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hey hey i didn’t cause the sudden spike up of the popularity of heathers why r ppl saying i did that

  • Donghyuck: Hahah Mark ur hair is so ugly today no wait why are you so ugly in general hahah why do the stylists hate u so much HaHAHA
  • Someone else: Omg, it looks like you got thinner, Mark! Please eat mor--
  • Someone else: You're so handsome Mark, but I think you look better without gla--
  • Donghyuck: ooOOoooooooooOOOoOOOooohHH SHITT ThATS IT i'M PeRsONALly gONNa sCaLp yOuR dEaDaSS HaIr DoNT U DARE cOMmENT ABT MaRk LeE mY MAN LIKE THAT YoU HEAR ME???
live thoughts on day6 how can i say
  • the aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! in the beginning
  • wonpil dont hate urself i love u omg why do you do this to me
  • wonpil’s “eh” omg
  • sungjin’s voice is giving me so much life I LOVE HIS RASP UGH THIS SONG SUITS HIM SO WELL.
  • jae singing chorus is lssfajefww !!! ! !! ! !!!! !! ! ! IM LIVING.
  • so many angles on the instruments
  • i love brian so much how tf is he so talented omg
  • sungjin omg i cant
  • i really cant with sungjin his voice is all i need
  • jae is so hot wtf
  • LOVE DOWOON MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • “i dont love you n omore”
    im hurtwonpil y cant u luv me no mor
  • the END “HOW CAN I–” *instrumental* *abrupt cut off* #shookt
  • i love day6 so much
  • “OH HOW CAN I SAaaaYy”
the signs as things a teacher i had has said/done

Aries: *someone sneezes* “o h mygod shUT UP”

Taurus: “i’m not being stubborn i’m being right”

Gemini: “WILL YOU SHUT U- please be quiet :)”

Cancer: *brings 18 month old daughter to class* “this is mine”

Leo: “don’t be a narcissist. be more like me.”

Virgo: “the one thing i hate most is when you do something wrong right after you’ve done it right”

Libra: *says something ridiculous* “ahahaaaa i’m so fired”

Scorpio: *goes violently red while teaching bc he’s so into it*

Sagittarius: “ok turn to page zevnty twent- twe s… seventy…” *points to water bottle* “u thought that was water nah it’s vodka” 

Capricorn: “dont f*ckin swear in my class”

Aquarius: *giggles like a schoolgirl while ur reading just to fuck with u*

Pisces: “Excuses are like assholes; everyone has them, and they all stink.”

therollingjester  asked:

I absolutely loved the trailer but am I crazy when I say that I don't want Rey to be a Skywalker? I mean it would be cool but I want a new story where we slowly say goodbye to the past and look forward to a whole new story and generation.. (please don't hate me like the rest hahaha 😅)

but here’s the thing star wars (the episodes) is about the skywalker family… they are giving us a new generation but it’s a new skywalker generation. it was said already by a lot of ppl GL, JJ, KK and a lot other that star wars is a saga about the skywalkers. so we need a skywalker and imo kylo ren is not the (only) one.

yes new generation but the story still is about that family.

Why cant we all just get along?

Alot of posts on the jerza tag are mostly jerza hate… why? I dont understand …
I dont know why everyone is bashing at jerza all the time and calling out on jerza fans like its some crime that we ship it and its our OTP. You dont see us bashing on gajevy or gruvia or even nalu, I dont understand why we all cant get along we all love fairytail, we love the characters believe it or not u may say u hate them but if u hate them so much u still show attention to them, fairytail is going to end soon, so can we all just get along please?! Im sick and tired of all the hate, i know if it annoys me so much then why dont i ignore it, i have been ignoring it but now the jerza tag is just full of hate, do us all a favour if u dont like the main 4 (jerza,gruvia,nalu and gajellxlevy) then dont tag the ships, you’re only making it worse for yourself, and speaking of hate, stop hating on Jellal so much please its annoying -.-

(All this is my opinion i mean no harm and no hate i just want us all to get along in the fairytail fandom (๑>◡<๑) )

*Typical usuk fic*

(I actually love usuk please dont hate me lmao)

