resin while in town too! New mediums to explore, new ideas to manifest…. 
Being away from the work space and supplies for a week can really do wonders for someones muse. 

Happy holidays to you all<3 
and again thank you for the messages both informative and supportive <3 

Forever sniffing rosemary and making silly faces to deal with drama first thing in the morning <3