England: u wanker
America: i did nothin wrogn
England: ye u did u git
America: ???
*at bar*
England:*is drunk* y did america leaVE
ME next week is July 4 *is cry*
France: oh Angleterre~ (in italics) can u not see he luv only u??
England: *is more drunk* U FROG NO HE DOSNT, U R A BLODY GITT
France: *eats baguette* honhonhon mon cher~ (also in italics) but u love him dont u
England: *such drunk* u dont undrstan my feelings :’(
France: *says something about america and england having sex or whatever*
England: U BASTARD
*somehow got back home in England and its also the day after*
England: i hear doorbell who could it be???????????????? I have no ideaaa
*answers door*
Egland: nooooo not youuuu
America: hello i hav com to stay the week
England: no u git u cant *is emotionally and sexually conflicted*
America: oh come on iggy. Itll be like the good ol times
England: *has overly dramatic flashback to aforementioned “good old times” that lasts for approximately three chapters*
England: f-fine u wanker
Ameica: yayyyy
Eggle: i’ll mak u supper
Americ: no ur food sucks AHAHAHAH
Amerr: chill bro imma eat it anyway
*during supper*
England: i hate hamburgers they mak u fat
America: U FUKN WOT M8
*england sips tea and smirks*
England: u know what u r probably the worst country after that bloody frog
England: oh yOU DID NOT JUST-
*conflict somehow resolves
*after supper*
Acirema: i wan somethin to drank
Arthur: what u want america??
America: *blushes becuse WOW HE SAID AMERICA SO SEXY but no homo* i want to fuk u in the ass- i mean i want a cup of coffee plz
Englyjingle: coffee is 4 plebians we dont serve it wanker
Amerca: fuck u i like it, fine what else do ya hav
Glands: tea
Am: wat else
Eg: scones
Alfred: thats not a drink
Americs: *tears up* e-england i thot something was wrong… why are u so sad
England: *thinks* wow his face looks like when he was a child so cute. But it also makes me want to be fucked in the ass by him.
Hamburger: is… is it becus of the 4th of july??????????
Elgnand: y-yes
Americaaa: wow i never thought of that possibility, iggy-
Scone: i hate that name wanker u kno that
“England’s former colony”: kk i wont call u that. Anyway iggy, i lov u and want to hav sexs rn and i only left so i didnt hav to do the incest becaus i loved u sexually from the beginning. Now its 100% ok but i didnt wanna show my tru feelings. I totally didnt rebel because ur taxes were to high and u didnt give us any political say
England: i-i felt the same way lets hav sex
*after like 4 chapters of long angsty sex*
America: i bet u liked visiting florida haha
England: shut up git
America: wooowww ur eyes r green so perf
England: *blushes* and ur eyes ar blue like the sky when we 1st met
America: wow that turns me on lets *insert highly sexual act thats probably banned in like 74 countries*
England: only if u can handle it *waggles eyebrows* i was once a pirate u kno
England&America: o_o
Canada: I’m also fucking France
England&America: O_o
*France suddenly appears*
France: Adieu Angleterre and Americas~ *he winks and both fly away on a baguette*
America: I love u
England: bloody git wanker
and they kissed

What even was this

anonymous asked:

Hi ^^ first of all I really love ur blog and your love for Jikook, thank u so much for let us always update! You're so precious! Can I share u smtg? I dont think "Jimin makes Kookie jealous on purpose" and it's kinda offensive towards other ships... Imagine if Taekook shippers say that Jungkook hugs etc Jimin just to make Tae jealous, I personally would hate it... u dont need to reply I just wanted to let u know, if you find this suggestion unnecessary please ignore this, I respect your POV :)

If u follow me u may already notice that I hardly post any asks, but if u send me messages directly, I’ll definitely reply it in details, cuz I do find that’s just my opinions and I don’t want to public it, but here… I have to post it cuz it’s really a big thing.

1) As u mentioned Tae, I stan Kookie but I can’t find any romance between TaeKook tbh, they are friends, friends for games, friends for kidding/joking, friends for doing some ridiculous things together, and they are cute, their friendship is cute, that’s my opinion.
Even though I hardship JiKook/KookMin, I have to admit/do find that VMin’s more romantic than TaeKook, u can unfollow me but that’s really my thought.

2) About the ‘offend other couples’, tbh this is JiKook/KookMin blog, why mention other couples here?😅And why do other shippers of other couples come to JiKook blog and watch it’s videos then say it’s offensive…?😅

3) About the thing Jimin plays with other members to make Kookie jealous, can I say it in another word? Jimin needs Jungkook’s attention and he does know that if he does something too much close/intimate with another guys in front of his bae, his bae will notice it and get jealous (stop talking with his new friends aka Seventeen members, Yugyeom,…and come back to him, like a lost puppy😅). He knows Jungkook well and he also knows the way how to handle his own jealousy by showing to Jungkook that “Do u feel uncomfortable when I hug another guys? So why u dare to do it, right in front of me?”

Moreover, the way u treat your boyfriend is totally different from the way u treat your friends/your family, isn’t it? I also prepared a really long post as evidences to show u that Kook treats Jiminie differently, OK I decide not to post it, just want to emphasize that I can find evidences which means Kook really does it, he really treats Jimin differently, not as hyung, not as friend, not as family or member, he treats him as his lover, it’s getting more and more not-so-subtle since last year: 2016 (coming of age time….)

Don’t know what I’m saying now but yep, I really mean it, thanks for sending me this ask tho~^^

hamilton texting burr: i am sick i have a fever i think i am dying

hamilton texting burr again after 3 minutes with no response: burr i checked webmd i definitely have nose cancer. please say your goodbyes now

hamilton texting burr yet again after 10 minutes total w no response: i hate u. i hate u. i hate u. i will see u in hell

burr texting hamilton after waking up from a refreshing nap: dont you have other friends besides me

why do people need to pick fights w people who have different opinions than them if they’re honestly harmless opinions like who cares if someone doesnt like ur favorite band u dont gotta send death threats like why do u gotta say stuff like “my precious cinnamon roll is NOT UGLY IM GOING TO STAB YOU IN YOUR SLEEP BURN IN HELL” like…..please stop its embarrassing to everyone who shares the same opinion as you 

heres a post i found in my drafts called how fake are the signs
  • aries: fjdhsg aries love to be all "hey i tell it like it is!!" but mostly ur all bark no bite... a lot of aries are fake nice instead of fake hard but ur all pretty sensitive and whether u admit it or not, u want to be liked. which is good cuz generally ur often pretty likable even tho u wont fuckin stop sayin "fight me" or whatever
  • taurus: u will never get a handle on tauruses as a whole but u guys r really big on testing the waters and seeing what the meanest shit u can get away with saying is. but u hate hurting ppls feelings usually even if u wont admit it. also taurus party is gossip party
  • gemini: honestly less fake than ppl think. ur issue is ur not really sure who u are/want to be so you say really un self aware shit that makes ppl think ur fake. but also generally you suck at confrontation which makes u accidentally fake but u dont even do it on purpose u just got a complex
  • cancer: SO FAKE CHILL u want everyone to think you roll with the punches and generally they do think that up until they know you better and realize u still hold a grudge against that kid who took the last yellow crayon just when u wanted to color the sun
  • leo: leos are like "whatever i dont care" one second and then "PLEASE LOVE ME I CANT DIE ALONE" the next and then after that "if i have to die alone at least im doing it beautifully and better than everyone"
  • virgo: DBSNDIDNHB NO DUDE VIRGOS LIKE, virgos are all "ugh i hate fake ppl" but honestly virgos are the most likely to be fake. ur so high strung but u dont want anyone to know it and sometimes if theres nothing to be high strung about u invent stuff. and ur also rarely if ever self aware like u say shit like "be honest with me" when in actuality u want someone to just agree with u or tell u what u want to hear........ thats ok tho. ur friends and shit love u anyway
  • libra: yall go between being ludicrously earnest and p fake... there are a lot of fake tuff libras and a lot of fake nice libras but all of u are genuinely weird. sometimes ppl think u say weird shit so ppl will think ur ~quirky~ but naw u just say some real shit sometimes
  • scorpio: scorpios can go either way really... unlike aries n virgo when u say mean shit its not for the rxn so much as bc u were like "i could stop myself from saying this but like...........ehh". ur secretly sensitive but its not secret bc ur fake its secret bc u got ur bitter crunchy shell guarding ur gooey insides and everyone thought u were crunchy the whole way thru cuz nobody wanted to risk takin a bite. but then u have ur highly conflict avoidant scorpios who r the most passive aggressive mother fuckers but they still got that squishy sensitive interior... and some scorpios are SOOOOOO NOT SELF AWARE TOO the recipe for a fake scorpio is conflict avoidant + lack of self awareness
  • sagittarius: prob the LEAST fake sign. if ppl think ur fake its bc ur mouth ran away with u and said some shit that wasnt true and you realized that after u said it but once it was out of ur mouth it was too late so u just kept talkin n hoped nobody noticed. u DO fake being happy as a coping mechanism or use jokes to deflect bc u dont want ppl to worry but a lot of the time u r just genuinely goofy
  • capricorn: not THAT fake tbh. when ur fake u got a reason for it like ambition or cuz its easier/simpler... ur more likely to keep stuff close to the chest, be a lil cagey. kinda makes u come off as faker than u are really. ppl just dont believe u when ur like talking abt the kind of psn u are
  • aquarius: either too lazy, too tired or too excitable to be fake. like u TRY tbh but u cant keep it up. like ur personality is a pile o dirty dishes and u couldnt find the fabreeze so u were like "it is what it is"
  • pisces: honestly the most pisces thing ive ever seen was someone cryin so hard her fake eyelashes fell off. u try to be fake sometimes but ur emotions and also tears weaken the glue of ur resolve
What If...

“Are you alright?”

No, he wasn’t. He was as far away from “alright” as he could be, at the moment. His lungs ached with each breath, his ribs threatening to crack open at any moment, the shards of his heart spilling like sand to the floor beneath his feet.

“Yeah, just zoned out.” He plasters a smile on his face and prays she can’t see it. He prays to any higher power that may exist in the universe that she believes him, that she doesn’t see, “Sorry, what were you saying?”

“I was telling you about my engagement!” she pouts playfully, and it takes every ounce of strength in his body not to show that he feels like he’s trying to breathe under water, “Can you believe it? I’m getting married!”

“I’m so happy for you,” Lie. “You two are so well suited for each other,” Lie. “I certainly hope I’m invited to this wedding!” Another lie.

“That’s the thing,” she takes his hand, and the breaking of his heart stops in its tracks, and he knows that he can’t keep using her as his drug, his morphine, but he knows the withdrawals would hurt more than staying by her side, “I obviously can’t ask you to be my maid of honor, so I made a compromise. My fiance says that if I make his sister the maid of honor, he’ll let you be the best man. Isn’t that great?”

Great isn’t the first word that would come to his mind.

“Wow, that’s so generous, but are you sure?” Please say no.

“Absolutely! You’ve been my best friend since high school.” she squeezes his hand, “Isn’t that weird to think? We’ve been friends for so long.”

“Yeah.” his facade is slowly beginning to break, he can feel it. He won’t be able to handle this ordeal much longer, “Listen–”

“You wanna know something funny?” she bites her lip, her eyes sparkling, having no clue the damage she’s doing to his mind and soul, “I used to think it would be us.”

“E-excuse me?” he stammers, feeling the blood drain from his face.

“Yeah, I always thought I’d marry you, way back in ninth grade.” she giggles, left hand covering her smile, the engagement band twinkling in the sunlight, “Back then, I would’ve died to be your girl. I guess, looking back at it now, it’s a good thing you never noticed my little crush, huh?” She admires her new ring as he stares at her in horror.

“Fate is a funny thing, isn’t it?” she smiles wistfully as he bites back tears.

The girl he’s loved since ninth grade is marrying a man that loves her just as much as he does. He makes her happy, which is almost worse, since he can’t even say he doesn’t deserve her. He can’t hate her happiness, even if he’s not the source of it.

Fate, he decides, isn’t funny at all. It’s rather cruel.

A/N: Please don’t hate me for this. I was inspired by the song What If by EXO bc I looked up the english lyrics and wow feelings. Anyways here enjoy this little piece. It’s not in my usual style but whatever it’s good to switch things up a bit.

some low spoons tips for being friends with borderline ppl because i know interacting with us takes spoons but we really need you to do these things:

  • if you have plans without us, especially if theyre with other people we like, please dont talk about them in front of us or tell us about them

    even if theres a good reason we couldnt make it to hang out with you it feels like you didnt want us there because you hate us
  • please just try to acknowledge us a little bit ,especially if you live with us

    i know a lot of people have low spoons for social interaction but if you just ask us how we’re feeling and talk to us for like 5 minutes before retreating ,

    it can mean the difference between a good day and a day where we want ot die because we think no one cares about us (or worse – is intentionally avoiding contact with us because they hate us/want us to feel bad)
  • im sure you picked up from the last two bullets that borderline people often jump to the conclusion that others around us hate us

    in fact we are always looking for the tiniest bit of evidence that you might secretly despise us, because we just cant believe that you dont

    this can include you not responding the way we wanted to a joke, not using a smiley emoticon when saying “ok” so it sounds more apathetic/annoyed than you intended, something really simple like that

    i dont hold you accountable for how i react to something like that because i know you didnt mean anything by it and this sort of subliminal interaction can be really hard to avoid if u are autistic etc

    however something simple you can do to help us is just please dont get upset with us when we react like that. we are really not trying to accuse you of anything if we ask if this small thing means you hate us, we just genuinely believe it

    if i say “are you mad at me” or something pls dont take it as an accusation, just give me a simple yes or no. im really not trying to manipulate you or start a fight i just need a little confirmation

do you ever get like.. kind of anxious about a notp and then feel really dumb and ridiculous for being so bothered by the idea of a relationship between fictional characters that has no effect on your life whatsoever

  • Me: *points at sousuke* look at dat big ol' whale shark
  • Fandom: no please dont say this...he is evil...satan..please no u dont underknow...u are wrong this cant be..he yelled at haru...he yelled at the precious baby...unforgiveable...stop
  • Me: *still pointing* luv dat big ol' whale shark

to the simplest, humblest, strongest, most hardworking, most adorable, most caring, most beautiful, most adorable, cutest, and funniest (without even knowing it) guy i know..  to my sunshine, my stress reliever, my happy pill, my inspiration.. to the guy who has no sense of direction, to mnet wide’s “icon of diligence”, to my babyboy, KIM JINWOO.. Jinwoo-yah!! Happy happy happy happy (did i say happy already) happy HAPPIEST birthday to you! ♡♡

Dude, I love you so much! You are both beautiful and handsome, sexy but cute, chic but dumb, you’re such a life ruiner but also my life savior. I love you so much that seeing you sing and perform on stage, slowly realizing your dreams can already make my day more than perfect. Just seeing you having fun with your 4 brothers can make my heart swell with warmth and can even make my bad mood go away. yep, always. I’m sorry if this is the only thing I can do  to repay you with all the happiness you (along with WINNER) gave me since day 1 of WIN. Thank you so much for showing me that a thousand slumps can never, ever stop one from achieving his dreams. Thank you so much for letting me see that no success can amount to the love that your parents can give you. Just… just thank you for existing.. for helping me survive each day with a smile especially in the darkest moments of my life. (istg im not crying) I will try my very best to be there for you, to support you, to cheer for you, to watch you become a better person – as an artist, as a friend, as a son, and as a human being. Please stay the forever innocent (not really) lost and sometimes idiotic hyung we all know. Please always look after your health, keep safe and take a lot of rest as possible. Please continue to surprise us with your not-so-hidden talents a.k.a. vacuum cleaner, rice cooker and bird sound impressions. PLEASE STOP REPLAYING YOUR BEAT PLAYLIST. I KNOW YOU’RE A GD FANBOY (i am too yay) BUT PLS UGH Please keep showing that genuine smile of yours (and that hearty laugh <3) because you don’t know how many days are made because of it. And please dont stop inspiring us with your presence, your words, and your very beautiful voice. Stop belittling yourself, okay? You are one hell of a talented kid so please stop saying it’s all hard work that brought you to where you are now. I dont really know what im saying right now so just thank you for everything rainbows and unicorns you gave me.

Again, to my ultimate bias (pls surprise us with an sns account tonight. im waiting) 생일 축하해요! 나는 당신을 정말 많이 사랑해요! I hate you for making me totally broke lol p.s. changed my mind. u can play crooked all year round. but pls beiber is a “no-no” ♡♡♡ #JinwooMustBe24